The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 16, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, December 16, 1913
Page 4
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J HE GETTYSBURG TIMES H? Published Daily Except Sunday Times and Jf ews Publishing Company T. LAVERE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP S. BIKLE. President.« PHILIP R- BIKLE, Editor. SBBSCRIFnON-Served bv "carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. Mailed outside of Gettysburg: for 25 cents per month. EATES ni copjes to.poQ-^ubscriberg.,.2 ceats Brifsti S VJJi AIU ck Sy Fire GOVERNOR YAGER. Recently Appointed Cntcf Executive of Porto Kico. 1 0 AVh TRIES TO" CARRY OFF 'CHILD PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS 'fF vou receiveTHE TIMES by mail you can find the date up to which you are; *«sld on the pink address label" on your paper. The date will be changed within jSJji ten davs after your money is received at The Times OiSce. \ugus!' loV i9ol" aV'Getfrsb'urJr. Pal. as second-class" matter," under Congress March 3, 1S79. - BELLPHOXE UNITED PHONE OSce in Xorthtvesr corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. -HiS PAPER REPK=.C£MiD FOR -OK£it» ADVERTISJNG 3Y -«£ yjf GENERAL OFFICES HW YORK AND CHICAGO .iSiLJPPP: ,*JW Ars Said to Have Lest SCO Men K'Ue United S-aiss Warships Protecting Fcreigr.ers- Vera Cruz, Ecc. lw. -- Firing Jias ceased in the vicinity of Tarauieo, tise' rebels having retired e\iJcaiiy tc avoid the coattaaoas canECsade oi the sent to Yera ads One cent uer word each insertion. Tv.-o cents a word if guaranteed : first page position. " Kesolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams one cent! ser word. 7 TO OUK READERS ' »£s Gertv«barg Times takes absolutely no part in policies, bein£ tica matters. Anything that appears in our general news colum . _ . -rite or national"politisc, is furnished us by The American Press Associates, a ; " . _ ·*_ f _t_ __S^_-. X.L _. -^--. «« v.H.-mn -»-*x 'DfWkw'Wl VVMQ V« 7iaTVf»r*T''aT"l** F^YVlh'l fY.^fl3 ftT" i I Federal guGbcais, ! This was t"ie report · Cruz by Rear Admiral Fletcher, com ! raanfier of the America avrar vessers ' '-'-* the Gulf of Mexico. The distance to rebels tad withdrawn was * l oa at. re _ rd fc ^ probabl5 j tliat -a is "rebels dlsccatiaueJ firing on , o , Ils vins oi Taiapico peniiins the j - : tl ^ r ,. lroni victoria. J -« r - 1 " wl ' ---- *---The ?.lei.i-^aa gunboat Prograso re rders to harry to Tampicc orcements for the garrison : N E W : S T O C K : O F ewe Awaits your inspectfos here. No novelties that the dictates of fashion have made obsok-te. rliisi? carried i Tir from former years--but the latest designs from the ·races best manufacturers. Cut Glass The uel^iit e v i- r y housekeeper. Pieces of Unofficial messages corroborate the I government's report of the rebel de^ ] ie«tt at Tampieo as a result of a heavj H I aad sustaireJ bombardment by twc v_ I Federal gunboats and Federal Seid ar . j-iiUery. The dispatches do not bear -5 j out the goveniBient claim that the re-K i pulse was a rout. C= } In possession of the railroad yards ;j ! throughout the battle, the rebels. v \rhea they retired, remained sufficient- 'A \ iy cool in the face of the furious nre ·5 ! to take away with them every loconio -"i i tive and most of the rollius stock. C? j That the rebel loss was great is em- ! ." phasized in these advices, which adc V I that the buzzards which inhabit the !