The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 27, 1944 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1944
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

10 Thursday, Jan. 27, 1914 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE HOUSE GROUP ASSAILS WLB Maintenance of Union Membership Clauses Hit Washington, (JP)--The national war labor board was accused by ,a special house committee of violating the constitution by requiring maintenance-o£-union membership clauses in contracts between workers and employers. The committee, set up to investigate "acts of executive agencies beyond the scope of their authority," declared in a blistering report to the house that the constitution can not be suspended by the president or his agents "merely because a state of war exists." If the labor board's "autocratic challenge to 'Constitutional authority remains unanswered and uuremedied." the report said, "it will-.imperil our present economic system and will mark the transition of our government from one of laws to one of men." : Five of the seven committee members including Chairman Smith (D., Va.), signed the report. . A dissenting opinion was filed by Representatives Voorhis oE California and Delaney of New York, . democrats, who held the board "has not exceeded authority duly granted to it by congress itself." Signing the majority report with Smith were Representatives Peterson (D., Ga.), Hartley (R., N. J.), Jennings (R., Tenn.) and Hoffman (R., Mich.) ·The majority listed these policies as "highly dangerous and menacing to the system of private enterprise and the constitutional right of judicial review of administrative decisions": "1. The board has adopted the policy that . . .financial status 01 ability to pay the employes is irrelevant and immaterial and thai any employer whose business does not justify the payment of what the board in its judgment of generosity regards as a decent standarc of wages is economically inefficient and ought not to be permitted to remain in business. "2. The board takes the position that it has the right not only to fix future, wages but to render a money award for back wages for services already rendered and paid for without affording the employer an effective right of judicial review. "3. The board has promulgated and enforced a new legal doctrine to the effect that it has the power and authority to compel the parties to execute a contract to do anything that the parties might - -voluntarily do, irrespective of . whether there is any legal or contractual obligation on the parties so to do. "4. To order an ^nployer against his will to encourage membership in a union by requiring continuance of membership as a condition of employment, or requiring the check-off of .union dues as a condition of employment, is so clearly in violation of the law that it is difficult to follow the devious reasoning " by which the hoard seeks to justify its conclusions. "5. The board has not confined itself to labor disputes in war industries but has assumed jurdis- diction over all types of interstate ..-.and intrastate business, no matter how ' remotely they may be removed from any connection with the war effort. "6. Compulsory arbitration which requires the parties to abide by the arbitrator's decision is in violation of the constitutional rights of the parties." CONSUMER POINT VALUES FOR MEAT, FATS, FISH AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Ik. ll-BFECnVE JM. 30. W44 BEEF STEAKS Fnftriwuif« _ CM Hit-- ID-inch cut »i-7-i»eh cut..'