Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1931 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1931
Page 7
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MARCH,9 1931 lEQUIEM MASS SUNG FOR HAYES Service Held ^t St. Joseph's Catholic Church j Father O'Connor in Charge. ' , R .«qulem;hig;li mass was celebrated by the Rev.-Dean P S O'COD- Bor, at 'the St. Joseph's Catholic church Monday morning for William R. Hayes, .victim of the fire -W thfl T. A, Potter home Fnday morning 1 . % ' The church was practically filled fpr the occasion, a large number of Elks coming In a body, while representatives from various offices at the courthouse was a recognition of better for children - . How.:-Kellogg's PEP Bran 'Flakes.jdelight. the youngsters. They love the famous peppy flavor. The whole wheat .nourishes them. -The · extra bran is mildly laxative. Pep--energy--and health! . .They get all three from these better' bran flakes. In the rcd-and-green package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. PEP B R A N FLAKES A N ew Wp^Kd^Sf- I ''fit' 1- ' " ' I ' In rood A richness s . ribt heavy y»t very ·atisfymgi ttfiiught be called ' delicacy , of flavor." You get it by using ·Amaizo Butterscotch S^rup in your cooking. Trie family asks ;"What makes L this taste so much better?" \ ' But you keep your secret and add to your repute as a cook. That's a word ' ' : · to the wise. Your grbcer has '·: Amaizo Butterscotch . Syrup-- and the other Amaizo quality products. Every Monday Evening at 9:30 o'clock Don Amaizo broadcasts his program of music and adventure over Station WMT. Look for ihe Amaizo name and the plaid background design. AMERICAN MAIZE-PftODUCTS CO. the fact that the dead had once served as clerk, of court hi 2erro Gordo county. Following the singing of the mass Father O'Connor explained the meaning of the ceremony, which, he «aid, was a form of .public adoration of the deity that was symbolic and historic and had come down thru the ages from apostolic times Provides Consolation. The priest spoke of the reasonableness of praying for the dead, declaring this provides the ons and only consolation for the living. The tragedy that brot about the. death of Mr Hayes and his host on Friday morning emphaizes the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, the priest added, quoting the scriptural utterance of the Master that the world will "know not the day or the hour that the Son of Man coineth." The active pallbearers'at the service were Frank Casey, Bob McCollough, Leo Davey, Tom Arthur, Walter Patton and Howard A O' Leary The honorary pallbearers were J. J. Burns, John Senneff, E; G Dunn, John Shipley, Howard Knesel and Charles Brady Denny Tierney and Vic Coyle were ushers Relatives at the funeral included the two children, Billy, Jr, and Marion Margaret, Mr and Mrs William H Hayes of Mason City, parents, J Frank Hayes of Mason City and Carl C.. Hayes, recently moved here from .Houston, Texaa .brothers; Miss-Julia Davies, Chicago, cousin;Mrs. Julia .Turner, Los Angeles aunt; Mrs.'. Martin McNuIty,_ Minneapolis, aunt; George Hayes, Draper,. S. Dak., uncle; Mr. and Mrs. Rodewald, Charles City, parents of Mrs. Fjank Hayes .and Leonard and Leo Rodewald, brothers of Mrs. Hayes; Mrs. Mika Corbett,' Des Moines, 'friend of the family. Funeral Services for Thomas J, Kelsh Held .Funeral' services for Thomas.J.' Kelsh, 71, 132. Fourth street northwest, were held Monday forenoon. Requiem high mass was said at.the Holy Family Catholic church at 10:30 o'clp'ck with the Rev. R. P. Murphy officiating,- assisted by the Rev. J. J..Collins and the Rev. Leslie V; Barnes. Burial was at Dougherty. Pallbearers were Ed Donnelly, Michael Hogan, Jim Preston,-Frank Paul, John Campbell and William Reed. ' . . ' - · . Mr. Kelsh died suddenly Friday night. He had lived here since October. