The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 5, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1818
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. n A f . t HA 1 SINS & ALM0KP3. 400 L boxei bloom raisins t31 do Metcatel do ' 133 ckt a . , ; . - .oft - sheil almond The cargo of the echr Thomas Tenant from Cawlur - dt tab 1w . , 96 Coffee - House ilip. " U.UIUV1RC to CUTLERY. TOHH M'CRACKAN, 67 1 2 Pearbtreet, I rn..i vr low br package, a few i r it. ,,!. .nn1 flutter, consisting of - i cask ebissels, gouge, plane ' knives, sc. ' - 1 d Norfolk latch! f do east iron butt Hinge i f do wood Screw , 1 do iron Candlestick : m' .1. srll.J ...nrtf - H 1 do Britaaia nietal Tea pott of superior qua lT . . .. .. . J ... ' 1 do Commode Knob, hat.dles U cloak, fins t - 'A ifn insorted Luliury 4 do table Knive and Fork r t ri (mall Cutlery. n n 5 St Trsi.ftlltt. Ac. 466 bb . and 90 half do M VI11V ' . 36 litrcostiaxseed, Just received per schr " Tallonous, iron Aiexanana, ana ror sais mi ib"'s ,P 7 - . DIVIE BETHUNEIt CO. 92 ILOU R. 450 lihln Flour, landing from sthr Native, (row Richmond, lor aie by J7h& W. teS.CHAIG iTf ANUFACTTJaED ToSACCO - 43iJr IT 1 landing Iron) the Dr. wey nioutn ana sa - . . j r Uve, iron) rucnroonu - 1J0 keg brand' d Joo. Endi - r. 8 bands No 1 J 15 60 7 do do do do H)8 di 54 do for inle by mh 5 lOt rji do 1 - 4 pout") mill do P. Miller li Jn a a - id rvo. do J G. Ege 8 hnrds No. I it , do R. Cantor d do d D. R Rot d No. 1, , fc da J & F. Lahby 8 hand - CORNS. DUBOIS. VOAKUlU Anedtrlv lady also n gentle. D man and hi wife can be accommodate with apartments and Board in a private family anil central situation, from the first nf May next Apply at thin "dire. m ." 1 w" IU (JREDliORS. f AKE ."Mice that I have applied to thernort A of common oleai of l.uxcrnt - CouiU v, I't - nn for the benefit of the law fur the r - .lie.i' of Iniol Tnt drMon.and tlmt the raid t urtbai arpi'int (d Motidar. the sixth day of April ntx. at ten oi k, A. M. to hear me and ray en dit r, at th conrt houne in WilUtubarre, in the county Aforesaid. Willieibarre. fa. reh. 23. iuiu. wh6 Iaw3w" ANTHONY B ROWER CIRCULATING LIBRARY. A T. GOODRICH & CO. 124 Broadwt XV vomer of C'edar - itraet. continue liberally to (apply their library with new publicati - n;, which, together with their extensive collection various departments, render it an object worm id ai enti.'B or the puiinc. N B For title as above, all the newly nab' )ibed sovelt Knb Roy ; Manner i Mandeville ; Rosabella ; Bilaace of Comfort ; Purity ot JI'rt,kc. He tub 5 N tiMllll DU'IE Late conductor o the buioet of Mr. Kaha - niel smith. OFFERS (or sale at hi Manufactory, no. i .0 Broadway, a. - gett - ral and extensive an assortment of x - rfumerj - and article as mty b tound in this city. Among wtuch are . VereUlile traupareot 'havius liquid, , whirl) make a creamy lather and soften trm beard ilil nfimii. formrlintf iotinj, itrengUieninK, end neiluintig uie nair, tod nreveatinc it Irom turni k err Fine cottat - tic cold cream, fTr removing scurf, roughness, ail manner of eruption, and chap? w m ine sain. Carbonic or charcoal dentifrice, rhemicall) vi pared arevervnn' the teeth and turn . Vi'getahle rouge, for giving a natarul colour to mecompifxion Pearl cotmeiic, br face powder, for whitening the kin ' Highly improved chemical cosmetic wash ball for soltning, preserving, and beiutifyiog the - tain, ana preventing it irom cnnpping Superfine rose, violet, ami plain htur powder ; warranted to be pure and free Irom ailuilera - uoo Almond Datte. for washinc the akin . Aluioiid powder, lor the some purpose ' Cbfrairtl dentifrice tooth iiowder, warranted Balsamic lip salve of rose, forgiving beau - tifl coral red to tV lips, curios roughness and haw, and leaving them smooth and comfortable ''..' Celebrated Albion con plaster, so well know a to he an efficacious remedy for corn. ' Highly improved chemical milk of rote, for preserving the skin, clearing it I'roea sexrf, red - ae, tun hum, and chap, and lor Use use (if gea - Uemiea after shaviug Highly improved sweet scented hard and toft pomatum Pomroaile de grasse, for ttrengthrsirg and promoting the growth of the hail, and prerent - lag it from coming out Chemical abstergent lotion, for toe teeth and gunik Ammattc tooth parte, lor whitening aad pre - erving (be teth and guiu PuinVd Alpine shaving cake, made on t chemical principle ; and is so wll know to be superior til most other soaps lor snflning the beard and promoting the oieraiioa of (having Highly improved violet shaving powder, which if particularly id pled to the use of Travellers, being very portable, and in all respects an t ice I - knt article for shaving ' ft - Please be p.irticular and ohterv , that all the foregoing articles of N SMI TH DAVIE; anefacture, will have hi name - upon them in Copper plate or type. MagiMrm bonum, ae plus ultra, refined ateet, coacave, aad a variety ol common rators, la cafes and tinrle : britaania metai and alas sha viag boxes