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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, March 6, 1818
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and FRIDAY, MARCH . llarbar maukrs - W ha received a cominnui - Calion fro aa ankoown cos - respondent, request : Ingu to iamin m act which passed April . 17th, 1815, entitled " An cl ft update Ou tf harbor - masters tf tVU port sf Few - York , and m if it doe pot inquire revtal full m much as any mm relating toattarnies, alUioughth tat ter only bat bo pressed upon th attention . the legislature. Complaint it madt by the writer '. ftha injury thit law i calculated to doth cotst - ,; toctraUoftJiicrty, by authorising lb exaction of new and unreasonable fee. W have accord . lSf rvn U subject aj critical an examine - tko. and made ourselve a otensively e - ' attainted with facta at our tin and arocatioo would allow ; and wc now glv the mult. '." In the first place, wa turned to the law as it . stood formerly, and wa found it enacted in the ' 7th aectioa of the act relative te the harbour - master of New - York, providing for hi compensation, a follows: , That theeaid harbor - Biajterthall have pow , er to demand and receive from the commander, owner and consignees, or cither oftbem, of every ship or vessel that may enter tbe port of New - tor, and load, onload or make (ant to any wharf 'therein, at too alter the rate ol one cent per ton, to be computed from the tonnage expressed in the reg'ftenoftucb ships and vessels respective - r, and no more: Provided netnthelru. That nothing whaUoever shall be demanded by tbe (aid harboT - marter, for the entrance into the port - of New - York, of anv vessel employed in the coat t - - ing trade within the United Stain, unless uon the application of the mailer or penoni 'having cha - gecf any vowel employed in the coasting trad as s tors said, the aatd harbor - matter ihall interfere and adjust any difference which may happen reipecting the situation or position of any inch coasting vessel, which difference! the (aid . harbor - matter ii hereby authorised to hear and determine, in which cate the taid harbor - mat ter may demand and recover in manner afore aid, from the party in default, in the premises, the earn of one dollar for every difference 10 by nun aiijuvsu, amino more." Under this law, the office of harbor - master of New York waa found to profitable, that on its becoming vacant, the appointment to it was ought after with an avidity that shewed its value Waa not unknown. But oc casino wai taken April, 1815, to make a pressing call ujxm th legislature for some amendment of the law, par - ticularly, as respected the compensation, and being at the heel of tbe tMtinn, when every one Who has bad the opportunity to witness the pro ceeding of a legislative body, at such a period. kaows how matters of moment are sometimes hurried along with a precipitancy that will adult of but little examination, tbe last act refer red to in the beginning, waa pasted. Let us look at it Dy the first section of the act of A?ril, 1817, kis enacted, that " On all ships or vessels of the United States, Whi' h shall arrive at the port of New - York, from any port or place without this state, other than Jrva sons" port or place io an adjoining st ile. which shall . nter the port of New - York, and load, unload, or nv.ilce fust to any wharf therein, at and after the followiur rale, vii: On all slops or reittli, not exceeding the burden of Mie huudrsu tout, thotuia of onednllar and fitly Cents on all such ship) or vessels of one hundrtd tndnots - xceediugtwohuriilredliHis, the sum of three dollars and on all such nhis or vessels ol greater burdens in lis same proportion! the on risen ol sucti etnpt or vessels to be tu all cases . asctrtaioed by the retiective registers or enroll ments I Wnd also on all foreign shiim or vessels whti H shall arrive and enter the taid port, and Untold., or make last to any wharf therein, double the amonnt of lh feet above sp ifird, according to the ra'e ol tonuage or burden of said ships or vessels." . By the third section of this act it is further provided : 44 That whenever the said harbor - matters shall be required to remove, or a teiond time to station any surh ship or vessel at any wharf in the aaid port, or to interfere and adjutt any difference or dispute respecting; the birth, position, or fattening of any such - hip or vessel, it thill be lawful for the said hririor - mastert to demand and receive from tie person or persons ri quiring their aid io the premises, and bi fore they shall be hound to exercise their authority therein, the sum. or one dollar and fifty cents, and the like Compensation shall alo be allowed aa.l pai l in like maiimr, in even subsequent instance in which they shall be called ou and required to a t or iulerfere as aforesaid, in respect to any ship er vessel " We are now prepared to make a brief comparison of the two relating to the compensation allowed the harbor - master by each. By the former we tee, that no fees were de mandable upon the