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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, March 4, 1818
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NEW - YotiK FKNINQ POST. WEDNESDAY MARCH 4, ' Fair pbn u fewel. Some few day rinee we republished a curious Utter which we took from the Col am ban, oa the subject th reset! ef the late mayor. Thit Utter, signed by ha whole deUgatiocof th city (with the ex Caption of Mr. Golden) wm addreetad to the eoool of appointment, and stated that " Jacob lUdcliffwas an mailt per ton to hold that lespactable office,' and therefore prayed that be eheald be removed," and removed he was ee - ordUctr. The letter was wry properly pub fibed,becaoM it badheeo thought expedient by the Advocate to deny that the aty aelegeuon ini Miil a wiih fnrh'ti 1 We aowra - puMisk a Tote of the corporation at it latt sit ting m the folio wine; word and ngnras. Resolved, That the thanks of the Commoj Council Oe pmraua to roe nop. - "" . late MayorVthit city, lot hie aWe Ascham of . late Mayor of thii city, V duties or Um SBtyorany, ana w " mm ud impartiality ai the presiding officer or tbi board. ' Thai the nhiHm and tbe Utter ttaad ttarwg arh other n the lace. We andentaad that tbe Board hare it in con - taaplatioa to compliment Mr. Radcliff with tbe ' appointment of Coanid to tbe Corporation in tbe place of Mr. Edwards to we go SlrttU.k corrarpoodent highly commends fee bte moire of the corporation, reipecting weeping and cleaning streets, and promise! him self a great improvement in tbeir appearance, after aext May. Bat I do not perceive that we are to bare any redrew for oar complaints a - faamt their filthy state, yearly, from the month of December to the last of April. The fault lice hi making the contract to sweep and clean, to commence in May and terminate with Novem ber m eotueaeoce of which, for live months hi every year, oar streets, anion when harden. ed by frost, are rendered almost impassable by the eend. Miklaryjbvtt.Trom the following at tide, it appeaie that the name game of extortion, op pi essiou and injustice, hat been going on in Penn sylvania that m now b full tide of successful, frui scandalous experiment here ' ; JVem tk Hmrufmrg (Font.) Chronicle Vtfinpttnt mditim eun. In 1814, the presi dent aiUm liuted state required or tnegover 9orf Peeweylrania a certain aamberof fight :, - i" i the governor directed the brigade - in tpeciori to drift and march those men to a cer tain point the brigade - inspectors bad the nam her of men required at that point at the time specified, and they were placeJ in the service of tbe United states, and in that service remained till discharged by the United State' authority. Sow what further claim, could it be reasonably aupposed, h.wi the Uni'ed Htate npon the tt of Pennsylvania ? W hy the men composing the quota required were made up of volunteers and militia, instead of th identical person drafted ; and after accepting the service of the volunteer aud militia, the men who were drafted and did not turn out, were mulcted for tbe bautfitof the United States. Si the U. S. had the benefit of the men, and afterwards of tbe money, which one mould believe wa only to be received as the p'lly forfeited a toe men not forthcoming. It appears that some of the draAed militiamen thus mulcted, doubted the lawful right of the V. S. to the one imposed upon tiiem, and have been somewhat troublesome to the U. S agents, the marshal and his deputies, by citing then to appear btfoi the state:' court, to try the right. Thesaarsbal Complains of 'hi to the itatt legislature, and withe Uiem to piotect him in an at - fair in which the state has tiu iuterest. live and by we may tee what this body will do alter their Wise bead bava been bud together on it ; but We wuh the people to see what is going on, and to turn IAr aruutioa to it; for of late years. the Jle and the Uuiled States' authorities have been plating into one another1 hands at the em pr of the nwuey and liberties of the people ol tbe i tale. From ike American Daily Advertiser. A the late addren of John Smith, marshal, published in the Ameriian Daily Advertiser, eem detigned to pave the way for further and miia result havoc on the nmnrtw aT iaihid lh citueneoi inn mate, we tbuik it right to lay be fore the public a statement of tome of the dis traioti for court - ma rial fine, which have, been already made in Philadelphia and it neighbor bond; not with a view to excite any improper aenvauon no tbe occanon, but to induce a cool and tattooed enquiry in the mind of every one, wather it consist with Christianity and the Welfare of civil - oocty, to promote a work which at otii.e violate the property aud religious right ol our iellow - meo. It i ao lurprise to find that the marshal ha mil with difficulty in executing hi agent y to tbe court martial 1'he fine of those are hr man jcotmdered unconstitutional. On this ground. ana not irom contcieutiou temple, ha arisen tflo opposiliou to their colltction. And would it not be a daii'erouf exiieriment to remove all Impediments in the way of unlimited seizure ol tbe property and sustenance of a fellow rititen to deprive him of redress from acivd tribunal lo place the military over the civil power We trj 't every member of the legislature it too much alive to his owa right and liberties, as Well a In those of hi cons fluents, to content to My tca provuion. Webave been credibly in for ned, that