The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 6, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1818
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lS AhoDfccf two slorK - s,.wilh piawaip friuitUi good fptirt containing - about Ibid J .four acres, tituiftepu Throgs Keen, and the farm ef.Abijsti Hammond tl JaarJ being improved, awl containing g rees vanwy vf lb best cherries, fcpfles, pears and peaches, 'In great abundance aud iu full Learuig - Um ad - lorning wafers allurding amplj supplies of Ash, "shell and scale!, which at a small exrx are may be ted iron a crerk to the upland, and detained ia a pond lor daily lite a mackerel and ban tuber being aim attained thereto, and where at vue draught of a suualh seme nave been taker! mackerel which sold Ihe next day for one htm - itriA anil tuvniv dollars - - m taunt el' nrorriccL health at.d piofit Una titb is uo where exceeded ditlacce from New - York abuut fourteen mil Auto, luur lota of land near tin above two lying on the Sound, containing forty five seres, Bud liouiidril od two sides with waters land ol an exielieu quality, with an orchard of four huo areu uppm irecs, including me ei ium w u Lie use ; wild for cyder, tlto Virginian crtib, Eng - hsh haglue crab, bite sty re, coccagee, fox whelp and white tour, with eighty, cherry tree the Mark tartariun reconitntudcd by Forsyth being one. In (rout of these loti are taken bass, black Ash. perch, wallet!, king bin, plaice, soles, mac Bh, perch, wallet!, king bin, p:an:e,suie,inBcs;. efei, porgy, pike, smelt, whiting, eels, and occasionally shet pshead and shad, with weak - fish and miinhaddcn ia vast abundance; leils oi oysters, erei, tiona sniinh nrwrtnr in nufel ilw to unv marketed iu the city, lie very near their shores, with crabs and clam, Whilst iIh. adjoining bay and creeki in the winter season abound in blacc oircas ana uiuau u, and tome tinea are teen the canvass back and vild the land affording woodcock, quail and snipe. The situation cannot fail to please in every respect ; and the land may always be kept ia high order, at a trifling expense by sedge and tail meadows auacnea wereio, ana sea weea an m on its shores. Alio, two other lots, one containing tea and the other fifteen acres. These lots command an ex - teueive view of land nod water are Altogether suitable for small rural retieats; soil of the liest srsalityj and contain about one hundred and nlty cherry trees, best sorts, and four hundred apple trees, most approved for table and cyder, all io full bearing , and to each of the lota will be attached fi e acres of salt meadow if wanted. Also a lot, containing filly three acres; about eight in wood. This lot is about fourteen miles from the city, and oae irom the church of the town oi Westchester. ' If the above property is not disposed of before Wednesday, the first of A - pril next, the same on that day will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, at twelve o'clock, on accommodating terms, as to payments, in both rases. For further infnrma - tioo,apply to FREDERICK DE PEY8TER, Esq.No. 24 Bioad street, or near the premises. to uiesunKN uer, febiMtApl PHHJI'I.LIVINOSTON. rt TO LE V. kJiiJ From the firm May next, the store no. 7V Aoulh - ati - eet. febr For termn apply to L. LKFFEUT3, Jun. 28 William street From the first of Mav next, a front count' inx rihjiii oil the second door, together with the uputr loHi. r.nq'iire .o. 107 1'ea.l slrett. fall X4 ir TO LET, li,S The new brick Store no. 62 Stoneat. Apply to T. J. BWOKliS. Feb 14 OTO LET. The three story brick dwelling, 37 Nor - folk - slrsst Enquire of - COX Si JWONTAUDEVERT, feb 13 '.'6 Wall - st. t'OHSALK, ifniSThe two - itory brick front House and Lot 1U - iMrii.n.jlM.1 I'n. le.mD lrr ri .J r 1. 1 78 Pearl - street. mar 3 " J - 1 ' 1 j hbll.lJLVU IjU'1' AND hMR.l. iali For sate, the valnnble lot on the north west corner oi uuaion ana unigni - sireeis, ny 100 feet, being one of th most desirable situation! ia Hudson - street, looking directly oa the quart, and baviug a southern exposure. ALSO, A FARM of 74 acres on the North or Hudson - .Hirer, In the town of (iret - mburgli, Westrhesttir couuty, about 20 mile; from this city, now in the occupation of Mr. (ieoige Miller, and near the leal of Win. Edgar, Esq. On the premises are a 'large dwellin; house, containing 7 rooms, bcsiili s servants' bed rooms, largecrllnrand cellar kitchen, Diilk room, C. an old oichurd, and one of ?roung apple trees, of the best graded fruit, a arge barn, carriage house, fowl do. smoke do. corn crib, sheds, etc. The bouse coiLinnndi one of the finest views on the river, and is a very desirable situation. There arc two Innriings at thorl distances, from which boats ply regularly to this city If not sold hy the 1st of April, will then be rented for the ensuing year 'I he prii and terms for the above property will be made worm tne cnnsiaeraiion oi inose inclined io purchase Apply to E. IK VI NO, feh 1ft v.v4w 123 Pearl street, tni Cl, - 'N l HY Sr:AT FOR SALE, tifili Tlie Farm known by the name of Cas - tic HoWiird Farm, handsomely situated 1 1 - 2 iniie from Princeton, bounded in front by the main turnpike road from Philadelphia to New - York, and m the rear by Millstone ('.reek, it contains t acres, 30 acres of a