The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 7, 1931 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1931
Page 15
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 7 1931 DR.C.E.DAKIN DESCRIBES UNIT - i * Comity Has Little Organization Outside Mason City, Director Says. Cerro Gordo county outside of Mason City las little organization lor health work, declared Dr. C. E. Dakin, health director, who described the organization of health work in Mississippi where the appropriation for health ' work has risen from $1.750.' to ?50d,000 in the past 20 : years. Every county in Mississippi has a. health unit in charge of a. trained man, Dr. Dakin said. -The subject'of protection of the public health has received increasing attention over a. period of years," says the Iowa state department of health. . "Each township, ^ town or city now has an official body charged with protection of the public health and in ahnoat al! communities there are non-official agencies engaged with various objectives and wprking-independently of the official agency. All of these bodies are earnest in their,endeavors, but there is a lack'of co-ordination and co-operation. There is overlapping of endeavor and a needless waste of energy and money. To be really efficient work done for the'protec- tion of the public health should he directed and supervised by a physician who has. had special training in' public health and -who. devotes ills entire^ time to public health work. Few cities and towns in Iowa can afford to employ a'health officer^ on a full time basis. The smallest unit which can employ such an officer is the county, health unit headed by A county an experienced county health officer can b( operated with the expenditure of little or no more money than is being spent at the present time by many different agencies. Under uni lied ·. control the same expenditure of time, money and effort can produce far greater .'results. Al branches' of public health .work, the control; of communicable disease measures for the prevention of disease, community sanitation, infant and maternity hygiene,'school inspection, etc., can bo performed on a. county-wide basis by a county health unit. In addition the practicing physician has the benefit oi advice and 'consultation of the health officer. ;' "The state Department of 1 health, recognizing its obligation to protect the health of the people of Iowa, feels .that it can do so in no better way than by aiding technically and financially in organizing and main- taming, such units ih every county in Iowa. ·"Local communities interested in th'e formation' of .county health units should address the state department of health and ask for further information." MissoiiriU Entertains Track Men in Big Six Annual Championships COLUMBIA, Mo., -March 7. The' cream of the Big Six conference track and field performers gathered here today for the tenth annual Big Six conference ctiam- pipnships. A total of 160 athletes ·were- entered from Nebraska, Iowa State, Kan sasj Oklahoma, Kansas State and Missouri. ". Putnam of 'Iowa State, miler and 2 '·· miler extraordinary; Dawson OJdahoma distance runner; Hugl Rhea, ' Nebraska weight man, 'and Hager, Iowa State hurdler, are po tential re co rd smashers. " / MAD LAUGHTER A Thrilling Mystery (5tory ..By MILES BURTON LIVESTOCK PRICES SHOW GAIN FOR WEEK (Con tinned From Coml* with everything I possess," replied Mr. Ibbotson decisively. ' "Now, sir, to turn to another matter," continued Pollard. "Burke informs me that you had a telephone call just before you left yesterday. Would you mind telling me the na"ture : of it?" "Certainly. One of iny solicitor's clerks rang up and stold · me that some flaw was suspected in the title of some property which I am purchasing. The purchase' was to be completed today "and the matter was therefore rather urgent. He wished ,to know if I could go round to the'office. at ten this morning I told him that I was bound to take my wife down to Surrey, but if the matter was really urgent, I would return here that night. He replied that if his suspicions of «-flaw were confirmed he would telephone me at my son's house yesterday even- tag. If he did not telephone, I might take it that everything was correct. Since he did not telephone, I did not trouble to come back." "Were you acquainted with Use clerk's voice, Mr. Ibbotson?" inquired pollard. . "No,' I can't; say tha^ I was. I usually deal with my solicitor himself." , ' . . . "Would you mind ringing up your solicitor, and asking him if such a message was ever sent?" . ; Mr. Ibbotson agreed and left the room. His place was taken by the marc from the sale manufacturers, who, after a brief inspection, declared that the safe had been opened by a perfectly-fitting key. Mr. Ibbotson then returned, with s tha news that his solicitor denied all knowledge of the message. At this Pollard took his leave, after assuring Mr. Ibbotson that no pains would be spared to trace tne rubies. He then called a taxi and 'went off with the tin. box containing the door-handle under his arm. The case was clear enough. Mr. Ib- hotson's keys had been taken from his pocket at the Brps_ and retained long enough .for an impression in wax to be made of them. From this impression, duplicate keys had been made. The thief had telephoned in the name of the solicitor's clerk and had left- a message which would ensure that the front door should not be bolted, in case of Mr. Ibbotson's return .Then, armed with the duplicate keys, he had walked into the house, under the constable's very eyes and opened'the safe. The question was, who was the thief? Pollard lay back in the corner of the taxi. "I've got him this time! be muttered, in a tone of intense "" (TO BE CONTINUED) ALL BUT CATTLE END ON UPGRADE Hogs Advance 25-20c During Week; Cattle Lose in Last Two Days. CHICAGO, March 7. tffO--All live- this week at higher were prevailing' last TOURNEY RESULTS Substitution*: GENEVA-- 25 Towte, t ----- .. Knoll, I Jones* * AllUan. · ThonW, X 1'age, B Thomas, E Hunchback, K for Allison. FG FT . i . . . 