for the " inconsiderable penalty'' ol XTiO ( cauea ny me viarsralj assessed ty one of the courts, for hi neglect to prepare for the wmot eacred duty' of shooting men, the Mar - stud1 deputy ha driven from tbe premise of a respectable farmer in Bucks countr hi entire Mock, at tbe lowest ruination worth 100. Jamc Hudson, purporting to he actiug under ue autbonty of John mith, marshal of the dis tiict of Pennsylvania, for a military fine of 40 a imr, took rrom Juan Child, watches value ooiiar. or a fine of J40 he took from J.eph Bake - tjtraw, hou - b id furniture value 80 SO. For a fci of f 40 he took from Moe Lancaster, boaftoholl luuuture value $ IX For a fiae of 80 he took from ja.ouel Middle - ton, hoearkuld furniture value $119 60. Thoma Will, purjortiog t t acting under tte same authoti'y. for a in.ilar fine of 40 took Irom 4iaron C - r er. wockr, Vc value iCU. For a fine of 40 he touk from Isaac Parry! bxMliehold furniture va ue 119 25, be n An f in one ear and having had erne arm much ijtirwa, tie v exenrp by Uw yet this tu degarded by the turt The ci. cumstan - wsla tTal Ihl. a aw mm t - ku..l I...!.. u 1 V.ey earned off every artic e in the parlour ex - y ' I - - - - cet uiecraaie. u:e chair bi . wife sat on t thetima. and one or two other a ticlesofincm - iderable Value they then pioceeded mto the kitchen, took the stove, and from one of the ma)0r of thi. citv, and expressin' a desire to be ro - imaabovestajraUieybrouglitdownavalua. aworn ui'o ota eat the present sitting, ia pre - m . . I'eofthecomnonciuocil. Aldrt - mau Smith, For a fine or 94, the ante person took ftm j ald - rraan Bracket4, and Mr. Taylor, were ap - Richard P Cummings. his working too , to , ooioted to wait on tbe mayor elect, to inform him tbe value of 190. (Hialthe cowll wre rea4y to receive b in li ia ant i .. .ki .l. . .rt'v nl'er 'At. Pnl leu L.i.i k - .k. focaasoa to repabtitti tbe Address wv - . t a4ook iroa Ceorfra Wool - ley, bmmehold furniture - valut) W 7 ' n.e fttw mbmi raaid the Northera Junes Hodon, lor a una Joshua Sharpie, on light waggon and one ,i.u:..iii ifiO - th we e aarnficed for 77 dollars rtn .. - j value 90. AU residing near tb permanent bridee. Market - atreet. From Richard Roberta, of Montgrery co. for a fine of 15, he took a hone valu 100 - sold for 85. . , ., . For a fine of 40. be took from David Ambler . h lne 75. and S cow value 69 whole amount 144, for a demand of 40. For a fine of 33, took from George Roberta, Scows, which eold for 62. .... Jotenh Kinderdine, of Horsham, had bit horses and waggon, with its contents, seized by one Wolf, when at market in this city, and was obliged to walk borne The dwelling of some of the above person have been entered, and rooms nearly stripped of the furniture, a though the family were about, to he removed, wlucii was loaded into a crt, carried to a depot, and afterward sold at some tavern vendue. Most of the sufferers are persons m middling circumstances, and one ot itiose, in Montgo mery, had only four cows on bis farm, and the three whkh were milked being seized by the Marshal's Deputy, left the family dependant on the neieliboura for a supply of Uiis neretta sary articles. Ruinous diatra nts in other parts of the siate have been made, bnt the above will serve for the present to show tue opera lion of Military Law. This kind of business seems congenial with the intolei ant spirit of Charles the nist s da s. Hut among a people, making such protestations against the infringe - mentof civil and re.tgious ngnta as me pro pie of these United States, and especially a montr the etnifrhtened inhabitants of Pennsyl vania. we mieht have expected that this havoc of property would never have hown iuell - vet to our mortification it is said, we have sur passed the other states in exacting penalties of this nature. By the brig Ilippomenes, we have received tbe Curracba Cooraot of Feb. 14th, from whkb tbe following articles are copied : CURRACOA. Feb. 14 Letters from La Guayra nv - oiioo, that onVial accoanta had been received tile re irom rpnin, stating that 18,000 Kustiaa trtxrp had arrived at Cadis, and were to embark immediately to take ootsetiion of tbe Florida, bpain faaviiif ceded that coontrv to Russia. W bat will England and America sav to this tbe hopes of bote aatioa bring tha frustrated The British aloon Clifton. Cbaimers, matter, wat onfortunatelv wrecked at lonr o'clock in tbe morninc of W eduesoay tbe 4th tnt. c t he a. b. Dart of Little Curacoa. and we are hatpy to tale that the only paeaeneer and crew esca.fd, Ikia amveo U una pin uo I eesuaj, ui iur u - veroment schooner Colonist, alter bavior been . i .tr . nr I - . i several days on that desolate island. The Clifton wa from this island bound to Pa ertoCabello. The schr Mary. Miners, master, anoer Danish coiort, from St Croix bound to raerto Caoello, wa captured a few day ago, in sight of her port if destioaliooby an IndepeudKOt privateer,cnm - manded by a Frenchman, supposed to be tbe Ri ta, i be tame pnva'eer overhauled tne tenr ao - miral Kilkvrt on .Monday last iu tight of thi port, and Dut ux of the Marv'a men on hoard ol her. who were landed tame day a little to leeward of Uaracca Hav. The .vary wasoraereu lor .Mar garita, the matter and two ol her band remuin tne on hoard T he cant lid of the nnvateer declared, that he wo dd rapture every vessel be lell in With Imund to the S Danish Main, under any flat: whatever lie alto stated, that