The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 17, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, December 17, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL X1L No. 66- Gettysburg, Pa., Wednesday, December 17th, 1913. Price Tvro Cent*. C h r i s t i n a s N e c k t i e s I WO MOTORCYCLE CHURCHES READY BiDERS INJURED FOR CHRISTMAS Collision between Automobile and , One Service and Three Motorcycle Results in Broken Hip j for Motor Rider. Ward Alleman, of Littlestown Hurt Dawn Services to Usher in Christmas Day in Gettysburg. Sunday Schools Prepare for Festival. j The large Norwalk auwmobile own- | Gettysburg's churches are prepar- i ed and driven bv Samuel White, of: ing to celebrate in a litting manner PLANT HUNDREDS JANUARY COURT OF APPLE TREES JURORS DRAWN Orrtanna Fruit Belt Sees Orchard-!Twenty Four Grand Jurors and Forty ists Busy. Many Plant Trees. | Eight Petit Jurors are Drawn for Town of Orrtanna Gets Fine New; January Term of Court The Two Homes. New Resident ; Lists. LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send · Haay of Interestmf News fn» Respective TBWBS. aod Many Brief (tens. ECKERTS STORE, "Q* the Square" has closed its first season's run, doing ithis"pla^e rraintoTmo\orcydeaboiit]the great Christmas festival. The j a very successful business. The plane i ten miles below Winchester on Sunday! teachers and pupils in the Sunday i purchased1,376,993 pounds of apples, WALTER'S THEATRE severely injuring its rider, Allison j Schools have been getting: ready for j several weeks to rer.der their pro- cross · grams and many delightful criteria Inroads. Mr. White hae sounded his i meats have been planned. Kline. The accident occurred at The canning factory at Orrtanna The following jurors have been j drawn for January term of Court: GRAND JURY W. S- Adams, fruit grower, Menallen. or 27,540 bushels, thus giving the fruit growers a good and nearby market for their falls and culls. The railroad Wm_ Bighara, farmer, Freedom. J. B. Basehoar, auctioneer. Union. Oliver Benner, gent, Gettysburg. WENKSYTLLE Wenksville--Sunday School will b«r held in the Methodist Church Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock.'Preaching ser- shipped out nearly 15,000 barrels of j £. H. Barnes, porter, Gettysburg. } SELIG VITAGRAPH THE INVADER Lubin Western LtBIN horn a« he anoroached but the motor- \ A midnight service will be held in apples from that station. t . . . ! cvdisc suddenly da^ed !" front of !*he Memorial Church of the Prince of Several fine residences are nearmg j J. Goodenberger, Berwick Twp. j Shim and the "collision \i as inevitable J Peace to usher in the Christmas Day. completion. C. B. La Rue has his two j George Hare, farmer, Franklin. i",~ ·,' -*. ,i-. : i :,! :»'TIP«-P will h^ a larire choir and a storv brick residence nearly ready forij. A. Holtzxvorth. livervman. Gb A good western story of tricking ia Pioneer days SCNNV, OR THL CATTLE THIEF- Full of wild Western Spirit, a £un-lovm«: Girl stirs tip the ranch, lakes the blaaie. j and wins in the end. * Feauirts) Marjcar^e Gibsou and George itaaler. THE CATTLR TIlIEF'i ESCAPE Seiig Western A breezy western play in which a line type of par=on--a Wholesome representative j of muscular Christianity---HUH the n.-*pe«, of she community and the fints tLat section. (jn the same reel v.itli THE ELEPHANT AS A WORKMAN, RANGOON, INDIA. MUSIC BY COLLEGE ORCHESTRA (Special 3-Western Reels Tc-nigbt) Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. Coaiinjr Friday Det eraber 19. I ..hough Mr. White turned to avoid it {There will be a large choir and a [and in doing so, ran his car into a j special musical service will be render- led similar to that given the past few young twenty five j years. There will also be service in [fence. i Kline, a occupancv. A. H. Kready is completing a handsome ten room residence. It , Gbg. Harry Hantz, farmer, Reading. H. L Keajry, farmer, Cenev/ago is of pressed brick with large, commo- John E. Krug, farmer Oxford. · ;'the church at 10:30 in the morning, dious porches and modern improve- i Isaac McCauslin, farmer, Mc.^llen. I vears of age, was hurled about twenty i £ to^oblle'and """gave him"preliminary I formed church. The Sunday School comfortable frame dwelling on the G . W. Showers, farmer, Menallen. * - --·" *-- T--U ;- -·-- ;-- site of the Dormer home. {attention. It was found that he had a. 