The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 7, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1818
Page 3
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' uvnrn r.nTTRKT. . .' . - Z - L tn h drawn, which will b in a few Asa week. i nwrtin ROAD LOTTERY. idNew.Jrsey. ronUvery to cornme. . i mi, .rM.s ( id isni nrt , eUo - tu be draws in SO drawiogt. Price of ticaeis J . 7 0,000 dollari - .. - Soon" dollM .HIGHEST PRIZES. - lo,ooo dollar 8,000 dollart j . 1 1 0,000 ouiiaiv Tbe first drawo number to be entitled to TiArot drawn on the fith dav ' tsooo 6UUU rri.. Cr.t lriii An the 7th dar 10. .000 jheflrrtdrawnonthellthday AnA the flnt drawn on the 15lh dar 70. .000 ,000 Ticket Halve, Quarters, Eighths and il. - - ... I - . Six Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 64 Maiden Where the Cash nay be obtained for all tbe Capital prizes as soon aa drawn. Prizes of other lotteries taken in payment for ucKeu. eicepi vnote 01 we j vim. vtiw 1 it ia mllpH. wliich remain un w tvutivi J w paid at this anomeat, and which was ooe whole vear ia drawiiur in rniiaaeinuia. mn 1 m 1) WAlTE'SList of frizes in the Medical IX. Science Lottery. No. 4 39tb. day Nos. 415,440, floating capital, f 10,000! TI5,705, 1UU 40th day Nos. 645, 6548, 8833, $100. 4IH day No. tl 1,05, $100 4id dar No. tlfl.677. 2u0 ; 20,949, $100 43d day No. t7280. floating prize, $1000 t AUsold by ROBERT WAITE, Jun. 136 Broadway being more Prizes in one week's diawing, than ever was sold at any other office in Broadway, in the same period, mn 1 xi L AXSEED - 36 caks flaxseed, landing P front chr Vnllonus, from Alexandria tor sale by DlVlE BETHUNK ft CO. am 4 - 9t Coffee - House slip, T J ROUGHTft CUT NAILS. - A cooitant J V supply of the above article, for sale by mb4 CEBRA & CUMING. wni HERRINGS. f (71 boxes 1st sort) Herrings of superior 177 do 2d do) quality. For ia!e by CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, Jan 28 67 South street rilOBACCO, FLOUR, ftc. 1 hhds. tup J. Richmond Tobacco 65 bill floe Richmond Flour 6 do one Middlings 190 IN. rlotant Indigo 100 French Demijohn 6 or. easks old Sercial Madeira Wine " 4 do old Malmsey do do For sale by W.kS. CRAIG. jan ia C CALCUTTA GOODS, &c 150 bales Cal - cutta Goods, viz. Gurrahs, Saunas, Costa, uauat, Daiidannoei, uilia and Lungee Hdkts. 300,000 lb handsome Batavia Coffee 5000 pieces long yellow Nankeens 50 tons Old Sable Russia Iron 8 hhds Kentucky Tobacco 28 bales Upland Cm ton 40 tons Campearhy Logwood It pipes Sicily Madeira Wine 11,000 Martrass and Calcutta Goat Skins 150 boxes Chocolate, Ground Funic Senna. Gum Copal. Mustard Seed Auaiojtula, Castor Oil.Gum Trajac an th Sal Amuuioc, 4 c. For sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, tnh3 28 South - street. HUM, GIN, ftc - 20 hhds and 50 bids. 1st iiroo new mm 40 Ibis Country Gin ' 30 pipes Gray's Brandy, for tale by - JACKSON ft WOOLEY, mhS 75 Wall - street. YlfAl.SH ft GALLAGHER. 66 A'outh - rt. r offer for sale 140 hhds prune old Richmoud tobacco, principally of superior quality and in entire parcels 100 hhds new do 40 do prime Kentucky do ' 300 kegs richmood manufactured do, various brands and qualities 100 hbli Richmond floor 500 do Petersburg do 136 bolts Holland duck, 25 casks claret 30 crates earthenware, assorted 50 caiis English dry white lead 3 butts best London porter - 24 cask mustard, 5 puncheons hare skins 500 rams medium printing paper 700 do cap No. 1 c 2 30 ros pi ess pape", &c. men 3 X J kbit flaxMed and 10 bbls while beans, for sale by HENDERSON ft CAIRNS, ' 81 Pine - st. Feb 25 LUE NA.Nia.S 3000 ps. hir ale by HUKU it J - KWAl.lj, febll 65 SouU - itreet. DH..E1 1MG4 V bale Hcccish heeting!, for KJ saleDy JAMES G. KING ft CO. feb 16 No. 61 Pine - street. T3 LEACHED SHIUI'INOS - S tases Amer - J ican Bleached hhirtings, iiisl received and for sale by The Commission Company, Feb 18 14b Pe ifl itreet. Oti VVOOD 40 tons Cam peachy Logwood anaing at pier o. iu, irom brig we - oer asd tor sale by . JOSEPH OSBORN, feb 28 S8 South - street. BRANDY, FLOUR, FLAXSEED AND RJIslNS. 5 pipes finely flavored Bordeaux 4th proof oranay - 4 cak( clean flaxseed 500 bbls floor, Baltimore Howard - street 200 boxes bloem raisins For sale by GEO. M.WILSON, Feb 28 130Water - st FLOUR, TOBACCO, ftc 300 bbls. super fine Flour Mnetlmond Tobacco 10 canks Flaxseed Landing from sundnr veel. For sale by DIVIE BETHUNEftCO. feb 26 No. fl2C'.ffee - - ihn. VIRGINIA FLOUR. 50 bbls. will be land ed this day from schr. Driver, at Burling slip, for sale by R. GILLESi'lE, 112 Front - trtct. pOVrO.N. UtEK. SKlA3.aic. - l bale Sea lUil IU VUll'll 11 bundles Deer Skint 1 timrrm nnH 1 KM I'um 14200 Staves and Ktadine. afloat, and for tale . r. - JAVt.ruilT ft CO. feb 2 XI AVAL Si ORLS, CO 1 TO.N. ftc. - 400 i on.s. oit 1 urpeuttne, 300 do Tar 60 do Pitch, 5 do Spirit Turpentine 11500 Ihe. Arirol. 