8 1 .... .0 0 PF . 1 * 0 4 1 1 1 t stock closed prices than week-end and all but cattle"closed on the' upgrade. Hogs advanced 25 to 30 cents for )he wefek largely as a result of a last minute rush yesterday, ' while fat lamb's increased their value as much as 50 cents in some instances. · The past two days have cost the cattle .market much of its early gains ,ahd leave prices only steady to 25 cents higher for good to choice steers and fat cows. Spots that showed more Improvement were in yearling heifers and common-'to medium grade steers, which came back to a plane more nearly corn- arable to the rest cf the trade, by dvances of 25 to 50 cents. Ship"- ing demand fell away to nothing i the last few days of the week, at IB same time, that receipts were ho wing a bulge, and the salutary ffacts of higher prices and better ctibn in the dressed beef : trade rere nearly nullified. VealersTirop- ed to the lowest levels in 20 years, 1 to $1.50 under last Saturday. There were scarcely enough hogs n sale today to make a market, jut the 3,000 offered found a fairty outlet, and sold stronger than the, best time yesterday. Odd lots if 180 to 210 Ib. lights sold at $7.60 o $7.65. Packers had 8,000 directs iut of the run of 9.000 and the .bulk if the trade was in the, 2.000 hold- ivers. The top today at $7.65 com- jares favorably with 57.35 last Saturday. Heavy and medium weight logs have shown tbfle most improvement; because most of them were of he well finished order, while under weight limits and pigs were handi- anned by rough skins and general ack of finish. Inbetween grade" fat lambs and leavyweights from Colorado' showed he way to the relt of the lamb market this week, .and sold nearly is high as lights under 90 Ibs. With he excention of Tuesday, when the un of 22,000 arrived, have ontinually shown more strength last week. The closing price ange for the bulk' of lambs was rom $8.50 to-$8.85, with numerous lads at $9.00. Receipts for the ·eek were 7,000 smaller than last reek, and the dressed market' ho'wed some life, so that the out- ook for next week was favorable to :eady prices,' Sf the.western lambs otild be held dow.i to nominal num- ers. i; cutters 25c; up; Dulls steady; 'stockers 5o higher; vealers $1 lower; week's prices, p heavies Slp.50; new peak for year; nu- erous. loads medium and heapy weights, 8.75@9.75; bulk all -weights SB.5068.50; eef cows $3.7£®4.75; ' fed Hon^ahas to i.50; butcher heifers S3.25@6:25; yearlings i $8; cutler? $2.50®3.50; bulls $3.6083.75; icders and stockers mostly $506.25; calves 0; vealers at close, good grades $5.50; choice kinds $7.50; few $8; Uirowouts $3.50 j4; new low since April, 1923. HOGS 500; fairly acUve; steady to strong with Friday; better grade 160-200 Ib. aver- 570»7.25; desirable 230-290 Ib. weights 1.75(97; heavier butchers lirsely 56.60® 75; sows 55.50S5.75; pies and Irght lights mostly $7.25; average t:ost Friday J6.S8, /eight 236. · . . - ' · , SHEEP 100; compared week ago: Slaugher Iambs strong to 25c higher; ewes strong i 25c higher; feeding'lambs about steady; IP lambs for week $8.50; bulk $7.75JP8.5u; at ewes $3@4.50; top $4.75; bulk feeding ibs $8®7.50. , . · · · · ' SnbstttuliunBr'Jono! for Knoll, Thomas for AlllHHM, Hunchback for Thomas. ROCK FALLS--!* ' Wceener, 1 Napoletenop rerrette, e . Benlceart, K Christiansen, FT 0 3 0 1 0 Math Brothers Lead ·· St. Ambrose to Win , pAVENPORT, March 7. UP)--St. Ambrose, chiefly thru the efforts of the Math brothers, Bub and Hlc, walloped Penn college"31 to 26 last night, concluding Penh's basketball season without an Iowa conference victory. · Ban Johnson Shows No v : Signs of Improvement :ST. LOUIS,;;March.7. W)--Ban Johnson, former president of the American league who'is critically ill at a hospital here, showed no improvement today. It wus said at the hospital last night that his death was a qu'estioii of hours and that the tinusual strenugth of his heart was keeping him alive. Teacher 66 Years Dies. CEDAR RAPIDS, March 7. UP)-Miss Emma Fordyce, 74, who taught in the public schools here for 50 years, died last night from a heart attack. · LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS loc listed or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock -Exchango- Investmcnt Department FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mason City Total, % '..10 t '1 Subulltnllons: H»n««i far Napolelcno, Church for Perrellc.' Referee: EUUncB. UmplteT lada. ! AT ONAWA Clous A (First Bound) Baltlo Creek Z4i Mapltlon 16. . Clus B , (Rrsf Round) Whiting 28; irolly Sprlngn 19. ' AT PLOVER Class A Si-mI(lnal Bound) Alenna 16; Ijiurcnil 13. Rolfo 27} Plover 25. . Claaa B . . (First Bound) Webb 26; HavelocU 23. · (Second Bonnd) Mallard 33! Albert City 0. Marathon 33; Rodman 27. DCS Molnes township 30; Seneca 28. Webb. 34: Ware 28. AT CHKHOKEB Clans A (First Bound) Alia 33} Storm Lake 0. (Seminnal Kovmil) Cherokco 27; Sntherlanfl 13. Clnafl B (Flrsf Round) Clesboni 37; Pelenion 18. ' b'alrvlew 18; Qulmby 10. Grand Meadow 34; IZembranor !»