The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1931 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1931
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

CHILD INJURED IN CAR ACCIDENT Driver Fails to Stop After Striking Joe Frank on Federal _ Joe Prank, 11 .years ofd, 821 South Federal avenue, received a severely cut and bruised head and a broken leg -when struck by a hit-and-run driver at Eighth street and South Federal avenue about, 10 · o'clock Sunday evening^ He was taken to Park hospital by Vern Palmer, 603 Ninteenth street- northeast, following the accident. The driver was in what was thot to be a Graham Paige sedan .with a number beginning 41, according to the only information received by police. The child had started to cross v the street when struck by the automobile whicE was trying to pass Palmer's 'car, Mr. Palmer said. The driver did not even attempt to stop altho he must have known he struck fr..Talmer declared. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Lenten Theme Continues, in Religious Services Liberality of God, Destruction of Satan and Other Topics Used by Local Ministers. -, Development of the Lenten theme in a variety-of forms featured the Sunday church services here. , Some ministers used as their theme the destruction of demons by Jesus, .while others spoke'on the liberality of God. v Sunday schools have started preparing their/Easier programs. MARCH 9 SERMON ON SATAN IS GIVEN BY MALL JOHNSONTDTBE RETURNED HERE Man Captured New Year's Day to Face Charge of .Robbery.. -i"*" , S k * 1 r Charles -Johnson,-Negro, arrested here New Years day .after a shoot- fag affair with officers and a struggle on a,back stairs of a Federal avenue rooming house, is to be returned to Mason City from the state hospital for the insane at Cherokee where f he 'has been helc since his sentence* here. He will face a charge ,ol robbery with aggravation when he returns. County officials went after him Monday. Burial Service Held for Harry Hoyt, Former Resident of Mason City The burial of Harry Hoyt, former Mason .Cityan who died at Los Angeles Friday, was held Monday afternoon, with burial at Woodlawn cemetery at Glendale, according to word received by his father, S. M. Hoyt of Mason J City. r Palmer Joins. Business Staff of Globe-Gazette G. Kenneth Palmer recently joined the business staff of the Mason City Globe-Gazette to ta-ke over the work of R. D. Freeland, : who has moved to Davenport to enter a road grading contractors'- business with his father-in-law. Mr. Palmer was for- The Rev. O. Mall at St James Lutheran church used St. Luke 11 14-23 as his text, and spoke on "How Christ Free Us From Satan." In part he said, "At Jesus' time peopli were often possessed of demons. O; course, in our time also, but in f different way. Satan is'mighty, bu1 Jesus' more so. Our text clearly shows us that Jesus is stronger than Satan, otherwise He could-not have driven him out of this mon. "Sin hrot man tinder the power ol Satan; 'Christ came to overcome Satan. Wherever Christ works Satan's work is destroyed. Our life must be a life in Christ if Satan should not rule over us. Thru the use.of the Word of God, the holy sacraments, and the preaching of God's word we can overcome Satan, so that we can say with the apostle Paul, 'For me is Christ.'" The pastor announced that Lenten services would be held Wednesday evening in the German language,, and. that a special congregational meeting iwouIdJbe held on the evening of March 18. EVANGELICAL HAS ST. PAUL PASTOR merly with the Sioux City Journal. The Rev. C. F. Kachel, a retired minister of the Evangelical church, who is·· living in St" Paul, Minn.-, preached at the Grace Evangelical church 1 Sunday morning. His message' was vivid with illustrations, strong in its appeal and practical in its application. His text was I Kings/ "Ask What I-, Shall Give Thee." A synopsis of his message follows: "David had won the hearts of the people of Israel. He had their welfare at heart. A large empire had been built up by .him vhicb. he was about to turn over to ais son, Solomon. At the time the text was spoken Solomon was on the throne and sensed the responsibility of his position. Ho approaches God in prayer and God speaks to him in the words of tie text. The liberality, of God'is shown in the text. No stingy, tlghtf is ted'person would make such' a promise. Only a