11 Klrf. Tn:. 600 Ox Horns, 10 bundles Deer Skins 1 tierce Furs, Ott - rs, Mink, ftc. 2 balei 1st. qoal fa Island Cotton 20 d do Upland do .J00 hhd. Staves and Heading lOOOiK) U in. C. Shingles - for sale by fcb R" c vv DAVENr0RT CO. QNrUHGSft PAPER - 1 bale Osna. norTr.i TT - . : : - VJ UuJt r ,w Pnmonrw crop up Uiri. 3 wn at 148rari - rtreet, np Feb 17 RICH 45 whole hui 30 hair Rice, landing this day from ship Ritiog States, Irom Charkston, for safe by . ROBT. GlLLESl'lC, 1R Tront - street. snbS RICHMOND TOBACCO. 5 hhds. prime Kictmoud - Tobacco, just received, and for sale by HUKU ft SEW ALL, oih 6 - 65 South - stieet. JOcEPHOSBORN, No". 28 South - street, has for sale 300000 lbs haadaoma Java coffee 100 bales Calcutta piece goods, viz Beerboom gurrahs Berhanagore, Bajtry ft Calrut'a check Blue, red and white gilla hdkls Bandanna and lungee bdkfs Saunas, cosias, ftc. 35 kegs ground ginger 40 'lo pickled salmon 50 chests singlo and hyson tea 26 bags Calcutta sugars 28 bales upland cottou 300 boxes Nos. 1 and 2 chocolate 50 tons Russia iron 5000 ps. long yellow nankeens 1 case cross - barred Canton hdks 8 whole and 16 hf. pipes Sicily Mad. wine 11000 Madras and Calcutta goat skins 40 tons Campeachy logwood 8 hhds Kentucky tobacco Castor oil, Senna leaf, Asrafoetida Gum copal, Tragacanth, Salalmodiac Mustard seed, ftc. mch 6 lOt BACKGAMMON BOARDS, ftc. AS MALL invoice of Backgammon and Chess Boards, for sale by ANDERSON ft SHEARER, At 131 Water - street. Also a few London made Pocket Book?. Wal lets and Ladies Work - Boxes. rah 6 2w GERMAN LINEN. WILL be sold at Philadelphia, at the stores of Mesors. BUCK ft KFUMBHAAK, No. 144 South - 'J'Jiird - street, ior approved endorsed note, at 4. o and 8 month, on Monday, the lDtb of .March instant, 4oU packages of German Liineos,contirung ot 9jK pieces Creas 108 do Coutils 300 do Caianllos 3.0O do Rouans 570 do HtiinnJ 102O do Dowlas 1325 do Brown Holland 5075 do Platillas 8411 do Wiiite Rolls 35 do Listados 1210 do Checks No. 2 107 do Homespun Li kens 208 do Bagging 1060 do Oil clulhs 3:196 do Estopillas 9500 do Britannias 1300 do Book - linen Also, at the same time and place, 16 bales Cloths ami Casnmeres. The goods to he viewed two days previous to tne sale, io ne sold ty SILAS E. WEIR, Auctioneer. mh 6 3t JleJ" Qr. casks colmcnar wine 130 qr casks an. I 200 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottlr - s each 40 bales Italian writing paper. Foolscap and 50 do printing do letter 14 nnus r.ngii - n glassware, consulingol wmes and tumblers assorted 100 boxes anchovies and 0 do olives 1 box French kid gloves 1 do c - irich ftathtu, very rich 1 do engravings 9 rases felt hals, 1 J chip do 40 b,.!(... Italian rags, 600 marble mortars 23 cutes marble slabs, vcincJ and statuary, Bssor)cl sizes 5 boxes Naple shaving soap 1 do v.'Mtcb g!:ues 3 cases manna in flakes 100 bale Calcutta goods, rnnsisling of Baftas, putkali and callipatty cossahs Chadpof, riion.ocolly Johanna, luckipore and snogaporo Sannalis, jullaore and mow Checks, white, red and blue gillahs Madra pattern do Sootee and froctnoy romal, for sale by JIlAS.'u., nuu ABRM. OGDEN, mch 6 Washington - '. fLAXEE!' 17 liDls. Flaxseed, .'or sale by 1 HF.M'EhSON ftt:AlUNfi, mil 5 Bt Pine - street. OMBAZETTS, assorteil colours uo all bl - .ck do '.billed, aasoi ted colour, just re - ceivi d For sale by OTIS SWAN, mch 3 157 I'cvrl - st. 19 IKON. ' Tons Swcedes iron 6 tons Eiiglisb flat iron assorted for sale by O. G.feS. I'OWLAND, mch 3 77 WashingW - : j 1KK - H imported l.meiiH, just receiv u and Wl opening, for sale ven - clieap, bv the sin gle piece, or package, at 172 Fulton, l.i.e Par - ilion - street, nearly opposite uiurcn - streei. mh a lw ANLl'ACl URED TOBACCO 434 kes iVA ianding Irom the si:hr. Weymouth and Na tive, lom Richmond vii 1 18 koei Lrand'd Juo. Kjider. 8 hands No. 1 7 do In Aa 1 - 2 Dound mils 15 h - i 72 108 54 do dj da d: do P. Miller ft Co. 8 hands No. 1 do J. d. Ego 8 bands No. t ft 2 do R. Cantor do do do D. R. Ross do No. 1, 2, ft 3 do J - ft P. LabbyR hands CORN'S. DLBOIS. do For sale by mh 5 lot mOHACCO. BEEF and IRON 200 hhds X prime Kentucky Tobacco iMi bbk. Boston Beef. Nos. I. 3. and 3 20 tons English Bar Iron. For sale at No. 98 . . . , . . w wan - street, by mn X 1W TAL..MAI iun.n.e.1. 1631 RAISIXS & ALM0.YD3. boxes bloom raisins 232 do Muscatel do 133 casks do 365 ccroons soft - shell almonds Tbe cargo of the schr Thomas Tenant from Gibraltar For sale by PAGE TRirLbt 1 , mh 5 1w 96 Coffee - House slip. T ft C. NICHOLS, No. 132 Pearl - st. haie V just received 8 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens, assorted 2 do. Brown do. 2 do. Canton Crspes 1 do. Black Fringed Handkerchiefs 1 do. Sewing Silks, assorted 2 do. Madapolam Shirting 2 do. Marseilles Quil ing, assorted 2 do. Cambric Muslin, assorted 1 do. Str'.ped Jeani ' 1 bale Rhode's Bombazetts 1 do. superfine Broad Cloths All very low chrgel, which they offer for sale at a small advance mh J lw fTlAPEK. 