'broken MD and numerous bruises. He service will be held in the evening. On Christinas Eve at seven o'clock a "THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS" PRICES. 0-5, 50, 75, U»- One -- Night -- Only Seats on Sale at People's IVug Store, Tuesday December 10. THE GARDEN AUDITORIUM Skating Wednesday and Saturday- Dantinz. College Orchestra Every Thursday. was ia*e- se-t to his home bv Mr. I Christmas entertainment will be given pleted to the canning ,, . " " ~ . . - ' - , i ;,, 5r MVai-V'" Pefo'~«ed c^m-ch pea»- lacihtstes prompt shipment 01 canned White who secured we services 01 .the « ~t. .la... ^u.c_ nea. young mans own, and he » j a , The railroad switch has been corn- factory, which land Mr. White's the I The recent cold -weather has checked v damaged i Catholic Sunday School will be held in "P the fal1 planting of fruis trees, machine" a^o re-wavier Hail either "- J ' .^ rf Sunday afternoon P H O T O P L A Y j jcident. labour 20 miles an hoar at the time of to be followed immediately by the second mass. The third mass will LL'BIN SEH'ol tSSANAY THE LOVE OF BEAUTY - Labin The youn:r biitvi man i; in love with a homely sirl. Wi n he regains his tight" he f-iiriy runs from her "presence. L^ter however he learns- to love lirr tot herstli al -:»-. THE KEUEMPIIOX OF RAi i.ROAD -TACK Selij "Ksr.lroaU Jack"' a :u-r-lo-weli, in resetting the plncky girl station agent !«·..· ihe- BCTi-ek of iser ru Ivray \e!oeipede, accomplishes his ownredeiapnon. TliK cnOJiEX PAitOIj; - Essjuiay Tne paro'utl'jnau i= --e-ii 5v ihe detective and nNOgn r zea. but when thi · «ri-!;ilv,si-tj£.-jii^.t t-j; i» !!··!' ^ "on the sqo^rt" i*e «IecIJed to ier. hi'a % e- 4,-X »_fprs.~ii-^ fi -if?i,:;»~ -;k. iiijn hack to pns ni - .' . - "": "" Show sirts 6~30 _ Admissifai 5c to all. the accident. 5 - Ward Alleman Hurt i °~ he!d a '- ^ ne o'clock. Ward 41ieman. son of D. B. Alle-! A special service will be he.d in the 1 man, proprietor of the Lictlestown In- i College Lutheran, church Christmas 1 denendent. was injured, when the brake S morning at 10:30, ^ hen Dr. V agner will preach a sermon appropriate TO the day. The Sunday School children will receive their treat on Wednesday afternoon- Their entertainment was given last Sunday evening. The Sunday School enter cainmenc in the Methodist church will be held Christmas Eve at ~K30 o'clock^ The Beginners' .Department; of St. James Lutheran Sunday. School will r.old their exercises on Tuesday after- ioon at half past one o'clock. A dawn on his motorcycle refused to work while he was descending the hill and rounding the curve on the state road at the "Old Forge Farm"', near Spring Grove. His machine, which was traveling at rhe rate of 30 miles an hour, crashed info tie guard rails along the state road, throwing him to * th~e road. He {was stunned and sustained a number Ser-SSWA* !of braises and face and bodj-. abrasions about the ----* ifT' /"ft * j,ia.i:e nun uuuj- i 1 ' " r |*Or"' I 'OUr Cllf IStmaS 1 He was assisted to the office of Dr. ] service will be held Fas six o'clock ~ -- '_-. x - , - -' - ir« -nr t^u« c^^r^o-n^^-o -.^oro -no.-die church on Christmas-niorniner a Clothes;/ SELIGiiaZ^, the iea'din^ tailor, will afford jon tiie mcst satisfadon. Our stocl: of Winter fabrics is exceptional!}- fine in cheviots ard worsteds of most taking patterns and The Quality Shop WIT I. M. SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor '··. W. Bahn. Spring Grove,^ whera he A deep laceration eguired several stitches to close. It could not be ascertained whether he was injured internally. He was taken tu his home at Littlestown by a party of Baltimore au- toists, who had been visiting in Spring Grove. His motorcycle- which was demolished, was shipped to his home ilonday. The young man holds a position in the Capitol at Harrisbarg. CO' VIRGINIA V5r irginia MILLS Mills--Mrs. -John irson S1IHII I K O D A K S I F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S I s " Everything needed by; the Amateur Photographer s£ o«r entire slock ib of else staiuanl 1 E a s t m a n M a k e 1 Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of films. Mail and Pfaone Orders Given Carefnl Attention. i H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E