· Siooi BapHa 43; Hlshvlew n. Larlbee 22} Wasbta 21. (Second Bound) I4nn Orove 24} Marcos 23. Cleghnrn 30; Meriden 20. Orand Meadow 40; Falr\1ew 13. LarrulKC 28; Sloni Baplds IB. AT SPIRIT LAKE Class A (First Round) Spencer SI; EsthervlHe 10. CUMS H (First Ronnd) Carroll 23; I*ke Township 14. (Second Round) · Arnolds Parlt.29; Ocheyedan 10. Dickens 18; Rlngftted 14. Exeehlor 29; Greenville 13. TcrrlU 28; Harris 13. Parsons Rallies to Down '. Washington Junior 32-26 WASHINGTON, Iowa, March ~ tm--The'Washington junior colleg basketball team led the Parson college five for about three-fourth of the · cpntest last night, only lose 32 to 26 when a Wildcat rail brot victory! It was the first defea of the season for the Cardinals. Bonds Unlisted Stocks Real Estate Bonds BOUGHT SOLD Subject to Conformation QUOTED 439 M. B. A. BLDG, PHONE 2220 DOBRY SECURITIES CO. Local Hogs MASON CITY, March 7. -- Best orted' lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., $6.80; eat medium weight butchers, 240 o 260 Ibs., $6.60; best heavy butch- TS, 270 to 300 Iba., ?6.40; best iriine heavy butchers, 310 to 35C bs., $6.20.; liest packing sows, 300 o 330 Ibs., $5.50; "best heavy sows 360 to 400 Ibs., $5.30. IJVESTOCK CHICAGO. March T. OPI--U. S. depart ment of agriculture. CATTLE 100; compared to week ago good and choice fed steers and yearling jtcady to 25c higher; common and medium ·rades 25@50c up; early, advances on bctle ;rades mostly lost; fat cows steady to. 25 ilgher with the close dull; cutters weak an butcher heifers about 25C higher; all year ling heifers being, about 50c higher; how ever. Instances more; hulls 10@15c higher but vealers $l51.5p lower; selling lowes 20 years; not many ,steers"In week's ru above. $10 or below $7; shipper deman ,pscd after sharp advance- when fees heavies and long yearlings topped at $11.25 bulk better grade heavies $D.75®10.50; bul all steers $7.2539.75; average price steer this week standing about 50c over a wee ago; replacement cattle closed 25£j/40c highc at $6.25®7.25 mostly. ' )· SHEEP 4,000; 2,065 direct; for. week 14 doubles from feeding stations, 15,500 direct today's market nominal; compared week ag fat lambs steady to fiOc higher; advanc mostly o n - I n b e t w e e n grades; particularl heavies; choice yearlings 25c higher; . fa ewes and feeding lambs about steady week's early top $9.25; closing bulk good an choice lambs 06 Ibs. down 58.50458.85; sev prat loads $9; heavier weights $8.25C?8.30 clipped lambs $7.75®8.25; native woole bucks $7@8; throwbuta $6.50@7.50; fa ewes 54@4.75; few $5; feeding and sbearin lambs thruouL week $7.75@S.50. *v HOGS 9,000; 8,000 direct; supply too lim Ued to make a market; scattered B itrong with Friday's best price; good choice 170-220 Ibs. $7.60®7.65; top $7.65 240-250 Ibs. $7.45; good 160 Ibs. $7.50; com pared week ago heavies 25-40C higher; Ugh weights 15-25C higher: shippers took 500 ,tlmated holdovens 1,000; light lights EOO and choice 140-160 Ibs. $7.35®7.60; llR weights 180-200 · Ibs. $7.50@7.65; medlui weights 200-250 Ibs. $7.30®7.65; ' heav weights 250-350 Ibs. $6.85{j7.45; packin sows medium and good 275-300 Ibs. $8® a.50: pigs good and choice 100-130 Ibs. $6. ®7.35. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS' CITY, March 7. UPt-- U. S. de- ariment o f agriculture--' * · ' , · - . HO OS 800; 45 direct; only one carlot and a ew drtveins on sale; a few sales strong with Friday's best prices; practical top 7.25; part load to traders $7.35; most ISO- CO Ibs. $7®7.25J . . - - . · CATTLE 350; calves 50; for the week: Fed .steers, yearlings and fat s*ie stock 5c higher; steers mostly 50-75c higher; low- r grade cows steady to 25c higher; bulls teady; vealers $1 lower; stackers and feed- rs 25-50C higher; week's tops: Choice 1,105 b. steers $10.35; choice heavy steers $10.25; everal loads steers $9.10iQ10; bulk at $70 fed heifers $G.50®7.75; practical top Dealers o n t h e close $7; bulk stockers and eeders SG.25S6. , . · . SHEEP--None: for the week: Lambs teady to weak; sheep 15-25c lower; feed- ng .lambs.steady 'to strong; top fed Iambs shippers $850; to packers $8.35; closing op $8.20; closing lulk desirable weight K-ooled lambs $8@8.10; shorn lambs $7.500 .75; top ewes $4.50; bulk $3.65©4.25; feert- ng lambs mostly $7@7.35; fleshy shearing ambs up to $7.75. f ' CORN LEADS IN GRAIN ADVANCE Markets Close at About Top Level Reached During Session. CHICAGO, March 7. WP--Led by corn, all grains advance* in price today and closed at about the top level reached. Reports of huge snowdrifts, impending · traffic were largely ^responsible, as implying serious delay to corn movement. Notes TICKER TAPE An Increased tonnage of structural material placed with the steel Industry and the joutlock for a good season lor building were Ihe outstanding prospects for better business noted by Brads treet's weekly review of Chicago trade, / · Dry goods and wholesale mercantile lines showed a falling oft of buying because or the inability of distributors In the Interior to dispose