The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 4, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1818
Page 3
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v 'iin. which is Ihe north - tut corner uA Sabm's ut, ""T"fonnry gold by James lot of wood y''. ,liencc along i(1DS,loo th ,ixiy - ,ix degrees e, rSSSrtlS - .thence along fid Cocp - ' ; 1l.ence.ou.lm. Md forljr IwM d irty minuu.,, east (o to' ta stone : theme Ualonui f ? H ,u(h ,eten degrees, "."S the Plce of tanning; containing twen - wMl, two rood and toirty five peril,.,, oi JydUoall that ceitaiu tract, piece or land Anq , . nJ bHns m fuugh. PWirftt.r.SC a1 bounded and de - MCa. Mkw., to wit: beginning "I "JiwVtondiig i" angle the north R2 S Dutches, turnpike .cud mU rsect. the ,Ul.Hiw ofUie farm uow in p.iwion ul John B 'Say "foresaid; and from O euc; run. to a B" I. northerly in the west line of said Gay'. r;.r5?yi - ''' sou side of t he r; LVton road ; then north seventy - e ight de - 1 e.?, four chain, and thirty - two link, i ff north rM fth line of the Dutches, turnpike road I the,. ' north line of .aid turnpike to the iuVe of banians containing half mi acre n Ud, ne 9 i.... . )unilmr wild l ie here ihe time more ur row . - - - - - - tiumuti and appurtenance. .fcgorin anywise appertaining. Dated Mard 3d, j0fiN towt; mh 4 lawtds Matter in Chancery. " ijpRijni - sruehT jutk:k. "erOTICE i. hereby piven'to ail persons in terested, that the Comrrj.Bsioneni of Es timate and Assessment, appomtea hy tr.e 3u .M( Court of Juilirsture of the state of New York, to perform certain (utics relative to the . . m r . . ... Tl enlargmeot apring - sucei, wcai i niiiiijJMjii - ipert and Wooster - street, in the eipht ward of the said city, have completed their estim.ite nd teseMment, as well of the loss and damage juitained over and above the benefit and advantage received by the owners of the land. nd pi required for the .aid enlarging nd impron - ing Spring - street as aforesaid, as , also of the benefit and advantage received by the owners ami parties interested of and in certain lands and premises not required fin - said improvement And that we tin - and Commis lioners have deposited a true copy of such es timate and assessment in the Clerks office of the city of New - York tor the inspection of whomsoever it may concern and notice is hereby further sriveii. that the report of estl mate and assessment will be presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature, of the .late of New - York, at the City - Hall ot the city ot ew - York, on Monday the fourth day of May next, at the opening of the said Court nn that day, or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard thereon. Dated New - Yoik, March 3, 1818. PETER HAWKS, ) PETER STAGG, JOHN TAKGEE. j mh 4 14! DISSECTED AlAI'S. A T.' GOODRICH CO. 124 Broadway, ex. nave tne loiiowiug map nt - auv duueted. vii : United States Europe, Enlud and Wale. K. and S, America. France. rpain, Scotlnnd. Ireland, Portugal, Sc. N. 6. Those whowiih to instruct, while they amure their children, wlil hardly find a more useful immen.ent. mh 4 Fmm 1st May next, the two - .tory brick houw. No. 3 Beaver - street, one of tie best titu - tioos iu the city. Api'ly at io. S3 South - st. mh 4 GKA.ND BI KING LOTTERY. Authorised by the .tale of New - York end New - Jersey. MILFORD and OWEGO ROAD, for fa cilitating the iotercrune between the western part, of the date of New - Yorlt acd the city of New - York, through the state, of Pennsylvania and New - Jersey, - vhich will positivelv commence drawing on the fifth day of May next. 1 prite of $70,000 35.000 10,000 6,000 1,000 00 100 3Q i ao 2 2 10 ' 30 140 3i00 do do do do do do 3386 priiet 10000 ticket.. Not two blank, to a prize First 1000 clank, will be eutitled to 30 each. Part of the prize, will be determined a. follow. : First drawn no. Do Do Da Do Dj Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do 1st day entitled to 3,000 500 . 1000 500 5f0o Sd 3d do do do do do do do do do dj do do do do do do do do 4tb 60i 6th 7th Stli 9th lOlh 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th I6II1 17th 18th 19th 500 10000 600 1000 500 35,000 500 1000 500 70,000 500 1000 500 1000 Do 20th do 500 The prise, made payable at the Union Bank ul me city oi new - Torn, ou day. altar the draw inr of the Lotterv. Tickets and Shares, in the greatest variety of I nmuen, ror oy JAMES A. BURTU3 ft CO. Wo. 19 Peck - slip, corner of V ater strect. Most cf the eastern, southern and northern bank notes, also prise ticket, in former lotteries taken in payment for tirkets. A correct Cbek Book kept for the examination of all tickets gratis. Cash riven for prizes a soon as drawa.ornri - tes taken in payment for warranted undrawn tickets. Order, for tickets (post paid) inclosing bank aotes, attended to with th utmost punctuality, .J - . - .? - v . i e . uu givmi oi ineir laiv. A general a