of various site, suitable lor shaving case (having boxes, with glata, brash and sosp t do witk alas, brash, oap and hnir brash. and a variety of common shaving boar ; raior Strop of various kinds, sisr. and quality ; some verysmaUaad tie suitable for shaving cases; lames - japaanen aresnng cases, lurnislied or un - furaifhed gentlemen's morocco ind mnbogto) u renins can - , lumiinen m a superior sty le ; la diet so - i gentlemen raa have the d'awr of nor taMr desks and toilette xlasses fi'ted up (or res int, in a u peri or style ; a haniltome assortment ot indie work rioxes t atrdiecassn comileteiy farnithed with needles of the ttt oaalitv : a va riety of povkaj - hookt ; thread case ; gilt, phfH and tilk punee ; iynry fiae comb of all aixs. ouie extra apjn ; box wuod fine comht ; tortuite shell, ivon and born pocket combs : du rahle ink ,salt ofle mom t t nae scraper , tooth pica ; room pica rate and iweexert ; patent p aetrating hair brushes i by the aligtitest applies boo, they penetrate td the root of the tluVke balr, rlcansif'g from it all prerrirable matter a rising foia exce or exerritv, giving to the bead ant itairasentioiitty or pleas ,afif st not to rw expected rV 'm the common kind of hair htasb as s air brashes ; clothes bruahes t tooth brash ; tbaving bratbe, with or withoat case : nail brushes i comb brasbe ; hat brush", whisker orutbea, with alatt : plat brasnet aad Beth brush at. These are itaple articles, of which there ts aa attortmeat on baud, equal, if aot sapeaHr. t aay in tb Uaited Sta'e ; a very elegant assort Mat of pea and pocket kaivs fine aad romM ssua scissor aaiacismr cas ; fruit knrrcai a yartety of fin macy noxe sad ntiB poxe ; hair pins bodkinaand black pins l pvix il cat tad black lead pencils ; fiae twan aad silk puffs ; p'wder boxes aad powder knives ; a variety f Madsotna cat glas miniature bottles, for chains. SarkIftiM X o arift, ftilvr mA . - i " ft"". , UC - it bottles, with voiatile suits aromatic spirit alvloagar. - .. . ' tO lff aVdsction made ta country store - ketperv, who wil) And it much to their advart?K lfp aa assortnsent of theaHirlenf S. Smith Dari' maaafacture, a they are pyl up in the bjst tyre, and mide to suit ny ctirnite Mer CMTit will be supplied whuMala for el pott - 1 t t 10 30 1 40 3200 GRAND LOTTXR - T. of of " of of of of of - dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar for 11.1 V A '.W, .1 ( RACIE'S, 14fi Broadway, have the pleasure isttv a, iwt oruauway, nave piraiuic VJi 01 nresentinx a scheme of the MlLt'UHD and OWt.GO ROAD LOfTtMY, to their friends and patrons, which c mtaio only 10,000 tickets x present price 30 dotlai . Less than twa blank to a prixe ; prizes payable at the Union Bank, in the city of Asw - Vork, 60 day alter the di awing is finished, and cash advauced for prize by the U RACIE'S a soon a drawn. , Biih.vir.. 1 prixa of ' 70,000 10,000 jB.noo 1,000 500 100 " 30 Thi lottery will commence drawing on the 6th May next, and to be finished in twenty day drawing. Adventurer are advised to make early pur chase in thi lottery, as it i believed 10,UOO ticket will soon de disposed of Order receiv ed fur ti kett in this and all other popular lotte ries. - f rue Tickets in the Medical Science Lottery rvowdrawiniriintr rah 5 FOR BELFAST, The brig SAILOR BOY, Solomon Rodman, master, expected to sail on Saturday, 7th inst. For p.issage onlv, having good accommodation, apply on board at Ai; - nevv's wharl, near Dover - street, or at 92 C. U slip DlViEBETHUxXEAjCO. mh 4 The achr. JEFFERSON, 102 ton burthen, a very su'istantial eood v. - tel. lies between pier no 9 and 10. Applj to JUbtufU OhHOUN, mh 4 23 .Soutli - st. for L liar let Ion, S. C. ' The fast tailing packet (dir. MARIA, P. Latham, matter, haviug 3 - 4tlis of hi r cureo eotraeeil, will tail oc the Clll inst. For Ircight or passage, having excellent accom - moUations, apply on I'oaid, at Steven's wharf, or o JCh h,3 61 tl bUKA I II, mh4 ' 83 - rbuth - strcet. f.JAi t(Vfc ttH LiVt.ltl'OuL. The well, known ship NK'I OK, sterling, waster, can accommodate three or (ouruiore paf?entrs. . - Jpijly on boat (J at Murray's whai'i, or to ' CHARLES HALL, mh 3 3t .No. t l)eavBi - ?t. The brijf M ARY, Captain Brewster, a regular trader, and will hae imme diate dispatch. For freight of two or three hundred bbls. or passage tor three, apply on uoaru, at I'me - strect what t, or to mh 3 N. & D. TAIX OTT. For Mobile and Blakdry, - The substantial, fart tailing packet schooner NASSAU, cant. Hit hcock, a regular trader, having two tmrds ot her cano engaged, will sail on the I5th inst. For freight or passage, having good accommodations for ca but and steerage passenger, apply to ft l tub Si tlKRRICK, mh 3 29 Crjeottrt flip. , r ur oor, r rcigni or inaarr, A. - ;i . i . . . . . . i. kicst n inrw piim iiihii icnoouer, aunui I a) iJriiltoni hurtlien, huilt in the be - t manner, , 'Pi i lasteaedjiind in complete order to receive a cargo. Apply to i. L. k G. GRISWOLD, rah 3 HA South - street. For Halt, ttight or I harltr, di "Th ship MIRROR. 