The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 17, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1913
Page 2
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Adams County's Dry Goods Department Store G. W. WEAVER SON ,» . . . ^ L_ ~.~A. '- ^^ i - T . * . » . - i Pay i Brings : us --,/-- - - ··-** · Are You Ready? Come To See us; Every Article Suitable For Gift to Some One. STYLISH FURS IN MATCHED SETS OR PIECES Please the average woman mere than anything else.,_We never "have had the pleasure of showing a better line of New Shapes and Fashionable colors, including J Imitation Black Fox and Lynx and Gray price or tiie gem Brown Opossum and Natural r . C -- _J Animal Fars. \\ hftc Thibit and Imitation Fox. Buy Furs where wearing quality is looked out for." CHILDREN'S AND MISSES' FL 7 R SETS ranging in price from Sl.OO to $10.00 per set. A TAILORED SUIT Still a fair selection of Suits, at argteat saving over,, regular season prip^gx^^ r^ LARGE AND--ODD SIZES SILK AND COTTON PETTICOATS Petticoats in Heatherblooxn at S1.50, $2.00 and §3.00. Imitation Heather at 50c, T5c, Sl.OO, $1.25. Satteen 75c, Sl.OO, S1.25 to |3.00. Black Silk Taffetia §3.00 to $4.50. Colored Silk Taffeta S1.95, S3.50 to $5.00. SPECIAL COLORED SILK TAFFETA, HIGH COLORS $1.95 Messalhies, $4.50, $4.75, S5.75. Some with Silk Jersey Tops. "Eppo" and ' 'Anna Held'". Black and colors- Black Jers'ey Top, with' Mes- sxilne roffie. "Eppo" S4.0U 10 sbb: -~ TM -^ ' rs *2 ' -·" - * SWEATERS Bradley and other makes in new this season's styles, all wanted colors- Sweater Coats for Men, Women and Children make an excellent gift. Misses and Children's Sweaters, 50 to $2.00. From Infants to Misses or Boya' sies. Ladies' All. Wool Sweaters $1.50, §4.50 to §9.00. Men's Cotton and Mixed Sweaters 50c and Sl.OO. Cardigan Jackets 70c to $2.75. MEN'S UNDERWEAR Every Character and all Sizes. -, LADIES" AND* MISSES' COATS -/A wonderful selection at reduced prices. Ladies' Per- siaraia Cut Velours- and Zybelines splendidlv jnadejind stvlishly cut. Misses-- and- Children's Coats in jauijtw styles. ^ . - iJL* -J A -JTIi T-i fi-»,' : fc--. --IKE -. c . Extra, size Petticoats in all 'the'different grades. · - - - tf -£ * T -- T V ^*A -X -* -- _ I-DRESSES =. : Ladies!- Serge, Poplin- ,and Silk Dresses, Children's Dresses. Everything you may want in Children's and Misses Ready to Wear Goods. RAINCOATS"'-* * Great assbrimeiit of "Best- yette" gdo'd fii^'^rees ranging- from S2.50 to $16.50. Prices from §5-00 up all ::.» i-~i}-,- : z.-jsi\^z gaaranteefl. £-C-t." ?·· *^-i*( C'-'f-- t a], Children's Ram Coats and Gapes, 6 to 12 years, §3.00 to KIMONOS Kimonos, short and long. Crepe and Flannelette. Would be greatly appreciated by an invalid friend. Sl.OO, Sl-50 S1.75, S2.25. Blanket Bath Robes S-5.00." Capes 81.50," S2.50;"$^.06'"' Aprons suitable for every member of the family, and f or ex-ery use. At 25c. Round and Fancy Evefy kind of -good sock in aH'tthe wanted colors and fan- eies-at from lOc to'25c. - - black and colored, 50e.-. -. -, * Men's Silk Hose, Black, 50c, and%l. w ..':^/^, _ '·· '. -^'J.,*: /.· rs^/iLb t'-·· COMFORTS AT'HQaiE FOR " '' IVIEN C. · «T' JHouse Coats and Smoking Jackets-. Jfei^on, jand. Peerless makes, |ST50,:S4.00,sc$5.6o to Robe's for the- bath room or for lounging^,., coxnfort all through,"$2.50. '$4100 to f 5.00. We advise your early inspection as duplicates or reorders may disappoint. WAISTS Our stock of Waists Is full of Christmas suggestions in both Tailored and Lingerie, Silk and Lace covered. Some new Spring Waists ahead of time for Christmas selling. . DRESS SKIRTS Dress Skirts, worsted?. 