7 bales ol a rood oealnv, for sale L by CEBRA h CUMING, mh4 76 Peart - ttreeU AFkLNCH GLN 1 Lr. MAN. Ihtely arrived inthiscitv. who is well acquainted with all the language, modern and ancient, aad who a present teaches a select class io the French, Spa oish, Latin and Greek, would wish to take as boarders one or twi young gentlemen, notandcr 12 year of ag. - , who woald wish to he instructed ia any of tbe above named laneoage. Tbe clas which at present attends him, irom 4 o'clock till 7, ever evening, he would wish toencrease to theoumberof 12. For further particulars en quire at No. 18 Courtland - slreet. mh 2 eod3t tJ HEAT 1300 bbls southern wheat, afloat, TV and lor sale by R, ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. mhS RICHMOND TOBACCO 70hhds of choice Richmood Tobacco for sale by feb 23 WM. ft SAM. CRAIG. vf4 The schr JEFFERSON, 102 tons, Jwiir - strung vessel, and ih good order. Appl to JOSEPH ObBOilN, . mh 6 28 .Vbuth - st. , . r'er Hale, ertngU or Charter, J$ The brig RECOVER, Buiuham, Mii?ftm - "lri 242 tons, a substantial good vessel ; lit at pier 10. Apply to ' jOsEPIi 06 BORN, . mh 6 3t 28 South - rtreet. For Alexandria, (Jtorgttuirn, and H oihiugion Cirjf, The One new schr. VALLORIUS, K. I ay lor, master, now ready to receive guou at pier no. 10, and will be despatched in all next week. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to DIVIE BF.THUNE&Co. mh 6 92 CoiTce - hoiue flip. ., J.H The packet brig AURORA, Thom - 3afiHUkcEoni master, will tail on Sunday next For freight or passage apply ou board, east side of Old slip, or to POTT ft M'KINNE, 56 South - st. H'ho offer ForSale, Old L. P. Madeira wine, in pipes, hhdr. and r. casks. mch 5 For Hale, Freight or darter, Tbe good brig PLANT ER, 187 tons burthen, one year old,' stows 1500 bbls. is a vi ry last sailing vecl ana in complete order to receive a cargo. Apply on bo.rd west side Burling - slip, or to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mch 5 R6 South - st. For BELFAST, .t$) Th hr' N Y MPH 170 ,0D brthcn Jtiiis a first rate vesteU sails fast and has good accommodations ; expected to sail in six days, i or passage only, apply to N. L.&G.GIUSWOU), mcb 5 86 coulh - st. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The ship LA GUI , 260 tons bur then, stows 2b00 bbls sails fxst, is well found, ana may be scut to sea vith small CX' peuse. Apply to N. L. ft G. GR1SWOLD, mh 5 86 Soutli - street. For Charleston, S. (.'. The fast sailin par ket schr. MARIA, P. Latham, master, having 3 - 4l1is of he cargo engaged, will sail on the 8tli mst. For freight or passage, havii.g excellent accommodations, apply ou board, at teen' wharf, or to JUIhb ii AlbUllA I II, mh 4 83 routh - otreet. For HAVANA, The brig MARY, Captain Brewster, a regular trader, and will have imme diate dispatch. For freight of two or three hund cd bbls. or passage for three, apply on boaut, at Fine - street whart, or to mh 3 N. He D. TALCOTT. For Mobile and Dlakelry, i The substantial, fast sailing packet sohooner NASSAU, rapt, llitr.hcock, a regular trader, h iving two thirds of her cargo eng iged, will tail on the 15th inst. For freight or passage, having good accommodations for ra bin and steerage paMengcrt, apply to r ETER5 ft HKRRICK, mh 3 29 Cirrties - slip. For Sale, Freight or Charter, y i new pilot boat tclionuer, about nu - torn burthen, built in the best manner. cupper fastened, and in complete order to receive a cargo. Apply tu N. L. ft G. GRI3WOLD, mh3 86 South - street. For Hale, Freight or, The shin MIRROR, 335 toui bur then, 2 years old, just been hove out, aud iu complete order to receive a cirgo is a fiM rate ship. " ' '." vr - 't, , - " Wce, AiMy o rJi betwn r ly - Market ana uui Hng - Mir. it iu , N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, mch 3 86 Souih - st. Fur Hole, Fittght or Charter, A new pilot I mat built acbooner, about 120 loir burthen, built in tne best maii - n - 1' ol k'oou material, ana copper lasiencu, a very fat sailing verrl. aud may be cent to sea at small e xpense A oply to Ji. L. ft U., mch 3 f6 South - st. HARDWARE CI'TLERV. JOHN M'CRACKAN, 82 12 Pearl - street, ofle. - s for sale, very low by package, a few casks ol ilard vare and Cutlery, consisting of 1 cask i.hiisi. - is, gxuges, pluie irons, drawing knives, ftc. 2 '!o Norfolk latches 2 d cast iron butt Hinges S do wood Screws 1 do iron Cindlesticks 2 do File - ., assorted 1 do Britania metal Tea pots of superior quality 1 do Commode Knobs, handles ft cloak Pins 4 do assorted Cutlery 4 do tab). - Knives and Forks I do small Cutlery. mh 5 3t FLOUR, c 406 bbls. and 90 half do. su perfine flour 36 tierces flaxseed, Just received per srhr Vnllorions, from Alexandria, and for sale at 92 C 11. slip, by mh5 DIVIE BETHUNE& CO. ! 