The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 6, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1818
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GEO. GEIB'S fj WiLL - iTKIITi T3 establitbed on bis new and eay lyitem of fheartrrf finrenng the piano forte aid tinging, jil Tern 30 doUsr per q Barter, half laad - WFom 4to7, Saturday, P. M. the caderny will be open, for the fnend of science and the rZteori iofninic to call and inipect the establishment, sod they are requetted to bring with ... fini r.umnean work too music to ena ble then accurately to appreciate the merit of thii new unprovea sysieai 01 teacmng, vj ah 6 2w GE1B. WANTED, a cook and oman to do the washing of a large family Enquire at the corner of Chapel and Murray - streets. men 6 ' RECEIVED by the Washington, from London, and for tale by W. B. GILLEY, 92 Broadway, a collection of Classical and Mitcel - laneout "BOOKS; among which are the follow ing valuable worki Chalmer's edition of the British poets, from Chancer to Cowper, with biographical noticet, SI volt, royal 8vo. . The British drama, ancient and modern, 8 volt loyal 8ro Ditto, ditto, ancient. 3 roll ditto Inchbald't British Theatre, 25 volt with platot modern do 1U volt farce. 7 volt ' Elegant extract in prose, verse and epistles, S vols roval 8vo Martin circle of the mechanic arts, 1 vol 4to Scott's edition ef tlie Arabian Nights Enter tainments, to which it added a new selection, ot tales, now urst translated irom we Aramc on - ginals, with an introduction and note illustrative of the rel&on, manner and customs of the Mahommedans, 6 vol Ireland illustration of Hogarth, 3 vols royal 8vo r&rkhurst' Hebrew and English lexicon Greek do Boyer's French and English dictionary Baretti'l Spanish and English dictionary Helvetiui ou man, 2 vol Potter Euripides, S volt Eschylus, 1 vol Sophocles, 1 vol Hampton Polybius, 3 vol Jiollin belles lcttres, 3 vol . , Hoole metastasio, 3 vol Hunter' tarred biography, 5 vols Ruiwl's ancient Europe, 3 vols Keith's physiological botany, 2 vols Together with an assortment of Suttaby' mi niature and the regency classics, in board and elegant binding. men tt 1 TVTlCAHAGIJA WOOD h L1GNUMVITE J.1 18 ton Nicaragua Wood of very good quality 10 do Ligouinvitse For laleby TUCKER & LAURIE9, Jan 19 23 South - street. IAHITE LEAD GROUND IX OlL. - V V 400 kept, of 28!b. each, W hite Lead, ground in oil, just received per ship William, ur saic uy TUCKER LAURIES, feb 10 29 South - street. IRON HOLLOW WARE, assorted viz. Pots, Kettles, Griddles, Bake pant Spades, Skillets, Basios, Fire - dogs, Sic. For sale by the ton or piece. . CEBRA tl CUMING, Feb 19 OSNARCRGS Si PAPER. 1 bale Osna - burgs, and 1 do Italian Paper, for sale at 76 Pearl - street, feb 11 CEBRA & CUMIXG. COTTON. 24 bales of prime new crop up land Cotton, from Augusta, for sale. Samples may be teen at 148 Pearl - street, up itairs. Feb 17 CJHe.ETINGA - - 8 Lain Flemish sheetings, lor tale by JAMES G. KING k CO. No. 61 Pine - ttreet. feb 16 BLEACHED SHIRTINGS 3 cnsei American Bleached Shirtings, just received and for tale by The Commission Company, Feb 18 148 Pearl street. LOGWOOD 40 ton Cain peachy Logwood, landing at pier No. 10, Ironi brig Recover, ana mr sale oy Ieb28 JOSEPH OiBORN. SH South street. ) RANDY, FLOUR, FLAXSEED AND MJ RAISINS 5 pipes finely flavored Bordeaux 4th proof - iranay 54 ca.dt. clean flaxseed 500 bbls Sour, Baltimore Howard - street 900 boxes bloom rai.ins For tain by GEO. M.WILSON, Feb 28 130Watcr - t Ij'i - uuk, I UoAiCU) ic auu bblt. taper - i. one r inur ,6dolnew!iRkhmon'1TobKCO 10 casks Flaxseed Landing from sundry vessel. For tale by DIVIE BETHUNE&CO. feb 26 No. 92 ColTee - Hojse - slip. T7TKGINIA FLOUR. 50 bblt. will be laud v ed this day from ichr. Driver, at Hurling - to Hi lor saie r.j n,. ui l.ljr.Slir ol28 112 Front - street. p OTTON, DEER SKlNs, itc. - 2 balet Sea v - isinnuuouon 1 1 bundles Deer Skin 1 tierce and I Mil. Kurt 14200 Stoves and Heading, afloat, and for tale oy it. U U. W. DAVENPORT At CO. feb 21 J AVAL. tl ORtS, CO I I ON, 4ic. - 400 x. l nnit. toi t rurpeotine, 300 do Tar 50 do Pitch, 5 do Spirits Turpentine 11500 lb. Argol, 15 baskets Tapioca 600 Ox Horns 10 bundles Deer Skins 1 tierce Furt, Otters, Mink, &c. 2 balet 1st. qual. Sea Island Cotton 20 do do Upland do 14000 hhd. Stavet and Heading 100000 22 in. C. Shingles for tale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT U CO. feb 26 OODHUK Si CO. No. 44 Hoiih..iro., m. KJ for sale, 150 balet of Calcutta Piece Goodt, consisting of Baftas, chotvdagarie, cossas, emerties Ourrahs, blue gllrrah entitled to drawback , jiii5 viwns, mamoody, mullmulli Haanat, tawos and tecrsckert Bandannoet and lungee audy silk hdkft Ltotcbee and madras n.ntrr.i hribf. 