The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 16, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1913
Page 5
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9. A f -ft ' SfflE I · ?"! i i I I I A R S E S DAVID F. HOUSTON. Missouri College Head New Secretary ef Agrjc-jiture. Medical Advertising liJi.III .iintiliUIUIH /niUUnUliUluilllUIlliiiti.lIUiUU!irillUlUUUHIUUItui!iUUHIIim!lHIIMllM 11 AIM sad Hsvy. Otos W -J j "~-r- » T* - fiilli « ORDERS IK I8VESTBATION I! 9 e I 0 · Secretary Bryan's Peace Policy Was j | Satirized by Three SwaSI Battleships j j and Moving Pictures. j ?» ®. ; *Tf2 9 0 y. ^a- © *£ ' and Small Musical Instruments durmj nog the Holid ays. Si O G Victor Talkin Machines and Recors. A, Piano or Victor ialkmg Ma- ://^ chine is a jay to any- sf. fli I S ·e sell them'at prices dii^-.terms- that you Can afford one. Call " gfe,t- prices "before" * · purcbasmg elsewhere ler's msic riouse Gettysburg, Pa. © ^c © S 0 -1. ! \Viiseii ordered aa Iavestisa:!on t/y the ! 8 war and navy «Ie^artaests of the satires OB the sdniiaLslrauoa's Pailip- , piae policy which featured the anrsual ^ j banquet last Thursday of the Order; ' o5 Caraocs, an orgt-rizat.eii of ar;ay f ^ } cud cav*. oficers who ser-. ea in t~e \ : *~- i T -«- - ~ - · ,. ' ii ] Prc-aiieii* Y. ilsea suggested to Sec-! 5£ ; retarlea Garr^soa ££il Baale's reiri-1 ® I mauds lor those respcruible- Se re-: tar:es I)anic!s and Garrison conferred j and then called for a statement of ex- j plauaUon frcm Rear Adaiircl Howard i I and Quartermaster General,* the lushest racking oSct-rs at tie dinner. Secretarj- Daniels at the sam^ tfcae ( suggested to A!inira! Howara that be decline the presidency of the order, U which, he '.vas elected, and inrorsssd him that the socg Tvh:cii v.-as sung at! the banquet 'Aould never be s;iTM2 again usder tlie present cximuiisira tioa with oScers o: the nc:vy pres The president espresseu his inCig:- natioa. to members of his cabinet after he had read published actxaats of t^ie banccet. He 'elt par;:cj-a?!? disnleasea over the travesty 02 t!ie a-i mimsirauon's ceace policy and criti cissas aimed at Secretar;- Bryaa when three si't-foot models of battlesri^s, j borae-try concealed boys, v.ere carricc | i^to the room. Ia the mizzle of the sti:is ~er^ jars, and a nillk vrt'tc do"C vr~s perched en each P^hti^s top. T i c j i virere na~6d "-. S S. Fellowship.' "U- S. S. Friendship" and "U. S. 3 PiSe." 'AnotSer satireTras a moving picture colonel "^ho tirie a'^d a^ain escapei and diarJiy bad been, a^prehenied -^i-^±i*^i- : vnis jsade ^cvensGr c? a prov iiice- ^ " ' "" ~ The.,pericnaance. acccrlins to al ranee sM.temer:ts siven cue by ta* Carabao society ~as aesigned r a =ao^ the "lack c£ syrapathy for rtce-it de Teiopcieats and tendencies ia PuJip- piaer government-" t Presiaeaf TTiison iiiraself ^as KO T [Value iif I From tie Goort _ ' Judge Barhorst w as Relies ed of Itheu- = * matisia After Doctors Failed- j = j If you have tried many other reme-' E ·dies and doctors' treatmeiits-fbr Rheu- ! =| I matism and found they failed. Io Bot: =5 'be skeptical about trjfng. RHEUMA-iES i Read the testimony of Jodga ^.John', --£ i Barhorst of Fort Loramie,' O.: " ^ \^f ' I "Afcer treatment bv three -doctors' =. '.* H - -^ -i- ., r -^ ' %££';. Bigierville Poultry, Apple, r . -? £ "?· "· *% T - i 2-; Corn and Potato Show f December 31, 1913; . C, ^ January 1,2 and 3, 1914 , §rt^ Get your poultry ready for the big show '!f~' = - H ^ S itvo \ ears i,!i:ce 1 u»ed the remedy, and i -I am i« ! l as we!! z.s ever. Previously, j = 1 was a cripple, \rakins; \v:ch cratches". · ~ Such tebnoiony sho-ski be* = :. 50 eenis of People'^ Drjj; Store = i 2 * I P - T**T" ·* ^*. 9f *· ^^ ** B ?"·*· 11 B 2 * ATTAtiftU tep§03 Leflers Term eia! Works c- r Y»~ii!