God unlimited in power, in reality, would make such a' statement, rela- tive to the good things in life. God like an unselfish mother has in mind the welfare of the people in His offer. Ask for the best gift, Jesus Christ, the Savior, In-response to this offer." C/E. Baker, superintendent, had four boys demonstrate the lesson of the Good Samaritan at the Sunday school. Singing of familiar gospel songs was the opening of the evening, services. Vivian Jewett played a piano solo and the Rev. and Mrs. P. ( W. Pfaltzgraff sang a dueti The pastor preached the even- 'ng sermon from the theme "The Good Samaritan." DEMONS DESTROYED BY CHRIST, CLAIM "The object of Satan and his forces is to convince humanity that he is the ruler of the universe," said the Rev. George A. Parker at the Central Lutheran church Sunday. He has left the impression with many that he is the aggressor in the fight to ,win the world because he is now the master of legions of lives. "The Bible teaches that Christ controls, masters and destroys Jemons at His will. In the hour o: iemptation when Christ was weakest, physically, He was stronger than Satan at His strongest. The same was proved conclusively when 2hrjst endured the. cross and the tomb and came forth victorious, v , "Christ and the church are not de- 'ending themselves against Satan and hell for they are on the offensive waging war/against Satan 'an'd sin the gates of hell shall not prevail against them." Wednesday night at 7:45 the Rev. Mr Parker will speak on "The Serpent in the Wilderness." : BOYS TO ENTER MARBLE TOURNEY Friendly Indians, Pioneers to Compete March 21 in 2 Divisions. The annual Y. M. C. A. marbl tournament will be held Saturdaj afternoon, March 21, at the Centra school grounds, if was announcec at the semimonthly bean feed Satur day in the Y. M. c. A. This marbl tournament will be for Pioneers anc Friendly Indians. Boys .from 9 to 12 years of age will compete in the Friendly Indian division and those of 12 years o age and older .will enter the Pionee division. Trophies will be awarded to the winners. After the last bean feed group gunies were played in the Y. M. r A. gymnasium. Movies were alsi presented. A special event is heli after these bean feeds, scheduled for the first and third Saturdays o each month. , Evron M. Karges, boys' work sec retary, was assisted by Paul Bey Lloyd Wilsori, Lawrence Kohler anc Bruce Powell. WIGDAHL SPEAKS ABOUT ZACCHAEUS The conversion of Zacchaeus' at ericho was the topic of the morn- dg sermon by the Rev. O. Lr..'.N. Wigdahl at the Trinity Lutheran church. The self righteous citizens of Jericho, cast slurring remarks about.the Savior as they saw- :HIfn enter into the home of Zacchaeus, as they looked .upon Him as. a great inner, .the minister added. Zacchaeus gaVe his heart to the Lord and was saved, while- nothing is ·ecorded about: the , self, righteous AND SAVE MONEY NOT so long sigo a famous personage advised the American public "to spend." Another equally noted man retorted with the advice "save." Perhaps both were right, but the better policy would seem to be "spend wisely in order to save." Spending wisely simply means to use your money for those things that you need, as the condition of your purse may warrant--and at the same time, to buy only those articles that have actually proved their quality and worth. By purchasing merchandise that gives the greatest value for the money, you secure the longest service and so save the price of a repurchase. . Thrift is a virtue, but so is wise investment. The advertising in this paper is a reliable guide as to where and when to get the utmost value for your money. Advertising is a safe and trustworthy guide to sound investment. It has proved its reliability. You buy advertised wares every day--consciously or unconsciously. You buy by name, because you know that the advertised article has served you well in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. .