. '-'·-- ^jtWtt Rued (full cut) : TipHwnd -- Ittttn Round Chuck (ttade or arm) mek.1. : ··· Kk-sMioi (diim boo* w) IB-aehcut ..... Kk-stamUm (diir* boot on) 7-inch cut Roue* TIB · Runt-- bate in ,,. Cte* or ShooMer-bOMteij EptDshCut. r*Jntt NT ». lit lit lit 8t 9t lOt 12t 12t 12t 12t 12t 8f 12t 7t «t lOf St Siva It VEAL L*Cb*i «"·**) _.. Mb Chips «»t*t), RMUal Sink (trtttt «f itttf) SkltM Sink « Chi*. ROASTS m ttmm -- i ^faUii hft^atetT Lot (»** * P*t- ShouHor OOM to. lock of _. ShouMor-biiilm. ootk of...... TEWS AND OTHER CUTS trtul boat i* irotst-- bonoloss flank Moat Neck-- boot « '---·- Hirk ktwlm ' irtink booth ' ~ Slunk art Ktal Mat-booofes. Crowd Veal *o4 PaUte-wi tram* inm tuts. (·ts.Anki, onote mt mt ntlmnnMltria. **·*- : ···· LAMB-- MUTTON STEAKS AND CHOPS pvlh. tot 9t 8 t 13t 9t ·fit 8t 8t 7t iOt 3t 11 II 3t 6t '· fit PORK EodGutiorChoos Tooolorloin SlMdHot or PJOUC Staks Mits, frotn art tunt ooiy ROASTS UJB-whok if h§H HIM-- whole or luH. - -HM*-- kuttMd _ 1 Haoi^-jhwk e*d Ho-- iiiiliTT. whole or hiH... Haoi*-- bMoless-, slices ShotUer-whole or shuk la* ((koie) two t* _ ShouUer-shMk half (tow) b**rini (port tr lirtt) ShwU.r-- hutt hill (listoo SlMiilhr-lutt half (loitei tatft-boittes dim or sices ttrlh. S i I 4t 8t 2 St « t 6 · ' 4 * 5 rATS, OILS, All IAIKY ·RABCIPTC rnWBablM LARD SHORTENING · OH*'* . .. MARGARINE ·UTTER CrteoHrr bvtfcr Far» Of toortr »·«*.... Pncns butler. _.. . aiBMrie*! mtw*t · miiBiMM »nf*i*t CAIMIFfl Mil If Inrkidlnv EnponM r tinfrrnf ooVr rtuMtf {/tmne.w) AJI prefects cttbiiMr *% tr mm .«f tt* {9t*X M\t +t\lllilbtK*mM*mt*m}\) *rruFrcrc_CrAMii 1 1 NtrfctaWchMS* -. _ .- CreaoMf c»ttit« choett. _.. «·***« mm MM SS HMW) CroaMttrtal"* CHEESES -- Croup III. M eUier raboMd cheese riinin num. ii illinium in MM. tntmtr***. M*. b»*. Cn*. Urn. ··, ·«o*. Mr*. 3t S 5 ft 16 12 fc 1 12t 12t f At IOt IOt lot 12t Garner -- Representative and Mi-s. W. .S. Pritchard returned from California Wednesday and stopped in Des Moines to be in attendance at the special session of the legislature. Kiceville--Francis Martin, local clothier, Van Auken of .Cresco, Frank Carman of Decorah and Harry Theis o£ Waukon attended a -clothiers' convention in DCS Moines the first of this week. Goldfield--Arthur Beisell; V McCutche'on, R. E. Schipull, SiTM nus Hansen and Harry HelgevJ attended the Iowa Grain Deal|l Association meeting at Fort D°T] Tuesday and Wednesday. -' Guaranteed Quality 20 PACKS OF S'S STEWS AND OTHER CUTS Short Rite '. PUte-bt.* ta_._ PWt--bNvifss 1TM Briskit-taMiK...... RnkMat Ilict ImMlci:. SlBuli-liPiwin Shir* M»t-b4«H«K...... HAMBURGER taint* frite VMtt lim mtkt, fluts, stalks, iUrts.M MIMA britkeu, iWet. BbatavWi M imnninp, at but fit' H *· to- c!i*s st ·S 6 S 7 7 5 7 7 S 7 PINT SHAMPOO CASTILE · COCOANUT IOO» (200 Shave* EJget) A YEAR'S SUPPLY^ LILAC SHAVE LOTION 60c Size Leia Chops (or nesl). KfeChees (or reasJ).LJ. : Let Choes ttt Sleeks r. ShouUer CIwet-Haie or am chits _ _ _,,. ROASTS let-whole or port -- , -Sina Roast-bone h..._.:.. Yoke, Riffle, or TriM|le-be*e Yoke, Rattle, or Trfwik-bose- Cluck or Slwubto. maft-tut beoe to, neck o(I.._ ........... Chuck or ShouUtr, cresstat-- booe'Hi ....... __ ...... ______ STEWS AND OTHER CUTS Bnutttf Fluk _ Neck-bfflMin _. NuK-bowhss .._.... Stank-tenem. '.... Urt PMtn-ta... v** ft 7 7t 9t 6t 7t 7t 3t 5 4 3t 2t 2t J! St OTHER PORK CUTS Fit Sacks art Clear Plata Hocks Juris, Jnrl butts or sviares.. Knuckles _ Plates, ntuUr Stmriks '_ BACON Bacoa--sbb or oiece, rind on.. Bacaa-slab or riece, rind off.. Bacon-Canadian