The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 5, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1818
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m.k.'KVjsning post; NUMBER 4907 THURSDAY, MAflCH 5, I8IC NO. 42 PINE - STREET. THE OTW - Y V! siiV. Freirhl or Charter. ' Tli. fcutsaitin briir SAILOR BOY, Jj. Rodman, master ; now ready to re - a careo : 175 tons, ana ww carry awoui. 600 caski ttaxteed.. Apply w board, east side Fir Market wharf, or to , D. BETHUNE CO. .. h v' - MC.H.ilip. "' 1 aw fNARLEsTOM', S. C. and fast sailinz i)o - TONTINE. S. HovL mat ttr will tail oa Wednesday next, nanu aiarge proportion ner irujw. , passage,' bavins Ter7 aPrir accommodatioas, . l . ,. rm o.l sill a Rurlina. appij r " t ,atto ' SAUL ALLEY, mnt ' ' . 88 Pine - tt - . - . !.'. or Ml CROlX. ..Tha mb1b trailing aiDDcrail bri? , - - - 9 i - r . gWIl.GIAM - tll.iirtii, to n oa me jbih uit. For freight or passage,; Having Hue iccetsmo&suent, apply to . . 31 Old ilip. "or idle, treiehtor Charier. " JFfeV : ; Thi substantial brig RECOVER, . via Burnham, master, 242 tons, will carry t Urjft cargo, and it in readincat for ft voyage ; lies at pier uo. 10. Apply to ' . ' JOSEPH OSBORN, Feb 28' ' ' - South - street. for Freight or Charter, The sch'r. ADELINE, captain Tun per1. A freight to Opoi to, Lisbon, or uuiiliern port, would be preferred. Anpiv otTbOurdl at Fly - market wha f, or to f , R. GILLESPIE, gfeb 27 v ' ' 113 Front - st. . ForSAFAMAU, $i The fast tailing packet brig AURORA, lL3kLWm. Thomptoo, roaster, will tail on Vaduclay next in the mean time wil take what freight may oner; tor whicb, or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board cut tide om - mp, or to POTT ft M'KINNE, 'Feb 26 58 South - it. Fr WILMIJVGTOtt, A. C. The tchr ADELINE, Pelee Tapper, master, will be dit patched immediately. i orireight or passage apply to . . . R.GILLESPIE, USFrontit. " Who offer for tale, 180 kbit tar, and a parcel of W. O. nhd ttavet, received by said vestel Alto tOO bbit tupf. Richmond flour - hi hhdt Richmond and Pctenburg tobacco v tO tiercet nee; SI bulet upland cotton 5i hhUimolajMi; 800 Wagt coffee Red and while port wiui in - hhdt and qr, Madeira do do fcaskt . Claret wine, in boiet of 1 doxen each - 4 mill beset cotton lace An iuveice of Putch goode, confuting of tflnff boxet, ilatet, tlale peociit, marbles, jewellery, violins, ladies' work boxr cologne, water, Sic. Feb24 i . ... ; . - . . . FOR AMSTtRUAM, Tt. I. ; u nr A - lf cm - - i Mfain Funk, bar coutiderahle Pftrfof her cargo n2ed, and will be dispatched without - i - t.T - kT JL:i.4 . No. 74 Washinfon - ttreet, or to ; J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feba y , W&,MvBwgtot itt. , be FHLHiHT trVHMRTr.tU " S I he fatt tailing tclir. SALEM, bur ".Viii 1100 bbl. has made buttwovor ages, ami it now in readiness to receive a cargo. For terms apply on board; at Pine - street u li art or to ' . G. C. & S. IIOWLAXD, feb 26 17 Watliington - street. ' fur J.tLb. or CHAtiiUH. The raliuble fatt tailinjr brig AO - vJlNESa. captain Harris, at Fly - market wbarf, two years old, burthen 1S4 tons, will tow upwards of 300 hhds. is in all repects in excellent order, and will be teady to receive a cargo in two days. Apply to . H.MU. TALCOIT, feb 26 64 Soutli - etreet. i i - i THR SUBSCRIBER. ' A SLOOP, bow building of the best .tttteriatt, a) toot 100 tons; timbart f live loak. locust and cedar t bottom plank Jersey white oak, built oa purpose for the Albany trad. 1 - A SLOOP of 50 toot, calculated for 4ai any trade where dispatch, burthen, and V.:"casr draft of water is required. A periagua SCHOONER, of 40 tons, Ctivwill draw bat little water, with alee - KiJjiboard through the centre of her keel, and u expected to sail very fast. Also, afcltir ol Wy torn, caicuiaieu l for a Li verpoo 1 or London trader, - (that lean befinishtd to suit tha porchaur.) Hi - Spars, timber and plank. Also, timber awed to biUs for boa e bailding. mart U - 'CHARLES BROWNWE. 'or Sale, Freight vr Charter, i cr - tr uiti'D "7lmut 150 tons burtheo, built in the best mmuer, copper.fattened, in complete order to receive a cargo m - every respect good vtnel Apply in board at Btrrliog - slip'or to N. L. & .'GRI3WoLD, - ' Jan 10 . 