The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 6, 1939 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1939
Page 8
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PTA CONCLAVE HELDATBRITT Program Presented in Auditorium of Town's High School BRITT-The P. T. A. held 1 February meeting at the high school auditorium. The boys' glee club under th direclion of Miss lone Lease san 'Cornfield Melodies," "Climb Up Children, Climb," "Oh Lucinda and. "How Can I Leave Thee " Miss Bertha Nelson and" he second grade pupils gave a dem onstration of the work being don m that grade. Edward Wheelan played a piano solo. "Today's Youth at Work," from the standpoint o£ the teachers wa given by Miss Jessie Ross, Miss Lelia Dodd and Vf. Harvey. The next P. T. A. meeting wil be held March 27, when Mrs Henry N. Graven of Mason City will speak on "Schools of India. To Seek 'Amicable 7 Divorce MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Man Found Wearing Two Rings on Toes SANTA ROSA, Cal., (U.PJ--Po- lice arrested a suspect here on the grounds that they believed no honest reason could possibly be given for the assortment of articles he had in his grip. These included a motion picture exposure meter in a bakelite case- a pair of dental forceps; two leather jackets; three dime banks- all empty; a large silver medal; razors, wallets--also empty--and many, many garments. Their conviction seemed confirmed when, searched at the city jail, he was found to be wearing two diamond rings on his toes. Paralyzed Boy Saved by Homemade "Lung" LONDON, (U.PJ--A father and mother have saved the life of their son after doctors had all but abandoned hope. For nine days and nights they took turns operating a special apparatus which enabled the bov who was stricken with infantile paralysis, to breathe. Gordon Bennett, S, contracted the disease last August. Recently the paralysis spread to his lun°s A swinging apparatus, which operated by levers, expanded and contracted the lungs, w a s c o n - structed and the boy's parents volunteered to work the machine : a £ a fhp nd ?j 81 ? they wcrked - At Jast their efforts were rewarded Cordon's lungs became strone enough to allow him to be removed from the machine. He is well on the road to recovery now. r a FELLOWSHIP OF PRAYER Daily Lenten Devotional By DR. GAIUS G. ATKINS WATCHERS OF THE SKY up your eyes on high, and Carol Ann Albers Honored by Group POPEJOY -- The Oakleaf 4-H Tvf""?^?!" 16 ' at the home °f Mrs. Ed Nolte Saturday afternoon Af^' fC, u d ' asEistan t hostess! After the business session and lesson presentation a social hour was held as a farewell courtesy to Carol Ann Alters, who is moving sehold who 1 * hath things . . . Read Job 38:24-32. Those who see the stars created these Isa. 40:26-31; only New Fire Bomh Weight Enables Heavier Load LONDON, (U.R)_ A new type incendiary bomb, which is so light * g e bomber could em ' was - - - - ,, ~^._ me aLtiiii Univ from city streets and through the smoke of factory chimneys--°et at Milk r P ° 01 ' intimati °ns of steUations. And yet seen from ? TM t 1 ? 1 V n places ' later w 'nter constellations mount toward the ^i^i ^ dorma "t fields are clothed with a mystic glorv borrowed from the skies and the heavens declare the glory of God Our sense of God is like that.' The murk of life darkens it arTf TMi pleasures and cares and feverish occupation cloud our vision. It is well to get awav" sometimes --from the crowded ways of life to be rebaptfcrfin the sense of the Eternal. We ma? «. B n ^ = » k Gorf fgr (he sh | dm ^ we may gain a new vjs- Man" Lesson-Sermon Subject at Science Church Service Here "Man" was the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in the Church o£ Christ, Scientist on Sunday The Golden Text was from Ecclesiastes 2:26, "God giveth to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy." The Lesson-Sermon comprised quotations from the Bible