styk, piece shed hoods--eiocii or slicts.. ·MeaodiMl \ YOUR VITAMIN] | H E A D Q U A R T E R S DRUG STORE 13 N. Fed. TAME OF POINT VALKS FM HEPACMGED CHEESE MB CANNED KUK 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 4 4 9t 1 1 MM? cunt lit ·ut X X l .12 1C 12 t 1 uM- All Purpose* ·CAMEL HAIR TYPE SLIP ON SLIPPERS ·nun n foe tbat To End DM paint valu« of an item of p . ». g«t it* wwght bom lh« label and Jfe. CIV.M.M i nunW abov*. Follow th-» lin* in tS*» txtbU jp to th* w»uaht column wMcK · 'wittm. ThatnumW.i.i.» To find th* paint volu* of on Htm. of conn*d nulk. Ifftrt ita vwght from th* Iob*l. Follow the lln* far I Ihol itwn to th* weight column which includw Ita 1 w* That numb*r i ita point «olu«. I Wh*n two w mor» prvpackayvvd eh**** or coniv*d I milk iteny on piuchoMd loo^Uur. add th* point veJtiM of *acK uuUvidual item. A full paint mu*t b* oiran up tor any fiaction TantilHna fram liu* addition. VARIETY MEATS *EEF HeaiL _ Tonjue (short cat). ............. utvrroM, Hoart.^ VtAI. Heart. Urn SvoeOnads... Ti SAUSAGE FrankfBrters__ Fresh Pork Sansap Snaked Perk Sausate- leaves. UVER PRODUCTS FresH or snaked Lim Savsafe.. Lntr Cheese ________ '. __ _____ .. Urof PuJvii»t MISCELLANEOUS SAUSAGE PRODUCTS Arch McFarlane Has Record in Number of Legislative Sessions D«s Moines, (IP}--The special session o£ the Iowa legislature marks the 15th in which Representative Arch W. McFarlane, (R), Waterloo, has served and gives him an all-time record in that respect. The previous record of 14 sessions was set by the late Senator D. \V. Kimberly, (R), Davenport. Kimberly, however, served the longest as a legislator without a break in continuity .because McFarlane interrupted his legislative career to serve 2 terms as 'lieutenant governor. Fellow-legislators honored McFarlane Wednesday £or his record. KMckrmst (all but) Ubaoo«»»knia Mjncedtuxclieei Th* painl «ahM «l «nr ttv. *ibw-* laKte mar * item not cwvefW W Joining ·aaeno* laklo. whore it will be «ivan valua in wi mil m with ib) moat coviomL HeerL lim. SAUSAGE Drj Saisaie-Hort: Titical ae»» are hart Satm hart Si»jidij Satsagi: Tjre-al ikioa are Cet-ibt. Park reO. and Fresh. SwUd, aad Cooked Sausap.* Grot? A: 1M£ »·« co.ta.1.... Grout I: Met less then $ Gram C: Hot tess-ttaa 50% neat; Wood SaratoiacMed le.L Grave D: Less tha* SQS5»rt ·ore Dm 26?B ··«; Seese and Heed Choose «Mod el **4»lVBlM FISH (Cl.MtelvnwllXiHra.Mn Mackerel. Ojstws.... ShrimiL....... Tdf» . .. YUvwTiil.... rii itniiiiTi i M nm.» m*m.. MEATS (HI Perk Sanate (Mk or Uek)_ Chtlcai Caroewtthout Beans, coo Came with Beats-Coned Beol'. ; ,,...:._.' C.nedBeefHash§ DeiiM Ham DenMTontue .....:....:.'... Dried Berl _ Man (while or piece) Luncheon Meat"..-. Mat Leaf * , Mai Soreads Petted and Deviled Meats Sausage In Oil. _...;.... Tanales. Too.**, Bed _._ _. Tonne, Ptrt, YeH, tfUrt VJeuaSanate i rwiTikio-. - ~. Ro«ione4 chooMe Uxluoov natural cboaMo OAA anr producfei eantoininfl 30K or more bv weifM of a«feM%l Theraonottaduoee e containing 356 or leM butfawia*. whey . . jeooi wKich ao not conlaia anr eawa milk ooliae. or aratod^ekvaralod cheoeo (woigUaw not mare than l'/z ouncoo) whan rnrVe)ueil in comainalion dinner* witK rahanod |OB.B*O pawoa. ··In unite «1 oao gallon or I--e. ano pint oo^ato on* pound i.-iiiillo.i oi aetual weight al unU. In unite of more tKan one aallon. tha aetaal woifM muethaueod. 