sortnunt of liok. and Stationary for sale on modo.rale terms. mh 4 3t ". SOUND STEAM BOAT Ll 'IHE line will commence I on Mondav, the 9th 'inst. when the Connecticut, iC:int. Bunker, will Uv. New - VorlL for .Vew - Harpn. l ft oVIorlr. A. M. The F ultnn, Capt. Law, will leave New - London for New - Haven at the same hour: both boats win K - nve .New - Haven at 7 o'clock P. M. on Monday The Fulton, Cnptain Law, for New - London, and the Connecticut, Captain Bunker, for New York. Tbey will continue to run during the season, every Monday, Wednesday and t riday. (tt - Notice will be given when the Fulton nn commence running a. tar as .Norwich mh 4 . WANTd A SITUATION. A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman, - who can pre sood recoLiunendatioat. wants a situation i: t lie capacity cf children's re orcnamner la.urj ; w'' have no obiec - 'ion to travel duriiis the summer months, with a 'nly. A line direct d to M. W. and leit at , will i.e attended to. . roh4 2t resnertfullv recommend to the Ladici of this City, ber method to teaching the Systematical hand - writing which umrersalry prevailed in England for the last ?iln.?e'lr ThPW Ladies who are displeawd with their present mode of writing, let it be ever "tniperfact, will, in twelve lesson, write with i. I"? and dexterity without the trouble of ml - I Uy - ir minor n ik. .. - ri;. s . j: i - n at th,r own residence, and school, attend - JoPl.licatioato Maa. BROWN, 23 Front - it. S.. n . TERMS. RV. ??ht wriUog, twelve lessonr, $ 10 pound haimdo. for children, ptrquaxlcr. 8 rto.krnf.tli6litinonluson 1 I "SJ ARP.ATIVT! of a Toyage In hi. majerty'. j. Kits ri.i:. .'..rtsre, i ine yellow Sea. a n. the c'M - .t of Con a and through it. numerous'.!; i.a ii cort red Itlr.nds to the Island of Lew. !u v, w!!h r.'i account of her shipwreck ir the ura'.;, '.f (";?. r, by John M'Leod, surgi - or .if the shiji, I vol, 3ro. price $1 75, juit received ai d for ,a!c i W. E. Gil LET, mcti4 92 fi road way. fllL' :i Li .Ks. 30 .mall cases lull - pini - 1. tumbler;, for tale in lots to unit purchaser., I.y G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, nich 3 - 77 W.uhii:gton - t. PAPER. OhMcs low priced fitrt'scap paper, .uitable for sugar - baker?, lor ;.lt, by G. G. k S. HOWLAND, nh 3 . 77 Waahington - strtet. 19 IRON. I ons Swecdcs iron 6 tuna English flat iron averted for ale G. G. U S. IIOWLAND, mch 3 77 Washinstou - ft. by BO.MbAZETTft, aetorted colours do all blank dj twilled, assorted colours, just re - . eived - Forsaleby OTIS tc SWAN, mch 3 157 Pearl - st. KCM, Gl., &;c - iU) hl.ds and M buls. 1st proof new rum 10 bbli Country Gin 30 pipes Gray's Brandy, foriale by JACKSON ii WOOLEY, mh 3 75 Wail - street. WAL&ll k GALLAGHER, 60 6outh - st. offer for sale 140 hhdd prime old Richmond tobacco, principally of superior quality and in entire parcels 100 hhJj new do 40 do prime Kentucky do 300 kegs richmorid manulactured do, various brands and qualities 200 bbls Richmond flour ' 500 do Petersburg do 126 bolls Holland duck, 25 casks claret 30 crates earthenware, assorted 0 casks English dry white lead 3 I utts ("est London porter 24 casks mustard, 5 puncheon, hare skins 500 reams medium printing paper 700 do cap No. I k t 30 gross press pperr, tic. mch 3 V Si C. NICHOLS, No 132 Pearl - st. have tf just received i 3 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens, assorted 2 do Brown do 2 do. Canton Crapes 1 do. Black Fringi d Handkerchiefs 1 do. Sewing Silks ansorted 2 do. Madapolam Shirting 2 do. Marseilles Qud ing, assorted 2 do. Cambric Muslin, assorted 1 do. Striped Jeans 1 bale Rhode's Bombazetts 1 do. superfine Broad Cloths All very low charged, which they offer for sale at a small advance. mh 3 Iw OLD JAMAICA RUM A FEW puncheons choice old Jamaica Rum, for sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, mh 3 29 tout!, street. C1ALCUTTA GOODS, &c 150 bales Cal - cutta Goods, vis. Gurrahs, San.'ias, Comus, Bnftas, Bandaunoes, Gilla nud Lun;ee lldkls. 300,000 11 handsome Bataviu Coffee 5000 pieces long yellow Nankteos 50 tons Old Sable Russia Iron 8 hhds Kentucky Tobacco 28 bales Upland Cotton 40 tons Campeachy Logwood ' 12 pine. Sicily .Madeira Wine 11,000 Madras and Calcutta Goat Skint 150 boxes Chocolate, Ground Fustic Seaua, Gum Copal, Mustaid Seed Aujiwtida, Castor Oil,Gum Trajacanth Dai Anioniac, c. t or sale oy JOSEPH Ob BORN, mh 3 S3 South - street. L.XKIKG GLASSES, MIRRORS, TIN t OIL. &c 3 cases hacdtome.'y ornament ed Mirrors 15 to 21 inches 1 case Gilt Pier Glasses, with black reeded irauies, neatly ornamented with i.arved Tablets 3 do Dressing Bcxes & Reverse Swings 4 do Silvered I'l.ites in black reeded frame. 