Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 6, 1939 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1939
Page 12
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1' ] 3 MASON S l J,riLp|E.GAZ E TT E *·,,,,,,·,, Apri! m M n M r · - " « W»t iflce at Mason City, Iowa, under the act of March 3 1879 1 S - - - - - - Publisher . . _ y LLOYD L. GEER - - Advertising Manager e i' '.I 6 * 1 ,' 0 " or not othc "vi£e credited In this also the local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES s 1.50 s 50 ?lr ^bKIr"";::! 3 13 ? rSP: ; OUTSIDE 100 MILE ZONE IN IOWA AND MINNESOTA Per ««...(6.JO Six months.. .53.23 Three monlhj...J1.7J IN ALL STATES OTHEtt THAN IOWA AND MINNESOTA Per yr...J8.oo « months. .54.50 3 months. .$2.50 1 month. .$1.00 Drunk Tests Again TI7HILE probably not absolutely essential, legislation to give standing to the scientific tests for the determination of intoxication would, in the opinion of Prof. Mason Ladd of the University of Iowa law college, prove .helpful to the slimulation of pi-ogress in this area. Because courts admit all relevant evidence which relates to the issue of a case on trial and do this without the need of legislation, a law legalizing the scientific tesls would not be necessary to warrant the admission in evidence of the tests, he reasons. "Legislation might, however," he adds in = letter to the director of this page, "help in a ver Foreign Affairs By Mark Byers No Shift Made in Position of Church QVERSHADOWING all else in the international ^s picture is the welcome election of Cardinal Pacelh, papal secretary of state under Pius XI as pope. His choice on the third ballot of the college of cardinals is evidence that in this period of crisis and tension in international affairs there will be no shift of the church's position. And that the new pope meant that meaning not to be overlooked was indicated by his first act following his election--the i choice of the name Pius XII. It ' was undoubtedly chosen by ihe new pontiff to make plain the fact that there is to be no interruption and no change of direction in Vatican policy from that of his predecessor. 'That would naturally have been expected, of course, since the cardinal secretary of state is the chief diplomatic officer of the Vatican, and as such Cardinal Pacelli undoubtedly had RVE-RC mu , ch to do with formulating BlfciCS and carrying out 'ilie policies o£ his predecessor. They have been in a sense his policies. But choosing the same name as that o£ Itie late pope gives emphasis and assurance of continuation. Thus the new inmate of the Vatican has an- no_unced his hostility to naziism and fascism to racial hate and persecution, for these were the basis of the policy of Pope Pius XI in his nu- MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DAILY SCRAP BOOK MONDAY, MARCH 6, 1939 By Scott EYE / the election is not popular either in Italy or m Germany. The Italian discontent with the result is ihe more restrained. In Germany the oificial displeasure is openly stated. Apparentlv Germany had hoped to bring influence upon the cardmalate which would result in the choice of a pope who would be less outspoken, if not favorable to totalitarian ideas. England and France are naturally jubilant seeing in the prospective policies of the new regime assistance against fascist control of Spain --a country strongly influenced by church policy --and general resistance to the Home-Berlin axis ideas and aggression. And if Pius XII stands" lirmly upon the German concordat, which Hitler is already accused of having violated in some real way to cause the courts to see this need and morous courageous protests and objections to "he to have legislative authority codifying what would TM n£t of affairs in Europe during his later years be the common law authority without the legis- Watllra1tv th » oia/.