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE WILL BE HEARD . TSS EMILY KNEUBUHL national executive secietary of-the Business -and Professional Women's' club, will be the speaker at a b'ani quet Wednesday evening at 6:30 o'clock at the Hotel Hanford sponsored by .the local B.'P. W- club: This will be a pait of the observ- agce of national business women's week, sponsored by the organization from March 9 to 14. . . _,orfe^than'lOtJ-ybuhg. persons in' Cer|b-qordp^ouuty v eviriced'theirin- f " - "° t " i "'T'eaauig"mpre:and;better by .--7L-i-r.T---«?· the lib ,rary list of ,-ques- tions,ipublished.;on the'farm page of .the.-Glqb e-Gaz ette We drie s d ay, Feb. ,18.''The'- answers to I the -questions which were varied and of real edu- .cati.ppa} A value have .been 'well worked, out by-these'young .'people according to Miss Lydia M. Barrette, librarian. The names are arranged in-the order in which they were received: .' -. ' . , . . . . -PrisciHa Rpwe;-R; R. No. 4, Ma- GRINDER ABRiVES No. 1 Being torn Down; Of {ice Building to Be Erectedi , The first of three'giant grinders for the Ma^on.City Brick and Tile company has arrived. and is being set up at the plants)'it was announced Monday. 1 A. H. Skellinger has the contract for setting the ma- ,chin'ery. S -' .· · ' - t '. : : : .. Work !pf] the';past-few days has inciuded' the tearing- down 'of- plant No. 1, which has been -obd'olete'for some time ajid in use ah the plant office. · . ' · . · ' · ' . : . - ··"·'. · .The management announces that 'if will erect a business office and -machme Shop in the central part of the plant area. · . SMORE THAN A WRI. Tmtlu-- Eajoy f i l e M a y t a g ELa'dlo i Hour - ' ' ' . . Coast to Coast , Btafe' Network 1 . . K.S.T. -- BrtO C.S.T.-- 7:00 M.T.-- 6:00 P. C.T 2 The Maytag Roller Water Remover with large · ezJble top roll and large firm bottom roll wrings all parts 'of the garment evenly dry. Enclosed, self; -reversing :drain and automatic -tension. . The rolls -.may; be quickly separated five arid a half inches be-, .. tween centers. Exclusively Maytag -- superior to nil other methods of drying, N E W M A Y T A G T A B L E IRONER Can be usca wherever there is an electric VfBU plug. Has rapid-heating Alakrome Thcnnoplate -- au exclusive Maytag.fcature. · · . Pbooe for a trial borne washing. IftheMnytagdoesn'tsell ttsetf, don t keep it. Divided payments youTl never miss. THE MAXIAO 1'crnmncnt . , BIS \\nnhlnglun \\c., North. Mliincnpiilta, .Minnesota ....... . . - . . . . 2IJ-O1 CERR GORDO MAYTAG COMPANY 13 First St. S. E. Alexander--W. r. Aldlngcr Alxptm--A. K. (Jllff " - " . H. H.' r.lndeman Hnncralt--Smith Mnyfnjf Cn. Selmnnd--Tho KIcctrtc Sloro phnrlen Clly--North'» Co. Marfnn--Shupc and Son ·liirlmvllle--rinrJuivlllo 'Hardware Co. Walter--I*. II. Nnrenard Dow*--Selmrlgcr and Oler Onmont--J. PA[|rfrra(f and Son Grave--R. E. Roper Knnin-nre Fenlon--W. E. ghicber 'omit C'lly--John A. Olson 3amer--tiampr Maying {', ~reene--Pooley Lumber Co. rhonc,2067 Muson'City Hampton -- r*.J[..I)avlft Cn · · . ICnnuwhlt -- Jurttt llanlM-arii Co. J.nho Mills-- VvlnndTjajro Aiiio Co. r.nkotu -- Walter" W. -nospnivu T.nverne -- (I. . H . I.lrhty .and Son · · Mnrlilit .Jto?k-- !nlM-;lndlfy. I.unUirr Norlhwond -- .lacnliflori llardivaro Co. Onnffr -- OrfuKn Hnrdwaro C'o'. ' · ; - . · - · rnrkerHhun: -- ITonlH unil Jtrcknr x I!lroi)lk- -- \v. T. I.niimiMt Shrll H..rlc -- .rnmlsnn anit Son Sura City-- A. B. T»-i-r1-n N t . ' A n . i f f a r -- ^VnTd llnrihvnrn f'o. Mlnryvllli! -- K. P. Hatlnn ^nlr- -- l.rnsp nncl I.rimn \Vhttlrmoro -- .1. M. n^ntln^ Co. 100 F||OM RURAL SOTS WANT Compete in Question and well, box : 3; Mary Bower, Rockwell; Elsie Oetytetr,' R- R. 1, Rockwell; Helen Decker, R. R. 4, Mason City; Le!a .Mpser, ,R. R. 4, Mason City- Esther Mills, Lakeside 4 H club' Union township. Clear Lake; Richard Steinberg, R. R. 4, Mason City; Irene .Austen, Lakeside 4 H club, lear Lake: Ruth McKee, 'R. R, 4 O 'i'a Hungerfprd, . 