The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 6, 1939 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1939
Page 4
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If MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MONDAY, MAKCH t, J93M March Week Is Set for Hobby Show Mason Cityans Will Serve as Judges at Y. W. Judging of the exhibits which will be entered in the girls hobby show to be sponsored at the Y W. C. A. March 21 to 25 will take place before the show is open to the public on Thursday, March 23 Judges who have been selected to select the ribbon winning exhibits ijjclude Mrs. Don Wiedei and Miss Ethel Ehlers, nature Mrs. W. C. Evans and Mrs. C. R Marsh, religious studies; Mrs. H A. Towner and Mrs. J. W. Lorenz foods and sewing; Mrs. R. B Irons, arts and drawing. The handicraft exhibits will be Judged by Mrs. Charles Grippen and Mrs. W. Ear) Hall, dolls, Mrs. Harlan Girton and Mrs. M D. Judd; creative writing, Mrs Draper Long; coins and stamps, L. Heinselman of Plymouth; scrapbooks, Mrs. L. R. Probert and Mrs. Paul N. Loomis collective hobbies, Mrs, Ray Pauley and Mrs. F. W. Sin not I. Judging of the music division will be done by the Matinee Musicale club. There will be a public recital for girls entering the music division Friday afternoon, March 24, at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Robert Macket Is Elected Delegate to State Convention Airs. Robert Macket was elected a delegate to the state convention of the U. C. T. auxiliary at a ' meeting of the local group held Saturday evening in the P. G. and £.. auditorium following a dinner with the U. C. T. Mrs. William Huffman was elected alternate Mrs. J. O. Gilbertson installed a group of new officers including Mrs. William Taylor, page; Mrs. L. W. Kellar, conductor; Mrs. Tim Phalen, junior counselor; Mrs. A. L. Schmidt, past counselor; Mrs. Macket, chaplain; Mrs. Roy Servison, pianist; Mrs. Ada Wilkinson, Mrs. F. Balkam, Mrs. Charles Ressler. board member- Mrs. Florence Howe, conductor retiring senior counselor. The auxiliary had a- 1 o'clock luncheon meeting Monday afternoon at the P. G. and E auditorium with Mrs. Ernest Ade and Mrs. Fred Wilts as hostesses. ---O Pann.ellemc Group Will Meet Tuesday at Edmund Dunlops Panhellenic association w i l l wnen me meat rr r« S r , 1U 3f?L!S. n !«««*·/ ·««- ^st en or m the m menu SEN TQ_SELECT BEST EXHIBITS ENTERED When a Small Roast Is Preferred A delicious small roast is formed by combining two sirloin cuts, *· m t h e u e r f, .1. --..--» .~,,-L IB luuneu uy cumoinmg two sirloin cuts fiom the upper part of the leg of lamb. Peach halves, filled with cinnamon candies, then placed under the broiler, make an attractive iment for this roast. This is one of the dishes which Miss Sley will demonstrat ' " ~' ' - for Meat Are Given Miss Ann Kingsley Prepares Articles to Aid Homemakers E d i t o i j s Note -- Miss Ann Kingsley who will conduct the Globe-Gazette's annual cooking school the last week of March has prepared a series of articles on cooking which homemakers will find helpful. The second article of the series follows. She may be expert at broiling lamb chops, and perhaps she can prepare a roast ot which any cook might be : proud. But the bride who is beginning her career as homemaker soon finds that there's much to this matter of selecting and preparing meat that what she still has to learn. And as she soon realizes noon at 1 o'clock Mrs. ~ - -- ""J'1 -- *·*· i J l . X L l l street northwest. Mrs. L. J. Stra- -her mother perhaps told her -- that when the meat course is right, the . . , ra- han is chairman of the luncheon committee which includes Mrs William B. Hathorn, Mrs. John Moen and Mrs. Frank Pearce - t ic^v ui uie r at the^home o f ] to fall in li -, U T"_°P' ? ^ i , x " 1 eager to find out as quickly as she about the various meat New Under-arm Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration , eems naturally will be very ·ager ' cuts, which ones to select and the proper method of cooking them. Thrift ana Variety If she is a truly modern young woman and budgets her household expenses, she will want to know about the economy