-! j Mexican coast and which for genera?i i tious have been protected by law. hov H I ereci over the battlefield in numbers S 1 so great as to present the appearance sj i o£ low-nving black clouds. = 3 j According to the Federal report SCO H I rebels were kiliei before they could 1(18 as Gaesed silU TOM js, Divorced Husband Wrests Liitie One From Wife's Mother. Chester, Fa^ Eec. iO. -- Tacsdcrc i Gathers, a -well kno«.rh fcese tali play- j er. tried to get : o 532=310:1 of bis three- · year-old caiid oa v.'esi Third street, The episode v/" s.n *» ta of the re- ·«ent divorce procceai^gs ietweeu j Gathers and hw wife. Tse eiiild was » SlveS; S££i just rounded tlic corner at Market j street, v.-hea Catbers and another man j drove up in Cathers' automobile. | ·y (fibers, -tried to .wrest. the -chiSd | from tbe grasp of the grandmother, , again at their home who resisted and screamed at the top; street. Mr. Berkheimer i -- · Paragraphs cf Kews Te!lin§ off tlie Happenings in and about . E.:II.*Be»khe£merjaiMi family .-are on Baltimore is much im- The Corn and Cotton Crops Are te i Kost Vslu^fa-e Ever Prod!uc=d In ths United Srates. HE JURY TO Slaver Was 163 BFQ33L ° 1 -' a in a z i a beauty. Umbrellas Mesh Bags Table ^Silver Scarf Pins: i!,. ,.· ,WATCHES, ~.*-Lockets!Chains Bracelets DIAMONDS Manicure Sets Imported Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases Many other articles that v-ili delight ^ n 4. P^e ase you. P\!ay v,e show them to you ? Compare our prices \vlth others. CHAMBERS BURG ST. y ·"i, T - 'i-- * set out of range, and this would mean Xi.£ty i^-n*. - -^ j Tjjony qther".^hundreds wounded and "?* ' 'possibly feft "on the field. D i It is regarded as probable thaz the H j relief of Taiapico is only temporary^ C; and. that before many days the rebels. K " T -vill resume ^ie attack in great sum-1 -S j -hers, altliouglj the long battle has-mar- y i terially cut down their supply ^^am l"^i J ·-v^«iy»T"'?f\ri *T*T-«^r- -vv^* 1 ! ^- ^CkloTT" 1 * /%Ti(^lTMS'{~*rtTT5^ H i for a V j Repo K [ property loss-was large. Q ! The transfer of American reiugee^'tc* ,f: ! the battleshifs while ^- -=-'-^--^-=--* '=5- | at its Tieighfwas attended f! j siderable dificulty. Rear =3 i Fletcher's temporary fiagshlpr the JCa- ~' \ conia. was run alongside the cusfoms. dock. The seoet cruiser Chester-^grpr ceeded one Bule below. ""_ " ^h .Admiral Fletcher gave orfiers_ thSf l? r i'ail'Ameiican^ should withdra'w froln the , city, r Even the German' consul abandoned h|s residence and went oa board the steamship Kronprinzessio Cecile. The British, admiral, Sir Christopher Cradock, took up his temporary iteadcuarters on a merchant vessel at the dock. The Mexican gunboat Bravo was at the bend of the river below the city. gring westward over the town. The rebel general, Canflido Aguiiar, cross ed beiow the Bravo from Tuxpan. witb Kew York, Bee. Zv.--The detailed jonfession ot Hans St'^.r--'''^ er-priest of hov.- he IciUeJ An-:- Aumuller, was reai to tae jury by Ass'stant District xttomey Besicca -·! rpliy, to "R-honi -clunict conrssseii "ast September. S2e3Jc?o£ to~ci:-ne,TsOs5s sos. Isaac?'' ScSir^St also confessed to ""marrying" ~s3ba.;Aunn!:er. c-nSt-ctiHr the cere- *3»i 2000 men' and heavy guns. He controlled tae mouth of the river and attacked the Bravo from behind, sweep- rwf T^ , ^^1^ * · The Best Christmas "Gifts Are Useful Gifts The Hardware Store BOTS "Wagons Nickel Tea Kettles Xlekel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves Gloves for Men and Boys Enamel Ware Knives and Forks Call 10 sec -as and cxmaino en.: unlit the best- Driving Lamps Boys Coasters and Skates Food Choppers Enamel Roasters Keen K utter Safty Razor Carring Sets Remington Rifles Hatchets and Sa^rs ic- Ocr prices are tlie town and stray shots killed and wor-ndecl civilians. Bodies could be seer, hanging from telegraph poles. Tie situation became so dangerous- to non-combatants tbat Rear Admiral Fletcher decided to send the refugees to the three United States battleships lying off La Barra. five miles from the Sghtins zone. Until conditions improve the Americans will be cared for on tbe battleships. Many of the children, some of them infants in arms, su^ered severe- iv from exposure upon the crowded declcs of the little gunboat, but now they are receiving attention from the naial surgeons. J. J. Reindollar Fairfield Pa- SAVE FOR CH A t t ^ A!sk us to tell ou about r a c t i v e S a v i n g s P l a n easv PRESIDENT WILSON BETTER Almost the Last Trace of Fever Has Disappeared. Wsshinsrtf»ii. Dec. !