hich is woodland, 20 acres lying 2 miles from the fin m, and a beautiful lot of 10 acres within abuiil 300 yards of the right wing1 of the house. Beside ornamental trees, ii contains a va riet v of fruit trves, cxmsiw; iiitr of graft etl pears, of the best quality, 17 different kinds; cher ries. 10 dinerent kinds, the mott of them graf ted and an orchard of the best apples, besides a young and thriving orchard of crab apples, for making; the cider so celebrated, ' also, one of sweet apples tor tatting hoi's. The house is pleasant and commodious w ith an excellent garden, tlie out - houses and fences ab in good condr ion. The above is a delight ful summer or winter residence. For further particulars entiuire at Xd. 127 Pearl - st, New York, or to the subscriber, on the premises, who will give an indisputable title for the tame, Z. MollrOKU jan 5 tawtf TO LET. The handsome three story brick house, No. 160 Greenwich - street, next tothecornrr of Courtlanilt street, finished in the best manner, and the lower rooms communicate by Coining doors, - It will be found a very convenient resi deuce for a respt - ctahie private family. Apply to j r. i r.rv svnLnmr.iiiuin c&, lehCS lOt 243 Water - street. TU LET, The following Houses, vis: The home No. 95 John - street The house No. 97 do The house and store No. 395 Pearl - street The house and store No 131 Cherrv - strret The house No. 28 Courtl ind - street. Apply to JAMES W. SHAW, feh 21 No. 5 Bowery. f - - FOR SA f.E OH TO I.E.1SE, iiiH LoU ia Uie 5. 6, 8, and 10 Wants ; many of winch are on regulated and pr.vexl streets. N money will be required uoder leu years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and time story house, nn which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK? An excellent stand for hasiness, with ten acres m laao, pieasaouy situated, with a wharf, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a ever failing stream, upon which 20 mills may I reciro, wiiu a um.irm. j oi wcier iof earn. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich street, jan 13 tr - sT - l FOR SALE OR TO LEASE. .jM Oa accommodating terms, a numWr of wj'f and builiiing leu, aesr and adjoining the uTy - yara, ai urooajji. r or particulars, en. quirt at SAMUEL EVANS, jMSlf Brooklya. or ry a i is r on VALUABLE ST.iSD FOR A COCAT - i h liibscriUra offer for isle, tha dwelling flouie, Slore Huuwrwid LotofLaod, fotaMij ortuu.cij by Win. Voorbeis, aeceased I sitoato4 in 'VVhipitty, Morris County, (N. J.) osj the turapikv road direct froni ewark tu Mount 1'leasotit, 4 miles Iroin Morrintown and 13 frwn Newark. The house ia built of the bet mate - rials, nearly new, uud well finished. The storehouse is largtt, and was occupied by the former owner as a store, in which much buiucu was done. The lot cuiitahis ahaut one acre, euibra - cintf good gardtu, and pasture. There is also on tlie premises a new bain, aad a well of water handy at the door. The above situation is considered very fusible for a country u.trchaut, there being ta the neighbourhood two paper mills, twogriit mills, and one cotton factory, or would suit lur almost any aincim uieuiunitai uu - tiiiess The terms of sale will be made accommodating. For particulars, inquire ol Silas Tut - tic, near the premises, William Tuttle, Newark, or COLLINS HANNAV, ma 2 fit 1 Wo. KJO I'earl - strret. TO LET or LEASE, From the first of May next, the House ami Lands belonging to the estate ol Cary Ludlow, deceased, situated at Brooklyn, within one hundred vards of the steaoi - boat Ferry. The house is well adapted for a private family, for the purpose of a public house. The situa tion, from its elevated position, commands a ve oeautiiuiview ol me city, me bust Kiver ana bav of Mew - York. The srrounds fcontaininc between 4 and 5 acres) are in a good stale of cub tivation ; the house and out houses in good re pair. For terms, apply to ulu, w. MUK i u.h, Airy at iaw, mh Xlw No. 69 William street. 70 Lt.T. From the first of Muv next, the three sto ry brick house, No. 310 Broadway to he put in compete repair, painted, papered, be. Kent 11200 and taxes with stahlts, coach - house, sc. ll'JIM) and the taxes. Apply at Hudson's InliUi - geuceunue. mnzzw JV lkj; I n store and cellar under the mam building; of the house No. 223 Pearl - street, and three story fire - proof store in the rear, now occupied by the subscriber ; poason'iou to be civ en on the 1st of May next. Aim, his stable and coach - house, situated on Gold - street, in the rear of his aforesaid premises, posecssiou of which can be had immediately. Feb 2 tf JOHN I. CLOVER 'J o bt Lei, LtaittL or Hold. The spacious S story brick HOUSE, No ' 129 Chamber - street, havmir every conve nience for a latye family, and a well of excellent water in the yard. Its proximity to the Square lately opened, gives a view of Hudson - btreet from the rear of the bouse, and renders the situation airy and pleasant. For terms an ply to JOHN U. ML'ttlt AY & SON, febO 113 Pearl - street. 'W LET. From the 1st of May next, the lower couuting room ol m. 54 soutn - street. AL.SU. The upper counting room. No. 71 South - it. Appiy io , ja.vic.3 u'wul,, jr. leb 13 57 Y rnnt - itreet W LET, And immediate nossession eiven. the house No. tl rearl - street, together with the sta tile and coach House iu the rear on liriilge - st. lie premises are in complete repair and have every couveuience necessary for the accoinmo dation ol a family. For particulars Apply to OCt XB I.. ISUAMMI. 