The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 3, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1818
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The two - tory brick frtpt Hono nJ Lot 7Q fW" My, No .T. toe SH"iaj nei, - ." - - X Wall - street, EMt .'hereof. epratel. 6" " 'ISRAEL FOOTE, ' ' . No 41 Wat) street. "V. u v i .: ji T AUC'tlOJt. o M..r. Rl.F.ECKER & BIBBT. ImS? Tontine Coffee House, on the of Mvch, instant, at U P'ciocx, tne name anuiui .round, the e resiaeiice i u" am itnated at the corner o Gnrtawtobud Libertj - ttKctt, with the office nnd like are m complete repair, and may Cciaminrd by persons desirous of purchasing between tue oours oi memo u j - Thirteen thousand dollars of the purchase rao - ney may remain on mortgage, r r mi urei ticulars apply t the uctiw room. mhftdti J RANGES BRUCE. r . . . . A - - i " r. 4 0 fne ctitaeruqr crr - fTERAII HAWLEY Physiciwt and Dentitt. WOWO lniorm uie """""" that be has taken an office at No. 321 Ft street, where he will exlrael, titan, Ue,U let Teelh in the molt approved manner, tie . laM.iil.nlfl nf thai flbftfiinf nrk. Pearl - ana will nriary alto pre Trui mj h.,......j ' teetbf if application u made to bim in aeaton s. ha r. r : . I . . I .kail kA k kla in a had in nia proieii w w w give general ... - ... Mr r or cnarncier pumn. c mcno. ' Geo. P. Shipnian, merchant, No. 63 South - itreet, ..j r.. Iwm Nn H PpArlntrMt. . mUM VrWB '"f " Whom U mny tmrtm. u n,;. .rtifiaa. that Dr. Ztrah TTawlrr a regular bred physician, and in good standing with bi brethren in thif place; that he hat paid particular attention to the art of Dentistry, bat ttudied the best European workf on the iubject, and hai given very good satisfaction in thit branch to III! Cunomeri, wnu arc insrmmvi m ui. it in thii fitw Wm thrifor. with en tire conodence, recommend Dr. Hawley to the ... - - ' . r i J . ClUlrM Of :sew - I ore, at a nenun. J:mi M union I Eli Ivei .ii.Si:iIi I Jnnfithnn Kniirhf Frofeon of the Medical Inititutiou of Yale Col - college New - Haven, Jan 22, 1818: .mh 3 lw9 GEUtiKAPHICAh and TOPOGRAPHICAL WORKS, tec. J HUFFMAN, from London, will in a few dayi . oner for tale at WM. HOOKER'S Chart & Qiindrant Store, 201 Water - ttreet, the firateit variety or Alnpt or CoHntnet, riant oi nuei and Forti, Ports and Harbour', Bnttlet, lie. ever opened in thii country, copies of which are ready lor inflection. mn J M f I MiE public is re'pect J. fully informed that tle ELEPHANT now exhibiting at No. (96 .Uroadwar, will pojilive - ly be removed on or .bout the lit April next i Those that with to erati fy their rnrioity, by viewing the wonderful work t of nature, Will do well to embrace this op portunity. Adm ittance - a cents, mhjtf ' TESSRS. WHEATON & DAVIS, No. 11 153 r uiton - tt. opposite St. Paul's Church, offer for sale, wholesale and reUil, a large and elegant astortmeut of Curl'd and birds eye maple Chairs, wilbcaue ssd hair cloth seats, plain, gilt, and richly ornamented fainted Chair, plain gilt and ornamented, in jold, and broos'd Conversation, Sewing, Rocking and Children's Cbairt and Stools Curl'd Maple and Painted Lonngees, Sofas, Settees, Mnic, kc. plain, gilt and ornamented, iagold and brou'd. Orders front any part of the coo linen t eierg - ted with despatch. mhii PRIZES, SOLD BI ROBERT WAITK, iOHR. 15,410, li,5i9. lO.OtXI UoMan 3,000 Dollars l.uuu uoiiart 1,000 Dollars 4,464, 5,701, 447, 20,863, 1,000 Dollars l,0i)0 Dollars 1,000 Dollars 1,000 Dollars And several of 500, 100, kc. tic. "bichinay be obtainnd of m. waite, csr. in the Alillbrd and Owrrn Rnarf l.nttr fl)v,uu ni oi 1 of 35,000 30 of 2 of 10,000 140 of 2 of 5.000 $1,000 5UU 100 Tickets and shares in this Grand Lottery, are rapidly selling at the office of H.liTs1Dji mhS 3t Trize list Medical Science lottery. No. 4. 40th. dav'a drawinv. Nos. '8833 100 1 6J48 100 ; 5455 100 j 630 jy; ooo 3J. Bot If sold at Aliens, Truly Lucky Office 122 Broadwav. ' iKo. Where it will he tMn1lM.u1 41.. n nttn 1)ich drew on. New - Years day the gTand priie - - .iv iiuiiurta inousana uoiurt, was sola In J . 1". i .... .7". . luiincuui eiy paio, oein? me highest pn rvm n1 1 : a f . mze : iiict mn M'jy.wa &HlrlTLGS. - - 7 packases brown ?.,r.Vn,:"J,t received and for sale by HE COMMISSION COMPjUtt, h 2dScc 148 Pearl itnvt. 'POBACCO. rJEEK and IRON. 200 hbds A prime Kentucky Tobacco M bbls. Eoton Beef, Nos. 1. 