of'thfilr stocks as readily as expected, It was stated. February aalea showed moderate reductions in units, with prices materially lower than last year. The retail trade, stimulated by bargain'sales, has been Australia reduction aa- of SI6UX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, March 7. I/PI--U. S. depart- m e n t of agriculture-- · CATTLE 100; for the week: Beef steers and yearlings 50C-S1 higher; she stock roost- y 50c up; heifers show more upturn; bulls advance 25-50c; · stockers and feeders ful^y 25c higher; choice heavy beeves $10.25;'few oads $Q®9.85; bulk 57®8.50; loud lot heifers up to $S; bulk cows $4®5.25; late bulk sausage bulls S3.50®4; choice 494 Ib. stock Btc'er calves S9.25; scattering -sales stockers and feeders $7.75 down. HOGS 2,500; active, strong to lOc higher; bulk 180-240 Ib. butchers $7@7.15; top $7.25; 250-350 Ib. weights 5B.85@7; packing sows largely S6t£6.35. * SIIEEP 500; today's trade steady; odd lots .at wooled, lambs 58®8-25; for the week: Fat lambs steady .to lOc lower; aged sheep and feeders scarce, unchanged; late bulk fed wpolcd lambs S8.10(58.25; -week's top 8.50; weighty lambs down to 1ST.75; clipped ambs ST.S5; fat' ewes $4®4.50; feeding- ambs ST.25@7.70. , . ay . Franc! and viaed .;of v :'itbbable wheat 'acreag'e. Cora-closed firm, HSHkc higher; .wheat a shade to %6 up, oats'H®^ advanced, and provisions showing 5 to 20 cents gain. Reports of trains stalled by snow gave emphasis .to curtailment of receipts of -corn. Primary arrivals of com were 778,000 bushels compared with '350,000 on the correspond-* ing day last week and 1,232,000 a year back. Some falling off - I n the volume of domestic marketing of wheat was also apparent, primary receipts, totaling but l.OSO.QQO bushels against 1,575.000 a week ago. For the Orat time In. a long while, Winnipeg had smaller wheat receipts, 214 cara compared with 467 a week previous and 281 on the corresponding day ot"lS3Q. Outs bar* rowed firmness from -wheat -and rye, . Packers* buying imparted strength to provisions. *"" · . · · ' ·; ; Dealers retried rural offerings of corn light, with other markets relatively a cent a bushel over Chicago. Most proffers of corn to arrive here were at prices above the market. Absence of any important" pressure to sell was. evident In .the future deliveries pit. . IJVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, March, 7. OT*1--Unofficial estimated receipts for Monday: Hogs 53,000; .ttle .15,000; sheep 18,000; hogs for all next week 145,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, March, 7. (.'Pi--Representative ales as selected by the U. B.- department" f agriculture-- HOGS. :eavy-- i Light 234 262 ledlums-- 8 217 211 203 7.45 7.85 7.6S (U 82 14 18 196 187 172 162 7.65 7.65 . 7.60 7.50 Hog Markets By TIIB ASSOCIATED JPRESS' Kog prices at Iowa markets Saturday: CEDAB RAPIDS -- Prime hogs: Mediums 8.45®6.70; heavies $6.05@6.45; lights $6.6!) @ 6. 8 5;. packers 55.50®5.85. DES 1MOINES -- 1,800; steady; prime lighta ;6.50@6.S5; prime mediums $6.3500.75: irime. heavies $506.50; good packers 55.23 . . oYrUMWA-- 10c higher; 120-150 Ibs. $4.90; 150-180 IDs. $6.50; 150-230 lbs.'56.S5; 230-260 Ibs. $6.65; 260-300 Ibs. 56.35; 300350 Ibs. $0.05; over 350 Ibs. $5.75; good packers $5.55; fair packers $4.55. WATERLOO-- Prime hogs 180-220 Ibs. 6 50@G.SO; 220-250 Ib3. S6.'40@6.70; 250 r 290 Ibs. S6.ZO©6.50; 200-320 Ibs. $6.05@ 6.35; good packers $5.30g'5.65. COMBINED HOO RECEIPTS. DES MOINES. March 7. W) -- U. S. department , of agriculture -Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located in Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today wen. 14,200 compared with 20,300 a week' »EU mostly strong to lOc higher; marketing un usually light due partly to heavy snow . in southern Iowa; bulk of 170-240 1S5. $6.65® 7j a few 180-210 Ib. weights up to $7.10 250-300 Ib. averages mostly $6.4086-60 choice 250 Ibs. up to $6.85. Quotations for good and choice: 1.1 sh lights 140-100 Ibs. $6.35®7; light weights 160-180 Ibs. $6.80(0)7.10; 180-200 Ibs. $6.0 ISJ7.10; medium weights 200-220 Ibs. $6.651 7 10- 220-250 Ibs. $6.60@7.05; . heavy weights 250-290 Ibs. $6.35® S.90; 290-3,'rO Ibs. S6.10((P6.70; ptgs 100-130 Ibs. blank. Good packing sows 275-350 Ibs. $5.50B8; 350-125 Ibs. 55.35S5.75; 425-550 Ibs. $5.10 ®5.40. ~ HOG FUTURES / CHICAGO. March 7. (.IT-- Hog futures: LIGHTS-- Offered Mar ................... 8.25 April ................ .8.50 Hay ...... ........ ....8.7r, Sept .................. 0-50 MEDIUMS-Mar .................. 8.50 April ................. 8.00 May ....... '.... ...... 8.50 . Sept ................. 9-50 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, March 7. Un--Wheat-- No. 2 hard 79c; No, : 1 northern spring 79e. Corn--No. 4 mixed 58358^c; No. 5 mixed 561i@57c; No. 2 yellow 62K@»ic; No. 3 yeliow SQ^ffieilAc; No. 4 yellow 58©59c; No. 5 yellow Sfiic; No. 3 white 6051C; No. white 58©59cV Oats--No. 3 white 31c; No. 4 white 2054C. Timothy seed $8.75@9.8Q. Clover seed $13@20.75. Ijird $9; ribs $11.50: bellies $11.50. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 7.-Barley .32c Oats ...' 22c .helled corn, No. 4 43c lar corn 40c GrainFutures SATDBDAY GKAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, March 7. .H1--Closing ( CORN-Mar. old.... new. . . May old.... new. . . uly ....... ept ........ VHBAT-- lar. old.... new. .. old.... new. . : uly ....... ept. May High .63 .6354 .05 U . -79V4 .8174 .83 ii .64% .64 ',4 Low .62',i .02=1 .64 » .65»i .66-1; .60% .7914 .79 Vi .81% .82% .63*, .63 (i .63 .83% .65 .66. -67V, .79 '/i .81*4 .S3 .61 ',4 .61 May May Mar. old . . . . new. . . old. . . . new. .. July ....... BYE-- old. . . . old new. .. July ....... LAnD-- Mar. ....... May . . ..... July ....... BELLIES -May ....... July ......; .30 Vi .30% .321/, .32% .32% .29% .29 % -32W, .40'.i 9.00 9.15 . 5.30 .30 U .32% 9.00 9.12 9.30 11.70 11.75 large in units, more ' restricted at lower profits. price's and with ABANDON LONG SOUGHT MERGER Radio Corporation of America and International .Telephone and Telegraph Corpbr- .ation, still lacking approval of congress for their projected consolidation nearlytwo yeara after an .agreement was reached In Paris to merge the world wld3 . communication circuits of the two companies, have abandoned the plan of UDlon, it tvas announced oy Gen. James G. Harbord, chairman of the board of directors for Radio, and SosUienes Behni chairman of International Telephone and Telegraph, * ' The decision,to scrap the proposed merger, which would havfi created an American communication system rivaling, the important British International telegraph, cahie and wireless combine. - was necessitated, It was stated i n ' t h e brief announcement, "by the fact that, despite the Increasing Influence of communications mergers In foreign countries and the obvious advantage to American communications Interests from consolidation of their services, no legislative action has been lafccn to eliminate these handicaps or to facilitate the consolidation." MARKET OPINION OIANGES WITH TAPE · .Not in a long lime has stock market .bpfnlon changed so often as at present. Sentiment among the experts seems to change w)Ui tie tape, especially as regards the Im- imedlate trend.' If the market is going ,,up they are bullish and vice, versa. It Is any one's guess as to what the market In the Immediate future, In the opinion of; a prominent Chicago operator, who Is- known to be optimistic over, the long range prospects. He said it must be'Temembered, bow ever, thatvconsiderable unfavorable news al ready has been discounted by the decline In the market during the last year and a half "The short Interest In the stock market Is the largest on . record at the present time and the trade Is about 75 per cent pro. fesslonal," he said. As a bull point, he re ferred to the.large volume of Idle cash, in the banks. He believes a great part of this will ultimately find its way into the stock market and that the relatively high dividend ·yields will be lowered as a result, as they have in times like this in the past. Grain prices will bear watching. ID his opinion, as they will have an Important effect on the general business trend. RATIO OK I.OANS I.OWEST OX RECORD Reflecting the large amount of stock taken out of the market and the substantial shrink age in loans to brokers on stock exchange collateral, , the New York Stock Exchange announces that the ratio of loans to Ustet stocks Is the lowest" on, record. Total bor rowings by members of the exchange againsl stock collateral amounted to 3.22 per ceni of the market value ot all shares listed or the exchange March 1, as compared with 3.30 on Feb. 1. March 1 last year the ratio stood at 5.89. The market value of all shares listed on the exchange on March 1 totaled J57.054,766.481 as against 552.061-.865.709 on Feb. 1, an Increase of 54,992.809,771. During February the borrowings of members increased 5119,410,740 to 51,839,750,0.13 at the end of the month. There were 1.330 stock Issues aggregating 1,297,870,293 shares listed on the exchange on March 1 as against 1,302 Issues aggregating 1,298,707,031 shares or Feb. 1. The average market value of al listed shares was $43.96 on March 1 as against 540.09 a share on Feb. 1. LAMSONMOTHERS GRAIN LETTER May HEA.V1ES-- Mar May ... Bid 7.SO 8.on 8.2S 8.50 7.25 7.25 8.00 8.50 7.25 7.75 CORN-Mar. old -new... May old n e w . . . July '. Sept. ... WHEAT-Mar. old.... new... old.... nev.-... July Sept OATS-Mar. o l d . . . . new... May. old.... new... July Sept RYE-Mar. old... new.. May old new.. July , Sept LARD-Mar May July BEL.I4ES-- May , July CHAIN OPEN CHICAGO, March 7. UP)-Close Close Ouen Yrv ABO. Yes'd'y.. Today. . .78% .82% , .85 .8611 1.1214 ! 1.00% .42 V4 .4354 MISCELLANEOUS OMAHA. LIVESTOCK : OMAHA. Itarch 7. Wl-^JnlU'i States d partment of agriculture-HOGS e.000; 200 direct; fairly actlv steady to 10'c higher; top S7.30 on 200-2 Ib butchers; 170-230 Ib5. $7.15®7.25; 23 300 Ib. butchers yr.00@7.15; 300-350 Ib *8.00«i7.00; packing sows $6.10®6.2 smooth llffht sows up to 56.35; average co Friday 58.05, weight 250. . · OATTI.E 100; compared to week ago: Slaughter steers and she stack 25^f50c higher; cutter grades and bulls strong; vealers SI lower; stockerg and feeders 25@50c higher; bulks for the week: Fed steers and yearlings 57.00@9.QO; several loads all weights 59.25®10.00: weighty steers 1,'405 Ibs. 310.25; 1,310 Ib. weights $10.50; heifers 56.00 57.50: b e e r , cows S4.00«5.25; choice lots S5.50tfl8,50;' cutter grades S3.00®3.75; medium bulls {3.5004.00; practical veal top 47.00; stocker and feeder steers S6.75tfl7.SO; few loads S7.75O8.35. SHEEP 50; compared with a -week ago: Fed wooled lambs 103P15C higher; Bhecp' 2Sc