The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 17, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1913
Page 4
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GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Times and ^sews PiiMMung; Company JS. I.AVERE HAFER, -"*" Secretary and Treasurer- PHIIiP E-BIKLE. President. G, 0. P, AGAINST CONVENTION J EiQHT MEW" BURKED j v - Saivation ,Arnr/ Hcmc ir. -C..:c'.nn Destroyed by F.rc- Clncicaaii. Dec. 17.--Ei?ii: pcrsc 5 ire cead and a scors vcrs Inj.:rcl 1 a PHILIP JEL BIKLE, Editor. ' Cofiunlttee Will Beo?- eiegate SjsteoL .Sciered Assist 1?, 2904, at Gettysb'.irg, Pa., as seeond^elass matter, under tj ^ ·"- " Congress March 3, 1879. · B-iiea a fire, believed t" be o: liary origin, destroys! Ce Sd-v.tiou ·knar Kome.fcr Men ."re- Many of tlie iniaaic-s verc- overcome ay sraoke, while otaers s"ierea hurts 5 in making their way ov:; of the fire- j swept building. Several ol tie injured I are ia a. sprious condition. ,,_ ..,,.,,,4. A charge of incendiarism, has been : laced against a man vt-o gave the . aame of Frank Meyers. He claimed. jx ^.\ i be a circus riSer and said he last had j liveii in Arizona- Tlie property loss ia r Sap He is H For ,-- 2I 3 BELL PHONE UNITED PHONB · OSce'in Northwest corner-of Centre Souare, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. | ^an^-^prese^on Has Seen! ^^-^00. ^ by ^ Sa , [ c Agreed Upon ar.d Will Be Submii-ed J val i OI1 Army-lor the collection or rags · Precludes Acceptance of ±,-. : T to Republican Voters- - . { sad paper were sta'^lea in the base- ; nation. All of them \vgre burned to ~: : FOR BIG-PETITION j Gettysburg and County "Ministers to j SecureJJiany Signers. · , \^, | { At a meeting^- ofr the Gettysburg j j Ministerial Association held on Tues- jday afternoon ?«, ivas decided to secure the interest of all the pastors in the county in getting signers to a monster petition to be zorwarderf to C-j.-igressman Brodbeck asking for his support for the passage'of the national prohibition amendment. The mea_ ""Hre-was presented last~\veek in the J-Senate by Morris Sheppard, senator i r j.£om -Texas and ia the House by etrlsres H!s Ad/snced Age! Bidhmond P. Hobsen, congressman PERSONAL NOTES' AND BRIEF ITEM? Paragraphs of News TeBing of r Happenings in and about ta»y People Veiling Here and TfetKi Sojourning" Hsewhefe. t PAPER REPRESENTED FOR -ORDG* ADVERTISING BY "HE GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO | Washington, Dec. 17.--There %vI31 act .jga^. O n second floor lae · - \Vasliiagtoa, Dec. IT.--Semier Ross " *»····-- ---- CS -- -- -- T -- ; JC*S,tJLl- \JSJ. . liiC ^CT*_ V-UAi iiW* ·» K^Ot Vfci-^' ^ ·"· ^~v -----;·«--- --·? -- -- - - -special Republican cosivenit^a. i" · ,-hapel, dining room and library. The '. declared in tae senate thst us -eo^ld Want ads. One cent uer \vord each insertion. Two cents a -word if guaranteed; j a ;grst page position. ~ Resolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams oae cent! Tl -ser word. TO OUR READEHS s 1014. | There ^ill be at the ISIS Repabii- | can convention a reorganized system j oi delegate representation, the idea being to base the apportionment ] amoag tlie states oa" tlie Republican I vote- Tills will effect a. material reduction number of southern delegates. Tue committee will determine the new basis for representation and refer It to the Republican voters in all states ratification. These were the at tbe j j t ,.,,., ___ _,_ ,, . ,, tv.-o big Questions ^=r«roi" national J TX)litSc, is furnished us by Tha American Press. Association, a j abided" at the meeting o: the Kepub- ae*ra which gives the same news to Eepublican, Democratic, Prohibitioa, or ; national committee in tins city. ", Socialist papers and which is strictly non-partisan. , " Oar advertisine columns are ppea to all candidates cf all parties. ^atimilUllHIUUni'mUIlUUlU«nilU!HII!H»«ail!IIKf!HIIHHI«l!CHnUII!