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Grosland and Norvci of Northwood, returned from St. Paul last week where they had been in the interest of booking talent lor the Worth county fair, which will be held Aug. 14, 15 and 16. Some good talent has been signed. The fair board will meet shortly lo elect an assistant to Mr. Lawyer, as the duties are too heavy for a secretary alone. If Back Aches Flush Kidneys Do yon feel older than you are or suffer from Getting Up Nt " ~ ' ,, _,. _.._ht5,Backache,NerToua- »cs», L«t Pains. Dfizlnsss, Swollen Ankles, Rheumatic Pains. Burning, scanty or fre- eaftnt panacu? If so, remember that your Kidneys are vital to your health and that these symptoms may bt doe to nan-organic and non-syrtemJe Kidney and Bladder troubles--la -rach cases Cr«t«x (a physician's prewrtpt-cn) anally riTtsprorapt and joy- cos relief by htlplrff the Kidneys flush or' pol3onont excess aciu and wattes. You ha. _ eTerythlnf to gain and nothing to lose ID trying Cr«icx. An Iron-clad guarantee ai sures * refund of your money on return o! tmpty package unless full '--J Veterans Use New Plan in Finding Jobs By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS War veterans, some of them wounded and leaning on canes, made their way into offices in 7 Hies across the nation Thursday o take advantage of the federal overnment's new expanded pro- ram to find them work. Some \yere in uniform, others ack in civilian garb. Many were ccompanied by their wives or weethearls. The number of applicants ran nto scores in some cities as the program got underway Wednes- lay. A large number obtained jobs before the day ended. One wife said she "practically had to drag" her husband to the office, he was so low in spirit. He ;ot a job. There even was a sailor coking for work during his 30 day leave. The demonstration offices, as hey were described by Federal Security Administrator Paul V. VIcNutt, are located in Denver, 3olo.; New Haven, Conn.; St. Louis, Mo.; Houston, Texas, IMS Angeles, Cal.; Minneapolis, Minn., and Philadelphia, Pa. Directors of the offices said the new program represented a considerable expansion over services hitherto provided. The new set-up included lajpcr placement staffs, greater co-ordination with employer representatives and increased emphasis on finding: suitable jobs for disabled men. Burr Pearson, manager of the U. S. employment service in Houston, said there was no backlog of unemployed veterans in that section because all discharged service men had been given jobs. This was the picture by cities: Philadelphia--Ninety-two veterans of the 109 who applied got jobs immediately. Others were sent to the Red Cross when they said they needed financial assistance, or lo the veterans' rehabili- Rcgional Director Frank L. McNamee estimated 25,000 jobs are ready for veterans in the district. · New Haven--Some applicants were anxious to get \yar production jobs immediately while others said they were more interested in jobs with a post-war future and were willing to wait for a suitable opportunity. Minneapolis--A problem already arising is that of returning high school boys with no fixed occupational pattern. Officials of the office said placements necessarily were proceeding slowly because of efforts to determine the applicants' mechanical or professional ability. Max E. Davidson, office manager, said employers were giving preference to veterans. St. Louis--This office, which handled 450 cases monthly during the last half of 1943, reported no noticeable increase Thursday over the average. The demonstration office now has 250 employed of the U. S. employment service, compared with 10 full time men who previously staffed the office under a