11N1A1URES IN A NEW STYLE, av (VI a. ncBVtc. vbom ininns. at ff!8 anil 1111 - wards. Specimens may be seen at the Tontine Cnffoe House, the City Hotel, and at his painting room, 189 Broadway, exactly opposite. John street. inn u ' Ct TO lf. r. A two story house, with a barn and fire acres of land, situate about two and a half miles Irora the city, opKsile the arsenal. To a person who is in the habit of attending market and would cultivate the land as an early vegetable garden, it is an object. Rent 200 dollars. Ap ply at z Broadway. mh b tl TO LET, A Tavern and Sture in Flushing, at pre sent occupied by mi. win. snaw. Apply to mh6tf T. GIBBONS, iT TO LILT, klkl1 . And immediate possession givci. the house No. 9 Pearl - street, together aiili the sta ble and Coarh House in the rear ti Bridrrr - st. The premiKS are in complete repair and hart every convenience neceaary lor tiie accommo dation of a family. For particulars apply to net 28 L. BRADISH. A COL'ATLVO ROOM TO LF.T. A cltasnrt and convenient Counting Room in stoie No. x9eooUi - treet, irom ittMav next. Apply to TUCKER ft LAURIES. feb 3 GKO. GEIB'S MUSIC SCHOOL, Wl. 20 waLL - STEKCT, IS eatablisl.ed on Ins new and easy system ol teaching composition thoro' biun, ur. lud.n - t tbe art of fingering the piano forte ana singing, ftc. Terms 30 dollars per quarter, half in advance. Frr.m 4 to 7, Saturdays, P. M. the academy will be open, for the friends of science end the amateurs of movie to rail and inspect the es'ab tishment, aud 'hey are requested to hriog with tkn th firaf fumnna wnrkanA lliltr to ena ble thtn accaraiely to appreciate the merits of I 1 . L ' r . L: - I mil new inproTTjfi iTsicia oi tciunc, mhtw G. GEIB. EARTHENWARE 71 crates and casks blue painted dining salts Cavorted lustra wnra Bine painted and Napoleoa plates, for tale at 67 South - street, ty CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON. ch 4 VALUABLE PROPERTY. . For sale, the Dover Iron Manufactarirn Lsublishroeot, ia the county of Morris, and stale oi pew - jertcy , cooswinf oi a roiling aaa an ting Mill, in good repair, which works two pair of rollers aad catters, shears, ftc. all at th same time s a valuable forge with two Bret aad one hammer in good repair ; a stock of coal and ore on hand, sufficient to make fifty tons of irosj a good saw mill t a cut nail factory in good repair, sufficient to employ thirty men, and may he extended to employ one hundred more ; a brad cutting machine and a steel furnace in good repair; convenient to the works is a store and a number of houses for the accommodation of families, and excellent stabling for trams that may be necessary to keep for the use of Ihe establishment ; al aa, o.chard, pasture and meadow lets, immediately nd'stoiing the works, with timber land in any quantity, not excteding two thousand five hundred acres, within three miles of said works. The errat vein of iron ore. commencing at the noted auckainnny mine, runs mote than 2 miles through Una tract, and three mines are now open, irom which the forges are supplied with ore, and more may be opened and ore raise u to supply works to anv extent : the mines are within two miles of said works, and good roads, so that the ore can be raised and delivered at the forge at two and a hall dollars per ton. The above described works are situated on Rockaway River, about eight miles from Mor - ristowo, twenty five miles from Elizabeth Town, and abou Oie same distance from Newark, with good turnpike roads leading from said works to each place, in a pleasant healthy situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being two Presbyterian Churches within four miles, uiid a friends1 meeting bouse within two miles of said place. This stand for collecting bar irou for tlie slit tinu mill is verv commanding, there being nearly one hundred forge fiai in the county ; most ol them are on the sirealis above Dover, and the iron, in eoinir to New - York market, can conve niently pass these works. At this mill Irequently fniir toniof hanron have been slit and bundled iUo nail and spike rods in a day. and upwards of one hundred tons ol nails have been made in a year. A large amount of goods may be sold at this place in exchange lor liar irou,pricuring sup ftc. ftc. There are valuable stitcs both a bove ft below on this tract.on which more works may be erected. ALSO. That valuable well known farm. Ivinz in the fow'Kshinol Uandolnh. about two miles from Do. vcr, and six miles Horn Morristown, and within one quarter ol'a mile ol the Union turnpike roud, near Pleasant valley, called the Distillery