2. and 3 to.' V1 r - "Slh Bar Iron. For sale at No. 98 au - nreer, ty i w TALMA If k TORREY UUGAR MOLASfiF.S 91 h,, - i.:i. .T HK", and 17 tierces Molast, landing from 8 Agues, f:om Matanses, for tile by nh9 N. b. TAIXOTT, 6i South - street C w2&ffiER SKKNS w - 8 - I bundles Deer Skint frb - l C' W OAVfcNPORT it CO. LCJO WHEAT - 1300 bbli southern wheat, aoa . and for sale by IU C. W. DAVENPORT t CO. mh 2 "7"l.GUlA LOUli 60 bbls. will be land ed this day Irom schr. Driver, at Dorlintt slip, far iaW by R. GILLKSPIE, ! teb28 1 12 Front - street. COri'UN M TOBACCO 28 baiM prime Upland Cotton - 8 hhdii. Kinturltv TnhftirA tnt noil inr naie OJ yustril UillUllH, leozo 2a bou1h - treet. I DO VVOOD - 40 tuns Campeachy Lngwood, 'en z . 88 Soulh street CI LO I'll States tupertiue London cloths J 2 raiMfiitri Ho. Just received r Washington, and for sale by Feb 23 65 South t 51 AC ' fLOUR. dkJ barrels superfine Richmond Flour. will be landed tr ig kfternoon from the schr. Only Daughter, for sale by LAIDLAW, GIRAULT k CO., 87 Corke - Housejlip IN STOKE 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton ' 2 do black and assorted bombazetts 1 case French linen cambrics, and 1 bale superfine black cloth, feb 28 7t CANTON SILKS. 22 cases Levantines. j twilled Sarineft. Satins and Poneees lor taieaioj souin - tireer, or Ieb28 CAMBKELENG K rKAKSON. TRNDY, FLOUR, FLAXSEED ANft 5 pipet finely flavored Bordeaux 4th proof brandy - 54 cakt clean flaxseed 500 bbls flour, Baltimore Howard - street 200 boxes bloem raisins For tale by GEO. M. WILSON Feb 28 l30Watcr - t, T.1LOUR. 117 barrelt Kichm'ind tupeinne L r lour, branded w. u. Al. Ureek. laodinj; irom senr irtonroe, and tor sale by YYALian UAL.L.AUI1t.t(, feb 27 66 South - street, ri t. inuuttc. - ) unlet seine i wine. O and 1 bale containing two Seines, jmt ree'd per siup Washington, from London, and for sale oy u. bLiiiuK s tu. feb 27 92 U. H. Slip 1aDMKA WIAK. 37 pipet of superior l.v.1. quality, lor tale at 67 South - ttreet, by CA.MBHELENGi: PEAHsO.V, feb 27 OLD JAMAICA RUM. - lbpunrlieot:s high proof old Jamaica Rum. landing from tloon B - nicKeroocKer. irom Bermuda, kail iie recic slip. For sale by 1 LCiiLK 81 LiAUKIk?, feb 23 ' 29 South - street. TVTAVAL slORES, COTTON, ic. - 400 i.1 bbls. soft Turpentine, 300 do Tar 50 do Pitch, 5 do Spirits Turpentine 11500 lbs. Argol, 15 baskets Tapioca 600 Ox Horn, 10 bundles Deer Skins 1 tierce Furs, Otters, Mink, Sic. 2 hnles lit. qual. Sea Island Cotton SO do do Upland ' do 14000 hhd. Staves and Hvadine . 100000 22 in. C. Shingles for sale by 11. C W. LJAVt.rORi' & CO. feb 26 . ClOr FLE, bEGARS, tc 13 It. aad 33 bags Grceu Colfie 21,000 tiegars, oi superior quality, in half and qr. boxes 4 bbls Muscovado Sugar, just received and for sale at 77 Washington it. teOZO V. u. K 3. llUWI.AIXIi. DOMESTIC tt OTHER WAKKS. TH E subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, vis : Dutch and Enelish Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blscksmitht Hall and Entry Matt Pails and Tubs Wheel - Harrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do W'hips of every description 'Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe 4c sadlers Threat! Dearborn's fialtan - ces, &c Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Dearth Brnthet, fan cy and common ileal do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe li Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords. Clothes Lines Sash Cord. Trace Ropes wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on Ii bend terms. CEBRA V CUMING. feb 26 76 Pearl stnet. NANKEEN I'iOO pieces blue nankeen, entitled to debenture. For tale by G. C. S - HOWLAND, . feb 27 77 Wathiagton - strett I1A1UR, TOBACCO, tic M) bbis. suiwr V fine Flour 5done0w,tRihmoTobaCCQ 10 casks Flaxteed Landing fioui sundrv vessels. For tale by DIVIE BETHUNESCO. feb 25 No. 12 Coffee - Ho.ise - r.lip. GOODHUE ii CO. No. 44 feouili itreet, oner for sale, 150 bales of Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting of Baltat, chowoaganei, costat, emenies Gurrahs, blue gurrahs, entitled to drawback Long Clothtvtnamoody, mull mulls Saunas, sawns and seersuckers Bandannor and lunjee audy silk bdkfs Lotchee and madrat pattern hdkfs 10 I'ipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - Madeira wine back 10 casks Turkey red wine 124 boxes sweet oil, 12 bottles each 1 1 cases Italian letter paper 250 bags cork 7 cases fur hats .45 cerooos Peruvian hank, 6 casks senna 5 cases cum tragaganth 1 case Turkey opium 60 boxes Rusna window glass 15 bales Russia feathers, 15 do do down 280 bolts Russia duck, 1st and 2d quality 40 pigs block tin ; copper bolts assorted Spelter, runnv bcs 140 bhds. first qualitr Muscovado Suear, enti tled lotirawDarx. len IN 41 bbls. 1st. Drool couotrv (iin. lohaiM Vj some new barrels vim reueiwed, (or sale by JACKSON & WOOI.LEY. feb X5 75 wall - street. O MADf.IRA H'l.VE, tic. O pipes and 10 or caskt L. P. Madeira wine, of superior quality , for sale low, by ths single cask, to close a consignment. 