86South - st. . For i.tUe,F'rttsht r Charter, r$V ntw P'lut 0031 built tchooner, 130 li TlV1"" burlhco, built in the - best snanoer, ot good materials, copper fattened 4 a very fast tailing vessel, and may be seat to tea with small expense Apply oa board at Harkm thp, or to N. L. &GvGRJWOLD, Jan 19 - it :"..'." 8 Soath - tt. , . ton SALE, The new add fast taiUogbriz FAME, builtof th best Msaoaed Umber, tad iihluilr pot oether. iler rirtiosr aad tails are of excellent qwlity. This vessel, is Well ralcalated for a aoathera packet, having hand, tome accommodations. For terms, and a riew of her inventory, apWy to G RiS WOLDS COATES, ' Jan S3 3Soutli - t ' For Salt, Freight r Charter, , The brig tilDSEY. Cripm..l5 tons, ,a staODCh good retteL lately pot in nod order for a voyage For terms' apply to . .. v. . JMESD'WOLF.junr. - Feb 15 . ... - 57 Front - st 1200 NA.NK1.S. , Piece bine a - uikins. of very inper rioroality, ootiUed - to debenture, for tale at 77 Washingtoa - tt. s ' : - ' feb 18 ' C. G. & S. noWLASD. FLOUR asd'roeACCO - 600 bbls. Rich - mond tunf. Floar - - c 29 hhdt old and new Tobacco, 1) kegtmtnarictareddj8&8handttotht)b. For tale at J08 Frrmt - 1ret. (rb t3 TROKE3. OAVIDSO! b CO. CLOTHS t cases aperline Lwtdoa ctotSh Icatesextsado. i. J att tecdred per WniM ?toa. and for tab hy ; : . UWRO ft BSvVALL, Ftbt3 ' - ' CSSwth - sl, fa FOR SALE, the cargo of the tlupCririe.eap - - tain Hompbrevs. from. Calcutta, and now landing at the footofLiberty - ttceet, consisting of jnaia sugar. Cottoa Ginger 1 Block Tin ' Gum Shellack Gum Copal . Goat Skins of a large sue.. Seine Twine and Gunny Bags Also for sale, India Muslins of almost every description. Alto, a small quantity of Rattans, and ' Odor of Rotet. For tale l y jar. 7 .; ROBERT LENOX. COTTON Mew crop, prime, suitable for manufacturing, will be told iu parcels to accommodate purchasers. Alto, a few bales of old crop. Enquire 141) Pearl - street, up stairs. . . jan ft - STRAITS BRANOY. TWENTY live pipes Cette Bramty, for tale by CHA3. L. OGUEN, and AB1L OGDEN, . . Jan 9 Washington - ttreet. C7INE,OlL, PAPER, &c 130 qr. casks V V and 200 half do dry Malaga Wioti . 6 or casks and 20 half do sweet do very old - 158 do Colmeoar do ; 300 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 bettiet each . (00 boxet do . do 12 bottles fach 50 balet Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gazette do large tiza 9 cases Felt Hats 15 cnse Liquorice Paste 1 box O'trich Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats 3 do Manna in flakes Marble Slabs, veined and statuary, assorted siztt, lor pier luliles, ice. A few boxes rery superior Anchovies and Olivet ' . 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to SI inch " 10 hhls Kurt, couiisling of ' WildCat, Raccoon, Fox, Mutkrat, and 4 Otter Skins ' Otay Bars, Ac For tale hy . CHAS. L.OGDEM.and ABR. OGDEN, Jan 12 VV aehington - ttrett. STaSSWAR - E IS hhds. En?. Glassware. KJt consisting 01' Winet and Tunjilcn, for tab; j by CHAS. Li. OOUtiM d Atri. UUUt. Jaa i - i ' Wathincton at - I OUR Uiousaud Gunny Baxs, fnrsulrt bv r CE11RA r CUMING, Jan 23 76 Pearl - street. X CUT MILL SAWS, tic. ASM. LL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, G. S. and C. 0. for sale by ANDERSON U SHEARER, 131 Water - etreet. Who hove in Store, Hand, ripping and dove tail Saws, bras. and iron backs Cast Stet - I Chiteel and Gouge Mortice Ctmtelt and Drawing Knives Patent Carorina Virginia Hort, No. 12 34 Wrought naiU, 4d, Cd, 8d, 10l, 12, & 20d Brast and copper wire, ofll sizes Rolled and Sheet Bnvt, Brast Pant London Pino, Not. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - SI, 5 . Hardware aud Japanned Ware, assorted fo the country trade Engravers' Copper, in plates of all sizes. jan 12 r - GASTER OF I'AstlS. CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of 1 a pans, to oarreit, suitnoie ir tne toutnem market. Orders left with Walter Nexsen, No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burting - t'ip, will be promptly attended to juu.m uu. ujt Foot of Harrison - street, Ncrtb - Kiver, Jan 19 If )i"7 FIRGIM4 TOBACCO ii FLOUR, r f hhdoftTV!rgiristobsecr" - - w '" 55 do new crop do ' do ' . 66 bbls fine floor IS da middlin? do. For tale br VASO.UES, MEURON & CLEEMAJf, Feb 7 tf Ho. 72 washington - st. sfiUlCK&iLVER. 