The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 16, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1913
Page 2
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W. WEAVER SON G. W. WEAVER SON OUR STOCK PRESENTS . :i ^. Then Some iSrtdi^sSSsi-f -9 _ _ ^ _ -, -_. ,^ ~ -"-^^^KSS^-os*;^^ . 1 For ^th^ JBrojther, Sirfe^^theart orfVife ?ttici Motlier r FOR 310-IiER OR WIFE TABLE \ LINEN AND NAPKINS j We ere showing a beautiful line of Table Daniajk, -with Napkins to match. You eansot go ·wrong' to decide on a | table jergtr- put up in a Christmas box-- DOWN COMFORTS LAMBS FLEECE COMFORTS GLOVES ·^ ^ Everybody -waists Cloves, especially Winter Gloves. Men's Lined, Silk Lined and Plush lined Tan and Grey Reindeer, ?1.00. Men's Dress Moche and Cape Gloves FLEECE COMFORTS " ?1 .00, 5 i.25 and §1.50. -io and $1 50 per yard. Napkins to match S2.50. S5-00, S4.00, $5.00 oer doz. I Mercerized Damask mdt Napkins to MARSAILLES, SATIN FIGURED match, S5c to 50c per yd. QR CROCHET COUNTERPAINES Linen Damask Table Sets. 2 to 3 yds., J -· of StieJQaniask-iYiUi 1 doz. : Napkins to ·natch, S4.00 and ?G.OO. : Linen Lunch Cloths 4-4, 5-4, 6-4 at $1.50, §2.00a.p ?3JOO^ ; - ; Lineal Daraisk Lunch "'Sets, .Hem With cut Corners or Square. All Splendid Suggestions. Men's Woo! Knit Gloves 25c and oOc. Men's Wool Gauntlets 50c. Boy's LeaXher Cowboy and Scout Gauntlets 50c. Boy's Wool Lined Cape Gloves, 1 ] clasp, $1.00. ] BovVCape, cnu I -' -- ; , - j \z ~ S4-00, $3.00 per set. -N? Read this last From . ., THE CARPET DEPARTMENT 'fit. _ _ - - x,- - » Correct Patterns, full made--and they- 20 styles and jjatterns, Monarch and 'Avondale at $1-00.' items suitable f or i 50 .-^ 1es Coa tJ n d Negligee-Si £ H/ how about re--f^^,, '- S1 ; 00 .value at 50=. Some ccne ia beautiful eyelet embroid- placing that old carpet -witn a handsome j erv sc;.i2 rourd and scalloped edges, by 9 x 12 Axminster Rug. S20.00 to S29.50: the place or set. Me-dcan Dravm Work, 9 x ^ Tapestrj- Rug, ?11.50 to $18.00. Cler.y, Plauen and Renuaissaace trimmed g ma ii Rugs in every size and price. r leces - . . ' A greater choice here than the com^V variety from special low prices bined stocks of any three or four stores and-Grey Flannel Shirts -T-I.OO R ,, _ n bj Dl/C. 10 stjies Bov , s B!ouse W2ist£ . to Soeclal Tovrels for Gift in Adams county-. I To make housekeeping easy and life longer: « Man's Outing and Muslin Night Shirts { A sterlin Vacuum Cleaner $9.00. 50c, 75c and 31.00. j Duntley Vacuum Cleaner ; S6.00, SSt)0 ."Men's Madras-anS ^Outing jEajamas. and $10.0p-V K ...^ - _ Sl-00." " v ~*.i-~~'. ***- 2r.-;» « c - « . '"*"' ^Nafiona'l Sweepers, $250 fo Working Shorts,£$?*$% brand, 50. 1 Men's Coin Pursesr-Foiding and Tight is, various shapes and sizes. TOWELS Special,Linens" fo_r,Gift Giving. '"·' -'-BLANKETS BEDDING 0 To.nny[ housekeeper/next'to "linens.Hve §4.00. " ~ st a^pair oc tpp^pf our- -beaunful; ^ phio Electric Cleaner, best in the mar- V ~ '" '% $25:bo. " "* '"'~ ''^"·* Red Star Dustless Mops, Sl-39. Wizzard Dustless Mops with 1 qt- can ·^ t * : polish, .Sl-50. ,, . , , ,. Wool Fibre Kugs, in carpet sizes, $9.00 j ",' - !«, Wool Blankets. Fell' Size; AE Wool at $5.00. White Grey and Scariet- Whitef Grey" and' Plaid, fall size, at^ $S.5G to $9.00. Sewing Thread Warp, everj- between ,' to SUSPENDERS -··- -.· - L '*- . -'- ?·*· Christmas boxes, ·'President", "Shirly" Novelty Jlugs in assorted sizes. Portieres--beautiful Portieres--single | ["Common ! ~' ,25c, 50c, and Suspender Sets, Arm ·s in Bands and boxes. price. Single Bed size, Wool, af$2.50, S3.DO !°W.oor^ap, Blankets, every,. thread ' and ,, d . oubl , e .^°- or ' cottoa but so. processed as to appear as $2.25 to S8.00. 5o!, and auite as ^arm'/ S2.00 to'$3150 ." Lace Curtains. Over 80 styles to SK-J - -- "· ·· c ;5t-' - - - " , · - · lect from, and at any price yoa vasn to 'pav from 40c to $6.50 D er pair. j= °^ TM° V^*TM "* St5 ' l6S " ' Couch Covers. Tapestry' and Sep ' shapes, New-' Flowing Ends and Straight * 0 ,5 00 weaves 5oc to $5.00. , Four-in-Hands, boxed, 25c ana oOc. se- per palrT A T -Ti.TTlL*', j^A.