-es-Barrs, ·. -- ilrs POP Sale Two Story well built brick house, Seven rooms vvhh bath; and good furnace, Good stable, Lot 75 feet front. · ' Save your best ten ears of corn for the large cash = premium. Entry fee ten cents for e^cli exhibit of tea Jf ears. Save your potatoes too. . ~^= · Automobile Show in Connection. . f Ail entiles will* positively close, Saturday, Dec- = ember 20,1913. 1 "Write to = -- ^ -- ^4 F. MEclcle tt. Gettysburg Pa.. O * = , 5 Secretary, | Biglerville, Pa. | For catalogue and information. I Does Your Stomach ; Trouble You? j Magr's Wcnderfo! Stomach Ssmsdy i Is Successfully Taken in Cases of Stomach, Liver and intestinal Aliments And One Dose Has Often Dispelled j © p S Wonderful ; f 9 satirised, bu; iis nade aia to his Gettysburg Auto lire Repair Shop -42 W. HIGH STSEET- r TUBES A SPECIALTY With modern steam equipment. lam prepared to -Io coneral reDstir t\ork h!ow-onis. sections ar! retreadins If :lie hole is not longer thtub i caa ·e repaired. Fatisf^ctson pnaranteed- TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE CJMfort-able, Reliable and Powerful- Try it. Tocr? acd BanlefieM trins a specI.iUt L^cal Phone 117 X C.A.STONER, prop. -. associates that he felt keenly trc our -[ lesques- on members of. his cabinet. Secreta--.- Daniels aud Secretary Oar- jison. shared the rjreside.-rL's fselias- Secretary Daniels said? be left tbs d!a iser IsjcieciSiClr after ira'^fcig: M-is. or»Ier to keep another ca tLir a-icji'^at- The song ro%rrsc to "F^g psr3cwarly offensi'- e to iii-n. Secre^ary Eonlels said that '-£.'! hs known tne sc-35 was to have been sang he Tvo"ld have as'-'ea thit it be omitted, and ha-j net that been done he would haie deeliaed to attend the dinner. The option of the presi-es": a=d hi« cabinet is that satires cannot : e cb jecter! to tren coming fr-^ra personp outside the government, but to per mit to go Qanoticed tne c^U"is"iis o* officials of the army and na\y is ii^ely ;o be Eusinterprcie-i abroad as a severe breach or aiscipline. Secretaries Baaiels, RedSela sad Postmaster General Burleson and Jas tices Vandeventer ann jIcKrrima. ol the United States supreme court, vrers among the guests. Major General "vVood did not atteiid- teen C. J- V k -a!!ace, me-bc-r of the L.u=cr~e Yeari orsuffenn eouEtj \isi^.uon boar.l. a r-onn2eEt 3cioi vror^er, and vvrc- c: lr. C. J- Wallaee, ;s called a -\nave" and c. "tool" of prisos oScials m the "poi sea pen" ietters ctrculared araong society :oll. of 'vTiikes-Bc.rr?. 3-Iiss Kate Da,'."is, saperin-endeat ol uie National I-esal Regulation League v. ho has been held, under bail as tap author of these_ letters, cenias that she v.-rcce fhcza and declares that she vill have some st£rpri-'s :a serins at the neit -Tfr~n GI criminal co-r£ w^eii her case is caiieci- Twoa* t^e dozens of letters circji- jatel thrcush the ira ; 's^^ha-.^e jives out hy Attorney A 7 )"251 £6 who -rsprsscats Mrs. "\VjiBaee v% r J; js ' OllS ."bf these letters ^as to F- C. lo-nsr. Xo mfeter \vhe-e you --_ w , ^ ~ -, ^ = _ ^ e _- a ti-T'l-ia- T^ ^. · 5nd peou:e \rho ha'e sufiered iTxirivCUGa--- CCi«tOr Qt. t.H w ·' Iit^es-x^aA^e \ T ;*:*»?- anti ^xitestizsl ^Lildents' Tidies LeaJer. and another tvas tc ..Irs. C. J. Z-ong. prciruaent in. society and xs. tl'e Parents" anil Teachers" i-pagns ot the "vx"yoniiag "Valley- will change that race! 3fs5Tr"s Vfonerfal iStomadi Kemedj? cra ,1^ rfcilr be t£=aea a -Konierrul-xc=iid..-5i*J 13= ' 'tene5ts that *t a-ves,*ir( ITE^I. of tic. chroaic cases of Stosiacli Troibls 1 a=s c! - _ _ ^- ^ If 3£ ?