4, Mason City; .Robert 'M. ,.._l, R. '3, Mason .,, ,,.,,- ton'Diercks.l'R. R. 5, Mason-City; F.uth Gnirhmon. Rockwell; Merlin Floy, Thornton; Rose Eleanor Ter- peruy,. Portland; Rosella Verna Furness, R-: R. 3, Rockford; Florence -Weitze,- Nora Springs. : ; .--. .\Verc,in 'Contest Jessie Clara BliCm, Rock Falls; Pearl Ferrier, Rook'Falls; Roland' Edgar/Rock Falls; Vern Falls, Rock FaUs, E,dylhe E. Bowen, Rock Falls;. Virginia ;.Hutzell, R. R.v 3, Nora Springs; , Lillie. -Nololitano;. Rock. Falls; ..Edith Arplyn Beal, R. R: i, 1 Nora-Springs; .Pearl Jensen, Rock Falls; : - Earl · Christiansen, R.. R. 2, Mason City; Duane Thomason, Mason City; Sammy Napolitqn, box S3, Rock Falls; Marion Hansen,,,:Rock Falls; June C. Jenkins, R. R.',2, Mason Crty; Ralpti' Baiuiseri,' Rock Falls; Tpm Ierrett, Rocl;'Fails: 'Amos C. .Rogers,-R. R. 2,' Maeon City; Robert;Dayison, R. R. ; .2,. Noi-a Springs; Harvey Church, R.. IC 2, Mason City; Geraldine Edgar, Rock Falls; Menen-. Napaletana, Rock Falls; Carolyn Ann Wilkinson;-Rock Falls; Julius. Siemertson, R.-R.- 2, Masoif City;::Kl Jerom'o Wilkinson, RockFalls, Dorothy Berman t Rock- 'n oil, Charleea B" Haiglit, R R. 5, Mason Cityi i · Gertrude W. Ficken, R, R, 3, Mason City, Nora Lewis, Rockwell, Helen. Joan Lattimer, Rockwell; Joseph Campbeir, Rockwell; "· Edward Kaplan, Rockwell; Carlos ·'Galindo, Rockwell;' Lepn Scholl, Roclnyell; Margery Dolan. Rockwell; W. J. Frendenber'g-, ·· ' RockweU; -Maurine Gaffney, Rockwell; Ruby Dyer, Mason City; James Brown, Rockwell; Delton Davis,' R. R. 2,,Clear Lake; Mary-. Collins, Thornton; Otto Top- pctiberg;- R. R. 3, 1 care 'of -A. N. Houghtlria; Doris Paul's'en, R: R. 5, Mason City; -Eunice .'Champion, Thornton; Mirian Ing'elbretson, Grimes 4-H club, Thpraton; -Alice Liveright, R. R.,5, Mason. City; Bernadine -Van- Blair, R. R.: 3,'-Mason City;·- June 'Sjostrand, R. R; 3; Mason City; Edward Hartmanh, R. R. 3, Mason City; Robert' Sjostrahd, R. R. 3', Mason City; Ellen Olson, Mess ervey- Mildred Lucile Wehdel, Meservey; Elmer Messelheiser,-. Meservey; .'Iva May. Paul,-. Thornton; Gladys Strasburg, Meservey; Genevieve L. Wilkins, Meservey. All Did well. Hermena,Koenen, Meservey; Berr nice Blewett, : ' Meservey;' Loretta Kennedy, Thornton; Sylvia M. lit-' andt, Meservey; Leland L. Zimmer- mnn, Meservey; Io!a Lucile Ruigh, Meservey; 'Hildegard. Gruis, Meservey; Ruth' Dorenkamp, Thornton; Shelby L. Freeman, R. R. 3, Rockford; Margery A.' Jacobson, R. R. 4. Clear'Lake; Virginia Fischer, Meservey; Georgia Fischer, Meservey; Dorothy-Sage,- R, R. 3, Mason City, Lydia Fischer, Meservey; Muriel M. ' Orcutt, Clear · Lake; Dorothy Browu, Thornton; Rpss '.Conner, Swaledale; Robert Olson, Schermerhorn Farms, R. R. 5, Mason City; Roberta Anderson, Schernterhorn Farms, R. R. 5, Mason City;-Bonita Olson, R..R. 5, Mason City; Edward Meyer, R.-.R.'5, Mason-City; Doro- thy-Willfofd, Plymouth; Wado Wv Files, 'R. R. 3, Mason City; .Elfrieda MesselBei'ser, Meservey. : About 20 ·more- girls submitted answers than boys..In all probability this is because the' girls 4-H club wprk connects up very dire'ctly with what the library^has to offer and because Miss-Alice'Cole, home dem- pnstration agent, hoped that one or more girls from .-etch 4-H club would get a library card to help directly in her club activities. Several of the girls signed their 4-H club name with their-address,: and when it is so given on their paper it is so printed pn. th'e list; given above. The 37 boys who sent in answers showed excellent workmanship. ESOND SPEAKS ON INCOME TAXES Says Use of Revenue From Proposal Should Be . Part of Law. R. D. Bond, Detroit, formerly connected with the department of internal revenue, declared in an address Monday noon before the Rotary club that he believed the pro- poseq state Hinnrrin,_ tf-r. ..