The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 27, 1944 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1944
Page 3
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Cracks Down on Improper Gasoline Coupons FILLING STATION INVENTORY TO BE CUT FOR MISUSE No Loose, Outdated or . Unendorsed Coupons Will Be Accepted : The office of price administration is putting teeth in the gasoline rationing program. Two members of the enforcement division oJ the district OPA "office at Des Moines made that plain in Mason City Wednesday. The thoughtless and careless Misuse ol gasoline coupons has opened the . door. for the black market, they declared, expressing surprise that the public fails to ' appreciate that ration coupons are government documents just like \money. - j A surprising number of coun- I terfeit gasoline ration stamps have been found right in Mason City, according to John \V. 'King, chief -of the OPA gasoline enforcement section -in Iowa, and P. H. Chamberlain, associate rationing representative from Des Moines.' An abrupt stop to cashing of improper ration coupons already is assured, it was announced, because dealers/have been told-that they cannot replace after Feb. 15 gasoline sold on such coupons. Counterfeit coupons are not the biggest problem, the OPA officers continued. They listed the following 4 misuses by the public as particularly prevalent: 1. Failure to indorse on the face of the coupons the slate and license number of the car for which the coupons were issued. 2. Passing of loose coupons. 3. Use of outdated, expired coupons. 4. Use -of. coupons before become valid. This Guadalcanal Diary Began With Fight Against Paralysis Crumpled in the undergi'owth of Guadalcanal, a badly wounded American soldier lay unconscious. The Japs had left him for dead. Throughout that torrid August day the tide of battle had surged back forth across a bitterly ' ONE-LEGGED SKATER--Steve Zablotney, Waterbury, Conn., war plant worker, demonstrates his skill on an ice skate. Zablotney, who pnce managed, a crippled boys' basketball team at Passaic, N. J., also is an expert roller skater. and forth across a bitterly contested strip of jungle. When Marine Don C. Hornbeck of Pontiac, Mich., regained consciousness it was night--and he was 7 miles inside the enemy lines. Almost too weak to move, Hornbeck realized that he must get back to his own lines before daylight. Slowly, painfully he pulled himself together and started crawling through the rank undergrowth'. He paused now and then to rest and listened to the myriad sounds that filled the thick tropic night. Against the familiar voice of the jungle Hornbeck listened for the alien sound o: Japanese soldiers. Then he resumed his labored crawling. Somewhere near-the American lines a busy Jap sniper betrayed his own location. Hornbeck, sore ly wounded though he was wormed his way up to that snipe and killed him. Then he crawlei on. Back in the American lines th story of Don Hornbeck's 7-mil crawl to safety amazed his bud I dies. Butfortitude and courage wer not strangers to Don. In 1938 h was stricken with infantile p; SAILORS ARE BUYING BONDS Patriotism Not Sales Point on Sea Front Guadalcanal Here on the homefront, Ship Departures From Argentina Are Suspended By W. W. COPELAND Buenos Aires, (U,R)--'Argentina they 1 cancelled all ship departures from Buenos Aires Thursday in a swift -""in connection with the national I folow-up to its severance of re- movement to tighten up the regu- 'ations with Germany and Japan lations 51 of the licensed dis- The suspension of ship tributors in the surrounding ter- I partures, along with a companion ritory have been warned to comply, with the following rules: 1. Accept no loose coupons; either detach them from the c u s - . . . . . , , torners book'or see .them detached, designed to lessen the possibility 2 Accept no coupons before ol retaliatory sinkings by axis sub they are valid or after they have marines, expired - · · Three ships had been scheduled ' 3. Accept no unindorsed cou- I to sail from Buenos Aires Thurs pons. Check the license number on the coupons against the license order from the merchant marine for all Argentine ships abroad to j remain in foreign ports pending further instructions, was believec day. Radio telephone. communicatio number of the car. If a -driver between Argentina and Berlin an presents unindorsed coupons, ask Tokyo also was suspended. Mm immediately to indorse ALL] Speedy and drastic measure his coupons, not just'those pre- designed to smash complete! sented at the time. · deep-rooted German and Japanes 4 Check the type of coupon espionage activities in Arsentin against the sticker on the wind- wer * «xP*cted to