and from the Christian Science textbook "Science and Health w'ith with Pl t ehnd with the pward vision Foreivp ab 0 v y?S so W above the confusions of our 6 r l - Rebuke our -- released from a at the same time, and would fail 'at thp ra t e O f ee ? ca ^]ated," he , a one large bomber IIv ing in a straight ^ne at 200 ,nilS an hour at 5,000 feet or more and releasing 20 bombs a second T e t r f",^ rM «»nt^ning 15 per start buf !' dln ss. might be ab! eP to start a fire over 60 or 70 yards." ATTEND MEETING Tnn 1 '^ 5 ^^ - M*- Vem Toll Mrs. Glen Kocher and MTM t k' Y ° U "SS attended a meeting on FriH Rebekah - 10dge 3t Wav «-"| on Friday evening when a class of candidates were initiated. MORRIS Food Store 221 6th Street S. Vf. OUR PRICE 13c MACARONI, 2 Ib. Box BLACK WALNUT, MEATS, Ib SUPER SUDS. - fi °* .............. 5C COMET PEACHES, 5 f t _ No. 10 Can . . . . . 3°C Dried APRICOTS, « O Pound .......... AOV POPCORN, 3 fbs. for We are Paying lie a Dozen in trade for Eggs. i*^ IOC -- -- m- ^^ · ». f INCOME TAX come, net income and^tax net income, should be noted particularly, inasmuch as they are vitailv important to the whole subject of the income tax. »««j«.v o. Gross income includes in general all income from any . One of the Bible citations read?W hat the Lord he ^ . It is he that hath made us and not we ourselves; we are his f th V he P "£ his pasf " ?r Inf ° his gates wi » iving, and into his courts with praise: Be thankful unto him and bless his name" (Psalms 100: Among the selections from the £ !f st lt an . Science textbook was the following: . . "Man is the family name for all GoT~I» ^fr a i"? dau §hters of Lrod. All that God imparts moves '" acc ° rd Jith Him, reflecting goodness and power" (p 515) s Here and There -,T Iver Grove - Minn. MANLY-Mrs. Oscar Roslein and daughter of Inver Grove , ''""·' ^ S"^' 5 of h« sister-in- wee'k Richards this Return to Chicago LfcROY, Minn.-Mr. and Mrs. O. Owen returned to their home in Chicago after a two weeks' Mrs H ' H - "f r P , arents ' ^"nd Mrs. H. Bjortonet. Attends Funeral 1he gross income o usual business consists of tl-= gross profits on sales, plus any in" come from investments and ind- dental or outside operations" The return must show gross sales, purchases, and cost of goods sold. To reflect income correctly, inventories are and e n r i f n n end of each taxable year architect " A lawyer, doctor, yS1Cla "' ,l entist ' «"« or other professional man must include in gross income all anv Hn,f fleS ^compensation ° any kind for professional services ,, V et !n «me upon which the tax rt P ^f, S 1 SS 1S ,P OSS inco;ne IMS the deductions allowed by law. Such deductions include business and professional expenses, such as salaries, pensions, ond bonuses to ,,,, ~» ~K~ri f de P redati ° n .'de P IetioV contributions, etc. Failure to understand deductions against gro"s income and credits against net income has resulted in numerous errors on .the part of taxpayers An earned-mcome credit is provided in addition to the personal excmpaon and credit for depen- TM,"^'» e »t" f ° r the pur P° se of com- puang the normal tax. Having ar- nved at the net income, the next step is to deduct the personal exemption and. credit for dependents, ihe balance represents the surtax net income. The next step is to deduct from such balance the CT ^, ts , to which the taxpayer i" entitled. The remainder represents' the amount of net income subject to the normal tax of 4 per cent Any amount of surtax net income hnM C' J r y Wh!ch Will be held Saturday. Parents of Son Bud " Daughter Is Born THOMPSON -- Mr and Mr* George Heitland, Jr.are parenS of a girl weighing 7 pounds From and from _ , ,, Weekend at Rake HAKE-- Mrs. Justin Torgerson of Bode and Mrs. Ernest JensoS and son Keith of Ottosen arrived s ? end lhe weekend at 3 Halvers °" a«d P- J. homes. Duane Halverson n i e d A sHn ^Wwo" to to spend the weekend there visit in Minnesota