The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 5 mi 1934 .jjjjj MASON CITY ULUBJK-UAAmm -SHOWERS FAIL TO QUENCH COOKING SCHOOL INTEREST St. Joseph Students to Give Plays 'Freshmen Will Be Seen in Comedies at School Friday. Three comedies "Now Don't Laugh," "At the Stroke of Twelve" and "The Country Romance," will be presented by the freshmen of St. Joseph school Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the school auditorium. The acts of which the program consists are varied and fun-creating. Even those who don't believe - in ghosts, will be scared when the white-figured, deep-voiced specter, Leroy Clark, walks on the stage in "The Stroke of Twelve." Then there is the pantomime, "The Country Romance," where the characters act out a story which portrays country life. Thrilling shoting, elopements and escapades are done as the reader goes through the tale of adventure in "Now Don't Laugh." Phyllis D'arcy, Mryne Donaldson, is about to be maneuvered into matrimony with Templeton Bogardus, Edward Jarosh, whom she detests. The plans are all being made by her mother, Mrs. D'Arcy, Mary Lukes, but Uncle Silas, John Kelly, schemes to force Bogardus to leave; Phoebe, the colored maid, Cornelia Lang, helps the plan along. It is because Miss Briggs, Delores Jansen, refuses to let her niece, Eileen, played by Rita Dugan, have anything to do with George Baker, William Cross, that the latter manufactures a little idea of his own. Although aroused to'the fact by Maggie, Yvonne McGrane, that ghosts are around, and informed by Miss Sample, a gossipy neighbor, Mary C. Casey, that the ghost of old man Jones makes his appearance on this certain night, Miss Briggs remains obstinate in her belief until "At the Stroke of Twelve" the ghost does appear. Other characters assist in the pantomime: Marion Delaney, Dorothy Kelley, LUlian Balek, Mary Gallagher, Mary Freudenberg, Helen Hansen, Roger Cahalan, William Hughes, Dennis Ryan, Thomas Colloton, Mary De Rock, Exie Cornelius, Jack Delaney, Jack McGrane, Paul Connor and Jack Donaldson. IT'S WIND-SWEPT FORWARD SLEEVES, COWL NECK AND SASH CONTRIBUTE TO SMART NEW EFFECT IN FROCK F5R DAYTIME tle PMfl«» l« '"! I'attern, 100 Fifth Avenue, Ne» Volt Cllj B] DIANA IXV A simple dress for spring of inky- blue crepe silk print you'll enjoy wearing, is today's easily made model. It contributes new wind-swept look through its interesting sleeves, cowl neck and youthful sash that ties at the side front. ' Plain crepe silk would be stunning too. Make the cowl collar of crepe silk print. It gives it a very lovely and sportsy air. Style No. 586 is designed, for sizes 14, 16, 18 years 36, 38 and 40 inches bust. Size 16 requires 3Vs yards of 39- inch material with 1 yard of 35-inch print and % yard of 39-inch plain contrasting. I The Essence of Fashion! The whole fashion story for spring is to be found in this new and exciting Spring Fashion Book. You certainly won't want to miss it. Contains new Hollywood photos and patterns that are styled perfectly and fit perfectly. Send for your copy today. Price of book 10 cents. Price of pattern 15 cents in stamps or coin (coin is preferred). Wrap coin carefully. Do not send to Mason City, but address Globe-Gazette Pattern Department, 200 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Bits About 'Em Miss Maude Emily Cain, daughter of Mr. aod Mrs. T. F. Cain, 247 Sixth street southeast, is spending her vacation from St. Teresa college to Winona, Minn., with her par- ents. She will return to school next Tuesday. * * * Miss Gretchen Bickel, 216 Jefferson avenue northwest, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Haeeboeck in Iowa City. * * * Elder James, 904 Pensylvania av- enus northeast, James Patchen, 908 Pennsylvania avenue northeast and Gilmore Hartigan, 304 First street southeast, have accepted work with the Palmolive soap company and are traveling in Iowa, t » » Charles David and Virginia Vail, 233 Tenth street northwest, are visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Lacock, at Jefferson. * * * Mrs. George Klatt, 711 Washington avenue southwest, has left for Iowa City to enter the University I hospital. . with an RCA VICTOR MODEL 222 ... a luxurious instrument that is yet economical to buy end to operate. Many new features guarantee truly superb reception, among which are its airplane dial -- an entirely new chassis-- and automatic volume control (to prevent fading and "blasting"). Hond- soma cabinet finished in Ortentn* wood veneers with aspen overlays, LIST PBJCE To be really in tuna with the times you need a radio you can fune in with the times ... to receive the amazingly fine programs of today with modern faithfulness and beauty of tone. Still more, you want a modernly beautiful-appearing instrument that will reflect your ideals of home- smartness. You get both when you buy either of these efficient new RCA Victor Models...222or115. You already know the excellence of the Super- heterodyne Circuit. Now enjoy the even more MODEL 115... Again, liue radio luxury at economy eostl An