10 pi pet Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - 1'inueira wine Ihnrlr - - - ! rai nine 124 hoxet tweet oil, 12 bottleieach 11 cases Italian letter paper 250 bagt corks, 7 cases fur hats 45 cerooo Peruvian bank, 6 cask senna 5 ctseseom tragagwith 1 case Turkey opium 60 boxes Rurnia window glnt J a!', Rutsia feather, 15 do do down Wl bolts Rnstia dock, 1st and 2d quality pigs block tin ; copper bolt assorted 140 hhdi. first quality Muscovado Sugar, enti - o drawhark. 0 elL. a if a RL.ACK lnd' Talfctas and company fla - - muitn, o, lapennr quality, lor tale IV UlTI.IUWrl, Jt ,r:185.whol half tiercet prime "'"ng from schr Retrieve, for tale Feb 18 GOODHUE & Co. . 44 South - street. Orfrf"" HANDKERCHIEFS. ZtXjX tuperior company handker - v for tale by F,bJ3 W3LTH OSBORN, . qr ft Soulh - st. ForSAFAMAH, The packet brig AURORA, Thorn son, master, will tail on Sunday next - For (i - Mgbt or passage apply on board, cast tide of OU tlip, or to POTT & M'KLNN'E, 56 Soulh - t. Who offer for Sale, Old L. P. Madeira wine, in pipes, hhils. and qr. casks. mrh S 4 The packet ship RISING STATES, jjjSwinburn, master, having part of her cargo engaged, will meet with quick dispatch For freight or paisage, having elegant accommodations, apply on board, at Pine - street wharf, or to GRI5WOLDS & COATES, inch 5 68 South - st. for Sate, Freight or Charter, The good brig PLANT ER, 187 tons burthen, one year old, stows 1500 bbls. is a very fast sailiug vessel and in com plete order to receive a cargo. Apply on bo - rd west tide Burling - slip, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mch 5 86 South - st. For BELFAST, The brig NYMPH, 170 ton! burthen, it a first rate vessel, sails fast and has good days. accommodations ; expected to tail in six For passage ouly, apply to , N. L. Sz G. GRISWOLD, mch 5 8G South - st. For &ale, Frhht or Charter, The ship LAC, LI It A, 260 tont bur then, stows 2000 bbls. sails fast, is well found, and may be sent to sea with small expense. Apply to N. L. k G. GRISWOIJ), mil 5 86 South - street. FOR BELFAST, The brig SAILOR BOY, Solomon Rodman, master, expected to sail on Saturday, 7th int. For passage only, having good accommodations, apply un boani Bisg - new's wharf, near Dover - street, or at 92 C II Slip. DIVIE BET11UNE& CO. nib 4 For Charleston, S. C. The fast tailing packet schr. MARIA P. Latham, master, having 3 - 4tha of her cargo engaged, will rail on the Bin, inst. For Ireight or passage, having excellent accommodation, apply on board, at Steven's wharf, or to JONES Si MEGRATH, mh4 83 South - street. For HAVANA, iMftN The briff MARY, Captain Brewster, XJL&iia regular trailer, and will hare imme diate dispatch. For freight of two or three hundred bbls. or passage for three, apply on board, at Pine - strect wharf, or to mil 3 N. Ik D. TALCOTT. For Mobile and Blakilty, The substantial, fast tailing packet schooner NASSAU, capt. Hitchcock, u regular trader, having two thirds of her cargo engaged, will rait on the 15th inst. For freight or passage, having goti accommodations fur ca bin and steerage passengers, apply to FETERS & HERRICK, nih 3 29 Co"otics - s!ip. re - For Stile, Freight or CUarter, v jra'i A new pilot boat schooner, about 120 7t r - tnm iinrtii - n built in tlie Dctt manner. copper laitened,aod in complete order to receive acurgo. Apply to . Li. it tr. UR18WOL.IJ, mh 3 86 South - strppt. For Sale, Freiglit or Charter, The ship MIRROR, 335 tons bur - Ohen, 2 years old, just been hove out, aud in complete order to receive a cargo it a first rate ship, aod may be sent to tea with tmall expence. Apply on board, between Fly - Market and Burhng - ihp, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mch 3 86 South - st. For Sate, FrcigtUor Charter, A new pilot boat built schooner, about 121) tons burthen, built in the best man ner ol good material, and copper fastened, a very sailing vetrcL sunt mar be sent to tea at email expense - Aty to N. L. Si Li. GRISWOLD, mch 3 86 South - st. HAHDWARF. Si CUTLERY. OHN - Yi'CRACK'AN, 82 1 - 2 Pearl - ttreet, offers for sale, vpiJ low bv packase, a few casks of Hardware aud Cutlery, consisting of 1 cask cliiisnlt, gouges, plane irons, drawing knives, Slc. 2 do Norfolk latches 2 do catt iron butt Hinge t 2 do wood Hcrt'Wt 1 do iron Candlesticks 2 do Filet, assorted 1 do Britania metal Tea pott of superior quality 1 do Commode Knobt, handle! Si cloak Pint 4 do assorted Cutlery 4 do table Knives and Forkt 1 do tmall Cutlery. mh 5 3t lAI ANUFACTURED TOBACCO 4:14 kegs iVJ landing (mm the schr. Weymouth nod Na tive, from Kichmond viz till kegs branded Jno. Endcrs, 8 hands No. 1 7 do do do 1 - 2 pound rollt 15 60 72 108 64 do d do d) do P. Miller Si Co. K kinds No. 1 do J. G. Lge 8 hands No. 1 Si do R. Cantor do do do D. R. Rots do No. 1, 2, it 3 do au.ttr. Lanny 11 nanus CORNS. DUBOIS. For tHle hy nih 5 tut LOUR it BRANDY 500 bbls. flour, Bal - JT timore Howard - street 5 pipet 4th proof Bordeaux brandy, entitled 10 ueuenture ror sale by mch 5 GEO. M. WILSON. CHEAP (cash) GROCERY STOKE, 288 Broad war. corner of Reed - tt. JAMES P. AN DOE offert for tale a general assortment