The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 4, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1818
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- I 4 NUMBER 4906 WEDNESDAY,? MARCH 4, 181G. NO. 42 PINK - STRKET. rR - SALE AT THE SHIP - YARD Ot FGR ffjg SUBSCRIBER, A SLOOP, now building of the best rfv materials, about 100 tons; limbers of live TMoak, ,ocnrt 451(1 cedar 5 bottom P,ank jJJUtblU oak, built oa purpose for the Alba - oj tr1 A gLOop of 50 tons, calculated for r J3K My trade where dispatch, burthen, and VlMeasy draft of srater is required. A""". n.rt,ix SCHOONER, of 40 ton. Lwill draw but little water, with a lee - r throush the centre of her keel. T - ti vrr fast. nil IS 1J - 1' - - . Also, a SHIP of 360 tow, calculated r 45 for a Liveriool or London traacr, inat ""J Spars, timber and plank. Also, timber sawed to Oius lor uuuc rai. u CHARLES BROWNNE. or Hale, t'retsht or Charter, A new Dilol boat built fcCHOONER, 'about 150 tons burthen, built in the belt mtr, copper - fastened, in complete order to receive a cargo m every respect guuu Anulv oa board at Barling - slip, or to mJ N. L. k O. C R1SWOLD, jjnlj 86 South - st far Lmle. t'reitiht or Charter. (4 A new pilot boat built schooner, 130 - V.tans burthen, Duilt in ine oen maimer, ot good materials, copper fastened ; a very fast sailiug vessel, and may be seut to sea with small exoense Apply on noaru ai nuriing sup, or 10 V f K. L.& G. GR1SVVOLD, Jan jo, ' 86 South - st. tOR SALE, The new and fast sailiug brig FAME, LhuW of ihe best seasoned timber, and failklullv put together. Her rigging and sails r of x!leut aualitv. This vessel is well calculated for a southern packet, having handsome accomruad itious. For terms, and a view of her inventory, apply to C1.1SWOLD3 k COATES, Jan S3 611 South - at. Fur Wilmmelon, A". C. ri The schr UMU., Kpni - aim Dennett, T. . . l . . i ,masier, win ne reauy to mm m i - iuir - rew. For freight or passage, apply on board, west tide r ly - markct whan, or to JONES Si MEG RATH, Feb 10 3 South - rrf . For iale, Freight or Ciarter, - The brig el DNEY, Crispin, 156 tons, ifA staunch good veeseL lately put in good orucr lor a voyage r or term, apply to J.4MES D'WOLF, janr. Feb 13 57Front - st. tor HA I AAA, Mf Tha briS ABEONA, George Gray, Aasx - master, a staunch good vessel, burthen kboul 1000 bbls ; to sail on or before the 25th init For freight or passage, apply to J AM Ed D'WOLF, junr. Feb 13 57Front - st. CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hand red bales consisting of BaAas, Luckipoce, Chittabully, Cailipatty uid Pptka. Couth, Chaudpore, Comocotly, Johanna and Lockipore. K.iouahs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gilluhs, KouibIp, tec (or sale by CHS. L. OGDt.V and ABItM OGDEN, fan 9 Waihinston - street. ilRAlTa BRANUV. . iJ Pipes Cette Brandy, entitled to debenture, for tale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 Washington - street. nVTlCAKAUUA WOOD fc L1G.MUM V1TAJ. la tojf Nicaragua Wood of very good quality 10 do Lignum vitae For talebv TUCKER & LAORIES, Jan 19 29 South - street. WHITE LEAD GROUND IN OIL 400 kegs, of 281b each, White Lead, J;rounH in oil, just received per ship William, or tale by TUCKER & LAURIES, feb 10 9 Soiith - tret. IKON HOLLOW WARE, aisorted .u. I'ots, Kettles, Griddles, Bake pant Spades, irkillets, Basins, Fire - dogs, &c. For tale by the ton or piece. CEBRA & CUMING, Feb 19 76PearWst. T UM. 'JO hlids. Molasses Rum, first proof, X tor tale by , JACKSON I WOOLLF.Y, jan 15 75 Wall - st. 71 1 OLAES tc COFFEE 90 uhdi. Hava - XI L na Molasses new crop t4 hhds. do Coffee Landing at Old - slip from Brig Caroline, and for sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. feh t 57 FrMi - ttnet. ONE hundred bhls. Bristol Spanish Brown, 20 do White Lead. With a general assortment ofPaintt, dry and ground, lor tale oy RIPLEY & WELD, 192 Front and corner of Fnlton - ttreet t .XTEM1', LEAD, PAINTS, &c Russia XX hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 4 to 6 8 casks bar lead, 7 toot pig lead SO bales India twine ' English sail aad seine twine 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks Vermillion 3 hhds verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry white and red