EMMETSBURG-Mr. and Mrs. Cromer . Friday tn ' P fo for Tcr-^r';""* 0 " Operation ^ D YA RD M -*- Charles Hil- rin^ * " re ^P a rer 1 ts of an 8 ',4 pound daughter born Thursday March 2 at the Mueller hospital excess o · u ' s s u - lect to the surtax. The surtax is to be computed in accordance with the rates provided for in the var- ous so-calleS surtax brackets RE-ELECT TRIO OF DIRECTORS Fiftieth Annual Meeting Held by Rockwell Society ROCKWELL--The fiftieth annual meeting of the stockholders of the Rockwell Farmers' society was held at the American Legion hall Saturday afternoon presided over by. President H. A. Holman. Reports showed a total of business for the year 1938 of $175,000. Expenses of every nature reached a total of 510,520. Three retiring directors, Frank Sturges of Bath Olaf Peterson of Owen and H. J. Brown of Mason township were re-elected. George Godfrey of Ames was the principal speaker and urged a loyal co-operative spirit for all lowans and the entire nation. The stockholders voted to pay patron- ae dividends to members of the society. A free dinner was served at noon. Visits Coast Guard Defense MONDAY, MARCH 6, 1939 Institute Held at Cresco; Des Moines Man Chief Speaker Motorist Splashed Slush on Pedestrians to See Them Jump RICHMOND, Ind., #)-_Aquatic sports on a downtown street proved costly in court to Marshall 'Deputy Prosecutor Floyd Gardner said Taylor had been driving near.a sidewalk, splashing slush on pedestrians to see them jump. A man like you." Jud^e Roi7 told the defendant, "ought not to be allowed to drive " He fined Taylor $1 for driving without a license and 55 for speeding. . Hawaiian Beauty Queen Selected Hearsay talk about TJ. S. defenses wasn't enoug-ii for Representative J. Buell Snyder (D, Pa.), who with other members of the house military committee visited Fort Story, Va., to see and hear the big coast guns in action. Cotton ear plugs helped. CRESCO--The Hev. O. G. Herbrecht, state superintendent of young people's work of the Iowa Council o£ Christian Education Des Monies, was the principal out i of county speaker at the Howard A H - f l 1 , , , nt y Sunday School institute Hilis-Lhaliners in held Friday at the Cresco Baptist -r- i r»l FteSVUtS? the Hev - James l hto nka Plan for Others on the program we President C. H. Thayer, ehair- gTM' *?_^- T: M. Nielsen, the, TITONKA _ L , G ^^ ^ prietor of the implement company here, is planning a demonstration of Allis Chalmers machinery at the Tyke theater on Friday. Moving pictures of the maehin- Dumont Classes of Sunday School Give Shower for Couples DUMONT--About 40 attended a covered dish supper Friday evening at the United Brethren church given by Miss Jennie Anderson's young people's class and the Rev. E. M. Miller's married folk's class in honor of four members of Miss Anderson's class who have been married recently They are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alfson, Mrs. Lawrence Noelting and Mrs. Louis Van Horn Mrs F VI. Sorenson read 16 rules for a lappy married life; Mrs. Claire Woodley a recipe from a cook book; Miss Anderson wished them veil as they go to the other class and the Rev. Mr. Miller welcomed hem with a few remarks. ".« *.n.vyni\ci j. iaii i\ji '*£ Meeting oh Friday the Rev. I Miss Lu- . . . Rev. Joseph Yates, Charles Edwards and cille Peckham. Others scheduled were detained because of illness. beauly has been picked at this early daj e , the winner being Leo Lani (above) of Honolulu. Many of our best people are u.ermans, and the people of Germany are no worse than ours. When we criticize Germany, we mean the gbyernment.