follow soon. ' shield ' ' " J 1 ' Norman Armour, U. S. ambassa Filling stations which continue dor and Sir David Kelly, Britis to'accept improper ration stamps ambassador, were scheduled to se will automatically put themselves Foreign. Minister Alberto Gilbe out o£ business, Mr. King pointed Thursday for the first time sine out. Since they cannot replenish '"e break with the axis was an- their i n v e n t o r i e s with such i nounced Wednesday, stamps, they will eventually run Majority for Jnif orm Vote ? or President Denver--More than 8 out of 10 I Americans think the laws about I ;ho can vote in a presidential lection should be the same in all tales, -according to a recent spot- heck survey by the National 1 Opinion Research Center, Uni-1 ·ersity of Denver. This survey also reveals that I only one person in 3 knows that each state makes the laws govern- ng who shall and who shall not 'ote in pesidential elections. I The" center's interviewing staff asked this question of a nationwide cross-section of civilian adults, including the proper pro-1 portion, in each geographical sec- I tion, of rich and poor, young and old, men and women, farm and - ralysis and the doctors gave him little chance to live. Horiibec" ought it out with "the Crippler" Editor's Note: United Press War nd in that grim struggle gained Correspondent Richard G. Har- 10 physical and mental courage ris spent weeks with the hard- hat were later to spell the dif- ened sailors whose contribution erence between life and death on I to the war effort is to endure the hardships and dangers of the the norlh Atlantic in search of naii Thursday, Jan. 27, 194* 3 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE to a man who has offered his life to his country. Sound investment, good interest and future security are the best sale's arguments." Lieutenant Poer had a salesman for approximately every 25 men n the 16 divisions which comprise the ship's 8 departments: air, gunnery; engineering, medical, construction and. repair, communications, navigation, and supply. He offered cartons of cigarets as prizes. Some officers made allotments ight against infantile paralysis submarines. In the following dis- ontinues. We are all in this fight, patch, he sets forth a little known ogether. The health o£ the na- Phase of their fight for victory ion is the responsibility of.all of which is of particular interest to us; and it is the task of the Na- civilians during the 4th war loan ional Foundation for Infantile drive. ?aralysis to assist the public in meeting that responsibility. It is| only through the dimes and dollars contributed each.year by the, Carri ,,,,,,,, ,, .,.,_ American public to the fund ap-- R u submarines in turbulent, peal and "March of Dimes" that . . . . .. ,_ i,_J the national foundation is able to| pledge -- and to carry out that pledge --that no infantile paraly-. sis patient shall go without hos- Th pltal and medical care because of 1 lack of money. By RICHARD G. HARRIS Aboard a U. S. Escort Aircraft North Atlantic, (UP.) -- to purchase as much as $150 worth of bonds a month, but some of the young apprentice seamen, seamen 2nd class and seamen 1st class, earning $50, $54, and $GG per month, respectively, and pay- ng an average of $6 per month or insurance, had to skimp to buy leirs. I Alongside the names of some respects, salesmen recorded, Can't afford it; wife and baby; ne individualist told a salesman e was "satisfied to let his ci- ilian backers buy!" He was the nly one to use his service as an ( rtf pnoueh for the ses is not e n o u i for the men c^ t * he men who hm . risk t h e i r Uveg Si. Likes Her Work Louis, (U.R) -- Miss daily and endure every conceivable, discomfort to win 1he battle of the Atlantic look upon bond purchases not as an act of pa Helen triotism but as a good investmen Crouther adds one to the list of -- nothing more. busman's holidays. She plays the Lieutenant L. S. Poer, gunnery piano in a dime store from 9 a. m. officer, Atlanta, Ga., organized to 6 p. m. daily. Then she goes bond selling campaign among th home and plays the piano for a ship's 16 divisions, telling hi few more hours. She says "likes to play." ip's she I salesmen at the outset: "Patriotism is not a selling poin Sgt. Koons Will Assist at Bond Sale Swca City--Sgt. Franklin (Zip)' Koons, hero of the Dieppe raid, is the featured guest at a "Cayalty Night" program at the high school auditorium here Friday night. The event is sponsored by the Viking club, businessmen's organization. Guest speaker will be \V. Earl Hall, managing editor of the Maon City Globe-Gazette, former ate commander of the American /:gion. There will be a basketball game t 9:15 p. m. between the Algeria ulldogs