cuts of beef, pork, veal and lamb, and she will want to use them also to give variety to her meals, for she will soon find that chops and steaks and a Sunday roast can grow monotonous if served week. Another problem 1- Docs not tot dresses -- dncs noi irm«c skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3. Instantly Slops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. A pure white, £rci:clcss, stainless vanishing cream. f, Arrid lias been awarded the Approval ScaJ o! [he American Instituie of Laundctinc. for bein£ Harmless to Fabrics TEN M I L L I O N jars of Arrid Have been Bold. Try ajar [odayl A R R I D 39p « j«r .t Jl ,,,,,,, M ti ch ,,,, , n l l r , ,, f-Uo in IDcinJ S'h j«r«l CLIP AND BRING THIS AD! Due to the Great Demand \Vc Are Offerinir This PERMANENT WAVE SPECIAL! OUR GENUINE $5.00 DUART OIL WAVE $2.50 Until March II Only * Soft Water Shampoo Fingerwave Rinse and Neck Clip 50c YOUR BEAUTY SHOPPE i'A So. Feet.--Over Enelcr Drug Phone Z67 i Heltn Swehla wishes her Irlcadt to Xrtfttt- (hat she i notv nith ns. week after -- , which confronts the bride and anv other homemaker who is rooking for two is that of avoiding waste. No | matter how clever she is in pre| paring leftover dishes, she will find it to her advantage to purchase smaller cuts for roasting than those served at her mother's table. For instance, instead of a leg of Iamb, she may buy a sirloin roast, cut from the upper paii of the leg and loin. Basic Uulcs Easy The basic rules of meat cookery are few and simple. Roasting, I broiling and panbroiling are ways of cooking by dry heat. Tender cuts, from the less exercised parts of the meat animal and containing less connective tissue, and the ground meats, in which the long fibers have been cut, are cooked by dry heat. Other meats require long, slow cooking in moist heat that is, braising or cooking water. (Meat should never boiled, always simmered.) , However, there a few exceptions to the above rule. All cuts of lamb (with the possible ewep- tion of necks and shanks) are tender enough to roast or broil. On the other hand veal, also the meat of a young animal and very tender is lacking in fat and is therefore never broiled. A chunky piece, Uke the leg. may be roasted at low heat. But smaller pieces, cutlets chops and .steaks, are braised. Veal be der, is either roasted or braised, not.broiled. This is because it is best when cooked slowly for a long time, until thoroughly done, to bring out its full flavor. Bacon and smoked harn may be broiled however. A help to the bride in making roasting sure and easy is the roastmeat thermometer. This it- inserted into the meat before cooking so that the bulb reaches the center of the thickest muscle. This thermometer so placed registers the internal temperature of the meat, and when this is raised to a certain point, the roast is done. This is the only accurate way of telling when a roast is done. Here, in concise form, are guiding rules for the selection and preparation of the various meat cuts. ROASTING Cuts to Buy for Roasting Beef--Rib, sirloin tip, tender- in. Pork -- Loin, tenderloin, shoulder, ham, smoked ham and shoulder. Lamb--Leg, rack, loin, shoulder. Veal--Loin, rack, leg, shoulder. Directions for Roasting 1--Season with salt and pepper. 2--Place roast on rack, with fat side up. 3--Do not add water; do not cover; do not baste. '!--Place in slow oven (300 to 350 degrees F.) and let roast until done. ·Cooking time and internal temperature as indicated on roast- meat thermometer: Beef--Rare, 18 to 20 minutes a pound -- 140 degrees F. internal temperature. Medium, 22 to 25 minutes a. pound--160 degrees F. internal temperature. Well done, 27 to 30 minutes a pound--170 degrees F. internal temperature. Pork -- Fresh, 30 minutes a pound--185 degrees F. internal temperature. Smoked. 25 to 30 minutes a pound--170 degrees F. (Hams specially processed require shorter cooking time. These should loin. and fricassee. Veal chops and steaks and pork chops are cooked most successfully this way.) Beef--Chuck, neck, short ribs, brisket, flank, round, rump. Pork -- Chops, shoulder steaks, tenderloin. Lamb -- Neck slices, shoulder breast, shank. Veal--Chops, shoulder, steaks, breast, neck, flank, shank. Directions for Braising , 1--Season with salt and pepper- dredge with flour. 