~ _- -! ^ »*\j ***u ^ Sie^_fro2i5oiiee3a of toe cbShtsy to^tae-f live--^..oa r^H . Tfic letter :o if C- Klrlieiidail :s as "Oct. 13. IS13 ia-kencali -- The nr'se^ are ssploiting- that She is a :ma~e and ._ tooV to Ireep their good vork in the public eye. She has :e"t aa odorous trcil bo- Iiiao her. It ma^es me an~y to sec you let The Trues Leader serve them in their tlirrv vrcrK:. ·'Signed) "A HEADER." The leuer to Mrs. T-ong foilo-svs. ·-Oct. i?, 1911. "jlrs. Cnarles J. Long--Mrs. "^al lace is tr-iiis to undermine you urit'i tlie court and jail officials. Protect yonrseif (Signed) "A FRIEXD.' I W. H.TIPTQN, Photographer, 20-22 Chambersburg, Street. FOR CHRISTMAS IF IPS A PHOTOGR4PH you wanr, go to TIPTON'S STUDIO and get something Exclusive and Artistic If you want a familiar Scene for an absent relative or friend, you can find it among our NATURE SERIES of the FICTURES- CUE about Gettysburg. It's old Lanes and Pathways, Streams, Bridges and Woods. -· These appeal to the cultivated taste. Take into consideration also "Gettysburg: the P ictures and the Story" New edition, over 500 Views, 50c. by mail 60c. and the new FOLDER of 24 Colored Views, ISc. Fine line of Water Colors, Engravings etc. Picture Frames made to order. The very latest in Mouldings. MEAT AND POPULATION Si2£?!y Kect Pace With Growth. Bui Price K=sriy Doubled. "\Vashiu5ton. Dec- 16.--Altljonga the meat supply kept pace -jrith popu'atron STOfta in the decade from 131*3 to i^S, the price soared to nearly don ble the lS r '3 Sgnres, accordiag to a censi s bulletin. 'Tvleat on the hoof" "vrent HP 75.5 per cant. The cressed product showed a sligbt'y smaller increase, 71.S per cent. Amsrica^fe ··ve^e eating 105 pounds of beef, veal and matton per capita ia 1938. as against 106 in ~1S39. although tr.e total per cspita ^ieat production ia 1303 -was 107 poBsds. Sixty-five per cent of the meat supply -aras 'uriished by the paclving houses. The country's total product ia ras 88.3^5,815 animals. "Daylfoht Mining'" In Schuy3kiiJ- ?otts-iI3e, Pa^ Dec- 15.--Xe^r opar- atlcns are In progress to strip the top of the Broad mountain. The surface fro:n Mocat Lalfee to Jiillia's Hill. near St_ Cla:r, is to be cleared until aie valuable coal meas-jres oatcrop- piag there are disclosed. This new "daylight" coal mining will be followed lor the next decade. Sun Cult Chisf Must Serve. Chicago, Dec. 16. -- Judge Mack in the federal court refused to grant a netr trial to Ottoman Zar Adnsht Hanisb. leader of the Mazdaznan Snn Worshippers cult, who "was convicted of sending objectionable literature by express. He sentenced Hanish to serve six months in. the Chicago house of correction and fined him $2500. W.H. er, ^ Truth and Life. Where the seeking of truth begins, always the life commences, too; so soon as the seeking of truth Is abandoned life ceases.--- John Ruskin. cs= restored, to^h p-stse bar Tsr etc.. ar.a. h=vc ilui and £re lotic 13 mc£r 3^- Tbere £s rfot ^£ C ef S · i ^t. e ^i ^ ^s i ·uiistmas Gifts that Mean Something \Vhfrt?ier von =pers-J tittle o- mcch for it is importunt thac yonr ·rifis h^ve lasting value. Christmas prices here are mostly lower than at otiier seasons, becasi^e of r»!ir !j.ra; purebasfcS- The quality of e'-erythir-sc in tHs store Makes it a worthy ?ift whether the price yon pay is large or s.naH. HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: For Mother or Wife 1 K !;; £ | r one bears of tbe -.voatierfu! resc"-s frorz tsa -emedj- aid the are e-ti-c 1 ?- TMa fc u-i3Li, a^ 'r acts o rt the s^^-rcc ! ind 5oz^:cat.o-t ci these £''nie^vs F reiROT.--^ j tSe poisociKis jcaca^h a=d i-ts. accrc^ons. t^"-;- j t-HCt o^d assist in -e~ce~'t5^ the sn:re cn^.- i sipiic^ ^Sn'ierc-s are ;:rg=c to trv 0-2= cDie-- ' Traicfc alorfi: shcTiid rel'ere vcur STs~e":i^ a"ci conr.iicc yon ?nat JIayr's TVonderTnl ^toisat Ii Eemedy saoc'd ~esto- ,to a Hoosier Kitcneti Cabinet ChIca«CIoact f : I Buffet ·l»*- ! J*~*^ j Sewing Tlie fei Gih In the World; Music Cabinet Dresser Pcdisto! ! For Father J^ Morris Chitir ' Chair ' · ; Leather Rocker ( .,, / Smoker's Stand _· *5," For My Best Fetiow ! " Chiffonier Ann. Chair Foot Stool Writing Desk ^' Book Case - O^. to good 'hcsk Jtctfa-^-the -resets v,S! 8e : voijr qui'-'C rcc^.ery arc once again l-nrv t' 5o-s of livina. Send fc- booklet on ~ Aliments, to Gco. H. 3iar. Mfg. Che _,.,-,,, V. hitiiic St."