·---"TTe presi ·Jent is doing very nicely." was the in formation vouchsafed by the \Vhit House o?TiC ; r.3s regarding tlie condition of the chief eec;itive. His improvement is satisfactory an almost the last trace of fever has dis appeared. All alarra over hii, conditic- has been dispelle-J. but it is said tha Dr. Grayson's intention is not to giv* his patient any further opportunity fo a relapse. ** Tickets Issued Eac T i Depos't^r With-iut Co-t A -:i.a.2 -I-pos ; t wcek'iy aad you'll have a nice amount for Shopring. START NOW EVERYBODY WELCOME Biglerville National Bank Law Maker Arrested at Cock jJilwaiiKcze, ^V|s- jDec. ,i6.--A2san; l;he s^ty-five men arresteiT at a cocl j fight in an old mi-I north of Miiwauke ! was State Representative Jacob LiUa j author of the law which mafees coc i fighlins s criminal offense. Titanic Case Up Jan. 5. "Washington, Dec. 1C.--Whether th liability of the Oceanic Steam Xaviga tion company, as owner of the Titanic shall be governed by American o British law was advanced by the svt prerue conrt for hearing on Jan. 5. On the Form. Young "Wife--"That pudding I hav just made for you is a poem." Hubb; --"And 1 suppose I'm to be the wastebasket." sgpja, Dec. IS--\Viih the most va!ual-le crops ol com aad coltoa e»"er prodaved a^d tie sa-.oai m«t valuable cat cror-, i*«e -.alue of the jiuticn's fourteen rrintipal larm crops this j-ear aggresrae tie eiicrracas total oi §4,9iC,Svi,«.'!'0. Th-s v. ^.s tlie aaiiGuiic-tsjent oi the dei-arncest oi asrituiture in it? fiaa- estimates, cf acreage, ;-rodacu^si i'Jii value. This is aa increase of $1-S, 358,000 c\er the value oi the sa^ie crops last year, and o£ $S5d,T7i,QoO over tliose ci 1311, based on the prices paid to larrcers oa lee. i. The acreage of these crops is equivalent to a farm one-seventh the size of the United States. The axa-.t arsa planted to these fourteen crops, which is more than. 95 per cent of the total of ail crop area, v s -as 2S9,433,' 1 O t acres, an increase of almost S.OyVOfft acres over last year's area actl of more than 2,OCO,0»0-OTer the 10U area. More than oce-ti-ird of the total acreage was planted Ur ccrn. Approxira"tely S9,00"0,OC-0,0'".-"! is U;o grand total of wealth production en farms through the soil and farmers* !i\e stock during the year. For the crops ~ss . whole the average production per acre v.-as valued at about $IS.30- The corn crop aver aged SI3.SS per acre: cotton, §22.13: sugar beets, §50.5-4; wheat, SI2.14; oats, $11.14; sweet potatoes, S6S.60; rice, S2S.CS: potatoes, $-32_LO; tobaccu, §100.C9. anl ry2. 512.S4. "The nrciucticn of crc?s in the United States is 1913 was materially below the average," the secretary oi agriculture. David F. Eoustcn, announces, ""the yield per acre of ai. ^T-OT*^ ^·cni" A in r *iI h^^n^" "smaller t--an m ^rv-'vear of the past decade, with the 'ya of 1911. :" tried to start tae machine r wJtho«tltiays with her sister, 3Iiss Bess DOKJ- Tuaaissj dcivTa the gr»a«!-aoih«»r. By ley. this time several hwidreJ people hadj The spirit of Santa Claus is already aUiered. The aged woTJian becaine|; n tov.'n, Oa Saturday this was mani- hysterical, but sii'l reMJned her gra^p j ^ esfc ac t ; !e Presbyterian 3fanse, where on the steering vrhe«*L s he SUDe r»ntendea an all-day san- Cathers nnally fon-e-i the little one j - wMch b ht sunshi p. e aad into the arms of Use gnuidjsother aa-Jj~" ._^ drove away. Mrs. Wor";;" wa assist- taaral- district o aafE Jia^lcolarly in Kansas. Oklahoma, it v. as sho'n irTs'^fGr*., 55000, fifcjis-faorr The policy^ ,^as iipt:'ip^ea^becaase Miss -aairiTtHfer I.a3-'~t£reat "trouble. Judge Fester c."