of first rate groceries Teas of the latest importation, imperial 14s; ijsun 1 is - , young nyson lot ; Dyson skin til Od ; uu;iiun os. Old cognac brandy, (warranted pure) Hollands Gin and Jamaica Spirits Genuine Irish Whiskey Wines of the various kinds American! French and Martinique Cordial Almond, Prunes, bpicrs, Coffee. Sugars ; Madeira and other Nut Smoakd Beef ; Burlington Ham Freth S. Oil American and Holland Cheeset, &c. fcc. Which will be all disposed of at moderate advance. W. B. Pure Winter Strained Oil, one dollar per gallon. mh5 6t 100 BE&s U FORK. bbls and 1 - 2 bbls Connecticut beef A few bbls prime pork ; 100 firkin lard 8000 ib. bams ; 60 bblt ci Jer Bblt cider brandy; white beans New - Haven mould candles, &c. For tale on board sloop Eveline, Burling - slip. nih 5 It IEER SKINS 8 or 10 hales of 2d quality jlv ueer saint, lor tale by GEO. M. WILSON, 130 Wnter - ttreet rah 5 ONE hundred bbls. Bristol Spanish Brown, 20 do White Lead, With a general assortment of Paints, drr and ground, lorsaie cy KlrLiE Y SI Vt tLU, 192 Front and corner of Fnl too - street An 23 . COFFEE, SEGA RS, fcc - 13 t. and 33 W bagi Green Coffee 21,000 egart,ol superior quality, in half and boxes. . 4 bbli Muscovado Sugar, just received and for sale at 77 Washington - st a of to sen xo . u.u.KS.uuniiUU. FLAXSEED 35 cak flaxteed, landing from sciir Vallorins, from Alexandria For ale by DIVIE BETHUNE & CO. mh 4 92 Cotfee - House tlip. AKTH fcN W A RE 7 1 crates and cass A bloe painted dining setts ftfuorted luttre war Blue painted aod Napoleon plates, for tale at 67 South - street, by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. mch 4 WROUGHT Si CUT NAlLo. - A constant supply of the above article, for sale by roh4 CEBRA & CUMING. TOBACCO, BEEF and IRON. 200 hhdt. prime Kentucky Tobacco 250 bbls. Boston Beef, No. 1, 2, and 3 20 font English Bar Iron. For (ale at No. 98 Wall - street, by mh 2 lw TALMAN h TORREY. 791 HERRINGS, hoxe 1st sort) Herring! of superior 177 do 2d do quality. For tale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, Jan 2R 67 South street rilOBACCO, FLOUR, Sic. 2 illicit, sup J Richmond t obacco 65 bbls fine Richmond Flour 6 do tine Middlings 190 lb, r'lotant Indigo ' ' ' 100 French Demijohni 5 or. vaski old borcial Madeira Wine 4 do old Malmsey do do For tale by W. k S. CRAIG. Jan 19 CALCUTTA GOODS, fcc 150 halet Cal KJ cutta Goods, viz. Gurrads, Saunas, Costat, (iailai, bandannoet, Gilla and LiingeeHdkft 300,0(M) Ih handsome Batavia C flee 5000 pieces long yellow NanUtent 50 tons Old Sable Russia Iron 8 hhds Kentucky Tobacco 28 bales Upland Cotton 40 tout Cauipeachy Logwood 12 pipe Sicily Madeira Wine 11,000 Madras and Calcutta Gnat Skim 150 boxes Chocolate, Ground Fuf lie Senna. Gum Copal. Muitard Seed Asaietida, Castor Oil,lJtini Trajacanth cal Aiuomac, Ac. r or sate bv JOSEPH OoBORN, mh3 28 Soulh - street. X vl O X. boxes bloom raisin 232 do Muscatel do 131 casks do 365 ceroons snft - ehell almouds The cargo of the schr Thomas Tenant from Gibraltar For sale by PAGE fi TRIPLETT, mh 5 lw ' 96 Coffee - House slip, FLOUR, Ac - 406 bblt. and 90 hull do. tu perline flour 36 tierce flaxseed. Just received per ichr. Vallorious, from Alexandria, and fur sale at 92 t,. It. slip, by mh5 DIVIE BETHUXF.& CO I.MaH R. iiO bids Flour, lumliiij I rem schr. F Native, I rum Richmond, for tale by mh5 W US. CRAIG N. SMI I H DW'ILs, Late conductor ol the lu?n.e. - i of Mr. Nathaniel Smith. "FFERS for tale at KJ his Manufactory, No. 136 Broadway, as general and extensive an assortment 01 periumery and fancy articles as may he found in this city. Among which are Vegetable transparent (having liquid, which makes a creamy hither and softeut the beard Oil antique for curline, glossing, strengthening, and pi - rluiuing the hair, anil urevununz 11 iroin lurniua Krev Fine cosmetic cold cream, lor removinz tcuif, roughoest, all manner of eruptions, and chaps from the tkin. Carbonic or charcoal dentifrice, chemically prepared for preserving the teeth and gums Vegetable rouse, for civine a natural colour to tlie complexion Pearl cosmetic, or face powder, for whitening the kin llilddy improved chemical cosmetic wash ball for soltninK. preiervimr, and beaulilyins the skin, and preventing itfioin chapping snpernne rote, vioiti, ami I'litui nuir uwuer , warranted to be pure and ff.c from adultera tion Almond paste, for washing the skin Almond powder, fur tlie same purpose C hemical dentilrice tooth owder, warranted lialsaniic 1 1 it salve of roses, for Living a beau tiful coral red to the lips, curing roughness and chaps, and leaving thein smooth buu couitoria - hle Celebrated A'iiion corn plaster, so well known to be en elhcaciout remedy for corns Uiglily iionrovcii chemical mint 01 roset, inr prekirving UiP skin, clearing 11 iroin scur:, ren nets, t.inburu, and chaps, aud lur uie use 01 gen tlemen alter shaving Highly iinpioved tweet scented hard and toft pomaiumt