lead 20 boxes tin For sale by PETER SCHERMERHORN i: SONS, 243 Water - street Also, 200 anchor, of Hunt's wake, from 40 io loUO wt. Cables aud cordage, of all sizes, best quality, wiin me usual assorloieut ol snip chaudlcry. Feb II tf . ' 1 AAiES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, offers xr lor sale 50 tons clean SL Petersburg hemp RusU duck 16000 lbs. green coffee in hhds. entitled to drawback Roll brimstone, German steel do Writing and wrapping paper do 15 cases half - pint tumblers do Caetile soap and mould candles do 1 case Leghorn hats do 2 cases cholett do 1 case platillas Feb 10 fSN.UURGS& PAl'ER 1 bale Osna buigs, and 1 do Italian Paper, for sale 76 Pearl - street, feb U CEBR A Si CUMING. at fO'l'ToN. 24 bales of prime new crou uu land Cotton, from Augusta, for sale. camples may be teen at 148 Tearl - street, up irs. Feb 17 V Hr..El'LU X bales Flemish sheetings, tor saie oy JAMES G. KING & CO. reb 16 No. 61 Pine - atreet. T3 LEACHED SHIRTINGS 3 caset Ainer - can BWaclied Shirting, jst received and P7'"J TLc Ccinmisiion Company, tc,18 143 Pearl street. FOR SALE, the cargo of the ship Cririe, cap - 1'n Hiimnhrwfi. I rnnt falf - nffu t.J ... landing at the footofLiberty - ttrcct. consiitiu: of i.i;. c...... - i " luma ("ottoa Ginger : Clock Tin Gum Shellack Gum Copal , Goat Skint of a large size Seine Twine and Gunny Bags Also for ante. India Muslim nf ulmnit rrprt description. aiso, a mau quantity ot Kalians, and Odor of Kotet. For tale by jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. COTTON New crop, prune, suitable lor manufacturing, will be sold in nnrcels to ac commodate purchasers. ' Also, a lew balet of old crop. Enquire 148 Pearl - strret up stairs. jan 8 M1 ULAfsKS f!l litult. Mnlutui. nf iiiMrinr L aualitv. Ivina at Dover street wharf for tale bv R. & C. W. DAVENPORT 4 CO. Jan'?6 STRAITS BRANDY. TWENTY five piwt Cette Brandy, for tale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, Jan 9 WathingtoQ - ttreet. WINE, OIL, PAPER, &c. 130 qr. casks and 200 half ilo dry Malaga Wine 5 or cuks and 20 half do sweet do very old loll do Colmenar do 300 lulf chests Sweet Oil, 30 bcttir.s each 100 holes do do 12 bottles euch 50 balet Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gbzttte do large tize 9 cases Fe t Hats 15 cases Liquorice Paste 1 bos Ostrich l eathers, 1 do Chip Halt 3 do M anna in flakes Marhlp blabs, veined and statuary, assort' ed sizes, for pier tables, &c. A few boxes very inferior Anchovies and Olives 500 Marble .Mortars, from 10 to 24 iocb 10 hliis Furs, consisting of Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Mutkrat, and Otter Skins Gunny Uai, Ice For ta!c bv CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, Ian 12 Wathingfnn - ttreet. GLASSWARE 15 hhdv Eng. Glassware, consisting of Wins and Tumblers, for sale by CH AS. L. OGDEN 4: A B R. OGDEN, Jan 22 Washinton - st TOUR thousand Gunnv Bags, lor sale by I CEtfRA CUMING, Jan 23 7(1 Pearl - street. X CUT MILL SAWS, fic. A SMALLii.voieeofXcutMi!! and Pit Saws, ix o. S. undC. S. for sole by ANDERSON ic SHEARER, 131 Watcr - strctl. Who have in Store, Hand, ripping aud duvc tail Saws, Lrast end iron bucks Cast Stefl Chissels and Gouges Mnrtic Cbifsels and Drawing Knives Patent Carolina 41 Virginia Hois, No. 1234 Wrought nails, 4.1, Cd, M, KM, 12, & S0J Brass and copper wire, of all sizes Rolled and tlicet Uras, Brass Pans London Pius Nos. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, ataurted fo the country trade Engravers' Copper, in platet of all sizes, jan 12 ' ' .. ' PLANTER OF I'ArtlS. A CONSTANT supply of ground pla'ter of paris, m barrels, suitable for the southern m irket Orders left with Walter Nten. No. 174 Front street, corner of Uurling - siip, will be romptly uttendi - dto . JOHN BYERS, r out ol nurnson - sireti, icrin - mver. Jan 19 tf lr VUMl.lA "WBACCO U FLOUH. O 4 hhds ohl Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by ' VASQUEi, MEURON Si CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Washington st QUICKSILVER. 20,000 lb. Quicksilver for tale by N.L.