entrance of "any vessel into the port of New - York, employed in the roasting trade within tbe United Mates" by the officer, unlets for services actually rendered ; and th;it there might be no doubts about the nature of the enices iutended by the statute, it is required that there should be an application for him to Interfere and adjust any diff - reoce which may happen respecting the situation or position of the coasting vessel, and for bis trouble in hearing aJ determing such difference, he is to become entitle! te one dollar and nc more. Upon all other vessel' he received one rrnf per ton By the Utter, all vessels of whatever toasting vessels as well as olh'rs, (except - inziHily those coming from an adjoining state,) are liable to the following enormous fees in all ca'es : Upon all ships or vessels, whatever, not exceeding one hundred tons, ono dollar and fifty cents ; on all such ships or vessels of on hundred, and not exceediuj to hundred tons, tbe sum of thrr. dollart ; and on all sh.,s or vessels Of greater burxHn, iu like proportion ; anJ , aI, foreign th., or vel,, double the amount ot tie fees above sneafod." . To say nothinj for tle pre - ent of this doubU - the charges on lorei ve - Mla far Ik k - .r.. - r ... , p .. .,, , lne iiarrjor - master Of New - York, what an lucreiue of fee. u here on very vessel that enters our pom What anim a. . meat onra - n, unknoan to the t.rmer law, is sniposea a poo u,. multitu le of coasting craft sU a ..... 9 ut rowu our ti,p,f rerf ,t th, manetl of them, is imposed one dollar and fifu centa, and a the vessel, happen to be burdened one buadrea .d ton tnfn ,wice artI It I . . ... n.oorruana one, then four dollar, d efty cent,. Many of the ,., - bet, from - e - IM0J, Ma,husetts. p..rtrania. kc. fcc c. make from twelve to twenty trips er - . ' ' . .. .1 ' 1ST . ' - T!JL1. Om. try Mason to TVew - York, and for ersry use wej uwpmj uiw. , Bl . a . . . .a. 1 Vaym.yVe twa - wiw 7il wisn. j arrive Here, luey are suojeci io isms i - luttirt, sach as " 8ir Thomas Lowndes, Th ble, this oppreniva, this ai - precedeotod ioposi - iK.G.M.bir Edward iiiggeos, IIL D. V. M. lion. By artfoUy making the tonnage the rub,!' - - f''J' the small (casters and jackets, which are o I n Ctll. O.K. of the 8. ke act. . certain sense, oar cosnmoa carriers, are subject - 1 j,r. Oakley in rei - ly, observed that he coo Id ed to a hicher Uf than even foreign ships of perceive nothing m very dangeros, or to w - u us m uigner w r" pugnant to c - jr repeWieaa institutions, in these the heaviest harden, that make only a single uiuuic titles, as tlie gentleman aj eaitd to vovase. or at most, two, In a year. Not satis - imagine. Mr Oakley mentioned the Tamma - . ' .. .. oy boCM tv. Jhicri has hiK been incorporated. ncd, however, with last emu - moos increase oi ad (0 w, jt h tl00orB,,,e gentleman belonjed ; feet, the interested persons who procured this oppressive statute to be patted, had influence enough to get a section added, (the third,) pro viding, that every time the Sarbor - sMtter it re quired to remove any vessel irom nernrtt station or wharf, she shall pay him a second time a fee of one dollar and fifty centi.and so on, at often at this happens. Now, it is well known to every body, that it is rare, indeed, that a vessel on her coming into port can procure the most conseni ent birth s and it m ty happen that she is obliged to call on the harbor - master to interfere several timet, before she can be accommodated, and every time this great man deigns to open his mouth and designate a new station, he is entitled by this statute to his 1 60 cents. hit said by those whom I hare enquired of, that a roast ing - vessel can go from Boston to Philadelphia cheaper than she can come to New - York. The public welfare of the city is deeply impl r a ed. It it not hirh time that this subiect should w awaken the vigilance of our citizens, and receive the serious attention of oar legislature? J he compliments of the season. I beg Mr Lang's pardon ( I had no idea of treadiugon hi toet. I quoted hi editorial paragraph in a man ner, as 1 thousht. hiehlv comnlimrntnrv In hi. ditorial talcut, and to my utter astonishment, hi has chosen to consider it a quiz, and to be angry that is judging from his paragraph of this morn ing. 1 his is the more surprising as no man i. fonder of a compliment than Mr. Lang, nor, to do him justice, more deserving one. Indeed, none dealt more in compliments, nor, it may fairly be taid, has any editor in modern times acquired a greater knack of turning them. Wit ness the following to the late mayor, which ap peared iu Tuesday's paper, on the inauguration which took place the day before : Yesterday afternoon, C'adwallader D. Col don, Esq was sworn into office as maror of thii - city, and took the chair of hit predecessor. Mr. rvaiirnn, w no surrendered and retired from office with a dignity and grace that could hardlv have been anticipated." The fallowing pretty lines, io imitation ef Mr. Opie's " Forget thee, No !" ought to have at - peared yesterday, but were