Poinmadc d grasse, for ttrengthcnirg and prouiount; the growth of the hair, and preveut - ing it from coming out Chemical abstergent lotion, for tlm teeth anil tun i Aromatic tooth paste, for whitening and pre serving the teeth and gurus Puntird Alpine shaung tnkrs, made on ache mical pnni'ii!e ; and it so well known to be tu perior to must other topt lor tofining the beard and promoting the operatiuo of shaving liiihly iini roved violttshaving powder, which is particularly alpled to th. use ol 1 ravellers, Ifcilip eiT I'lriKt.'lL, IUU 111 Bll IT' JJW w 'm vmc 1 lent article for shaving Please be particular and riiserv - , that all Uie foregoing arliclet of N.SYllH DA VIES manuracture, will have hit name uion Uiem 10 copier ulute or tyu - . Magnum bonuin, ne plus ultra, reooed tleel. ii - . . .. ... concave, and a variety ol coinmou razors, in ca let and tingle; bntanma metal nml glass tha - ving boxet of vanous uses, suitable lor thaving easel ; tliaving boxet, witn glass, urusli and sonp ; do with glass, brush, soap nnd hair brusli and a variety of common thaving boxet ; razor strops ol various Hindu, sues, nnu quality ;some very small and one suiianie lor thaving caset ladies' japanned dressiug cases, furnished or un furnished ; gentlemen's morocco and mahogaoy dressing cases, lurnisnea in a suiienor style; la diet and gentlemen ran have the drawers of portable desks and toilette classes fitted up for ores ing, in a superior style ; a handsome assortment of ladiet work boxet ; needle cases completely furnished with needlctof tlie best quality ; a variety of pockct - hooki ; thread cases ; gilt, plated and tilk ; ivory line combs of all sizes, tome extra tupertine ; Ikx wood fine combs ; fortune shell, ivuri, and horn pocket combs :da rahle ink , salt of lemOnt ; tongue nrap"rs , tooth pirkt ; tooth pick caset and tweeters ; patent pe netrating nair brushes ; ny toe tligniet application, they penetrate to tlie root of tlie thickest hair, (learning from it all prespirable matter a - rising from excet or exercise - , giving to tne head and hair a sensibility of pleasantness not to he expected from the common kind of hair brushes ; hair brnsBes ; clothe! brnsliei ; tooth brash - ei ; shaving brushes, with or without cases : nail brushes : comb brushes ; hat brushes, whisker brushes, with glass ; plate brushes and flesh brash es, ineseare rtapie anient, oi wmcn irsrre is ao assortment on hand, equal, if not superior, to any in the United States : a very elegant assortment of pen and pocket knives ; fine and com mon scissors an - t scissor casts ; Iruit knives; variety of One fancy boxpt and muff boxet; hair pins ; bodkins aod black pin : pencil caes aad black lead imuli ; one twaa an J nm suns powder boxet and powder knives ; a an - y of nanosome cut giast niimaiurr rxxiiea, vw ciibids. necklaces, Ac. with silver and gokl caps amel - ling bottles, with volatile salts ; aromatic spirit vinegar. fJT" Large deductions made to country storekeeper!, who will had it miu b to their. advanlagt keep an ass - vr.roent of the articles of N. Smith Davis' manuueture, as tney are put ep in ire best stvle. and made to suit any climate Mer chant will be supphed wholesale for cspjrta - tion. tub i in a er in LOGWOOD. 401ooi Campeacey Iogwood, laodinz at pier No. 10, Irom brie Recover, and foriale by - JOSEPH OSBOK - N, mh 3 tu south - street. T lUiVlBLLlCS. Mi small canes liall - ptut tumblers, for tale in UAt to suit iiurthas - crs, by G. G. & S . I K )W L A N D, nich 3 77 Wahington - i't. J HEAT 1300 bblt toutberu wheat, atloal, sj anil lor sale tiy K. it C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. mhS TI 1CH MON D I Or" ACCO 7 bluls ol clioice 1.1 Richmond Tobacco for salt? by leh 2lt WM. AlSA.'d.CRAKS. I iUM, r.i,, He. ihJ liluls und 50 1)1 Is. 1st At. prcxif new rum 10 bbls C'oiintrv Girl 30 pilit Gray's Brandy, for side hy JACKSON & WOOLEY, mh3 75 Wnll - itn - t - t WALMI Si GAL.LAGI1ER, titi 6oull. - tt. offer for sale 140 hhds prime old Richmond tobacco, principally of superior quality aud iu entire parcels 100 hhJs uew do 40 do prime Kentucky do ' 300 kegs richinond manufactured do, various brands and qualities 200 bbls Richmond flour 500 do Petersburg do 126 bollt Holland duck, 25raik - claret 30 crate earthenware, assorted 50 casks English dry white lead 3 butts best London porter 24 casks mulard, 5 puncheons hare skies 500 reams medium printing paper 700 do cap No. 1 4 2 30 gross press papers, Sic. mch 3 r Si C. NICHOLS. No. 132 Pearl - al. have V just received 3 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens, assorted 2 do. Brown do. 2 do. Canton Crapes 1 do. Black Fringed Handkerchiefs 1 do, Sewing Silks, assorted 2 do. Madapolam Shirting 2 do. Marseilles quilting, assorted 2 do. Cambric Muslin, assorted 1 do. Striped Jams 1 bale Rhode's Bombazetts 1 do. siioeifine Broad Cloths All vt ry low charged, which they offer for sale at a small advance. mho lw 