«IHIl««H«H!HllliII»IIIHH^ I Biglerville Poultry, Apple ? j I Com and Potato Show I I In determining them individual opin- | ion alone prevailed. There was no ! distinct line ot cleavage, and a glance : at the vote shows the oddest sort ot D e c e m b e r 31, 1913; § January 1,2 and 3., 1914 | | Get your poultry ready for the big show | *5 -- § Save your best tea ears of corn for the large cash | 5 ore mum. Entry fee ten cents for each exhibit-of- ten f ^ r =,,,,». -J-=- . . . . . . . -.' f .-. -. § = ears. Save vour potatoes too. " . ] . , - · = £' ' ' = -is Automobile Sho,w ip Connection. .,, .§ g v-| i-:| * ^ |- 1.5 ii- S 4 All entries will positiveiylcIeKe, Sktsirtlay, Dec- »% % ember 20,1913. | .£- ~! f- ^ -' ',-. _~ ^ ^z men whom the i public thought to bs wholly at vari- '· ance in their opinioas. ' The states which voted for the con- a, Kansas, Z.ouis- Micnigan, ilis- ! souri, Xew Mexico, Xew York, rxorth j and South. Dakota, Oklahoma, Pena- J sylvania. V.'ashington and \Vesr Vir= j glnia. = ! Two proposals for reorganization of ^ 1 tlie narty and to find a basis upon = j which discordant elements can aaite =E i confronted tbe national committee. = j Foremost was a proposal for the = ; special national convention to read; just tiie system of delegate represen- i tation. The. other was that no cenven- ! Lion be called, but that the national i committee Sx a plan for reapportion; ment for ratification by state conven-j Tore: . tions. j Both, resolutions provide recognition I of the Tjriciary laws of. tbe vSnous s states, aad agree that certificated o*. ! election from proper state authorities. ! should be sufficient ground for placing. ' the name of a delegate on the? r tem-' ·S porary roll of the convention. _,_ i Tiie second resolution also "iecosr- E- : aizes the metiiofis adopted in. tjalifor- = i nia and other states where all ; dele= I gates are elected at large, and_ only sleeping Quarters were on the upper ; not and would nc sece-K the Soors. The nre spread with great rapidity, and befoec the firemen had responded to tile general alarri t!:e building was a mass ol" seething naa:es. liean nresideciiai nomination if ii was offered to hira." -Jiy friei-Us v.-ho hare made these kindly sagsesuons tcrg-H," said he, "that befora i£iis a.£l^iisisiru.iio"J ccnies to a close 1 wi-1 hu^ - e rsathcii "t-re age of years; that Before tie nest aslnilaisiratton had completed its service, 1 would have reached the age Three Dead In New York Fire. Xew York, Dec. 17.--A city ureman, Ms mother and sister, were burned to death In a nre ia a sve-story apart- i ot sevecty-six.. meat building at SSS Amsterdam ave-! "It would be maniiesUy impossible nue. Flames v.-hfc-h started in the 1 that 1 shotiud be preslce^t of tiie basement spread so rapidly that the | Uai'.ea States. 1 eou!d net render ser- 5ity occupants of apartments ,fcua«I j vice. I wotsld not. undertake it. I all exits cat off when aroused by the 1 would not accept the nomin.iue:i and arrival of the firemen. Thrilling res- "i could not accept the office, cues were effected from third and j '·Suggestions of political aslvance- founJi-story Trinclows, bat seve; sons were injured by t:e Same ea per- j ment for me," said Senator Root, s or by i merely expressions of friendship jumping to the street. ipprobatioa from my frienJs. ANY mm ARI = j which, he '= j_ A resolution for a special _conven- ^jp»'S»|a'f^Pi»X7^ 55 ' * v "H'-^r EibSf ^^s'^p^^af8^--%y^S^5 : c(S3emittee, call mut be eiiosen ly anyj which, has such a law. ^sfecLiBtormatiQii s^w .'Sfr-v-- -v^iy*yv*ir- ^· ^-'^ The Best Christinas - /"^·r*. A ¥ T £ 1 /***£$ I Girts Are Usetul Girts | The Hardware Store Bojs Wagons ZsiekeLTea Kettles Nickel Coffee Poss Oil Heating Stoves PoeketTKmves Gloves for Men and Boys Enamel Warp- Knives and Forks Call to see us and exmaine our krw,Quality the best. Both Phones. J. J. Driving ILamps Boys Coasters and Skates Pood Choppers Enamel Hoasters Keen Kutter SaCty Kazor Carving: Sets Remington Rifles Hatchets aad Sa\vs Jine. Our prices are Fairfield Pa. = } Sed by two-thirds of the states ·which = i cast Republican pluralities Jor presl- '" i dent in 'I9i'8. " "" ! Informal discussion among comtait- I ceeinen developed a somewhat general i opinion in favor of the proposal for i tne committee to change tbe basis o* ' representa f ion and refer it to state ! conventions ~Mch meet next year. '· On Pie special committee drafting j the resolution -svere Committeeiner: j \Varren,-of Michigan; Borah, of Idaho: · Hadley, of Missouri, -who also holas a ! pro^y from Louisiana: Smoot, ot i Utah, and Hovrell, o£ Xebraska. i RECGRD REAL ESTATE DEAL i Duke of In ·are and My po- cal aad public career is Jrav.-ing to | a close. Xo political amaiuon \vbai- J ever finds a- place la my niind. I loelf ",to the vounger , "men about -me. to !-v.-hom ambition is- a matter of right, I to.nil the advanced places in the £u- | lure." ' - - . - : ' I Senator Galliager denied Senator j Seed's charges that his v/ritten state 1 meat nientioniEg Senator Root for j president was nroacsed before the X_ev.- York senator made his speech. Senator Reed said that he had been . misinformed as" tc the time Senator ! GaKinger's statement vras issued and Xe^r Cast 5 ?, Colo. Dec. IT.--An ex- /declared: plosion in the Vulcan mine 01 the'. ~i trj-» f ir- ~-- speech -withoat deisb- Rccky -.loujitaia Fuel eosipany, sear eratioa. and so far as I aid aay injus- ^ere. cneoisbed L. L. Carrfora. a ciiae' ii ce Io j^ e senator from Xet^ York o an; I.. T7aters. Hre boss, an-i; -r, e sgsator from Xetv liar; Ercj Eiirsers. \ express profound regret." Tills estimate Tra; ba^el CE a brr j Senator Root's statement ' swi by Eifiosion, resulted -J check or the co~irany's pay rails.- from criticisms' in iue senate by Ssna- Lioa of l":c "" · take tiie presidential ncrcinatica cn-r.e en Saturday from Senator Galltaa;er. Republican senate ieacer. v.uo gave out=-a, : foEmal statenxent declaring tne ' ' om the rcrta.1 V-'-'^ ".but ths cau -2 cf t'a e^ been uetsrsri'S.!- .'rcerrn'i-- to ~-:u "officials, six :_:C2 are '-r,o~~ to ! % j.v ;been wckln" in ~'.e ""CT; ent". parly 'stio!r~i noniinai:e'"hiHr." Another ^-^5 jnade by Andrew Carnegie at tae Yvhite Hrirse last \«»ek, -ss-aile Sir. Taft gjcg gave the proposition a "boost." nil entry ----?5 ·- o:c~-crati' cly. free j- i.n! Eir ~"~"~ ~ - - ^ - ^ - - · - --' - - , CI--".--»r» --If»*· J FH1EF RETURNS PURSE Pickpocket Sends Christmas Greetings this let! tc e~"~c~sior.3 reported tnat feat rr,r ; Se n^Ul \V'r- ', -'«t ?40 tbe richer-by having bis ' ^rhf-nV T-o-nrn(=r- r,v f n f consci encountering ?-.- scric is obsa-uctioa , ^"^ lrr"f =_ ^.- .-_ __- ' stricken taiet. "returned by the conscience- in the mala GET CUHHE^Y VOTE TODAY Bedford Sells 19 Acres ! Heart of London, j London. Dee. 17.--lIQIions of pounds | sterling changed, banes in a reccrd I real estate dsal, involving the trass- j fer oC nineteen acres of ;reeiio!d -jro?- j erty oa the Duke of Bedford's estate · here. The si:m is said to be upwards of j Senator Kern nxrse-cs to Have EIH j nrough Conference by Satu-aay. "Waskington. Bfc. 17--Senator Kem. Dernncratic ler.:;er. after a canvass o- the situation ir« t~e senate, etpres=ea the belief that t 1 --re ~!Ii be a vote on the currency bill tonight. He said he had --een unable to reaei a definite as^reeni^nt, out thought tbe debate had ''about petered cut." "TTisile I not beei ^iske an agT3G'. r -aX I think have the bii: througn conference on Saturday." he al-ijd. | Guarar.tee o: rational hanTv «epo=;-; its as part of t' e nesr rmTea^y sys- '· tern Tvap reach£3 in tbe debate. Sen- J 3tor EristoT!