veterans' employment program established in 1937. Los Angeles--In the first two hours, 78 veterans, 11 of them disabled, appeared at the office. Carl C. Overpeck, head o£ the office, sai3 the expected no difficulty in obtaining jobs, with many placements available in aircraft and other industries. One of the applicants was a sailor looking for a job during his 30-day leave. Denver--The set-up here included a permanent staff of representatives of the state vocational rehabilitation department. New Bomber Crews Pour Into Italy By HAL BOYLE An Air Base in Italy, Jan. 16, (Delayed), (IP)--Newly-trained American bomber c r e w s are pouring into I t a l y in a steady stream from the United States to swell the might of the loth air torce, which already is dealing battering ram blows at German industries from the south. It is a tonic to see these fresh stocky kids, who arc only days away from the homeland. They pretend a knowledge of the war they do not actually have, and betray their inexperience by their intense interest in every trivial incident. They arc stepping into the big lime, and they want to know all about it. I rode over from north Africa with a crew o£ B-24 liberator recruits. They swarmed into the transport like eager puppies. Each packed a .45 automatic and a heavy, long bladcd sheath knife. "Look at 'em," grinned the crew chief of the transport, a veteran sergeant "They are as green as wet paint. From all the gusis they are carting around you would think they were going to land right in the middle of a battalion oi Germans or Japs. After they've been here a while they'll get tired of carrying around all that metal and park their guns Popular Kitchenette WASH'BOARD Use in kitchen M ·%«* sink. Wash* «·· hose te lingerie 1 .-H, 650 Sheet TOILET TISSUE plane, ran inlo the station and emerged with i bed rolls and 2 handbags. "Look," said one, tossing a bag to the sergeant. "This belonged lo a lieutenant. I got you a quick promotion." "I don't give a damn about the promotion," said the sergeant. "Just hope some of the clothes fit me." . The men joked and kidded each other constantly. They had been training together for 3 months and were as 'close as brothers. As the transport landed at their bomber base and wheeled off the runway the wintry sky echoed with the vibration of many motors. A great flight of 4 cngincd bombers was returning from a mission. One plane fired a colored flare as it circled the field. "That means it has some wounded on board," said one of the new crew. "I wonder what happened on the raid." An ambulance rolled out as the bomber came in. The 10 newcomers watched for several seconds, and each had his own thoughts. "What a \yclcome," said one. "Well," answered another, "nobody told us'to come over here to play marbles." They -turned their backs on the runway, picked up their baggage and started toward a hangar. 3.1V \Life Rubber^ Tubing BATH.SHOWER ODD1V "Uh iplaih Or RRl contra/ Fits all faucet' connections tation bureau for special training. I eventually. the U. S. civil service commission, the Colorado Bar association, the veterans administration, business, labor and hospitals, the latter to determine limitations of veterans. Manager Albert W. Sevan said he expected a steady stream of applicants. Houston--This office reported that Texas employers were volunteering in large numbers to find work for returning service men. Plans were proceeding for perfecting new plans of re-employment and rehabilitation for the huge numbers expected to be cared for Bacteria-free salt