6 do unsilvered do. 1 do rich cut Glass Pans 1 do Tin Foil 1 1 to 31 im bet, for sale by PETER REMSEN & CO. mh 3 26 South - street. FREoll imported Linens, just receiv'd and nnmliuf. fnr snip v - rv eiiKin. bv tlie in - r - o - - - - - - j 1 j gle piece, or package, at 172 Fulton, late Par - ition - strvet, nearly opposite inure u - street. mh 3 Iw rpiN PLAITS H,i boxes tin plate, .L 1 - 3I IX. now landing from on board the ship Washington from London, and for sni.; by 51 South - st. ALSO 1 rase' containing 29 bottles oil of nutmegs, just received aad for sale as above. reuzo iw ClOrFEE, SE(JARS, tic. 13 ts. and 33 J bags Green Coffee 21,000 Seaars, oi superior quality, in half aud qr. boxes 4 bhl Muscovado Sugar, just received and for sale at 77 Washington st it n 20 i o. i. o.nwnni'. a O'.t v UOD 40 tons C ampea hy Logwood, I i landing at pier No. 10, Iroin brig Recover, and for sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, fen 28 23 South - street. CtLu I'll - 5 leases superline London cloths, 2 caes extra do. Just received per Washington, and for sale by HURD Hi SEW ALL, Feb 28 65 South st. FLOUR. JUJ barrels superfine Richmond Flour, will be landed this ufiernoon fi - om the schr. Only Daughter, for sale bv LA1DLAW, GIRAtXT 4. CO. 87 CofTee - House.slip. IN STORE 26 hales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton 2 do black and assorted bombazetts 1 case French linen cambrics, and 1 bale superfine black cloth. feb28 7t CANTON SILKS. 22 cases Levantines, twilled Sarsoets, Satins and Pongees for sale at 67 South - street, by febSit CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. BRANDY, FLOUR, FLAXSEED AND RWISINS. 5 pipes finely flavored Bordeaux 4th proof brandy 54 casks clean flaxseed 500 bbls floor, Baltimore Howard - street 200 boxes bkm raisins For sale by GEO. M. WILSON", Feb 28 130 Water - st. FLOUR, TOBACCO, tic. WO bbls. superfine Flour h!?! Richmond To - yicco b do new, 10 casks Flaxseed Landing from sundry vesnt ls. For sale by D1VIE BETH UN E i CO. feb25 No. 92 Ciffe - Hoase - slip. W HEAT 1300 bbls southern wheat, afloat, ana tor saie ny mh I VIRGINIA FLOUR. tO bbls. will be land - ad this day from Khr. Driver, atUurlieg - slip, for sale by R. GH.XESriE, fob 28 112 Front - street. COTTON, DELR SKINS, c 2 bales Sea HandCotLn 1 1 bundles Deer Skins 1 tierce and 1 bbl. Fur. 14200 Staves and Heading, afloat, and for sale by R. a C. W. DA VEXPO RT Si CO. fob SI PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL. The well known ship. NESTOR, Sterling, master, can accommodate three or four more passengers. A pply on board at Murray's wharf, or to CHARLE9 HALL, mh 3 3t No. I Beavcr - st. The brig MARY, Captain Brewster, a regular trader, and will have imme diate dispatch. For freight of two or three hundred bbls. or passage for three, apply on board, at i'liie - btreet whan, or to mil 3 N. & D. TALCOTT. For Mobile and Ulaktlry, The snbsiantial, fast sailing packet schooner NASSAU, capt. Hitchcock, a regular trader, haviug two thirds or her cargo engaged, will sail ou the 15th List. For freight or passage, having good accommodations tor cabin auj steerage p:twengers, apply to FLIERS ii HK.RRICK, mh 3 29 Cututirs - fclip. For Hale, F night or Ciiurter, A new pilot boat schooner, about I?0 tons nurthen. bunt in tne nest manner. copper fastened, and in complete order to receive a cargo. Apply to N. L. ic G. GRISWOLD, mh 3 83 South - street. For Sule, Freight or Charter, The ship MIRROR, 335 tons burthen, 2 years old, ju.t been hove out, Slid m cojiplele order to receive acar;o is a first rate tbip, and may be tent to sea with small expence. Apply on board, between r ly - MarUel aud Burlmg - rlip, or to N. L.&G. GRISU OLD, mch 3 6 South - st. A Fessel wanted for Ireland, A good fast sailing VBibfcL that ' ul carry t orn b to .00 tierces n.x seed, and can be immediately dispatched, will bet.'ken up for a port or ports in Ireland. Ap ply at No. 4 SUte - street. mh 3 3i . . tor bale, It tight or Charter, . 4M A Dew pilot boat built schooner, about I?ll'?n Inn hnrthrn. built in the best man ner ul i - .vxl materials, aud cornier fastened, a very fast sailing vessel, and may be seut to sea at small expense .i pply to N. L. Si G. GRISWOLD, mch 3 36 South - st. For Sale. Freight or Charier. Tl, fesl vuil,,, - l,ri.r SAILOR BOY. . - - - - pi r. ' I. Rmlman. makter : uow rradv to re ceive a cargo ; 175 tons, and will carry about 600 cnbks flaxseed. Apply on board, eait side r ly aiancci wnari, or to D. BETUUNE It CO. mh 2 92 C. H. slip. Far CHA HL HHToA, S. C. 4fl5 The elegant, new, and fast sailing parv Vh - .t schooner TONTINE, S. Hoyt,mas - U r, will sail on Wednesday next, having a large proportion of her freight. For the rejidue, or pafsagc, hav in, very superior accnmmodaticns, apply ou board, at pier uu. 0, eaul side Burung dip, or to SAUL ALLEY, mh 2 S3 Pme - st. rr i J'. CHOlX, i The regular trading coppered brig WILLIAM - HENRY, to uil on the lUUi inst. For freight or pawnee, having fine accommodations, upply to READE Si DE PEY5TER, mh2 Iw 31 Old - slip. WANTED TO CHARTER, jS ror a souutern nu i, venri ui i w ii31to 1400 barrets burtheu ; immediate dis v t - . i . i r , jum patch wul be given. Apply to LAIDLAW, GIRAULT Si CO. mh 2 3t 87 Cotfee - House - slip. tVA'Jil'kh TO CHARTER, A SHIP of the first class, burthen iiisiifrnm 20" ,0 400 touv to proceed immediately to a southern port, aud there to load for a port in Cireat - Bntain. VOSE & LOW, mh 2 3t - No. 169 Pearl - st. For Hale, freight or Cliarter, The sulistantial brig RECOVER, Bnraham, master, 242 ton, will carry a - e cargo, mid is in readiness for a voyage; lies at pier no. 10. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, Feb 23 28 South - street. i - 'or Freight or Charter, The sch'r. ADELINE, captain Tup - per. A freieht to Onoi to. Lisbon, or a southern port, would be pieferrcd. Apply on board, at Fly - market wharf, or to it. OIL." .BM'IK, fob 27 112 Fmnt - st. Fur iW V.iJMTA it. The fast sailing packet biij AURORA, irtiS Wm. Thomt'soii, matter, wilt sail on t ediivsdav cext in the me in time will take what freight m.y oP'er ; for vhi'h, or passage, bav in oacellcnt acconuncKutlious, apply ou board est side Old - slip, or to. rOTTfi M'KINNE, Feb 26 68 South - st. For H tLMIA'filW, A". C. y I nc srhr ALt,Ll.t releg I upper, fijiuaslcr, will be dispatched immediately. For freight or pana.? nppl v to R. GILLESPIE, 1 12 Front - st. Who offers for sale, 100 bbls tar, and a pan el of W. O. hhd staves, receive J by said vessel Also 200 bblssupf. Richmond flour 55 bhds Richmond aud Petersburg tobacco 20 tierces rice ; 21 bales upland cotton 55 hhds molassf s ; 200 bags colFee lied and white port wiue, in hhJs and qr. Madeira do do casks Claret wine, iu boxes of 1 dozen each 4 small boxes rotton laces An invoice of Dutch coods, consisting of snufl boxes, slates, stile pencils, marbles, jewellery, violins, ladies' work boxes, cologue water, He. Feb 24 FOR AMSTERDAM, The staunch brig MARGARET, captain Funk, ha considerable part of Iter c.tigo engaged, and will be dispatched without aeluy. r or ircigni or passage, appiy io II. vus. No. 74 Washington - street, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 19 tf No. 72 Wahinifton - street. For FREIGUT or CH.1KTi, The fast sailing schr. SALEM, burthen 1100 bbls. has made but two voy ages, ana is now hi reauuicss to receive a cargo. For terms apply on board, at Pine - street wharf . - or to G. G. & 8. HOWLAND, feb C6 77 Washington - street. For .vi - .f or CHARTER. The valuable fast sailing brig AG - XESS. captain Harris, at Fly - msrket wharf, two years old, burthen 184 tons, will stow upwards of S00 hhds. is in all respects in excellent order, and will be ready to receive a cargo in two dajs. Apply to K. 4: D. TALCO FT, feb 26 64 South - street. RICHMOND TOP ACCO70hhd ofcboice Richmond Tobacco for sale l y feb 28 W.VI. tz SAM. CRAIG. K TRON and COTTON. 72 toes Log. Iron, as - I sorted sizes landing from brig Thames, iron New - Orleans. ALSO 100 square bales prime Upland Cotton landing from schr Union, from WUmington, lor sale by G. G. fc S. HOWLAND, feb 11 - 77 Washington - street. mOBACCO, BEEF and IRON. 200 hhd. JL prime jeatociiy i ooacce 250 bbls. Boston Beef. No. 1. 2. and 3 20 ton. English Bar Iron. For .ale at No. 98 Wall - street, by run 2 lw TALMAN k TORRET. TO LET, From the first of May next, a three story brick house in Greenwich - street, between Liberty and Courtlandt - streets. Inquire at 137 Greenwich - street mil 3 tf FOR SAI.K, 4i a very prouianie r ak.yj, oi i iu acres, two uards under cultivation, the residue woodland, situate on the sea shore, a quartet of a mile below the narrows, on tlie claim li - laua side aiici a short ride from the steam boat ferry binding . It eives a very extensive view ol the bay and en virons ot New - York, withio the Narrows, and of sandy Hoou and th ocean tor prospect is equalled by none. The title is unqurstion;ihl. 1 wo thirds ol Hie purchase money mny reinniu seeured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Foun tain on Hie premises, or to W. A. SEELY, 143 Greenwich - street. TO LET, a conveniei t new 2 story house, adjoining the above, with a gurden and about an acre of land. For terms apply as above. mh 3 eodtf TO RE LET, From tlie 1st of May next, the house No. a State - street Euquire at the premises. inoZlw FOR SALE, . The two - story brick front Home anl Lot No. 33 Cherry - street For terms, Sic. apply at 76 Pearl - slreet. mar 3 tfSijl TO BK LET, sjnjcl And possession to be given immediately or on the 1st May next, the elegant house No 43 Wall - street, or any part thereof, separately for offices or tamilies. knriuire of ISRAEL FOOTE, mh 3 No. 41 Wall street. F.j ft S. - il.E .i T .iUCllON, f!v Mpssrs. RLEECKEH. k BIBEY, at ine Tontine CcflVe House, on the 18th day of March, instant, at 12 o'clock, the House and uu of ground, the late residence of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, situated at the corner oi Greenwich and Liberty - streets, with the office appertaininir to it in Liberty - street. The hcuse and oiln - e are in complete repnir, and may be examined by persons desirous of purchasing, between the hours of twelve and two, every day lielbre the sale. Thirteen thousand dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. For further particulars apply at the auction room. mh 3 df r RANGES BRUCE. EOR &AI.E. FOUR lots on Walker ; I on White ; 4 on Chapel, east fide i 3 do west ; 1 on corner Pro voit andChanple ; 2 do on Provost ; 2 on Lipe - nard : 31 on Hudson, between Spring and Hud son Situate : 2 on Huds - ou Square ; 3 on Vestry j .1 a - L . . f . r i I on ursurosses; aon r'ruigj io'j:. irniiiie, ui - tween Varick and Hudson; 17 on Doiuinick. between Varick U Huuton ; 2 on Greeiiwicb - st 30 on Laureus; 12 oi Wooster; II on Bmome, between Wooster and Laurens ; 1 on Grand ; V4 in a block, bouuded by Grand, Broome, Willed and fitt - streets. For terms f the above lots, which will be advantageous to purchasers, apply at No. S Green wich - sfreet, or R. MONTGOMERY LIVINGSTON. feb 3 3t To the Citizeiuot .Va! - I or. ZERAH HAWLEY Physician and Dentist, would inform the inhaoitants of New - York, that he has taken an office at No. 321 Pearl - street, where he will extract, dean. Jilt, Jit and set Teeth in the most approved m.inner. fie will also prevent any irregularity of the secondary teeth, if application is made to him in season. He flutters himself, Iroiu the experience he has had in hi. profession, be shall be able to give general satisfaction. r or cnamcier ine punuc are reierreu io wir. Geo. P rthipman, merchant, No. 63 South - street, aud Doctor A. Ives, No. 18 Pearl - rtrwt. ' Whom U mauconerm. : fj" Thi. certifie., that Dr. Zerah Hawley is a regular urri pnysician, aon in goo a BianuiiiK with hi brethren in thi. place ; that be has pHid particular attention to the art of Devtulrv. hus studied the best European works on the subject, and has given very good satisfaction in this branch to his cu - touiers, who are persons oi tne nrst respectability in this city. We therefore, with en tire confidence, recommend Or. Hawley to tlie citizens of New - Yorb, as n dentist. r.neas Alunson I Ives Nathan Smith I Jonathan Knicht. Professors of the Medical Institution of Yale Col - College. New - Haven, Jan 22, 1C18; rah 3 lw GEOGRAPHICAL nid I OFOGRAl'HICAL WORKS, &c. LUFFMAN, from London, will in a fewdays offer for sale at WM. HOOKER'S Chart & .1 Quadrant Store, 202 Water - street, the greatest variety of Map. of Countries, Plans ol Cities and Forts, Ports and Harbour's, Battles, &c. ever opened in this country, copies of which are ready lr inspection. mh 3 m A FRENCH GEN'l LEMAM. lately arrived in this city, who is well acquainted with all the languages, modern and ancient, and who at preteut teaches a select class id the r rench. Spanish, Latin and Greek, would wish to lake as boarders one or two young gentlemen, not under 1 year. o( age, who would wish to be instructed in any of the above named language. The clas which at presei.t attend, him, from 4 o'clock till 7, every evening, he would wish to encrease to the number oi i2j For further particulars enquire at No. 18 Courtland - ttreet. mh2eiv!3t ' I H E public is respect - X fully informed that the ELEPHANT now exhibiting at No. 296 uroadway, will positive - y be removed en or a - 'mot the 1st April next, fhose that wish to grati fy their ii.rioity. by viewing the wondenul works of nature, will do well to embrace this opportunity. Admittance 25 rents. mh3tf GEXTEEL BOARD IMS. FRANKLIN HOUs - E. This new, spacious and splendid Building, kituated in Broadway, the great and fashionable btreet dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of Dev st will be opened by the subscriber on tlie 1st of May next, for the reception ot Boarders. It is fitted, and will be furnished in a man ner not surpassed, for convenience and elegance, by any private dwelling in the city. It occupies the most eligible situation, being central, in view of the Park and City - Hull ; the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of tlie adjacent country for a circumference of SO miles, including the Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour i and it is believed that no House in tlie country ex cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit uation : and no expense having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleasant and retired a - partments. The choicest of Wine and Liquors will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be make the entertainment plea - i - .nt, rare and excellent. This establishment is intended exclusively (or Genteel Boarding. MRS. IIB.UEKSU. - V. Wanted to hire, an English Person, as head waiter to the above establishment one who is perfectly qualified in every respect. He must show the most undoubted evidence of his a - bility and good character none other need apply. Application may be made st 15 Dey - street fb 24 D&Ctf LOGWOOD. 