13 FLAXSKUI te Jlr.AjVS. bblt flaxseed and 10 bbls while bea u, for tale by HENDERSON Si CAIRNS, Feb 25 HI I'ine - st, I )APER. 7 tales ol n irood onabl v, lor aiue bv UhJIiRA M IJtlMIMi, tub 4 76 Pearl - street. VA WA Ii LF. PROP Ell I T. For sale, the Dover Iron Mtinufart urine Kiirtblikliiiienl. in tlircoiiiitv of Morris, and state ol New - JerM - y ; consisting 01 u roliini; nnii sui - ling Mill, in irood repair, which works I wo pair ol rollers ami cullers, shears, Ale. ail ai inc san.r time : a valuable force with I wo fires and one hammer in pood repair ; a stock ef coal and ore on hand, siillicii 11I to make lilt y tons of iron ; a good saw mill ; ami nail far lory in good repair, sufficient to crxploy thirty men, and may he extended lo employ one hundrtd more ; a brad cutting machine and atteel furnace in ii' - 1 repair; convenient to the works it a store ai d a number of houses for the ion ol lamihci, and excellent stabling for teams that may be necessary lo keep lor the use of the establishment ; id so, orchard, pasture and meadow lots, imme diately adjoining the works, with timber Und in any quantity, riot exceeding two thousand live hundred acres, within three milet of laid works. I he treat vein ol iron ore, commencing at me noted Suck nsunny mine, runt more than z miles throuxb this tract, and three mines are now open, from which the forget are supplied with ore, and more - may be opened and ore raised to supply works to any extent ; the mines arc within two miles of taid works, and good roads, to that the ore can lie raised and delivered at the lorge at two and a hull dollars per Ion. I he above iletcnbtd works are tiiuaien on Rockaway River, about eight mih'i from Mor - rislown, twenty live nulet from tJiiahelh 1 own, and about the some distance front Newark, with good turnpike roadt leading from taid work to each place, in a pleasant healthy situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being two Presbyterian Churches within lour milet, and a friends' meeting house within two miles ol laid place. feting house within two miles ol laid p ace. i his itand lor collecting hnr iron lor the slit - one hundred I li.rge fires in the county ; most ol them are on the streams above Dover, and the mil mill n TCI J nminiiui'lliift, urcii: uuut 11 ii i t t it uiii s - v I11.H - vi sm iu ns n f vm vvii niently past those work. At this null frequently four torn of bar iron have been slit and bundled into nail and spike rod! in a day, and upwards ol one hundred tons of nails have been made in a year. A large amount of goodi may be sold at this place in exchange lor bar iron,procuring lup plies, tic. Sic. There arc valuable ir.itci both a hove I below on this tract, on which more worki may lie erected. ALSO. That valuable will known farm, Ivinc in the township of Randolph, about two milei from Dover, and six miles from Morristowo, and within one quarter of a mileol the Union turnpike road, near r'tusam vaucy, calico the uistiiiery r arm, containing about three hundred acres, about one fourth part of which is excellent meadow, one fourth part plough and pasture land, and the re mainder timber. A considerable part oftbe tim her is of the original growth, and ii suitable lor tawing, live oUier part is thrifty young timber, from fifteen to twenty years growth. There are on laid farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, in fine order, eight to sixteen yean old, the o.oit of them ol grafted fruit, and more than half ol them Hariton apples, so famous for cider. The meadows are flat and free from stone, through which runs two lively streams of water, and nearly the whole may be watered. One of these stream! is sumcieot for a grist - mill or other works ; there are law mills, a grist - mill, a ful ling null and oil mill, on the same stream. On said farm are two valuable scites for water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raise a considerable pond, with twelve or ulteen feet head. Below thii the water can he taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on good orm ground, it more than twenty feet fall. In this way the water cau he worked twice over with tlie exieiise of only one dam. I here is on saul I arm an extensive cio:r mill with four presses and cisterns, housed nnd well hooped with iron, iwlhcient to hold twelve bun dred barrel! of ri ler. Connected to tlie cider worki ii the still - bouse, so conveniently situated that the whole operation is completed witiiout pumping, I he water for condensing the spirits is sonplied from a ntver tailing spring, within six rods ol'ihe itill Jiouse, and hai sufficient head to ma into tlie cisterns. The building! consist el two small frame dwellings, one good frame barn, 54 feet long by 26 faet wide, under a part ol which ii a good cellar ; there are alio bay house, cow lueds, vc. Al.bO, Ttreii lias lu hist; w . i fi am uitj a v ut t tha 4inntr. l Uorpis ithin lour miles, and I nart nl the rond tumtiikpH. 