- Tel r":e attack upon i;. i Qui-ien ^ss visiting in Pr.ila«3sl- rlna. and ^rsile traveling abc.ut tae city had Ms pockets pic'-eti and vrailet containing $40 and some valuable papers, -ersovetl. Quillen znc.'lc no complaint, but he ·^Tcte Lome of bis loss. The next day his brother. Ko. -Tuond Qaillea. vrent tc the postofnce aaa %'.'as handed a letter addressed to ''ftolaacl Quilien." In. the package ~c-s the !ost tval'.et and contents, irtta a silo of paper, oa -R-hich ~«s trritteE: "_V "»Ierry Christreas.'" · The package TTJIS post marke-i "King" -~° ! se?=ing Station, Philadelphia, Pa." 31iss Annie Young and Harriet Krauth are moving: into ebe rooms,in the. McKnight building: f orjih- 'erly occupied bV'J.'L. Schick. ·* ,5 Since lass Sunday evening's service Mrs - John B - MamHton. of North n St. James church sScai ISO names I Washington street, is visiting at^he have been secured to a copv of the bome of ilr - au! 3Irs - H - A *· * · ^«i« » · petition. Similar petitions are to be presented in all the-churches of the fov.Ti and Tuesday afternoon's action"' .vill provide for the submitting of the same petition in all the churches of the county. It is then the plan to forward all "che documents at one time to ilr. Brodbeck. It was decided at the meeting of the ocal ministers to do away with the custom of recent years in holding union services during^ the week ox prayer and each church, that desires j to, will hold i'ts own series of services in its own church. It is supposed that practically all of the churches will observe this annual week,, though there will be no special services in St. T ames Lutheran church owing to special evangelistic meetings which in Chambersburg. A very pleasant social was held a.'i The home of iliss Ruth A. Rudisill on Saturday evening. Miss Esther Kelly, of near Harney, was a recent visitor at the home of Rev. and Mrs. 31. L. Riidisi!!. John D. Keith Esq. is spending the day in Harrisburg on business- President and Mrs. GranviHe have sent out invitations to s. faculty dinner to be given on January sixth. Mrs. Berger has returned to her home in Baltimore after visi'iing her daughter, Mrs. Nor-nan Eeichle, 'of West jtlicidle street. SEALS will be held there daring of Februarv. the month Enormous Proposition lo Fight-Tuberculosis is Carried on. SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS Eiay from Harold Bell-Wright's Book Coming to Gettysburg. "The Shepherd of the Hills", Harold Bell Wright's novel, which the record for being the largest selling 1 _ American work of fiction, has been I ijjj made into a play by its author with the assistance of Elsbery W. ^Reynolds. ! ' 3Iany business houses in Gettysburg are selling the Ked Cross seals. Few people have any idea of the magnitude of the lied Cross Christmas Seal Campaign. This year over 100,000,000 seals have been printed a'nd distributed, if olaeexl-end-to-end-these a story of the Ozark mountains ar.d its people are all of that vicinity, which promises stage characters out of .the ordinary. The production, which has been made by? ;3iessr.s. · Gasfcill ilacVitty, is saM to be cafe beauty, this " picturesque, t mountain: counti-\- lending Itself td the best|f in: the scenic artist's art.