&G GRISWOLD, jan 21 88 South - street. CASalMERFS, HA TTIA'ETTS AAD FEW cases blues, blacks and mixtures, of ii various kinds, manulactured lor a southern market, will be told low for cash or approved paper Alto, at redurcd prices, several rasft of blue, black and mixed broadcloths, aim - ng which are some of Wolcoit's tuperfinet, at the COM. COMPANY'S Ware - House, 143 Pearl - itreet. feb 11 riOBACCO te RICE. 100 quintals first qua - X litybpanih Tobacco 44 tierces prime Rice, per trhr. South Carol! na,for sale by JONES Ai MEGRATH, feb II 83 South - street. Hverjine American (HAG HA MS. 8 cases fine gingham, for sale low by The Commission Companr, Feb 18 D&C 148 Pcar'l - st. PIANO FORTE FOR SALE. ANEW and fashionable instrument, made by one of the best London manufacturers, and in complete order, will be sold cheap, at the owner wishet to Wave the city. Enquire at 32 Cedar - street, corner of ts road way. Jan 31 r1 BROWN, stone seal engraver and jewel - JL . ler, No. 166 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, tc. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold teals, chains, aad other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of arms, motlos, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethyst, crystals, kc. bought in the rough or cut to any form. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 names. Jan 7 3m 7U,OUR and TOBACCO. 200 bbls. super - J. fine Virginia Hour CO kegs second aualitv. manuPd Tobacco, Landing from the tchr Rclvidere, and for tale hy WALSH GALLAGHER, 66 South - street. feh 16 DEER i)M.3 6 bales first quality lor sale by SAUL ALLEY, feb 7 9U Pme - ilrert. FLOUR. 100 bbla. Richmond (Mayo mills) Flour, in store, for saie by GRIS WOLDS & 'COATES, feb 16 86 South - street. C"1 AN DLES. - 60 boxes eastern mould candles J just received, for sale by feb 1 1 ' JOS OSBORN. 63 South - tt. COTTON. - 54 balet Prime Upland, lor sale at 66 SouOj - street, by Jan27 WALSH fc GALLAGHER. SHAWLS. 4 trusses col'd and Inured now Shawl, handsomely assorted, received per Ann Maria. CAMBRELENG Sz PEARSOX, Jan 29 (7 South - street. OUFRCITRON BARK. FIFTY hhds. and boxes of very line quality, for tale by G. O. tS. HOWLA - MJ, Jan 58 T Washington street. 46 Boxes, I hbd, 1 cik ARGOl, about 11,500'bs, for sale by Feb !9 R. & C. W. DAVXP02T ft CO. LIN EN 3. DIAPERS, lie. L&C.SUY DAM, have just received per brig . Porahoutas. frnui Dublin, and thiD Tbo - mat wiiton, irom oreetiock, for saw dj inc 13 caset 4 - 4 Irish Linens 2 do 7 - 8 do do 5 do 3 - 4 brown Linent and Lkwns 2 do do black do 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings 2 do 9 - 8 do stout do 2 do Lon Lawns 7 balet Droghedat & Ducks 5 do Linen Bedticks lT : - Alto, A ceneral assartBoeBt of ke above arti cles, opened for rtartile at i i idtjii - lane, on very lavorahlefeftna. . vti' - 'V A9p 25 u 3J nirtheont Jamaica Rum. taa arrived and lani'iig 'rni the brig David Rihrds, from t alunoey. (Jam.) and lor sale by ,v A. D,. DUFF, . 69 Washington - street. Who hat for sale in Stare,. 1,. P.Tenenffc Wine, f Pasley bsind) iuquar tercasks, imported July, 1816 Do do in tihds. and qr, casks, do August do Do do in pies, hhds. and qr. cask, do Sep tember do 30 pipes, 100 hhds and 280 qr. casks do enti tied to debenture 4j pipes Cape Madeira Wine, ship'd in 1813, tied to debenture Tort and old Likbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of claret wine 132 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. Ieb7 tt i MOLASshS FuR H. - iLE. mJJ Hhds molasses, now lauding from brig Agnes, from Malanzas. Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, Frb23 35 Front - t 1 AVENS DUCK. 101 pieces heavy lUveus 11 Duck, for tale by 11URD k SEW ALL, feb 19 65 South - street. OIL Aj CANDLES. ' RIPLEY U. WELD, 192 Front - street, hayi . fnmtnntlv nil hniul nt wholesale fi.rl r l;.il winter and summer strained Spermaceti Oil. Also, Tallow Mould Candles of superior quali ty, from Winship's Factory, Charleston, Mass feb 13 X AMA1CA RU.M ii FLOUR 15 puncheons 9J 4th and 5tn proof Jamaica rum, of supe rior quality, and 100 barrels superfine Baltimore (Howard - street ) flour, lauding and for sale by R. CRUMP, Feb 9 90 Pine - st. IS .1 Ntil.lSIl WHITE LEAD. 360 kegs Eng. lisli White Lead, ground in Oil, landing from ship William, and tor sale by TUCKER fc LAURIES, feb 13 29 South street. C10T1ON 21 bales superior Ueoigia Cotton I landii z from sLip Prudence, at i'iue - street - Hiii.rl, for sale by . L U. TALCO I T, feb'Jl 61South - ktreet. u HLAN 11 COTTON. IS bales uriine I'll laud Cwtton, landing and for sale by 3 A l Li AlJL.r. I , 98 Pine street. IN STORE, 42 balet Sea lsiand Cotton, for tale as above. tan 23 i LiAaaW AftL, &.C. - - 4 boxes assorted glan, VJI cousistins of . . Large sized Window Glast Decanters, Tumblers, Inkstands - Watch Glasses, fcc Z boxes Fowlins Pieces. Just received per Winifred, from Amsterdam. OS BARD, A quantity of muskets, entitled to debenture a ceroons nrst quality indigo, ana 2 hhls White Lead For tale by J C. ZIMMKRMAN, feh" 1m 72 Washimti - tret, 1 KlPF.S 20 cases superior Wmei'icau blue 3 stripes, for sale by the COMMISSION COM PAN Y, Fe b 13 D&C 148 Pearl st. O COTWA', iOBACCO, o.e. i M. bales prime Alabama cotton, landing from schr Na. an 20 bdes New - Orleans cotton per brig Fi 6 hhds Kentucky tobacco nancicr IN STORE, 20 tons clean St. Pctersbursh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 1j cases tumblers 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats. No. 20 a 40 Also, just received, 16009 lb Havana coffee, in hhd. and A few hhds of rectified pure spirit, made from molasses rum. For sale by JAMES D'WOLF. jr. Feb 23 57 Fnmt - st. I USCOVADO SUGAR. 18 i.bdt. Muico if I vado Sugar, for sale hy feb 16 G. W. TALBOT, 55 Pine - street. rUM & CHOCOLATE 50 bis. 1st. proof AH JNew Kum 30 boxes HiWi Ros.'on Chocolate So. 1 For sale by J ACKSON & WOOLLF.Y, jan 13 75 Wall - street 741 HERKINa. boxes 1st tort,) 177 do 2d do I Herrings, now land ing and for sale by CAMBRELENG PEARSON, Jsd $2 67 South - street. sf"k SNA BURGS. 9 bales best Streletz Osna - J burgs, landing - from ship Thomas Wil son, from Greenock, for s:.le bv feb 19 1). BETHUNT. ti CO. TTIRGLMA HEMP. 15 tons Virginia Hemp, y - a selected lot, landing, and lor saie ny GOODHUE fc CO. feh 26 44 South - street, COFFEE, DUG Alt, ie. O O bags fine green coffee 30 half and quarter boxes Spanish tegars, superior quality 4 bbls St. Jago sugar 10 hhds New - Orleans do COO lbs turtle shell 3 hhds Boston Rum Just received and for sale by G. G. Jt S. HOWLAND, feb 27 77 Wasliineton - street. RICHMOND FLOUR 150 bbls. landing this day from the schr Emerald, for sale by KOBEKT t.lLLtSflr feb?( 112 Front - street HARDWARE. JOHN WHEKLEY has just received from liverpoo!, per ship Courier, and offers for sale, 85 Pine - street 8 and 10 link trace cbams Hand and sledge hammers . Vices; spades and siiovels Frying - pans aad nails. Feb 27 2w IRON HOLLOW WARE. AN assortment of the above article consisting of pots, kettles bake pans, griddles, skil lets, basons, spiders, tea kettles, ic. per ton or niece, for sale by CE8.1A & CtTMING, JaiST. 7IVrl - r!. OBACCO 190 kegs manufactured Ubac - co, landing irom the schr. Cyane. from Richsjond viz : 10 kegs branded Jno. Endcrs, St. No. 1 $7. do do do 8s. No 2 54 do do D R Ross, Us. No. 1 Toi sale by CORN'S. DUBOI3. instori; It hhds rye whiskey, 20 casks whiting , , 1 bbls roll butter . 30 rolls sheet lead, 250 bags juniper berries Fet26 Iw C VICES 5 barrels 1st quality nutmegs, Kf j 5 bags do. Cloves ' 3 do. do. Mace 5 sacks real Ceylon Cinnamon - just ree'd and for sale by feb 26 PETER REMSEN & CO. iKIbll LINEN. 5 boxes 4 - 4 Irith Linen, for I sale by W. ic S. CRAIG, feb 13 IRISH LINENS, DIAPERS, SHEETINGS r THOMAS SUFFERN, No. 6 Dipeyster - M. street, has just received per latest arrivals, a further assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, Urns lawns, 6 - 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 diapers, C - 4 to 10 - 4 dowlas, do. drogtieda li.iens v.hich with the lol - lowing Koodi, will be sold on reasonable terms, 4 - 4 and7 - U linens, low and une assorimenis 7 - 8 do in hull nieces 7 - 8 do half bleached strong and fit for nar row sheetings, to average 13d 7 - 8 lawns, 5 - 4 sheetings to average ?3d 3 - 4 ennrseand fine brown linen, feb 24 2w l ol'd. 2 bt.lts Hop, just received lor sale II hj CAMUKLLlMiK ft.ArlSU.v, feh: 67 South - street JV'LOUR and TOBACCO. 500 bbls. Rich - a? mond supf. Flour 29 hhds old and new Tobacco. 