S J. H. HUBER. Drni^Jst. = !and Clarence and Miss Zella Currens. --, of Fountain Dale, spent Sunday at the = i latxer's home with Mr. and Mrs. James Currens. Daisy and Goldie Currens and brother. Allen, of "this place, spent the latter part of the week visiting relatives ] at Blue Ridge Summit. i James Currens killed two hogs re- j centiy, the larger of which weighed 556 pounds. John Kiimp killed two hogs one of which weighed 410 pounds. church on Chris'anas- morning and at- seven o'clock in ths evening the Junday School will hare its entertain- :nent. The Sunday School of the Church of the Brethren will have its usual service of songs and other appropriate numbers next Sunday morning when the children of Jie school will recehe their treat. At the Presbyterian church the Christmas exercises of the Sunday School will be held on Tuesday evening at seven o'clock. A cantata -will be given in the United Brethren church on Tuesday- evening- A special effort is being made to eive an attractive entertainment. Quite a number of trees have been planted and many more will be planted ia the soring. William R. Canon, who purchased the Peter Moritz farm, reports the 800 trees he planted last spring as showing a good growth. He has just nnished planting 500 apple trees, and expects to. plant a larger amount in Ihe spring. Edward Stras- borg has just planted nearly 1000 apple trees- Joan W. Crowe hz_s recently purchased the Smith farm of 90 acres, joining his already profitable apple orchard. He expects TO plant extensively in The spring- George C. Strong has planted 450 trees and expects to plant largely in the spring. ~ Petex Moritz has added several hundred young trees to his orchard and has ordered more trees for spring planting. It is rumored that the Sheely Broi. the Adams County pioneers in apple growing, are to plane a large orchard on their farm z the foothills above Orrtanna. John Cease will add several hundred trees to his handsome young orchard. Mr. Perviance. of Peoria, 111., has purchased the Baker farm and will move here in the spring, and remodel the farm, plant fruit trees, build a summer home, and spend his summer vacations there. Mr. Perviance is an act-or of considerable reputation, and is leading man this season with "The Girl of My Dreams." CUT BY BOTTLE Bursting 3IiIk Bottle Results in an L'gly Injury. BURNED BY HOT METAL Hot Metal flows over Man's Face and Hand. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Daywalc Sun- dayed with her son, Harry Naugie. of Favetteville R. D. George r. Bender, a M-£herry=- town tinner and plumber, had the misfortune to bum his face and left hand severely while pouring some molten lead at- the Farmers' Bank, in that town. Mr. Bender was standing on a step-ladder, pouring the lead on a Miss Daisv Mieklev is spending ? 5 P S ab ° Te him -' vhen in £ cme ^«'e T,..- r-,v : hos meial was upset, striking his lace George James, of Midway, had his right arm severely cut by the bursting of a heated milk bottle, while operating a steam sterilizer at the Elmer Herr dairy. The nesh and blood vessels were severed to the bone and the unfortunate man was in a weakened condition before medical aid could be procured. Dr. A. C- Rice, of McSherrystown, was called on the ccse. I vice at 2.30 o'clock. Mervin Black had the misfortune to fall through an open cellarway on hi* i porch recentlv. He fractured several -. 0 - Feiser carpenter, New Oxford. | ribs and SUSI ii n ed badly bruised legs. He is now able to be about his work j again. j Eugene Miller is busy every day j sawing wood for the farmers with hi» i gasoline engine and wood saw. i Carey Black has planted his farm in s apple trees- Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Boyer m, »OB. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin. McCauslin and children, of Flora Dale, spent Sunday with the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac McCauslin. Mr. and Mrs. George Dentler and children. Sarah and Dale, of Bigler? ville, -visited William Cooley and family on Sunday. _,. Mrs. Sadie Fahnestock and son, of Mt. Holly Springs, visited friends in this vicinity recendy. Melvin Heller, of near West Point, ind Mrs. H. C. Warren visited at. the home of Henry Black on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Warren and children, Eva, Nora, Edgar, Annie, Margie and Wilda, spent Sunday with Mrs. Warren's mother, Mrs. Kane, of aear Cashtown. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cooley and daughter, Mary Ellen, of Brysonia, spent Sunday with Mervin Black and family- Sir, and Mrs. Simon Funt and cBild- ren, and James Shaffer and family^ all of near Brysonia. visited Amos Orner^. ind family on Sunday. Recent visitors at the horae of Mrs,. 3ulie Showers were Crist Cooley and iaugMer, Clara, of Boyds; MrsI Jacob Gochenour and daughter, Carrie, of near West Point; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. C. Shanebrook, farmer Mt-Pleasant. John W. Tate, farmer, Tyrone. Henry Wherley. farmer, Mt. Joy. Samuel M.^Wisler, farmer, Highland. Wm. Travel, laborer. Gettysburg. PETIT JURY Robert Bell, farmer, Straban. Harry G. Bucher, farmer. Franklin. Charles V/_ Bucher, farmer, Mt. Joy. Samuel Bittle. farmer, Germany- Peter Berger. farmer, Mt- Pleasant. Harry Bowers, merchant. Littlestown. Joseph Baldwin, farmer, Menallen. Wm. H. Carbaugh, mfr., Oxford- Emanuel Chronister. farmer Hamilton W. C. Carl, farmer, Mt. Pleasant. Z. M. Danner, farmer, Berwick. G. W. Day. restaurant. York Springs. ELenry J. Dracher, farmer Conowago. layton Eicholtz, farmer, Straban. Wm. Eline. contractor, Littlestown. T. E. Frock, laborer. Gettysburg. J. H. Ginck, farmer, Mt. Pleasant. John W. Gardner, laborer, Huntington. Jacob M. Hulick, clerk. New Oxford. H. R. Houck. farmer, Bu'der. H. Holtzworth. liveryman; Gettysburg 3has. Hoofer, cfgarmaker, Abbottstown Prof. jHarry^Himesi gent^Gettysfaurgr: John Keefer, cigarmaker,"Littlestown. Irwin Kindigj-farmerHUnion. Wm. Knouse, farmer, Menallfcn. David G. Lott, farmer, Straban. J. Frank Mehring, gent, Littlestown. John L- Myers, farmer. Hamiltonban. Adam J. Myers, waiter. Gettysburg. C- H. Richter, farmer, Berwick. Waybright Rice, farmer. Biglerville. Clinton Rife, farmer, Mt- Pleasant, John F. Reese, laborer, Hamil'conban. Webster Shank, laborer, Hnntington. Harry Shryock, laborer, Fairfield. James G. Straley, farmer, Mt- Joy. Wm. Sunday, gent, East. Berlin. Lewis Stavely, cigarmaker,Litt!estown R. Smith, cigarmaker, McSherrystowr. Eugene C. Shriver. laborer .Gettysburg John E. Singley. farmer, Hamiltonban Emory Steinour. clerk, Gettysburg. T. J. Winebrenner, tinner, Gettysburg. W. F- Watson, farmer, Hamiltonban. Ohver Weybright, farmer, Freedom. J. B- Zimmerman farmer. Mt- Pleasant Baldwin, and ' children, Edgar^ and Margie; Mrs. Amos Orner -smd son, William, Edna Showers and ~,Eugen« Mfller- - '- - - ' Mrs. Johir~Showers and -son; Kinley, spent Sunday af tefnoon 41irsd "laylor tnd fanr'y- Miss Edna McCauslin is several weeks with friends at Harrisburg. Miss Fanny Beamer is spending: cwo weeks with her brother, Josepn- Beamer, and family, of near Asper» Station. Mr. and Mrs. -James Wingert, of Uriah, spent Saturday with Henry Black and family. John Wills, of Huntsdale, is visiting his sister, Miss Ellen Wilis. Among the large number of fine porkers thar were killed in this vicin- : ·ty, Joseph Taylor killed two which -veighed 498 and 546 pounds- The Wenksville school will hold ?t*~ Christmas entertainment on Tuesday, avenlng, December 23d. =E jsome time with her sister, Mrs. Dar.-j "-- , _^ , _. , ,. ., · f*t^. JI_:T? _ e a" of Gladhil Graceful Lines j Beaiitifil Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. jiel Benchotr, and family ) Station. Mrs. James Daywalt and family, of FayetteviUs, are now visiting at ths home of her daughter, Mrs- Maurice Lightner. Mr. and Mrs- William Shindledecker ar.d Grace and Hazel Kepner spent ar - dhand - Dr - A " C- Rice the i necessarv attention. HOTEL SOLD Eagle Hotel, McSherrystown. is Sold to Present Clerk. Ttsese, the 3iiler3$in£ features -»h: s and characterize ihens smart. radiate visibly ifaron,c;li all oar J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. Sunday at the home of 3Ir. and Mrs. j Augustus Peters, of Fairfield Station. ] Mrs. Joha Kump and sister, Tressie I Lightner. spent Monday in Gettysburg. ] WANTED: several hundred bundles i of fodder . Apply -John Delap or tele- !phor.e 140 Y.--advertisement 1 For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. ·J KODAKS, Jilms. everything in Ko- ·dak line always fresh. Huber's Drug j Store.--advertisement 1 ; SOLID silx-er handle umbrellas !