mislaid. We hope the author will often grace our columns, for the A'ew - i'oik f resting Pott. REMEMBER THEE! Ilemembpr thee ? Oh ! how can I forget A firm win re Love his glowing seal has set ' Kememhcr ! yes yes while in yon skv Its brightest star beam hunter thn thine eye : Kemrmtirr thee '. while Music's mellowest tone Thrills through my heart loss sweetly than th , own While Arnby's blest gMe thy tigh excels, And more than heaven in that soil hovtin dwells .While Beauty's smile omnipotent shall be. And Love ihall wort hi ( I'll rcmembsr ther G. F. B. A resolution was moved in the bouse of representatives, lat Saturday, to close the prcte - session of congress on day of .March, whi t was ordered to lie on the table. FROM OUR CURRKSPO.XDE.VT. Daily Advertiser, Albany, ) March 3. The house of assembly were yesterday prim i pally engnged Uxu th bill for incorxi ating t . Israml t. Impler ol this stale, Mr. W heeler iu tin rhair. Very unexiectedly, quite an interest ing, and part of the time, a humorous debate a rose upou the bill. When the bill was called, Mr. Oakley rose, and stated to the committee very clearly ant! distinctly, tne objects ol it, and the motives o the Orand t hapter in petitioning lor an act ol lurorporalion. Mr. Duer followed in opposition, upou th primiple that it is iuexpedieut to increase the number of corporate six leties ; and that au a l for tlie puroses set forth, could be of uo bnefi to the institution. He contended thit the huu were acting Uon this subject teitht'il light thai it was a secitt insti:ut:oo that the objects and principles ol lasrn, were in a manner uuknow to the world and that the memb. r. of th house, except the few who were skilled iu th mysteries of the order, could not act uuder - taod - ingly upon the bill under consul, ration. Mr. Van Antwerp addressed the committee a few ni'nules in reply to Mr. Duer. Air. Van Antwerp hamlled the subject with skill and ahi lity. He stated the fundamental principles ol Uie order of free masons the many difSi ultir - the.y were compelled to encounter, in order property to vet. secure, and regulnt their fund - , whkh are exclusively set apart for " labors ol love and chanty," and the motives which induced the Grand Chapter to apply for a charter. Messrs. Meigs, I hhcwffer and harpe, also spoki in opposition to th bill, aud Mr. Oakley several times in favor of it. One great objection urged afiinst the psss?. - . ol the hill. Iiy .Vr. Meigs, was that in the officers recoeniicd by mawi?, manv titles wen conferred which were highly improper and an ti - rejiublican. Among these, Mp. Meigs enu merated those of Grand High Priest, Genera Orand Hieh Priest, Grand Masters. Grand (U. cretarics, Illustrious Grand Masters, Illustrious and for his part he could perceive no more danger to be apprehended Irom titles which Mr. M - had enumerated, than from those niutit al and harmonious terms of ilistinctiou. adapted by that society, such as Grand Sachems, Sagamores, n huktnktes. X o - ttau, 1 a - noes, aueKS - iat s. Tribes, Panther Tribes, hear Tribes, Wvlf I noes, and other titles, triott, and orders ol dis tinction, i:c. Sic. The committee finally rose and reported, and the bill was re - couiniitted to a atrlect LRC.l5LATURBOF NEW YORK, Ifocsa or AbSEai.v reb. 28. The petition of Gideon Lee, respecting the inspection of fish oil. Kei crrea to Messrs A'liarpe, Duer and Jones The rtmonstriinC' of Stephen Van Rensse laer, Herman B. Pisrpont, Gouverneur Ogden, and C. Parish, proprietors of non - re - ideut landt along the route ol a road petitioned for in the counties ot FiankJin, bu Uiwrance. and Jefferson. Referred to the committee of the whole w hen upon that subject Mr Uisliocffer gave notice of his intention to bring in a bill entitled " an act to amend the act entitled an act relative to the alms house and bridewell, and ci y prison, in the ci ty of New - Yo k. An nnlavor - ble report was made by Mr Van We are informed thai Mr. Burr, who has uPn the petition of the p.e.ulent and just been rebioved from the office bv the conn cu, nat always, (except in one rpecthl instance) reiurau io receive trut lee ( considering it as un reasonanie ana oppressive. The Columbian undertakes to state that a cer tain communication, published in that paper ot last evening, was refused insertion in the Even ing Pott, although it was in answer to one thai had appeared in this paper. I presume the edi tor receives hit information from the writer, bu the impression given is erroneous, ft was an ar tide respecting Dartmouth College, and the piece to which it was an answer, was itself an answer : so that, both sides had already bad a hearing. Bat it would more have con - isted with candor, to have taid, that though the com municaiioo itself was declined on the ground that it was only calculated to produce a coutro verty on a subject entirely uninteresting to our readers in New - York, yet that the writer wi welcome to an insertion of whatever was a con tradiction of facts alleged on the other side. A it stands in the Columbian, the paragraph con