~o refused to raie out testimony tbr-t a book of death certificates TV-ES .o .nd in Schmidt's rooms. It is still uncertain -whether or aot Schmidt -vrill le rat. on the stand. If is. it may be only to maie an tm statement shotrld 1 teftigate somewhat tie eSects of tha shoiSnge of this year's crc-r-s." r-r^lXrUP OVER DELEGATES WILSON WlrJS CURRENCY TEST Hitcncock's Ansrsrnsnt Defeated In Senate / Vote of 40 to 35. j Washington. Dec. 1C. -- Senator j 3itcflcock"s propose-! substitute for j Jie second re-*":-. -of Viis adm : nistra- ,ion cu~e^ y b n vvas laid oa the ta-1 3ie by a vc.c or 4 tc 35. Tlie sucs*.ii"ie related to the ;ional Laaks s.,: !:niiteJ the nuncer ,o four. rro~: :cu for public own- srshiD and 50" Trngnt control of tlie jtock of r e T"^ i lal ban'-s. Tho vote !^-".i'c:es that the admin- .ear ma;ority for" its ' ! straiion h AM. Tn:s ~p= a test vote on one of I-.e most inipn-- .a:.; issues ia tae bill. i was a pare" cts strictly, except "RspaSl'ians F^zzlei sz to Reprassnta ,\ Karrisbiirg. Pa., Dec. 16---Her-nbli- can. oSIcIals cc. Capitol Kill are of th3 ociHion that new delegates will to be elected for Pennsylvania's representation in tee proposed Republican aational convention for revision of the rules because many of the men who sat as Keystene state representatives in the last national convention are no-" avowedly Washington party men It is sa:d that if the national cora mittee rails a convention and orders an election of delegates the proposi tion will be s:mnle. but that if the delegates of 1-^- are to sit it wil complicate mailers. The primary Isw says that delegates . must be meiacsrs ol a party, and as I " many of the coTsr/cuou Republican r.atirrzl conven j year have fcrr^aUv read ' oat cf the Repubiican part- and at j tended meetings of the Washington rs party state committees, the;- are ineligible to -sit in the proposes;! conventioa. The "belief is that the Republican national committee will take cognizance of this fact in deciding how the delegates shall ce chosen. of her voice. In the straggle both were! pnved but no v ye t able to attend .-t L over to tbe machine. Mrs. Wor-jt^ d(jlie3 as re g ister and recorder. t hy Interlocked her arms around th6j " } 3!iss Edith R. Dorsey, of I Cajhers, after obtaiaiu? th*^ cbiM,)^, Fredeiiek, Md., is spending a ed to a nearby store, wJv:r3 sht- was j Robert Bloeher, of GeXtysbnrgv was cared for until she rec-overe-J. TORCHES S PT LI jU Yard^ Properlies Destroyed, [chief editor of the "Troiiey Journal", !a periodical gotten out at Carlisle ! , Conm-ercia! College on the event of ;the annual trolley ride to Mechanics- jburg. Miss Helen Sherrick, formerly °*~ ** p!2ce f -v.- as his assistant. Miss Adeline Fcrnej-, of Gettysburg, was an-evsr-Sunday visitor with. Miss Carrie Stoner at Falrfield. The l * i *~: *y team defeated, the ' Five Jonas in a bowling contest at the · 3Icnarch Cigar Store Monday evening ley 68 pins. ! Rev. Guy ilcCamcy. of Lemaster, London, Dee. J.'j.--Tee "arson squad" set nre vard at Devonport ana property worth aore than. 5400,000. j bcro, is visiting for several \veeksjsith The lumber yards and considerable 3i r . and Mrs. L. Sponseller." on ZSTbrth adjoining property were ilre-swept oe- fore the blaze was tinder control. Quantities of suffrasotte liters, and placards bearing the T*W"«: venge for the arrest of 3?rs. hurst:" -.vere found suauerei about the scene of-the Sre. The scene of tie fre is on the spot where ''Genera!" Kiera Brammcis 1 aaC other militants awaited Mr-*. Er^pe line Pantharst or her arrivsl :n ~3.g land from the United Sl-tcs 0:1 ue-. i Srrattcn street. I -- Jonr Wisotzkey has returned to irk. after visiting for some time th Mr. and Mrs. John Utz. SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS , - u.