«wu!fj. ".".t. come taxes, showing;, how various features: had been'introduced^ "Something constructive shpuld be done in regard'to tax problems," stated -Mr." Bond. '"If the income tax is going- to .take the place of taxes on real estate, it should be definitely /written into the act where.the income tax revenue will b e .sent.' · : · " . . . · · ^ . ' ^ ..'. · . ' ' · ' ' "It has been the 'experience of many investigatp'ra that a state in,come tax is detrimental"-to business. This .is because establishments -dislike, to go into a-state where such a. tax .exists or-, where such a tax- may ,be-levied;". V. -...·; ' ; · ' . ···';' ' ' ' Gives' Tax History ···.:'· ' , Mr. Bond said that ;the first agitation -for an income · tax was in 1812. The. first ihcom'e'tax 'passed was in 1861. This did not last Jong, he continued, and later several Pther prqppsals were^ suggested, none of whtch could have far reaching effect because of constitutional -provisions as they then .stood..' In .1016 the first, real .income .tax was enacted, altho the rate was quite low.- · , .. In 1917 the-first income tax which was/widely felt was passed. The next year the rates were greatly increased, both on corporations and on . individuals.^ In .-1921' the rates were reduced and several,type's of some types pf taxes were removed. He then showed how the taxes dq- clihed until 1928, since when no great change has been made. Mr. Bond'Used examples to income:tax. He explained that there were provisions .by which individuals couldlavoid paying taxes when changes in ownership were made. He.'.was. introduced by Howard QIL'eary. , . r ' ' . . . quartet Gives Song. · A quartet consisting pf Elmer MaGee, A. H.- Runcie, the Rev. George K. Davies and W^ S. Wil'cox sang. Stanley ;· Willson^ played twp French \.:horn ·';· splos, " ''Hunting Choi-us" by Weber and -."Wander Song".-by Schumann with Dorothy Bamber furnishing the accompaniment.^Junior Seney played a trombone- solo,- ''British Grenadiers" by Goldman with.'Mabel Joy Prusia as accompanist. · -.. ··'·'·..·. . : Guests; of the-club were Dr Melzer, Lyle, .Minn.; : W: J. Hird, Lincoln, Nebr.-,=. Carson ; Chiles, Kansas City;. Clarence Pickford, -Minneapolis, J.- M. Punderson,' Fred D. Shaffer and Willis G. 'C. Bagley. -.Two Iowa Banks Closed. DES MOINES, March 9. (jT--The Farmers Savings"bank of Mindeu, in Pottawattaniic county, : and the Farmers and' Merchants Savings bank ; of Eldon, Wapello county, were closed today because of "frozen, assets." '' ' j ' MANY ATTEND POTTER BURIAL Service, in Charge of Mason City Knights Templar 1 at Waucoma. . A - contingent, of approximately 100 persons returned to Mason City Saturday evening from Waucoma, where the burial service was held in the afternoon for Truman A. Potter, who died Friday morning in a fire that destroyed his home here. The service at Waucoma,; which followed a funeral in the Congregational church" in Mason City earlier in the day, was in charge of officers and members of the Antioch commaridery of Mason City. Remley J. Glass was prolate; J. H. Tail, eminent commander, and E. H. Wagner, generalissimo. | Members of th'e commanderies of West Union and New Hampton joined the caravan as it passed thrv, increasing the number of knights to more than50. ^ · Made Waucoma Trip. Included in the group of Immediate family members who made the trip : to ' Wauconi a · for th e bu ri al were Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Bright and Miss J Helen e Bright and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webster of Des Moines. Mrs. Bright and Mrs. Webster are -sisters of Mr. Potter. * ' ; A brother and a sister of Mrs. Potter