70 hEl A TliLOUMlMiHALE, The house and erour.ds belonging to the tslale of John hhuw, situated on the eighth ave nue. On the piemikts are au excellent double house, stable, couch and ice bonus with every thing else requisite for such an establishment. It presumed any other description is iinnrcesaa - ry, as those intliiit'd to rent will view the plate. Also, the large lire prool store in the rearol houses '.I mid I J Piiurl - slrect i where thtre is lor suit - onit old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. or luruier particulars, appiy ui ANN Al. Ml AW, Jan 29 II l'cirl - ti.t REAL ESTATE FOii SALE. I'wo 2 - itoi y brick houses aud lots, situa ted No. 37 & 39 Vetey - strect. Alfo, a houre and lot No. 11. Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet hunt by 125 deep. All accommodating terms. For particulars np - ly at No. 3JiGreeuwich - st. jan 15 tf iO LhT, The brick store No. t Gnuverneur's Lane, heat door to Water - street. It has four doors, besides a large cellar and garret. Poises sion may (protialil) be had previous to the Ut itij, ii rtiuirtu. npuiv bwj numn - siree.i. leu in i iiCKf.u LiAuntr.f, IO LET, sensil A large convenient modern built house, coach house ami improvements, (with or without an exlei.sive kitchen garden and buck lot) from the tirtt ol May ileal ; situatid on the corner ol the 1 rst Avenue and r irst t r t, near tlit cor iier ol North anil Allen streets, unci about one mil from the City Hall. The. situation is elevated and healthy, and in rvery respti t Sijitahle. lor a genteel lainily. Chi the premise is a well ol most excellent stater. Apply to . CORN FLU'S DUBOIS, Fehfrtf No : Fmnt - slreef. .i LUUXJLVU HUOM Tu LhT, A pleasant and convenient C'onntins Room in stoie INo. Uboutli - strei t, Iroin 1st May next. Appiy io l ucn.r.u n iiunir.&, ii t a eKOR SALE, (Or exchanged lor properly in this eitO A neat country House in tne vicimiv ol r.u abetlitown, (N. J.) beautifully situated on the Poht - roari ; at jnetent sis the occupation ut Duct. Grant. It contains eight rooms with piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash house, niilK - room, and cellar ;, tnci e is also, a coacli4iouse, stable lor two hinscs, and other coiivcnienl out buildings, all in good repair, about an ucrc of land, I., id out in a handsome garden and orchard, which allord a variety of choice tin it, asparagus, s;c. and a well of ex. ccllcnt water, Willi a good pump. Terms will be made liberal. Applv to JACKSON 4: WOOl.LEY, feb 23 75 Wall - street. njti HALE, wj ThetWihoues, No. 4a and 50 Broadway to Lc completely fmi - lied and delivered on Uie 1511) April next. Apply to JOHN SLIDF.LL k CO. Jan 29 (f No. 50 Broadway. IO LET, . Two neat, new, 2 - story brick front build' injes. siUiate in Allen - ttrcet, next (o the ball - al Icy. They are fin lied in handsome stjlo with cisterns ill the yards, and every olber convene ence to render them plcaaut aud desirablo tmc menls. Adjoining the ground on which the buildings stand are several vacant lots which ill also be let for a garden to the person or per sons who shall hire the bouses. Apply to JAMES KNOX, at the ball - alley or at his house, 25 Orchard. street. Feb 9 tf (Wfc'll 1.' I'd I jjA A pleasantly situated and spacious Office, mi i earl street, a few doors above reek - slip PP'y to R. 4: V. W. DAY EN PORT ii CO. Fab 12 35 Perk - slip. VO L. KA S A. fur a term n iwin. The house and lot No 20 fVd'ar stseet. contuningsis rooms with fire places, besides the anccen, paalnes, vaults. 4c. and a well of good water. - e .i.ri0r.,sIll',ca'.1ne,Dired '", elrven years, of) ,.I"lNo - i9 i5 - wy - tieet, in the occupaUou , ! .I"" 1 00 le from the Luisco nI I ;hnf h Am. Ct L t - - w acii ji. iDUillre Ol w vv - c. mulligan, bt5rjtf o. 44 Pint - strecL a of is " vnn . if v A convtaMnt 2 - try brick front HOUEEl OT, no. Z9 Ann - ttreet. - ". Oa the thcMsje also a comfortable Lack buiWin j, will) 3 rooms havinj fire - places, and S other apartment i ami ut the rear of the whole, is a car - ywtcr' shop, about CO feet Inlcnglh. This lot, which is 8 ftct t inch ia width, and ICO feet iu depth, would be very suitableor a manufacturer, a carpenter, a livery - liable keeper, or any buiii.c that requires a (rood deal of rocni. For tcrm, apply at Ko. 17 fiurh'ng - tlip. Feb 27 tf HJ - .iWt.ACiC at VKKKMriCU. To be let, tl bouse and grounds fronting onoreenwicli, belonging to the estate ol the late Samuel Milligao, and at present occo - pied by Mr. David Ely. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KF.E, lumber merclujit, foot of N. Moore - street, or of 1 . 