20,000 lb. Quicksilver fortjle by K. L. G GRISWOLD, jin21 86 South - street. .CASIMRFS, S.iTTIA'ETTS AAD CASsI.rt.TTS. FEW catct bhiet, blacks and mixtures, of JY vpnout kiiids, inaouiactored lor a loutlirrn market, will b sold low for cash or approved panfr. Alo, at reduced prices, several rases of blue. black and mixed broadcloths, among which are some 01 tvoicoii's supernnes, at tne COM. COMPANY'S Ware - Houte, 143 Pearl - ttrect. feb 11 fllOBACcO te RICE. 100 quintals first qua - jt. htytpanisfi lonacco 44 tierret prime Rice, per schr. South Caroli aa, for tale by ' J ONES Si MEG RATH, feb II C3 South - street. SvperfiM American GLGHAJUS. 8 cases fine gingham", for tale low by The Commissiod Companr, Feb 13 D&C 148Pearl - st P4 ANO FORTE FOR SALE. ANEW and fashionable instrument, made by me of the bptt London manufacturer!, and incomplete order, will be told cheap, at the owner wishet to leave the city. Enquire at 32 Cedar - street, corner pf Broadway. JanSl '1 BROWN, stone teal engraver andjewel - . M. ., ler. No. 166 Broadway.' Cdati oT arms, crests, cyphers, Ac. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and otAer jewellery. Ladies' seals eegraved with coats of arms, motto, and fancy devices. ' Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, Szc. bought in the roueh or cat to any form. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of 6U,UU0 names. Jan 7 3m CLOUR and TOBACCO 200 bblt, tuner. JT nne Virginia r lour , 60 kezi second aualitv. manaPd Tobacco. Landing from the tchr helvidtre, and for tale bj WALSH & GALLAGHER, 65 Sotrth - ttreet. feh 16 TEJlR SKINS 6 bales fift quality lor sale MJ tty SAUb ALLEY, feb 7 98 Prae - ttreeL FLOUR. 100 bl.U Richmond (Mayo mill) Flour, is time, for sale by , . GRISWOLD & COATRS, , . feb 16 86 Southtreet. CI ANDi.ES.oCo noses eastern mould toadies J jast received, for tale by feh 1 1 JOS. OSBORN. 63 9oth - st.. C MOT I ON . - 54 bales Prime Upland, for safe J at66Soatt - ttreet,lr .Jaa27 WAl.SHh GALLAGHER. HAW. 4 tmstps col'd aad fringed Cloth Slaw, haadtotaefy attortod. received pet - Aim Maria. CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, . Jae29 C7 Soatb - alnwt. QUERCITRON BARK. FIFTY hhdt. aad boxei of eery fine quality, fbrudeby 1 - . G. G. fcS. ROWLAND, Jan 28 ' 77 WethtrMrtoa elnwH, A fl Boxe. 1 hhd, I cask 4:11 lr.tOOnwtforsalebr ARGOL, about - It ft CO. Feb 20 - R. ft C. W. DAVETPORT ixTADMI A U KIR. A WlF.. 57 pipet ii I Wu ... . . : pipes 01 taperwr xvx traaiity, ror a s'CVSoe'h smr, r. ; - v . . Cambrelenq: rr.mfv. LINEN31 DIAPERS, he. Ltt C. SO YDAM, have just received per brig . Pocahoatat, from Dublin, and tlap Thomas Wilton, from Greenock, for tale by the pacxage 13 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens S do T - 8 do do - 5 1 do 3 - 4 browa Linens and Lawnt . S do do black do . 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings 2 do 9 - 8 do ttout do ' " 2 ' do Long Lawns 7 balet Drbghedat Si Ducks 5 do Linen Bedtickt. Also, A general assortment of (he above articles, opened for retail sales, at 61 Maiden - lane, on very favorable terms. feb 45 tf ClJla R U ll, tc. - JJ pancheons Jamaica Rum, jutt arrived and landing from the brig David Richards, from t auaotiiD, (jam.) ana lor taie oy A. D. DUFF, . 69 Washington - ttreet. Who bat for (ale in store, L. P. Tenerifle Wiae, (Pasley brand) in qiiar ter casks, imported July, 1816 Do do in hhdt. and or. cotki. do August do Do do in pipes, libdt. and qr. casks, do Sep - uuiucr uu SO pipes, 100 hhdt add 280 qr. casks doenti - : - tied to debenture 4i pipes Cape Madeira Wine, thip'd in 1813, irom the Cape l Good Hope, and u titled to dtbcutuie Port and old Lubon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of claret wine ' 132 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. feb 7 tf . 