improved Superheterodyne with Electro.dynamic speaker, 6 to 1 vernier tuning for especial accuracy and continuously variable Including HOAHadlolrons sensational performance its new improvements assure! Enjoy the new feature, too, which enables you to adjust tone precisely to your taste! Thrill to the exciting drama of police calls. And pride yourself on the selection of a tasteful cabinet that will immediately attract the ey» of your every visitor. In short, enjoy modern radio in the highest sense of the word ... as RCA Victor produces it; as we shall be glad to demonstrate it for you. Tone Control Cabinet oF solid mahogany, veneered with walnut-finished overlays. LIST PMCE * I "= Complete Triih HCARadlotroni RCfl VICTOR OTHER MODELS AS LOW AS $18.95 VANCE MUSIC COMPANY PHONE 798 Everything in Music 123 N. FEDERAL AVE. REGRETS VACATION Instructor Gives Many New Recipes Friday Last Day of Annual Globe-Gazette Lectures. In spite of April showers, the Globe-Gazette cooking school drew a large attendance Thursday afternoon in the high school auditorium. Mrs. Pauline Rohrs, the popular instructor of the classes, continued her teaching Thursday with demonstrations of a variety of recipes. . Friday will be the last day of this year's cooking school. Mason City husbands are already enjoying the introduction of new recipes into their daily menus as well as improvement in the quality of the food prepared for them. The question box continues to be a favorite feature of the cooking school and Mrs. Rohrs answers the inquiries of the audience, gives recipes or menus which are requested or arranges for a meeting with the housewife whose problem requires more than a brief answer. Thursday's recipes included Poule Au Pot or "Fowl in the Pot," Cream- ette Macaroni with Decker's country style sausage, butter brickie buns, baked rhubarb sauce, tomato cake and toasted mushroom sandwiches. Many questions have been asked concerning the problem of what may be eaten from the fingers and what foods require forks. Mrs. Rohr's answer is that you eat food from the fingers what does not grease or stain the fingers or moisten them or that is not too large, so as to be awkward. It is permissible to eat crisp bacon from the fingers--especially Decker's lowana bacon. The general rule is "It is Up to You." Poule An Pot or "Fowl in the Pot" This recipe is one upon which the good King Henri IV wanted every, ..-. , . ,.- . . ., family to regale itself through his I sl " dry ingredients together except *.»»*. *_; uv -. wp, o entfr, nrliinli oVtmtlr? K« rll ntinlirnA J w Miss Margaret Le Hand, secretary to President Roosevelt, was forced to take a vacation when the chief executive went fishing, but she said she would be glad to get back on the job. She is shown at her home in Somerville, Mass. (Associated Press photo.) 2 tablespoons Iowa State Brand butter 1 teaspoon Jack Sprat ground cloves 1 teaspoon Jack Sprat lemon extract 1 cup floured raisins or chopped r.ut meats 2% cups Pillsbury flour 1 teaspoon Jack Sprat cinnamon ' 1 cup tomato juice or soup % teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon K. C. baking powder 1 egg Method: Cream butter and sugar together, add egg. Beat again and Reports of Iowa D. A. R. Meeting Told to Chapter Reports of the state D. A. R. conference were given at the meeting of the local chapter Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Seba Vail, 343 Tenth street northwest. Mrs. H. L, Wright, Mrs. H. E. Swarner, Miss Dorothy Ransom and Mrs Paul Loomis, who attended the conference in Des Moines, told of various events including the address by the president general, Edith Scott Magna, who is called the "flying president" because she travels by airplane which she pilots herself. Music at the convention was provided- by the Des Moines chapters. Mrs. C. E. Chenoweth, Mrs. H. F. Pool and Mrs. Louise Barton assisted Mrs. Vail in serving refreshments. kingdom on Sundays. 1 four pound chicken % pound of bread crumbs 2 teaspoons tarrSgon 2 eggs % teaspoon Jack Sprat pepper 1 pound Decker's lowana ham 1 tablespoon parsley 1 clove of garlic (or other season- ng IVa teaspoons Morton's salt Giblets of the chicken Method: Chop the giblets and lend with the crumbs, tarragon, pices,.and half of the ham. Blend with a beaten egg and stuff the hicken, sewing it firmly. Drop into kettle of hot stock which contains the ordinary vegetables for a good egetable soup. Cook for one hour nd forty-five minutes. Add'the rest f the broken bits of the ham. If he chicken is not so tender, cook bout two and one-half to three ours. If anyone doubts that King Henri .