Farm, containing about three hundred acre, about one fourth part oi which i excellent meadow, one fourth pai t plough and pasture land, nnd the remainder timber. A considerable part of the tim ber is of the original growth, nnd issuilahle lor sawing, the other part is thrifty youug timber, from liib - en to twenty veais growth. There are on said farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, in flue order, eight to sixteen years nld, the most ol them of graded fruit, and more limn hall' ol them II arisen apples, so famous for cider. The meadows are flat and free from stone, through which runs two lively streams ol water, and near ly the whole may be watered. One of these streams is sufficient for a erist - mill or other works : there nie saw mills. u enst mill, a ful ling mill and oil mill, on the same stream. Ou said farm are I wo valuable scites for waterworks, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raise a considerable ponu, wuu iweive or filteen feet head. Below this the water can he taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, cn good firm gtound, is more thau twenty feet fall. In this wuy tbe water can be worked twice over with the exense of only one dam. There is on said farm an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed nnd well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hundred barrels of cider. Connected to the cid r works is (he xtill - house, so conveniently situated that the whole operation is completed without pumping, The water lor connencing tne spirus is supplied from a never failing spring, within six rods of the still house, and has sufficient head to run into Ihe cisterns. The building consist ol two small frame dwellings, one good frame barn, 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, under a part of which is a good cellar ; mere are uisu nny iiuuk, cow sheds, A.C. Valuable nronertvat Loncwood. In the town 'ir of Jefferson, six mile." from Dover, on the mn, sw - .i, pf KorUswiiv River, consisting oil verv valuable lorie. wiaYiftu ui - tner ; abundance'! water the whole year, a huge pond, and a very warm situation, nml lor nueen years past has made as much iron as any two fires in the county. I ne ore is wiuun lour roues, anu a part of the road turnpiked. The several tracts connected with this establishment amount allo - o'her lo about fourteen hui.dred'acres, the great er part timber, to make a durable supply of coal lor Hie lorge. Immediately adjoining me iore is very valuable plow and meadow land suiRcient lor tnrte farms of one hundred acres eacti, with house, orchard and barns, beside several good dwellings for tlie families that may be employed io working tne lorge. The whole or any part of this very valuable property will he sold at such prices and credit us will make it worthy tlie attention of any person wishing to purchase. For further iulbrmation enquire of JM'OB LOSEY, at Dover. ISRAEL CAN FIELD, at Morristown. BLACK WELL as M'f ARLAN, at N. York. feb 26 DftCtf UKXTRKL BOAR Dim. FRANKLIN HOUSE. This new, spacious and splendid Building, situated in Broadway, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre nf the city, at the corner of Dry t will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st of .May next, for the reception ot iwaraer. It is fitted, anil will be furnished in a manner not surpassed, for convenience and elegance, by any private dwelling in the citv. It occupies the most eligible situation, being central, in view of the Park and City - Hall ; the upper apartment overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of tlie adjacent country foracircumferet'ceof 50 miles, including the Hook, the Narrow, and the Harbour ; and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cclU it, either for elegance of tructure or it - uationi and no expense having been spared by tlie owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will oH'cr to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the ciiy, the most genteel, pleaaant and retired a - partments. The choicest of Wine and Liquors will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be make the entertainment pleasant, rare and excellent Thi establishment it intended exclusively for fienteel Boarding. Mils. feb 24 D&C tf SFIV nnESSLYC ROOM. FRUMESTO, No. 1 Wall - street, jus re - . (u - ned from Italy, hat Hip honour to inlorrn the gentlemen, that he cots nnd drees hair in the lairs' style, and in a marnrr as to tdopt it to tiie phisidgnomy. He has f r sale a quantity of RAZORS of the first duality, if they do not p!ease on trial, the purchaser are at liberty to rrtuni them, and receiv? the money. He hs likewise procsred a very fiie hone - , aod eng ine to restore rei - ,r to a very Uecaedgr - - and sliould they not cut u will receive oo irtoinpmce. Ttimef