100 boxes bloom rauins 20 bhds mo asset, will be soldlow, by R. ti C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Feb 25 BLUE NANKINS siSOO piece. Blue Nan kins, ol superior tioKtr. entitled to tie ben ture, for sale by HURD & St'.WAlL, leb I i Boam - sireei. 1 "t ICE. 46 fences dm me Kite lauding from JL echr. Marr. from Charleston, and for sale a " r nnHtviiiirs tu rfT oy uwutiut at iw. fep 25 41 boutn - street. "O LACK India Taffetas and company flag XJ bandkercbieis, of superior quality, lor sals . u . noil I I . 1 M f vy oianviK iiun, Feb 27 210 Broadway. BLUE NANK13S - 3O00DS. for tale by HURD SEWALL, feb 11 65 Sooth - street. II ICE. 95 whole und 0 ball tierces prime XV rice landing from schr Retrieve, for sale ny liuuunur. & to.. Feb 8 . 44 South - street. Fof Salt, Freight r Oisrttrs l iwtiwiii v' wn.wa wj LUS. Kodman,' matter i uow ready to re cve a cargo ; 175 tons, and trill carry about ouu cash naxteeti. Appiv aa Doara, east stue Fly Market v. barf, or to 4 D. BETHUNE k CO. oh 2 slip. for CIUIILESTOjV. S C. vlft The ele - rant. new. and fast raibnrrtao TTJiTi. . ... " : 7 scnoooer j us J in K, s. uoyi, mat - ter, will tail ou Wednctdav next, bavin? a'larze proportion of her freight. For tbe residue, or pataage, having very superior accommodations, appiy on pier no. zu. east suie aariws sup, or to SAUL ALLEY, mh 2 98 I'ioe - tt. tor SI CHOiX. The re nilar trading coppered brig WILLIAM - HENRY, to suil on the lUih umL For freight or uastaere. havinsr nn accommodatioris, apply to KEADE Si DE FEY5TER, mh 2. lw 31 Old - slip. WANTED TO CHARTER, For a southern port, a vessel of 1200 to 14UU barrelt nurUien ; immediate diS' patch will ne Riven. Apply to LiAlULiAW, lilKAUIl C CO, mh2 3t . B7 Colfee - Houe - slip, H.lsatn JO CHjiHTUi. A SHIP of the firt class, burthen Irom Jin to 4U0 tons, to proceed imme dialely to a southern port, and there to load for a port in Great - Britain. VOfiE & LOW, mh2 3t , No. 169 Pearl - tt. Fur Suit, trttght or Cfatrler, i The tnbitantial bri? RECOVER jnuruham, master, 242 tons, will carry dj 'a i - argo, and ii in readiness for a voyage lies at pier no. 10. Apply to JOeEl'ir OSBORN, Feb 28 v 23 SonOj - itreet 'or Freight or (. harter. The sch'r. A DELINE, captain Tup tS324 Per. A freight to Oporto, Lisbon, or a southern port, would be preferred. Apply on board, at My - market nuri, or to R. GILLESPIE, feb 27 112 Front - t. Vri.if'.ijVVV. - fi. 44i The fast tailjng packet brig AURORA, 2tUtWm. Thonipion, master, will sail on Vt ednotday next in the mean time will take what freight may ofier ; fur whi'.h, or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board east tiJe Uld - .lip, or to POTT Si M'KINNE, Feb 26 56 South - it. fT, FurSArstWdH, A ... et i.i r r - MMVKST, D. Wood, matter, is now load iiiit, luvuig luul lier cargo engaged ; will meet wiui immediate dispatch r or freight or patsac apply on board, west tide Uurlmg - tlip, or to TH. BARRON, Feb 2", 1w " 136 Ftont - st. tor WtLMIMUUj. JS. V. The schr ADELINE, Pelegl upper, master, will be dispatched immedjately. For Ireight or passage apply to K. GILLESI'IE, II2Front - st. . 'Who offers for sale, 180 bbls tar, and a . parcel of W. O. hhd staves, received bj taid eesel Also 200 bbls supf. Ru.hraond flour 55 lihdt Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 20 tierces rice ; 21 tales upland cotton 55 hhds molasses ; 200 bagt coffee Red and white port wine, in bhdt and qr. ' Madeira do . do - catkt Claret wine, in boxes of I - dozen each, 4 small boxes cottou lacot .An invoice of Dutch coodt, roositting of ennff boxes, slates, slate pencils, marbles, jewellery, violins, ladies.' work boxes, cologne water, tic. t eb 84 FOR AMSTERDAM, Tbe staunch brig MARGARET, cap - iilutain Funk. ha considerable pnrtof her i'.i(gv euasd, and will be dispatched without delay. For irtight or passage, apply to ii. vua, No. 74 Washinton - treet, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 19 tf No. 72 Washington street. For FREIGHT or (JH.1RTKK, 1 be fast sailing schr. SALEM, bur - iijJllhen 1100 bbls. has made buttwovoy - .ie, and is now in readiness to receive a car - r or terms apply on board, at i'lne - stcecl wlurf, - orio G. G. ft 8. HOWLAND, feb 26 77 Washington - street. For i.iLb or CiJ.iHIFR. The yaliiable fust sailing brig1 AG - NESS, captain Harris, at Fly - market wnarf, two rears old, burthen 184 tons, will slow upwards of SOD lihdi. is in all respects in excellent order, and will be ready to re ceive a cargo in two days. Apply to N. ft D. TALCOTT, feb 26 64 South - street ZANTE CURRANTS. 