1'l.psprpral tracts connected with tint establishment amnnnt alto - 1 r, gether to ahoatfoarteeaharidred'arres, the great - part timber, to make a durable tapplyoi coal j, for the forge. Immediately adjoining U forge "very valuable plow and meadow land Hfosl nouorchaHandhanm beiide teveral good dwelhngi for the families that may be employed working the forge . The whole or any part of this very valuable I prnir y win nw oia at rmtjt puce anu w wll mAe it worthy the attention ol aor persoa wit.irig to ptsrenase. I or luruier wiormuo ..yj JACiiB LOSEY, at Dover. ISRAEL CA.NFlELD, at MomVtowe. BUCK WKLL M'r ARLAN, at N. York. febfJDiiCU i annum foi)htij at innifKuuu. id urn luwn - j4ay ship of Jeflerson, six miles from Dover, on the mam branch of Rockaway River, coiisisting of very valuable forge, with two fires and one nam - me, abundance oY water the whole year, a large pood, aod a very warns situation, aad for fifleln sr. i i - 1 i . - f . i i l.r.. .d m.m .... hvaa 1 i f ed lo in 1. way. the wUl .. I'd the ladies city, sant, it GRAND BALL Ai the Citr Hotel. MR. CHARRUAUD has tha nonor to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen, that 00 Wednesday eveninr, I Ith of March next, hit an nual Grand BalLvuM take place ia the Assem bly Room of tha City - Hotel. In the course ol the evening two ballctt and several fancy dances M illbeexhihited and executed by Mr. C. and w - veral of Ids pupils. The room will be elegauCy illuminated. Part I A patora! diverting Ballet. 1. Mrch Lodiska 2. First entrance 01 the corpde ballet, by 12 voiinif Indict 3. Pus Stul AUrgretto by a youns lady 4. College Hornpipe hy a young centleman 6. The Gavote Ue Yettri by Mr. Charruaud and a ynung'lady 6. Pas suel andante tv a Young ludy 7. I'ante troit in tro by three jouns ladu. u. rat seui niiii.iniino ny a youne la.'iy U. (irand pat ipuI allegro by Mr. C, 10. Corpde b:llatfinal by 12 your. Indii s, Part 2 - The ballet cl Salmticrt. or the Woollen Slinemakei't Cottage. 1. Enters a riilte sellar hvd in the forest. 2. I nters Mr. Ch.tuuaud tiding part ol arlown j. i pas seui l y a youni imyr. 4. Eiders three S lntiers and 1 1. nice withclulis nhd wooden shoes by U young gentlemen. 5. A dance half couiiu hy Mr. C. 6. A pastoral dunce by 5 young ladietind 5 young grnllemi n. 8. Grand tolo with wooden thott by Mr C. Final by the whole. ManagHrnfthe Kail, Mr. Biart. The Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, and the bullets at 9 precisely. Tickets One Dollar, to be had at Mrs. Gaston's 42 itroad - tt. ut the bar of the City Hotel, and at uie door on iriai I'vciiiiie. Gentlemen are not ullowed to dance in hoots mh 4 fit GR.VD HALL. 1 1 R. WHALE has the honor of making il I known to the Ladies und Gentlemen, that Ins Grand annual I. all will take place on Tues day evtning, the 10'h ol Maicn, id the City At seinhly Roi ui,Cily Hotel. In the course of the evening a puitoral ballet will be performed twenty of Mr. W's pupils, in which will he tmiluce.l a vanulv ol elegant l.incy dances, a - danced in all tlie fashionable circles of London and Paris. 1. Le entree of the corps de ballet, by 16 young luthisand 4 young gentlemen. . i.e lurure corps tie ballet Aliiiuet de Devonshire and Gavotte, ns compared by Monsii ur Veslris, hy Master vt h.ile nml u young limy. 4. A pastorale pat do troit. hy 3 young ladies 5. A ni - .ottish ballet hy tl voting Udiet. 6. A coisntiuv pat dt deux tv the Master Whules' 7. Minuet do la cournnd envotte, (at rompo led and danced hy Monsieur and Madame tiardi - l) hy 4 young ladiet 8. Naval llornpipe, hy 4 young gentlemen 9. I.e shawl dance, by 2 young Indies 10 A Scotch hnniruie, hy a vounir lady 11 Gnvolle de Veslris, by 4 young ladies mid 4 young gentlemen 12 Prino ss Charlotte of Wales Scotch strath spey minuet, by 4 young Lidies, 13 ( odaqiie lloroidpe hy Matter V. Whah; 14 Madeiu isi;lle Pari - iot't lavonle hornj - iiie, bv 3 young ladit. - i 15 Abeman le frnui - ail, by three young ladiet, (a sij Ip 01 d im ing t.iuuht by the most i nil - liei t proletori in London and Paris, pecu harly adapted for the elegance ol person und grace in carriage. 10 A grind pus seal, composed l Mr. W. after the style ol Elder Vettris, by mailer Whale 17. Finale by the coipide ballet Ticked, one dollar, to be had at the bar of the I City Hotel, Messrs. Dubois, Wilson, Si I leu it's music stores, and at Mr. w hale 1 rctiiience, .o. - l Vnndewatpr - strept. iuar3llt BOMUAE 1 I S, assorted colours do all black do twilled, assorted colours, just re - ceived - Fortaleby OTIS SWAN, mch 3 157 Pearl it. - i IRON. , m y Tons S weedes iron 6 torn English Bat iron a - sorted for sale l y G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, mch 3 77 Washington tt. ITtRSH imported Linens, just receiv'd and Ml openiiiir, for sale very cheap, bv the tin gle piece, or package, at 1T2 Fultmi, latu I'ar - itMin - street, nearly opposite Lhurcli - strret. mh 