335 tons bur lthen, 2 years old, just been hova out. "id us complelt order to receive a cargo ts a QrH rat ship, and may be sent to sea with small expence. .Apply on board, between Fly - Market and liurling - slip, or to N. L. S U. UKlbVt - VI At, mch 3 . 86 Soutu - st. A l ett'l vanttit fltr Inland, ... A good fust sailing V EsSI L that will carry f om 6 to 700 tierce fl x eed, and can be immediately diniiaU lied, will D bacn uj) tor a pyrt or porta in Ireland. p ply at No. 4 State - su eet. mh 3 3t t'ur bulr. Might or Charter, A new pilot boat built tchoooer, about 120 tons burthen, built in the best man ner ot' good materials, and copper fastened, a cry fat sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea at small expense Wppiy to n. u. a U. UUISWULD, mch 3 '86 SouOvst. WANTED TO CHARTER, For a southern pnit, a vessel of 1?X) t'j I4UU barrels iiurthen ; immediate dis pateti will be given. Apply to LAIULAW, OltvAL'L I At CO. mh2 3t 87 Cotfea Houw slip. HA.i'J'KU 'JU LUARdtH, , A SHIP of tha int class, burthen llfroot 300 to 400 ton, to proceed imme diately to a tout hero port, aad there to load for a port iu Great - Britain. , .VOSEtLOW, mh2 3t No. I6f Pearl - st. PRE ioiported Linens, just receiv'd and opening, tor sale aery cheap, by the tingle pieca, or package, at 172 Fulton.late Par - itionatr. et, nearly opposite Church street.,. mh 3 lw - , rrtLAXshEL) 36 ca ks diss eil. lundintr V from Kht Vhllonus, from Alexandria For - any ... UIVIK BETHINK & CO. - mb4 9.' Coftre House slip vutiMVYAiit - vi crate aud casks JL - J blue painted dining setts .ititorted lustre wara Bias painted and Napoleon plates, for tale at 07 aoutn - ttreet, by CA.MBRELENG tl TEARSON. mch 4 ' 7 hales ol a good quality, lor sale PAPE iPER. CEUKA k CUMING. mh4 76 Pearl strmt. t ( Ai CU r.AAiLa. - Acoustunl v V supply ol tlie above article, for sale by mh4 CEBRA & CUMING. 'IWBACCO, BEEF and 1RO.S. - 2U0 hlkt. X pnme Kentucky Tohacca tO Boston Beef. Not. 1. Land S SO toot English Bar Iron. For tale at No. 98 wan - street, by mh 2 lw TALMAN k TORREY, 791 HERRINGS. boxes 1st tort 1 Herri nr. of ,unarinr s - j. u j " ii uu u uoi uuaiuv. For tale by ' CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, Jan 28 67 South it reel 'nuBACCo. flour, &c. t tta. JI Richmond Tobacco tup 0bhlt fine Richmond Floar . 6 H fine Middliogt . 190 l!s.Vlotant Indigo 10 French Demijotmt , , 6 or. sisk old Sercial Madeira Wine 4 do old Malmsey do do Fotaleby W. k S. CRAIG. Jaw 19 ' . AIX;U i'fA GOODS, fcc - lSO bale Cal a. ' tutta lwds, yii. Onrrsths, Saunas, Cossas, drum, uanaannoes. ouia ana Uin m Hdbht. 300,nt)0 lb handsome Batavin Crffee .5000 piece long yellow 1 Van keen . 50 ton Old Sable Rastia Iron 8 bbdt K - btucky Tubacta H bales Uplsnd Cotton V .. . 40 tot Caupenchy Logwood J. ' It pipe iy Madeira vae 11,000 iadrass artdi. ah utta ot Skin ' IsO boxes CbocoNte, (Jroninl Fotic , . Senna, Gam Cpul. Mjalard Seed : , As(ioj(id,CHOl,JcimTrajacanth . 8ai Aumniac, rc Fotn'i - hv r . JOSEPIf Or BORN, oS . . tS JSoato - ttrtet, RUM, GIN, fce - $0 thd ud 5fi bbla."lt proof new rum - " , 40 bbl Country Gin' ' 'j ' 30 pipes Grov's Brandy, for sale by JACKSON t WOOLEY, nth 3 75 Wall - street. WALSH U GALLAGHER, 6o 6outb - tt. offer lor sale 140 bhds prima old Richmond tobacco, pcio - cipally uf superior quality and in entire parcel v 100 hhjs new do 40 do prime Kentucky do 300 keg richmond manulactured do, vartou brand aud qualities 200 bbls Richmond flour ' 500 do Petersburg do - 126 bolts Holland duck, 25 casks claret 30 crate earthenware, assorted 50 casks English dry white lead ' ' ' 3 butts best London porter 24 casks mutard, 5 puncheons hare skins 500 reams medium printing paper 700 do cap No. 1 4 2 30 groas press papers, Ate. mch 3 Jil C. MCHOLS, io 132 Pearl - st. have just ret eived 3 cases 4 - 4 lrMi Li'iens, assorted 2 do B own do 2 do. Canton Crapes 1 do. Black Fringed Handkerchiefs 1 do. Sewing Silks asso. ted 2 do. M'adupolam Shirting; ,2 do. Marseilles Quil ing, assorted 2 do. Can, brie Muslin, assorted 1 do. Striped Jean . 1 bale Rhode's Combazetts - 1 do. superfine Broad Cloths All very low charged, which they ofler for sale t a smail advance. mh 3 lw . OLD JAMAICA RUM t FEW puncheons choice old Jamaica Rum for sale by mh 3 TUCKER & LAURIE?, 29 South street, I OuKI.VG GLASSES, MIRRORS, G. G. Si S., IIUWI.A.MJ, mch 3 .77 VVathinoD - t vv nib i 19 do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 'UN IL, 4ic 3 cases handsomely ornament ed Mirrors la to 21 inches 1 case Gilt Tier Glasses, with black reeded 'Tames, neatly nrnumeuted with carved 'l ab' ints 3 do Dressing Boxes & Reverse Swing 4 du siivried Plate in black reedtd frames 6 do unsilveietl do. 1 do rich cut Glaus Pan 1 do Tin Foil 1 1 to 31 indies, for sale by PE'itR RE MS EN ti CO. mh 3 ', 26 South - street. T tumblers, for sale in lots to suit purtha) H E TI300 bbls southern wheat, ujat, and lor sale by H. k C. W. DAVENPORT & CO IROA. Ton Swe - edtt iiou 