1 cask contitinws 1000 lht. just landed and for sale at 67 South - street, by UA.MBKELEaiji rEAK&Oa. feb 11 II U KD ii dEW ALL, 65 souih - street, olfer L L for tale 4 cases extra super London Cloths 8 do superfine do 6 do London made Gentlemen's Hats 6 do do Japanned Hats , 10 do do plated Men's and Boys' Hats iirj pieces Kuitia sheetings 100 do heavy Ravens Duck 2500 do blue Nankins, entitled to debenture 15 bales blue add red Gilla Hdkfs. do 2 do white Madrass pattern do do 2 do fine Patna Chintx do 20 do Beerboom Gurrahs do 3 cases Gum Copal, 6 bales Senna leaf 100 bars Mustard Seed 4 cases Jewellery, (or the trade of the . northwest, kc. 12 casks Commodes, Knobs, Ac. newest patterns 4 do Files, Saddlery and Awl Blades 200 Wees Cut Nails. 3d to 20d 10V0 boxes Bristol Window Glass, 6 by 8 to iu oy 14 26 bundles Swedish S'eel 2 )0 tons Russia O. S. Iron. P S I 5 hhds. Richmond Tobacco, tup. quality 6 canes Domestic Goods, Stripes, Plaids, and 1 icks. mn z JOSTON and CHELMSFORD WINDOW - 13 GLASS. Acencral assortment lustreceiv ed from the manufactory, for tale at 67 South - tt by UAMBKELENG k rtAKSU.v, Bh2 I 1 ICIiMONI) 1 OBACCO ?U hhds. of choice It Rhinoud Tobacco for sale by feh 28 WM. ft SAM. CRAIG. OLAbaEs V bXGAK. 40U hbds, 59 i.VL tierces, and 29 bblt first quality Matansat molasses, new crop. bhUe,f Muscovado mgar Landing from ship Laguira, west side Bur - lin - slip - For sale by K N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, "Feb 28 86South - st TIN PLATE, kc. 2U2 boxes ti plate, I - 3d IX, now landing from on board the shin vvauuntiton worn ionnon, ana ir saie oj H ROGERS ft POST, - 51 South - st. ALSO 1 case containiDg9 bottiesoilof nut - negs, just received and for sue as above. FebW lw XTAVCTIOX. BT JOHN HUMES, YACKAei SiLX. ON Thursday morning, the 5th March, at 10 o'clock at No. 56 South Front - street, 90 boxes Canton silks, consisting of setting, uwciiuna, gaiioons, sincDews, aarnneu, lew - ing silks, crsjes, pungees, silk hdkfs. different colors and dimensions, tic. . . Also, 50 bales Calcutta goods, consisting' of gurrans, batias, clioppa romalls, liingee ro - malls, seenftckers, gun ah sawns, cossas, tan dah sawns, gurrah sannahs, sooty romals. chi na custas, baiidannoes, inadrass plain hdkfs. cafridaries, janpour sawns, cliecks, jalalpour sawns, mamoodies, tic. ALo, 80 packages British dry goods. . Catalogues will be ready two days previous to the aie, when the goods may be examined. Philadelphia, 3 J. tt W. LI PPINCOTT, Feb. 16. 5 Commission Merchants. feb 27 3t AUCTION SALES By WIKSLOW UCHAXXIXG, Botkm. ON Wednesday the 4th March, will be told at No. 35 Jtidia wharf, the following eooili. imported by Samuel G. Perkius ti Co. in the ship Pekin from India, (postponed from Friday, ZOUllDSl.J 15J0 bagt white Benares and double boiled Kadnagore sugars 564 bales Bengal cotton, of superior quality 45U bags ratna and Kungpore ginger 50 cases Bengal indigo, prime quality 70 bags fresh sago 20 .bags'safflowiT 18 pieces ivory . .3200 pieces Madras blue guineas 8& 9 rail 2'ltAJ pieces camboy9, loug dimensions ' BO pieces VeutapoUam handkerchiefs 840 pieces Madrass handkerchiefs, fine pat . terns, in trunks of 60 ps. '1172 cotton shirts 3600 sheep skins 6t59 tanned skins 30000 Madrass goat skins in the hair For teruis and other particulars apply to PETER REM SEN k CO. 26 South - street. 17" Tbe goods may be seen on Tuesday, 3d March. rebS4 l IUKN 1 I'JL'MC I.IAUL - DC CUTCI'I !iJ f THOMAS SUFFERN, No. 6 Dcpeyster - J - street, lias lust received aer latest arrivals. a further assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 lineDS, long lawhs 5 - 4 sheetines, 3 - 4 diapers. 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 dowlas, do. drogheda linent, vhicb with the fol lowing gnciii, wiiinetoiaon rtatonauie terms, 4 - 4 bod i - n line, low and Due assortments 7 - 8 do in half pieces 7 - 8 do hif bleached strong and fit fornar row tieetings, to average 13d 78 lawm, 5 - 4 shcetingt to average 3d 3 - 4 con me and fine brown linen, feb 24 2iv II OPS. 2 bides Wops, ust r reived for tale XI by CAMBKELING ft PEARSON, fcl 67 South - street .UOUR and TOBACCO. 500 bbls. Rich - 1 toond supl. Flour 29 bhds old and new Tobacco, 120 kcet manufactured d 6Ji 8 hands to the lb. For sale at 106 Front - street. feb 13 i ROKES, Dt V1DSON t! CO. RUM &. SUGAR The cargo of the ship South - Carol in a Packet, capt.Cartwright, from St. Croix landinir at Peck - slin. for sale by BEXJ. DE FOREST U CO. feb 28 3t JHEET LEAD - 33 rof?s thcet read, lor HURD 4c SEWALL, 65 Soulh - st. 7 taie by Feb 28 THE STKiM BOA T LIJYJi. THE proprietor! with a view of accommodating the ptsblic by extending the line ito Norwich, intend makine the experiment with the Fulton, Capt Law, and tl ratmd practicable, tne route win o twnw during the seaton. .,. r - J he line will coranieote n uun o mo ncnu - er will permit, and continue uurinx us season, as follows : ... . 