3 lw GRAND LOT1 hlty. nACIE'S, 146 Broadway, have the pleasure It f ,; , u4.nn. jh (). it j flU'HYJCI VII4II l.l 1 V. in II., if - ffi,nri, nd patrnn. wW,( , cr)Iltain, only 10,fHrn llrk,.ta . )rcM!I1, pn7cl. jq da. Lef, tnnrl tw0 blanks to a prise ; prises payable at the Union Bank, in tlie en y ol new - iora, tunas alter thediawing it finished, und cash advanced for prizes by tlie GRACIE'd at toon at drawn. Sllllvu r 1 prize or 70,000 dollar 1 of 35.000 doHnrs 2 of 10,000 dollait 2 of 6,(100 dollars 10 of 1,000 dollars 30 of 500 dollars 140 of 100 dollars 3200 of 30 dollurs This lottery will commence drawing on the 6th May next, and to be finished in twenty dayt drawing. chM(11 in ,;, ottery , a i( believed 10,000 Adventurers nre advised o make early pur - tickets will soon de disposed of Orders receiv fur tickets in this and all other popular lotte ries. Prize Tickets in the Medical Science Lot tery now drawing, wanted mh 5 BOARDING An elderly lady alio a gentleman and hit wife can be accommodated with apartments ami Board in a private family nnd central (dilation, from tlie first of May next, Apply at this office. mh 5 lw CIRCULATING LIBRARY. AT. GOODRICH Si CO. 121 Brnadwav. corner of Cedar - street, continue liberally supply their library with new publications, which, together with their extensive collection various departments, render! it an object worth the attention ol the public. N R. For sivli. as nhovp. all th nptelv nnh. iMtei B0Vc! . lo, rot . Mannen ; Mnndeville ; Rosabella Balance cf Comfort; Purity of Heart, kc. He. mh 5 FVH SAL.E, THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138 Fulton - street, near Broadway, consisting of an extensive and choice collection of history, travels, voyages, biography, romances, novels, tales, plays, reviews, majarines, Sic. Catalogues may be examined at the library, which is open lor tuhtcriberi, as usual. mh 4 tl URtiTKLL HOARDING. rRANKl.IN HOUSE. This new, spacious and splendid Bmldinjr, situated in llrosd - the creat and fashionable street dividing centre of the citr. at the corner of Dev t. be opened by the subucriber on '.ne nr. or ... . . lie urmer anartments overlkine whole town, Mmm.iiii;nr a view iif the adjacent country . rim inference of 50 miles, including tlie the Narrows, and the Harbour ; and it believed that no Home in the country ex - . w fltr errance of itructure or sit, . d exVcnte hivin been spar - by the owner to make it corhelete fcr purp - te, in every respect, it will offer to and gentlemen, and families vinling Uie the most genteel, pleasant and retired a be krcd mtJteUie entertainment pic rare and excellent. This establishment intended exclusively for Genteel Boirrding. Mil. IIENDKI'.'JUN. fbttD&Ctf i si I ,1 torn vir: ui - nni. For the reception ot lioariien. , Ctt(.j ,n(j wjj be funiished in a man - .uniiis.ed, for convenience and ele '"'u'l .'..,,. ,i,r r:tv h1 P f r u !; ?.m ,!n beinl occupies the most eligible !' ' "'. fMlm Ifl Vll'W OT UIC I Jli sm HI HI VI I I MARBLE FOR HVTLD1XO. sW THE proprietors of tha southern marble qua', lies, near Kinr't - Bridre, give notice, that they hare on hand, and are receiving, at th AunT's - iinage Marble end Ime - ltrd, loot of Ueach - street, en the Hudson river, an extensive stock of tuarbla (or building, of tha following d - tcriplions, vix Ashlar Coring WaterUU Foumlalion Stems) ftep Chimuey - PUcas Platfonn Facing Sills, Lintels Columns A rches Alto Lime of the best quality. ZJ A ronstint supply of the above materiali may be calculated upon; nnd those di - irons cf purchasing, or making engagimtulf, dl apply to EZRA LI'DLOW, Feb II At tlie Yard. STKEK I MA1 hi. fjT" The contracts which nre ti be entered in to lor thb street manure, will oiiin.i in . - m, the lit of May next, lor 1 or 2, to i t'n.i ntii n - ed in tlie sealed propnsa 1 ; nor the '''' ei - re to lie twept and cleaned, irrmi tl c 't or ' ar. Ii to the 1st of January, in eii rv i nr. F. 1. 31 . ! ECU - .Nl . - h Sh. (JT - ' The stockholder ate hereby otih - d vt 111 elrctioii for thirteen I n - - ( trs ili !( I.r d nil lh fir - t Tuesday iu A d nxi. Ji - I ;h 'lie poll will he opened at tin h Vur - IKu in ill street, at 10 o' h k A. M. aud closed ut 3 o'clock P. M. Hy order ol the Pres ident ;u.d Dirtctors. nirhS V. FI.' A ( ARD !0Mr. CHARRUAUD respect 11 - .mo me the ladies and reutlemrn, that, as ho 1.1 Id cot . procure musicians for his grand ball ou Thuriay, 12th inst. he is obliged to give tl ball a day sorter, whiih will take place on Wednesday efChins, nut, I Ith inst. in the Assrm'.lv Koona of the CHy Hotel. uih3 6t MILITIA FIXES Kor"i8lT , At a nume 011s n" eting of cii cns, who have paid, or are now subject to Militia Fines, imposed by the tourt martl d of ahii h (.nil. Stiidiliforil was President, and Huh Mxell, eq Jtidg:1 Advocate, in the year 1814, held last evening at the Bank Coffee House ' It was iinaiiini usly resolved, that a committee be appointed 