grnlltnseo who mav h'.nirhim wiih their ptronage, may defn.l on Ihe m' parK - olarn t respectful atteo'lauc'. It. (jer.tieme wiiobcrine i.j mc (... - fer will have their ri's, ftc. kept txciutirfely for tUisi Ives. ... P. S. A good jGuroymn wam i. Apry a above. ma o fti ' I GRAND BALL At the CHf UoUL n th. uhakhuauu nas ina nosmr II 1R. CHARRUAUD has the Wor to 1VJ form the Ladies aad Gentle aes. that oa Wednesday eventac. I Ith of MardMMXt his an nul Grastaf Ball will take place in the Asseos - bly Room of tbe City - Hotel, la the coarse of the evening two ballets aad several fancy dances will be eahitvled and executed by Mr. C. aad se veral of his pupil. Tbe roota will be elegantly illuminated. Part 1 A pastoral diverting Ballet, I. March Lodniska 2. First entrance of the cotpde ballet, by 12 young Lidirs 3. Pa Stul Allegretto by a young lady 4. College Hornpipe by a young ent Hasan 5. Tbe Gavote de Vestris by Mr. CharruAud " and a young lady. 6. l'as sue I andante by a young lady 7. Pas de trois in tro by three youn Indies 8. Pas seul andanttno by a young lady. 9. Grand pas seul allegro by Mr. C. 10. Corpde ballat final by 12 yourg ladies Part 2 '1 he ballet cfSaboiier. or the Wooden Shoemaker's Cottage. 1. Enters a cake sellnr lost in the forest. 2. Enters M r. Chat ruaud acting part of a clown 3. A pas seul by a younu lady. 4. Enter three Sibotiers and dance with duos and wooden shoes by 3 young gentlemen, 5. A dMice half comic bv Mr. C 6. A pastoral dance by 5 young laities and 6 young cebllemen. 8. Grand solo with wooden shoes by Mr. C. 9. Final bv the whole. Manager of the Ball, Mr. Biart. the Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, and the ballets at 9 pre ciselv. i icaen vynu iniinr, io ne nun ai mn. nation 42 Broad - st. nt the bar of tlie City Hotel, and at 1'rl.. - - l - ll . 1... 1 trie uoor on mat evening. Gentlemen are not allowed to dance in boots, mh 4 61 tiUAiM) BALL. R. WHALE has tlo honor nf making Lv 1. known to the Lad in and Gentlemen, that his Grand afmual Ball will take place on Tuesday r venine. the 10th of March, nt the City As sembly Room, City Hotel. In Ihe course of the evening n pastoral ballet will lie performed by twenty of Mr. W's riipils, in which will he in troduced a variety of elegant fancy dfnees, as danced in all tlie fashionable circles of Loudon and Paris. 1. Le entree of the corps de ballet, by 10 young ladies and 4 young gentlemen. 2. Le figure corps !t bullet 3. Minuet de Devonshire nnd Garotte, as compared by Monsieur Vestris, by Master Whale and a young lndy. 4. A pastorale pas de trois. by 3 young ladies 5. A Scnltish ballet by 8 voun; ladies. 6. A cossnnue pas de ifeux by the Master Whales' 7. Minuet de In courond gavotte, (as compo sed nndditucrd by Monsieur and Madame Uardel) hv 4 young ladies R. Naval Hornpipe, by 4 young gentlemen 9. Le rfiawl dunce, bv 'Jvouim ladies 10 A Scotch shnntrune, by a young laity 1 1 Gavotte de Vestris, by 4 young ludics and 4 young gentlemen 12 Pi iiiciss Charlotte of Wales' Scotch strathspey minuet, by 4 your.g Indie, 13 Coesnque H 'lnpipn by Master W. Wlmle. 14 Madein iiselle Purisot1 favorite hornpipe, by 3 young latbes - 15 Alleuiaiirle francais, by three young ladies, (a style of dancing taught by the most emi - nei't professors in London nnd l'nria, peculiarly adapted for the elegance ol person and grace in carriage. 10 A grand pas seul, romiio. - ed by Mr. W. after the style ol Elder Vestris, by master Whale 17. Finale by the corps le ballet Tickets, one dollar, to be hadnt th? bar of (be City Hotel, Messrs. Dubois, Wilson, ft Hewil's music stores, aud at Mr. Whale' residence, No. 22 Vandewater - ttreet. mart! lit For Sale, vr Kxthaene jor property in the city. A FARM containing 60 acres, pleasantly situated on the Hudson river, ana adjoining the village of Newburgh The land is of an excellent quality, and with the exception of a few acres, has been needed with timothy and clover for mowing j it ia well waterrd by a small brook that never fails the pl iee abounds with fruit ot the. choicest kind and in i;reat va rietyi the building are a house, burn and o - - - r i, . . ,n no,int of pleasantness of situation and extensive prospect, it is not exceeded by any place on the Hudson river. The rapid growth of the village ofj newbtirgh i generally known, the village is now bounded by the farm on the north, and the fii'Kt extension north (which will prolml Iv take place in the course of a few years) brings it immediately on to the farm ; the advantages ol such mi event speak lor themselves. Also, wiihin 2 miles of the fatm. 50 acre oi woou lanu ; me uoou is about 'Al year i. t . .. . growth and the land is well covered with it this ii a valuable acquisition to tlie farm on the river. Also, a farm in Connecticut, in the town of