1'U.IMULE, in the Hank orew - Yorlt. fb2tf HUE MvOF s'PJRi:. To let and possession first of Mav next, Uie lour story tire prool store, o. M South - st between Coenties and Old slips. Enquire of the subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 4I Chamber - street leb tl b. I) UKAIli 10 Lh T, The store No. 20 Wall - street. Apply at (lie store. irn ly ii The subscriber will lease or sell the lot Unul and house in which he now "lives in Lau - rens - streot 11 is a pretty comfortable bouse for small moderate lawny, having a stone kitchen and cellar, two rooms ou each floor and a bed' chamber in the garret. Across the rear of the house there is a pleasant piaza, built scarcely three years ago it has a neat little gardcu about CO feet deep, and a small stable, leading to which there is a gangway from the street Apply to A. U. Dull, no. t'J Wasnmgi oii - street. Feb2tf JAMES TILLARY FOR SALE, heal raorr.RTV in thk city op kew - iork. A BRICK HOUSE aud Lot No. II s uowery is J vui - r. iu me rear loeem er with the LOT, 44 feet Iront, 42 feet rear, aud ll.i leer on each side. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - street ; and liouse and lil Wo. SJ Vesey - slrtet. A BONO and MORTGAGE lor 1200 dollars, do and do for 750 do do and do for 460 do On valuable nroncrtv in the ritv of New - York. The interest has always been punctually paid. r or particulars mount ai iiie oime or STEPhEN P. LAMOINE, dee 10 tf No. 27 Wall - street. inssl The fire proof store No. 2 Gouverueur's Lane, (near Water street) is to let ftom 1st May next. It has four stories, besides a large cellar ana a very roinuiouiousgurret. Being detached Iroiu other buildings, there is no risk from fire. f ossession may probably he had, if required, be fore the 1st May. Apply at 29 South street, to lehZ I UUhbK it LiAUUIr.9. TO LET, From the 1st May next, the three - story brick house No. 18 Courtlaud - street, with or without the stable in the rear Apply to J. & R. RENWICK, Feb 2 KG Washiiigtors - st. Hout,bttMe, Garden, tic. al Ottenutrh, t 7ir i.p.T nisi The subscriber will let or leace. for a tt'im of years, hs house at Greenwich. It is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For terms, apply to D1VIE BETHUNE, jnnju :iz vva'i srreef. FOii S.iLt., The house and lotofgrojntl No. 18 Rose - itrn - t : the lot is 25 feet, front and rear, ant 100 feel deep : the house a brick front, sides and rear lined in with nrica. and Dtult m I lie most substantial manner. For iurtherparticulars enquire A. STEENBAI K, feh 19 3w No. 334 Broadway. sff - S STORAGE SV'iil storage may be had on t he first floor of the lore No. 29 Soulli - etreet, which will save thr expense of hoisting1. dec 2(1 A VAl.llARI.I. SAKVl. ojfl FOR SALE, in the town of Flu - bin - , Q.Mea wsstri Long - Island, situated ou Bav hide, 14 miles from New - York, andZI Sfrom lushing landing; from whence packet boats nd stages daily ply to and from New - York. Said farm contains about 170 acres, CO of which ood laud of various kiuds of timber mid tliril - T growth, with two apple orchards, one old, the other not more than 20 years old, and con tains 250 grafted trees, all in full bearing and of the choicest kiuds of fruit and great variety ; there is about 20 grafted pear trees, iust in the prime of hit, cousirtuig in part of the choicest kiuds of vcrgalues, St. Germaiot, aud pound pears, arid 8 or 10 English cherry - trees, which arc just beginning jo bear. 1 he remainder u uitutily divided into lots ol mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in substantial lence and uu der good improvement. The mansion house 30 by 41 feet, built in modern frtyle, ol the best materials, and finished throughout, with a good Ui'.chen and cedar, and is situated on an emi ncuce, couimanJinj an cxtcre ive view ol the bay and adjacent country. The court - yard aud garden contains a great vanety of iruil - trecsaiid hrubbery, asparagus beds, strawberries rasp - berries, goonehcrrics, aqd currant in abundance. Attached is a large barn, sheds, carrnge house, crib, hen house, smoke house, and mauy other useful and convenient buildings, all new and in good repair, Tha prrmiees belong to Charles Cornell, Esq. late of Flushing, deceased, and combines numerous advantages, of which it is deemed unnecessary to enter into a detail, as it is presumed no irson will purchase without first viewing the ror particulars and terms, which will be accommodating, apply to the subscribers, on the premises, who will give an indisputable title to thrm. ELIZABETH CORNELL, Executrix. JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Bay - Fide, Flushing, Feb. '.'3. 1313. S Feb?J - lm TO HE LET, And possession to lie jriven immediatel y or on the 1st May next, the eleeant house No 43 all - street, or any part there.uf, separately lor uiuici ui laiuiucs. j - .iiunirv oi ISRAEL FOOTE, mh 3 o 41 Wall - street fOlt A. - lLe., A very profitable FARM, of 110 acres, tvtu thirds miller cultivation, the residue wood land, situate on the sea shore, a quartet of a mile below the nanows, on the Slateii Island side and a short ride from ti steam boat ferry landing It lives a very extensive view oi the bay and en viioi sol New - York, within the Narrows, and ot bandy Hook and the ocean lor prospect i equalled by none. The title is unquestionable 1 wo thirds ol the purchase money mav remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Foun tain on the premises, or to W. A. SEELY. 