The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 27, 1944 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1944
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

14 · Thursday: Jan. 27. 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Parasites Cause Loss of Livestock, Poultry Chicato, (U.R)--T h e American Veterinary. Medical association estimates that livestock and poultry parasites annually cause damage, of more than $275,000,000. ' "External parasites of poultry alone cost $85,000,000 worth of poultry meat and egg production every year," the association said. "Cattle grubs ruin 565,000,000 worth' of hides annually. Internal parasites of' farm animals c o s t $125,000,000 per year by preventing proper livestock gains, by feed wastage, and by disease losses." · The national park system of the United States--including recreational areas, monuments and cemeteries as well as parks -- now totals 21,613,543 acres. KROPMAN GROCERY 19 9th St. N. E. Delicious : ROASTED CHICKENS. $1.50 up , Delicious White. Raisin Bread Whole Wheat" Bread Hdme Made Paltry and Bakery Goods : Ice Cold COKE, 6 for.. BUTTER, . P o u n d . . . ' . . . - . . . . . Foyer's, Hills Bro». COFFEE, l b . . . . . . . Nice Solid HEAD LETTUCE, 2 for,.. Fresh, targe PASCAL CELERY.. PORK and BEANS, 3 Cans for. . . . . . . 25c 43c 31c 23c 25c New Eyes for Allied Bombers Over Germany _ ,,. - J.' 11-- :-_ ' '* * * ' * . ' * · · * , . ' * ' - · * * * # * , * * * * . * * * : ' . : * By G: E. BUTTEHFIELD Associated Press Radio Editor New York--"Cloud Bombing" is weapon of the united nations.' Without the braggadocio with which the Germans generally peak of their own-secret gadgets ong before they get around to attempting to apply them, the new raid-aid device--ror devices-vas put to'work without fanfare. Sven now hot too much has been disclosed. " But enough information has come through the censor to indicate 2 basic factors make pos- ible fairly accurate hits on tar- [ets far below-^-even when there's"' 15,000 feet of clouds--despite the "act they cannot be seen normally rom the bombing plane. These would seem to be: A pathfinder plane system, in vhich perfected navigation methods have been adopted to enable recise location of targets regard- ess of weather. The pathfinders carry . brilliantly- colored flares which they ^3rop to outline the iection. to be hit. , Improved' and enhanced radio devices, described as "both, audible and visual!" which not only are applied to navigation,- including more 'accurate use of the beam- ;ignal path first' developed in civilian aviation, but which no doubt are a factor in actual, blind bombing. To these facts lately has been added the word that the U. S. 8th Air force has been using the cloud system in its daylight raids since'it first was revealed in RAF night attacks on Berlin late' in November. Otherwise, overseas dispatches carefully avoid details. Just how vital are the electronic devices employed can only be speculated upon. . Reference to "visual" methods might be taken to mean some application of television or related instruments. It is the ability to make radio signals visual that was revealec as a component of the location and ranging equipment dayelopec earlier in the war to spot objects at a distance by reflected signals. Coupling! of this apparatus with PATHFINDER plan* outlines target wifh flares to aid bombers above the clouds. Jt«,iJ__J OBSERVER in basket at end pi cable'di- rects Zeppelin to target. Ribbentrop Soys Argentina Gave In to Benevolence London, (/P) -- German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop decried Thursday what he termed Argentina's surrender