1 lie Connecticut. Cap. Bunuer. win leave New - York, every Monday, Wednesday and r n - day, at 8 o'clock, A. M. 1'be Fulton, Capt. Law, will leave Norwich at 6 o'clock, on the mormnjrs of the same days, touch at New - London, and depart from (hence for New - Haven, at 8 o'clock A. M. The Matt will meet at New Haven, nnd depart from thence every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, P. M. . The Connecticut, for New - York, and the Fulton for New - London and Norwich. , "" QFMTKF.L BOARDWQ. - FRANKLIN HOUSE. This new, spacious and snlendid Buildintr. situated in Broad way, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner oi iey au will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st of Slay next, for the reception oi uoaruers. It is fitted, and will be furnished in a mars - ner not surpassed, for convenience and ele - ' . i ii .i , gance, by any private aweiung in me cuv. i occupies the most eligible situation, being central, in view of the Park and City - Hall ; the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country for a circumference oi mnes, mciuuing use Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour , and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cells it. either for eleirance of structure or sit uation i and no expense having been tmsr - ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it wilt offer to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleasant and retired a - partments. The choiceatof Wineand Liquors will be furnished, - and no trouble or expense will be make the entertainment pleasant, rare and excellent This establishment is intmded exclusively for Genteel Boarding'. MRS. HENDERSON. Wanted to hire, an English Person, as head waiter to the above establishment one who is nerfectlv aualified in every respect He must uliow the most undoubted evidence of bis taility and good character none other need apply. Application may be mane at n uey .treet fb 24 DfcCtf J - X SALE. 4 CHARIOT and pairof Horsei the chariot J is fashionable and not much the worse for ware: the horses are brieht bay, young, band - some and well broke : they will be sold together or separate, and may be teen us sniyvesaat' treet, next door to Saint Mark's Church. Feb 25 lw IllCSTORATUR. A GENTEEL coffee room has been opened at No. 2 Park Place, opposite Mechanic Hall, where coffee, soups, and relishes may be had at all times in a comfortable ana econo mical style. - feb 28 3t VALUALLIL STslAD tVRA COVA TRY STORE. be subscriber offer for sale, the Dwelling House, More House and EotorLand, lormeny occupied by Wm. Voorbeit, deceased ; situated in Wbippasy, Morris County, (N. J.) on the lurnDike road direct from Newark to Mount Pk - ktant, 4 miles from Morristcwo and 13 from Newark. - I he house is built or the best materials, nearly new, and well fiaisbed. Tbe storehouse is large, and was occupied by the former owner as a store, in which much buuncts was done. The lot contains about one acre, rmbra ciotratraod garden, and pasture. There it alto oe tie premuci a Lew b:ra, and a well of water handy at the dor. The ab. - ve situation is considered very eligible for a country merchant, Uiere being in the neizhtouritnod two paper mills, two grist mills, and one cotton factory, or would tuit lor aiatott any Ktudoi ctnut tmets. jneiertntoi suewiii tie rai' aiodatiog. For particulars, inquire ol tiUs fettle, near the premises, William Tattle. Stwvn, or COLLINS IIANNAV, mh 1 6t No. 2J0 roafl - i'.rtei.. ' GRAND CALL Al (he City HoteU MR. CHARRUAUD has (he "honor to in. form the Ladies and Gentlemen, that on Thursday evening, 12th of March next, his annual Grand Ball, will take place in the Assembly Room of the City - Hotel. - la the course oi the evening two ballets and several fancy dances will he exhibited and executed by Mr. C. and se veral of his pupils; 1'be room will he elegantly inuminateu. - ' Part I .A pastoral diverting Ballet. . lMhrh Lodoiska - 2. First eutrnnceof tbecorpde ballet, by 12 young ladies 3. Pasdeul Allegretto by ayounelady 4. College Hornpipe by a young tentleiuan 5. The Gavote d Vestris by Mr. Chamiaud and m young lady. 6. Pat suel andante by a young lady. 7. Pas de trois in'tro , by three youni ladies. 0. Pas teul andantino by a young lady. S. Grand pas seul allegro . . . by Mr. C 10. Corp k bailat final by 12 young ladies. Part 2 - 1 he ballet r.f Sabotiers. or the Wood - 1 en Shoemaker's Cottage. 1. Enters a cake scllar lost in Uie forest. 2. Enters Mr.Charruaud acting part of a clown 3. A pas seul by a younii lady. 4. Enters three 8botiers and dance with clubs nnd wooden ihoes by, 3 young gentlemen. 5. A dance half comic by Mr. C. 6. A pastoral dance by 5 young ladies and & young gentlemen. 