\ Read the advertisements, that you may spend wisely--and save. The pages of this newspaper carry the advertisements of reliable merchants and reliable manufacturers. Read them--take advantage of the opportunities they offer. Fifth Member of Hay Springs, Nebraska, Bandit Gang Caught UNCOLN, Nebr., March 9: UF-- The arrest at Klamath Falls, Ore. of the fifth and last member of the bandit gang which held up the First National bank of Hay Springs Nebr., last September and robbed il of ?14,000, was ainounced here today by W. G. Coridit, former state sheriff. any church leaders giving Christ consideration whatever. The children of the first eight grades met in the afternoon to practice for the children's Easter serv» .ice. : . - · - · : ^' '- · A t a baptismal service at 638 Sixth street northeast Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Vaage presented their infant son,. Dwayne Carrol, for Christian baptism. . : The Calvary service at 9 o'clock was'well attended. OHIOAN SEEN AS BARE POSSIBILITY (Continued From tape 1). it was noUee- rock the boat, able. J ^ but S OME OBSERVERS think Owen D. Young will prove to be near the top of the list of democratic availables next; summer. He cer- taintly would suit big business, and big business is potent.' Yet with Owen D. at the head of their ticket, how could the; democrats attack the G. O. P. on the power issue?-which obviously should be an essential detail of their, 1932 strategy. At any ;rate, 'at the present writing Governors Roosevelt and Ritchie and then Owen. D. Young are en-. - ! --- titled .to regard themselves as Aunty Democracy's.' outstanding presidential "possibities. · And, of course, Al Smith looms in the^ background of every : calculation. Young, indeed, has counted himself out, but hiy friends continue to include him. . Governor . .Maybe it should . former/ Sfenator James A, Reed of Missouri. Not that anyone really : thinks lie will be nominated, at his ·age, but he is so unconquerable a fighter that it "is hardly safe to disregard him as a factor in any contest he declares himself in on. " , . - : . * · · ' » AFTER THAT the muster roll n simmers down to a list of mere bare possibilities-- about two dozen of them. Thus far George White simply is one of the two dozen. Hitherto he has not even been ono of the mostly prominently mentioned of these.. He is a dry, for one ·thing, and Senatdr Joseph T. Robinson. of Arkansas generally is spoken of as the leading dry candidate. . - · ' . " . " ' · · . " · · . * * * Governor White is a dry but curiously enough It is. a wet democratic faction which began the talk; In his favor at 'the March 5 gathering in Washington. This group^of wets argue that the wet movement in their own party's ranks has been permitted to gain momentum altogether too early. Had it been permited to simmer they say, without undue stirring, until just about convention time, perhaps a wet candidate could have been nominated on a wet platform --and, perhaps again, the south would have submitted, instead of bolting, to the tune of four or five states, .as in 1928. ' , But the creation of an uproar already (say the worried wets) has so solidified dry sentiment that, should an out-and-out, wet democrat run for president on that issue,, with President Hoover running for reelection as a bone dry, the south probably will bolt the former as generally as it bolted Al Smith, the western . states will be solidly agannst him, he will stand no more chance in New York than Smith did, and the G. O. P. will Jick the stuffing out of him. «__*_ *__ i · ·· "RADIO CITY" REALIZATION OF DREAM A .TREMENDOUS city within a city is the new Radio City to be erected^in midtown New York, by Jqhn-D. Rockefeller, Jr., at a cost .b£ $250,000,000. Construction of tins shimmering city of . challenging, towers will begin this. summer and Jt 5s expected wilt-be ready for occupancy by autumn, 1832. In'the center is the 6Si-story building .which -will house the National Broadcasting company, M. H. Aylewo'rth, president, for- mer lowan, at right. There will be two office buildings beside this one,, each.of 45 stories, .and two theaters and a proposed open structure. At the-left of the model is Hiram Brown, president" of Radi o-Keith-Orpheum. wettish plank^ in the democratic platform would not shake-his "regularity-'-:--so long'as it is a democratic plank, heiWill stand on it and stand-by it. This, be it understood/is the version of White's ' friends; not White's. Assume, then (White's friends continue), that the"democratic platform does include-a plank, about as wet as the one suggested in Henry W: Anderson's,, recommendation to :he Wickersham commission--contemplative of an adaptation of the Swedish-liquor system to this country's requirements. Would George agree to it? His friends are betting that he