-av-, ^ y , t i - JtobVBfankets $i 25"ahd'$ll50t "" Lamb Fleece filled Comforts from $2 50 Medical Advertising Build Up Your Sick Stomach Mi-o-na Soothes the Irritated Membranes, Stimulates and Strengthens the Stomach. ' Mi-o-na is one of the most effective and safe remedies for out-of-order stomachs. It increases the flow of the gasmc juices, soothes the irritated memferane-^jaiid quieklv and safely bene^ts thf^g^?e^iJt^%6^1Sate your'^food is promptly converted into nutrition and the entire system properly npSrished. Then you are well and strcpg. If^you lack an appetite, year tongue is coated, nerves on edge, have risings of sour and undigested food and experience after eating distress yoa are suffering vnth indigestion or sick stomach-- Get a fifty cent box of Mi-o-na from Peoole's Drag Store and begin now to bu ; I.*",yp your sick and \vornont stomach. Do not delay, many serious diseases stare from what vras thought to be only an upset stomach. Money refunded if not benefited. r ' * Special Christinas Sale For Early Holiday Shoppers STUDY THIS LIST IN SELECTING YOUiR CHRISTMAS GIFTS ,..,,.,,. -"j^---^»^n-^^i;^v s ^ 1 ^^-^. r ^^^ |.? ., __,, Suits I* or Men, Boys and Children Overcoats . "^Raincoats Ghoulish Glee. "From this ijme on." said he, the only ·»onsan v.ho had ever rejected Mm passed frosa his sight, '"from this time mine shall be the delight to ·wreak vengeance on -woman. I ehall be a shoe salesman, and instead of selling them shoes one size too small, with, ray persuasive, manner I shall make them buy them smaller stilL Ha, ha I" How the End Will Come. The professor of natural phenomena had acquired a gasoline car. "The day is doming," he said to his class a few [-weeks later, "when the tire -will sag and" punctures pierce the inner tube j asd_"the casing blister--and Jthen this old iarth of oats Trill have a blowout Rubbers Hats Shirts CapsT^ J " : *"~ « Shoes (for everybody) 'NeclrvvearXiiv'fanej boxes) * Suspenders" - ~ » .-,Pency Vests Handkerchiefs Sweaters Umbrellas Gloves Underwear Felts Boots Gum Boots Arctics Do your shopping early and get the best selection O f ¥ ¥ ¥7 CT^ Corner Square 6t Car- .n. L.E-01Z,, lisle St., Gettysburg, Pa. We give "S H" Green Trading Stamps Now is the time to fill your books and get youself a gift. dbm come?" Learning a Language. The time to learn a language Is \vnen you are young, the younger the better. We learn our own language as" children. The oWer -we grow the harder it is, because it means not merely learning by heart a great many ·words, not merely training the palate and tongue to produce different sounds, but adapting a. nev. attitude of --Atlantic iSonthly- Duty.PIaineitt at-Eirst ihe "first been^JS'-siiecl pleaafcis^qf .our Itoty/ is -incBnafions. r uncertain ar* first- Ster -we have got Involved in the Diazes and sophistries o£ -nrishing that things, are otherwise than they are, (hatTit ¥eems"indi£tinct^ Considering a duty is often explaining it away.--F. W.'Robertsoar --- .GETTYSBUKti MARKETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse coi- rected daily by C. Milton Wolf, Jr., Snc- cesor to J. Geo!! WoIFs Sons Co. * Per BD Dry Wheat SS evfEarCoin 65 Rye «- Oats « RETAIL PRICES Per 10-'Badger Dairy Feed Coarse Spring Bran.--.. ..1.35 Hand. Packed Bran. _ 1-40 Corn and Oats Chop I.