266 MOLASstS FOR S.1LK. Hhds molasses, now landing from brig Agues, from Matanzat. ' Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, Feb 23 ' 35 Front - st. RAYUNS DUCK. 101 pieces heavy lUvens Duck, for sale bv HURD& SEWALL, feb 19 65 South - street. OIL CANDLES. R' IPLEY fet WELD, 192 Front - street, have constantly on band, at wholesale and rt tail, winter una summer ttraineu ftpertuaceti uu. AIpo, Tallow Mould Candles of superior quality, from Wiothip't Factory, Charletton, Mast. feb 19 ENGLISH WHITE LEAD. J60 kegs Eng. lisli White Lead, ground in Oil, landing from .ship William, and lor sale by TUCKER & LAUUIES, feb 18 29 South street. UPLAND COT TON. 15 bales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - sti eet. IV STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above, ion 23 G L.Aastv AKh, 4k:. 4 boxet aborted glass, consisting of Larse sized Window Glass De anters, Tumblers, Inkstands Watch Glusses, &c. S boxes Fowling Pieces. Just received per Winifred, from Amsterdam. on BAJID, - A quantity of muskets, entitled to debenture 5 cerooas first quality Indigo, and 2 bblt White Lead For sale by , J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 7 1n . 1 - y VVashijgtonrnrfet - - (LJ I'lU LS - - '.t) cares superior .4 nierican blue KJ stnpet, for tale ny the ' 1 COMMISSION COMPANY, Ftb 18 DtC . 148 Pearl - st. ill , COrOJV, t OB A CCO, tie. Cd M. bales prime Alabama cottoa, landing from schr Nassau 30 hales New - Orleans cotton per brig Fi - 5 hhds Kentucky tobacco ) paucier IN STORE, . SO tons clean St. Petcrjburgh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimitone 1 1 cases tumblers 30 boxet Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Also, just received, 10000 lb Havana co.Tce, in hhds.. and A few hhds of rectified pure spirit, made from molaaset rum. For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, jr. Feh 23 57 Front - it. : USCOVADO SUGAR. la Lhdt,Musco lv I vado Sugar, for tale by feb 16 G. W. TALBOT, 55 Pine - street. 2 UM St CHOCOLATE 50 bis. 1st. proof m , New Kum 30 boxes UilPt Boston Chocolate Xo. 1 For sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, jan 13 75 Wall street 741 HERRINGS. boxes 1st sort, Herrings, dow land - 177 do Td do iner and for tale by Jnn 22 67 South street. O SNABURGS. 9 bales best btreletx Osna - burgs, landing from ship Thomas Wil son. from Greenock, for tide by feb 19 D. BETHUNE Si CO. "riRGlNIA HEMP. 15 tons VirjjiiiU Hemp, T a selected Jot, landing, and lor tnie ny GOODHUE fc CO. feb M 44 South - ttreet 33 COFFEE, SVGA li, tc. bagt line green coffoe 30 half and quarter boxes Spanish teg&rs, superior quality 4 bbls St. Jago sugar 10 lihdsNew - Orleant do 200 lbs turtle shell . 3 hbds Bottoa Rum Just received and for tale by G. G. S. IIOWLAND, feb 27 77 Washlnstoo - tref. It 1CI1MOND FLOUR. 150 bb 1. landing tnis day from the schr Emerald, for tale by . , . .. . ROBERT GILLESPIE, . fe 26 . . 112 Front - street. hardware. JOHN WHEELEY has just received from f Uvwrpoel, mt ship Coarier, tad offtrt for sale, 85 Fine - street .,; fl and 10 link trace Chains , .. t Hand and sldge kaesiaeft - Vices 1 rpa Jet and shovels ' Fryiug - patw od aaitt. ' Feb 27 tw ' IRON HOLLOW WARE. AN arwrtmtat of the abeve article cstisisting of pots, ketllat, bake pant, gnddlet, tkiK lets, basoot, spiden, tea keldes, kc per tea or piece, for tale by , - , CEBRA ft CUMINO. . Jaa 30 76 Peart - rL RICH KI8HOMS reses ho. 9 ft 13 Elegant Gamhurc Ribbons, 0 superior patterns, r sale by : ' r .' - ' MARCH fc LOW' fob 26 ' . ' ' ' 210 Brorxlwar. ' ENlUeKY TOBACCO. Id tJ..m. To - bacco, received by the tsris FmaiK w,will b leaded to day. - at Ffv trket - whrf, fnetaJe by RoY, tlAVARU Ca .; kti - - L m ' rr. .i ::. TOBACCO 190 kfes manufactured tobacco, landing irotn die tchr.. Cyaue, fxota Richmond viz : '' 108 kegs branded Joo. Eodcrs 81. No. 1 27 do do do ' St, No - 1' '55 do " do ' D R Rot, 8s. No. 1 . For sale by CORN'3. DUBOIS.. ' IN STORE, . ' 1 1 hhds rye whiskey, 20 casks whiting 3 bbls roll butter ' ' 20 rolls t heet Wad, 250 bags juniper berries Feb 20 I w ... SP1CEA. 5 barrels 1st quality nutmegs, 5 bags do. Cloves 3 do. do. Mace . ., 5 sacks real Ceylon Cinnamon - just ree'd and for tile by - . feb 26 PETER REMSEN U CO. IRISH LINEN. 5 boxet 4 - 4 Irish Linen, fbt tale by - - W. k S. CRAIG. Jebl3 ' ' ; 1 oiauf 1 irrMQ niiDLDc' currTiiJr: I tJ 1 Lll.l I'lrtl ClVO mitsL. 