120 ktiis manufactured d .6 U 8 hands to the lb. For sale at 106 Front - street. ib 13 TROKES, DAVIDSON Si CO.i E UM & SUGAR The carjfo of the ship J t South - Carolina Packet, capt. Cartwnght, from St. Croix landing at Peck - slip, fur sale by BENJ. DE FORESl k CO. feb 28 3t OH LET LEAD Xi rolls sheet le.icl, lor O sale by HUK.D ic SEWAI.L, 6i South - st. Feb 28 OOMES'ilCAi OTHER WARES. ' IH E suiicnhers keep constantly on hand an L extensive assortment of the iollowiDggoods, viz : Dutch and English Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan Gunny Bags, Pojies Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Rla'ckiiuiths Hall ann Entry .Mats Pails and Tubs V hael - Burrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do(, Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball i'wine Fish Lines Shoe k radlers Thread Dearborn's Balances, SiC cy and common I lean do no ao Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe U FcrubhiLg do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamp, 4, v, 8 row Furniture Brushes Hoite do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes rou' - iit ana wui and Brads ' Which they will tell wholesale or rMail nn liberal enns. CEBRA It CUMING, feb 26 ' 76 Perl - stree t. r LD J AMAICA RUM 10 puncheons hi, V.J proof old J maica Rum, lamlin((from sloop li'iicueroorRer, irom ncrmuaa, r.ast siae rtca alio. For sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, fob 23' 29 South - street. 1 AD IRA WI VK. 3 pipts of superior i. J. ruaiiiy, for sa'e ai c ?"u::i - streei, ny C A ' I Bi; LLF..NG 4: PEARSON, fM7 I(,'li RIBitONS 4 t;.se No. 5kl2 Ele - g:nt (iarniture Kibbon.i, of superior pat - te' ns, for sale by MARCH A - LOW, feb 26 210 Broad wav. 'EMl - 'iKY (ibA( Hi I Ikis To - IV Iimcch, ruHifii by tin hiig Financier, will be landed to da v. i - t Hy u.arUet - linrl, for sale by LE hOY, UAYAliD i. CO. IVI. ?4 i or l.iigiand, tin I'O'iax, Aura Stolta. Oj - Lett rt for bis Piiiw nic majesty's packet Grace (lor Falmoutii, via H lif.x, Nino - Scotia) wU berecrivtd a: the jkmI office till Wednesday afternoon, the 4th of Van b. T. W. MOORE, Agent. Feb 16 NOTICE (tr The subscriber! hitv me entered into prt nersiiiis the STOCK k EXCHANGE BUSINESS heretofore ronduc led by K. H. AEVINS, will he continued under tlie firm ol KEVINS V TOWNSEND. RUSSELL II. NKVINS, feh 3 E 1 .1 H U TO W F. M ). UNION BANK, lllih February, 1318 fW 'I'ha storUimlflt.r, are reauestrd to attend at .t banking loue. No 17 W all - street, on I Thursday, the 12th day of March next, to elect eleven directors inr the ensuing year, i ne pon will open at ten o'clock and shut at two. The transfer books wili be shut Irom 1st until 13th March. By order of the board of directors, feb 10 1m JOHN LOW, Cashier, NO I ICE. 07" All persons having claims against the estate of Capt. W illiam Taylor, dec eased are de sired io present t'm to ine sunscnucr ior sei tlemeut. and those indented to said estate are re quested to make payment without delay. JAMES iV'BRIDE, feh 12 1m Administrator. NOTICE. fr7 - The copartnership hereiofbreexiitine be tween the subscribers, under the firm ol N. 8 Davit s Co. is this day dissolved hi mutual con tent Ti e debts due and claims egmnst said firm will be settled by N. S. Davirs. A. W. TUAI'PAN, The business will in future be ronducted by N. Smith Davies, under the firm of .V Mmlh Ua tiet ii Co. teb 14 DOCKS & SLIPS. Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller's Office, t;ity llall, uu rtionoay thePthof March, at 2 o'clock, for renting the nublie Docks and SHp for one year from the 1st Mav next, agreeably to me new rairt or hsrfaee established by the Common council on the 16th inst. the particular of ahich may be seen at the Comptroller s Office. feb 19 ALl.t GHA W O.tL CU.VFA VF. (Tf - The Stockholders of the Alleghany Coal Con.Danv. arc reauested to attend on M muv, the second day ot Jiarcii nexr, ai mr City Tavern, 7 o'cloclt f. M. io cieci and D.rcctors for the ensuing year. By order ofthe Board, feb 20 tMchJd J G. BOGEBT. ROB ROY. nHE subscriber resprciiuliy iniorms nis .u - i.n.1 iku luliM and eentlemea who have particularly enquired for Rob Roy, that it is U.i day published and lor sale by ELI AS VALENTINE, tai RnHr,i 'I i door below nne - sirets. Whtre all the new and it'ercstipg works n.ay T tit.isH and haUse in which he now lives in Lau - rens - street 11 is a pretty comfortable house for a small moderate family, having a stone kilcbeu and cellar, two rooms on each floor aud a bedchamber in the garret. Across the rear of the hoose there is a pleasaDt piaza, built scarcely inree years ago It has a neat little garden about 60 feet deep, and a small stable, leading to which there is a ranewav from (he street AddIv to A. D. Duff. No. 69 Washinpton - street. Fehaif JAMES TILLARY. rOR SALE, RKAX FROPKHTI IK TIIK CITY. OF RCW - TOKK. - A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. 