tains a charge of unfairness which I ipum. directors of the Newtown un I Huliwick turn pike company, which was agreed to by the house. The House agreed to re - consider the vote of Friday, upon the bill relative to medical socie ties, i:c. I lie bill entitled "an act for the relief of the Hector, Wardens and Vest, ymen of - t. John's l.hruch, in the village ot Johnstown, in the county of Montgomery," and the bill entitled "an act to d.vide the town of Nunda, i the county of Allegany," were read a third time and passed. .Several local bills were under consideration in committee of the whole, and the House ad journed Fiom the Albany Register, March 3. New - York Typographical Soctety. The bill to incorporate tlie New - York I ypoijraubical 8o lety, pasted the council of revision on Friday are pleased to And this valuable institution thought uot unworthy of legislative protection, : heir appeal has been twice refected, in cooss - .juence, we understand, of their character and views having been mureprcseuted. rrom tne rational Intelligencer, of March t - touth - American Indt pendente. The auimat ed debate which took place in the house of Re - resentauves ou Saturday, on the expatriation nil, derived additional interest from a declara tion of Mr. Speaker Clay, that be should, in the ourse oi tne present session, brine the cause ol ne souin - Amencan pat not s before th house in i manner worthy of the subiect s who pledged - ... - - " nunseii, on trial occasion to redeem them from ispersvons, particularly the calumnious reproarh as of ignorance, of superstition, and unfitness for ell - government, which he said bad been cast on hem from various quarters. Mr. Forsvth. hairman of the committee of foreign relations, xpressed nis satisfaction at the intimation thus made by the speaker ; and plxdged himself, when ne occasion arrived, to defeod the policy pur - ueu vy me uniieu states, in regard to the con esi in souin America. I he sense of tho house appears to be aeainst 'egislating on the question of expatriation, oo the ground, that to prescribe the niodo of xrusiug i fundamental right, is to assume th iiowcr of limiting it, which power, it is contended, does ioi belong to congress. I he questiou is one, it must be confessed, surrounded with dilHculties : m which, however, the able debate which has taken place will have shed a light that may lead o me auopuou, at a luture day, ol a di - liuitive ule ou a point regarding which, it appears, th pinion ol congress aud the decisions of lh courts 1 the United States are at variance Prom Me New - York Daily Advertiser of thtsl morning. It appears by the legislative intelligence from Aibanv, which was published in our paper oi csteruay morning, mat in the senate, on the lull for retrain m private nankin? institutions, thi '..change Bank iu this citv was excepted from l general urovi - ions. We had no doubt that his information will be gratifying to many per ins in iniscity.wtnise business reuuires ocruion ly suiail loans, and who have been accoinuio lated at that institution. Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, i Kebruary, 21, I8ltt t GENERAL ORDER, All publications relative to trsnai tions be - are prohinited. i.inii - oiu, oi suc;i Me arrest of an hurae ngainsthiru ttism.dethe dutv ol ah luVert, bavins; the powei, to arrett and prefer viiit nce lor inurj;e on tucn pu'iliCBtlon ; ami, wncnevi'r sucn cnurgi - s is prelerred,one specinca 'ion ol which will he tlie viol itmn ol lint rea iln - tion, the proper authority will hriiis; the (dicer tu trial in lore a general court martial, By ordtr, D. PARKER, Adj. and Ins. Ceo Hast an, March 3 f ire tin t riday night last, our citizens t e alarmed bv the cry of fire; fortunateh it was discovered before it had made much 'ro ress, .nd very soon extinguished. It was evidently the result of d - sipn, as 't originated between two buildings of wood, a situation uheie no tire could have been accidentally communicated. The fire was in a part of the i'1'y wnere the buildings are entireh of wood and there was a very strong wind at the time, thai had it not been eai lv extinguished, an exten - ive range ot buildings would inevi.ably :ia e fallen a acr fice to tlie diabolical purpo se ot tlie incendiary It wiil be well fur our citizen to be active and vigilair., both - n guarding against fire, and in ' ferretting out" if possible the vibaimms desperadoes, whu, for the sake of plunder, would thus expose both their property, and men urn. nc are 10 stale. Ilia a Urge n ward will be paid for the apprehension uf the villain or villains, who made tlii - . incendiary attempt. COSTOV. March 2. The case of the United States vs. John heram. tried in the II. S. circuit court ia this towu more than a year ago, when the defendant was found guilty of murdering a seaman on hoard th U. S. hip Independence, then lying in Boston harbor. )ut relerred to the supreme court - 4 ihe Uuitrd .Mates, lor their oixnton on the q jestioo, whether Uie court n as jurisdiction ol the ofleuce. hastate ly ten argued at Washington, by Mr. WirL attorney - general, aud Mr. Wlieatoo, for the go vemment,, and ny .ir. Webster, of this town. tor Uie prisoner. Th court were of opinion. .e waji nvi.. rt., - .. .;i(,;n the nctanve lalnit Albion, from Calcutta via Newport the I"' !"