*:TM, ,-~ --4 1._ _,,. lation. Many of the rules of evidence set out in the code are but codification of what ihe law would be without the legislation. A statute on the subject would settle the matter with a doubtful or fearful judge." Recently the Globe-Gazette commented at some length about a survey of the scientific tests done by Professor Ladd and a fellow educator Professor Gibson, bio-chemist at the University of Iowa. The correspondence here quoted grew out of our observations in that editorial. Professor Ladd calls attention interestingly to the fact that the blood test protects the innocent along with providing evidence " the guilty. Reference is t which would cause a defenda: pearance of drunkenness," including an alcohol breath. ^ "From all objective tests," says Professor Ladd, such a defendant would be found guilty, and a jury might regard his testimony that he had not been drinking as false. The' blood test would be his greatest protection against a wrongful conviction." Another point commented on by the law authority is that "drunk driving cases have been i ° ur o£ the United States for consultation with and are going to continue to be tried in our Ame "can cardinals and prelates. And he was courts." The question then arises, "What evi- E ap n « n f° m Germany, the first diplomat to ""^^^^^^.TF k II ^"T^FteSs *£ ££ ground to express his opinion that the man w^ JntimlS'» «-fi?H^°"? P? 1 ^TM 31 observation became drunk, We let officers testify the results of their *TM' TM------ - · S r -'- se and the moral: tests m having the accused try to stand poised, toeing a line, standing "immobile with his eyes , ? n^' r K pea ,i! n f C f rta i n words or"phrases, smelling the breath, tests of memory and the like express their opinion as to whether or not they" believe the man was drunk. We also let doctors irom objective manifestations express their opinion on the subject "All of these methods of proof from laymen oUicers and doctors come in and properly so with- out.objection by the courts. They would continue to be admissible even with the blood test. The blood test would not eliminate other relevant evU dence but would supplement it with the aid of science. It is unquestionable that the blood test, =1^5, i · ? £ c ?, ses of lesser concentration of h=^ the blood, is more reliable than opinions based upon objective manifestations nJ h ^ * IS* Iess * a " ce ** ^stake be- , HrVVE -- MEW FE.DE.R.AL RJJLINqs DISAPPROVE OF SEHM -fa Hoi-t MORE WERE. POPULAR EArVfH WHHRE. l-f NEVER. RAlHS -- RtPO-X-TED , A.Nt IK tEArTU OBSERVING pIUS XII has several unique qualifications for nf t,,nrtJ at J? a? tl S° n ? at **** P^cu'ar Juncture of world affairs. He is the first pope who has a first hand knowledge of new world affairs, hav- REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files THIRTY YEABS AGO-The cement plant is now under and as rapidly as the rushers it goes Three again GOOD HEALTH By Logon Clendening, M. D. AGE-OLD PRACTICE REVIVED Allan P. Beck of Des Moines is here and has accepted a position as druggist at the Kilmer .urug store. He has succeeded Fred Robinson who TMim t T eI N. for Glad °rook and later expects to Wnrl° F S h0m f , n Kansas ' block fn th 1 ^ el JS g ^ e interior o£ Ule Zoller block for the BIJOU theater began this week The m^ re f fh" C 2 r wU1 be t^^TM into one room and tal* in- r *^ e ^^ ° Pera Chairs wil1 be placed in it instead of the common chair. Mr. Lombardo fruit 7 S ° Uth frOIlt ° £ the ^^ing for a C3 f K latest health measures of treatment to be called to my attention is the pine bath While Americans can certainly be said to . draft this reply by Kalh- en Smith of the Cedar Falls Record to those who are always complaining that "there's never