lower; feeders weak; closing bulks follow: Fed wooled lambs 00-107 Ibs. S7.75®8.25; top 5S.40: good and choice slaughter ewes good and choice feeding lambs POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, March 7. /PJ--United States department of agriculture-Potatoes 64; on track 176; total TJ. S. shipment* 801; steady, / trading only fair; sacked per cwt, Wisconsin round whites SI .25® 1.40; few lower; Minnesota round whites S1.20{pl.25; Idaho russets No. 1, 51.5Q®1.55; fancy higher; No. 2 mostly around $1.25. SOUTH ST. FAUB LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, March 7. UIT-- U. S. department of agriculture--L . CATTI.K ISO; compared week ago: Steers And yearlings 25c higher qfler losing some of early advances; she Block, 25c spots 50c FLOUB MINNEAPOLIS, llarch 7. l!PI--Fiour-- Unchanged io 5c lower; "In carload lota family patents quoted 55.10(^5.15 a barrel in OS Ih. cotton sacks. Shipments 37,846; bran il6.0016.60; standard middlings S15.50® 16.00. CHICAGO, unchanged. JIIAY MARKET. itarcn 7. an--Hay 13 cars; NEW YORK SUOAH. NEW YORK. March 7.' im-- Haw sugar quiet at 3.20c spot^ duty paid. Raw futures closed net unchanged to 1 point lower. Approximate sales 7,050 tons. . Refined unchanged at 4.40c. Valley Association Men Discuss Proposed Bonds CHICAGO, March 7. (W--Officers and directors of the Mississippi Valley association met in Chicago today to discuss the proposed $500,000,000' bond issue to insure the early, completion of inland waterway and harbor improvements. . .ltf . .10.62 ..10.85 ..13.32 ..13.60 .6211 -62-Vt .64% .65% .7914 .79 « .81% .82% .63?fi .63 Vi .20% .32 'A .32 'A .32ft .32 Vi .37 U .37 VI .40 Vi .41-. 8.8S S.07 0.15 11.50 11.65 .62% .04% .88 .66% .60% .1911 ~ .63 VI .6311 .28% .29% .32% .32% .32% .418 S.'JT] 0.10 0.25 11.70 11.10 CHAIN MARKET BE VIEW. CHICAGO. March 7.-_WHEAT--Strength at Winnipeg offset the ibearish effect of the worst general snow 'storm over the middle west of the season There were reports of. around a million Man itobos late yesterday and last night. Liver pool was lower on reduction of Manitoba and plate shippers offers, despite that mos foreign news was bullish. Broomhall's Aua tmllon .agent looks for material reduction In acreage In that country due to unfavorabli prices. France complained of unfavorabi weather with considerable abandonment in acreage quite likely. Tho entire wheat be! Is assured of ample moisture for som time. The action of corn will probably -hav something to do with the trend of whea Monday. COHN--Corn was strong all day. Country' offerings were very small and In view of the prevailing storm the movement to market Is -expected to he materially curtailed for several days. Traders were not willing to remain short of corn over the week-end when the situation was considered which accounted for the strong close. Bookings to arrive were only 14.000. It Is the expectation that more com will come to Chicago next week for delivery on March contracts. The latter future has been gaining on the May recently. Unless there Is a general change over the week-end In condition surrounding the market, we expect higher prices Monday. Liverpool due %c hjgber. STOCKS ADVANCE IN BRISK CLOSE Market Reflects Little Save Churning of Professional Traders. NEW YORK, .March 7. UP)--The stock market ended a week of sharp declines today with a brisk upturn, and. bears took their profits and 3Ulls generated a fresh current of enthusiasm in the electric power issues: o The market again reflected little save the,churning about of prices ay professional traders. The weekend brot a distinctly encouraging new item, however, reporting that steel mill activity-in the Youngstown-area next week will be back to 50 per cent of capacity. Stocks' Close. Higher. Stocks closed 1 to more than points higher. , The persistent bullish activity in . the utility shares this week, even in the face of unfavorable market j conditions, apparently reflects de-' termination on the part of r utility interests to make hay while the sun shines. · . ' United Corp., was pushed up 2 points in heavy trading. American Water Works, Public Service of N. J., Standard Gas ' made similar gains, and International Telephone and American and foreign power were sent up 3 points. Several issues, including Consolidated Gas and Electric Power and Light, gained a point or more. Keith Up Two. Radio Keith rose 2 points, in response to its 1930 report, showing' net income more than twice that of 1929. J. I. Case, despite the agricultural situation, was able/ to show $9.62 a share, and the stock rose 2 points. -Trading was in large volume in the last half hour, as repurchasing by shorts became rather urgent. Transactions for the two-hour session aggregated 1,600,000 shares. High flyers were Atchiaon and Allied Chemical, up about 6 points. Miscellaneous shares up 2 to 3 or more included U. S. Steel.'American Can, Johns Manville, New York Central, Electric Autolite, Eastman and New York Central. Duppnt gained 4. Others Carried. The amusement shares were pulled up by Radio Keith. Columbia' Graphophone rose to a new high for the year, and Radio Corp., Fox, Warner Bros., and Loews gained a point or more. v_ . · Chrysler was a firm feature of the motors,- selling up :svpoint to alnejy high for 1931. ; . r The market was able to ignore further reductions 'in crude oil and gasoline