(, r"T. . . 17 . . .1 ... m v.v iurisdictioo ol the Uttntd ritates, inieuaa poruonsiwen ouuiiue wr !" - - J - . . . . l . I ri.. cnSTnw1 Rnet The Strafford, U Urriturv and that bv tbe nary mutiny act, snarder it pnniehisUe by a court - martial, only wheA committed out of tbt Emits ot the United rtxtcs. lite iudesneut of tlie circuit court a mntt Revane t therefore arrested, and he wdl piebably be delivered over to the state authorities. BARBADOEP, Jan. 24. A pirate defeated. 'I he following is an account ol a successful defence performed by capt Mtilasliam of the brig Margaret of this port, against a pirate oo the 13tn October, the Uas alter leaving St. J homat's " At 9 1. M. a cutter rurged vessel came bearing down from windward and hailed us, order ing us to heave to ; at the tame time crossing our stern on our demanding who he was, he instant It fired on board of us. carrviuz away part ol our running ritrziur : ariiu hailing and orderiu us instantly to tend our boat on board. Beiug rather unprepared to make resistance so unex pectedly, the beat was lowered and the niaiter proceeded alongside with his pai ers, and w as questioned concerning bis c irgn, and if he had not a quantity of dollars on board ; and was ex tremely anxious for information regarding Ame rican vessels, apparently wishing to lall in with them. Wishing to know what he was, caj.t. VI'G.' enquired if he'wat not an independent privateer; he bluntly, and with much hesitation mswered, yes; ordering him On board again and lay to till morning, when he would board bim. Immediately on getting on board, with the advice and assistance of Mr. Stretch and Mr. Llewellyn, passengers, we resolved to defend the vessel with our lives, being convinced that thej were determined pirates. Got our guns in order, when she came up alongside of us in the I unrning, under I'rench colours, and again fired into ut hauluiz down hit f rendu and hoistin i red flag (the signal we supposed for boarding) when we gave him suc h a reception as he little xpected, from a well directed fire from our 3 aine - poundcrs, which were loaded close up to 'he muzzles with round and wane, and coopers rivets; soon afi - which, nearly cleared hi. deck l an tne men. On our cheeriuj him in the moke, he instantly dropped the peak of the mainsail, wore round, and taiade the best ol his way towards the land. We made tail after him it i II firing into him, but from hit superior sailing ne soon distanced us. or we should haveraptur.d nun, as only three men appeared on deck, tbe eraair.der killed or wounded. Ahe was a square surucu cuiter nsrsrd vessel, had a lone gun mourned on tier forecastle, manned with al least ?5 men, tspaniar - l?, Dutch and blacks, and well rmed : painted Mack with a white niouluinir. white bottom, and a trunk urmn deck similar t what American pilot boats usually have, and sdoui Ninons." Penf Han ester. The model of a Machine to cut. thresh and clean wheat, rye, outt ba. ley, &c at one operation, i - now exhibiting a i lie ToniineCotTee - house. bvthe inventer. and nas attrauted the attent on of manv eentlemen or science and practical agriculturist, a I whom we understand exi.ress the opinion of its merits. The machine it con structed to be moved by the strength or one imrse enters a held ot wheat, rve. Ac. wil iae - a i women's land liead."and cut. tlired and fan the erain fii for tl e mill or market and without watte or leaving any thing br hind to be cleaned. This complete oneratio.. can be performed as fust at a horse can walk. I he machine m - v be separated and used nnlt for cutting and gathering the grain, which w ill render it extreme v sin Die and effective. It is cab ulated that two ho set ami one mail to attend them, wid cut and gather the grain from twenty - five acres ner dav. The net coki Ufa machine fir cuttinc and rratherin? the . ,m a t rt grain wui not exceed one hundred dollars and a machine Complete, fur nerformiuir the wholi - operation of preparing the gram fur the null, about double that sum. - Among the tre itlemen who have examined tne machine, we may name Doctor Mitthill Mr. V. R. l.iv i'ltrs on. Mr. Thomas Freeiuirn - Mr Isaac Isennisinn. the Mavor. &C Should a hoard of Agriculture be established in this tate, agreeable to die recommendation of tlie tiovernur, it is hoped this admirable inventioi wui be one of the first objecta of its ettention K K. MAKRIKI). Mer. Adt Went to tea this forenoon, ship Winifr.d elslon, for Alexandria ; brigs Factor, for Havre; Hannah, Goldsoo, Galway ; Richmond, , for Richmoud ; Amethyst, Greig, for Ja mail a ; and schooners Cvane. . for Ireland Ranger, Wood, for Norfolk. Vais One northern mail, only, arrived this morning. There ar now due 3 southern mail - - outh of Wilmington, (Del.); S from Bostw., aud 1 northern, which was due last ni?ht. At a"annah. lieut