40 tons Cam, achy Logwood, landhg at pier No, 10. from bru: Recover, and forsale by JOSEPH OSHORN, ml, 3 23 S - uth - it'tet. LOGS GRAND BALL. MR. WHALE has the honor of making known to the Ladies and Gentlemen, that hisnuual Grand Ball will take place on Tuesday evening, the 10th t f March, at the City Assembly Room, City Hotel. In the course of the evening: a pastoral ballet will be performed by twentv of Air. W's pupils, in which will be in troduced a variety of elegant fancy dances, as danced in all tiie fashionable circles ot Lionuon aud Paris. 1. Le entree of the corps de ballet, by 16 Loung ladies and 4 young gentlemen, e figure corps de bitiiet 3. .Minuet de Devonshire and Gavotte, as compared by Monsieur Ve.tris by Master W hale and a' young lily - 4. A pastorale pus de iron, by 3 young ladies j. a Scottish ballet r.y a young muies. 6. Ac.'siwiue pas de deux by the Master Whales'' 7. Minutt de la courand eavotle. fas compo sed and danced by Monsieur and Madame tiaru. - il by 4 young ladi. 8. Naval Hornpipe, by 4 yi ung gentlemen 9. Le shawl dunce, by 2young ladies .10 A Scotch shrtiilriite, by a young lady 1 1 Gavotte de Vcistris, by 4 young ladles and 4 young gentlemen 12 Princess Charlotte of Wales' Scotch strathspey minuet, by 4 young ladies. 13 Cossaqiie Hyi ipo by Master W. Whale. 14 Madeiunisclli! P.irisol's favorite hornpipe, by 3 young ladies 15 Allemande fiancais, by three young ladies, (a style of dunrins taught hy the most emi - iiert professors in London and Paris, ecu - liaily adapted for the grace of arms and elegant carriage. 16 A grand pas seul, composed by Mr. W. niter the style ol Elder veMris, by master Whale 17. Finale bv the corps de ballet Tickets, one dollar, to be had at the bar of the City Hotel, Messrs. Dubois, Wilson, & lie wit's music stores, and at Mr. Whale's residence, No. !. Vnnile water street. mar J lit FA LL.i IS LE PROPERTY. Fnrsale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing t. - :i.llihmeiit, in the county ol Morris, niid state ol ew - Jerse' ; comistins ol a rolling and slit ting Mil!, in good repair, uhicb works two pair ol rollers and cutters, shears. Sc. all at the same time : a valuable fortre with two hies and one hammer in good repair ; h slo. - k of coal nnd ere on hand, sufficient to make fifty tons n( iron ; t go - .d saw mill ; a cut nail fai t.ny in good repair, sufficient to employ thirty men, and mpy be ix tended to employ one hundred more ; a I rail cu lm;: machine and n steel lunmce intiooil repair convenient to the works is a .(ore and a nuiiiln - r of houses for the accomrnoilatiun of lamilies, and excellent stabling lur trains ti nt may Ire ncces sarv to keen lor the uue i.l the. tahbshmcnt ; nl so, orchards, pasture and inn.d.nv lots, imrre - diately ailjoining the works, uitu timber Und in ni.V uunuiiiy, noi ejcrenins iwo inoucniiu nvr hundred aries, uilhiii three miles of said works The great vein of iron ore, commencing at Hie noted - xickasunny mine, run. more than t miles through this tract, nnd three mines are novvopen, from which the forges are supplied with ore, and more may be opened and ore rniscd to supply works to anv extent : the mines are within l ho mile, of said works, and rood roads, so that th ore can be raised aud delivered at the fonre al two a id A halldollais per ton. The aNive described works are situated or: Rockaway River, about eifrht miks from Mor - nstown. twenty live miles lioin r.brabetli J ou and ahou the same distance from Newark, with good turnpike nmds leading iroin said works t each plait, in a pleasant healthy situation, nnd in a good neighborhood, then - being two Presbyterian Churches within lour miles, nnd a friends' meeting house within two mile of said place. 1 his stand lor collecting bar iron lor the s ti ling mill is very commanding, there being neai I) one hundred furze tires in the county ; most ot them are on the streams above Dover, and tne iron, in going to New - York market, can conve niently pass those works. At this mill 'our tons oi oar iron nave oeen am nnri uunoieo into nail and spike rods in a day, and upwards oi one nunarea vns oi nans nave neen niaae iu a year. A large amount of good, may be sold at place in excnins;e lor oar iroo.pmciiring sup plies. Sic. tic. There are valuable .cite, both a hove It below on thi. tract,oo which more works may be erected. ALSO, That valuable well kn - .wn farm, Iving in the township of Randolph, ulojt two miles from Do vtr, and six miles bom Morristown, and wilhia one quarter of a mileof the Union turnpike road. near rieusant valley, railed the Lustiiicry t mm, containing nlioul three hundred acres, about one fourth pari of which is excellent meadow, one lou' - th pail ploueh and pasture land, and the re mainder timber. A rousiderahlepurt of the timber is of the original