there wai a neei, confining of fourteen sail, betides several run - boats, ly ing at Guiria. having orders to put in force the onier of blockade issued tome time ago, and that the Main wa to be blockaded by these ittvels. The nrivateffrsmen plundered the seamen of the Mary of every thing they pos es - ea, ieav ing them only tbe clothes tney naa on at ine une of the capture. I he Caracas Uas. contains an account ol a tun taheld 16th instant by the principal authorities of Venezuela, lor the purpote ol lavuig taxeioi horses, in order, with the funds arcruiug there from, to procure a respectable cavalry for the army t from which circum.lance, we may lairiv deduce a an aiiom that the rovali't nave oi late been gravitated d wn by tome moving body from the tenitu or their opulence and that tbe 9,000 none, which not long since, had been taken from the independents, became disloyal to tbe cause, aud ran away from tbe neldt. F.z tract of a teller from a fcentlrman al IFiun - tngtoti, to Ait friend in PhAaitlphvt, doled " WASHING I O.N, Feb. 26, 1818. " Tou will hardly be surprised that we lave loot the tankru,fl law, when you tee tome mem ber from the great omraerrial ft:ti of Penn sylvania, New York, and Maarhutett voting against it. Had ih commercial part of th I. nioo been true to itsell, the law would certaioh have passed Still it hat gained much ground, and many frieuds. by the ditcuion and a fair hope mvr be entertained that au impresnon ha now been made io fivor of it, which hereafter may obtain a better fate for it." Ei tract or a letter from the American Consul at Ostend, dated, IVc. 10, 1817, to a intrcanlile houe in lvnnah. t v ...... r . w - . . ..a it....;. n :. - K. on the part of the United tatet have nut effect ed, fas appears) the oniert or their mission, as repara a commercial treaty wuh thi govern' ment, from what cause we know not. 44 In coci'.iiueoce of the preceding: and present year's Ihevintaaeof Fr - tnce jnd Spain - all the brandie bare been purcbaten up irom the same quarter, and are tupposeri to be huher now than ever Known betori!. t rice mm iti to l.' francs per gnllon. Gin ha risen about 60 per cent withiii.the latt fortniglit." From tlie Mertanlilr Mdrerliter. A tall black nun, about 30 years of age, is now going about the country, occasion IU preaching as a member of the Dptisi Society, and co'lecting m.mey under pretence of i.sbe - in tor the purpose ot colonizing the hlack - Hc ha heretofore declared himself a son in - law of the late Paul Cuffie, and a as but beard of in Rahway, wb re he she - ed a stibsr iption p.iper, purpo ting to have been signed by (among ot!.er,) Elias Hicks and T.iomu lla - sard, which names having been fotged, the public are cautioned against hia fraudulent dexiipia Editors of newspapers would pro - mote the public good by giving this an inter - lion. From th jVationui Advocate. Induction of th ne Mayor into office. - n mcqueiice of the concourse of cit.zens anem - bil to witueai the ceremony of swearing the new mayor into office oa Mooday afternoon, th1 common oncil met in the large court - room ol .. . . the Ciiy - Hll. lor the dispatch of busioeu. Af ter having di - pojrd of several petition and re - lort, Mr. rladrlifl; the presiding officer, stated, ColW him of hi. .nnnintment a. mat ne bad received a cominuuiration from Mr. Jceminittee, atteodeJ by several of tha monies. pal ameers, u took his teat an the Wocb with fir. Raddift; and Mr. Riker, the recorder. , commistioa was then read by gen. Morton, "er. j h mmniin. and tha oaths of office ad samisterad. Tbe ex - major tben aaoreseu un heard at billow : Gentlemen of Uf Common Cwneil, I embrace this opnortunitv to express my thanks to this board, tor the correct ana nonor able treatment which tt has always manifest ed towards me in mv official capacity : and al so to the individual member, for the polite ness and friendship they have shown me on ev err occasion. On parting with yon, gentlemen, I sincerelv wish you every sat isfactbn and happiness, both in vour public and private lite. Mr. Cold en then rose and made an extern - nore address to the Common Council, in a very feeling and eloquent manner, and which we regret we are. not able to present to our readers. In the course of his remarks, he stated, that he felt very sensibly the importance of the duties wtin n aevotvea on mm a cnici magistrate of this city duties which he would endeavour to discharge to the best of hi - bility with impartiality and justice, according to the laws of the state. Wathirgton City, Feb. 83, 1818, DIVISION ORDER. In reviewing the ioiidetitt of his command, th commanding general find with regret that a practice hat existed among officer of the army of makiiur public avowal of tbeir feuds, amon; each other, in the shape of threats and ieronal denunciation. These act on the one side have called for recrimination on the other, and the public bat been made umpire in misunderstand ing, in which it had no interest nor knowledge. This conduct, on the part ol au engaged, it in decorouF and unmilitary. It loosen the bonds of those who are bound to act in unitou, and iui pairs the uceptihility of reputation, which fhould be the soul and inherent principle of a soldier. No man is worthy to be a leader of A' merican troops, or the deposi ory of the hopes of his inferior associates, who it not at free from stains on Lis own reputation, as Irom willingness to asperse that ot