The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 16, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1913
Page 6
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^ _TM - -, ~_ Medical Adrertisinz, Elys Cream Balm Oqens Clogged Nostrils And Head-Catarrl Goes fijslaatly Clears Air Passages: You s cissohes by the heat of the .nostrils; j ; Breathe Freelv, Nasty Discharge s penetrates and heals the inSamecJ. 3 ; Stop*. Head Colds and Dull Head-j swollen membrane which bees tbt * ' achfvanfeh. I nose, head and throa^ clears the a* ^ acae u"~ f lassages; stop* nasty discharges and ^feeling of cleansing, soothing relief l , f^' a small bottle anvwav · just *t»- comes immediately. j : icv^c--\roly riTtlem the nostrils' Dent lay awake to-mght struggling |' £i"d instant! v your clogged nose, and for breaXh, -vyith heaa staffed; nostrili, ^ * » ~ - ,----,,- «f «-V.A I*A-»*{ »*n".e~~«-n n5s\VK"ir»«^ : |f^llhf5Si^^^--^o£ :t lSijl liT^I^T-lSVESnGATE. SF.E THE STIEFF-HEAK IT *tSw£Tan~d headache disappear Bv * raucous dropping into tfce throat, and *=· . _ - . - c....-_,. .,, .. t,^ , ,,,,,, ^o,,^ mnnpv will brinsr the IHSMHT fcornS'- the ~ea»«£ co!d-in-head .pV J raw^drynesS » distressing but truly »*rarMial sore'tfairoawwill bs gone, 'needless- · _ ^--,_.,. o,ce_in STIEFF PIANOS When You Buy a Stieff Piano You ger an iustrumeat iato wlreh i? built all that the skill and ex- perieuce that 71 years ean sjive \oa. The career of the Stieff Piano is one of uninterrupted honor. Honor because of ex^ellence-and faoucr with success. Ic is a piaao known 10 our Fathers and Grand-towers, and iroui the first it has been sought afwr, honored and esteemed, and - l»«Ie of "Elv's Cream Balm' at any ' Cream Balm" and your cold or eaiarri frusr store. This sweet, iragrsm balm ' \\'.li surely disappear- _ ,, Eggs Are Going Up The demand for clean, fresn eggs is heavier now than when prices v»-ere down. 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WHY NOT O\VX A HOLD " " " OM p'aiios laken in exchange. Our prices are right, our u'rms will SIKt 0«- S t i e f f P i a n o \\~\1 T OXG V-r/ W a r e r o o m s esr Market Street YORK, PA. s. Gettysburg:. Gettysburg. Arendtsville. Arendtsville. Bendersville. Bigler\ille. Bonneau\ ille. Bonneauville, M. Wolf- Store. C. Peoples" C- H- Klepper. X. H. Trostle Son N. C. Yeatts Thomas Bros. J- J- Staub. I. A. XoeL Brysonia, M. E. Knouse J. S. Felix- Mrs. X. E. Weikert. G. J- Peters. E. L- WeJgeL J. T. Little. E. G- Lower. Greenmcunt. Guernse, Heidlersburgr, Seven Stars. Table Rock. Two Ta\ems. J. T. Sherman Son. i THIS STOVE HAS BECOME FAMOUS for its heating quality with a small consumption of coal. In addition to this, which is the essential reqi-rement of any heat- is especially noted for Its. attractive appearance. We will take pleasure in showing it and explaning its full merit at our whareroom. ' H. T. Maring Re-ir of oM Reading freight station in buildins: for -itrly occupied lj rawstacker Co. i - Husband's Hair If It Is Thinning: Out or Full of Dandruff. Use Parisian Sage. i Most men are careless regarding- the esre^of the hair -- not until it conges out by the comBfar do thev Teal' y take noticed Then- "it marr'be too late. If -Stour nusband's_hair .is getting thin^if he hag- dandru£.o3r thfe scalp itche and burrs-- take immediate action:*do not lee him become a bald- heac. ^ _ '· Get from People's Drug i5tore a oO cent bottle of Parisian Sage Rub it _ \re!l into -the'scslp e^ery ri^ht The', first application ·will remo\e dandruff I Whea"~the hair stops falling and the new grow'th appears ase every other ( night until the hair is thick and abun- ; daiit . S * Parisian Sage is a delightful ana in- i vigOTting hair tonic for^ p^en, v.omen i and children. Ir is arsuenliflc prepa- f ration based on a thorough knowledge j o'f tvfikt is needed iy" the ^hair and ( scalp^to keep xheHTperfec^y "healthy , ^ scalp Iz and falling "hair. Sage. ..^ j Surelv tr\- Parisian | Here ,yotf will find an especially fine line of Christinas Gifts for Men. Save Up Your Trademarks For Xmas! Everybody buys gifts at Christmas. You Tvon't have to I Merely save every trademark from every one of B. T. B A B B I T T ' S SOAPS and CLEANSERS When Christmas comes your Babbirc trademarks vrfll entitle you to many valuable premiums, shown in oar catalogue. It is the finest selection in the country. Every gift is worth having--just the kind that you would buy at any reliable store. You kno-K- our reputation-- h o n e s t g o o d s arc norest . premiums--so begin sanig ·co- day. B. T. BABBITT, Inc. P. 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Chime Clocks in Mahogany^ases. o WATCHES z\ ery size aiid description, open face thin models and the oid reliable hunting-case kind. All the prominent well adxertised makes. A Special Line of Ladies' Elgin and Waltham Watches in 20 year guaranteed cases i or only SI 2.00. A Solid Silver Handled UMBRELLA makes a useful and lasting gift. We are anvous to have you see our beautiful selections in Silks and less expensive materials. Q A. BL JEWELER Hair falling? Then stop it! Stop it now! You can do It wilh Ayer"s Hair Vigor. Does not color the hair. a co. Ask Your Doctor. imcii. Ma«»' Ask your grocer for White Lily FLOUR It's the Best How Cat Caused Fire. $. «· caused a fire m a dwelling bouse z.t Port Glasgow, (Renfrew), recently V hot cinder fell on the cat Ijmg'in front of the hearth. The anl- darted under the toed, and the cin- j tier fell among some clothing and set the r»l..ce on fl v «. . SPAFLkl

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