liuillurd, at iatheinshead harbor, containing between GO and 70 acres. The laud is of an excellent quality, and the greatest part is iu ti mothy grass. It is bounded on three sides by the sea, which affords ample sources of manure, and saves much fencing. There is on the place a house, barn snj out - buildings, sufficient for an purposes oi tne larui. for terms of the Newburgh property, apply to Messrs. J. ft T Powcl, at that place; and for the Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, at uuuioru ; or tor not n, loth subscriber iu New - York, at No. 101 Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL mch 6 D2aw4wClaw4w FRUIT. FOREST TREKS. JVe. mrftk. OKNJAMIN PRINCE ir CO. twV - r - ltfS - nave ior sale nt Uieir ftur - i &flrX$iLrry r loshing Landing, (L. I.) 'VBt 'al' 1ew - f "'ir usual and - t'jS 'ensive variety of European ga bihi nmnitniiriuii aiH isrnn mental Trees. Also, a large col lection of valuable Shrubs and Plant ; they have several thou - . sand inoculated Peach trees. which are in the most healthy stale and free from any distemper, great attention has been paid lo preserve them from the yellows, which has destroyed so many trees of that kind throughout the United States, catalogues oi wnicn may be had of Messrs. HULL ft BOWNE, No. 146 Pearl - treet, New York, or at their Nursery. Order forwarded to either place will be imme diately attended to, and tlie trees, ftc. carefully and securely packed, so as to lie sent to any part of the United Stale, with tne greatest sale - ty, and delivered at Crane wharf, New - York, by water free of freight. Also, for sal as a hove, 1000 beautiful Ralm of Gilend or Silver Fir Trees, they are almost sure to live when transplanted. fy As the great loss of Peach Trees by dis ease, nave aeierea manj irons auuiiK mr, directions will be given to those who purchase them, which if attended to, will enable mem to nrr their tree in a health late, and" to have Peaches in as great plenty as io former 'eN?B. Teach tree inoculated on Almond or Pl..m . - .. Ir. nn nrevenlative BKBinsi in un ease, which the Pennsylvania A?"!!"'"' ty. call Ihe yellows. nih 6 DAXCt MRS. BROVVN, re lluiiy rrcominru'i" the of this City, her method to has wuversaliy prevailed in England for the lat seven years. Thoe Ladies who are displeased with their preteot mode of writing, let it lie ever e . taia tVdawMafl SaVP ttat m s i. a : i.a, UsraitwmaiirHi naiwwuiiuji wuu u so impenac win. w 7 - - 7"" n.ain.,1 and dexlentv without the trouble of ml tag their paper or the am of line. Ladie - waited upon at their own reidenre, and school alten j - edooappUati - BROWN fM TERMS. Systematical writ irg, twelve lessons,, f 10 K'und li. rwi do. for children, frqnaru:r, 3 Pen ma kia;. taught in ooe lessee, 1 mb 4 2w l.'LOUR. 2j0 bbls Flour, landing from i1 Native, from RkumoiH. for sale hy mh5 W. &8.CRAIG. PUBLIC SALES. BY P. L. MILLS ft CO. Monday, 10 cases French Goods, consisting of merino shawls, ribboss, indispeaaables, floreaces, kraa tine, linen c ambries aadb lkfs. thulle (are, sof - flee gauiA, levnatine shawl, ftc. i 1 case H - 4 scarlet English merino shawls 1 1 do Irish linea 1 Jk. l.4 I 1, . f ..." L i uv f'iu cnu sDuiw ; i uo juiuauon awrinv shawls, ire , ' MAKBLH FOH BCILUIMQ, e. THE proprietors of tlie touUiern marble quart, ucar King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the King's - Bridge Marble and l.ut - ard, foot of Beach - street, ou the Hudson river, an extensiva stock of marble lor building, of the following de scription, via i Ashlar Coping , Foundation Stooa Chimuey - Piecsj. Facings Col Minn Watertabla Steps Platform Sills, Lintel Arches Also Lime of the oet quality. fXr A constant suprly of the above material may be calculated upon ; ami those de - irous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Febll At the Yard. STREET MAkURE. 05 - The contract which are to be enteted into ior the street manure, will emmeuce on tb 1st of May next, for 1 or years, to he mentioned in the sealed proposal i and the streets are to be swept and cleaned, from the 1st of March to . i . . . r , p.lii ' vne ii oi angnrj, in every yrar. rtu MECHANICS BANK. ny The stockholders arc hereby notified that an electian for thirteen Directors will be held oa the first Tuesday in April next, and that tba poll will be opened at the Bankuig House ia Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at 8 o'clock P. M. By order of the President and Directors. : mch 3 W. FISH, Cash'r. A CARD UMr. CHARRUAUD respectfully inform tlie laJic ami gentlemen, tJut, a ba could not procure musicians for his grand ball on Thurwlay, 12th inst. he is obliged to give the hall a day sooner, which will take place on Wednesday ermine next, 1 1 th inst. in the Asscmbl; Boon ol the City Hotel. mh 3 6i Mlll'l'li. FIMF4 