anything in the paper." "Mrs. Grumble forgets that it. was only last week that she had asked to have her bridge party kept out of the paper because there were two or three other people whom she should have invited; and that the family didn't want it mentioned when they bought a new automobile because they still owed the local doctor for Junior, and two or three grocers had been waiting for them to settle up for some time. "The editor left the account of the daughter's careless driving spree out of the paner because he was sorry for the old man, and he also neglected to mention the fact that Mrs. Grumble's father died in the penitentiary and that it was rumored around that Mr. Grumble had been fishing without a license. "But still Mrs. Grumble thinks the editor could print more news. He probably could--but what if lie should?" --o-Bar on Mongoose , wonder if congress some ; day will have to repeal the law prohibiting the bringing of mongooses into this country? Quite often one sees complaints of rats becoming so plentiful that stringent measures are necessary to control them. Many of the tropical islands imported the fierce little mongoose to war upon rodents. The objection to the killer is that he multiplies rapidly and isn't particular what his game is, attacking domestic fowl and small animals as well as pests. Despite this lact the mongoose is a common household pet in India where he constitutes a watchdog against the deadly cobra and other snakes their bite by his extreme agility 8 And, in common fairness and candor, I think I should admit I had to go to the dictionaiy to find out how to spell the plural of mongoose." Real Jesse James admired the acting, the color effects and just about . everything else about the movie version of "Jesse James." One particular, however, I did not admire. I have reference to the treatments of the story which tended to make a hero out of a thief According to the best information available about him, he had no more to commend him in his day than Dillinger had at a later date .there may have been an instance or two--maybe several in which James stole from the rich w)!LP£ e t lo «! Iie poor ' a la Robin Hood. But these, represented his whims, nor ms true character Usually--as has been the case with his successors down through the years, he sought only those battles in which he would have an unfair advantage over those with whom he fought. In this he was no different from Dillinger and all the rest of his kind By playing him up as a hero and a martyr, Hollywood was guilty of a distinctly unsocial course. I here was no more reason in historical truth for heroizing Jesse James than there would be to heroize John Dillinger and his various "gun molls." The Day's - ciate the daily bath and enjoy its benefits they do not indulge in medicinal baths as much'as do appre- Religious Formula To THE THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES OF V E N T U R A ' S scnool--for one of the most remarkable -programs KGLO has been privileged to broadcast up to this time. It was during junioi- music hall Thursday night and it had to do with the safety theme Right up my alley, I admit. But every song had been memorized congratulations to Charlotte Skentf the instructor in charge, and my thanks to every boy and girl who participated. --o-Safety Sonnets TWENTY YEARS AGO-- ti j -.,!. j., nave reas °n to be well satisfied with the new occupant of the Vatican, the more so that his election was apparently well- nigh unanimous, and prompt. Few popes are y.,.-^" 3 " 6 *- *?: Barbcr . secretary of the North Iowa ?K ed as e ? rly as t" e third "allot, since a two- S r association, accompanied by W. E McCaf- Xnlmmediafe^s 6553 ^'- f-° " 16 i h ° ice ° l TM» s fe^'l^^ ?.' 