§6.00. Ziegler's Gift Store, Chambers- I burg street.--advertisement 1 J" John Dorwart. of the Eagle Hotel. McSherrystown, lias sold the good will and fi-crures of the place to S:an- islaus Weaver, his clerk, who will take charge as soon as the licence is tran? ferred. Mr. Dorwart has had charge cf the hotel for about a year buying the property from Lewis S. Cuip. now of Carlisle. He wisl return to New Holland. Lancaster county, his former home. FIVE US" ONE FAMILY Five Diphtheria Cases in One Family at Midway. The family of Robert Myers, of Midway, is sadly afflicted. Mrs. Myers ard four children, Grace, Evelyn, Robert and Ruth being ili with diphtheria. MANY HUNTERS This County Has almost Three Times HAS ARM BROKEN School Teacher Falls from Bench and Breaks her Arm. Miss Rosa Routzahn. of Bendersville, teacher of Pines Church School near New Chester, broke her right arm at the wrist Tuesday afternoon. She fell from a bench on which she was standing Vo pull down a window shade- 3IRS. A. P- C. BONTE Mrs. BoiUc Died in Cincinnati Monday. on as many Hunters as Franklin. Fresh Daily, BE sure and get your entries in this CHOCOLATE COAPED DATES 20c lb- CREAM PILLED DATES 20c lb- ] week for the big poultry show.--ad- 1 vertisement 1 FOR SALE: a double heater stove, good as new. Call at No. 303 Balti- G J L . T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N more street.--advertisement SPECIAL price in mesh barrs s!5 this week. Ziegler's Gift Store, Cham- bersbarg street---advertisement 1 BIGLERVILLE poultry show. All entries for exhibiting poultry must be mailed by Saturday, December 20th.-- advertisement * 1 WOOD for sale, sawed short and cord wood. Rhinehart and Shealer.-advertisement 1 The state has sold 242325 hunters' licenses, netting it §218,092. Franklin county licenses number 800. Fulton 102, A«isr:is 2269. Cumberir.d C056. j P. C. Bonte, died" in Cincinnati on Mon- 3T°» nd aiid re P o ^ · \ dav. She was a cousin of Miss Annie ] -ondiaon for that ARENDTSVILLE Arendtsville--Several days ago ,vhen Harry H. Warren was putting" a vicious mule in the stocks prepara- .ory to shoeing it, the male kicked aim on his right hand and lacerated ;ne of his fingers badly- He had to get it dressed and bandaged. Daniel Lister, who was confined toils bed for several weeks with a brok- an rib and breast bone that he receiv- M in a fall in his wagon shed, is able iO be up and about again. William Warren, of Harrisborg, \vho purchased two building lots in. ihis town, has the cellar dag and -will proceed to build a house on one of them. Our farmers are still plowing corn \J«iV- OliC w«x= a. %.ww^*«* v* ~ ] - J - T .r T* ^~_ Danner of this place where she visited j -«al tor ^e «^« D««»0£ frequently and had a large "umber of ,f! friends. Sbe leaves one Bonte. of Dayton, Ohio. son. The Good Samaritan Sunday School will render a~~ THE Willing Workers of St. Paul's i Lutheran church. Biglcrville, will furnish supper and refreshments in the basement of tne church on Friday and Saturday evenings. December 19 and 20. Everybody invited.--advertisement 1 John, - iass ° J | Christmas program in the 1 room of the Lutheran church on De- CHRISTMAS: we are ready to supply your wants with a large stock. Special low prices on ladies' and misses' coats, and on wool hats and caps. G. H. Knouse, Bijrlerville.--advertise- ment *· THE following merchants will close every Wednesday and Friday evening cember 21, at 7 o'clock. A collection will be taken for the benefit of the ev __ at GIOO, beginning Friday, January Loys" - Orpnans .Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roberts were 1-f C. H. Klenner, H. W. Trostel and, . . . . . M. E. Knouse, and E. G. Lower., recent visitors w,th fnends TM *oifc. ^ , T i r e i - c r ' A very pleasant social was held at ,as Brothers, J. H. feeaseb S G. \^ P ,, son, Thoma Bigham and G. H. Knouse will close at 6:30.--advertisement 1 ORDER your turkey now for Christmas dinner, alive or dressed. Rice Produce Co. ReberVs old stand.--, advertisement 1 ±e home of Mr. and Mrs. Willis H- Pitzer on Thursday evening of last week for the Bible class of the Lutheran church. Refreshments were served and a most delightful evening was spent- There were about forty in attendance. SPAPFRf

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