--advertisement.;;; rris'n wcni"-ri ^rd children." -H "~- """- ~ ' ^-^'Ilio^s cf advertisiii*" cxrculsj MEETINGS Christmas ESfertainment and Teachers Meetin" are Announced. " =;eals ivccld extend nearly 2.400 miles- · or practicall" from Xew York. r to Salt Lake City. They have been sent«|to 3ver 25.000 ciS^srent agents and "agli ba said zrA handled 'by -axtarmy of ifot less than 100,000 -vnlunieers x , incl l3(l- circulars have been scattered throughout the country, and so.thproughiy has,the,ad. _ . , t i - . - . , vertismg' campaign oeen. orgamzea thai: i-ris~docbtfttHf---anaiy--people in held at BoycTs School on Taesdnj' evening^ Decelnbelr 23." ..The teachers of .. Strabari. -cownship will meet at Good Intent school house A Christmas entertainment wflfbe j te iii )re -P°P uI »^ Scates ^ ^ e ^J""' DTJ will net have heard of the Red 3roSi Seal and its mission la uie prevention, cf taher.euiosls- It -is hoped that- at least 50.000.000 seals 3nas be sold this year- The principle upon yr evening -to topics. x_~ -Centre Mills, by way of Biglerville, an automobile hood to top. The finder please notifj- W. H. Jlyers, Bigier- ville 3: residence Centre ilills---ad- vertisement Easy To Medical Advertising srta and hacdliinj shall be spea.t for tfiber- culosis "work in the community where "che seals are sold. v - !OOF Graf Dai THREATS DBSVE HUvl INSANE Chicago Merchant, Victim of. Slack Hand, Tries to End His Life. Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 17-- Tenspor- ! The deal a"ecied a block ia tc | heart of London, v\itlj Cogent Gnr i as its center. an-I inciucsiag the Drary I-ar.e. Strand and Lyceum theaters, as well as the ola Covert Garden 31 ar- ket and Bow street police court. Tiie purchaser, -^bo is said to have p a -.j j r paid siillions of pounds more thai any! /oald b ( \ arily insane by rccson of Black Hand said vVoald P!sy P:--o;h!e In r4ext V/or!d. I threats, George Xe-w Yor 1 ". P c. 17.--Arrested siooting at "i= irlena. Grove Par ron. -Tames :*.:!. sily-three years! gashes in his taroat and old. espiame-; ·].-,- he ^Bifche-: to take j C ' SI I arkinson axia r;s son, -Tames .-ic- f or ; merchant of C.vic-^o, was found .-~-j_ i cell at police Uei-c-'artsrs here to be a d in a nis lyrists Berti was arrested in the TJaloa sta- SAVE FOR CHRISTMAS other piece of property e-. er fetche?. ·svas Karry MaUaby-Dee'j. Unionist M. F. for Harrow, and director of t2i-- Xomrich Union Lj:e Insurance con- Ask us to tel! you about A t t r a c t i v e S a v i n g s P l a , n making saving easy Tickets Isu^ E.1: Pep^«sinr 1Vitho-,ii C-"-c. '- -"i3'i '-rosk weekly ar t d you'll harr- -J; e aai Missionaries In Dagger. Hong Kong. Dec. 17.--Many foreign 1 missionaries are in peril froTM a re 5 volt in southeastern China. British "^jf,v -- v · · officials were notified tnat hunurefi= OATS tof Xo.^2 v.lef^' '* 1 of natives have armed themselves and. lower grades -,""."--. ; led by agitators preaohia?: "death to |. ^OT-^TOES ^rrady. at 70 "§ j foreigners," are burnins isolated vil-1 DaSlie '| lages. lion pinochle. into t.~ j ^ext v. orl I so fiere rar.J^d gar^e of aic- GENERAL MARKETS ^inter clear. ?c.' " RYE ' FLOUTl 5nn. at $350^3,60 per barrel. WHEAT s'ea.-Jy; Xo. 2 red, r,ew, ! J tioa ts-bile wandering -.trough ti:e -srait '· Ing rooms muttering to hlmseir. A po { licernan, believing h"ia to bs istosi- ! cated, look him to tbj police station. j "When called for a hearing Berti vrai 'i almost dead from less of SiOOQ- =r* in his pockets, the police say, FLOUR qii-'et' i 54; city roills", fan-? dis'Iosed that he hsd fied from Clii- cago a week ago to escape the Black Hand. He will recover. O'- 5 - . per Man, 73, and Woman. t~t, "Media, Pa., Dec. 37. -- to Wed, Dynamiter Plesc's GuiSty. Indianapolis, IndTM Cec. 17.--George | E. Davis, confessed dynamiter pleadea . =paiity in the federal coirrt to the charge 01 conspiring to Illegally traas- POULTRY- "j-.r. stea«iy; :: en=. 