33-00 to S6.75 -with a style only attained by the best dressmaker. Newest shapes and materials. APRONS Aprons in four or five different styles, as well as large Lawn Aprons that cover the skirt. At 50c. Fancy Swiss and Lawn. Embroidered and Lace Ruffles. Chafing Dish and fancy work, also Curses and Waitresses Aprons. At Sl-00. Beautifully trimmed fancy Aprons in several designs and at every between price- Amaskeag Ginghams, full and large, on band. 25c. Same quality large bib Apron with straps, 3Sc and 50c. TOURIST TRAVELING CASES Folding Cases, useful article for the suit case or bag cretonne and silk covered, rubber lined with compartments for wash cloth, comb and brush, tooth brush, soap, c_, 5Qc, 75c, $1-00, S1.50 up to S3.00. Silk and Cretoned covered rubber lined Wash Cloth and Soap Holders, 25c and 50c., Those Who Rely on the great home remedy which has proved its power to relieve safely and speedily the minor ailments arising from defective or irregular .action of the organs Cof digestion, find themselves spared hours of suffering- and able to ward off the attacks of serious sicknesss.- BEECHAM'S PILLS never disappoint those who take them. They help the digestion;-stimulate the liver, clear the kidneys and regu- .late the bowels. . By purifying;-the blood they increase^ cheerfulness and create'confidence. As--actions-depend «LUU ^it^CtL*^ ^VULAA1.*^'**V.V*« ·*.·*»!*? " «*Ww-iViifc*^ v».wj^-»**-* on health and strength, those who know BeechanVs, JPiUf, Enjoy Life Sold everywhere. In bores, 10c_ 2Se. Bcecham*» P2I* lave tie largest «ale of mny netiione in the WorfdL .EH HAIR, CLOTH AND HAT BRUSHES '-Keep Clean" Hair Brushes 75c and Sl.OO. Guaranteed D r e s s i n g Combs 25c, 50c. Weaver Son MS llK ^-:G]^lTM~AS"~-GiiTS' I am going to H. B. SEFTON'S to BI-? rr\ Xtnas gifts. i 1»_ hab the finest Pipes and Cigars in town and then I will get my Hair Cut for Xmas at his Barber Shop Baltimore street. Pipes from 25c to $2.50 I will be in my room on the Square over **Stallsmith*s ' *" every from 1230 to 8 o'clock, J ·where I will do fitting, or I will call on you in your home, at yonr convenience, on any Thursday, upon receipt of post card. Please call and see the Spirella corsets and corset accessories. C. MYERS, New Oxford, Pa. Spirella Corsetierre. There is plenty of time to have those PHOTOGRAPHS For Christmas. Call at The Mumper Studio JOHN A. MUMPER, Prop. Special Christmas Sale For Early Holiday Shoppers STUDY THIS LIST IN SELECTING Y O U R CHRISTMAS GIFTS ·\i-' M : ts;ji Suits For Men, Boys and Children 5 _,_ ^ '^ Overcoats - Rubbers , _ Hats Raincoats Shirts-'.,: *· Caps Shoes (for everybody) Xeckrrear (in fancy boxes) Suspenders Pelts Boots ' Fency Vests Handkerchiefs Gum Boots Sweaters Umbrellas Arctics , Gloves Underwear Do your shopping early and get the best selection O i l . 11. Corner Square Carlisle St., Gettysburg, Pa. Another "Limit.'' The stingiest man in Jamestown, the Optimist says, loafs around the drag- store in the hope that the odor of the drags will cure his cold.--Kansas City Times. We give "S H" Green Trading Stamps Now is the time to fill your books and get youself a gift. PUBLIC SALE of Personal property THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 1913. The undersigned'will sell at public sale at the residence of Mrs. M. F. Rebert on Carlisle street extended, the following personal property to wit,-Rubber "tire Failing top baggy, 1 sec single harness, 2 sets fly nets, 1 heavy horse blanket, 2-1 horse cultivating plows, 1 horse spike tooth harrow, corn shelter, 90 bushels corn, grind-stone, wheelbarrow, mowing scythe, 2 sets ice tongues, full sec of carpenter tools, full sec of cement tools, fall set of butchering tools, 1 copper and iron kettle, wood saw, combination vice, 1 work bench, washing[machine. 