Tlmm - n Pilns in c nc uniieii .iiatrs avv. tn Miss Uirvlj,i - i, u.n: r.i... ..... " ' """"lin "l lliai CUV DIED. At Savannah, on the 14 Ii inst. after a dis - t ween uffii ers, of a private und personal nature. I trws - ng illnesn, which he bore with the rcsiir - Any uewspiiper uuhlii ation oi I nation of a c risdan. Rev. Jameu Hnhh.l . Any uewspiiper uuhlii Ation .character, v. ill be caue lor natii e of Providc.ce, K. I. in the S2d year of J ooiiei, and the fuuudation 1 1 111 is acre . acn VAY. Pos 7 M.iRtXE LIST. CLEARKl). urig Mary, Brewter, Havana NAT) T .loif acnr r ame, fchaw, Richmond earah Ann, Parrot, Frrdencksbur" .Ihhll'rM HIS fX)Hk. Ut j A Shy p Oeo. am' Mary, Waldron, 2 dav from Newport, with rum and sugar to Burrill k Ca - honne. Sloon Halrvon. Waldron. 4 dava mm " . port, with hides and rum to Burrill &: Cain Al L M Peixotto. Sailed in co with ship - Albion, iroiil Bit - uiiis lor if i niK. Sloop Intrepid. Thomas. 2 davs from Vow Haven, with gin to Mr. Lanedon The hris Twin. Nichols, from Hiv re. waa ai ancnor mis morning at Sana' roint. hr Mary, fr m Havana, via .Ni k port. ARRII hit J..HST t.PEAUYfi. Ship Ma y Augusta, Porter. 7 days from Savannah, w ith cotton, rice, hides, r eds, &c. to Hngert k Kneeland, De Rham Ai Delessert. J & t; Bolton, Cris wolds ii Coates, G Johnston, J Ande son k Co. J N Styles. Townsrnd & Wh.te, Bell k Timnson. T B !eaman. I) Umiit - lass, and T M St A J Huntington. Passengers, lieut. W - lliamson, of the navy. J BLee. J Speii - cer, r. tvoodrutt, J Ueorge, S Ross, U Koss, J l e, and M tsorman. 1 he Mary Autruta an - cl.nred in the Bav, 12 miles Wof - andy iloi.k. on Tuesday evening last, where she remained in satety during the gale at N E on Wednes - laj. testerdav mom ns. at two o'clock, tlie wind hauled from N. E. to W. N. W. and blew heavy. It appearing evident that the shin ouid go ashore, c nculded to cut her cables. nd run her head on ; after cutlinjr one. the wind lulled, which induced a brl ef. that, by cutting away the masts, she would hold on which wa done and the ship brought up within 20 yards of the Point of tlie Hook, at S, A. M. The ship was towed up, yesterday af ternoon, by the pilot - boat Science. Ship Mates, Swinburn, from Charles ton, via Newport, R. LI day from the Utter p ace, with rice and cotton, to Griswolds Sr. that although congress have power to jive the Coates, Buck k Coit, F Depau, HCom inir.J II courts of tbe United Slates cognance of offcu I Lafonta, jun. S k C Morris, I Mon is Sr. Co K 1 es committed on hoard shins of warofthtU. S.I G Gillies. R Gillespie. Ward A Bishop. Pit they have not givo it by any Uw that the act 1 Schenck k Co. aid H Cameron. Sailed in co. ahip Roger, for Pbilabelphia, it aaliore at the roint oi uie xiorsc owe, imv will probably get off without injury. BsLTiKoai. March 2 Arrived, ach Udy of the Lake, Cromwell, 53 day from St Jago, f.l Ha been on the coast 15 day, experi - weed severe and continued galea from tlie westward. t Shin Benkmin. Trueman, 13 day from Ha vana. Left sch Hampton, of Baltimore, from Ctrthagena, and a number of others, names unknown. Sell Col. Ramsay, Ross, 21 day from Ha vana. f - h'm United States. Hall, Canton. Briir La Comet, Fouche, Havre de Grace. Sch Col. Geo. Armistead, Gold, Havana Sch Harriot, Forbes, Bordeaux. Sch Highflyer, Coleman, Monte Video. Sch Lucy, Slade, Port - au - Prince. .Sch Kelicitv. Ginn. Penobscot PHILADELPHIA, .March 4. Arrived, hip Orleans, Grover, from INUrleans ; ciranger, Whitney, from St Petersburg , Eclipse, Barclay from Havana ; schrs Friendship, Shain, from '.a - guira ; Rachel and bally, l.rwin, Cape rtenry ; St Helena,Taylor, Porto Rico ; brig lUsing Huu,, from Port au Prince; James Coulter, II. ill, from Havana : Perseverance, Armstrong, do; Nymph, Bingham, from Trinidad in Cuba ; Catharine, House, from Boston ; Delight, Gau - li y. Irom tjotton. Below, schr Rambler. Rich, from Savannah Cant Stoneman. of the briffCom. Perry.left at Havana, 19th Feb. ship Medora, Pickle, of PliiUdelphia, to sail for N Orleans, Sjth inst brii'Nancv. Haves. M do for Baltimore, in 13 day i John Howe, Bousqiiet, for Philadelphia, in 6 1 sch Argo, for Baltimore, in 6 ; Deleware, Marshall, tor do in 3 i Lapw ing, tor an. unc ; Hampton, Gardiner, just ar; brig Olive Branch, .nderson. of Philadeluliia. iust ar. from St. Thomas. Brig Owego, of Baltimore sailed on the lilth for N Orleans. Feb. 12, a Spanish sloop of wur of 24 cruns put into Matanzas, af ter an action of 10 minutes with a ship under Patriotic colorrs. supposed to be Adm. Hrown, ihe was literally cut to pieces before she made her escape, and with difficulty got into Matan zas. The brie Count e Doie, mounting tour - teen 12 pounders was captured by a brig under Spanish colors, also several Spanish schrs. til the same, time. From authentic information, ther. - was a ship, nnderlhe pati mtic flag moun ting twenty four 24 pounders, and 230 men, and two brigs mounting sixteen IS pounders, and 170 men each, waiting for a Spanish frigate, which wa expected from Vera Cruz, with 3,000,000. Just