11 nail Bowerv 9TAUI.K in the lar - lnr,lh. er with ihe LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vh.,iI .nrf House and Lot No. 39 Vesev - street. A HOU and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars, do and . do for 750 do do and do for 4.S0 ln On valuable properly in the city of New York. The interest has always been punctually paid. ur iariicuiari inquire ai ine omce ni STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, declOtf No. V7 WaU street. IT FOR SALE OR TO LEASE. SivitiJ On accommodating terms, a number el water aud building lots, neat - and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn,, t or particulars, en quire of SAMUEL EVANS, jan22tf Brooklyn. S'J'OHtu 'lit Lr 1. The fire proof ttore No. 2 Gouverneur's Lane, (near water street) is to let frnin 1st May next It has four stories, besides a Itue cellar and a very i - omiimdiousgarret. Being ditrxbed irom oiner nuuuings, there is no nsu Irom hro. fossfssion may probably he had, il required, be lore the 1st May. Apply at 29 fcouth ftrert, to fel2 TUCKER A I.Al Kli'.S TO LET, 'From the let May next, the three - story briek house No. 18 CourtUnd - ttreet, with or without the stable in the rear Apu'y to J. tc R. REN WICK, . Feb 2 86 Wa.hmgtora - w . m tOR bAi.t. AT .lt7.'UV. By C. G. FONTAINE on Monday, 2d March, at XII o'clock, al the T. C. H. (ifn .l previously disposed of at private sale) that mo dern built substantial 3 - story brick housw, with hascinent, TV Leonard - street. It is lurnirned with several accoinu.udat ions and sronvenien:es. sn at to be an agreeable dwelling for a trenteel family. There is a pump ofexellenl water on the list. The lot is 5 feet front and reur and 100 leet deep, a ire simple and tree irom an incum brancea. I'ntusn. n will be gitvu some time previous to the 1st of May, il required. - Ana in a lew days alter win lie sold, ine turni - (ure in said houe corisistiuir of a complete et ofdkipti, I' - oking glarsei, pier table,, handsome cut lIbi lustres, sofas, heds end tiedding, mahogany dining, nnd writlnir tuuies, chairs iic. and choice collection ol books. Also, the kitchen furniture. feb 21 f.l Howe, Stable, Cuidru, Kent trrtintcwt, iw LKT. The subscriber will let or lease, for a lei ii. nf years, his house at Greenwich. It is pleasantly situated ou the banks of the Hudson, and calculated lo accommodate a isren inmiiy . r or terms, apply to D1V1E BETHUNE, janou an street FtH SALe., The house and lotofcrojnd No. 18 Rose street ; the lot is 25 feet front and rear, and 100 leet deep : tlte house a brick front, sides and rear nued in wiuibncK. aim nuiii in ine mosi sun - stantial manner. For furthcrparticulars enquire Of A. Q lT.L.l DAta, fe.S 19 3iv No. 334 Broadway. STORAGE Storage may be had u the first floor of the ttore Ao. sa sou tli - slrect, wnicb will tave ine expense of hoist ing - . dec 26 X V X I I il 1(1 f II U M FOR SALE, in the towu of Flushing, Queens county, Long - Island, situated on Bay Side, 14 miles from New - York, and 2 1 - 2 from Flushing lauding; from whence packet boats and stages daily ply to and from New - York. Said farm contains about 170 acres, bllol whi - h is wood land of various kinds of timber and tbr il ly growl h, with two apple orchards, one old, the other not more than 20 years old, and contains 250 grafted trees, all in full bearing and of the c hi icest kinds of fruit and great variety ; there is '. - bout 20 grafted pear trees, just in the prime of life, consisting in part of the choicest kinds of veigalucs, St.' Germains, and pound pears, and 8 or 10 English cherry - trees, which are just beginning to bear. The remainder is suitably divided into lots of mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in ulstanual lence