6 tons Euglish flat iron a?t orted for sale by G. G.fc S. HOW LAND, mch 3 77 Washington st. BOMUAZE 11 6, assorted coloum do all black do twilled, assorted colours, just re. ceived - For sale by OTIS k SW AN, inch 3 157 I'earl - st. ?OUi lot on Walker ; I on W hite; 4 on Cba pel, erist side ; 3 do west : 1 on corner Pro voit and Chapiiln ; t do on Provost 1 2 on Lisp nard : 31 on iludton, between Spring and Hud sen square ; 2 on Hudson fqnre ;3 on Vestry I I it s hrosses : 3 on norms: : I o oh B roome. be tween Varick and Hudtou ; 17 on Dominick, In - twecn V arick At TIubon ; 2 n Greeowich - t ; 3d on Laurens; Itofi Wooster; II on U roome, between Woosterand Laurent ; 1 on Grand i 24 in a block, bounded by Grand, Broome, Willett and Pitt streets. For term f the above lota, which will be ad - vanttgeou to purchaser, apply at No. zOreea wick strrri, r ' - - R. MONTGOMERY LIVINGSTON. feb3 3t PRIZES, SOLD at KOBERT WAITS. 1VKK 15,440. . . . . . 1W,"J Dollars 15,569, . ... . 3JOU Dollar! 17,265, ' 1.000 Dollars 4.464 1,000 Dollars 5,701, 1,0011 Dollars 4,( 47, 1,000 Dollars 2fl.2bi. ..... 1,01)0 DoIIhts I9.U62, . - . . 1,000 Dollar And several or5'H), 100, Sic. Sic. PRIZES. Which maybe1 obtained nl R. waite, JBR. in we Aiiuoro ana wwego reoaa iouery 1 of $70,11)0 I of 35.IHMI 2 of ' 10.000 2 ot" 5,(30 J icket and aharet I 10 of 30 of 140 of rapidly selling at th - - tri i GRAND SPRING LOTTERY. f 1,000 J363roatiray; mhS 3t out) 100 thit Grand Lottery, are Autborited by the ttaieof New - York and New - 1 prize of 1 do 2 do 2 do 10 do 30 do 140 do 3200 do Jersey ATILFORD and OWT.GO ROAD, for fa - L cilitating the intercourse between the wet rn parts of, tlx state of New - York and the city of New York, through the states of Pennsylvania and New - Jersey, Hhicb will positively commence drawing on the fifth day of May oexl. SCHEME. . $70,000 First drawn do. 1st day entitled to Do Do Do Do Do Do Do iS Do Do Do Da' Do Do Do " Do Do Do 2d 3d 4th 5th 6 th 7lh 8th 9th 10th llth 12th 13ih 14th 1 ..h 16th 17th 18th 19ih 2 - th do do 10.INI0 6,000 ' 1,000 500 100 30 33U6 prises ' 10000 ticket. Not two blank to a prize First 1(100 blank will be entitled to $30 each. Part of the prixe will be determined as : $5,000 60U lWO 500 500i, 50i 10000 600 1000 500 35,000 00 ltatu 5io 7aooo . 5"" 100U 500 lOtkt 5011 Tlie prise made payable at the Unioa Bank nl theci'y of .new - tork.ou days attar the drawing of trie lextery. - ' 1 tckets and Share, ia th greatest variety 01 numbers, for sale by JAMES A. BUHTUS AC CO. - No. l9P"ck slip.'oraeroi Water - street. ' Most of the 1 astern, southern aad northern bank notes, also prise ti ket ia former fottenes Ukeh tu paymesii f.w tickets. A correct Crek rWig kept tor the exaanns tina 01 all tit ki t grutit. t;sh giveo lor prises at soon as drtwa.orpri - si taken in payment fur warranted anorawe tk ki ta - .,,. - lirders for tic kett f post paid) inclosing bank aotes, allesxk'd to wills the almost pontfsliiv. and tin esrhest infmsjati'ta ireo of the r fata A enteral aowlavkt jf Ujokiaad Mgnmry tor tale ob oodert tansj. - .hiit . - t 1 O FLAXSEED 1 BEAXS, : X i bbls flaxieed and 10 bbl white beans, for salaby HENDERSON t CAIRNS, ' Teh 25 ' 81 Pina - st. For sale, tlie Dover Iron Manufacturing Ettaiilishment, in the county of Morris, and stale ofNew - Jersev ironsistinc oi a rolling anu snt tine Mill, in good repair, which works two pai of rollers and ciftters, shears. Sic. all at the tame tides, a valuable forge with two fiies and one hammer in good repair a ttoc k ef coal and ore on hand, tuSkieat to make fifty tons of iron ; a good saw null ; scut nail factory in goon repair suoicieBt lo employ thirty, men, ana may ne ex tended to employ one hundred mere ; a brad cut tins machine aud a steel furnace in good convenient to ti.e works is n (tore at,d a number of bouses for the accommodation of families, and excellent tlahling lor teams that may be nects tary 10 aeep lor ine use oi ineewaoiisanieni ; ai to, orchards, pasture and meadow lots, imme diately adioiuing the works, with limber land in any (iiiRnti'y, not exceedini; two thousand live hundred acres, within three miles of said works The great vein of iron ore, commencing at the noted soexniunny mine, runt more than 1 mile through thit tract, and three mines ate now open, from which the foVget are supplied with ore; and more may he opened and ore raised to tut,ipi workt to any extent ; the niinet are .within two mile of sain work, and good roads, so that the ore can be raised and delivered at the forge at two and A nail dollar per ton. . I he aiove il scribed work are situated on Rockaway Kiver, alioutfight miles from Mor - ristowo, twenty five miles fiom Elizabeth I owa, and abou the ssine distance from Newark, with good turnpike roads leading fr ta taid work t each place, in a pleasant healtbv situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being two Pretby, terian Churche within lour mile, and a friends' awe tine house within two wiles of tnid