arrived from Jamaica, tlie .Salisbury, T4, Admiral Douglass, to proceed I.t Kngiand with $2,000,000. Boston, March 1 Arrived, brig Eliza, Adams, 8 da s from Savannah. Sch Hannah; Hammond, of Scarborough, 30 days from Point Feire, uuait. and 14 troni Turks Island. Left at Turks Island, l - rig Greyhound, Treat, and a brig belonging to N Y rk, from llispaniola, seized for having dry K'oods. Lc. on board. Sxke, lat 33, long 74, brig John, 4 days from Charleston. l.ut 36, long 73. spoke sloop Hebacca, Saver, 3 davs from Norfolk, for Savannah, lying to under her niainsal. THEATRE. Scond night of .Mr. I'liilipps' engagement. u Friday Evening. March 6, will be presented 'oard, or to mh 6 Mir V'lrujll vy lie i n u, THE MAID OF THE Mil. I, Lord Aim worth, Mr. Philippt n wrucn character he will introduce " ci me ti II where the mnid is found ;" " Eveleen's Bower ;" 44 my passion in vain ;" 44 Itohin Adair." In act 3, the celebrated duct, ' Together let us Range," hy Mr. Phnipps and aiiss joiinson. To which will be added, the Farce, of MV LANDLADY':) fJOWJi. (t On next hunuay evenius; a Sirmon will e preached in tlie nhek church, by the Kevd larmner spring, and a collection made fo :emfit ofthe 44 Association lor th relief e speclable aged und indigent females " The ser vice will commence at half past six o'clock, mh 6 2t J,r ' nuMer Prize sold by R. tVatlc, junr. No. 72HO, which drew this day the floating prize - 1 one tnousand dollars, wan, as usual, sold I t. Waite, junr. The highest floating prize, itr.uoo dollars, the stationary prize uf 3000 dnl art, aud seven of 1000 dollars. wre all sold bv ilOBERT WAITE, junr. 136 Broadway, who - as som more prizes in tlie present lottery than ... I .. . r . i . r. i uy vrnurrui uctieis in oroadway. m. h 6 trCT IsKALIE'S lut of prize", 43d day : No, '"00 mh 6 1 he schr JEFFERSON, 102 tons, a. a sirong vessel, and in good order Vpply to JOSEPH OSBOftN, mh 6 28 .Vouth - st. for Sate, Freight or Charier, . The brig RECOVER, Burnham, ti master, 242 tons, a substantial rood res - ei; nes ai pier iv. Apply to JtSEPHOSBORN, mh 6 3f m South - street. For .1 tcjcand ia, licvrgtiuu n, und it ashington l The fine new schr. VAI.LORIUS, R itiV Taylor, master, now ready to receive 'xHis at pier no. 10, and will be despatched io all next week. For freight or passage, apolv on V . . DIVIE BETHUME k Co. 9i Coffee - house slip. IliCt. - 4j whole and 20 hull tierces Kice. 1 1 landing this day from ship Rising States, iuiu vnnrii biod, itir sale ny i..n - . rv .... . . n nuui. uiL.L,r. - rir., nz front - street, mh 6 i iivn 'iinii moiw.u. - o anus, pnni ii nicnmona looairo. lut recei vert, anil Inr ie "y HUHU to. SEW ALU mh 6 65 South - street JO - EI'H OSBOR.N, So.tH SouOj - street, has for sale 3000O lbs handsome Java coffee 100 hales Calcutta piece goods, viz - Beerhoom gurraht Berhauagure, Bajery k Calcutta checks. blue, red and white gills hdkfs Bandanna and lungee hdkis Sannas, coesas, ic. 35 kegs ground ginger 40 do pickled salmon 50 chests singlo and hyson tea 26 hags Calcutta sugars 28 bales utltnd cotton 300 boxes No. 1 and 2 chocolate 50 toot Russia iron 5000 ps. long yellow nankeens 1 case cross - barred Canton hdk 8 whole and 16 hf. pipes fcicily Mad. wine i iwsi siauras and Calcutta goat skin 40 too Campeachy logwood 8 hhds Kentucky tobacco Castor oil. Senna leaf, Assafoetida Gum copal, Trsgacauth, Salalmooiac Mn - trd eed, kc. men 6 lOt Hit. KUAM IU.M bUAi.Ua, .c. SMALL iioi e of Backgammon and Che 4.A. Boards, for sale hy ANDERSON k SHEARER, ., At Ml Water - street. Also a few London Pocket Books, Wallets ar.d Ladle Work - Bi Xc. mb 6 AiisJ A Tavern and Store in Hushing, atpre - seui occupied by Mr. VYn. thaw. Apply to ttb 6 tf J. ClBlioAS. GERMAN LINENS. WILL be told at Philadelphia. atthest0. of Messrs. BUCK k KAUMBHAar! No. 144Sooth - 1 hird - street, for approved endorl ted notes, at 4. 6 and 8 months, on Monday. ikT 16ln of March instant, 450 package of Ger 958 pieces Creas 11170 do Dowlas 1325 do Brown Holland ' 5075 do Platillat 325 do Listado 1200 do Checks No. i 3396 do Estopilla 9500 do Britannia 1300 do Book - linen T98 do Coutilt 300 do Catarillo 350 do Rouaos 670 do Hessians C48 do White RoU, 107 do Homespun Li - nen W8 do Baggine - lOCO do W - clotb Also, at the same time and plate, 16 bales Cloth and Caesimeret. 1'he goods to be viewed two day Dreviom . the sale. To be sold by ' ",0 SILAS L. WEIR, Auctioneer. mb. 6 3t frXfl OIL, PAPtikeT' X - " Qr. cask colmenar wine 130 qr casks and 200 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles each ' 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do etter 14 hhdt English glassware, consisting ol wine and tumblers assorted . 