and un der good improvement. The mansion hours is 30 by 44 feet, built in modern style, ol ine rjesi materials, and finished throughout, with a good kitchen and cellar, and is situated on an emi - rience, commanding an extansive view ol the bay and adjacent country. I he court - yaru and garden routains a great variety of Iruit - trees and shrubbery. asiaratis beds, strawberries rasp berries, gooseberries, and currants in abundance. Attach d is a large laru, kneds, carnage noure, crib, hen house, fmoke house, and mauy other useful and convenient buildings, all new and in good repair. The premises belong to Charles Cornell, Esq. late of Flushing, deceased, and combiues numerous advantages, of which it is deemed unnecessary to enter into a detail, as it is presumed na person will purchase without first viewing the prcml.'cs. For particulars and terms, which will be accommodating, apply to the subscribers, on the premises, who will give an indisputable title to them. ELIZABETH CORNELL, Executrix. JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Bay - Side, Flushing, Fch.23,1810. S Fb23 - 1m KFiL Kb! ATE fSfL roa SALS IX BnoOELVM. liJJsl Two 2 story new frame houses nn Brook - In: Heights, haviui' a view of the city and bay of New - York ; about 10 minutes walk from the steam boat lerry. Tbe houses are well built, bavins: 2 good rooms on each rl - ior with fire pla ces ; on ine tower iioor is a gouu iu.ui( room and pantry. , Tn earh nfili. hnuvs nro attached 3 1 - 2 ots of ground, each containing 25 feet Iron! and rear and 100 feet deep, handsomely laid out in car - dens and grass plots, with a variety of 'hruhhe - ry. fruit trees, ic t the whole enclosed with a new and substantial fence. Near the premise ts an excellent well of water. For further l'"hcu - birs. arplvto a.uue.v,, f jomer of iVashinetoo and A'assau stieets. feb fHf Brooklyn. TO LET, aTIi! From the first May next, the store no. "9 couth - street For terms, apply to L L.r.r r tit i a, jun. feby ?$ William - street 7TJ T.K.T. r?l rnnlkaCnlnrMxiui,! fnuil a r a M, M S ' 'ua k x a - na isa ss ( at vus t. vyo - ic ro - iin oa the second floor, together witb the upper ions, ir - uq - iire no. ioi reail siretl. jan z - i i LAM' BUILDINGS. II i woocicesia uiw uuiiainn nn. J, i " T je - . i . j , a . . he rented. Apply on the premises, to JAMES A. HAMILTON, t No. 59 Broac'svsy. VO .A 7", .Tha ttore and eellr unilr tha main. lidding. of We bouse No. f Mrl.,tret. and a three story fire - prool slore in the rear, slow occupied by the subscriber; possession to be giv en on tha 1st of May next Also, his stable and coach - house, situated on Cold - street, in thai - rear of bis aforesaid premises, possession of which, tan be had immediately. ' reos ir JOH I. GLOVER. To be Lit, Leased, or Sold. The kpacious S ktory brick HOUSEL No 129 Chamber - street, havin? every conve nieace lor a large family, and a w 11 of excel, lent water in the yard. - Ifs proximity lo the - Square lately opened, gives a view of Hudson - street from the rear of the bouse, and renders the situation airy and pleasant. For terms ap ply to JOHN B. MURRAY & SON,, leb 6 113 Pearl - street. 1) LF.T, . . . . j From the 1st of May next, the lowet counting room of No 54 South - street ALSO, The UDDer couutinsr room. No! 71 Apply io JAMES D'WOLF, Jr.1 ' - 67 Front - street VU LET, And lmmedintA pnivHinn ii'n K. house No. 9 Pearl - street, together with the stai ijj onu v,i,ito iiouse in ine rear on Bridge - st - The premises are in completa lephir and have, every convenience neressary for tlte ecommo dutu.u of a family. For particulars apply to net 28 ' L. ii r a dish. 7 O LET A i BLOOJVIAODA LE, The house and trronods beloritins:' tn tha estate oi joiid ana w, situated on thecuioUi avenue. On the premises are on excellent duuhle hnnse, stable, coach and ire house, with' every thing else requisite lor tucb an establishment, It is presumed any other description is uuiiect,a - r, as those inclined to tent will view the place. Also, the Ixrge fireproof store in the rear of houfe.s 1 1 and 13 Peart - ttreet ; where there is for sale nomi old Madera Wine, by the Demij. La. For further particulars, apply to ANN M. SHAW. Jau 29 11 Pearl - street. TO LET. ... il The new brick Store no. 62 