rrowth, and is suitable lor sawing, the other part is thrifty young timber, from fill. en to twenty veanerowth. There are on said farm upwards of six hundred opple trees, in one order, eight to sixteen years old, the most of them ol grafted fruit, and more thin half ol them Harison applts, to famous for rider. The meadows are tint and tree irom stone, through which runs two lively streams of water, and nearly the whole may be watered. One of thcitc stream i sufficient lor a erist - mill or ether works ; there aie saw mills, a grist - mill, a ful - line mill and oil mill, on the tame slritauj. On said farm are two valuable (cites for water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raise a considerable poml, with trvehe or filteen feet bead. Below this the water can be taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on good firm ground, it more than twenty leel tall. In this way the water can be worked twice over with the expense of only one dam. There is on said larm an extensive cider mill with four presses nnd cisterns, boused and well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hundred barrels of rider. Connected to the cider works is the still - house, so conveniently situated that the whole npyntioa is completed without pumping. The water for condensing the spirits is supplied from a never falling spring, within six rods of the still Jiousc, and has sufficient head to run into the ciSerns. The buildings consist of two small frame dwellings, one good frame barn, 54 feet long by 26 fret wide, under a part of which is a good cellar ; there are alto hay house, cowsheds, Sic. ALSO, Valuable property at Longwood, In tlie township ofJcfleron, six miles from Dover, on the main branch of Rockaway River, consisting of s very valuable forge, with two fires and one hammer ; abundance of water tlie whole year, a large pond, and a very warm sitaation, ana for fifteen years past has made as much iron as any two fires in the county. The ore is within four miles, and a part of the road turnpiked. The several tracts connected with thi. establishment amount altogether to about fourteen hundred, acres, the greater part timber, to make a durable supply of coul for tlie force. Immediately ad r i nine the force is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient lor tnree larms nl one hundred acres each, with houses, orchard and barns, beside several good dwellings for the families that may be employed in working the forge. The whole or any part of this very valuable property will be sold at such prices anil credit as will make it worthy tf attention ot any person wishing to purchase. or lurUr luloriuaiioo enquire of JACOB LOSEY, at Dover. ISRAEL CANFIELD, at Morrifnwn. BLACK WELL t M't ARLAN, al N. York, feb 26 D&Ctf 791 HERRINGS, boxe. 1st sort Herrings of superior 177 do 2d do) quality. For sale bJAMBRELFNG & PEARSON, JM f3 67 South - street. rpoBACCO. FLOUR, &c. 2 hhds. I Richmond Tobacco sup 65 libit fine Richmond Flour 6 do fine MidiKniL'S 1901b. r lotant Indigo 100 French Demijohn. 5 ur. easks old Serciat Madeira Wine 4 do old Malmsey do do For sale by W. Sc S. CRAIG. Janiy 13 FIJIXSEED k. BEAJS'S. bbls flaxseed and 10 bbl. whits bei - s. lor saia oy HENDERSON t CAIRNS, Feb 55 . 81 Pine - .t. PUBLIC SALES. . P. L. MILLS A CO. . . . . Wednesday, 4th March, At 12 o'clock on the premise., the Lot and House in .Sullivan - street, 3 doors southeast of Broome - st. the trout of the house is of t rick, 21 feet wide and 35 deep; the lot is 21 feet front and rear and 70 feel deep there are 6 rooms witn nre - piaces, and 3 bed - rooms ; the front rooms are coruiced with bard coats, the entry is finished in the same maimer The above house is built of the best material, aud wll calculated for a genteel family - - - (lie term will be reasonable and made known ou the day of sale. Any persons wishing to purchase at private sale, will call al tlie auction room, or on the premises. AT TRIV ATE SALE. 5000 acres of land, in Wood County. (Ya. j within 10 miles of Marietta, erd 5 nuVs ircit the Ohio River. 121 - 0 do in the town of Hamburgh, Clinton County, New - York. 400 do. in l ike County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent improved farm ol 200 acres, on the Cotl.trtou turnpike road. The two last will be txehanged for property in the city of New - York, or I'Tmetcfun - dize. Apply at the auction nx ni. MARBLE IOR BLIl.DiltU, le. TH E proprietor of thi on Uctn mrrblo qna - ric, near King's - Erid '. give no'irc, that they have on hand, ivr.d me receiving, at the King'' - Bridge . - Voiie nnd Ltme - iard, foot of Beach - street, on tne Hii - Xou river, an cx:eiMve stork of niarbln lor building, of the following descriptions, viz : Ashlar Coping Watertable Fcur ilation S!one Steps Cbiiniiey - Vitce Flaiini - m. Facings Silt, Lm'.els Columns An his Al o Linn ollhL but quality. tEr A const mt supply of