113 Gnenwirh - street. TO LET, a conveniei t new 2 story house, adjoining the above, with a garden and about an acre oi 'wnci. t or terms apply as above, mh 3 eodtf F R SA I.K ..T A i'L'Tl - .V, By Messrs. BLEF.CKF.R 4 BIBBY at ihe Tontine Coff.e House, on the 18lh day of March, instant, at 12 o'clock, the bouse and lot of s round, the late residence of Doctor Archi bald Bruce, deceased, situated at the corner oi Greenwich and Liberty - stitets, with the office apiwrtaining to it in Liherty - ttreft. The bouse and nflire are in complete repair, and may be examined by iersnns deiroo of purchasing, between the hours of twelve and two, every day before the sale. Thirteen thousand dollars of the purchase mo ney may remain on mortgage. I or lurther par ticulars apply at tne auction mom. mh 3 dt IsKANCLS BRUCE. VAl'ABIX PROPrr.TT. The robscriber offers fowale a valuable faru), 73 miles from Nw - M) IjuJ ' rniies soulitofPou2bkeepie, Mthepost - ixaa, within 1 - 4 of a aiile of the mills on the fails of Wappia - ger's - Creek, and in the neighborhood of evef al landings from which sloops sail weekly. It contains 1 10 acres of level, fertile laud. tviliiaTOUti' - orchard of grafted fruit, wood lulfit ient for fuel, : and all in good Icuce, I be House contauis ? cve - ral reoau, lias a ood baru, and all in excellent repair. Its situation being on au elevated plain, renders the placo not only healthy, but prcsouts from Uie dwcllmg a delightful inland prosper t. Aim. another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to the above, and bounded southerly by the falls of Wappinger's - Cieek. 1 lie land a Icrlile, in excellent fence, and of easy cultivation. What renders this property valuable, i;, that it may be made a place of celebrity. There is already e - rected oo the falls a taw - mill of great capacity, a cat ding - null, which enjoys the custom of the neighborhood, besides several other stiles for factories, unoccupied. The whole force of the creek tan be diverted with a little expence so as to drive a range of mill: on a level plot of ground just below the falls, and accessible by an easy navigation; where factories of every description, with every facility of power and transportation can be constructed. Also, a, flour - mill, of the first class. The mill - house is large, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated lor 6, with new machinery for manufacturing wheat, &c. with an elevator for raiting grain from vessels into the upper loft of the mill. Connected with the mill is a large store house for storing wheat and flour. With the mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, ou which is situated five dwelling houses, a large barn, hay house, carriage house, corn crib, hovels, &c. a cooper's shop calculated foi 20 hands Two of the houses are new and well calculated for genteel families : They command a view of the river, with a beautiful intervale lamLcape formed by the meandering of the creek immediately in front. There are few places which associate so many accommodating qualifications for the merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private sale before Tuesday the 21st April, it will on that day be offered at auction. For terms, kc. appay to PETER MESIER, No. 25 Beaver - street. Feb 20 ABRAHAM MESIER. TU LET, From the first of May next, a three story brick house in Greenwich - street, between L'bt rty and C'ourtlandt - strects. Inquire at 137 Greenwich - street. niii 3 tf vyi : l.f"T hail From the 1st of May next, the house No. It State - street Enquire at the premises. nihS lw LAW liUJLDlXGS. Two offices iu Law Buildings No. 3, to be rented. Apply on the premises, to JAMES A. HAMILTON, Esq. or at No. 59 Broadway li b 25dtf WHEATON'3 ITCH OINTMENT. flMIE long and successful use of this ointment J. is a sufficient recommendation, as it has been found to be a pleasant, safe and certain re medy for that disagreeable disease io all its sta ses. It is for sale iu Ihe cilv of ."view - York, bv J. A. Si W. R, Post, No. 41 William - street i f. & T. (.Mark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; H. H. Schieffelin & Co. No. 193 Pearl - street; Law - , rente & Keesc, No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hall A Boune, 146' Pearl - street ; R. tl L. Murray, - 313 Pearl - strpet ; J M. Bradhurst. 314 Pearl - street ; John Ptufonl, No 4 Fltti her - sfrcet ; Duiyee Poe, in Pearl - street; - J'hn C. Morrison, lUltJ Ceeiiwich street ; John P. Fisher, 106 Broad way ; Valter& Seamau, corner of Chauilier - st. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; aud in short it may be procured at most of the Drug Stores in this ci'y Also in Phihidelpliiu, of S. W ithcrell i Sons ; George Hariell . North il Ko gers, and almost a l the druggists in the principal owns in ihe uniiea eunes LIKKWIdB, W H EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may He had al the above places. jari226in Transportation Iu J'llUliurgh, through the itale of jVetr - 1 or. THF. subscribee, who Ins been engaged f r several years in forwardin.' merchandize to different parts of the United States, uflcrs his services to the merchants and traders of the western states and territories, as agent to transport property of every deer ipl ion from the ci y of New - York to Pittsburgh, in the state of Pennsylvania. Goods shipped at New - York, onboard "the wi.sti.hs us"i'F sloops for Albany, enn be delivered a. Pittsburgh, it is believed, in as short a time, as by any other route yet discovered - , the price of - transportation for the whole distance never exceeding six dollars per cwt Proper care has been taken to select gentlemen of respectability as agents on the several routes communicating with the Allegany river; and where extraordinary exertions are required, a confidential person thoroughly acquainted with the country, will accompany the goods. All communications on this subject, post paid, will receive the earliest attention ol uie suoscriDer, Who tor approved security will give a credit of six months on a large proportion of the account CIIAHIJ ES SMYTH. Albany, state of New - York, 2d February. 