Stone - st. Apply to T. & J. SWORDS. Feb 14 JO LET, The hrirk ttore No. 2 Gouvemeur's Lane, next door to Water - street It has four doors, besides a lare cellar and earret Posses sion m - ry (probably) be had previous to the 1st May, il required. Apply nS9 South - street. leli JM I UCKr. rt 6Z 1.AUKIKS, O . TO LET, A lame conveitient modern built bouse. coach house and iiuroiements, (with or without an exter.sive kite Inn garden and back lot) Irom the first of May next ; situated on Ihe corner of the r'rsf Avenue and First - street, near the corner of North and Allen streets, and abont one mile from the City IlalL The situation is elevated - and healthy, and in every respect suitable lor a. genteel family. On the premises is a well of most oacolltut water. Apply lo , , CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Feb 2 If No. - M Front - street. A CUUATIAU ROOM TO LKT. . A nlsnsant and Convenient Counting Room in store No. 29 South - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER k LAURIES. feh 3 IC? TO LET, afTyj House 18 Reed, next tn the corner of Fffii street, very commodious for a hoarding house or a large family, having to cellar kitchens, four rooms en the first floor, fire oa. the second, and four on the third, all in good repair Fur particulars, apply to EZRA LUDLOW, feb 7 tf 34 Besver - atrert. FOR SALE, J (Or exchanged lor property in this city) A neat country iioiisein tne vicinity of tu - zsbethtown, (N. J.) beautifully kituated on the Post - road ; at present in the occupation of Doct. Grant. It contains eight rooms witb a piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - hnusc, milk - ioom, and cellar ; there is also, a coach - house, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in good repair, about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afford a' variety of choice fruit, asparagus, kc and a well of ex ccllent water, with a pood pump. Tenuis will be made liberal. Apply to. JACKSON k WOOLLET,1 feb' 23 75 Wall - street tOli iALt. If! The two houses, No. 43 and 50 Broadway. to be completely finUhed and delivered on ln 15th Aprd next. Apply to Jan 29 tf No. 50 Broadway. 1 0 LET. T. .inn tirirk frnnt hlillll. it 1 u.., - " , - J - ings, situate in fviico - sireei, ni u ui ley. Tbcy are finithed in handsome stjle wilts) cisterns iu the yards, and every ather convenience lo render them pleasant and desirable tenements. Adjoining the ground on which the buildings stand are several vacant !ot which will also be let for a garden to the person or per sons who shall hire the houses. Apply to JAMES KNOA, at the ball - alley ; ot at his bouse, 25 Orchard, street. Feb 9 tf vPH' UFrlCE TO LET. iUJ A pleasantly situated and spacious Office, 331 Pearl street, a tew doors above Peck - slip APPlT R. k C. W. DAVES PORT CO. Feb 12 35 rera - sup. The handsome three story brick house. N150 Greenwicb - street. next to tfce corner of Couitlanrit ttreet, 6aiH ' V foWias?. and the lower rooms commumcate , by folding - doors. It will be louud a very c T0"nA dence for a respect V' Xj U Txt LET, HI . lllnH'.n. II f M . ' 1 hehouse No. 85 John - street Tlie house No. V7 do . The home and store No. 395 Ptarl - strnt ruimuMsnil store No. 131 Cherry - street The bouse No. 28 Courtland - atreet Apply V , J AJlt.9 W. an A W, feb 21 No. 5 Bowery. toLKt. : The three story brick dwelling, St Nora folk - street Enquire of COX k JWONTAUDEVERT, Feb 13 lrfi Wall - st rUiU L E OH TV I. M At, t.ntiinthe5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: msnf ol w Inch are on regaiaieo anavea sire. u - - , - . . - money Mill be required under ten years, u sow, mtercit excepted. HOUSES. Several two and thne story bosses, oo which itrcut i - artof the money remain oa mortgage. 1 LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand fof bssinrat, swth tea acre of land, pleasunlly siUated, wilh a wbaf, store - COrrONn WOOLEN MANUFACTORT .Near New - H.vea, with never foilin stream, tpon wtiichtd nalh mm J b eiccled, with a sumcRray ol wHtirloreaih. Apply l JI.twlOWlSsltoA "if t ii. if ft f i'. if; 't Ji1 V s hi 5? f - ft - . V mi - 1 . . 5 (if '' ' ft i . ill in t . ) 4 t VJ;;v i i 'A y y : - 'i - 1 i . 1 ' i i ! I - JT v ;

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