8. Grand solo with wooden shoes Ty Mr. C. 1: . . by the whole. Manager of tbe Ball, Mr. Biart. The Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, and the ballets at 9 precisely. Tickets One Dollar, to be hadat Mrs. Gaston's 42 Broad - st. at the bar of the City Hotel, and at the door on that eveuing. Gentlemen are not allowed to dance in boots. feb S4 8t VALUABLE 1'HOI' For sale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing IjiiuDlishmciit, in the county of Morris, and ttate offljiew - Jertey ; coniitting oi a rolling nd iKt - tmg Mill, io good repair, which worus two pair of rollers aod cutters, shears, ftc. all at the tame time ; a valuable forge with two fires and one hammer in good repair ; a slock of coal and oi on hand, sulficient to make fifty tuns of iron s a good taw mil I ; acut nail factory in good lepair, sufficient to employ thirty tutu, and may be extended to employ one himdnd more ; a brad cut - ling machine and a steel furnace in good : convenient to the works is a itore and a number ol houses for the accommodation di lamilies. and excellent ttabling for teauis that may be neces sary to aeep ior tue UN) oi tne establishment t ai to, orchard, pasture and meadow lots. imme. dialely adjoining toe works, with limber land in any quantity, not tier ecling two thousand live hundred acres, within three miles of saiu works. j he treat vein ol iron ore. cemmencine at the noted eiickasunny mine, i uus more than 2 miles through this ti act, and three mines are now open. Irom which the forget are tupplied with ore, and more may ue opened and ore raited to supply works to any extent ; the mints are within two miles of said works, and eood roads, to thnlllie ore can be raised and delivered at the forge at two ana a nan dollars per ion. The above described works are situated on Kocuaway liner, about t ight miles from Nor - ristnvrn, twenty five miles fiom Elizabeth Town, atid about the samedittnnce from Newark, wilh good turnpike roads leading from said works to each place, in a pleasant healthy situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being two 1'resby. ten an Churches within four miles, and a friends' meeting house within (wo miles of said place. This stand for collecting bar iron for the slit - untj mm is very commanding, there bein nearly oie hundred force fires in Hie oouotv : most of them are on the streams above Dover, and the iron, in going to New - York market, can conveniently pass those works. At this mill irenucnily four tont of bar iron have been slit and bundled into nail ami spike rods io a day, and upwards of one uunnrea ions oi nans Have been made in a year. A large amount of goods may be sold at this place in exchange for bar iroo.urocerinsr tun plies, fcc. Sic. There are valuable scitea both a. bovs Is below on thii tract.on which more works may De e ret tea. 1 - K.nVn'iTWn Tarni."lIffiY W the i.Lii.r ttuMiolnh. about two miles from Do ver, and six mucs irom wiornttown, bui whms c - ie quarter of a mile of the Union turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, called the Distillery Farm, containing about thre hundred acres, about one fourth part of which is excellent meadow, one fourth part plongh and pasture land, ami the re mainder timlier. A cousiaeraoie iwi ui uie uiu - r.r iinfihA nri - inal rmwllt. and is suitable foi sawing, (lie other part is thrifty young timber, rrnm riitivn in turpnl wears erowth. 'I here are on said farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, in fine order, eight to sixteen years oia, me routi of them oi grafted fruit, and mora than half ol Irurn I Union annlet. to famous for Cider. The . i :" i v .i. meadows are nat ana iree irom nuiir, tniuugu which runt two lively streams of water, and nearly the whole may be watered. One of tliese streamt it tufTicx - nt for a erilt - mill cr other works : there art taw mills, a erist - Olill. a ful - line mill and oil mill, on the tame stream. On said farm are two valuable Kites for water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a then dam, aad raise a considerable pono, wun twoive or filteen feet head, below this Uie water can be taken into a race, and in lest than twenty chaint. oneood Arm eround. it more than twenty feet fall. In this way the water can oe worsen twice oyer with the expense of only one dam. t here is on said farm an extensive ciuer mm with four pretses and cisterns, housed aod well hooned with iron - sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the cider works is the still - house, so conveniently situated that the whole operation is completed without pumping, ' The water for condensing the spirits is supplied from a never failing spring, within six rods of the still house, and has sufficient head to run into the cisterns. The buildings coniiit of . r 1 1 ' .1 fMM.A twoimau I rain c dwellings, uno gwu 1 1 - m c uni.i 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, under a part ol which it a good cellar ; there are also hay bouse, cow sheds, ftc. ALSO. Valuable property at Longwood. in the town - shin of Jeflerton. six miles from Dover, on tm maia branch of Rockaway River, consisting of a very valuable forge, with two fires and one banu mer ; abundance of water the whole year, a large pond, and a very warm situation, - and lor uiteen years past baa made as much iron as any two fires in the county. 