others. It it not expected that the army be exempt from the sources of collision which are common to all institutions ; but it it lets expected that men ol gallantry and nonor tees reparation in invective, or deem any thing reparation, which is procured at tbe expaace of the dignity of the body ot which they are member. Where regi mental court of honor cannot intervene, courts of enquiry are clothed with the express euardt anship of the honor of tbe army, and there must be something ill in the cause that it not willing to submit to tucb reference. I be commanding general will be wilbng at all timet to sanction such court, and there are few dutiet more ho norable to the officer, than to vindicate tbe re putation of an associate or repress errors com' milled within their own body. In luture, therefore, the commanding general expressly proiiioitt all relerence in the public print to the feud amen? officer, in whatever rh ipe they may be published. He advert to no particular iustance : the existence of the cus tom ha been an excuse for it continuance. To the truly honorable, the appeal alone is suffi - cient : the prohibition is given that there any be no error in future, that the army may be identi fied in one character, at it is embarked in one cause, and that the denunciation of on of its members may be considered at an outrage to tbe whole By order of major - general Brown, TH:8. JESUP, acting adj. gen. northern division. PHILADELPHIA, March 3. The ice in the Delaware, opposite the citv and liberties, gave way a fcw minutes past two o'clock, last Saturday, and the numerous vesieb below may be expected up this day or to - mor row. It did not break up latt year untu tbe 6th March. NEWARK, March 3. yarieation of the Pattiaek It may be ititer esting to mans of onr country merchant a well titothets, to know tnat n - waiercnmmiinicauoa from New irk to New - York ie peu. The late mild weather, attended with rain, ha broken up the ire, and it harn disappeared. 1 he Hoop at our dorks, will probably commence runnine iu a aav or two. CViu'n. The improper and daneerou nnc tice ol discharging loaded musket and nflts in the barn streets ol this town, ought to be cV!n up and suppressed. On Tuesday I Hit, about mid night, a noe of the workmen in the tan - yard of vi r ... i . smproan, wa sianaing in ine yarn, a mutkrt or '111 ball struck the crown nf hit hM. :md knocktd it frcm hi head H id the hall fl iwnfnur incht t lower, i' it probable if w u'd have enteied tbe nmn'thead and killed him Though the report of the muitet was distinctly neurit in trie neignnn'noon, vet ajt exertions to diiroverthe person who discharger) it proved a bortive In another in'tance, alall fired at ran dom, entered a family ro m through a window, witliout injury except breaking the window. BALTIMORE. Feb. 27. General Bernard of the Engineer, and Captain P uin of the Toporniihiral corps, have arrived here in tbe rhip Palize. from New Or'ean We Irsrn the General hat been me isfd in making a rniHiar) surrey in we Louisiana iroouer. inej P'oceed to Washington. : CHARLESTON, Feb. S3. Report of actual tales lor week past. Cotton Sea Island. 55 a 56 cents per pound !non sinpie, ju a ,w cent Rice Prime, $i 1 - 4 Second quality, $6 Flur - C - m - len (sop.) $14 PhiNdelpbis. 1? n - yi,no7 ?efinanie articles are ing'; dees md. the stork on hand havior been verv coni.t - rahly diminished in tliec ure of the two latt a't'ive weeR large tales of rrench goods have been effected, but not oa very favorable terms. Groceriev Continue about the same at last week tale have not been very extensive, and no improvement in price. Coff - e, at public ale, went off rather below our qu tntiont. Mo - lar set supports the price of the preceding wet - k. CottoB Continue heavy, particularly Sea - lland" ; tome little activity ha been observable i' up'undt, and parcel! have sold at all prices from 30 to 33 cent. CONGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, February 27 IRISH EMIGRANT'S PETITION. ' The house having, on motion of Mr. Taylor of New - York, proceeded to the consideration of the report of the committee of the whole advene to the petition of the New - York Irish Emigrant 'Society, praying to be allowed to purchase a body of public land in Illinois territory, on an ei - ended credit, on condition ol' actual settlement, and paying interest on the parchase money, Mr. Taylor moved to ameod the report by striking out the word "not," to as to reverse the report. On thi motion there arose a debate, which continued for four hour, and i reserved for future publication; in which Menr. Taylor, Johnson of Ky. Baldwin, Forsyth, Deha, Corn - stock, Livermrre, Tallmadge and SenCer tup - ported the petibon, and Messrs. Robertson of Lou. J. S. Smith, Poindexter, Williamt of N.C. Cobb and Mercer opposed it. The question on this motioa wa finally taken, by yeas aud nays, after a full discussion, and decided at follows : . For the amendment 7 1 Against it 83 So the amendment was negatived ; and the house resolved, according to the report of ibe committee, that the prayer of the petition is inexpedient, and ought not to be granted. The bill from the senate concerning the tale of certain Uadt in the dutricts of Marrietta anJ Vineeaaes, tru mat third time, A taMj !'ii..'