and the Swea City Trb- ans. The program will feature a war ond sale. O. W. Blomster is hairman o£ the program commit- ee, assisted by Myron Johnson nd \V. E. Carlson. The committee announces the ollowing program starting at 7 , . m.: xeu^e for not buying. The total value of t h e allotments per month was $4,777.75 jieut. Poer' Hopes to make it 100 per cent when another campaign s held in the spring. / AID WAR EFFORT Garner--Pupils of the Mille school are doing their part to ad vance the war effort by buyin war bonds and stamps. The 13 pu pils of the lower grades have bought a total o£ $149.05 worth o stamps since the beginning of th school year. Miss Evelyn Boma is the teacher. Selections by Swea City school and; flag raising ceremony, concert by school band, address, W. Sari Hall, interviews with Sgt Coons, war bond sale, song by audience, "God Bless America." Swore at PILES! But Now He SMILES! YOU nuy wnUft loo. Use doelara* ointment'for distress of piles. S**ne as used adjucetively by specialists at noted clinic. Be araaxed AS vain, Itch, soreness tret such QUICK relief! Get 7Erf tube Thornton Minor's Htcttl OloUacot TODAY, Tr/DOCIOBS'.wij.SOjr, At all good drufi stores everywhere--in Blason City, at Ford Hopkins and Self Service. city dwellers, democrats, repub-1 licans, and noil-voters: "Do you flunk laws about viho can vote in a presidential election should be .the .same in all states, or do you think they should be different?" ' Same ·.-.-:;.·.:..·....... 82% Different 12 Undecided 6 out of gas business. with which to do It was believed likely that Gil- Strange Coincidence in Laundry Markings Shown in Sioux City Sioux City, (fP)--A coincidence In laundry identification . m a r k duplications \^i i c h normally would occur once in a million times has turned up 3 times in 3 months here. The duplications, which seemingly defy the law of averages in cjnnection with a laundry mark code-system devised by the government, have occurred at the local laundry which services the 400 man army training detachment unit at Morningside college. Mathematically speaking, the . laundry says it should. not occur again until about; the year 2044. Pays for Gurgle Fort Smith, Ark., (U.P.)-- The package gurgled pleasantly when ti was shaken and the biddiiv was brisk. Auctioneer J. B. Hab- bert would seek to arrange for the importation of raw products and machinery from the United States and Britain to' replenish Argentina's shrinking stocks. Among the anti-axis measures which Argentina was believed contemplating were: 1. Close supervision of all axis nationals. 2. Dissolution of German clubs. which have served as fronts for espionage. 3. Possible closure of Ihe German transocean news agency. 4. Rigid control and possible expropriation of German business and industrial firms. Mere severance of relations, observers pointed out, will not necessarily smash the extensive axis spy network operating here so long as Argentina remains a haven for axis-controlled business firms, social organizations and newspapers serving an estimated 350,000 Germans and their children. Scores of axis concerns were reported to have hidden interests here, and some quarters said German interests alone may equal or exceed' America's Argentine interests. Anxiety over Argentina's next _ 100% The lack of popular understanding about election laws is revealed in this question (the first asked in the survey): "As you know, there's a presidential election every 4 years. Do you happen to know whether federal or state, governments make the laws about who can vote in a presidential election?" Federal '37% State 33 Don't know 30 erer finally sold it for S6.25. The uurchaser eagerly tore away the wrappings to find -- hair oil. "NO MORE TROUBLE WITH CONSTIPATION!'' Says Long-Time Sufferer Who Tried Laxative Cereal! If you, too, arc disappointed with pills and purgatives,.be sure to read this unsolicited letter! ·'For several years I was afflicted with common constipation. I tried various remedies, tut scot only-temporary relief. Several months afro. I started eating KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN each moraine, drinlcing water freely through the day. I have since never had the slightest trouble ·with constipation. My gmtitudc to KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN." Mr. II. jr. Kiley. 11 E. Division Street, Chicago. 111. Scientists say KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN can really "get at" a :ommon cause of constipation-lack of sufficient "cellulosic" elements in the diet -- because it is --one of Nature's most effective sources of these elements! They work by helping- the friendly colonic flora flufT~up and prepare the colonic wastes for easy, nat- nral elimination. KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN .3 not a -purgative. Doesn't "sweep you out"! It's a gentle-acting, "regulating" food. If yon have constipation of this type, eat KELLOGG'S ALL- BEAN or several ALL-BRAN muffins regularly.