10 tal e proper advice upon ti e subject, and r - pot t thereon 1 All ci'izei.t who feel themselves aggrieved, by the imposition of the mid tine, h requested to attend at the Bank CuHi e Houston Mon day evening the yth hint, at 7 o'clock, to hear the report of the committee. mh J 6t THE FOKU W. 05" 'J'he next Forum i postiKined to Fii lay, the l3tii itishiut, when In - lollowing question will he licu - etl : ' OU;bt inipri - iMin - . t for debt t t e f on'inu - - d ?" n h 4 3t liOI AUl NEH. - lilP (Xj" I he subscribers hiive lorinrd a 'onoexion in iiiiii'i as Mch Ii un'' F.tch'tnue Hn lltis, uo - d.r the 111 mo! LIVINGSTON Jt I R At l.llice No. i'9 W all st eel, lately occupied I i D.Httv port Si 'I racy. v .1 i.h. 1 1 Ar. iv. l.l t l.t3 1 Ui. IIE.NRV D. TRACV. rnli 4 lw NO l it. t.. flV" Vhe s ibscti! rr bavin - imV n ! ' U'.IU CHANTS IIDTF.L in WaH . - li..', 1st . Iw ropiid bv his brother, Solomon I). Gibson, ro - pecllully iiihiitsUie patron age 1 I the public. mch 4 tl I. tl. Glll - ON. To the lUlitintqf JVm - ork ZERAH HAWi.KY Hi)sicin unit Duilist, would inform the iiilmhita.its of New - York, that he has taken tin i.rTu e at No. 331 Pearl - street, where he wifl extract, elean, JUe.Jit and let l eilh iu the most approved manner. He will also present any irregularity ol the lecnndary 'et - th. if application is made to him in season. He flatters liims' If, from the experience he has had in hit prolession, that he shall he able to give general satisfaction. For character the public nre referred to Mr. (Sen. P. Sliipiimn, men bant, No 63 South - street, and Doctor A. Ives, No. tftu J Varl - street. It 'hum it may eoneern. OT Thii certifies, Dial Dr. rnh Hawley ia a regular hnvl physician, and in good itamlinc a ith his hrefl.r' n in this place ; that he hat paid particular attention to Ihn art of Denhiliy, ha studied the best hump, an worki on (he iiihjert. and hat given very good snliiluct ion in Ihis branch (n hit i uib'tuL - rv who are person of (he first re - portability in this city. We therefore, with en tire confidence, recommend Dr. Hawley to the chitons oi New Yoit, as a dentist. ."Eneas Munson I Eli Ives Nathan Smith Jonathan Knight. Prufessori of the Medical Institution ol Vale Col College. New - Haven, Jan 22, 1810; mh 3 lw Alt RATI VE of a voyage in hit majesty's J. j late ship Alcestc, to the Yellow Sea, along the co.irt of Corea and through its numerous hitherto undi - covered Islands to tha Hand of Lewchew, with an account of Iter shipwreck in the straittof Caspar, by John M'Leod, surgeon of the ship, I vol, Gvo. price I 75, ju - 4 received and for sale by W. B. Gil LEY, mch 4 62 Broadway. SOUND STEAM BOAT LINE. I'n'O riMlh lino will commence I nn Mm.rlftV. lit Oth Imps inst. when the Connecticut, AJIiiCupt Bunker, will leave New s'ork lor New - Haven, at 8 o'clock, A. M. The Fulton, Cspl Law, will Icive New London for New - Haven at Uie tame hour; both boats will leave New - Haven at 7 o'chx k P. M. on Monday The Fulton, Captain Law, for New - London, nnd the Connecticut, Captain Bunker. for New York. They will continue to run during the teaion, every Mouday, Wednesday and r rnlay. ft - Notice will be given when the Fulton running ai far at Norwich, mh 4 I RS. BKOWN, rcrpertfully recommends to ill the Ladies of this City, her melh - xl to teat bin the Systematical hand riling vrlncli has universahy prevailed in England lor tlie !. t ven years. 1 hose l.uies wno are uiircascu with their presenl mode ol writing, lei ne ever Kill, in tvreli - e lessons write with neatnait and dexicnty witiioul the trouble ol rul. iugtheirpaperortbeuseoflines. Ladies waited unon at their own resideoce, and ichoolt attend - ed on application. r;0VVV( 23 Front..t. TEIM3. Pystcraaticsl writing, twelve lessors, $10 K und hand do. for children, per quarter, 8 Pen makiug. taught in one lessoo, 1 nib 4 sew NEW BOOKS. ViT published and rot tale by bid A3 VA - LEN IINE, 101 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - street, Rob Roy, by the author of - Waverly.' Cur Mannering, and 1 the Antiquary, 2 vols, flue copitt2dls. coare I "5. A ronipendium of Geography, containing, besides the matter usual in such works, a short sys - 0 Sacred Geography, by the Revd. John C. Rudd. Rector of St. John' 1 Church. Eluabeth - town, (N. J) sorreipondetice rteween a mother and ber daughter, by Mrs. Taylor and Jane Taylor. Accnin 1 Chemical Amusement. 6 volt, ofelegant extracts, with eogravings. Ordprt reciived for engraving. Copper plate printing of every description exe cuted with nestnes and despatch. DISSECTED MAPS. AT. GOOliiUCH ii CO. 124 Brosdway, . bavti the hillowing maps rreatJy drsw ltd. United States, Europe, r - njslaad ana Walci. K. aud S.America, traote, opsin, Scollnnd, Ireland, Portugal. l!c. B. Those who wrsn 10 msirocc, wime iney . aranre tircir children, Hid hardly Cod a more . - l J atuuseiiiCat. ah 4. .

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