. - .1mits of ihe senate to tbe bill con cerning the turviviogi lnccrt and soldiers of the revolutionary army, were rccei , - ui the committee on that tubject appomled early i.i the session. And the honse then adjourned. mTtran Fagle.K letter from Washingtoo - dated Feb. 87, says MTbir morniug theSu preme court of the United State coufirmeJ the decision of the court of eriort, Hojt vs. Gel - .Inn. with interest and costs. The court were unanimous. The opinion of the court waa drawn ap aud delivered bjr Judge Story, in a very able aud masterly manner." A patsenger in the ship Mary - Augusta, arrived below, ha favored us with a Savannah pa - per or Feb. 24. No mail from any quarter bad arrive d when this paper went to press. . Old School shall appear at soon as we can find room. The city inspector report the death of fifty tevee . persons, from the Slsl day of Feb. to the S8tb of the tame month, ol the following diseatet: Casualty 1 ; consumption 1 1 , coovu'tiont 6 ; dropsy 6 ; dropsy in tbe chest 3 ; drorxy in tbe head S ; drowned 1 : fever, inflammatory 1 ; fever typhu 3; (jravel I ; jaundice 1 ; indamma - tion of trie bowels ; iiiflammatino of the chest S; iusanity 1 ; old age ; palsey I ; peripoeumony I , pleurisy 2 ; pneumonia typbode 1 ; king' evil 1 : (mail pox 1 ; inatrot 1 ; still boio S ; sud den death 1; suicide 1, by shooting himself; trethini; 1 - GKOKtiK UWli.u, Lity Inspector. MAKuIi D, At Woodbridge, N J.du Monilay evening lat, v the Rev. Mr. Mills, Yr. Jurats Kdsar, mer chant, ol this city, to Miss Henrietta M. Edgar, daughter ol the late Gen. Clarkton Edgar, ol tlie forme' place. . DIED. AtXewown, L. I this morning, tbe Rev Wm. Roardman tiastor of the li esbvterian Church in that place. I be fi if iiu and acquaintance o the deceased are invited t - attend hi tuiieral, at tbe church, tomorrow morning, at 1 1 o'ch - ck. r.VAr, fi. - M V.tKA'A Li&t CLEARED. Ship Atlas, Kemhle, Lisbon Wm. Neilson k Sim Winif'ed. Gelstin, Ilrig Factor, Corran, Alex uidriu Haire A Cranston k Co Schr Jane Maria, Mersereau, Norfolk Ge trude, llntton Plymouth, C Schr Ki - um - btBtes, DeBaptut, r rederirktbuu Triumph, Lee, St. Thmnt Lionel, Cous - ioes, Newberu, N. C JUMPED THIS FOHEMJVA. Brig Hippomenet, Bourne, 15 day from Cur. racoa, with hide, coffee, wood, &ic. to P slat;', A 5 Mallet, I Si M Clarksoo, U Lyon, D Stead, altu, son Co. J boonen u raven. Al L m I'iexotto, J Faulkner, VV Kcmblr, and tbe mas ter. Passenger, A Mexa. I he schr Tom. of Baltimore, had put in there and sailed for Lagui - ra. It was reported mat lord Cochran bad ar rived at Marigalaut, with 4 transport. The schr Rover, of Wells, bad arrived and gone to leeward, i ne tenr Amazon, staled 3 days before for Boston. Schr Valorous, Taylor, 9 days from Alexan dria, with Sour and flaxseed, lo I) bethune ti Co. and Beers St Woodbull Saw two brip and a schr standing up the bay. spoke nothing. Jtmvfa aown Sound. Bris Holkar, Becker, from Curracoa. via Newport, wiu oiaes, sic. io i ti r Stagg. Schr Alert, Huiard, Irom St. Croix, via Mil lord, with rum, ugar and lignum vitsc to Curte, Crommelin ii Co. owners, Lawrence ii Beits, B Deforest, NtUR Jaquet, and J Cook. Bntub schr bprine - Bird, Edwards, 34 dayt irom Maiirax, witn n.n, to Kowiaod k liraine. Sloop Abeona, hnapp, from Petersburg, via Black Mock, with tobacco and flour, to Uoor man S Johnston, T Irvine, S & J Smith, A Da vie, and Va - ques, Meuroo Si Co. tloop atalanta, bhaler, t days from Haddam, wiihiu and ballast, to .Mr. Hrainaru .Sloop r ulton, rerry, Irom r redenclubur?, via Black Kock, witn Hour and flaxseed, to Buck ley U Abbott, Page k Triplelt, and Henderson ii Cairo es. Sloop Emeline, Johnston, IS hours from New Haven, with produce, to H Mulford and other. Sloop Cornelia, Hemminsway. 12 hours from .ew - naven, witn era, flaxseed, etc. to sundries. Sloop Kagle, Wright, from Charleston, via Hlack Rock, with rice, to A G Thelp and other .Sloop Yl'Uonough, Coit, 24 hours from New - London, witn produce, to the master. Schr Vlilo, Faruham, from Savannah, vta Md - ford, witn wheat and cotton to sundries. BELOW, Brig Commerce, Little, 10 day from St. Croix, with rum and sugar, to Velick 4 - Roger. Ship l ary - Augusta, from .Savannah, ; one o tbtr ship and a fleet of schooner. , The ihip Phcsnix, for Lowlonderry, and the ship solon, for the r.ast - Indies, are at anchor at the quaraotiue - crouod. oRRll'KI) J.AST FVFJtiyn. Sch Weymonth, Benedict. 8 days from Rich - mond, aud 31 hour from the t .apes, with flour and toba: co. to J M Lowry St Co. C Dubois, R .bertton Sz Kelso, Griiwold - V Coates, Van - d - water, Wheeler SiCo.O R Duffie, lfckinx B - otwrigbt. Koorman k Johnston, WiNonand Thomson, W Hurgess, II Bethune & Co Strong & Havens. Durand & BoU' - del, S Hyde, Jacxb U. Williams, and Kilt St King. Sa led in co brig Sampson, Hill, for Boston i sch Nativ, tkile, for N York 5 and sch Gen Scott, Williamt, for Lisbon. Met in the rive, sloop Ba ton, from Providence , sell Lady Tompkins, from N York, and 2 others unknown. Passengers, capt Frost, C L Frost, L M Talley, P W Emlers, 1) Alterton, and A Mareott. Sloop Augusta, Hem ingway, from N Haven, with flaxseed, gin, che se, Stc to Strong & Havens, A G - helps, and others Sloop Huntress, Reerher, from N. Haven, with gin, flaxseed, kc to Fitch, Coodwm k Co. Strong Havens, and the master FROM OUR CORRESPu.yEJVT. Office of the Charleston Courier,) February, f Arrived, U S. brig Saranac. John H. Elton, Esq commander, from St Mary, Sz hour from bar to bar. Paenen, Lieut. Harrison, of tlie Army, and Lieut. Kotseau, of the Navy Sloop Ann - Maria, Green