1818. Reference to Messrs Satteilees & Co. and Messrs. I. I Iyer, and 11 Rankin, New - York. tch 7 2aw NEW iVIUSIC. UST published by WM. DUBOIS, at his pianoforte and music store, No. 126 Broad - ay, indium's celebrated Polacca. arranged as a tvonoo, ny pieiren Favorite Venetian Air, arranged as a rondo, ny l.atour Paddy O'Carroll, with variations for the piano forte, by P. K. Moran. SO.NGS. O softly sleep my Baby Boy The Last Toki n, or rctneuiher live. Also, all Mr. Philipps' Sones tube had as a - hove. feb 17 CI ANTON SILKS. 22 i use. Levantines, twilled Sarsnets, Satins aud Pongees lor sale at 67 South street, by feb2H CAMURELENG k PEAKPOV. BUSBY'S PATEUT HAVIGABI.B RAFT BOATS, AND FI.OAT1PJU lint MILL. HE Navirable Raft - Boat is shaped like the T! common horse - boat ; is formed of a of squared pine tin.ber, pitched and tilled in solid with round logs, mi.lripped of hark ; the whole fixed together withlire - oak pins, andiron Lolts at the angles. It is propelled by a water wheel, with upriehl buekrtt, operating tcithin a cutter or raertcay, as in mills. The cost is one ionrth of that of ordinary horse - bolts, including all the mirlnnery. There is a great surfa' - e ol deck, which may he covered with frame work, to ie - ceive passengers anil freight : and mdv half the number of horses used on hoard boats of equal uiiurnsmns, are necessary to carry ibis rapidly through t;.e water. The Navigable Raft Boat is instantaneously transformed into a piiwcrlull tide mill, hy casting anchor, and aAxin a moveahle hi.nm - r - inouth or flare, to each end of the raceway, and may be profit ihly employed in that capacity, niH - n not in use as a conveyance. Persons desirous of adopting this invention, which is peculiarly fitted to all Ihe American wa ters, are invited to view a model, at the office of c a. bumii, Architect and Engineer, 2 Law Duoi;ins,tsaasaa - sirei, :seir - T r,rK. " o A ."NavnatJe Raft - Boat may be built complete in a month, induilinz all the mnrhirw rv irr The editor of the Boston FulUdium. Al. bany Argus, Philadelphia Freeman's Joomaland Democratic Press, Baltimore Gaxette, Charlts - lon Courier, and Richmond Enquirer, are re quested to insert the above twice a week for one month, and forward their accounts to the adverti - w. feb 13tf tox PHILADELPHIA . - BX WAT OF Pu UII0RTA.5T TO PASGKBTCKKS. No cr!ection with the port chaise hne. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line ol Post Coaches with every con - vtiiience for passengers and baggage, on Springs TU ROUGH IN ONE DA. The Post Coach will start from the Coach office, old No. I Courtland - street, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at 1 - 2 past 6o'clock, by way of Newaik, New - Brunswick, Princeton, Trcntoo and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same eveuiiig. The Steam lioal Line INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every morning (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta, from the north side of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive iu Philadelphia next day to dine United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, oo springs. ThalJ. S. mail coach will start Irow Ihe coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - stiebt, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. end arrive at Philadelphia next morciug at 6 o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estaoiished Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - stieet, the second oirre Irom Broadwav, New - York;to ISAAC BROWN, No. I Washington - sired; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. ftT"AII goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS & CO. N. B Expresses sent to any pari of the Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD.. Jan 22 PttoT CHAISE LINE. FOR PHILADELPHIA! The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Passengers and their baggage (through in one day) will leave the Post Chaise Oihce, 1 18 Broadway, opposite the Ciry Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) at ball' past 6 o'clock in the morning, by way of Newark, and arrive the same day at Philadelphia. The MAIL PILOT, in opposition to (he Mail Coach, with superior accommodations for Pas sengers and their baggage, will leave the same place every day (Sunday excepted) al half past 1 o'clock P. M. will proceed belore the Mai I, and not subject to the inconvenience of slopping at the numerous Post Offices on the road, hut every accommodation provided for the traveller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. Fare 7 dollan. fjT - All goods and baggage at the risque of the owner. JOHN N. Cl'MMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK fc SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON & HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. Exprruri tent to any part of the (Miled Slt. bv 1.. BAKER & CO. Feb 24 aiiHIfcjOsTsssv. V. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. Qy The public are assured that this line is eiiiial to aiiy in Uie U. S. for the convenience and i i'mfori olthe traveller. With the addition ol the guard, the passenger may rest secure as to his baggage and personal salety the coach never being left whilst changing at the post offices, without a person on tlie box. The war mail U put in separate bags and changed in tlie Euro - ptan style. . Thu U S. Mail Coach will start from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtbud - sheet, New - York every day at X o'clock 1'. Al. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock; only o passengers admitted in this coach. For seats apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old Coach and Stage Office, old No 1, second olliie from Broadway in Courtlandt - strecl, or to A. T. GOODRICH ii Co. No. 124 Broadwav. corner ol'Cedar - street, New - York. N. B. All goods and baggage at the risk of the owners. J. LYON 4: SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GULICK tl CO. Kingston. CHESTER B.A1LEY, Philadelphia. Expresses sent tu any part olthe Continent by jan 20 THOS. WH1 1 HELD, i TO FARMERS. T A HE subscriber can furnhh the farmers ol the adjacent country with ground Plaster ol Paris iu any quantity, on the shortest notice, in barrels or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb 23 If Foot of Harrison - st. N. R li.. .i.ii vt - h... ., v., ji - p.. corner of Fulton - street, New - York, hav ing received a large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day tl Martin, 97 High Ilol - bora, London, offers the same, in wholesale oi retail, for exportation, or home consumption, on terms the most liberal aud advantageous to purchasers. This inestimable composition, with half the u - sual labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varnish ; afford: peculiar nourishment to the leather ; it will not soil the finest linen ; is perfoctly free from any unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtues iu any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it has stood the test and commanded the most extensive sale in all quarters of the globe, for upwards of half a century. Feb 16 rANTED a situation in a sc pool or pri - V V vate family, a female of respectabili ty, who has been accustomed to teach writing. arithmetic, geography, &'c. Ar.y lady in want of sum :i person, win una me advertiser worthy ol nt ire, having been in the above capacity in England, and can produce satisfactory references For further particulars enquire ol the printer of this paper, feb 21 10 OLf JAMAICA RV.V. puncheons high proof old Jamaica Rum, will be landed this day from sloop Knickerbocker, from Bermuda, eat side of rerk - slip, and forsaloby TUCKER (i LAURIEs, Feh 25 No 29 ou!h - t. :VI ESSRS. WHEA'ION ii DAV. No. lo3 s ul ton - it. opposite ?t. Paul's Chun h. oOe - r for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and eleeanf assortment of Curl'd and birds eye maple Chairs, with cane ann n?irciom scats, piam, gill, and richly oroa meiited Painted Chain, plain gilt and ornaments!, ia gold, end bronz'd C' - atersation, Sewing, Rocking and Children's vnnirs ana imoois Curl'd M:ipie and Painted Lnuogees, SeTa, Sette. Music, fcc. plain, gilt and ornamented, in gold and bront'd. rt. . : Orders from any part of the continent xs?rj - POST COACH UK icu wiu aespaicn, ma 23 Uiiscraiag pfbJtkaew hw to (Jislkgoisk - p.ocToi: noruE,.fV,e,j, fzr - S X oftfcti city oLumlon, a...mberof ta faculty of pn. arf surgery L'tere, deems rthisiU - ty M repeat ccjueonservatiotis cm tl.e abuse of MI RCUKY. a rain, iBuisciiaiimu:, and ttcqoah - fied use taerof. lias been ri7. r:ij tive of infinite duvebief. Thm saurts ate annually jaercurialiit - d out of exist' ence. The, disease we have in view owes its f' tal results chiefly to this source. " What a ratv that a young man, thenfpts of his conatry.J the darluig of his parents, should he njiched a way from all the prospects and enjoymenu of Ull by the consequences of one ungaarded moment sod by a disease not in its own nature fatal, anil which only proves sc from neglect or improDtr treat mint." A gaitlemaj?, (late Dr. ll's b tient) now perfectly hearty and well, had beea under physicians of genual practice, rixyeari" aud repeatedly salivat, d ; when recomaended U Dr. U. (by genlleman oT tlus city) his bones were carious, and his flesh dropping from tuem his friends declared he could cot possibly survir. two months longer. Thousands esperimcntallw kmiw with whut ease aad safety Dr. H. traui cdtes the severest cases, and confirms the'coiiiti! tuticn. The Doctor's i lao (advertising) is nL cessary to guard the public against the aDust ef mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Perscns, therefore, having ccatracied a nrT vato disorder, or suspecting latent poison. aiJ admonished not tu tamper with their constitu" Hod, or conceal the disorder, till past recovel ry ; othersbaiiiug. the remains of an old case, or other impurities of the blood, as