2-^Browu on all sides in hot lard. 3--Add a small quantity of liquid. Cook slowly until done. STEM'S Cuts for Stovvinjf Beef--Flank, neck, plate, brisket, shank, short ribs. Pork--Kidney. Lamb -- Breast, neck, shoulder shank. Veal -- Shank, neck, breast, sholuder. Directions for Slewing Cut meat into 2 inch cubes 2--season with salt and pepper. 3--Brown, if desired, on all sides in hot lard. 4 --Cover with boiling water, a--Cover kettle tightly and let cook slowly until done. Do not boil. G -- Add vegetables just long enough before serving so they will be done. American Girls took Men in Eye Queen Marie's Court Beauty Advisor Here to Instruct Brides NEW YORK, (P--American gnls, said M. Done Edmond Monday, have an unfortunate habit of looking men straight in the'eye. "It is not alluring," said Edmond, former court beauty adviser to the late Queen Marie of Rumania. "It makes a ' m a n feel inferior. He feels you're trying to probe his mind," Far better it is to look at him fleetingly. and then look away, continued Edmond. Not Baby Talk ' Yes, I believe women should be somewhat coy," he said, "but I don t mean baby talk. That's terrible! It annoys a man's nerve= "Women should learn how to blush. It can be done by exhaling a little longer than they are accustomed." Edmond has launched a cours of instruction for brides-to-be on how to conduct themselves with grace at their wedding ceremony --how to walk properly to the altar, handle a bridle train, etc. His general views on feminine cfiarm today were so intriguing the course was forgotten. Homely Versus Pretty Far better, he said, to be a homely woman with assurance and grace than be pretty and I awkward. "The homely woman! with poise and charm can always get her man," he explained. He fears (he isn't quite sure) that even in the most serious business conversation with a woman a man thinks 60 per cent of the lime about such things as ''I like the way she stands. I like her hat." As to American girls in gen- "Enehanling:" he exclaimed. But oh! (shaking his head' with an anguished air) the way they walk is awful! "American men walk well- but the girls, particularly well educated ones, seem to feel that anything goes." --o-Herb Templin Talks to Methodist Young People at Meeting Herb Templin. Y. M. C \ physical director, talked on "Find- i"J g ^°??' s PlaCL in Life " at 'he Methodist Youth council meeting Sunday evening at the church. 'Make a plan or philosophy for your life and live up to it, but at least have some kind of outline for your life whatever you do" said Mr. Templin in pointing out ones place in life. He also stressed the necessity/ of basing Coat Lines Good Globe-Gazette Peerless 15 Cent Pattern 1 19 West Nineteenth Street, New York City By Diana Day Social Caiendar MONDAY Good Cheer lodge 7:30 o'clock, V. F. W. hall Central Parent Education group 7:45 o'clock, Administration building-. Mrs. Vinnie Christensen, lesson, social hour, Dutch treat. Joyce Kilmer club-8 o'clock, Eadmar hotel, Kath- oiie's- plan of life that o£ . « ~~ '"-^ vi mat ui. Christ's and said that those who do this tread the higher paths of life. "One has to assume a responsibility and learn to analyze one's self as to shortcomings, peculiarities and strong points if he is to find his place iti life," said Mr Templin in closing. Maryellen Brown and Don Johnson were in charge of the meeting. At a business meeting follo\vin» Jie regular mee'ting a program committee was elected to have . - Milly Daly, Cl'co Gor- 8 o'clock. Mrs. Clarence Wagner, 515 Ninth street southeast. TUESDAY Panliellenic association-1 o'clock, Mrs. Edmund Dunlop 222 Sixth street northwest. Mrs! L. J. Strahan, Mrs. William B. Hathorn. Mrs. John Moen, Mrs Frank Pearce. hostesses. Style No. 2512 is designed for sizes 36, 38, 40, 42 44 « 48 and M» ^ SMJ £V.ra *tf Gazette Pattern Department, 119 West Nineteenth Street, New York . o "..i^. iin_ac aiiuuiu i i i i u K i uarcv. noste Be cooked to an internal tempera- Woman's Club board-- ture of 145 to 150 degrees F.) I 9:30 o'clock, Lamb--30 to 35 minutes a i building, pound--1,5 to 182 degrees F. in- ! VVa-Tan-Yc club-- ternal temperature, ' '" Veal--30 minutes a pound 170 degrees F. internal temperature. BROILING Cuts for Broiling: or Panbroilin^ Beef -- Porterhouse, T-b o n e club, sirloin, rib steaks top round' ' ' tenderloin". '~""°' "^ iv ""' u ' Pc y ion ' M'«s Marjorie Smith. Pork--Bacon, smoked ham i ^ V TM C ' ~ T , Lamb-Loin chops, rib chop. ', ~TM ° c l o L ' U ' V ' *'· w - '«'"· shoulder chops, leg steaks. ' j t -'hica_(jo N". \V. Women's club-Directions f or Broiling i ~ ° tlock .clubrooms. 