to United States "benevolence"-and declared that in the end 'England, not Germany, was the loser by the Argentine severance of diplomatic relations with the axis. "The United States tried for years to bring about a rupture of diplomatic relations between the Argentine government and the axis," von Ribbentrop was quoted . ' The swift advance of combat-aviation in a quarter of a century is thrown into sharp relief in this comparison of bad weather "bombing technics. In World war I German Zeppelins dangled observers below the cloud cover over London to spot targets. In World warjll scientific devices have been developed to do the job. ' the improved, navigation aids could have/resulted in something quite surprising, or at least, the bombing results so/hint. . The reference to' 1 television .recalls that before the war experiments were conducted to make possible telecasting from an* airplane. In one test, New Ydrk ? was so televised. Receivers all over the area were' turned in. . The pathfinder-dropped flares play their part, no doubt, in the use of a color pattern, apparently reflected into the clouds for the sole benefit of the bombardiers. In fact, one dispatch specifically stated: "A compact area was lit up in brilliant colors throughout QUALITY FOOD VALUES JUICE "BORDO' GRAPEFRUIT 460 '^ 11 Net Rationed. 27c CHEERIOATS 23c VAN CAMP'S 'In Tomato Sauce... .. 2 20-oz. Cons 13 Points THOMPSON SEEDLESS RAISINS 4 Ph. Per Lb.. LIBBY'S TOMATO JUICE 23c 2 No. 2 Cans McCORMICK'S PURE GROUND CINNAMON BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS Wheaties . . POST'S 4«% Bran Flakes . SPOON SIZE ', Shreddies . . Peanut Butter MOTHERS OB JtNNT LEE'S Egg Noodles . Far That Set Ml Girl Complexion--FAIJ1OIJVE Soap . . . 3 cake* 20c , 2-lb. Jar ' 25c 43c Lb. Cello I Q_ Bag I 7C GUEST FANCY CUT Wax Beans HJTITEE CUT No, Points No. 2 Can No r*lnti No. 2 17c Green Beans . 2 can, GCEST FANCI SMALL WHOLE N« Folnlj Green Beans OWATOXNA GOLDEN Cream Corn HAND SOAP Boraxo . . OCCIDENT Flour . .'" Can 13 Point! No.2 Cans 15e 50111 $2.49 Bag OXYDOL LARGE PKG. lie TODAY'S BEST BUY4 U. S. VICTOR Y BONDS VS IN S O A P CAMAY SOAP 3 BARS 20e FRESH SPINACH, Ib FRESH i BROCCOLI, Bunch Fresh Green BEANS, Ib Fresh Dandelion i GREENS, Bunch. . . . Fresh BEETS, Bunch lOc 25c 20c 15c 15c Fresh New CABBAGE, Ib Sunkist--176 Size ORANGES, Dozen. ORANGES FOR JUICE, Dozen Sunkist Navel ORANGES, Box Texas Seedless GR'FRUIT, 10 for. 6c Fresh , ' RADISHES, Bunch... POTATOES Idaho Russets, 100 Ibs North Dakota Red Triumphs, Early Chios and Round Whites $3.15 100 Ibs. $2.78 PORK ROASTS , *. 2?c - PREMIUM, DAIRY, 1OWANA, BLACKHAWK SLICED BACON t 37c QUALITY VEAL Shoulder Roasts, lb 1 ... 28c Chops, Ib. 32c Stews, lb 15c QUALITY LAMB Leglr, Ib 36c Shoulder Roasts, lb... 32c Stew, lb 15c WHITE FISH We Pound PREMIUM, DAIRY n AEfC whole or 10 WAN A Half lb. Pork Liver, Ib. 17c (Spare Ribs, Ib. 21 c | Beef Short Ribs, lb. 17c WE CARRY A FULL ASSORTMENT OF TABLE READY MEATS SWIFT'S BLAND LARD } Pound Carton 57c OXI.T C POINTS FEDERAL 7!? FRUIT MARKETS, SHOP HERE AND SAVE Allsweet Margarine Lb. 29C t h e attack." · \ . . ' · · ' . Electronic instruments may be a big help here also, coupled', with possible use of infra-red rays and means of recording them. Use of the radio-beam system for navigation, in which a plane follows a specific signal path, has been extended further to make it possible for returning bombers'to. land on home bases even though they be blacked out by fog and mist. ' · A dispatch from Leo Branham at London, passed by the censor, reported that the .beam has been so improved that it provides a returning bomber with both audible signals and a; glide-path indicator on the instrumental panel to give the plane's, true position in respect to the field. - Radio beacons on the ! ground are the actual guide to 'safe landings out of the gloom. A DELICIOUS TREAT WITH POULTRY OR MEAT Thompson 0Neil Co ""** SERVICE GROCERS f »TM f BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS Try Birds Eye Birds Eye PEAS, 9 Points . . . . . . . . 