Vnr I Mil a sis a m ua ewav . At a numerous mi eting of citiiens, who have paid, or are now subject to Militia Fines, imposed by the court martial, nf which GenL Stiuldifoid was President, and Hiili Maxwell, est, Jtuhre Advocate, in the year 1814, neld last evening at the Dank Coffee House It was unanimously resolved, that a committee be appointed lo take proper advice upon tbe subject, and report thereon All li'izeii who feel themselves aggrieved by the iuiKsiti'in of li e said line, a.e requested to attend at the BankColl e House on Monday evenirg the 9th inst. at 7 o'clock, o bear the report uf the committee. mh 3 ot COPARTNERSHIP. Qj' The subscriber have mrmid a cnm.ttion in Liisi'o as bt"i k lue' I ne'dsnr Broke,, un der the frm of LIVINCS'luN ft TKACV.cflica Mo. 20 it i J - street, lately occupied by Daven port ft '' iac7. V Al.r.l I lil IS II - I.IH.MjJlUil HENRY D. TRACY. mh '1 2w NOTICE. rTr" The sutweriber having taken 'he VlF.fl - CIHNTS HOTEL in Wall - sti'et, lately occupied by his hi oilier, - Solomon D. Ciibnn, re - spectlully solicit the patrouaga ol the public, mch 4 tf K B. GIBSON. (T - On next Sunday evening a Sermon will be preached in the brick church, hv Ihe Levd. Gardiner r - pring. and a collection made lot Ihe hem tit oi'tliii " Associntieii for thu relief of respectable aged nnd indigent females." The service will commence at half past six o'clock. mb 6 21 Tu the Cthteiiiqf A'tw - i ork ysKRAH MAWI.EY IbysiVJan and Dentist, did would inform the ii. habitant of New - fork, thai l e has taken an officii nt No. 31 Pearl - street, where he will txtritct. clean, file, fit and irl J eilh in (be most approved manner. Hi: will also pre n iil any irregularity of tne secondary teeth, liapplicHlinn is mude to him In season. II fliittcrs himself, Irom Ihe e)crience I.t lias had in w; prolt - ssion, that he shall be akle to give ge neral SM,slaCtion. For chnracter Ihe public are referred to Mr. Geo. P. Miipraan, merchant. No. 63 South - street, and Doctor A. Ives, No. 2b Pearl - street. H'A'n U may concern. fp This cert its., that Dr. Zcrah Hnwley i a reilar bred phys - dm, and in pond tandinr with his brirrhren in U. place ; tbi.the hat paid particular attention lo4 nrt 0f DentiiUy, ha studied the best Enropeai. works on the subject, and has given very good aiact,on in Ihu branch l his rustomer. who are jNonsof the first re - ..w.ukit:i ; ii.;. U7 i ... lf - ..iawiiiij in mi t - i.j. v v nMrfjore, witn entire confident e, recommend Dr. Itwley to the citiiens of New - Yort, as a dentist. y , ACneai. Munson I Eli Ives Nathan Smith Jonathan Knight. Professors of the Medical Institution of Yale Col - ' Collect, New Haven, Jan 22, 1813; , mh 3 lw GRAND LOTTERY. , GRACIE'S, 146 Broadway, have thapteasura of presenting a schenre of the MILfUHD and OWF.GO tlOAU LOTTr.RY, tv tlirir friends and patrons wliich cortnins only 1000 tickets ; present price.lOdollais. Lest Uiiin'wo blanks to a pnt prixes payable at the L'uNa . Bank, in the city of New - York, 60 days all the diawing is United, arid cash advanced for prixes by the GKAClK'd as toon as dtawa. eviir.mb, 1 prize of 70,000 do'lar dollar dollar dollar dollar : dollar dollar 1 of 35.MK) lO.O'lO . 6,000 1,000 600 100 30 2 2 10 30 140 of of of of of 3200 of dollar This loiter will commence drawing on Urn 6th May next, and to be finished io twenty day drawing. Adventurer are ndvised to make early rer chases in this Mtery, aa it ta li lieed 1u,000 tickers will soon de disposed o' - Ordi rs receiv 1 ed for ticket in this and all oliicr popular lotteries. Prire Tickets In the Medical ocience Lottery now dr. winr, rinlei. mh S ( II man and his wile rin be accommodated r iih nnnrtmeiit and I'oardin a private tamilr nnd reiilrn! titnatioo, front the first of May next. Awlvatibiflire. wh6 lw NEW BOOKS. UiT published and for sals by F.UAS VA - LK.V I'INE, 104 broulway, 3d door below rjne - aireei, Rob Roy, by the author of War - rly,' Guy Maiinerinr,' and ' the Antiquary,' 2 vls, fib copies 2 dlt. coars 1 75. Acompendiamof Geography, contiinuig, ba - sides the matter urnal in sue h work, a thort ty - tout of Sacred Geography, by the Revd. John C. Rndd, Rect x of SU John' Church. Eluabeth - town, (N. J) Corretpvodctrrt between a aatber and her daughter, by Mr Taylor nnd Jane Taylor. Acc - m's CLemkal Amusement. 6 vols, ofxiegint extracts, witb eugraviegs. Orte re':e.ived f,reugraving. Ccmi - r plate pva - ing ii eveiy description ex - tuted wtlii na'.ne .wi d patch. Aiv i fl. w cook aol .romau to doth waiii'urof a ltre - e family Fquire at t'ia cjmer o," Chapel ud Murry - trU. m, SC lw ' f CO WOOD. 40(csC'amiieachy Lrtrwood, li lendi.41 at pier No. 10. ir WW recover, ml for tale by j 03 tin i'SL.;tN, ma j 28 South - itntU'.r - ,

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