1--Place steaks or chop'; on rack ! T«-Spol club-in thoroughly preheated broiling j 6:3 ° uclock, Jefferson amber elected were John Armentrout chairman: Mr. Johnson, Miss Brown and Ruth Clapper. The next meeting will be held March 12 at 6:30 p. m. JEAN O'HARROW BRIDE-ELECT, IS ' HONORED GUEST Miss Jean O'Harrow who will! j be married in March to Harold ' Kuhlemeier of Rockford was hon- Admimstration | orcd at a miscellaneous shower given Saturday evening by the Misses Pearl and Mary O'Harrow at their home, 324 Second street , northeast. 1,11 rV.h.f'' Y ' W ' C A ' ' - f T here "' ei ' e 30 Su^t" »nd the ! iV · ^7 r ,, i 8 u ft S weve fountl b ' tne honoree J . l o o clock, Jefferson amber through rhymed directions con- room - tained in balloons. Chinker check atincc Musicale-- wa s played and refreshments Y. W. C. A., program, Mrs. Roy were served in buffet style. Sprin" ""'- ' flowers in yell ffl w and orchidland yellow tapers centered the table Mrs. Fred O'Harrow of Owen township, mother of the bride-to- be, and Mrs. Arthur Kuhlemeier LiTTLE THEATER RADIO.SECTiON PLANS MEETING Members of the Little Theater! radio group will meet Wednesday i evening at 7:30 o'clock at the j Y. W. C. A., when the directors and casts for the next two radio plays will be selected. The radio group is open to all members of the Little Theater who are interested in broadcasting. On Thursday evening, the radio group will present "Prince Charm- mg" over KGLO. The cast includes James Kelso, Miss Olga Moen and Andrew Frelunrl and the director is Sol Benowitz. ,u D! V H ; K " Jones . President of the Little Theater, has called a i meeting of the board for Wednes- i day evening at 7:30 o'clock at the x. M. C. A. Business will include . selection of the last play for the I STasrtn ' COUPLES GRANTED LICENSES TO WED NEW HAMPTON -- Raymond Bradison, 25, Strum, Wis., and Mabel Anderson, 22, Osseo Wis W. Alan Nelson. 23, Hancock' Wis., and Emma E. Stiehlow ''8 Friendship, Wis.: Clarence' D! ! Nichols, 26, Minneapolis, and June Empey, 22, Farmington. Minn.; Frank Sanrope. 26, and Naomi j Fpraker, 20, both of Hillsboro, i Wis., were issued licenses to wed. --o-HOME VESPEUS HELD BY LUTHER LEAGUERS Members and friends of the Central Luther league met for a home vesper service Sunday evening with Virginia Bringolf. The topic. "How the Bible is God's Word," was discussed by Viola Wass and a social hour followed. Refreshments carrying out a St. Patrick's day theme were served | by Mrs. Glenn Bringolf. Orchestra Marks 1st' Birthday Mrs. H. C. Johnson Elected President of Women Musicians Mrs. Harold C. Johnson was elected president of the Mason City Women's orchestra at the first annual meeting held Saturday afternoon at the Y. W. C \ Miss Alta Spotts wiij elected vice president and Mrs. Harry Wolf, secretary-treasurer. The Misses Velma Hockenberry, Verna O'Green and Darlene Nelson were named to the social committee Miss Dorothy Flarup and Mi«s Loraine Johnston, librarians, "and W. A. Storer, business manager. A white candle, surrounded by red tulips, centered the table at which tea was served following the business meeting. The first birthday cf the orchestra was celebrated and Mrs. Harlan MacMU- lan, first president of the organization, poured, GUILD PLANsT°~ FOR LENTEN TEA St. ^Catherine's Guild of St. John's Episcopal church will have - lenten tea Friday afternoon at -30 o'clock at the home of Mrs C. Burnett Whitehead, 822 First street northwest, with Mrs. Whitehead as hostess. --o-. D. A. MEETING TO BE TUESDAY Members of the