well as otb. er complaints of a delicate nature, in ;oT sex. shculd remember posterity, and do iustiiu to Dr. H. at hi old anil respectable eiUK lisliment, No. 64 Water - street, four houses west or Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistances' lone calculated to prevent disclosure. And hen let me claim your seiious attention Remember a superficial cure is no cure at all; unless thebu - sincssis radically none, you will certainly have the disorder break out again with redoubled m lignity, at some future pt - riod ; perhaps then will be too late for remedy. Don't you oi ten meet is tlie streets miserable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of nose on their face i Take waroine I beseech you. " Di. H's. character for skill and stubborn integrity being uiiivtrsally known io this city, since 1S04, guarantee to patients that delicacy and ss crecyhitficrio uckuoivu, and having confined hit practice for years past, exclusively to the cure of diseases ol" the Mood rvstoui, thry may safe'y cai. culate ou the most decided ad;:ta,je in con. suiting Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in two or three weeks. Strictures removed without bougies or any other instrument ; and all debilities likewise all old ulcerations, b'stula's &: A plurality of othces are provided, and so situ, ated that patients ate not exposed to each other's observation. Open till halfpast 9 in tlie eveauar. All persons concerned are invited to be freeia .ailing, and speaking with Dr.H. which is free of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the ixpression of gratitude for innumerable recow mendatious, and for the decided preference (it is presumed with just cause) lomr given him hv. judicious public. .v .u. au it - ners must De post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 U Jf EITHER QG'.4CAfciKF A(jR LVrOil - DR. EVANS' suparior method ofcurinrarer. tain Disease, isnowumrer - sally acknowledged in this city : liismode of treatment ' is periectly mild, safe, ex - ' t'ciuuuui, ana nis uiarges - reasonable. In every in. stance he warrants a cure. - aud will return the pay if he " does not perform aareeah!' to contract . . i ,.v ..... . .j omajs ooservea. Ilieie are many persons in this city and its vi cinity, laboring under various chronic doeas - s, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scroiula or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the urethra bladder and luduies, old complicated compraiuU ' of a certain nature, hilious aad otiter obstruc - " tions, rheumatism, 'c which they consider irx a - rable, they can certainly be cured (in generals ' hy applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. ; 0. Pei k - sliD. bavins r)rar(itrl ,'n .X.: I i u .In. 'lull ur I . . id hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of the ' first Surgeons nod Physicians in the world, ansl i made those obstinate diseases hit constant stud for 30 years. Oct H fCr WHEATOr ti DA - VIS, Fancy Cliair Manufac turers. No. 153 Fulton - street, uMu.iie oi. i auis c n Oreo, offer for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament ed io gold k hronse, Bamboo, ' Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Converse - , ti .n Chairs. Sofas. Settees. I.uui.gees, Music Stools, fcc. . Orders from any part of the continent executed with neatness and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented, oct 13"Ti IL" The subscriber baying recently' returned from England with an important improvement on lie artificial spring LEG, be takes this method : 1 f informing his friends and the public, that all V those who are so untortuuate as to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap Tt plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. f Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. V" LEE'S I1VH OMTJtfJEAT, WARRANTED an infallible remedy atone ' application, aiay be used with perfect - . safety on infanta a week old, not contamng av particle 01 mercury.or any uangerous ingreuieni , r whatever, and not accompanied with that offen - v " si ve smell which attends the application of other remedies. The above medicines are prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, H and sold by S. CARLE, cornei of Fulton and V ater - streets. Druggists and country store - keepers supplied ' on liberal terms. Jan 29 , . NOTICE. LLL persons indebted to the estate of Rogfes ' .. Hubbard, esquire, late sheriff of the city . and county of New - York, at thenff, are re quested to make payment to James L. Ben, rquire, present sheriff of the city and county 01 New - York, ob or before the Hist day ol may next or after that period the bills remaining an i paid wul be put in suit. ' 1 CATHERINE HUBBARD, tVl.ll o(IV1o . Sil',nllr.friV. R1VATE L.ODUI v US. single gentle - - man can be accommodated, wi.h one or two rooms, after the firet of May next, with or without board, the rooms furnished or nos, . , 1 .mM fsmilv. the house is neat and DleasanU and ins healthy part of the city,' . about ten minutes walk from Wall - street - - j Fo - further information inquire at no. 120 Broarlwav - f 23 , NEW - YORK: PRINTED AXD PUBLISHED - MICHAEL RuhtfHAM k CO. . No. 42 PlSiaV - BTRIRT.

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