Saiarinxb li hours On Friday, off the Hanting Islands, spoke brig Lanrence, from AuxCayes. bound to savannah Cleared, ship General Lingan, Wes on, Havre de - Grace; French brig Troi - Sur, Mnixean. Nanti ; schr. lodependence, Ames, Providence, (R. I.) Went to sea on Saturday, brig Sea Gull, MTo - totb, for Liverpool ; brig Mary Ad Jane. Peter - too, for Bremen; William, Bradley, for New - York. PHILADELPHIA, march 2. Arrived, srhr Columbia, Eaagt, day Porto Rico t hi. Philadelphia, Hand, ir"m Alexanlria. Schr John Coulter, Price, from New - Y - rk Schr rrve American, Kelly, from N York. Schr TiiBoleon, Rich, fr.mi Havona Schr Betsey, Tinker, from Pasmaqiaddy. Cleared, (hip Dido, Mai well, Liveipotji. behr Margaret, Marshall, bente, f.r X York, blown off rut coast, and arrived 1 St. Barts iiTiini, Feb 24 Arrived. British bria Charlotte, Jenkins, Krhadoe. 19 div. Cleared, Jackm, Harson B mleaux ; schr - President, Adams, Proideuce. It I i Fair Tra der, Osborn; N York. THKATKE. informed, (hat Mr 1 1IH ll.UIIV - J - J . , . 1 1 Phfi.nri.MMrnredlora few iiieMs. and will nihkeiiii first upiwarance on Wednesday eye - mi g. in Ihe character ol Count Beuno, iu tee OiraortbelJevil's unnge. On VVednetdav Evening. March 4, will be pre stotfd, the Ci mic Opera of the DEVIL'S BRIDGE. f'nnl netina Mr. PIllliPP In which character be will intrc duce the celebrated Battle Bravura, from the Opera of 44 I he Uuknown Guctt,'' composed expressly for him, hv M Kellv - and tbe Irish Mel ody of 44 Love't Voung Dream." T o which will be added, tbe Farce, of the MIDNIGHT HOUR. THE FQttUM. ft - r - The next Forum is Dostnoned to Friday, (hel3tb Instant, when tiie following question will be discussed : 44 Ought impritootnent for delit to lie continued f" ninioi CltPARTNEKSHiP. try The subscriber have formed a connexion fin husinetai Stork ant Exchange Brokers, un der the firm of LI VIA USTUN K I RAv I , omen No. 29 Wall - street, lately occupied by Daven port & Tracy. VALENTINE N. LIVINGSTON, HENRY D. TRACF. roh 4 Siv NOTICE. T7 The subscriber having; taken the MER CHANTS HOTEL in WaU - ttreet, lately occupied by bit brother, Solomon D. Gibson, re - peclfully solicits the patronage of the public. mcb 4 tf a. uitsau.f. ftr UKACIE'S list of prizes, 41st day : 11025, $1C0; 1028S, 1051, 7121, $50. mh 4 No. (Ky - WAITE'S list, 41tt day : No. $100; 7162, 1031, 10282, $50. - 11025, mh 4 All told at Waite't. Hale of Furniture, G last - Ware, 6lc. n rata vtiTun. cry GAMAGE k COOPER, will sell to morrow, at 10 o'clock, at the Long - Room. No. 253 Broadway, an extensive assortment of new and fashionable Mahogany furnitere, consisting of sideboards bureaus, secretaries, pillar and claw tables. Ladies' dressing and work do. dining and card do. 1 London made copying - ., - . . , macnine, wun requisite paper, in powucr, &c. complete, 1 Gentleman's superb portable dressing case, apparatus of silver, mahogany and other bedsteads, silver tea sett, do knives, forks, spoons, tc. Also, an elegant assortment of London cut glass decanters, tumblers, goblets, wines, covered and pickle fruit dishes, jelly glasses, salts, kc. plated Castors, liquor stands, and candle branches, China vases, Liverpool dining setts, steel fender, kc. complete, glass candle shades, hearth rugs, 4 large elegant chimney and pier glasses. N. II. Catalogues will be ready at 8 o'clock, and the goods may be examined until tlie hour of sale. mh 4 It GKAN'D BALL At the City Hotel. ,1 R. CH ARRl'AL'D has tbe honor to in - iVl form tbe Ladies and Gentlemen, that on Wednesday venule, I Ith of March next, hit an nual Grand Bait, will take place in the Amena bly Room oi the City - Hotel. In the course of the evening two ballets and several fancy dance M ill be exhibited and executed by Mr. C. and several of his pupils. Tbe room will be elegantly illuminated. Part I A pastoral diverting Ballet. 1. March Lod 'itka 2. Firtt entrance of the corpde ballet, by 12 young ladies 3. Pat beul Allegretto by a younc lady 4. Colltee Hornpipe by a young ceutleman The Gavote de Vettris by Mr Charruaud and a young lady , 6. Pfi luel andante by a younc Ind'y - 7. Pas de trait in tro hy three youn : indie. 8. Pas sen I audanflno hy a young lady. tf. Grand pa seul allecrro by Mr. C 10. Corpde ba'lnt final by 12 young ladies. ran x i ne naneti.i sanoner. or the wood' en Shoemaker's Cottage. 1. Enters a cake tellar lost in tlie forest. 2. Inter Mr. Charruaud acting part of a clown 3 Apstteul by a youn lady. 4. Enter three Sibotiert and dance with club and wooden shoes by 3 young gentlemen. 5. A dance half comic by Mr. C. 6. A pastoral dance by 5 young ladiet and fi young gentlemen, ft. Grand solo with wooden thoet by Mr. C. 9. f inal by tne whole. Manager of tbe nail, Mr. Biart. The Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, aud the ballets at 9 pre cwily. Ticket One Dollar, to he bad at Mrs. Gatton't 42 Hroad - tt. at tbe har of the city Hotel, and at the uoor on mat evening. Gentlemen are not allowed to dance in boot mh 4 6t FOR BELFAST, The brig SAILOR BOY, Solomon Roil man. master. einecleH fa ail nn raiuiuaj, nn insi tor passage only, having good accommodations, apply on board at As - nen - s wnari, near uover - street, orattrcc. II. Slip. DlViE BETHUNE& CO. mh 4 FtH A I K, M The achr. JEFFERSON, 102 tons TLfl& burthen, a very n' stantal rood ves sel, lies between piers no 9 and 10 Apply to juscm osuo:t., mh 4 23 .South - st For