·as a very good king or that there are, and always will be mighty good :ooks in France, try this for your:elf. Creamette Macaroni With Decker's Country Style Sausage Broil the sausage seven minutes to have the sides slightly browned. Prepare the creamettes by cooking n boiling salted water until tender, which takes only eight minutes. Blanch with cold water. Arrange a layer in buttered casserole, then a layer of country style sausage, another layer of creamettes and top with sausage. Pour over this one- third cup of melted Iowa State Brand butter, sprinkle lightly witt crumbs. Bak« 35 minutes at 350 degrees. Use no white sauce, then serve Jack Sprat buttered peas or beets with this as a vegetable. Butter Brickie Buns 1 cake yeast % cup lukewarm water 2 teaspoons Morton's salt % cup butter or lard i,| cup Crystal Beet sugar 1 egg 1 pint scalded milk 7% to 8 cups PUlsbury flour Peanut brittle Method: Dissolve the yeast cak in the lukewarm water, add the tea spoon of sugar and let stand whil preparing other ingredients. Cream the shortening with sugar, add on egg well beaten, then the salt am the scalded milk. Mix well and al low to cool until lukewarm. Add th yeast measure. Add flour a cup at a time, kneading well into the mix ture. The dough should be quit soft but firm, and should not re quire more flour in subsequea kneadings. Place in a well grease bowl, cover closely to exclude air Allow to rise until double in bulk Then knead lightly and allow t rise a second time. Pinch off the pieces of dough and form, into rolls Dip the top of each in crushed peanut brittle. Place on a well oile baking sheet, then when nearl double in bulk, bake 18 minutes' a 375 degrees. This quantity make 20 to 24 rolls. Baked Rhubarb Sauce I'/i pounds rhubarb 3 pounds Crystal Baet sugar Juice of one lemon Sections from one orange ·i cup finely chopped almonds Method: Cut the rhubarb in piece about one and one-quarter inches in length, using only very pink rhubarb. In a baking bowl place alternate layers of rhubarb and sugar until all is used. Place orange sections over the top, add lemon juice and bake in oven at 350 degree until rhubarb is entirely cooked. Sprinkle top with chopped almonds. Serve hot or cold. I soda which should be dissolved in the tomato juice. Add alternately to first mixture using the dry ingredients first. If using raisins or nuts place in dry ingredients. Bake in layers. 350 to 375 degrees. 35 to 40 minutes. Toasted Mushroom Sandwiches 1 tablespoon Iowa State Brand butter. 1-3 cup Hermanson's cream or top milk 2 tablespoons pimento 1% tablespoons Pillsbury flour ii pound mushrooms Method: Make the sauce. Saute he mushroom caps which have been ut fine. Toast the bread and cut in blong strips. Spread with mush- ooms blended with the sauce. Serve ot. ,*. It was a hard winter for hunters. With snow so deep, it was hard to get either a rabbit or a pedestrian --Kessinger's Review. SMITH-WILLIAMS. DECORAH, April 5.--AnnouuceT ment has been made of the marriage of Miss Helen Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Williams of Decorah, to George Smith, son of Mr, and Mrs. George Smith of Chicago on New Year's eve, 1933, at a Methodist parsonage in Chicago, by the Rev. Mr. Schneider. Miss Williams has held a position in the Decorah State bank for several years, Mr. Smith is a student at Luther college, having one more year of study before completing his course. »,*-- WEDS IN CALIFORNIA. GARNER, April 5.--Miss Mar| garet Wellik, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wellik of Garner, was married to Clifford E. Field of Bellflower, Cal., April 3 at St. Victoria's Catholic church in Bellflower. The bride was graduated from the Garner high school and for the past three years before going to California last October, was employed as bookkeeper in the offices of the Central States Electric company here. The couple will live in Bellflower. .;. Public donations toward the purchase of the Codex Sinaiticus Bible have passed the 5150,000 mark, according to British Museum officials. miserable Spring Colds HEAD THEM OFF . . . with this amazing aid in preventing colds.., C L E A R S "STUFFY" HEADS Smarter Styles, Better Quality For Less -- Since 1920 tOURTESY.AND SATISFACTION WITH EVER* PURCHASE SPORT COATS Frankly, if you paid double these prices, you'd still think they were mighty fine values. For they are so exceptionally well tailored of such rich quality fabrics--in every new spring coloring. Sizes from 14 to 50. Choose Now Prom the Largest Collection in Town "SEE YOU TOMORROW" Tomato Cake 1 cup Crystal Beet sugar Let Us Launder or Dry Clean Your DRAPES Brighten your windows with crisply clean, newly laundered curtains. Let us wash away Winter's dust and drabness--restore your drapes to their original spotless charm; We measure each one before cleansing--then return them to you exactly that size, with corners square and true. No shrinking, no wrinkling, no hook marks. Our way sa\es time *nd worry! Send us your washable curtains with nextweek's bundle. PHONE 600 Rug Cleaning used to be many a woman's heavy burden of housecleaning. N o w the heaviest work she has to do is to raise the receiver and tell us where to call. LYONS LYONS Our method of cleaning rugs is thorough and efficient. It removes dirt and germs, raises tho pile, revives and brightens the colors, and makes tho rugs wonderfully fresh and ncw-like. LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS

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