1 'MHOMAS SUFFERN, No. 6 Depeyster. X ttreet, ba just received per latest arrival, a further assortment of 4 - 4 Hnd 7 - 8 linent, lonit lawnt, 5 - 4 sbeetingt, 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 4 dowlas, do. drogheda linens, which with the following goods, will be told on reasonable terms, 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, low and fine assortments - 7 - 8 dn in half pieces 7 - Q do haif bleached strong and fit for nar row sheetings, to average 13d ' 7 - 8 lawnt, 5 - 4 sheetings to average J3d 3 - 4 coane and fine brown Hnen. feb 24 2w (J Of 6. it bHletllops, jutt received fur tale J.X by CAMBREL1NOK PEARSON, feb 3 67 South - ttreet RUM & SUGAR The cargo of the ship South - Carolina Packet, capt.Cartwright, from St. Croix landing at Peck - slip, for tale by UENJ. DE FOREST CO. feb 28 3t jJO;Vie,sriG&OiHr,R WAKKs. 'IH E subucrihers keep constantly on hand an L extensive assortment of the following goods, m : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, l'opt,s Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan ' and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall ann Entry Matt Pailt and Tubs Wheel - Barrows ' Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, tewing," wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe ic Sadlert Thread Dearborn's Ballao - oes, Sic. cy and common v iiean 00 00 go Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ii Scrubbing do ' Paint Brushes and Snsh "Pools Clamps, 4. 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and Cut Vnilt and Brads W hich they will sell wholesale or retail on Ii I I. - PDA . .Ifl. - feb 26 76 Pearl - sreet. fLl) JAMAICA KUM 10 puncheons hih V proof old J:tiaiCit Hum, iamiinimiu tioo Knickerbocker, from Bermuda, Eatt tide Peck tiip. For taie by s, TUCKER & LAURIES, feb 23 29 3 - uith atrext, rL f '117 lrre;s Ricliin md kujiitfine ' r lotir, tuannea v. n. ri. wteeu, lanuine ut.m tchr lonroe, and lor tai ny WALSH U GALl - AGHER, frtrrr 1 - wa uitti - wwt. 1 tii.i, v iraicB aciuv twine, O and J bale roi.laininr two St - iaet, just ree'd rihip Wasliingtoo, from Lwid.Mi, arid for tale BEI HUNE Si CO. bI27 9 C. II. Slip. XT AVAL MORES. COP ION. 4ic. - 400 J.1 bhlt toft Turiieuthie, 3U0 do Par 50 do Pilch, 5 dn Spirit Turpentine 11500 lbt. Argol, 15 baskets Tapioca 600 Ox Horns, 10 bundles Deer Skins 1 tierce Fur, Ottn, dink, to. 2 boles 1st. quul. Sea Island Cotton 20 iln do Uplacd do 14000 hhd. Staves aod Heading ' lOUOuO it in. C. Shingl. s for tale by R. il C. W. DAVENPORT ii CO, feb 26 (J4 tOT PON to TOBACCO 28 balet prime Upland Cotton . ' U hhdt. Kentucky Tobacco, lust received and tor tale oy . JUSLJ'H osuoun, feb 28 28 South - ttreet, OODHUE Si CO. No. 44 South - ttreet, offer J for tale, 150 balet of Calcutta Piece Good: consisting 01 - liaitas, chowd agarics, couas, emerties Gurrahs, blue gurrahs, entitled to drawback Liorg Cloths, mamoody, uiuUaullt - t Saaoas, sawnt and teersuckers Bandannoes and lungce audy silk bdkfs Lotchee and madras patt. ra hdkft ' 10 pipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - Madeira wine back iu casxt 1 uraer rea wine 124 boxet tweet oil, 12 bottles each II cases Italian letter paper 260 bags corks, 7 cases fur ha's - 45 cerouos peruviaa baak, 6 casks senna 5fcastt gum tragaganth 1 case Turkey opium 60 boxet ilut'ia window glass 15 bates Russia feathers, 15 do do down tOO bolts Russia duck, lit and 2d quality 40 pigs block tin ; copper bolts assorted Spelter, gunny bap 14(1 hiirtft. firef nunlitv Must Air A fin Rtirr. nfi tied to drawback. - feb 4 IN 41 bbls. 1st. proof countrj Gin, io hand - VJS some new barrels jut received, lor tale 4 wJvovii ct "tjui - ur. 1. 75 Wall - street. feh t.5 3 .M.i Df IRA WLVE, Sze. pipet and 10 qr casks L. P. Madeira wine, of superior quality, for sale low, by the single cask, to close a consignment. . 100 boxet bloom raisins 20 hhdt molasse, will be told low, by R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Feh 2.1 . BLUt NANKING 2J00 pieces Blue Nan. kins, ot superior oe litv, entitled to deben ture, for tale by HURD ft SEWALU ten 34 . 65 So'ith - street. KICK.. 4fi teirccs pfinte Kice landing Iron tchr. Manr. from Charletton, and for sale by GOODHUE ft CO. ien 10 - 4 - 1 isoum - street. BLACK kiiia Taffetas and ompaay.flag haodkeixhiefs, of superior quality, tor sale MARCH Si LOW, Feh 27 - 210 Broadway. BLUE AA.Kl.vb - 3UUU pe. for tale by MUKDfcSCWALL, fob II 65 Swath! reet. RICE. 95 whole uid HI half Uerces prime rie. laadlag firom schr Retrieve, for sale GOODHUE ft Co. - feb 1ft 44 South - street. AfNklf.E.Ni IxMO ier et bU aankeeus eatiUod to debenture, foe sal"4v G. G. S. HOW LAND, fb 27 . 