Charleston, S. C. The fast tailing packet tchr. MART . P. Latham, maMer, having 3 - 4th of her targo engaged, will tail on the 8lh inst. For Ireight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, at Steven' wharf, or to JONES tt MF.G RATH. mh4 R3 Hiuth - rtreet r?LAXr ED 39 cask flaxseed, landing r from schr V a lion us. from Alexandria For tale by DIVlE BETHUNE CO. mh 4 9J CnrTee - House bp. 14RTHk.NWAKE - 7l crates and casks A blue painted dining sett Assorted lustra ware Blue painted and Napoleon plates, for tale at 67 South - street, by CAMBRELENG tt PEARSON. mch 4 P APER. 7 bale of a rood quality, for tale by CEBRA k CUMING, mh 4 76 Pearl - tfreet. , rRoUGHTAt CUT VAILS. - A constant V V tupply ol tbe alove article, for tale by iuh4 Cl'.Bft A k CUMING. FOH SAI.F, THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138 Fulton - street, near Brnndwsy, r.on'ittme oi'rrp evtet!ive and choice e jection of hittorv, travels, voyage, biography, romance, novel. title, plavt. reviews. majarinet,ttc. Ciitnlogu - may beex - mined at the library, which i open for subscribers, as usual. mh4tf NEW BOOKS. fU - Tpnbli.hed ami for sale by F.f .lAS VA - .1 LKNTIE,104 Rroadway, 3d Hoor below 'ino - 'treet, Roh Hot. by the author of Wayrly, Gr.y MalnerinJ, and 4 the Antiquary,' 2 vols, fo e ropiet2dl. rore 1 75 A compendium of fjeograchy, confairin;, bc - tiHet Ihe m'Mer uual inwrS work, atbo - t r ' im of Parred Geo - rr'ihv. by th Revd Jhn C. Hadil. Reel. i of St. Jilio't Church, Elizalirth - - own.(N J) t.oreDonc'rte between n mother anl ber 4ao?hter. by Vrs Tav'or v;d J ine Taylor. t,rrnm' t'hniral t,m:rn - n'. 6 ofeli.m extei - ts with engvings. "'den re - i ived f rerrrvi - .'.pper Mt.u,:i nOvry detcriptioa exe cutod a HU neatccn and despatch. WCHAKCERY. Stale of New - Tort, gt, N portuaitce of a decretal order of thi honora - ble court, will be sold at public auction, .i 1 titc A Viitlliv vviirc iiuuk, ui iu CilJ 01 ilew Yolk, under the direction of the subscriber, at OBe of the matters of thi court, on Thursday, tht twenty third day of April next, at twelve o'clock al noon, all those certain tracts, pieces or par. celt ol land, situated, lying and being in the town of Pouglikecpsie, in tlie county of Dutchess, which in au indenture of mortgage, executed br John B. Gay to Robert Kearney, bearing date on the twentieth day of Jauuary, in the year go thousand eight hundred and seventeen, are described, in the words following, to wit : 44 all that certain piece or parcel of land, with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate, lying and being in the town and county aforesaid. gt. ginning at the northeast corner of the land of Matthias Cooke, joining the east tide of therotd leading from Hackintack to the court house thence along the land of said Matthias Cooke south seventy five degrees east, twelve chaint sixty eight links, to the northeast earner of the said land of Cooke, where a stone it placed in tlie earth, on which it engraven the figure four tbit ttone joint the land of the taid Luther Md John B. Gay ; theoce along thtir land north or. teen degrees east, eight chains sixteen lioki - thence along their land north forty six degrees west, five chains, thirty six links, to a small heap of (tones ; and thence along their land north su degrees west, one chain sixty two links, totht southeast corner of tbe land of Daniel Retain thence along tbe land of said Revaux north eitb - ty eight degrees west, twelve chain tixly ,jx hbki, to tlie eatt tide of the road aforesaid ttl(j thence along the east tide of tbe aforesaid rond touth eleven degreet fifteen minutes eatt, ten chains thirty four links, to the Place of beginnir. containing tixteen acres and three perches of land. Alto, all that certain tract, piece or par. eel of land, situate, lyiog aud bemrfatastownof Poughkeepaie, and is a part of the farm formerly beloiigingtoJohanuiiSwartwout,deceaed,begin iiing at a large ttone on tlie old Filkintown road, and runt from thence along the land of the afore taid John B. Gay, north twelve degrees fifteea minutes east, ten chains seventy two links, to a white - oak stump ; thence north six degreesfc - asf, twocbains sixty one finks, to a swamp while! oak tapling ; thence north twenty five degrees eatt, six chains seventy tix links i theoce north twenty three degrees and ten minutes east, tix chains ; thence north thiity one degree forty five minutes east, four chains ; theoce north forty one degrees forty five minutes east, one chain and ninety link ; thence east one chain and eighty one link ; thence north thirty five degress and fifteen minutes eatt, tix chains eight haki; thence north eighty two degrees west, sins chains, to tbe road commonly called Henry Bo - neve's road ; thence along taid road south thirty thirty four degree thirty minute, west three chain thirty eight linkt ; thence outh teaot - greet west, ten chains seventy linkt ; thence south sixty eight (degrees west, two chains seventy four links ; thence touth thirty tix degree weit, two chain ; thence south forty two degree west, four chains ; thence south eignteta degrees west, live chains ; thence south six ot eree and thirty minute west, three chain twei - ty seven linkt ; (hence couth twenty degreet thirty minute east, four chains thirty four hnki ; thence touth twenty degrees west, two chains ; then on a direct line to the place of beginning ; containing twenty three acres and thirteen