1'be ore is within four miles, and a part of the road turnpiked. i'lie several tracts connected with this establishment amount alto - rether to about fourteen hundred acres, the treat cr part timber, to make a durable supply of coal for the forge. Immediately adjoining the forge is very valuable plow and meadow laud sufScient for tnree farms of one hundred acres each, with houses, orchard and haras, beside several good dwellings for the families that may be employed in workintr the forse. The whole or any part of this very valuable property wLl be sold at such prices and credit as will make it worthy the attention of any person wishing to purchase, t or Jurther information enquire of JACOB LOSEY, at Dover. ISRAEL CAN FIELD, at Morrittown. BLACKWELL k M't ARLAN, at N. York feb 26 D&Ctf TO LET or LEASE. From tlie first of May next, the Honse aod Lands belonging to the estate oi iarj Ludlow, deceased, situated at Brooklyn, v.itii - in one hundred y ardt of the stesin - boat 1 jrry. Tbetioiite it well adapted for a private family, or for the ptino of a public houto. The situation, from its elevated position, commands a very beautiful view of the city, the East River sod bay of New - York. The grounds (containing between 4 and 5 acres) are in a good ttate of cul - tivatien ; tbe house and ont boutes in good repair. Forterms, spplv to . GEO. W. MORTON, Att'y at Law, mhtiw No. 59 William street. 7rr IO LET. Ef;fl From the first of May next, the three sto - railrtck bouse. No. 310 Broadway to be put in comnlete repair, painted, papered, ftc. Reat flftiO and taxes with stables, coach - house, ftc. jliJOsnd tbe taxet Apply at Hudson's Intelli gent eUtace. . tubZZw ITTANTED, a girl to do the upper work of 111 small la'niiv. Apply at thii OJlce. fU 25 a to a PUBLIC S ALES. P. L. MILLS' CO. ' Wsdncsday, ; 4th March, . At 12 o'clock on the premises, the Lot and Honse in uilivan - tlret, 3 door southeast of Proome - st the front of the bousti is of brick, SI feet wide and 35 deep; the lot is 21 Oet front and rear and "0 feet dc - r there at'e 6 rooms with (ire - places, and 3 bed - rooms ; (he frcrit rooms are corniced with hard crmts, the entry is finished in the same number The above boosts is built of the best materials, and well calculated for a genteel family The terms will l reaeou - ' able and made known on the day of sale.. . Any I ersons wihiug to purchase at private sale, will call at tbe auction room, or on the premises. ' . ' e BY J. P. DIETERICH ft CO, This Evening,. ' ' ' - At half past fi o'clock, a verv vahiable rot. lection of Books and Stationat y. Catoiof ue ready. AT l A I E SALE, 5000 acres of land, in Wood County. fVa within 10 milts of Marietta, and 6 miles from the Ohio River. I2U0 do io the town of i'lattahursh, Clinton Countv. New - York. 400 do. in i'iU. County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent impio - ved form of 200 acre, oa (he Cothecton turnpike road.' The two last will he exchanged for property in the city of New - York, or for merchan dize. Apply at the auction room. ' MARBLE FOR BCJLDIJVO. 4. . THE proprietors of the southern marUe qtra - ries, near Eire's - B rids, rive notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the KuigBridg Marble mnd Lime - 1 ard, foot of . Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensiva stock of marble lor building, of the following; de - Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone) Chimney - Piect ' Facings ' Columns , Watertable Steps (), Platforms . Sills, Liutels Arches Also Lima of the beet qnalily. ! IT A cootlant supply of the above material! may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to , EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 ' , ' AttheYard. ( " STREET MANURE. . OT" Tlie contracts which are to be entered into lor tlte street manure, will commence on the 1st i f May next, for 1 or 2 years, to be rnention - t d in tiie sealed proposals ; and the streets are to be swept and cleaned, from tbe 1st of March to the 1st f Junuary, in every year. Feb 21 NOTICE. , . ffty The subscribers having receired a general h.signmen! ol all