were in the group too, they being Mrs. .Glenn Richardson and Charles Schriver of Sioux Falls, S. Dak. · They were accompanied here by-a friend, Wayne Snyder. Mr. and Mrs. Merl A. Potter have returned to St. Paul but they will return in a few days, bringing with them -their two sons, Addison and Dawes, for a few days' visit with. the ir grandmother..,. : From Spencer came Mrs; Ace Webster, · accompanied by her daughter, and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Corey, and their two sons, John and Ace. The Minneapolis contingent included Tom Danaher, a lifelong friend of Mr. Potter, Samuel Campbell,, brother-in-law of Mrs. M. A. Potter; Jefferson Jones, one of the owners of the Minneapolis Journal, and L. M. Harkness, managing editor. From Aurora. Mrs. Hazel Webster, came..from Iowa City, ·accompanied by Mrs. J. B. McGregor. Mr; and Mrs. A. L. Waterbury, /formerly of Norn Springs, werq ; here from Aurora, 111. Col. Glenn Haynes, associated with Mr. Potter for many years in the good.roads movement,.wag present frqm Des.Moines as were also Major W. J. O'Connell, manager of the Hote! Fort Des Moines; Dr. C. S. McDevitt and Senator Chester Cole. Dr. McDevttt /performed a serious operation on Mr. Potter in Des Moines a few years ago. At Waucoma there was an amazing outpouring of friends, many of whom had known Mr. Potter since his boyhood spent in and about Lawler and Waucoma.- Mr. arid Mrs. Webster opened their Wauooma home to the out of town visitors and served coffee anfl sandwiches to the crowd. Frederick Beck Picked as Sophomore Candidate for Honors in Hawkeye Frederick Beck, son of Mr. and MKJ!. Allan F. Beck, has been selected by a committee as one of the five representative students of the sophomore class. A faculty group composed of R. E. Rienow, dean of men, Dean George F. Kay r head of the liberal arts college, and R. H. Fitzgerald, director of the school of fine arts, will decide oppn the representative man from each class and Adelaide L. Burge, dean of women, will select the representative woman. The project is under the direction of the Hawkeye, student yearbook. The committees; which have reduced the field thus far were .selected- hy the four class presidents in the college of liberal arts. Connecticut Bank Robbed BERLIN, Connecticut, March 9. '«P--Two men held up the Berlin Savings bank as officers and customers arrived today, forced assistant treasurer James FItzslmmons to open the vault and escaped 1 with between $10,000 and $12,000. 1,750 FEET OF HOSE IS USED Blaze Confined to 2 Rooms and Attic of House on Plymouth Road. To flght the flames in the house of Charles A. Dyer, 1345 Plymouth road, firemen laid 1,750 feet of hose down Twelfth street and thru a cornfield Saturday evening. The fire was confined to the attic and two second floor bedrooms. Two trucks answered the call which came in at 8:05 and both booster tanks were used until one of the trucks wag sent to Twelfth street and Kentucky avenue where the hose connection- was made. Neighbors carried water from a well to replenish the supply in the booster tanks. The fire was caused by a defect in the chimney at the point Jt entered the attic, firemen said. An unusually hot fire had been built in the kitchen stove. The blaze was discovered when Mr. Dyer smelled smoke. , ' I L St i ' :ty itf ill y 's Colds iy MltLIOH JARS USED YEARl in Time! Deal Promptly with Kidney Irregularities* "·T. bothered with blnJdcr irri- JK. Unions, getting tip at night and constant backache, don't take chances!. Help your kidneys at the first sign of disorder. Use Doah'e Pilh. Successful for more Uian 50 years. Endorsed the world over. Sold by dealers everywhere. 50,000 Users Publicly Endorse Doan's: . V i · . · . V B · ^ O S A N Q E I J E S . 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