place, . Thi ttand for collecting bar iron lor the slit ting tnitt is very commanding, there being nearly one hundred forge firei in the county ; most ol them are on the streams above Dover, and the iron, in going to New - York market, can conve niently pass those workt. At thit mill treiuently tour tons ot bar iron have been (lit and bundled into nail and tpike rod in a day, ar.d upward oi one hundred tons of nails have been made in year. A large amount ol good may be told at this place in exchange lor bar iroa,pr curing sup plies. Sic. lc. There are valuable scites both a hove U below on Ibis trect,on which more works may be erected. ALSO. That valuable well known farm, lying in the lowuftnu ol Randolph, about two miles Irum Do ver, And six miles irom Morrintown, and within or.e quarter of mileol the Union turnpike road, near fleasant valley, called he Distillery ranu, containing about three hundred acres, about one fourth part ol which is excellent meadow, one lou'th part plough and pasture land, and the re mainder timber. A comiacrubie part oi ine lira her is of the original growth, and i suitable lor sawing, the oilier part is thrifty young timber. irom blfeen to twenty years growth I here are on said farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, in tine order, eitht to sixteen years old, the most of them ot grafted fruit, nnd more than half o them Harisnn apples, so famous lor cider. The meadow are flat and free , from atone, through which runs two lively streams ol water, and near ly the whole nay lie watered. Une ol these streams is suftvient lor a grist - mill or other work ; there aw saw mills, a grist - mill, a lulling mill and oil mill, on the tame stream. On said farm are two vUuahle scitti I'nr waterworks, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raise considerable pond, with twelve or filleen feet bead. Below this the water can be taken into a race, aud in lets than twenty chain, on good firm ground, it more than twenty reei tan. m mis way tlie water can oe woraed twice oyer wi'h Oie expepse of only one dam. There it on taid farm an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the ckitr work is the still - house, so conveniently lituated that the whole operation! complelt d without pumping. The water lor condensing the spirits ia suppnea iron a never lauing spring, wiuiui sii rods of the stilljiouse. and he sufficient bead to na into the eiTera. I he building consist of two small frame dwellings, one good frame barn. 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, under a part of which is a good cellar ; there are alio hay house, cow sheds, tic ALSO. Valuable property at Longwood. I. - GRAND BALL At the City Hotel. MR. CHARKtlAUD has the honor to i form the Lfcdiet and Geatlemea, that on Wednesday evening, I Ith ot March next, his an nual Grand Ball, will take place ia the Assem bly Room of the City - Hotel. In the course of the evening two ballets and several fancy dance will be exhibited and executed by Mr. C. and se veral of bis pupil. 1 be room will be elegantly illuminated. . . . . Part 1 A pastoral diverting Ballet. 1. March Lod'iiska 2. First entrance of the corpde ballet, by 12 young ladies ' ' 3. Pa Seul Allegretto ? by a young lady 4. College Hornpipe by a young gentleman '6. The G a vote de Vcstiis by Mr. Cbarruaud ' r and a young lady 6. Pas uel andante - ' by a young fatly 7. Pas de trois in tro by three y oun Indie. 8. Pa soul andantlon ; - by a young lady. 9. Grand pat teal allegro '' by Mr. C. 10. Corp de ballat final ' by 2 young ladies. Partt '1 he ballet f Sabotiers. or the Wood - 1 ' en Shoemakei's Cottage. 1. Enters a cake tellar lost in the fnrett. i , 2 Enters Mr. Charruaud acting part of a clown 3. ' A pat seul T !' - . by a y oun: lady. . 4.' Er.tcrt three Sbotiers and dance with dub .' and wooden shoe by 3 young gentlemen. 5. 'A dance half comic , by Mr.C 6. A pastoral dance , .by 6 young ladies aad 5younggtnllemn. 8. Grand solo with wooden shews bv Mr. C. tears past has made at much iron at any two fires I ,nn - mm ' by the whole ri - t. !..ll 1. "ibe BaH Te Inlhecodnty. j h ore il within four miles, and Corresnondn between a hsnthr and h.. a part ol the road lurnpikerj. 1 hetevend I tracts daoghter, by Mrt. Taylor and Jane Taylor, connected with tlui establishment amount alto - 1 i.r.'