prices, and a little shading of copper metal prices, apparently by speculative interests. Coppers and oils, however, were sluggish. STOCK LIST Air Reduc Allegheny 10 £ Al Ch Dye 161W, Allls Chal Mfg 37% Am Can 123 Y» Am Coml Al 11*8 ·Am For Pow 48 Am Int 2iiy A Am Loco 28 Am Pow L 61 Am Had St San 19% Am RQII arm 29 NEW. YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, March ?. Final Quotations. lOVt Kresge . Kroger * Llgg My B Loews Loose Wiles Ixjiillard 27 30% 80 "4 59 52 16 U Louis G G A 33'.i Am Bm Hef Am Steel Fdrs Am Sug Ref A T T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Atchlson Atl Ret Auburn Aviation Corp B O Barhsdal A Bendix Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn Brtggs Burr Add Cal i Hccla Can Dry Can Fac Cose Cerro de Pasco cues O Chic Gt W Chic Gt W pf C 4 N W C H I P ' Chrysler Coca Cola Col P 1 ColJG S Col Graph « Coml Solv Corawlth So Congoleum Consol Gas Cont Can Cont Ins Cont Mot Com Prod Curtiss Wr Drug Inc Du Pont Eastman El Pow Si L, Erie Fisk Fox Film A Freeport Tex Gen El Gen Fooda Gen Motors Gen Pub Ser Gillette Gobel ' Gold Dust j Goodrich oodytar rah Paige ranby nsull Ut Inv :ell Switch Ibby McNeil Majestic H'hold Curb Market KANSAS C1TV CHAIN" KANSAS CITY, March 7. (JT -- Wheat 181 cars; unchanged; No. 2 drk hard nominally tt©T2%c; No. 3 nominally 6814ff71c; No. 2 hard 70c; No. 3, 68W@60c; No. 2 red nominally 71 ^ @ 73c ; No. 2 nominally 70@ 72c. Corn 58 cars; up ^c; No. 2 white nonl- nally 57@5Sc; No. 3, 55®56c: No. 2 yellow nominally 57@5Sc; No. 3, 55®5614e; No. 2 mixed nominally 64@55c: No. 3, 53c. Oats 3 cars; unchanged; No. 2 white nominally 33@33%c; No. 3 nominally 32® 32','c. Rye 1 -- Nominally 42',6®43c. Barley-- Nominally MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, March 7. ljt-- Wheat 149 cars compared to 01 a year ago; unchanged; cash: No. 1 northern and No. X dark north* era 32, 13, 14 and 15 per cent pruteln T3 ] 4 ®77'4c; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent' protein . 72Uc; ' to arrive OBW@70\4c; No. i amber durum 701i®7314c; No. -j. amber durum 68'4@71Uc; No. 1 red durum 63%c; May 78Hc; July eSikc; September 63% c. · Corn -- No. 3 yellow 52®54c. Oats -- No. 3 white 27ViS27-5ic. Barley 30^53c. Hye-- No. 1, 33y 1 ©37 a ,ic. Flax-- No. 1, ?I.S3@1.58. OMAIIA GRAIN. OMAHA, March 1. ap\--Wheat--Dark hard No. 2, 6S«®70c; hard No. 2, 6B'Ac; No. 3, B7',Sc; durum No. 2, 66c; No. 3, 65c; No. 5, 62c; mixed smutty No. , 69c. Cora--White No. 3, Sic; No. 4. 52VSn; ^yellow No. 3, S3fi'53Mc; No. 4, 5l®5ly,c; mixed No. 4, 50c. Data--White No. 3, 29%c. STOCK M^\RKET BKVIEW. CHICAGO. March 7.-Alter selling around the opening,' stocks received good support and recovered ImpreS' slvely. All issues, with the exception of Warner Bros., closed higher. This stock was under influence nf unfavorable but unconfirmed reports. The selling ot.yesterday and this morning was regarded as mostly professional; and some of the shares sold yesterday were probably covered today. The week-end mercantile reviews were favorable and news today indicated increased operations In industry In the Youngstown district next week. A big demand was reported the loan crowd after the close, especially for Warner Bros. ^ Produce NEW V ORK, March 7. (/IT--Week- en 4 short covering which started as soon aa prices showed-resistance to further selllnK gave the curb market a boost today and net gains of a point or two were numerous* with the utilities prominent. The overnight accumulation of liquidating orders was probably smaller than_ had been expected and had' little effect on Initial prices, and the bulls easily regained control of the movement. Oils hardened. Aside Irani one point gains by Vacuum and Gulf there waa I Ittle in the group that stoa d out. Standard of Indiana firmed after making" new ,low for tho year. Power stocks up 1 to 2 points net Included Electric Bond and Share, Brazilian Traction. American and Foreign Power warrants, St Regis Paper, American Gas and ElecLrt* and United Light "A." Among the mSscel. laneoua Khares, there was considerable firru ness In Deere, Btutz. RubberolO, Ford Limit, ed anil Aviation corporation. Mead Johnaoi reacted more than two points hut reduced 1U toss. HazcHtne and Aluminum of America were slightly heavy. Bond Market MASON CITY, March 7.-Cash Quotations by E. G. olorse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) 15c I'OUl-TRV Stags 13c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs 14c Light hens lOe Old cocks, heavy 9c Ducks ,12c Geese 7c Merctmnta Quotations. Eggs', in trade ISc Eggs, cash ·- 16c Butter. Plymouth 35c Butter. Clear Lake 30c Butter, State Brand 34c Butter, dairy 27c Potatoes 35c and 40c a pecK CinOAGU I'RODIICB CHICAGO, March 7. tJPl--Poultry, alive. 1 truck, steady; fowls 17V£@20c; springs 26c; No. 2, 15e; nrollers 1«.S2 Ibs. 38c; roosters 15c; turkeys 25c; ducks 23c; geese 14c. Director to Be Named LAKE MILLS, March 7.--The annual election of school officers will be March 9 at the city hall. A director will be elected for three years to succeed Oscar Horvei. Mr. Horvei has annuonced that he will be a candidate for re-election. PRODUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, March 7. (/T)--EgB futures closed: Storage packed firsts, March 22Uc; April 23y,c; refrigerator standards, Nov. 26%c. Butter futures closed: Storage standards, March 25%c. Fresh standards, June SS'/lc; storage standards. Nov. 31c. America leads tho world In the matter of speed--except in ocean liners, locomotives, airplanes and things like that.