for the Canadian fishing industry will soon come from a newly discovered sail field in Nova Scotia. unli Ithcy really need 'cm." Bui- this crew was resourceful. Before the take off they checked t h e i r baggage and found they were short 2 bedrolls and 2 handbags. "My handbag h a d · all my clothes in it," lamented a sergeant. They held a quick council of war. "Somebody stole our stuff," said one. "Okay, the only t h i n g for us to do is steal what we need." This is typical of the GI morality and standard operating procedure in this man's army. Your of the crew climbed out of the Rectal Soreness Get Relief New Easy Way -- Sit in Comfort Pro.arrnon Rectal is a. mick, depcnclable reliever oE itchint?, painful rectal «orenes» -- symptoms which may also accompany piles and hemorrlrt.da. Brings soothing ·ease of comfort npem contact, forms protecting film over sore area, help* destroy infectious perms, aid Nature heal up rav» fcroVen tisntes. No oil--no fjrease to »t«m SoW on money back guarantee. Get this modern relief today , , . ask for PROLARMON RECTAL AT FORD HOPKINS DRUG STORES GENUINE SUEDE ZIPPER BAG Leather handle..* _gg metal bottomf studs ttNTROLEXV lNHALER SOc Size 40c . Valve r For per- ~ect flavor, CorTei or Tea. tray. For Tools or Tackle. 21* W in^ \PreUcnts Odon JUMBO SIZE..//cm.x -£££.*.£ I Large 8 1 /s" square Jar, I ! two 4" square ones and I ; one 8'/j"x 4". Each I t has cover, ribbed glass. S/1VE SPACE-EASY TO STORE" Complete 8 |N 1 COLD TABLETS New Large 127° PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND $1.35 SIZE 69 PHILLIP'S MlLK MACHES.A I/ZE 19" HINKLE Laxative Pills 100 « 5 GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES 2Sc SIZE 12'-13° ABSORBINE $1.25 SIZE 69 Pound Shave Creahii£ s ^.27 c ASPIRIN 5 Grain Tablet 12 " 2° TOBACCO I HOME 1 COSMETICS FREE DEAL! Y5C JAR HINDSi New All Puropse i CREAM I When Yon B u y ? KEY CHAIN "LIKE GLASS" For WATCH or KEYS · Sanitary ^ Swcatproof · Waterproof or rkc, z i 19' Coaster Type Glass Ash Tray 2 for 5c SO Books in Box Book Matches 9c 3 Ounce Bottle Lighter Fluid 9c ALL PURPOSE LARGE 5" METAL STRAINER Long wood or f% ^ ** mctalhand.c, strainer hoot* 23' !0c Waterproof Shower Caps49c 50 Foot Clothes Line 27c ISc Hedtproof Pie Plate 9c Honey Almond 'I LOTION ' Jl. Sutton'f Bath \ Powder Mitt 69c; 50c Luxor i Hand Cream 39ci SOc Arrid Deodorant 39cT VITAMINS I WRITE OFTEN SUPER MULTI-CAPS. 9 Vitamins in 1 Capsule EXTRA STRENGTH 100 Day Supply 100i4 39 Vitamin Capsules A B D G 100 for 69 C Efaich Brand B-COMPLEX100 - 2 R mm .19 Cod Liver O!l .·, A O C SQUIBB'S «!·« 98 l 57.00 Park Lane BOX ! S T A T I O N E R Y EXECUTIVE SIZE SO SHEETS AO ENVELOPES Excellent writing surface! if-c, .59' Save Postage--Light 48 PC. Linen Finish ·] »» Stationery Kit 17 Rush Photo Letleri g\c V-MAIL Over Sea. 9 | GROVE'S ABD VITAMIN CAPSUlES 98 C Potency G u n r . anlccd. Over 10 weeks supply ) Economy! · Size · VI-TEENS · Finest Vitamins Formula Made Oft TABLETS-IS-DAY O.39 JU ADULT SUPPLY ! 58 SIZE GROVE'S COLD TABLETS YOU DON'T HAVE TO ENDURE GRAY HAIR! I Instant CI4»BOli E Helps relieve discomfort of common cold I Fori 1 Tooth Pasts 39 C JERGEN'S · LOTION · .For smooch. gQc 4ft f|C hands · Let Instant Clairol tint drab, I dull locks toncw color; so n a f u r a f - 1 lookingnoonewilleverdreamyoul tfnt your hairl Instant Clairol il | the orjfi/na/ shampoo tint! ·Cevtton.' Vtt enly ex tuttui en ic(rr £1.25 Size 89 C | 'JANUARY 27. 1944 RIGHT to LIMIT Q U A N T I T I E S

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