^ Oslcago^ or better stSI, obfain a. .-., ^ So ;»ar-y HOW bhy Chnstnia= Uif^ for U'.cir wives Iiere tliac lie hav rn.i'Ic a spec!:' study of heotn^ men with careiul snirsiestiocr. Come In and enaniiuc rlifc him Iredfe of beantUnl ar.«I usefiil gifts ^e ha\e for the A Standard Sewing. Machine Would Make an Ideal Gift for the Wife ··« - 4 For sale by People's Drug' Store Gettysburg, Pa- Effective November 16, 1913. * I B""Jl "fe T TV f^ ^^i E N D E R THE HOME It FURNISHER :? NO TAX QU "MUTUALS'' Supreme Court Upholds Decision on N'uzual Dividends. TVashirjgton. Dec. 16.--The supreme court refused the govenuaeat's request to revie-sv tne decision o: the circuit court at Philadelphia that the corporation tax was aot coi!ect'b!= from "dividends" of mutual fasarance conipacies. *o*~.s:stias of Dividends re turned or otsenriss invested at the ortion of tco policy hcHer. reir-s~ifl to refer:'! aboat §1.^0-i.OCMi pi- ready collected and to forego any suc'i coiec-iDrs under tee present income tax " S:-oG A. M. DaUy Except Sunday fo:'-| Baltimore, Hanover. ITork and ] Intermediate Points. 1 10:28 A. il. Daily for Hagerstov, n, 1 "Waynesboro, Cfaambersburg; I Hancock, Cumberland. Pkts- j burgb. and Chicago also E^krlr-s, I "W- Va. i * 12.25 P. il. for HighSeid and internie- diate stations- 2:55 P. il. for York, Baltimore ana Intermediate Points. 5:36 P- 31. Daily except Sunday fc-' B. and H. Division Poirfis !·: Highfield. also Hagerstov-n, | Waynesboro, Chambersburj; ar.c Shippensbnrg. £.13 Xew Oxford, Hanover, York, acd intermediate -stations- H ; s* \l n BARGAIN HARVEST lo SHOES BUYERS Yon will find on our Bargain Tables fhoes of ·well krcwn lines winch we^bave 3is-continued. W. H. Douglas $3.50 and §4.00 shoes at $1.98. Oifcers reduced to 98 cents and $1 AS. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Cimdrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 els C. B. Kitzmffler Spencer Crsnted Reoricve. Chicago. Uec 15.--Heary Spender, couvictej rs'-reerer of JlildraA Al-ison Rexroat. viU not hang next Fri.Jay Govemor D;i2ne sraated him a sta" of esecntjon fcr four vreeirs to appeal Bsby'c Fatai P!ay V/ith Stove. Xe'sv Hai en, Conn_ Dec. 1*5.--Juiuie one-year-old Caroline Rotner ·wa-- burned to death -nrlien she put a broon- in a stove 2nd tlen paEed it out, se'_ Usg fire to her dress. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations o ·vreather bu yesterday follo~sv: Albany ........ Atlantic City ---Boston ......... BnJfalo ____ .- ____ Ciiicago ....... Xevr Orleans ---- XeiKT York ...... Philadelphia ---St. couis ........ Washington ---- . united States p. in. TTeather. -30 Clear. SS Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Cloaaj. Clear. Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Clear. · · SS 36 JS JO -52 -30 ·I* i *5 Fruit Growers Hall 5 Bendersvilie, December, 17 5 18,19. lectures and dlscassions each day on fruit Growing, Cattle and Hog Kaising, Corn Improvement and ^WrajF^rm Topics Day Sessions Free- Everroae TVelcome. ; ; ! S§ The Weather. Fair today and tomorrow; ~ Then and Now. Knicfcer--"We used to"wat«n tbe game through ~~a knothole in the fence." Bocker--"Now we see it through a hole in a £20, bill." Thebestsofar'attcmr-cd. Admissioa 25c. Reserved Seats 40c. Season Tickets $1.CO Wednesday Evening 17th, The Famous Lyric Quartette Thursday Evening 18th, The Morphets, Magicians and Entertainers Friday Evening ISth, Illustrated Lecture, Mexico, Beautifully Colored Slides and Motion Pictures. Mr. Henry Oslr^nder, Noted Traveler and Lecturer. Nothing better on the Lyceum Platform. Do Not Miss One of These Evenings. IV ® SPAPLRl

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