3"*?' *4 -"end fluT* AII immediately serves notice on the world that *££.? J5? ^I* 10 " °? disagreement within the ·- -- - -- » -- · . . W*. «**-3M5*.CC4HGi,lt \ church on the essential policies to be ^ u , v «i ;7: "S. 1 .'.TM Catholicism stands committed against dic^rsrup* 11 MUS3 ° Hni Phil ° S °P^ Of «*£ -1 * » * Spanish War Diplomacy pope is likely to see his administration rmy tesls almost immediately, for the on the ° ·'-·- Tti,-.i"-i-.~"- --7--- "* - j t y *-*-"» vj.u utitrfia me an- tnhA P ^ g * m «r t m g , o f the : ° wa Fair associations win HP 1 W * v ^y- About 25 fair associations wiJl^be represented at the conference ;t. Paul Prehn will defend his title of mid- ... do _ peoples. It is not m m America the preparations of '" and nature's plants to add to the bath water, for the purpose of have always thought that our religious denominations should learn from each other rather than to waste u-\ l n mere opposition from which most of our church leaders _,,,,,,,_,, .1 --- -- «-"!·"== ui r c u r c eaders Believing fatigue and serving are fortunately getting awav Dr hygienic purposes. VA " -- T»_I.«" » . *" a _ wa y- ur. A pine bath is really an age- old practice, but it has recent- Edgar DeWitt Jones' recipe for a good^preacher which appeared in consequently met with a like TIME . , - T -- -- - - ^ "no A CV.CIJ I-- j- . ^ ** *·"" J Hid* Wl U \y been revived, in the United Ia y° r able reaction. Here it is: 15 s ' -:, immediately makes ,- He should get religion like a a hit with anybody who tries Methodist; experience like a Bap- it because pine has a number tist be sure of it like a Disciple ?,L^ alt ¥ ul e£fect s, b«ng ap- !i c! ? to " I*e a Lutheran, pray City Y.: Dr. Clentlening pine bath' -- ^j ( ·j-jing ap-- pUcable to many parts of the body. The soothing effect of Pine, its restful quality and the Pleasant effect on the nose and throat are what have caused the location of sanitaria near for it like a Presbyterian, conciliate it like a Congregationalist, glorify it like a Jew, be proud of it like an Episcopalian, practice it like a Christian Scientist, propa- f *-i ^1'L- a Rt »nan _ Catholic, i*««i.«*/; BAD B-RAKES ON A CAR. ARC A GSAVE - , m - aus Pices o£ the Charles -. A. Tuesday night. 1 is to boil or steam the ^ t lL? 1ou J ave a bl ! ew which is Ptesenled lhron t h Ihe courtesy ol N««ra»l, Iowa Stale ,nd C«n 0 Go-do County Safely Counclli. , -- --~...v**j might very naturally affect objective ob- t«t wMi,, 0n t 00 ?--' ? hus U ^ that tn * Wo°d nrVv,', i r eliminating other tests, both to ANSWERS to QUESTIONS . 1Q ^ t .__ 4 j : ---- . " " lw ^^^"^. the jury to determine considering sci- would be for of tol- appearance of intoxication affair last laiJ. The tension is increasine dnilv" and it is impossible to guess the outcome S "' England anrj France have recognized Franco's regime as the legal government of Spain, and the United States will doubtless follow soon There is nothing else to do. The loyalist government has .£. J e fi: many of its ^aders have left the ~" nt o£ republican ti'oops is faces an overwhelming enormous superiority of arms ^n^ ta «X'i^^^^S^ £om n feutefs?^. fl ° W ° f £UPpUeS t0 WS ewraies TEN YEARS AGO-- ^SSpfSlleS £ ^^ the same thing. P Qf coSrse, e care h Eliouid r 'be V taken v^ffi^^sitejsasa,'' n requires By Frederic J. Haskin three (3) cents i in his Give the number and principal nationality of immigrants entering the port of San Francisco. Hines the first time, only to see it the was gained on the debating puVe'bath'aftTrSi 1118 - occ , u P ation . the use of"a Central America7iFfrom's'outh 'hool and junior college"here - after returnmir homp in f h » .,«,,, ' - - - --' J - lum ^ o u i n negative side and the question will -EsS.SES nence, another set of reproductions was made on platinum. How many members in farm cooperatives? D. N. There are about 