- T» T Iay from Harold Bell frights Book Coming to Gettysburg. L "The Shepherd of ths Hills , Har- when lie sanra^ette lecJcr v.-as a- i old Bell Wrigne's novel, which holds be re rested. itiss Sylvia leased from · Ilc'.lo-a^ ja% :: Paiskhurst since her crr-rjt 02 Z-^c. has adorted the icore czr:E!-c ni' of addias a "ao sop r-T.i"' Ir. '. to force the prison ^~ ::-.;.. ~- :B ' lease her. Sis. sc't.oni;»^s:tG: t~i- walking co^tfu^al.y. . In the eieaau^ie- r'-c- 4r-!'J.ii-' L_- tinue their violent lard- -. "* ? r. squad burzc-1 Z«""~3. ai e~u' - sion near Bristol.'-l-- · broke e^ery -.rin«i£rT In tiu I-ir^i police station. HALTS Ti^KE^ SALE Cincinnati Dirertcrs rcTirre' --" c=--r I - the record for being the largest seliihg American work of fiction, has been into a play by its author zee assistance of Elsbery Yr". Eey Ik will be given fts'first production'in this city at Walter's Theatre on -Friday evening'. December 19. The play is a story of the Ozark mountains and its people are all of that vicinity, which premises stage characters oar of the ordinary. The" production. whicH has been made by ilessrs. Gaskill and [ JIaeVitty. is said to be one of extreme I beauty, this picturesque mountain \ country lending itself to the best in i the scenic artist's art.--advertisement- tiop Desi Eroo LOST: red beagle gyp. Reward. "J. A. Lentz. Ice and Storage Co.--advertisement 'v V of directors oC i"-c" C's-li'-r^il i,.s Ball club re'usea to rr.d : A-:--^ Herrmann's pale or'-.Tc-j'Trr.l--r lo Brco'niyns fcr "--".""0. Immediately citer this .Incision ~r.- reached, President Kerrrr.a~n s°-t e telegram to PresMeut £Ib^et=. of -h^ Brooklyn club. t«_-}i:rz ~.rr. thct th' deal in so far as carh alone -ass ron. cernea was off, Lut that anot. cr ;l~.c. would include Tingl'njr or Hc/ron anc lloran or Stengel, -srita a c;_?l: cr.n ideration, might te cozssiiereJ- Herrmann made a rri- ate agreement with Ebbets last week wh:cb ai | B^^-D.^ Feed lowed Brooklyn to have iiaxer id Q^^ Spring Bran .... $25,000 in cash, with the understand j fland. Packr-d B^an .GETTYSBUKG MAEESTS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse cbi- reeied daily by C. MfltonTTolf, JJr- 3 " Successor to J- Geo. Wolf's Sons Co. Per En Sew Dry Wheat c ! ewEar Com-- - -· 65 Rye « Oats -* i-ETAIL PRICES Per' 100 ?l-35 .. _.1.3c 1.40 Beam SEVC-- Uife of Man. Frederick, M, 4 _ Oec. 15.-- By catcliinc: s. cross-beam as he fell into a ,hat Sersator -ote-J with the t'hccc"-:. Democrat,! \^ s publicans. YiAN IN SHEET HUGGED GIRLS Colics Think Trsy Have Person Who K : ssed Hundreds. S':an:o'-:i". r« Dec. 16. -- Several 5unbred g^r"^ ~,'r-~~z in various parts ^f Spiirol :n " r.-. - neen hugged an?l xi^seri i!:e la.-t r. onth by a man at- ired in a s~icc'- \ man wearing the ame .-vin'l ci qa~b was caught trying o en^orace a c:r. on hsr way hcme. Citizens kiln at Grove's, near Frsder- ick, Solomon Fogie, a workman at the Vila, saved himself from being burned to death. His clothes were burned off his body, ana his fare and hands were fearfully seared. FogH's cries fcr help were not answers-!, and lie finally crew himself to the level of the cross- b^am and crawled to the si f :e3 of the Drank Quart of V/M-ky: May D:e- Shamokin, Pa-, So". 16- -- Adan Toksl;u. of Hickory S~amp, drank a ';r= ,-^\ l-Atr. aad were held j quart ofwhisky at or=c- sitting and is -t l^ay ·svit? a receiver and a stiletto- j boverins between !