77 Washinetoa - ttreeti IJ K.OrV.S SHIR11NGS. 7 pexkagee orewo run 1 1 UK. jwf. mrni u uu itt wawc - vj t THE CoiVMJSSlOS iXXMPASff. xtAHr. . - 143 Pearl - ttreet LEAD ' 33 soht tbret lead, for Owlety HVR ft - SEWALLj r to ' CALCUTTA GOODS. ! ONE hundred bidet consisting of B a flat. Luckinore. Chittabullv. Callioattv andPutka.' ' ' . . ' ' Cowans, Chaadpore, Comocolly, Johanna and LuckiKre. . t , , , Sanuahl Jetlalpore and Mow. 1 Checks - - Gillahs, Romtlt, iic.lot sale by CH8 L, OGDEN and ABRM OGDEN, ' rarU) ' ' ' WashinKtnn - tireet. X STRAITS BRANDY. i3 Pips Cette Brandy, entitled to deben ture!, for teia by CHAS.L. OODBN. and ' ABRM. OGDEN, Jan Yt ' Washington - street. N ICARAGUA WOOD St LIGNUM V'lTJS. 18 toil - Nicaragua Wood of very good quality . . 10 do Lignumvitts For sale by TUCKER ft LAURIES, Jan 19 - 29 South - street. H1TE LEAD GROUND IN OIL. 400 kfxt. of StXb. each. White lad. ground in oil, just received per ship William, lortaievy - ..:. : feh 10 29 South - street. IRON HOLLOW WARE, assorted .ix. PoU, Kettles, Griddles, Bake paoii Spades, tkillats, Basins, Fire - dogs, &c For sale by the ton or piece. CEBRAt CUMING," ; Feb 19 - 76Perl - sl. ! U.M. 20 hhds. Molasses Rum, first proof, M. for sale by JACKSON A WOOLI.EY, 75 Wall - st. ' jan 1? MOLASSES 4i COFFEE UO hlidt. Have - na Molasses new crop . 24 Midi, do CoiTte Landing ut Old - slip from Brig Caroline, ai for tale by JAMES D WOLF, Jr. feh 2 57 Fmn' - street. O.NE hundred blur. Bristol Spanish Bruwu, 20 do White Lead, With a general assortment of Paints, dry and ground, fortale cy K YVLLU, 192 Front and corner of Fnltou - ttreet. , Jan 2J j H - EMP, LEAD, 'PAINTS, ftc. Russi hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 , 8 cAsks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twiuc English sail and seine twine 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks vcrmillion 3 hhds vi rdigris 50 casks Freucri yellow ochre Dry white and red lead . 20 boxes tin For tale by PETER SCHERMERHORN ft SONS, 243 Water - ttrect. Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's niako, from 40 to 2500 wt. Cablet and cordage, of all sires, best quality. with the usual assortment of ship chandlery. Feb II U JAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Frout - sUeet, offers for salo ' 50 tons clean St. Petcnburg hemp KiiSMa duck 1600Q lbs. rreen coffee in hhls. entitled to drawback Roll brlmtlone, German steel . do Wriliug aud wrapping paper . do 15 rases half - pint tumblers do Castile soap and mould caiidje do . I cue, Legharijjfia.ti .... J do 2 caeet chnli - U . do' 1 case plalUla Feb 10 O' SNA BURGS ft 1'APKIi. 1 bale Ubrna burgt, and 1 do Italian Paper, for sale at 76 Peari - Sircet. feb 11 CERR.V ft CUMIVG 101 lUiv. z - i naiet 01 prime new crop up land Cotton, from Augusta, for tale. Samples may be tecii at 148 Pearl - street, up stain. . Feb 17 O U 1 ETINGS 8 balet Flemish sheetings, for KJ sale by JAMES G. KINO St CO. No. 61 Pine - street. feb 16 I ) LEACHED SHIRTINGS 3 cases Amer U ican Bleached bhirtinn, just received and for sale by The Commission Company, Feb 18 . 1 - 18 Pearl street. 'PIN FLVi'E, ate 2U2 boxes tin plate JL 1 - 31 IX, now landinz from hi board the slap Waihingtoa from LoiKlon, and for sale by HOU .113 t u&i , 61 SiHilh - sl ALSO 1 case containinr 29 bottles oil of nut megs, jutt received and for tale as above. , rensu iw tOOFFEE, SEGARs, ftc 13 U. and 33 V - bags Green Coffee 21,000 Sesars, of superior Qualify, in half am) or. boxes - 4 bblt Muscovado Sugar, juit received and for taie ai7i Washington - St. leoso u. u. it s. now I, A NO. loot Cainachy logwoid, landine at pier No. 10. Irom bnir Recoier. ami lor taie ny osbouw, feb 28 ' to houtti ttreet. 246 FLOUR. - barrels superfine Richmond Flour. will be landed this afternoon from Ihe tchr. Only Daughter, for tale by LAIDLAW, CIRALXT : CO. 87 CofTee - House - slip. tS STORE - 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton . 2 do black and assorted bombaxetta . case French linen cambrics, and 1 bale superfine black cloth, feb 28 71 BRANDY, FLOUR, FLAXSEED AND RAISINS. - - 5 pipes finely flavored Bordeaux 4th proof brandy . .54 casks clean flaxseed 500 bbls flour, Baltimore Howard - ttreat 200 boxet bloem raisins For sale by GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 28 ISO Water - st. ILOUR, TOBACCO, ftc. - 300bbii, super 1 fine Floiir '& dlel Rith,non, Tobacco , 10 casks Flaxseed Landiug hotD inmlry yewelt. For srde by - T DlVlfi BETHUNE ft CO. fob 2? - Ao. 92 Coffee - Ho,nv - lip. f rirtGlNIA FLOUR. 50 bbls will be laud - V ed Uiisday trass schr. Tln. . II 1. slip, for tsk) by R. GM.LEST1E, . 112FrtM.t - treeL rensa COTTON, DEER fcKLNS, Kc - U bales tea O Island Gotton . 11 baadies Deer Skies , ( r - ' - I l..r mnA 1 kKI Pnrm . tiiv, .1.1 . ia , . ! 14 COO Staves and Headine. aflaaf, and for sale by R. ft C. W. DA YEXPOttT ft CO. WANTED. ' AM AN aa3 his WIFE, (wtohave no children) to take charxe eT lar. a fow mihes trmu Ihe City; I lie must traderttand tlte maRage - meat of alarm and krlrhen tcerdea.' The woown alfeod a saiaU dairy and do th washing of the lamity As (ha beat onMaendatioot - r.Hiil be 01 . " tX - liN CtlAiS'CL'KY. IN CHAACERY.' State ol Naw - York, as. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this honor - . able court, will he sold at public auction, at the f : f..r if a r t . - under (he direction of the subscriber, as one of the masters of Uus court, on Friday, the 27th in stant, at 12 o'clock at hood ali tUose three certain lott of land, tituaiein the tenth ward of the city of N. York, and distinguished on a certain map 01 tne estate, late 01 James Lwiancy, t - sq. made by Evert Bancker, by lots No. six hundred, and fifteen, tix hundred and sixteen, and six hun dred and seventeen, bounded westerly by Second street, ana containing eacn o leej 10 orstsaiu, und one hundred feet in depth, more or less, with. the appurtenances. .Dated Feb. 5, 1818. iJAMU A. IIAMILIV.,' . Matter ia Chancery. feb 6 law2w&dt Tle tale of the above property it postponed to the 10th day of M:wch next, at the same hour aud place. Feb 27, 1BI8. JAMES A. HAMILTON, ftb 27 lawtM3dls . Mailer in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. ' ' State of New - York, ss. IN pursuance of a decretal order - of this honors., hie court, wilt he sold at public auction,' at the Tontine Cofk'C House, ia the city of New - York under tlis direction of (he suUcriher, as one of the matters of this court, on Friday, the 27 ih in - - taut, at 12 o'clock, noon All those four certain lots of land, situate in the ninth ward Of the city of New - York, being itart of the estate of John 60 - meiindyck, late ol the said city, deceased, and designated in a certain map oi'.the snid tttBte, madu by Willi. - uu Bridges, in November, 1808, by lots No. 8 und 9, and letters L and H. - . The said lolt, taken together, are bouuded westerly in front bv Hmlaun River, and contain twenty a. crei cf ground, more or lets, with the appurtenances. . Dated Feb. 5th. 1U1 8. ' JAMES A. HAMILTON Master in Chancery. Note ror particulars, i nquire at the Mat. ter't OdVe, No. 3 Law Baildingt, wher; a - B&p - of the premises may be teen. ' ier 5 lawzw&uts . . The sale of the above nropartv i posfrxned ta tlmlOthday of March next, at tha tame hour and place. - Dated February 27, 1818 - t Ailirj A. HAiVJII I UiH, fob 27 lawtMluklts Master in Chancery. r - - - ' ' ."Ji , MAYOR'S COURT. William L. Malhtws J - ', - ; rt. In partillon. John Cnrrv'll nnd Sa rah hit wile. 1 V": IN pursuance of an order of Ihe'cOurl of com mnn ple, called the Mayor's Court, Of the city or New - York, made in the above) cause, Wt intend to sell at public vendue, to the highest bid. de r or bidden, at the Tontine Coffee House, in thecity of New - York, on the lltbday of March next, at It o'clock at noon, ail that certain dweU ling house, mesiujtge, tenement and lot of land, situate, ,ly mg nnd beins; in the fourth ward of the city of New - York, known and distinguished in a map thereof by lot number rightetn which laid prr and lot of land Is bounded ae follow 1 5. souti.erly by Banker - street, "easterly by Rote velt - ttn et, corUierly by lot number teveaWVht and westerly in Jhe rear by land beleoging to Sari. Ii Thompson, contaiuing in .length mi each. si.Ih fi:ty feel, and in lreadtb in front and