tai al e materials may ue calcula'.cd upon ; m J iho - je de'iiocs of ptiichaiiuj, or making cm'mcnis, will apply to LRA LUDLOW, Fob 1 1 At the Yard. STKEl.r MAM RE. fj - The contracts which nre to be entered into lor the street inanme, will commence on the 1st rf Mny next, for 1 or 2 y tars, to he mentioned in tiie sealed proposals; and the streets are to he swept and cleaned, from the 1st of March to the t .if January, in every year. Feb21 - NO'l ICE. (t?j - The tubsciit - ers huving received a general iM:gmu "lit ol all the estaie of John Murray A: Shis, icr the benefit of creditors as expressed ia Hit a .fiii ne: t, have authorised Tetor Lud - lov: to 'iqi i..n'e .he unsettled and to rn i ivc pa) men' of' all debts due to the said firm, or to the ir.'.viclfl paitners - who will attend to the same atiiii i - Uke, No. Ill 1'efirl - street. WILLIAM PAYAKD, feb 54 tf HENRY BARCLAY. T.IK FORUM rX3 Will be opctfed ou Friday evening next, I he 27lli iiiitsut, at tho .Assembly Hocm. City Hut. I, when the following question will be dis cussed : ' Onglilthc minds of women to bo cul tivated by the same studieras Ihore men ?" Discussion to coniruciice at 7 precisely. A ti bet will ntimita hu'y nnd gentleman. Tu kits to bo hn - 1 nl I). Longworth's, Park, and hi ;li dior, a'. rents rvh. The sui,.: , nn nl? of the e vvi.'ng nre ap propriated to the : witty foi tin re.iil of retprct - able iifd indigent 1 ein:.!. s. Feb 25 NUilCK. fjr - AS we Jainc and .niiuc! Mninniss, Khicksmilht, have cou.m'inccd pr.rtiier;hip, at No. 19 IJey - street i ic i.auti.iu the i i . . . I . . ; . - a - a 1 J puonc, noi i' lane or re..iMi. av.y .., uioorie - ment. Hold, or uny ithe; . - - urity in the came of said firm, as their i.usir.i t - is lo'he carried 0i without k.ich ufjistiipce i:b.ui the pursoual atsigument of the parties con . i si.w ,air fii - m. JAVKS ..lAGINMSS, fl'b2fi lw S.A.VL. MAG1NN1SS. OCT ADMi.. 1 UA I Ms on the of Philip I. Hone, deceased, having bee a cM..ld to the subscribers All person, having iftmaud. against said Lst.dc are requested to produce them duly authenticate!, to John AnthT, Esq. No. 33U i'earl stieet, and nil persons indebted to the said estate are requested to make immediate payment at the snme place. ANNA HONE, THOMAS HAZARD, jr. JOHN ANTHON. feb 26 lw If? - Mrs. ANN SPENCER, widow of the late Cart. Alunson Siicdc r, would feci herself particularly obliged by his creditors, if they would send their accounts, iu the course of the en suing week, to No. 3 Whife - strect. A prompt attention to tin. request would ne.r ner minnirom a considerable nhare i f uncertainty for correct infoirantion nftrn amount of property lett by Cupt. 8. feb 27 lw COTILLIO.V PARTIES. rr7 The Managers give notice that the next Cotillion Party will be at the City - IIolcl, on Thursday evening the 5th March. feb 28 5t irt" A uieitm2 of the New - York Irish Emi grant Association will be held at Harmony Hall, nn the evening of Thursday, the 5th instant, at 7 o'clock. JOHN W. MULLIGAN, Sec'ry. mh3 3t MECHANICS BANK.. U"7 The stockholders m e hereby notified that an election for Ihirteeu Directors will be held on the first Tuesday in AprJ next, and that the poll will be opened at the Banking House in Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. nud closed at 3 o'clock P. M. " By order of the President and Directors. mch S W. FISH, Cash'r. A CARD. J7 Vr. CHARRUAUD respectfully informs the ladies and gentlemeii, that, a. be could not procure musicians for his grand ball on Thursday, 12th in.t. he is obliged to give the ball a day sooner, which will take piics on Wednesday evening next, 11th inst. in the Assembly (loom of the City Hotel. mh 3 Ci . MILITIA FINES For 1814. At a numerous meeting of citizens, who have paid, or are now subject to Militia Fines, imposed by the court martial, of which Ccnl. Studdiford was President, and flujjh Maxwell, eq.Ji.dTe Advocate, in theyer 1U14, held last evening at the Ba:.k Coffee House It was unanimously resolved, that a committee be appointed to lake proper mvice up - on the subject, and r port thereon All ciiizens who feel themselves aggrieved by the imposition of the snid fine, are request, ed to attend at the BankCo.Tee Houston Mon - day evening the 9th inst. at 7 o'clock, to hear the report of the committee. mh 3 6t PRIZES, (0I.D BV ROBERT WAITK, JCNR.' 15,440, 10,000 Dollars 15,59 3,000 Dollars I7JG5, 1,000 Dollars 4 164, .... 1,000 Julian 5,701, . . . . . 1,000 Dollars 4,647, . . . . 1,000 Dollars 20,263, 1,000 Dollar 19,002, . . . . i,uw Dollars And several oi vhi, iw, sc. oic. PRIZES. Which may he obtained of r. waitx, jpkr. in tlie Milford and Owego Road Lottery. 1 of $70,000 I 10 of $ 1,000 1 of 35,000 30 rf 500 2 of . 10.C00 140 of 100 2 of 5,000 Tickets and tliarts iu this Grand Lottery, are rapidly soiling at the ofacaof - - .we sm bkj ah 3 :t

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