«i and death. ?c:ice Sna'"y o~- n)owered him. He · Shortly after drinking it he became t3:c raze o " O.arles Bracco. and | aelirio'is. Doctors wrr's- 3d -for several ho ^"it he : - the person who ter- j sours Before being aile to restore him 'ji is tho rorf-ed so na-iy --orcen lately. to cozscfot-ssess. Wiison Frees Counterfeiter. c. 16.--Because Killed by F?;i Window. ^_ r : ~vew "or5\, IDsc. " .--Bevere Hall, a ill healtK Jnlti C. Roberts, con-1 proniiberft tarrye? o? l^tv%i^*5Iica;? vlctea at T.o-'"sv ie, Ky., in 1903, of! v-ho has been stopping at the Hotel Ms ican banknotes, re-ident ;es, was j Marie Antoinette, Sixty-seventh streai . Rob- aua Broadway, either fell or -jiiniped '·orjiterfeuiis pardoned by Pre-ident "Wilson ^rt=; 'Aas serene six years in the At-! fc-ora the wiado-- of his room on J. lar.ta ren::eu:iar . 1 ninth floor and was iastasti: j Must to Get Fortune, Hunter Sslf- , _________ . Cadillac. M- . De;. 16.-- Chadiletta | Hagerstown. ild.. Dec, 16. -- TVhile . Binetee.i yt.ars old, will receive j returnins from a hunting trip witb Vx'.O'iti estats of her great-uncle., two companions in Berkeley count.-, Joseph Sr.yder, \\ho died in San Fran- , Raleigh Myers, son of Robert Myers. nsco, iC i-he marries for love wit'iin ; O f Xorth Martinsburg, was accidcn tally shot and killed. Extreme of Foolishness. If s a foolish man who sits down ter count his troubles, kaze fiat only gives '.he the year. Dangerous Case. "Troubled with loss of appetite, isn't she?" Julia--"She doesn't even want to eat the things that Uii j 'em another chance ter swat him.--At- doctors £orbid."--Life. I lanta CoiiHtiwion, ilucli displeasure over the deal was! Red ^JidcUncs '--- !-« It and some of the directors openly j Tin.othy_H=y 1-0£ felt stated that they believed that players j^J and not money shoaid have beer, cb-1 jjf tained for Tinker. Kills Wife !n Jealous Ssge. Berlin, Uer. 1«".--A Sofia dispatch to the Lokal Anzeiger revealed a double tragedy involving two widely known persons in the Bulgarian capital. Mrs. Jbmoroff. daughter of the famous statesman. M- Karavoloff. was fotind shot to deat'i in bed beside her husband. JomoroS" was also sabering from s. bullet wound, bat he isay recover. The shooting is believed to have been cansed by jealousy. wi GENERAL r^ArlKETS PHILADELPHIA -- FI-OITR quiet; inter clear. ?3.75^.4; city mills, £aa- firm, at $3 50® 3.63 FLOUR per barrel. WHEAT steady: \ 2 red. new, , CORX weak: Xo. 2 vellow. OATS firm; No. 2 white, 4S lower grades. ^5M:C- __ POTATOES steady, at TOgSsc. per bushe!. POULTRY: Live steady: hens. 15 g- ,.. Tic.; old roosters. 11®12: tnrkevs. i £ : - Dressed firm: choice fowls - *^ - /«-- ·57.50 per tors. 51.40 per ball Cotton Seed Meal Ton " " -'Hundred Per bbl. floar - -..-- --5^.80 Western Flour , 6-00 Per bu Wheat. c helled Com Oorc.. ......... ?1-OC eatt^ii Oat- -- o lae Days to Christmas ISc.: old roosters. I3c.: turkeys, 2o o BUTTER firm,- fancy creaniery, SSe " EGCS steady: "seTectedr nearby, 37c.; western, 37c. Llve-Stock Pr:css._ CHICAGO-- HOGS weak; b«lk" of , . . , . CATTLE weak, witii a few fancy -Christmas vearlings strong -at ?9.S5@ 1025- beeves, ?6.50-@ V 3.60: Texas steers, S6.60SJ7.65; stock «rs and feeders $4.90@7.40: cows and hiefers, ?3.3@8.20; calves^ §7@11.25. SHEEP steadv; lambs lower; native sheep, $4.40@5.75: yearlings, $5.55 @6.S5; lambs, native. Sfi.40@7.9o. Good Advice. "I would like to get something for fleas," said the Sweet Young Thing. "Well, you might try a dog," ventured the grouchy drug store clerk. If You've TBeea Wise You Can Laugh at the Person Who Has Not Done His Christmas ===== Shopping. ===== Figure It · Out. . The following quaint excuse was received by the North London magistrate from a defendant the other day: ' "Sirr,--Sory canot apear has I to hill.."

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