.l i..t,.i iu....i ' gether to about fourteen huLdretfacrea, the grent - 6 T0,,. oelegant extracU. with engraving. r part limber, to make a durable supply 01 coal I nnt.N.i.c..i.. for the lorge. Immediately adjoining the forge c.opper plate printing ol ever? "dweription cx - is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient cuter, with neatness and despatch. Ull cc .aim. un,: laiiuiiicil ! IC. CUl.ll. Wl.ll houses, orchard and barns, beside several good dwellings for the families that may be employed in working the forge. I be whole or any part or thit very valuable property will be sold at turh price and credit a win matte it wornv the attention 01 any person wishing to pu.chaie. For further information enquire of JACOB LO?ET, atDi.ver. , ISRAEL CA.NFIELD, at Morristown. BLACK WELL at M'rARLAN, atN. York feb Sfl DltiVU V.1 DHSECTEU MAPS T. GOOORICH k CO 124 Broadway. have the loll wing mapt neatrr dissecbd, vix: United states, Europe, England and vi alet. K. and S. America. France. Spain. Scotland. Ireland, Portugal, tic. . a. Those who wish to losfract. while the amure their children, will hardly find a more useful amasenient. mh4 WANTS A SITUATION. - A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman, it who can give good recommendations. want a situttioo 10 the capacity of children's nurse or chamber ta aid; would have no tis to travel during the summer months. family.. A line directed tuM. office, - will be attended to W. and left at thit GrXTEHL B'lARDlXQ. mh4 2t PRNKL1N H0U' B. This new, spacioiu. and splendid Huildine. situated in Broad way, the great and fashionable street dividing me centre of the cry, at the come; of Dev t. ill be opened by the - ubscribei on the 1st of May next, flir therecept.on of Boarders. It is Rtted, and will be furnished in a man ner not surpassed, fur convenience and ele gance. by any p iv.te dwelling i.i the city.. It occupies tlie most eligible situation, being central, in viewofthi Paxkvid City - Hall 1 the upper anai t menu overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country ror a circuratere xeol jfj miles, including 4Ji - Hook, the Na iows, ainltlie Marbour 1 and it it believed that no House in the county ex - cell it, either for elegance of structure or situation 1 and no eipt nse having been spared bi the owner to make it complete for the purp. se, in every respect; it will offer to adies end gentlemen, and fiur.ilic visiting tlie city, the most genteel, pleas, n and retired a - p irtmrnts. The choicest of Wine and Liquors ill be furnished, and no trouble or expense " ul be .pared. to make t - e entc tainroent plea - m nt, rre - nd excellent Thi is iiuended excusively A - r Genteel Boarding. .. . . . , .MR;, iiuutiisg. - y. feb ?4 DtCtr . i - 1 2 r , a vr - mi t. . - . - .'.i ;i.r TTt3 T ?r - .W. . 'V xwHlaa i - er - , m'i. - ) (rilv.dteos ma 3 tf J u. .. j. " 'pHEpuNicis esp.t L lady iiiloiined th.t M - ELF.PHsNT n w exhibiting at e. iM im idway, - wiiTposrrlfM tU JO - April oa - or a. Hot that wish to graft: PUBLIC SALES - ' s ' P. L. MILLS at CO. Wednesday, 4th Marco, ' At 12 o'clock on th premises, the Lot and House in iulUvan - street, 3 door southeast of Broome - st, the (twit of the heme is of trick, 21 reel wide and 35 deep the lot is 2 1 feet front and rear and 70 fctt deep there are 0 ro mi with fire - places, sod 3 bed - rooms; the front rooms are corniced with hard coats, the erdiy it ftnuhed in the same manner - 'I he above hour is built of the best materials, and well calculated for a genteel family The terms will be reajon - able and made known on the day tl tale. Any person wishing to pQrcLase at private side, will call at the auction room, pr on the premises, v i ' I AT IRIVATE8ALE, - ' : 6000 acres of land, in Wood County. fVe.') within 10 mile! of Marietta, and 5 bjim - s fmiii the Ohio River. ISSOdoin the town off Ihtttbenth, Clinton County, New - York., 400 do in Pike - wtn7, cuii.jivaiim, auu nn srxccneni lSBfiro - vsd isrra ofaiJO acres, 00 the Coshccton turnpike road. 1b two last will Im exchanged for pro perty in the city ol New York, or lor aaercfvaak due. Apply at the auction room..' i " , ' MARBL& tOH bUlLUMU. AeJ' " T HE proprietors of the toutoero marble'qua. ries, near King'i - Bridge, give notice, thai MaVagiUfthe Ball.Mr. Binri. fj&tiP.'" commence at 7 o'clock, and t: ban.U at 9 pre - SXonS V,V. . ' . 1. r 1. 1 - .:. 1: ..,.' . . . 1 icaeia une wntiar, 10 oe nau a irs. uasion si - , - . - - ) wiiwwiuj; w 42 wrnad - tt. at the bar of the City Hotel, and at I svnpuons, vu ; the door on that evening. Gentlemen are not allowed to dance in boot, mh A 61 . . RAD BALL. 11 R. WHALE hot the honor of making 4? I known t i trie Ladle and Gentlemen, that hi Grand annual Ball will take place on Tue day evening, the 10th i f March, at the City A semhly Room, City Hotel.' In the course ol the evening a pastoral ballet will be periormed by twenty of Mr. W' pupils, in which will be introduced a variwty of elegant fancy dam es, nt danced in all the fashionable circle of London and Parit. 1. Le entree of the rorp de bullet, by 16 foungladitiand 4 young KeuUenien. .e figure corps de ballet 3. Muiuet de Devonshire and Gavotte, ns - - Ashlar W'atertable Step Platform Sills, Lintels ' , Arches ', Also Lime of th Coping. Foundation Stone Chimney - Fiece , Facing , v . "; Column best quality. HZr" A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those desirotr of purchasing, or making cngngemrnti, will apply to ' EZRA LUDLOW. Fohlt - si V. S'l REt.T MANURE. . . . (fctr The contract which are to be eaterexfia to lor the street manure, will commence on tlie lit of May next, lor 1 or 2 years, to be mentiotH a - 4 sn lha ,. .A F.,nnn. . Haul A.A , 1 m 111 wivj cuim ytiywm'w , airu uirj fircv HIT iv coiiipared by Monsieur Vettns, by Master . iwe,,t and cleaned, from the 1st of March to Whale and a young lady 4. A pastorale pas lie irois. by 3 young ladies 5. A Scottish ballet try (J voung ladies. 