100 boxes anchovies and 50 do olives 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 cases felt bats, 1 do chip do 40 bale Italian rags, 500 marble mortar 23 cases marble slabs, veined and statuary assorted sizes 5 boxes Naples shaving soap 1 do watch glasses 3 cases manna io flakes 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of Dallas, putkab and callipatty costahs Chadpore, chomocolly,johanna, luckipore and soogapore Sannahs, jullapore and mow Checks, white, red aud blue gillahs Madra pattern do Sootee and froctsoy rouials, for tale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, mch 6 Wathingbm - st. I?LAXaEI) - l7 bhls. Flaxseed, for sal by F HENDERSON & CAIRNS, run 5 ui ruie - street. MINIATURES IN A NEW STYLE, T h. bkhvk, from LOKDow, at SB and on wards. Specimen may be seen at tlie Tontine Coffee House, tbe City Hotel, and at hit paini ng room, iu uroadway, exactly opposite John street. Dili 6 2w W TO LET, Uj,:sI A two story house, with a barn and rlns ncies of land, situate about two and a half mile Irom the city, opposite the arsenal. To a person who is in tne nabit oi attendinz market rind would cultivate the land as an eurlr vegetable garden, it it an object. Rent 200 dollars. Ap ply at 2 moadwuy mh 6 tf for Sale, or Ej charge for property in the city. ' A FARM containing 60 acres, pleasantly lituated on the Hudson river, and adjoining the village of Newbuigh. The land is of an excellent quality, and with the exception of a few acres, has been seeded with timothv and j clover for mowing ; it is well watered by a small brotiK that never tails the plaee abounds with fruit of the choicest kind and in great variety ; the buildings are a bouse, barn and o - ther necessary out lious s ; in point of pleasantness of situation and extensive prospect, it is not exceeded by any place on the Hudson river. The rapid growth of the village of Newburgh is generally known, the village is now bounded by the farm on the north, and the first extension north (which will probably take place in the course of a few years) bring it immediately on to the farm ; the advantages) of such an event speak for themselves. Also, within 2 miles of Uie farm, 50 acre of wood land ; the wood is about 20 yean growth and the land is well covered with it j this is a valuable acquisition to tbe farm on the river. Abo, a farm in Connecticut, in tlie town of Guilford, al achrmshead harbor, containing ' between 60 and 70 acres. The land is of an excellent quality, and the greatest part is in ti - inomy grass. It it bounded on three sides by the sea, winch 8 fjords ample sources of manure, and saves much fencing. There is on the place a house, barn and out - buildinn. sufficient for all purposes of the farm. or terms of the Newbureh property, apply ' to Messrs. J. k T Powel, at that place; and for the Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, at Guilford ; or for both, to the subscriber in New - tone, at no. 181 Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL, mch 6 D2aw4wClaw4w FRUIT, FOREST TREES, 4c. .jj, TjfciiJAMIN PRINCE CO. sv - - D have ioi tale n their Nur - - S?&rrt?&iL sery, Plushine Landine, (L. I.) . ygk near New - York, Uieir utual and and Ameiican F.uit and Orna - II mental Trees. Also, a large col - lection of valuahle Shrubs and R Plants ; they have several thoo - urtaaasasTC - s. sand inoculated Peach trees, - which are in the most healthy state and free from any distemper, great attention ba been paid to nrxuns them from the vellows. which has de stroyed so many trees of that kind throughout the United Stales, catalogues oi wiucn may o - had of Messrs. HULL & BOWNE, No. 146 Pearl - street, New - York, or at their Nursery. Order forwarded to either place will be imme diately attended tn, and the trees, kc. carefully and securely packed, o a to be sent to any part ofthe United States, with the greatest safe - - ty, and delivered at Crane wharf, New - York, by water free of freight. Also, forsale as above. 1000 beautiful Balm of Giltsd or Silver Fir Trees, they are almost ure to live wben transplanted. (J - At the great lot ol reacn I ree by ait - - else, have deleted many irom planting them, direction will he given to those who purchase them, which if attended to, will eoable them to - preserve their trees in a .heaitny state, sua o ; ave Peaches in as gieat plenty at in lormer i ear. N. B. Peach trees inoculated on Almond or . Plum stocks, is no preventative aeainst the dis - ' ease, which the Pennsylvania Agricultu al Socie , ty, mil the yellows. mh 6 DiC6t A ffEW DnESSIffG ROOM. FRUMEATO, No. 1 Wall - street, just returned from Italy, has the honour to inform the eentlemen, that he cut and dresses hair I the liitest style, and in a mat ner so a to adopt it to the phisinguoniy. lie hat for sale a quanti ty of RAZORS ofthe first uuahtv. if they do not please on trial, the purchasers aie at liberty to return them, and receive the money He ba liki - snae procured a very fine hone, and engage to tcitore razors to a very keen edge and should th - y notcut he will receive oo rec oro pence. rlmae rent le men who may please to honor urns with their patronage, may depend on tbe most particular and respectful attendance. n. a. txentlemen who subscribe by toe qear - - will have their razors, Ac kept exclusively r uiemseivet. P. S. A rood journeyman wanted. Apply a above. tab 6 tf It

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