rear twenty five lett each ; With ajljind. singular tb rights, wiiys, water courses, hereditaments and appurtenances thereto Mongintr or in any wise appertaining.. Datedpth Fb. 1818., : . , 'Y ; JAMItjO.V COX , 1 , " JOSHUA PKLLi Jun. J Ccmunisiloneri. . JOHN t. DfE f ERICH V y. ) . . Qir - .The ahpye. jzmir.l are tha corner f Banker and Ro4cvcl( - ln.eii.'in IheTxSlJelirorrtr " John B. Ebbelts, - ft. . "i .fr''; WM. W. M'CLELAV, Att'y;! feh7 2aw4w : C ' UMON BANK, lOih February, liiii.,' ' ftr Tlie stocklioldtrs are reoueshd to attend at Vie hanking bouie, No 17 Wall - street, dn Thursday, the 12th day of March next, to slcct elevea directors for the ensuing year. ' The pulV win open at tea o'clock and tout at two. - . 1 he traosier bookt wiu be shut f roaa 1st until . 13th March. - i By order of the bo.Ttd of directors - v - 1 feb 10 Ira , JOHN LOW, Cashiefc - NOTICE. (tiT" Allperioos having claims iuraintl thett - tate nf Capt. William Tavlor.derenstld are de sired lo present .theui to tha juhitcriber for tot - lieiuenf, and those indebted to said estote are rei quetted to make payment Wilhdut delay. ' JAPltM Ivi'liUlUk., ,. - . feh 12 1m Arlruioistrator. ' NOTICE. ff7 The copnrtoerBlup here - toforerxistir be (ween the subscriber!, under the firm of.N. S. Davies ic Co. it this day dissorvtd by mutual coo. tent. . .The deM - due and claim against auk, firm will be ict tied by N. S. Daiirt.. - . ;..: : ji A.' W. TKAPP.4N, The business will in future be - t - ondurled . by N. Smith Davies. under the firm of N. Smith Da.. viea M - Cu.1 - " - - r ieb74 . . ' DockJi&.fiLlPA ' ' '. Sealed proposals will ba reoeired at tire Comptroller's Oflioe, Cily Hall, till Monday tlie 9th of March, at ft o'clock, ibr renting the public IXicks and Slip for one year from the - st May nckt, acrreeablv to the new rates of. wliurfage established by the Commori CourieU on the, 16th intt. the particulars of wblclt sua ' be teen at the Comptroller UlScc. . leb 19 - - .. .. . N011CE - t 4ji CO" The tubscribers having rereirexl a gene - , ralasiienmrnt of all Ihe estate of John Muitav k Soot, for Urn tienetit of creditor! as xprrsrcH io Ue assienmeut, have authorised Peter Lud. low to liquidate the uuscttkd accounls aad to receive Davment 01' ali debts due to the said firm. or lo Ihe individual partners who will ulleadtoj the same at iiit ouice, ao. ill I'earl - sireet. t WILLIAM BAt AUD. fob 54 tf HENRV BARCLAY. - ' BUSBY'S rATzat AvtcABLB aarr BOATa, ab ' iluatiss nut aiu. , , , , THENavisable Baft - Boat it thapad like tba common home - boat ; is formed of a' casine of squared pine timber, pUcbed aad filled ipaonJ with round logs, urn - tripped of bark I the whole fixed together with five - oak pins, aud iron tolU at the angle. It is propelled by a water wbeeL. with Vfrighf iucktli. operating vttfan m fMltcr ractuny, as In mills. 1 be cost it one lourfh of that 01" ordinary horse - boats, including all the machinery.. 'J here is a great surface ol, deck which may be covered with frame work, to it. ceive passengers aad freight J and only half the, number of horses utedeii board boat l. eqnst dimensions, are necessary to carry this rarudljr through'! water. ' Tlie Navigable Raft - Boat is InMa&UaeoosJy trao - formed into a powerfull tide aiils, by cattt ing anchor, and afExing a moveable bopper - laouth or flare, to eaufiend of tne mrvway, aadj may be profitae - ly entfoyed ia tiial capac(tyt when not in use ut a conveyance. Pcrsnot dasireus of .ndoplias His itiveatsoti, wcwL is pecuh a rly CUedtoaU toeAojfricaa waters, are inviled to vewamodei, atlbe olticy of A. BUSBT, - Architect and Mtmect, 2 Lawr - BoiiiJingt.NaMaara4reetvKew'orK. v: "... .P. S. A Navigable Rail - Boat w.iy b Complete in a month, fnc'ailihi; u3 (he iuil.inry, (CT The editor of the Botteo fallednsui. Albany Argm, Pliildfiphia 1'rnrmaa'l Journal aa! tlemorratic I'rtts. liaJlimore Gftietlr. O.ttrlot. toe Courier,., aad Ricbjaoett jLaqaiter, re - 004 nquIreJ, it is rrQuetled . no aoplxations urny be Uieitcd fo i. - ncrt fhe above twice a .week for i thiule n!ei t ichcpJi be produced. Acply at JojftDtb.'arKrnv.'frd tl siraccor.Ub theadve are - J ill - . it; if . i - '.. l : 'i i t ; lip J: 1 1 t ii

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