-Drink plenty of ·water. See if you, too, don't cheer its welcome relief 1 Insist on gen- ALL-BRAN, made only by ' i in Battle Creek. move was intensified by a general belief that the principal uhited nations -- especially the United States--were adopting a "wait and see" attitude before granting trade privileges involving sorely-needed machinery and scarce war materials. Most observers believed the Argentine government would initiate the drastic control measures soon to dispose of the doubts of the onti-raxis governments. Speedy dissolution of clubs and strict regulation, if not closure of the news agency, were expected to be among the first steps. Made-in-Japan Scottie Spoils Sergeant's Day -With the 2nd Army on Maneuvers, Somewhere in Tennessee, (U.R)--Staff Sgt. E. A. Anderson is n father, and--being "a good father--he always has the happiness of his little girl in mind. He thought of the child last weekend in Nashville when he saw a street hawker selling mechanical Scottie dogs to a large soldier traded So Sgt. Anderson bought a Scottie and proudly carried it back to his field headquarters. · · Before an amused group of friends, Anderson wound the dog's spring -and set him' in motion. During the course of his antics the toy upset, and flagrantly displayed the trade-mark, "Made in Japan." After they swept, up 'he pieces, Anderson's friends wondered if there wasn't some law of .the ASPCA preventing cn^eHy to mechanical canines. 100% Further interrogations show that not all the 33 per cent who answered "state" to the above question idealize that the laws' about voting for president vary from state to state. Those who do realize this fact mentioned such things as the poll tax, registration requirements such as length of residence, literacy tests, the necessity oJ voting in the primary, ownership of ' property, and regulations regarding voters who are absent. For example, an insurance broker in Minnesota said, "Some states have machinery set up for absentee voting. Others do not." A filling station attendant in South Carolina said, "In this state the primary controls the general election, and that is not true elsewhere." And a Brooklyn stenographer stated, "In some states there are different literacy qualifications." Sees Industry's Tools Adaptable for Peace New York, (U.R)--Intense machine tool production for war has equaled in a few years the normal output of 27 years, Tell.Berna, general manager of the National Tool Builders' association, reports. Berna predicts that most of the machines are adaptable to peacetime need and advises that industry prepare for "their private depression" after the war by building up adequate financial reserves and planning research and experimental 'work to fill the declining period. Liver Tonight! CONSTIPATION with Its headaches, mental dullness, up«et Etomach. lack ot pep often result 11 Bile doesn't Sow every day Into your Intestines. So take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. Being purely vegetable, Olive Tablets are vanerjvl to pep up sluggish bllo flow and Insure gentle yet thorough, bowel movements. Inexpensive. Follow la- oel directions. Peel tip-tip tomorrow I Mt.tDWARK'i TM The Goal - The Hue · ,i-L You KNOW that this year may bring great victories -- if every American, civilian as well as soldier, stands loyally at his or her post. And, whatever else your duties may call for, there is one job that concerns every citizen -that concerns you: That is to help make 1944 one of the decisive years of human history. So make whatever sacrifice may be necessary to help make the 4th War Loan Drive the success it must be if we are to realize our great objectives this year. Ask yourself honestly--how much of a sacrifice is it to give up some luxury just temporarily in order to buy the best investments in the world? When you've answered that question, buy al least one extra SlOO Bond now -- at your office or plant, if possible. And if you've already bought, buy again this month --and keep 'em! $? i? i£ I -I £ Fig/it Infantile Paralyiis, January J-,'ri;o 5J;t THE AIOVE S P A C E C O N T R I t U T I D »T THEO. HAMM BREWING CO., St. Paul I, Minnesota, Br«w«rs of HAMM'S "Preferred Stock" BEER lfsJ«n to "Preferred Melodies," Mon., Wed., Fri., 6:45,P. M.;"Eyewitness News," Tues., 6:45 P. M.;/'N!oht Cop Yarns," Thurs., 6:45 P. M. and Sot, 7:15 P. M.--Station KXEL.

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