would, despite his dryneaa. .. * * t O NE can see how it might work--if President Hoover runs as a bone dry. White should get. the wet votes, as the best wet bargain obtainable. His friends insist he could hold the south, where they predict that a. dripping, wet would lose much of it. They are convinced he could make a strong bid for the dissatisfied west. ·He carried Oliio'-T-or his ticket did. He. is described as a- picturesque colorful character. He founded his fortune as a Klondike gold miner. There Is said to'be plenty of popular appeal, about him. He would be a compromise, to be sure, and compromises usually have their weaknesses. Still, to hear his friends outline their man, it sounds as if tha Buckeye senator might groom into quite an Imposing presidential personality. · FARMER FOUND ALIVE IN DRI Illinois Man, Missing Sine Saturday, Expected to Recover. ATHENS, El., March 9. Helpless in. a snowdrift for. almost 40 hours, George Hamilton, 58, farmer, was found alive today by seachers. He had, been missing. since Saturday afternoon when he came to Athens to purchase groceries. In walking back to his home, four miles from here, he became .lost in the 'blinding snowstorm and fell into a deep drift. -Outside of frozen feet and weakened condition he was not" hurt Physicians said he probably would recover, Illinois Mine Workers Would End War With International Heads SPRINGFIELD, 'HI-., March 9.' S --Burying the hatchet wielded in month's of factional warfare among Illinois miners, Harry Fishwick, president, and, John H. Walker, president-elect of .the Illinois Mine Workers, today dismissed all .remaining, c o n t e m p t proceedings against international -officials, and called on them to Jqin in a call to the rank and file to "end all warfare." New Trouble Arrives in Wales Coal Fields CARDIFF, Wales, March 9. CSV- Labor trouble again threatened today in South_Wales 'coal fields, which have been working, only a. short while after an extended tie- up early this year. The difficulty has arisen over the question of wages, which, are to be reduce'd on an average of 7 pence daily. · .S it G; THE WORLD IS YOURS J ew Map Offering by' THE MASON ·CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Latest Mercator Projection. Ma£ of the WorU, 21x28 inches, in FtvJ Colors, with Compete Geographies and Commercial Data--It «, in Effect, A CONDENSED WORLD ATLAS ves--- Populations ana Areas by Countries anU by Continents v Leading Cities of tke World, with their rank in size World Time When It Is 12 O'Clock Noon in Washington, D. C. Forms of Government of All Principal Countries Agricultural and Mineral Products by Countries Airline Distances Between Principal World Cities Steamship Distances JJetween Principal World Port* w 7,?'^ f f ^ World Telegraph. and Jclepho,*. World.. Principal Mountains · World', Principal River. V World's Principal Seaports " Motion Picture Statistics Languages of the World Religions by Population Races by. Population Radio Statistics . Exports and Import* ' . , Mofor Vehicles World's Principal Lakes Merchant Marine Tonnage '·· Military Air Fleets Water Power Statistics World War Statistic. Working Populations . Rtibvad Mila . World V BV A BIG DOLLAR VALUE FOR A DIME wondering how they ever got along without It. the World as a supple- Secretaries and Listed' I flow you u;V7 fnd other mafa om2 loottJet* yauimll vant--SenJ in your order today D n n n D D D D D D n D a n n n n o D D Check Your Selections Map of the World : 10o Map of the United State* ............;. )* JOo Map of Europe ........···..,,«......,...,.,.,.^.,"*|"" ](u Map_of Sooth America ."..*.'.'..'.*".'.".'.'.'.".*." Idc President* and Their Wive* ...'·...: " " m l Handy Lcrter Writer Interior Decorating ; Modernizing Old House .Y.*.""""!!""'' The Fifteenth Census .' Famous Love Affairs ' How to Get Ahead ,,'.""" MA"' f w Won " !0 -- · '.'.'.'.'.'. Modern Manners Games Booklet ) " Debaters' Guide !!!!!!! " Care of the Car !.""!"!" Bwuty Hints ·····,,.. Removing' Slainj .',*.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'." Paint ·" Concrete ., * lOe JOo lOo lOc 6c 6c 6e 60 6c Use This Coupon Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haakin, Director Washington, D. C. Enclosed find cents to com or , me the publication marked on the liot Jor whieh ^~ Namt Street City Staff

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