6. A cossaiiue pas de deux by the Mastei Whales 7. Minuet de la courand gavotte, (at comw - sed and danced by Monsieur and Madame warden by 4 young ladii 1 fl. Naval Hornpipe, hy 4 ynung gentlemen 9. Le shawl dance, by 2 young ladies 10 A Scotch sliauirusc, by a young lady 1 1 Gavotte de Vestris, by 4 young ladiet and 4 young gentlemen 12 Prince is Charlotte of Wales' Scotch strath spey minuet, by 4 young ladies, FUli sALh., THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138 Ful - ton - itreet, near Broadway, consisting 01 un extensive and choice collection of bistort , travel!, vnyaget, biography, romances, novel, aios, plays, reviews, magazines, uc. Catalogues may be examined at the library. which is oiien lor subscriber!, as usual. mh4tf - ........ . - NEW BOOKS. fUST Published and for sale hv El, I AS V ,1 LKNTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below line - street, Rob Roy, hy the author of Waverly, Guy bTe Pd. or are now subject to Mditia Fine, 1 Ml I1U7 lUfTU - I ManMnv.M. 1 .nH . I It. A .rt. I l'.lll,..i. .11, I..IU IMC nuiuucili Shin ij JR.r,An 1 m. fMM I Invar m. f I . .7 . - ....r... . - - .... . copiet x (iis. coarte i 13. tuaia broiicb of Rockaway River, consisting ol a A compendium of Geography, containing, he - very valuable forge, with two firt - t and one ham - ,ir.ei iko,,., - . .oat in?u..h rk. . ,ho,t ... mer ; ahandance 01 water the whole year, a larg. ,((m gacred Georl,phv by ,e Ktvd, )uhnJC. pood, and a v.ry warm situation, and for fifteen Kudd. Rectoi of St. John! Church. Elitafwlh. SPHIiU bTHKKT M)TICK. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the Comm s ion era of Es the 1st nf January, in every year. Fen 21 (T ANN SfENCEK, widow of th late Capt. Alansun Spena r, would feci herself particularly obliged by hi creditor, if they would send their accounts, in the course of the en suing week, to No. 3 White - street. A prompt attention to this request would free her mind fronr a cnnnrlt fable shure cf uncertainty for correct information of the amount of protierty left by ( apt S. feh27lw ' (Ej The Managers give notice that the next Cotiili n l'arty will be at the City - Hotel, on 13 aque Ho, la.ieVW. Whale '1 eVe"in t,1C 3lh IS mnnflnnillA ft riat m inrnritM nnrnmnp I .v..u . ny j young ladies 15 Alleinande fraucait, by three young ladirt, (a style of dancing taught by Ine most eminent professors in l - ondon and Paris, pecu liarly ndapted for the elegance ol person and grace in carriage. 16 A grand pas seu!, composed by Mr. W. after the style 01 Elder Vestris, by matter Whale 17. Finale by (be corps de ballet Tickets, one dollar, to be had at the bar nf the trr" A meeting ol tlie New York Irish fcnsw grant Afsociuiion will he held at Harmony Hull, in the evening of Thursday, the 5th instant, at 7 o'clock. o'clock P. M. JOHN W. MULLIGAN, 8cc'ry. mil j .11 ' .Mr.C II Mti? BANK., ' IJ7 The atoc kholders are brreby notified that an electimi for thirteen Director will be held 00. the first Tuesday in April next, and that the City - Hotel, Messrs. Dubois, Wilson, il Hewit'a poll will be opened at the Banking House la iiiu.ic suites, ana at nir. vr nate - i reiun e, no, 1 wall street, at 10 o'tlock A. W. and closed at 3 2 Viindewater - strect. mat 3 ttt r.y order of the Prerideut and Director. ' ' ' mrbS WFISH,CashV. A CARD. .V - ' AM flliDniitim A.ti 1 . ' ttit ladiet and rfrolItj.Mi, tht, at h coul4 not, jirnrart pi Out. ituiyforhi'ndb wn mm viniu 1 w t m l l"l OB IIUJ evpnim; I Ith inst. ia the Asienibh PrMca .si Its.. mi; IItl ...k g?,am llirilTia Hill J k M aSrl r s es For " 1 si" . At a nunieroui 111, eting of cit.iem, who 2 vols, Bue I imposeci ny tin cottn martial ot wnirn ueni. ' Sitiddiford wa President, and Hufch Maxwell, esq. Judge Atlvocate, nf the year 1814, held lust evening at tlie Bank Coflee House . It was unanimously resolved, that a com - . ii,. uc pmmmicu i iaii.; iiruucr huticc uom on the subject, and h port thereon .11 t.. 1 r.Li .1 1.. .1 . 