--Wiscon- sin State Journal. - ery m operation will be shown in the morning and afternoon. The pictures are said to be both educational and entertaining. representative of the manu- rer will be present. West Union Co-Op *e-Elects Officers WEST UNION _ J. s. Crowe president; L. H. Neumann, vice president; Harry Keig, secretary and manager; W. E. Halsteaciand Harry Stolle, directors; and F Vf Pape, director, were re-elected at the annual meeting ol the West Union Co-operative Commission company Saturday afternoon. F W. Pape was elected to the full term as director. Curiosity Almost Costs Life of Man Who Would See Blast GLASGOW, Ky., (^-Curiosity almost cost the life of Dewey Dun- He was one of a group of workmen who set a charge of dynamite under a tree stump, lighted a fuse and scurried for shelter in a nearby store. Dewey stuck his head around a door to see the eplosion and was struck in the face by a piece of the stump. He was taken to a hos- DR.RJ.COEIS NAMED MAYOR Succeeds Steenblock at Belmond;' Chosen by City Councilmen BELMOND--Dr. R. T. Coe veterinarian, was unanimously elect ed mayor of Belmond to fill the vacancy left by the recent death of Mayor Harm Steenblock. The choice was made at a meeting o£ C 1 ?, TM, y counc il held in the city hall Thursday evening. · " C .° e carne *° Bel «iond Jn when he bought 'the veter- mary practice of Dr. Bonstetter He is a graduate of Iowa State college, Ames. He has served in y l a - r l ?." the fire department, of which he was fire chief for three years, and he has been active in all community projects. Council members who \vill vork with Mayor Coe are Fred Fulton, R. L. Kinselh.; A J ' Annual Meeting of Creamery Saturday P L Y M O U T H --The- annual spring meeting of the Plymouth creamery will be held Saturday March 11. /' Farmers in the United States received a casli income of $5,546 000 from hops in 1938. Vfadge Waterhouse iostess at Culture Jub's Gathering RUDD -- Miss Madge Water- ouse was hostess to the Culture ub Saturday afternoon. ·HI , L f uis Bish °P was the ible study leader, Mrs. c. H Sin as W he ^ - leSS ° n le? der ' kinds of music, demons Irating with records and Mrs. Will Kir? win was in charge of the enter-' tamment. Refreshments were served. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Utto Brandau March IB JNTElTRms ^ s i£^l^?S|S"J ·NURITO Dene d w ^ oc t° 1- 3 formula See this New 1939 General Electric It's New Inside and Out! New styling, new features, new convenience--and a. new low price-make this the greatest refrigerator buy G-E ever offered. "Built for keeps" it has every- thmg you want, everything you need in a refrigerator. SELECTIVE AIR CONDITIONS Sub-Fraezing Storage . LowTomperalure with High Huimd.fy Storage . High Humidify with Moderate Temperature Storage · S a f e f y - Z o n e Storage. These difierenc combinations of temperature and humidity keep foods at their fullest, finest flavor and provide the most practical method for food preservation at low cost. styling and thrifting bcouty In design of the sturdy all-steel cabinet. New Cold Storage Compartm*. NewStainless Steel Super-freezer with removable shelf. New Adjustable Interior Spate ond Sliding Shelves. Quitk-Troys thint release two or more cubes af a time --froze up to 48 HK. of ke m 24 horn. And the many other proved features tiiat moke ttw General Electric "Hw buy of yow fife!" GENERAL ^ ELECTRIC T R I P l t - T H R I F T R E F R I G E R A T O R S I V Thi* it not an obsolet* 1938 modal but a big, brand n«w 1939 General Electric af lowest price in G-E history) 50 losy monthly Payment Plan Quiet, Sealed-in-Steel 6-E THRIFT UNIT Built by thcoriginitorsofthc scaled, cold-making mechanism, the world's largcjc clcctricil manufzcturcr. It has forced-feed lubrication and oil cooling, G-E features that mean quiet operation, low current cose, long Iifc4 Thrifty In Price! T h r i f t y In C u r r e n t ! T h r i f t y In U p k e e p ! f fi-E THRIFT ONfT ; daddy of'em ail! ··» PEOPLES* GAS SERVING NORTH CENTRAL **^^^ ELECTRIC COMPANY IOWA'S CITIES, TOWNS AND FARMS jl'p'clock dinner after '\vSich~ "the' ago." I»i .onrt Copjritht, Cfctrlu J,' CUCT " · Airiprifane ,

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