the estate of John Murray ic Son, for the benefit of creditors a tnrwrl .in Uie atngnmeot, have authorised Peter Lud - iuw io uquiaate tne unsettled accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the niH Arm. it to the individual partners who will attend to the same at his ewee, No. Ill Pearl - street. WILLIAM BAYARD, fch24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. :. In the Advertisements sumed bv ma and published in the New - York Gazette of tbe 7th, Oils and and Mtl) of Januaiy last. I free - . ly and cheerfully come forward to say, that J was totally mulead in respect to Mr. Arthur Hirst : that I am perfectlv convinced he hi d no connexion wilh Lee. aiid was utterly unac quainted with the transactions between Lee and myself, I do this from a sense of fluty la . Mr. Hirst's character, which 1 am free to acknowledge it, from every thing I have heard and now know of him, unimpeachable as to integrity, honor and honesty and that I verily believe him not only above committing, but above even countenancing1 in the least degree, any dishonest or unworthy action. .. f..l.3 " - - THE FORUM - TCT3 Will be opened on Friday evening next, the 27th instant, at the Aatcaibly Room, City Hotel, when the following question will be discussed : 14 Ought the uiiuds of women to be cultivated by Uie tame tludiet as those of men ?" Discussion Io commence at 7 precisely. A ticket will admit a lady and gentleman. Tickets to be had at D. Longworth's, Pari", :ind at the door, at 25 c. nts each. The surplus proceeds of the evening are appropriated to (he Society for the relief ol respect able aged iuilieut Females. Feb 25 NOTICE. (VT AS we Jamrs and Samuel Maeinniss, Blacksmiths, have commenced partnership, at No. 19 Dev - ttrect This notice is to caution the public, not to take or receive any Note, Indorse - s meni, Bond, or any oilier steamy iu tne name oi said firm, at their tiutwets it to ne caineu on without such assistance without the personal assignment of the parties composing taid firm. James maginmss, 8am l. maginmss. Ab26 lw" ijjy ADMINISTRATION on the Estate of Philip I. Hone, deceased, having" been granted to tbe subscribers All persons having demands . against said Estate are requested to produce them duly authenticated, to John Anthon, Esq. No. 333 Pearl - street, and all persons indebted to the said estate are requested to make immediate payment at the tame place. , ANNA HONE, THOMAS HAZARD, jr. JOHN ANTHON. feb 26 lw ' frt - Mrt. ANN SPENCER, widow of the lateCapt. Alansoo Spencer, would feel hretf particularly obliged by his creditors, if they would send their accounts in the course of the ensuing week, to No. 3 While - street. A prompt atteutioo to this request would tree her mind from ' considerable share of uncertainty for correct information of the amount of property left by Capt. S. feb 27 lw . In the Package Sale of D. DUNHAM ft COVare man; articha not enumerated in the advertisement, amona which ate a variety of goods calculated for exportation and eutitledto debenture. Persons wishing to export may ascertain by obtaining a catalogue and on enqui ries at the auction store. ion store. , . vill be ready on Monday morniog. k.and tiie goods aiay beexamined rroorninr. at half patt 9 o'ekw k, Catalogues wil at awf - n nVlnr.1t. till Wednesday morning, at half patt I when the tale will commesre. feb28 3t COTILLIOS PARTIES. trT The Manag'ers give notice that the next Cotillion r - artv will be at the City - HoteL cn Thursday evening the 5th March. fcb28 it ; WANTED, A MAN and his WIFE, (who bsve ho children) to tnke charge oj a farm, a few miles Irom the city. The man must understand tne management ol a farm and kitchen earden. The woman attend a small dairy and do the washing of tha family. As tbe belt recommendations wii! be required, it is requested no applications may. be made unless such can. be produced. Apply at It b to l in no. 243 waier - sirecu PRIVATE LODGINGS. A single gentleman Can be accommodated, with . one cZ two rooms, after tbe first of Msy next, with or without board, the rooms furnished or ne t, in genteel and small family, tbe boue is neat and pleasant, and in a healthy part of the city about ten minutes walk from Wall - sireet. For further information ino,uiie at no. LS Broadwav. fo . vv AiVl ED situation in a sciroo or prj - mm fum v ft rem.i e Ol retpeciaiuu - who has been accustomed to teach writing. I1.IIUIIIIU UCl.ll VUIil.. - . - k ... . i r - . 1, mil, wuto such a person, will fcud the advertiser worthy cf notice, having been in 11 e ahove caPac,.l England, and can produce satisf.ctury reference.? For further particulars enquire ot the pno. ter cfthia paper. t l "

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