The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 18, 1937 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1937
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

^tfiiXiL 1 ^ i'wK- »^ MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 18 · 1937 SEVEN SURVEY IS MADE OF U, S. JOBLESS 6 , 5 0 0 Occupations Are Represented in Those *·· Seeking Jobs. . WASHINGTON, (IP)--The nation's unemployed represent G.500 out of a possible 8,000 occupations. This was shown in a survey made by the U. S. employment service, which also disclosed t h a t ot the 3,098 counties in the nation only seven had no persons registered /or jobs with the federal service or affiliated siate agencies when these were checked on two different dates. Only about 150 counties have less than 100 registered job seekers. To find any section's approximate share of unemployment, the figures indicate, it is necessary only to determine the area's percentage of the total population of normal employment. Example Is Presented. For instance, the east south central slates of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi have 8.1 per cent of the nation's population. Early in 1930 they had 7.7 per cent of the gainfully employed persons, and now have 7.8 per cent of the registered job-seekers. The occupations ot Ihe persons looking for work are shown in this percentage table: Occupation Men -Women Professional, kindred work 3.5 S.B Salespersons ,1.1 4 R Clerical 4A 15.5 Service W o r k e r s, (domestics, j a m -' tors, beauty operators, etc.) 6.7 50.9 Skilled workers ... 22.6 3.6 Semi-skilled workers . 2.6 8.5 Unskilled work e r s unassigned 4.4 '9.0 These figures may vary seasonally but comparative studies of the federal agency indicated they are representative. Are Analyzed Industrially. Analyzed industrially, the percentage figures shed more light on what the unemployed can clo. The following is based on the "Last regular employment" of the job hunters: Wnin- Mcn en forestry, 17.4. l.B (public Industry-Agriculture, fishing . . . . Construction and private) "." 14.3 Manu factu ri ng, c x traction of minerals 22.0 Commercial, professional service, finance 2.4 Distribution (whole" sale and retail) .:. 9.1 Domestic and personal service 4.4 Utililies and transportation 6.0 .7 Governmental service 3.6 3.2 Miscellaneous and unspecified 20.8 41.9 The agricultural figure here may be high, the survey indicates, because many farmers and farm hands seek extra jobs outside the crop seasons. .2 11.9 ·4.1 "6.9 2H.5 Your Federal Income Tax No. 15. Exemption Allowed Slate Employes. The compensation of officers and employes of a state or any political subdivision of a state or any political subdivision thereof, which is paid from public funds of the slate or political subdivision, as d i s t i n g u i s h e d from amounts collected from individuals or private corporations, if the services of such officers or em- ployes are rendered in connection with activities which constitute the discharge of an essential governmental function, as distinguished from a proprietary function, is exempt from federal income lax. The compensation of such officers and employes is subject to federal income tax if their services were rendered in connection with the exercise of a proprietary function. For example, the compensation of the governor of a state, the mayor of a city, coundJinen, board of aldermen, public-school teachers, firemen, and policemen is not subject to federal income tax. The compensation of such officers and em- ployes whose services are connected with the liquidation by the state of insurance companies or banks, which is paid from funds of the companies being liquidated, is not exempt from federal income tax. Compensation received by employes of a municipality owned waterworks or street railway or electric light plant is subject to federal income tax, as such activi- lies are proprietary rather than governmental in character. Fees for special services to a slate are taxable, as, for example, compensation paid architects and builders for p l a n n i n g and erecting a state capitol or other state or municipal building. An officer or an employe of a state, for the purpose of the income (ax Jaw, is one whose services are continuous and not occasional or temporary. Prize Winners Named. MANLY--The American Legion Auxiliary was entertained Tuesday evening at the Tony Sobolik home, with Mrs. Louie Duclas, Mrs. William Pinta and Mrs. So- bolok hostesses. Prizes at bridge were won by Mrs. A, J. Swart?., Mrs. F. T. Garvcy, and bunco prizes by Mrs. Thomas Dcnnison and Mrs. Albert licse. Dust and Floods to the Southwest »ust storms, ranging- from "black blizzards" to red-brown haze, are sweeping the Oust Bowl sector of Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. This excellent phoio of a "black blizzard" descending on a little town was taken In western Kansas. Heavy rains, lasting: two days, brings third serious flood of winter to southern California, wash- · iner out roads, weakening bridges, disrupting communication and flooding homes. This scene of flooded stores and streets was snapped at Lone Beach. EARL MAY SAYS Stock Up Your Pantry At These Low Prices! Sweet ' Santa Claras Large 50-60 Size .......... . .............. 