35?S . - ., rc';=;t£r Ilgl2c : r=srk«--i. ! port dynamite on fcterctate ranroacs. --e, SrmT choice fov,-Is, | k=--c-" Jones, secretary-treasurer 01 tarkeys, 23 ironworkers" ---,^:os;, iir.plicated By for START NOW EVERYBODY^WELCOME Bigl Lawigncevi^fe. X.f.T.. ani Susanna,^!, i , T^^ 71 ^ 11102 " 6 - seventy-three j CKIC'^O-- 5 : and sevectyne years old respectiely. \ ?«ilps/ ST.'. '^ ~ - ervme Nati . -3 iig:its7.4 -. ;ie1iV. 'Tiv - ^ ! Carabao Oflcers Deny Hootility. 7 T,I, : 1 Washington. Dec. 1".--Oiarer^ of tne l-^ ; Order of Carabao seat assurances to ''-..,.,. I administration officials that tiey enter Nay, Nay! "A yonng gambler had just asked her to be "hts r n," and the maid popped her head in the room and said: "Did ou call, sir?" "What? With the hand I'm holding? Xot on your picture postal!" Daily Thought. There is nothing good or evil save in the will.--Epictetus. and over lO'i men are affected. ·uostppv -- eq Entertainment for AH. "A pretty girl can get a lot of entertainment out of her mirror,"' observes an exchange. True! So can a. plain girl who thinks she is pretty. . . .,,,,..,,, ,,,,.,,.. ,,..- , lllciul ,^.^ ,,, essne |i p ','^· ! ' J ?. r) -" 3: ,.y^ aI iingrs, $3.50 j ] ic c gicials. FOR SAI^E: house on Washington strcot. Apply to F. T. Wassem.--advertisement. BOY'S second-hand automobile arron for sale cheap. -T. C. Shank nt jCeUysburff vertisement Xew Ear Corn,. Department Store.--ad- \ fc7l jOata :.. .^Ti .7." XEiTHEE in Hell nor Heaven." Ben j. H. Barton, of Philadelphia, will iec- rure Thur^dayj in the Ce-.irt Ifouse, at I 3 n. m. on -Q logic. ''Escaping Heli Yet Missing 1 Heaven". Isir. Barton has given what he calls '""Bible Explanations" in all- parts of the United Stat«s and various foreign countries, and those who have hesrd him before speak very highly of the clear s'eyle in whicft he answers deep questions which" have confused many minds, giving- Bible quota'cions for each point jmade- Great things are anticipated coming Thurs- cntirely unsectarian: all are invited; and no collection is to be taken.--advertisement. Y ou can Bring Back Color and Lustre \vith Sage Tea and Sulphur Yv'hen vou darken vour hair with! . Sajre Tea'and Sulphur" no one can teli. ! ^rorn nis lecture this Because it's done so naturally, so even- [day- The meeting is 3y. Preparing this mixture, though, an Siome is mussy and troublesome, For 50 cents you can buy at any drug store the ready-to-use tonic called --JWyeih's Sage" and Sulphur Hair Remedy." You jast dampen a sponge or soft'brush wivh it and dra^r this i through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. By morning all gray hair disappears, and, after another application, or two,, your hair becomes beautifully darkened, glossy and luxuriant- You will also discover dandruff is gone and hair has stopped COMING EVENTS falling'. Grav, faded hair, though no dis- appearance, get busy at once Wveth's Saare and Sulphur and with look vears yoanj Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Dec- 19--"The Shepherd, of the Hills". "Walter's Theatre. Dec. 19--College closes for Christmas recess. -Jan. 8--Basket Ball. Bloomsburg Normal. College Gymnasium. , Jan. 10--Concert, Eillamey Girls. Brua Chaaes- E*rJce3 at the Gettjsbnrg Trarefaonse coi- reeted cailj by C- Milton"VTolf. .Jr., Sac- cessor to 3. Geo. "W"olfs Sons Co. . - -- - .PerBs EIGHT DAYS TO -·CHRISTMAS . e«r F-ar Com Rye \ate RETAIL PSICJES _ DatrvFeeai-- toarpe'Spring Bran Hand Packed Bran..:. Cora and Oats Cbop v - .... Shoemaker Stoc^ Food-.'.. White Middh'nss Red Middlings Timothy Hiy Rye Chop.. -Baled Straw Plaster Cement 65 65 -.."..40 · « -...1.55 ...i ...1.56 ...LOT, ..$7.50 per ton. ,,*1.40 per bbll Per bbl. Flour Western Flour ................. 6-00 Per bu ! Shelled Corn Hurry! Hurry 1 Hurry! ? ? Don't Put Off Your Christmas R^.."..55\--Shoppiag Another Day.

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