--Cedar Rapids Gazette, NEW YORK, March 7. (/n--Quiet trad Ing In the hond market made LIUle Impres slon on, prices in the short session today. After a vigorous advance vhruout th week, foreign obligations were called upo' to absorb some selling'Whlch gave the grotl an Irregular appearance. German bonds Im proved with most of the narrow change on th'e upside. Utilities were steady to firm En slackened activity. A long list of additions and removals In the liat of Investments legal for New Yorh savings banks was announced by the stat superintendent of banks. Amonfi thus stricken were Lehlgh and Luke Erie firs 454s. . CT.OSLNO BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, March 7. I.Tl--U. S. bond closed:. Liberty 3',4s 101.26. First 4 V i s 102.28. Fourth 4"4s 103.21. Treasury 4VS* 111.21. HIDES Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros 308 Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides ............ $1.50-$2.0' Cured beef hides ............. 4% Green beef hides ............. 3V*. NEW YORK PHODUOE NEW YORK. March 7. (.Tl-- Eggs 10,572 f i r m ; mixed colors regular packed, medlur firsts lOc; refrigerator medium firsts 14i 16c: other grades unchanged. Butter 3,583; steady; creamery extras (9 score) 28%c; first (88-01 score) 28%«T28% NEW YOHK POULTRY NEW YORK. March 7.- (.T) -- Poultry -Alive and dressed steady; unchanged. KANSAS OITY PRODUCE. KANSAS CITY, March 7. (.D--Egg $5.40; other produce unchanged. Emmons Girls Beat Kiester. KIESTER, Minn., March 7.--Th Kieater girls' basketball team wa downed by the Kmmona girls' tearr last night 25 to 18 at Emmons. 52% 2714 62 * 187H lie 73 "1 4UH, 19S 2011 182 5% 77% 12',3 22% 64'.!, 7 3 It 28 VI 20 ft 28 « 1014 36 43 li 110% 26Vi 46U 6% 23 38 U" 53Vi 241.3 4254 14 ft 20 11« 10 Vi 102 58 49 48 42% . 511 72 'A 98% 171 M 57 X 34 , 38 51 Vi 53 44% 2t',i 30 '.I 38 18114715 4% 20 li t No I Ore ctf 21 rig Grun 'aim artman B ouston udson upp 1 Cent nt Comb Eng nt Har ,t Nick'Can T T ihns Manv elvlnalor ennecott 55 i*. 23 1216 77-!i 2',i BBli 1S« 3616 70 «a 13% 2914 Math Alkali May D S JIcK 4 Rob Mex Sea Oil Mid Cont Pet M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Morrell Mot Wheel Nash Nat-Bis Nat'ch Res A Nat Dairy Nat Lead Nat Pow i Lt Nat Tea N Y Central Nor * W No Am No Pac Oliver F Otis St Pac G B Packard Para Pub Penlck Ford "Fenn Phil Pet Pills Fl Proc at Gam Pub Se'rv N J Pullman Radio' K K O Rem Rand Reo BCD Sll Rey Tob B Roy Dutch Bears R Shell U Stoimons Sinclair Skelly So Pac So Pr Sue So Ry Stand Brds St G E St Oil Cal St Oil N J St Oil N Y Stew Warn Stone Web Stude Superior Oil Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Union Garb Un Pac Unit Alrc Unit Corp Unit G B U S Ind Ale U S Rub U S Smelt U S Steel Ut P 4 L A Vanadium Wabash Ward Bak A Warn Fix W Mary West Air West K Mf Willys Ov Woolworth Wrlgley Yell Tr Young S 26 -h 3754 1714 131,4 22',fc 35 54 is, 17 36=1 SO'4 36 2s"* sin 119 205'..J 86 54 U 5=1 14 ii 11% IK 21 '4 58 bli 1915 103 ',i , 10 li 53 19% 84 46 =i 23 33',?, 71*. 15=1 14 6 £ 30 6 ?;« 23 "" 16'' o!;, 95 Vi 6 78 ii W 26% CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO. March 7. UP! -en Pub Ser A ISVi Midwest Utll 2ti IBVf- Midland Unlf.Pr.4avV-:: -- ' 9 Nat Stand an N Hies Service onf Chi kea /M SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS b Po Pa Co 12 Kelvlnator Corp 13 Bk Note 53'.i Lambert Co S3 Liq Carb Corp 50K Louisiana Oil ''i\k Math Alkali 26Ti McK Robb 14V Ncv Cons Cop 13% Pathe Exchange 2 Plllsbury Flour 33-11 Oil Co 9',i I^nr Bak Carp 43^1- Reo Grande Oil 74t Reo Motors S',K St Joseph Lead 27 v i Sch Ret Sirs H% So Cal Edison 5H1 Std Brands 10 *fc Superior Oil Vanadium Wabash Ry .m Beet Sugar Am Metal 20% Am Tob 11811 Assoc Dry Gds l!6te Baldwin Lo 25 '/i BBS Mfg Co 20% Br-Ba-Col Co 13 4S Best Co 43M. Butle Cop · Z l^i Com Credit 2.1 Com Solvents 20 Cont Motors -Ufc lent Oil O'/j David Chemical 20 Ft Null Sirs 54',4 Flsk Rubber =1 General Mills 46 Hers Choc Co Qfi Huston Oil new 12 Inland Steel 67 W«3lern Myld Wrlgley Jr Co 68% IT I', 10 78 U NEW YORK OUBR QUOTATIONS Am For P Co 28 Hud B M S Am Gas A El 82'/ 4 Mumble OH Am Sup Pow - 17Td Ark Nut Gas A SS ,\KROC G E A 21?i i Marconi 3=L Sons Auto Mdse r /i Deforest Radio 6 Durant Motor 2»1 Elslcr El 4 El Bd Sll B7-H Ford Mo of can 26% Ford Mo of Bng- ITA Fox Theaters A 4 ^ 57 It 14'/, Nlag Hud No Am Avlat Pennroad Corp 7Vi So West Dairy ay- S O Ind 32?i S O Ky 23 Transcont Air T 10T United Gas 10)1 Un L P A 33 Utll P ' L 13 Vacuum Oil 60 V- CHICAGO STOCKS Allied Mo Induat 2% Gt Lak Aircraft 3',i Aub Auto Co.;lft3t£ Grlgsby-Grunow Ben AVI Corp 22% -- - ·· Borg-War Corp 28Vi BuLIer Bros. Cont Chic Corp Chicago Invest Nat Leather Nat Standard 31 Unit Corp · 12 Utll ft Ind Corp 3 U S Rad Tele 31 Cord Company MINNEAPOLIS STOCK Ft Bw Sk Corp 22 "A MINNEAPOLIS ORAIN MARKEE CASH SALES Flax 152% to NOMSKUU. TOI.KDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, March 7. (/!]--Seed unchanged. I DEAR NOAH-WAS VAN MAM FOK. BLOOM VIUI-S^ OEASa. NOAH = How Does THE CAPTAJN NAVIQATE HE'S AU. DEAR. NOAH^ U2!i^L, I S TOMAHAWK? *» A LUCILLE KI.WENTWOtT^, SBMO IH A NOMBMOTION ·

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