-*' Shoemaker Stock Food I--5 White Middlings 1 Red Middlings l--^ Timothy H*y~ J-O*" Eye Chop Baled Strav *..!..;1 Western Maryland " "Lines TRY THE SHORT ROUTE TO Pittsburgh Chicago .Piaster: Cotton Seed 3?af3pfc-,-r- ·" - OOlHighgeld: Afrfve~argU££bOTgk8:05 1.65. PerbbL M 51om- Western Flour Per ba v and Chicago 820 o'clock"; - ttached. --_^_ -- FRUIT GROWERS CONVENTION Fruit Growers Hail, Bendersville, December, 17,18,19. Lsctures and discussions each day on fruit Growing, Cattle and Hog Raising, Cora Improvement and Genera! Farm Topics Day Sessions Free. Everyone Welcome. Evening Entertainments The best so far attempted. Admission 25c- Reserved Seats 40c. Season Tickets 81-CO Wednesday Evening 17th, The Famous Lyric Quartette Thursday Evening 18th, The Morphets, Magicians and Entertainers Friday Evening 19th, 'Illustrated Lecture, Mexico, Beautifully Colored SL-des and Motion Pictures, Mr. Henry Oslrander, Noted Traveler and Lecturer. Nothing better on the Lyceum Platform. HOLIDAY NOW Do Not Miss One o£ These. For Sale House and Lot in Orrtanna. Apply ||'John C. Hamilton! ·£« Buford avenue, Gettysburg* fei '· \ ( Effective November 16, 1913. j ( THE lARIUP RAILWAY | · 8:56 A. il- Daily Except Sunday fo? j ( Baltimore, Hanover, York and \ Intermediate Points. 10:28 A. 11. Dafly for Hagersto-wn, "Waynesboro, Chambersbarg, 5 Hancock. Cumberland, Pitts- _ 1 burgh and Chicago also ElkinK,', j W. Va j 112:25 P. :i- for Highfield and interme- ] 1 diate stations. ! i 2:55 P. M. for York, Baltimore anf' / ^ Iitermediate Points. . j ^ 5:06 P. M. Daily except Sunday .for B. ard J "Division Points to EighSeld, also HagerstoTvn,; "Waynesboro, Chanabersfanrg and i Shippensbnrg. · | .13 New Oxford, Hanover, York *_"*** " * 3 - _ _ « . t - . « . · _ _ _ if Christmas Suggestions | S BOOKS BOOKS u A-,*. respondence cards in newest styles on the market. rlr! v^tiu, Classic Gift Books, recent fiction, popular copy- rislit Toy Books. Harrison Fisher's Drawings. In fact everything In books. WRITING PAPER -·Whitings" gi it papers in attractive boxes. Cor. and plain styles. Papers of all'the best and * i j i - ^f t ar.d intermediate stations. - MAGAZINES S.?r,d i£ your subscription orders for your isaga- z ; rx ? :*t once, that yon may ihem for Ghristnsas Pioinpt service I S ^ O T J T Iviolto , _,, . . 2. UL iijq Mftmtm ! · · · · · i ii lojcW farm, and others, corfraimr.g perches of land mor s . iC3 £/ . res 43 r c e s o an( mol , VALUABLE REAL ESTATE or Ie=s, improved with a t%vo-story On "Wednesday the 17tn day of De- -br-ck dwelling house and outkitchen, ceir.ber, 1913, "tha urde-s ; gred, b;. bank bari and necessary out-builc- virtae of an ord-r of s: '.e to r.'t) d - ; ings; also apple orchard and othet rectea by the Orphan-. _ J^rt of A Jams ' fruit, se\eral good wells of never-fail- county, will offer at public sale or ] ing ivater vendae, on the premises, the following This nr valuable i eal estate; AH that certain Tract of Land situate in Tyrone Township, Adams County, Penna . known as the "Peter Gise This property is in a fair state of repair and cultivation and is convenient to Church, School and Markets. ,,,,, , 25 per ceit. of the purchase money Farm" 1 , lying along the road which i to be paid or secured on day of sale lecds from the New Oxford road to ' a n d the balance A.prii 1st, 1914. Sale Bowlder, two miles Northeast of to begin at 1:30 P. M. sharp. WILLIAM HriRSH. Administrator of e?trfte of B. Frank Golf an Ancient Game. One of the few publications Issued for extended circulation by the Brothers of the Book Is entltued the Links of Ancient Rome. It is in Latin, and purports to show that the dignified same o£ golf was played on early Roman greens by characters who are famous In history. The Brothers of the Book is an organization ot idealists In more or less widely separated cities. The headquarters are In Chicago. Heullersburg and about three and pne- hulf mile" from York Springs, adjoin- ng lands of W. S. Houck, Jacob Zepp, William Shull, William Arthur, J. F. Gise. deceased. Nov. 19,1913. Standing of the "Knocker." Even "the knocker" claims a certain amount of respect if he doesn't hit from behind or use brass knucltlei. FOP Sale Two Story well built brick house, St\en rooms with b: th and good furnace, Good stable, Lot 75 feet front. D. Bream 114 E. Middle St. Gettyihurg Pa., Give Us A Call THE BOOK STORE Opposite Court House Chas. E. Swisher, Prop'r. SPAPLRl

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