2 pair stilliards, couch, flat ! top desk, 1 bed and bureau, window -awnings, chairs- meat vessel, paper ·hanging brushes, seam rollers, gas j iron, lot of carpet, 1 six foot tabled i extension, table^ buffet, sink, range and i pipe, glass jais and dishes, and many i other articles too numerous to mention. * Sale 'co commence at 1 o'clock when terms will be made known by C. H. REBERT, Administrator. LOUIS iDAMMERS, . ~ " r- Philadelphia- ^srls_ t,- ~ * _ j:~ T Eyesight Specialist '-*--.°: * 1-fi-- J - -'i.... ONE_DAY r ONLY r Gettysburg: Eaglg Hotel Parlors Thursda Dec. '*- Special Office Hours, 10A.M to 5P.M. Useful MEN FOR MEN, ^rsryj -~~.* ^~-^£^~r^~-^-- ; My Special Offer $1 Glasses, TMj This Visit Only. I will make you a fine pair of jrla=se? s mch.diiig Danimers" Eye ExamfTiarinn, i !ear crystal Lense=. a l-J Kr. -jhd Gold Filled Fr.uue. ai'.-t a-i elegant leather c»-e All For $1. Tit rty «id\- t.-ial of glaF?es al- !'»TC«J Orh-i-. ofurge as hi^li as ?J loSo -JT t!:t^e ?aaie-gl^sse:- Eye Examination By thf Da-nmers Sciratafic methol. n.: l i..nt drops, \rithor.t asking qn--i,r:i3 withoai test carj~ or cnan- Abs=!ale!y Free of Charge. Do'i't fail t- take advantage of till- r^iajarKjj'j offer. SpecieJ Notice i I MEtf Everything to Wear but Suits of Clothes PAJAMAS AXD NIGHT ROBES A gccd assortment of light and heavy Mcnthly vjjjt to OFFICES:- 238 Mutual IJfe Bx=g , 1011 Chestnut SL, PhiL m-. Good in Everything. Sermons in stones and good In ev- j erything.--Shakespeare. Watches and Clocks]K| · ss I have moved into"the!§ }^ Rether Building, Biglervillejg ;?-: Pa. r Where I am prepared!^ to do all kinds of Watch Clock NECKWEAR An immense line at 25 and 50 cents. Every 50 cent Tie in a beautiful box. MUFFLERS Of Wool and Cotton -with a snap button in front, az 25 and 50 cents- SELK MUFFLERS Folded or open, from 50 cents to $5 00 COLLAR BAGS Of Leather, from 50 cents to 53.00- SUSPENDERS At 50 cants in single boxes- GLOVES -.Cf every kind from the cheapest heavy \vork glove to the fine dress kid glove, or Vhe most expensive genuine fur gloves. HANDKERCHIEF WALLETS Of Leather, with three handkerchiefs for Si.00. COAT SWEATERS From 50 cents to S6.00- FUR COLLARS Tcr the man vfho does winter driving. SUIT CASES AND BAGS An eTtensne line of imitation or genuine leather. FOR LADIES SHOES Th2 ever practical gift -- subject to exchange for anything else in the store- HOUSE SLIPPERS AND SHOES ^ ""-Of Kid or Felt and Indian iloccasins. . . RUBBER E. E. SHETTER Today and Tomorrow. A true man find? so much work to do that he has no time to contemplate his yesterdays, for today and tomorrow are here with their important tasks.--Mary Antic. ]?fgATERS SO^cents to $6.001 MUFFLERS Silk and Wool. --eights. RAIN COATS At S5.00 Vo §15 00. HANDKERCHIEFS Cottor, Linea or Silk. COMBINATION SETS Attractive combination sets in Christmas Boxes--suspenders and garters-initial belts and garters--garters in fancy cartons, etc~ e'cc. COMPLETE LINES OF Pocket Books Umbrellas Shirts Underwear " jj ats Stick Pins Cuff Links Shoes Overgaiters Indian Moccasins Arties Boots Belts Rubbers Collars Caffs Hosiery FOR BOYS GIRLS CAPS Hockey Caps, 25 and 50 cents. Aero- plane Caps, 50 cents- Caps vrith ear protectors. GLOVES Leather and Wool. SHOES High Top Shoes- House Slippers of Felt or Leather, Indian Moccasins. . . SWEATERS -, 3 . ? ,~ ; ^^ Various Colors, froir?'50cents* to j§l,»-50- " MISCELLANEOUS Canvas Leggings, Xeckties, Rubber Boots, Mittens, High School Pennants, Etc., Etc. i m "On the Square/ Gettysburg, Pa. %- 'SPAPFRf i I-W SPA Pi-:

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