4 | bs . ONLY Large golden halves. In 25 degree syrup, « »,, No. 2'/ 2 size can (near Quart) ................ ONLY ItyC , fancy pack - 25 deQree syrup No. 2'/2 size can (near Quart) .............. . . ONLY Oranges 1 -3 of a 4-5 bushel bag ..... .... ONLY BROUGHT TO YOU IN CARLOAD LOTS ONLY 5 DAYS FROM THE SUNNY SOUTHLAND. 1-3 of a 4-5 bushel bag ONLY Fresh Octean Fish SABLE Often called Ocean Cat, half or whole, fb. ONLY 12'Vic SALMON Bright Fall, half or whole per Ib. 14c HALIBUT STEAK Strictly No. 1 per Ib. 17c OYSTERS Extra quality Standard per pint ONLY 19c FARM SEEDS Going Up! - Buy Now! Friends, my Alfalfa prices must raise. They are loo low for the quality as wholesalers are higher than I am. Here are my low prices for immediate acceptance. EAUL E. MAY Farm Belt Alfalfa, extra fancy Per Bn. $14.75 Giant White Blossom Sweet Clover, fancy Per Bu. 9.65 Medium Red Clover, home grown, extra fancy Per Bu. 24.25 Mayworth Hay 'Pasture Mixture, 50% Clovers, Per Bu. 8.15 Complete line of all Farm Seeds BABY CHICKS $l.OO per hundred down payment Will reserve as many baby chicks as you want when you want them SI.00 per hundred discount on all early orders for Triple A grade Baby Chicks. £i^? n w£K i S » C » e n a ]/:}-^. a n» d ga l denlnff Programs each week, Monday to Friday inclusive over Station WHO 12:30-lZ:4 a P. M. and over Station WMT and KSO 1:15-2:00 P. M.--AH from KMA. EARL E. MAY SEED CO. I'lionc 75R EARL E. MAY, President Z6 Second S'i. N. E. Mason fjil.v 31 Questioned in Reported- Assault HONOLULU, (/PJ--Although 31 5evsons have been questioned, po- ice said Thursday the reported issault oJ a young navy lieutenant's wife Monday alter a party was unsolved. Police Captain Don Hays indicated further questioning was not contemplated at present. Earlier officers had suggested asking Mrs. Bennett S. Copping to undergo a lie detector" test. Mrs. Copping said she was dragged 75 feet across a hotel courtyard early Monday morning and crirriinally attacked in a garage by a white man. Captain Hays said repeated questioning of principals and a cheelc o£ the scene did not produce "any evidence to prove" her story. Real Estate Transfers Sauerberg, Catherine C., to L. R. Boomhower, Trustee for Mary Belle Billiard and Erma May Bui- lard $1.00 L 3 in sub ot L 6 in NE/4 of 3-06-20. 4-21-26. Sanborn, L. P. and wife, to Frinlw C. Lovell $1.00 L 9 B 2 in Grandview Second Add to Mason ~Uly. 2-15-37. Dustin, Thomas, to Josephine M. Dustin $1.00 L 5 B 9, Patriarchs Militant Park, I. O. O. J". 2-11-37. Ridgeway, Joy, county treasurer, to Harriet M. Moore ?29.70 Lots 3 and 4 in B 1, East Lake Place, Clear Lake. 2-16-37. Parson and His Child Bride The Rev. Frederick T. Sleei of Norfolk, Va., Is shown with his 14 year did bride, the former Alice Marion Hewitt, with whom he eloped to North Carolina. Virginia, laws forbid marriage of persons less than 15 years old. ·»* MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thii Old Treatment Ofton Bringi Happy Relief M«ny sufferer, relievo misinl b«ck»cln quickly, OIKB they dljcovtr thai tho tel e»im ol (heir (rouble may bo tired kidniyj. Thekidncya are Nature's chief w a y of takinft lt» excHJ ocM« «mi w««Ia ou of "tho blcort. Moat propln pasi atjnut 3 piutu a day or about ·J pounds ot waste. Frequent or ecanty piiiitu with inurtinr and burning »liowj there, m»y rm aomclhinr vrronz with your kidneys or bladder. -An eicess of cids or poisons in your blood. 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Box Of SO HALIBCTTES ·aB^^^nm SOLAROL Cod Liver Oil Concentrate T A B L E T S iow* OC PARKE-DAVIS |RRADOL"A' With Hativer Oil and Malt Extract LC li « A B B O T T ' S Haliver Malt and Viosterol Safe arid Pure JL 79c . GaHon ' T C H fls " A u Z E L pprauis bruises, etc. Gallon i V A N 0 L I Russian M J N E R A L . O I L ' E x t r a ¥«k -3Q I i i jV« ^ ^7 | Heavy 4^ ^ F"H Quart S E A L T E S T [ M A G N E S I A 49c ,, 5 Pounds P S Y L L I U M S E E D French Black Triple Cleaned , 500 M I L L E R ' S T Y E A S T T A B L E T S S Pounds E P S O M r S A L T S , [fr '«e for tlic Bath] 17c '"vY*! 1 ^ H A M S A L A D S A N D W I C H w i t h C O F F E E A tasty sandwich served with a cup of invigoral- ing coffee. TESTRITE TUcrmometer SOc P E A R L O T I O N L O T I O N 2 for 31C . $1.00 N U JO L .MINERAL O I L 1.01 5 c Bar M U G 'SHAVE SOAP 2 for 6C Complete with bracket, . 25 c GLYCERIN 'Suppositories 35c H I L L ' S N O S E D R O P S 2 for 36C 35c P R E P SHAVE CREAM 2for31C 75e N O R T H E R N COD LIVER OIL C A P S U L E S 2for?6C lOc T U M S For the Tummy W H I S K B R O O M S Keep your clothes looking neat. A L A R M C L O C K S Round or square styles. f* f^f. Choice of g9 C colors. "CERTAIN CBGARS - PIPES - ACCESORBES PIPES Here is a selection of fine ITALIAN 2 5 c D R E N E Sensitiona! Soaplcss Shampoo - with Utgulir 35c Campana's I T A L I A N B A L M Original Skin Softener 60c 9-f) Value £ U r t JBEACON HOT WATER B O T T 4yr. guar. -- ~ ~ ^ I S I D E S ^ontbinatio 2yr. guar. Anti-Colic U, S. BOND C I G A R S 2c cach Limit 5 BRIAR Pipes of all sizes * S ., """'^OIIC and shapes. Special at-- jLfpC I " I P P J . E 5 ·- H Scientifically ma d e . 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