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SMOKED HAMS, Shank Half, 5 Points Breakfast PORK SAUSAGE, 4 Pts., I Fresh or Salt SIDE PORK, 2 Pts.. . Ib. NUTS -- WALNUTS, PECANS, PEANUTS, ALMONDS Sunkist 252 Size ORANGES Dor. Sunkis * 30 ° LEMONS.. . .6 for CRANBERRIES, GRAPES, TANGERINES, GREEN PEPPERS, PARSNIPS, COCOANUTS, FRESH TOMATOES, PASCAL CELERY, RUTABAGAS, PINK GRAPEFRUIT, SWEET "POTATOES Penick Golden SYRUP 5 Ibs. Brach's BOX OR BULK CHOCOLATES Birds-Eye BAKED BEANS No Points. Pkg. 20c Hollondole Cobbler POTATOES... Peck Sno-White CAULIFLOWER... . Head Solid Large HEAD LETTUCE 2 fo 23c Tru-Blu PANCAKE FLOUR...S-lb. Bag 29c| PUTNAM'S FADELESS DYES AND TINTS READ THE LARGE JACK SPRAT AD ON THIS PAGE FOR THE MANY MONEY AND POINT SAVING VALUES m a dispatch broadcast by the Berlin radio. ' ' - . . - ( "She did-not shrink from any means, any blackmail to achieve her purpose. The Ramirez government has now yielded to pressure and surrendered the sovereignty of the country to United States 'benevolence.' . "The motivation given in Buenos Aires for the break--the alleged participation of members o£ the German embassy in an espionage affair--is completely untrue. It is v merely further proof that the Argentine government is not master of her own decisions any longer. " G e r m a n y practically loses nothing, neither in regard to prosecution of the war ; nor post-war interests. · The real;losl in this diplomatic act is Englan England, in the course of the has been compelled to sacri the major part of her Central art South American interests United States ally. She finally! going to lose her position in "Al gentina." ... / l A U N O f t r S T A R C H 18 oz. Pkg. Cereal Sale! POST TOASTIES GRAPE-NUTS ·'£ GRAPE-NUTS FLAKES POST'S BRAN FLAKES Mt JACK SPRAT WHEAT CEREAL Mayflower Cut Green or Wax SSL- SPINACH TOMATOES NAVY BEANS NOODLE SOUP CORN MEAL PAPER PLATES POSTUM CEREAL One Package of Each ALL FOR ONLY Small Pkg. OXYDOL l p^XJ c Large Size fresh FhiHsVegeiables Idaho Russet . I POTATOES K-Mesh Baa 41(C North.Dakota Triumph or Cobbler ' POTATOES ?oo k ,b. · BO* -$2.99 49c Texqs Seedless L - - ' . 49c 17c 19c ORANGES 33c GRAPEFRUIT ·T*l?¥ I7D V Fancy California Vfilibn I p a « 0 |, stalk ftABBATQ California. Very VAiUnV 1 9 Fancy. 2 bunches LwchBtt California Navels, '220s, doien . . . . . / Hershey's Cocoo 1/2 lb - Pkg. Potato Chips . Spuds · : 4 oz. Pkg. 20c Tidy House 3-Way. Cleanser 14 ox: Cans Tidy House Window Cleaner 8 ox. Bottle CHOCOLATE CREAM COFFEE Vi»c "The Coffee You've Always Hoped .to Find JACK SPRATS STORES Mason City Stores WILLSON GROCERY in Fifteenth St. N. W. Phone Z41 THOMPSON O'NIIL CO. 121 North Federal Phone 312 CHICAGO MEAT GROCERY 62$ S. Jackson Phone^ 996 CARL GRUPP 1323 North Federal Phone 420 BARRETT BROS. 20 Second St. N. E. 616 Phone 43 SNYDER'S JACK SPRAT STCRE 8»yth Federal Phone 218 Out-of-Town Stores JOE MACKU Manly, Iowa I II. BANG KcnscttfcT; URDAHLr 4- VOLD .Northwood TED HUMPHREY Plymouth J. E. JACOBSON Nora Springs V^f/ij W. S. KELSEY Rndd WM. YERKES Rockford ED MARONEY Swaledale D. S. MABB Thornton BOWEN GRUPP Sheffield SOLBERG SON Dougherty VV. II. DIETRICH Osagc ELLINGSON'S , Carpenter ART WHITE Boran

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