perches. Also, all that cettain tract, piect or parcel of land, situate, lying and being ia Poogh - keeptie town aforesaid, and bounded and described at follows : bee inning at a stone set ia tbe ! ;rouod marked 1. B. at the eatt side of the road eading from the court - bouse to Hackintack, and at the northeast corner oi tne larm ot Aaron Law, and is the southwest corner of the premise hereby rranted : then alone the cut tide of the aforetaid road north nineteen degrees and fif teen minutes east, four chains and c ty haks . then along the land of Barnabas Swart out sortk twenty seven degree eatt, two chains ) tbea a - long the land of Jacob Vanderburgh south sixty nine degree a.d fifteen minute eatt, seven bain ;tben along the land of the said Jacob Vanderburgh, Matthias Cooke, and tbe heir of Doct. Samuel Cooke, north sixteen degrees aad forty five minutes east, ten chains and ninety - three linkt ; then along the land of the aforetaid heir of Samuel Cooke, deceased, north twelve degree eatt. three chaint and eighty eight linkt ,' then again along the land latt aforetaid north forty five degreet and fifteen minute west, five chaint and thirty link, to a heap of stone, five link north of an elm tree, marked on two tidfif at the north tide of atmall slough; theoce north two degree and thirty minute east, along tht land last mentioned aforesaid and land in potst ion of James Simon fifteen chain and twenty eight link to a flat rock at the north side of tbe Filkiutown road, and i the toulbeatt corner ol land in possession of Johanne Swartwovt; tbtoct) north twelve degree and forty five minute eatt, nine chain and City five link, to a large white oak tree marked; Uienceaorth sevea degrees and forty - live minutet cast, three chaint theoce north twenty - five degreet eatt, six chains and forty - five liDks, to a while oak tapling, lopped and marked ; thence north tweoty - three degree east, ix chains, to a w alnut tree, marked ( thence north thirty - one degreet and forty - live minute eatt, four chain ; thence north forty - one degree and lorty - nve minutes can, one chain and fifty - four linkt ; thence eatt one chain and eighty - eight links to a black oak tree marked ; thence north thirty five degreet and fifteen minutet eatt, seven chains and forty sevea links; thence north forty - five degrees eati, two chains and forty linut : tnence north tuty - iwo nterOT and thirty minutes east, one chain and Biaety linkt ; thence north thirty - eight degrees and thirty minutet eatt, two chaint and lorry - three linkt, to a ttone set in tbe ground marked 1 fi and i the north - east corner of the land ia possession of tbe aforesaid Johannes Uwartwotit - - V B. The eleven last mentioned courses were all upon the east tide of lands possessed by Johannes Swartwout aforetaid thence along other formerly in possession of John Bailey, esquires .ind lands of Christian Newcomb, south seventy - four degrees east, thirty - two chaint and alsety linkt ; thence touth fifteen degreet eatt, sixteen haios and ciabty link, to a heap of stones tbence south forty degree weft, one chaw aad tii tv - t wo links to a heap of stones, which is the nofth - east corner of the land of Charles Ro - ; thence along the north tide of the lanoa mentioned, north seventy - five degress tad forty - five minutes wett, thirty - one chains sea fifty links to the north - west corner of the land said Rogers t thence along the wett tide of the. land of said Rogers, touth nineteen degreet ana thirty minutet wett, fifty - four chains and forty three linkt, to tbe touth - wett comer of the land of tbe aforetaid Charles Rogers; thence suosf the south tide of the laud ol the tarn noger. Kth tixty - one degrees east, fifteen chain and eve nty - ooe linkt, to the land of Aaron Law I tlience along the land of the taid law, oitll tl irty - two degree and fifteen minutes west - seven chains and eventeen link to a walnut tret marked on two tide, (tending in a wt placsJ tlience again along land of the said Aaron Lss outb tweuty - nine degree ami forty - five aw - nutet east, ix chain; theoce alio along Law's land, south thirtv - one degree weti, chain and thirty - one links to a horn raBStp ling marked, (tanning oa ine c nana w - per' cre.:k ; thence along the land of the aforetaid Aaron Law. north twenty - eight degfees and thirty minute wet, eight chain to a twne set in Ihe grouna on a siae ,",4.VVT. again along the norm siae oi mo law . , foresaid Aaron Law, north teventy - inrwj and thirty minutes west, tweuij - - chains and twenty links to tlie place or j"r - mug ; comniiuuB. - - " . .hree road, one hundred ana wvenij uiuc "". - ... . - .1 .i. nn - K.. hut CXCllMIVe the road one hundred and seventy - eicM ki two rood and twenty perthe. bounded wesv by tbe road leading to HaclMwclt, txd landtin postetsk of Jacob Vanderburgh, M thiat Cooke, the heirs of the te Doctor Cooke, James Simon, and the d,Jofme nvs wartwout ; noririerij wj .j f afirrsaid John Bailey, euiuire. and lasd Christian Newcomb before mentioned; eart the land of the said Christian ',1 Roger, and Aaron Law aforesaid wdwath by nnd of theaforeaid Aaron Law, tbe parwj fixure and .lenptioo of which may , a u:ip annexea to ine "7 Bd sis deed 01 ine armve nescuuiu h" ,,. ed ol the a reive nescnDcu e"c"'P" . one otltr lot, piece or par?i oi 7; ' M, in, a.d ting ia tl town ana aid. tceinoinc at a beap oj o v

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