3,400,000 members m the 10,900 associations. How many specimens of game did Present Theodore Roosevelt capture on his African frip'- i f Theodore Roosevelt brought back 296 specimens from his African trip. Among these were 13 of Italian troops 3 the Pdce in* * ? thC diElinct a PP ea -a n ce °f be- T"! ? es t£ rate TM°ve to cripple the Dewey cam- ,,.,;,. -- ,, r ;; '- '» W U U I Q DC fraf governorship of New York before it licence at Burgos they may retain, oo ate. By yielding to political nnvrou-e ain to secure and promise itton. But . ., ., - - · - --^ ·-··*«^ u)3.t com-- .efirutely. They recognized Franco STn^fTM 1 ? £TM ?°TM s ° -ou,d be foTose eision may have PreSSUre of Cont i n Ue to putting T ?m Dewey i*^^ ^e ST^ Th . e . I ? I l! s Ca 5_ e was P u «ly a test of whether t-ol=*o ,, *i A--= .-"- =·"= °"u me quesi: relate to tiie American jury trial system. Literary Guidepost By John Selby OLUMO^PTT^T^H?" WAR A ND REV- V T V- 11O ' N IJ KUSSIA," by D. Fcdotoff Whitc- (Umversity of Pennsylvania: ;" · ^rVlinl T- -- , 7 . «*tcliJUU;l -^*..^ii»-a, ullw u l IXOm U16 described ardly be a 3equately Pines. Others came from various TJ« fl 11 , , ' counti'ies in small numbers. ' · , and o elephants. taliiy. yOUr Skitl « n ««ng witli vi- r e of _ - * -- w-u* u i d V i i c ( New York prosecutor could reach B^^Sted^'^th^ volunteers. Daladier, indeed, claimed to have QUESTIONS AND ANSH'JSHS \Vhat was Morris' Folly? C. H, In 1735 Robert Morris bought an entire block of land in Philadelphia, Pa., lying between Seventh and Eighth, and Chestnut and Walnut streets. Having been considered the richest man in America, he proposed to erect for him- ,.,,, -vr ?- prcsident of the American Methcal association? H K Dr. Irvin Abell O f Louisville, H le »*IC ras Viola famous actress, born? ,,. ,,. In Huntsville, Ala - ?. ow . much hydrochloric m (he stomach? G. P. eased Quite a lot D te ictol'tri) Kdot^White JL^L^LV^J 135 . 31 ; I.«t put the events of havI-^4-\;L am ^Ts OEr r" a " d ^ ha " d5 SL'SSSSirSSS 1 ^ .th^m^SVlto^l ' -----awi' ' 1 Tl*» 3 _ i * _ Z - . . - _ f~\rw*Z-r*+f * -- *1 " . * in · i. - * * vumu. Acawi one Assurance from Franco lhat Tt-iiiTno «-,-., TJ i -jj.^a-.stssars^ " " w^l m L?, e . riod - And » m«?t be said ^ nsvfei '.' Ihe Sections used for to fla sm'll" " fce'rs 1 : 6117 raCket£erS ' ga " S ^«TM' TM* ba^^cke^Sed^e^un^^'S ^fcaV a jP ^^^' TM ·«?ffiS£_ "ZZ?^.**TM « - -- S SHE" ^SSfo^.SS^ P^oper UUe, , circumstance wo^not^Vn ^ wants to stay there while he puts the source on day of deliberately misleading titles It t e U s ^ n '· ha * ^''_ h TM an U PP" -'I a ^ Russian whose neoolo »* 0 *C5* ^-lo^^thVaer^an ^A^'^S. ^ ^^ ^ THE SEASON FOR COLDS IS HERE outpost on Tea conviction on 13 counts which may add" u'p'To'£ years imprisonment T t r u - * » » "«*i* A i, iiiLiA^ ue Si ^^ hite s book came as a surprise, for on urface nothing could have seemed more bor- This is exactly the 2-i s^^:^sr^ u s.^'2ss^h.t mg. He calls it "Survival.' proper title, EDITOR'S NOTE: Seven Clendening can now be ^eis by Dr. ng 10 ,,---,,,,,,,,,,_ Bo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :: ^«;:;:::::--« : ; =HI«i!?i?S^^ ^Zss-'ssa. * * is OI . tnc n °w Franco regime--ami th/. -D^r, n -o of =. TTMTM ^,, M ^.- , : Return tr ; an , co , r egime-and the Berlin-Rome ^°fe- e; _ th _l insl . de . ^ack. It could of a long D URIN G - t he late 1920^ 7 stTeVm of American ^"^^^'"Sicta^^^tf^'SS r^i. 8 .?! 8 ? Ur - d «£«« the Atlantic ^ 0 ^TMTM» **/**«* «?.^ :nd the is withi ^. . i ., -- --.^ u auiuss me mianuc o take up residence in France. They were known as tne "expatriates." America was too garish O o mechanized, to money-minded and uncluttered to rv_ r , -«««-«.