C. D. A. will meet Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at Moose hall with Mrs. Harve" 3ryant as chairman, assisted by Mrs. John Senneff, Mrs. Jornes Campbell. Mrs. Kate Moran Mrs Mabel Veil, Mrs. Hattie Everts and Miss Ruth Marshall and Mi=s Margaret Krepsky. The program will consist of poetry read by Mrs. Senneff. --o-The mineral wealth of Tanganyika is indicated by a report of: the department of lands and mines, which shows that $3,500 000 worth of minerals was exported during 1938, most of it unrefined gold , 12 o'clock. Hotel Hanford. pound-- ! Handicraft department . of Mr. KuMemeier oven. is not cooked in water, also be cause of its lack of fat. Pork Not Broiled , ., ,. Pork, all cuts of which are ten- ! accordingly. 3-- When brown 6n one side How Women in Their 40's Can Attract Men , r°°m, Gcnevieve Can-, hostess. 2--Place rack so that top of °- E - s - Unity Chapter No. 58-steak or chops is about 3 inches from source of heat. If distance must be less reduce temperature bu:Id u iy to enjoy lift knd assist «?". Tvesanrf f h/v n ,!,·_*..-,.:. *-«'m- season with salt and pepper and turn. ·5--When brown on second side season and serve immediately. Directions for Fanbroilin? ; I--Place steaks or chops in a i sizzling hot. heavy, ungrea'cd frying pan. 2--Do not add water or cover, i 3--Let meat brown on one side; turn and let brown on the other side, 4--Reduce temperature and let cook until done, turning from time to time, 5--Pour off fat as it accumu- m o t h e r poured. The couple will live on the Harold Kuhlemcier farm near Rockford following the wedding. Miss O Harrow is a graduate of the Mason City high school and has been . ... r .. J . ... ,,,,,,,, employed by the Home Loan and street northwest, lesson, Mrs. ! Trust company. Mr. Kuhlemeier JJean Lightner. · is- a graduate of the Roekford high school and is a brother of Miss j Mildred Kuhlemeier and Herbert | Kuhlemeier of Mason Citv. mother's Standby in TrectfngN CHILDREN* COIDS Just received to- d a y a n o t h e r shipment of new Nelly Dons. SEE YOU TOMORROW 7:30 o'clock, Masonic temple. Clio club-Mrs. John Shipley. 114 Third Bclhlchcm division I -Mrs. Henry Groh. Catholic Daughters of America-8 o'clock. Mooic hall. Moose lodge-- 7:30 o'clock, school. ISSUED AT ALGOXA ALGOKA--ila o f ) of 1431 the ! Jt'XIOR C. D. A. ! TROOP MEETS Junior Catholic DiiusJiters I America met at the 'home Eleanor Ann McLaughlin. Fifth street southwest and I time was spent in studying ti_ licenses is- ' ^ r;; - Henry Hebe! was a guest sued in Kossuth county were t o i T h c next meeting will be Richard L. Mercer. 21. Blue Earth Maren 16. Minn and Gladys E. Cartwright,' 18, Winnebago, Minn.; Kermit W Thoresan. 24. and Virginia Mae L If your children keep 5 coming down with nasty little colds all trtntcr, use Vicks VapoBub these three simple ways. Cuts for Braisin? u . win meet jiiuuua? .1101 . Schoby, 22, both of DCS Moines; Leonard Warner, 21, Algona and J B r a j s i n g ^ t h o m e i h o d u s c d m l ?$ cfuT Wlte,ir B Tuc Eanhl i . -. ·· . eet jiiuuua? Evening at Walking cafe for a 6:30 __ -p clock dinner after which the For relieving discomforts ot chest colds and. night couglis, rub VapoRub on throat, chest and bsckatbedtime. VapoRub's poultice-vapor action relieves local congestfon-eases muscular soreness or tightness-helps the youngster relax Into restful sleep. If For coughing and irrilaial w throat caused by colds, put VapoRub on the child's tongue. It melts, trickles stowly do\vn-- bathes the throat with soothing medication. Then massage VapoRub on throat and chest. \f For "sniSles" and misery at 'head colds, melt a spoonful of VapoRub in a bow! of boiling- \vatCT. Have the child breathe in the steaming vapors. This loosens phleem, clears air-passages, makes breathing easier. Also mas- sa^D VapoRub on throat and chest. Millions of families use these three time-tested -rays to relieve themis- , cry of colds. , came from ' Vienna" fi£ "r^th s j gp£jd "b^ca^-^Tthe ItorS | ^--^^^ T. C* a rL | e.g^^oui^ uxe ,, f navj ^ Fine Cleaning Is Essential for GOOD APPEARANCE IL Phone 7S8

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