1 ii iacii. wnu icci iiimiHcivcs iggrievrui by the imposition of the said line, ait - reqtnst - eil to attend t the rtunli Hnlli Mnn..n Mnn. day evening the 9th inat. at 7 o'clock, to hear the report ol the committee. ruhjot THE PORU.U. . - (g7" The next Forum is postponed to Friday, ; be I3lh tntUiut. when the following queslioa will be discussed : ' Ought imnnsonmer.t for ' timate and Assessment, appointed by the Su - deht to he rt"ntinii'drr premeuourt ot judicature or the ttate or New - mrAKl NEiiriilr York, to perform certain duties relative to the $3 The subscribers have formed a coniixion enlargingof Spring - treet, between Thompson - in business as Slot k anH Exchange Brnkeis, unit r eet and Wooster - street. in the cirht ward dertbe firm of LIVINGSTON ii I RACY. office of the said city, have completed their estimate I No. 89 Wull - ttreet, lately occupied by Daven - una assessment, as well of tlie loss and damage l,0 'r"cIv. M - .. . .... ..utained over and above the benefit and Jd - . Y.V&J ;Xfi. N ..M.y,AG8T0N vantage received by th, owner 'of the land and p. emiiet required for the said enlarging and impi oving Spring - street as aforesaid, as also uf the benefit and advantage received by he ownei and parties interested of and in cer tain lands and premises not required fur said , improverm nt And that we tb s . id Commit - 1 sioners have deposited a true copv of such es timate and assessment in the Cleks office of I HENRY D. TRACY. mh4tw me 4 it the city of New - York for the inspection of 7ERAH HAWLEV l liytkian aod Dentist, whomsoever it may concern and nonce is " would inlorm the inhabitants of iew lork, hereby furtlier riven thst the renn - t ne.ti. Oiat be ha taken an offi e at No. 321 Prart - : obiec - d asaewmeut will be presented to tl . u,,aeA tUaH' Jff !5 ' I c. n . ,.r ..... .r.i.. c ittth in the most apt.iovrd manner. He will with a Supreme Court of Judicaurr, of the state of ... , . Lri,,',0. .... . ew - York. at the t. ity - llall or the city of , ew - l(,tn if jj made to him in season. York, on Monday the f.urth day of May next, He flatters himself, (mm the experience be baa .' at the opening of the taid Court on that day, had in hit profesaina, that he shall bo able to five t o as soon thereafter as counsel can be neard thereon. Dated Ne - York, March 3, 1818. PETER HAWK, i PETER Sr.AtlG, Commissioners JOHN TARt.EE mh 4 I4t , New Tlie FaUrtn, Capf Law, wi.l leave New - Indon for New Haven nt the same hour; both boat will leave New - lliven at 7 o'clock P. M.xw Monday The Fulton, Captain Law, for New - Ijondon, and the Connecticut, Captain Bunker, or New York Thev will rontlaue to ron da ring the season, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ft - Notice will be given when the Fulton willcommence mooing as far a Norwich. mh4 - Ai1 KJUND blEAM BOAT LINE. rrlle, line will commence I nn Mnnd.iv. the 0th inst. when the Connecticut, Cant Bunker, will leave i ura lor w - Haven, at 8 o'clock, A. M K4. liiU'WN, re - pectiiilly recommend to the Lsdies of this City, her method to teaihing the Systetnatical hand - writing srtnch ha universal y prevailed in England lor the last seven year. Those Ladie whe are displeased with tb ir present mode ol writing, let it be ever o imp - rfact, will, in twelve lessons write with ncatnau and dexterity without the trouble of rui ng UVir paper or the use of line. Ladies waited op - o at th - tr 'iwn residence, and ch ol attend - tl on application to Mrs. BROWN, 28 Front - it. TEK.ils . : , Systematical writing, twelve lesions, $10 R.mnd hand do. for childrca, per quarter, 8 ! Pen mskinf ,t ojn ooe.lessoo, 1 w.,A - ,r,.. f... , i , k ' . - , iVlTICE. fCT The subscriber having laktn the MER - ' CHANTS HOTEL in Wali - itrwet, laely occupied by his brother, Solomon I), f.ibsbn, re spectfully solicits the patrouage of the public. ' mch 4 tf V. B.GIB - QV. 'Jo the Cttseno A(tf - t Y eiu.n.1 .Kii.fur linn. . . - e for charact.r inepumic are referred to Mr. Geo. P shipman, merchant. No. 63 South - street, and Doctor A. Ives, No. tHl Peart street. ' If hum' it ssaycesursra. . . I OT This certifies, that lr. Zerah Hawley ia regular i red physician, aad in good standing; with bi neerhrva in thi place r that be bit p: id , particular attention to the - art n( Dtntitlro. beat studied thehest European Work on tlie mtiject, son nas given very gnoasaiuuaciion in mis nranca - to hia customers, who are persons of the first r ' pectabiifty ia thit cily Wm the re lore, with ea lire confidence, recommend Dr. Hawley ta the itixena of New Yort, asa dentist. . - x .f.neas Munsoa ' I Eli Ives Nathan Smith Jonathan Knight. ' ' - - ' ' Pruiessort of the Medical Institution ol V sis Cos - - ' . . College. ; New - Haven, Jtn 22, 1818; , - . . UtUbnAI lllCAi. ami iuruuiuinivim - - WORKS, lie. . ' TLUFFMAN,rromM.ln,willlaaiewday i . nm. in. s iv. VI (lOOriCR's Chart k 1 Quadrant Store, 202 VValer - strtet, the - greatest Variety of Maps ol Countries, Plena of Citiea i and Forts, Pons aad Hrbors Battle, tic., I ever upeoed ia thi wastry, copies of which arc , ' reatly for inspection. nh33t .4 N ARRATIV E ot a voyage ui bss map t)1 1 late slap Alceste, to the Yellow Sea, aloof; the coast of torea ana utrougn iu us hitherto nnuVcovered Ldaods to tbe Idaod of Lewdiew, with an account of her shipwreck im. the straits of Caspar, by John M'Leod, siirgsoali nt ihm ihio. 1 voL 8vo. price CI 75,i isnl rsrow - l ed w.d for sal by W. B. GILLFY; ' - ,moh4 - . W BroliiV. ... ? , ' k,.rii,i. I . i. - j: v. n r.n hrw - Hceh&l'FllCrlaiOnU I m , 1 1 nn friniii 1 OJACCO - !.fUntl ofcboscav LLTi:.r.:rn"".T - .'T.r. TJI3sinAiWdiilJii.ti. ' FL JUthsnaaiTsidfarsaleby iav - r:A

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