^»j*j ut tne start 01 tne war ^nd ^s nl°. n l y 3 min0r " y ° £ SP^rts ^h hn^ anq his ne\v government was propped ·-- -could not " fnlduoM" 3 ^' in ^^ine-^ussian fa h on-he ^|\^iS?,^SS a f^---' t ^1^"-^--'^-^ ers of s_iich books approaches the Treatment of Diabetes."' "Feminine" and "The Care of the Hair and sSn " s for the Hygiene" Owing to the enormous amount of money spent on materials, labor, and changed plans, and to financial reverses on the part of Morris, he and his family were never able to live in the partly finished house, consequently, it was called Morris' Folly. Were live rabbits ever used in ffrcyhound races? J. O'C. They were used in arevhound racing prior to 1920. Opposition abolii iTtoess" a ?e anTM^^- sU ?, n5 xvas raised in California to the Home Doctor Book- WhT d ln the chasing andKUing of live rabbits can take the- place oTvou,-^ b ? ok this handy medical adrisertl'ft common cold accounts days lost from earning and school, than anv disease. What is the proper 1 br P rev^^ ? ~?°" Bother, as a sport. Owen P. Smith, prominently connected with dog racing. you the essenK»f" ' In recent months this band of f i c e oul* has been hurrying home. For suddenly they have'tome ITMTM i f C lhatAme "-a '"s many qualities which appeal to artists and writers very much indeed It may not be able to furnish the variety of odors common to the left bank of the Seine but it does have a few attractioas. "ears is indeed a serious~onerAt"home and ab-xnd ,,, ^f^J*.* 8 a TM* ?«*ult * concentrate irl^^J? !» *i°?- The d? %£%* %°t£ Meadow Melodies , decked that the sport could con- ease that you h , w ou s ' is reliable hea n ' Here . , must be had, ±^L. fl " ancc the conqueror _. ,, ^nd anarchism--for a price l'"^ ot Great Britain as the -- , ¥ J I..MIJ- ani)z-- i«« r « ** of *' 1C mentality and the rrob- p^^^a,Mr^ atM -^ SL he reports things he has seen ·,^"'""?) ber ? : Et ; cne s are especially v iv is the prisi no such thing-- By Roy Murray of Buffalo Center to this TOO HOT TO HANDLE Irhh rmnW - e ynamiters heartbreaking march and a dreamer he can obviously become ., very practical and realistic when the occasion de- mum- een In has i-ink, rob hirru Another is his meet- seemed ";^'-o'clock dinner after which the"' ago. Copsrlthl, COitlti J.' Cliey " The Ia3y was coznplalninr. ".Ij- goodness, ain't It hot"" The miilman onlr shook k| s hc»( And said, "0», no. H's not, At lent, |f s n ol ,, h 0 t ,, Tfhtn I wai a iravftln' man And s»ntd around the Seven Sen From *ome (o Yucatan. And will do I remember sllll Ono season lonf pone bv The »ky was like a. healed "bell Wilh all the n-orJd nnrnl iry. So hot It wai, lh»t even we Way op In irlnnincK Mnst Jctd c-nr chickens let trtam Or_ they'd Ild )»ri.brlled etti tinue witliout opposition if some contrivance was invented which suDstituted an imitation rabbit. He devised an electrical rail, fixed a fake white rabbit on an extended arm, tried it out and found that the dogs would chase .that just as well as they would a live rabbit. From then on the mechanical rabbit has been developed to its present state of perfection. How Ions has Alec Tcmplcton been blind? T. G. The famous pianist has been blind since birth. IVhat encyclopedia was placed in the Crypt of Civilization at Oglcthorpe U.? R. G. The World Book Encyclopedia was selected to go in the repository. It is reproduced in two way. One is on a special film on which tne pages are printed in greatly reduced size. Each roll of film holds 800 pages and the rolls are s "'. ei ? j« glass cylinders. As an additional insurance of perma- adviser about dTs- s reliable health minimum Tcost day for a cnn quick referenc "tnce. at a P Cents to - k£ep " for --USE Tins COUPON--The Globe-Gazette, information Bureau Frederic J. Haskin, Director Washington, D. C. tLl0r ' Name Street or rural route City State to D. C.)

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