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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, March 3, 1818
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A - JLIF - IV'JT HIAa JAwif. TUESDAY, MAHCU 8. frm tht rWsimoi if Saturday. . 'The fort of lut evening eootaiot very M and IwlefioiU aspersion oa the recorder, i iu si : mr nar province id repel. We, tea - sjotiecessitv iVany rnvkifoutersonal mbw oa account of the petition aid to be io ctrcula . TK. tmea of tnrtv. ' however strongly : drawn, should never prevent a, from rendering : proper reiprct to our iliuca oppooeoi. - . ... ANSWER. 1 " J I did not uppoo the editor of the Col am ban W now to be infcrnsr d that it is aot mf 'praetor to ileal la varo and InJeHnit - accusations .m,tevrlmarayiny man, hold rlf . ready, rhenvf called upon, to make good, by . . mwinew iev w b - . ton evidence, or to forfeit my standing with uiepanuc. i" ww ;! wr order, aad doe be U toeod to ' .. I k'. Ska rriMidoiine 2t eerrapewbnft tmng J - We . v. i nunnnniratinoi. Durportinx ehcb - tobeiboM amber of eeriw, but we are compelled to "obc to U gwtlB,:n wbo hnaor wr wilt) preierencr, uumhw ii" . ... m .1 4 1. ! 1M nrar. ncai)ie u p P" w on any subject whatevor, If they extend to mo - than (oar or fire. It i our practice to contract M much, as possible our'owa paragraph, not Z only, Wpaut we are satisfied of the justice and popularity of !akfpear, dafe,'that brevi ty ie the eoul ofwit, but, becauew reatl cannot (pare the room. ( . ". !": ' The UU eoodart of the eouncil of appointment, in remorinf Mr. Burr, , hu excited each a eeutatioo in tbu aty, that petition, put in circulation yeeterday, praying : .v tor hia ret tori Una, Km already obtain! a Tery v lartelttof oaovwofour most resectable in. babiUnti. We trust it UI not fail to obtain fararable receptioo at Albany. TesUrday afternoon Mr. Coldea was icduct - ed Into the office of mayor, and immediately en Ured upon the duties of hU office. FtnoVr, on the tobject of the act raspectlog attoroM:! costs, ta received, with a sixpence in Closed in the seal, to pythe postage I but the author write in too much of a passion to suit oui taste, and, there tore, he may have hit commu - .' aication i and bis aixpente both again. '. Ft Ih t taunt; Put. - ' ' Ur. Coleman. ' ' - . Tbe enclosed commtuiicatioa wu handed this aaoming to Jr. Spoon er, the tuitor of tbe t.o - lumhian, with a request to insert it in his paper, which be declined. .If you should deem iU publication aot incompatible with tbe general good, ! you will, by giving It a I lace in the Evening fost, oblige , THE AUTHOR. March $J, 1818. fer tht Columbia. ''AY .fiflMIUf. I LS vayui BsnuvB we v g .aid) ,i.rll'"eul,lua rrmova (mauioc thereby, I presume, the Uuitonton. iuUrert. It is now ondentood that yon alluded to mcmurlal (rom the (enUemen or the bar in .this .t, to the conned of appointment. The manner In which the subject has been otioed io your paper, and in the Advocate, has, in some degree, attracted the public attention to it, and that it may be known by all, what ti measure is, which is so lerioukljr to affuct Uie eerfai4f republican interest, I give you here a precie copy of the memorial. . MTo the houorable the council of appointment , of the state of Mew York. u The memorial of the subscribers, attorney and counsellors at law, iu the city of .Vew - York, respectfullv reirMent, that in their opiuion, the avpouitment of Jonth OjJeo Hoffman, fc4 as recorder of the said city, would be a great ullicienefit to the said city. I entreat you, air, to bo assured,' that so fa from desiring to injure the republican iuterest to which jou are attached, the rentlemeo. t A I bauy, who recomaiendtd the measure, and those nor, wno arcuiaiea tut memorial, and proba bly most of Jtose eho subscribod it. whether re. publicans or federalwta, haTe, htlherlo, been to vi naon m cuuataenug in a public good morn ut.iy to ne adraciced by thai intorest. AnJ Lirrebr it could hardly have entered thei, aaia.k, that the appoiniment to aa important i'u - iitial olfisr, of a geoll mau, whose superior aud peculiar fiiness b univtially admitted, could Wori tbe Hams of the aJoresaid iuternt. A. however, you1 declare this meature, . which is coMiat ive(o tne public good, so incom TOtiae wr.n me iui:rei ol your pty, it mv be allowed them tJ ra ise, and io siiminn. wh. ther I'.u y have not been a little too precipitate la fcnuiuf so favorable aa opinion of it. The Advocate ascribes to Judgt fan Aeu, of ue supreme court, so gical aa interest in the appointment iu question, that he was induced to aivne that a written declaration of the opinion r iM .l i.i . . l . - ...... vt u.i ww aouaiu vw umaiueu, UUl It IS pre turned (hat the solicitude of so able a jud - e, oue ft well acouainted with tbe fitness of the cas k. flates, can argue nothing againit the propriety of iu measure we nave recommenJsd. And when it is known Hut Chief Juitiee, i huaptxn, ol whose ortbodoay, the Allocate at Ica - t, will not doubt. i .i . . ... .. . ' opatuy uxi tres uiai ine inlerents ol the city of Xew York rcystirt the appointment cf .Mr. . Hoffman," Juig foA.Vets, it is boried, mny be fergivea, if Ae too has done something iwaids coniemag so injjionani a Dencnt on the ci'y lou were eateedinilr deceived, sir. if rou btlirved that the bandin about of the memorial . In q le Uoo, was a pleasant employment to those. wno onisVrtook it and if pollute, were you Bore deceived, if you believed that tbe gentle - m we nar sub rrid rt, itnout a deep re - rr - l thai such h stcu h - U become nerearv. In anj, vhe repuTiance to such an act, prevailed ; but ultho the, wiHibelJ si)naturcs. they "" fy. Ibei. Otcided dcare of Mr. UoBaanH ipuiutnKBt. As it was, however, and iHHwrth.rHl ,.8 U,e greater ,,rt ofthe mort anient member U th - Ur are t,t from the ctyv "PvJ.of ej.hty were sub - mbed. lJi?.P0 ,e'iti' b'M. a. well as the CouucU of appowunent iudf, w.U ud t00ji. der rt prum1.t.v,g. in ih, hr, to , opinwo upoa sut.ject, i rrhtK U. w'uch thev wh - ch hy must nrcetsenlr l - .l a deep and L.ety interest. At w rate. Mr. s - - h.t. er yonr rsi.n j, be, to he omidei.d the ceotin, of pmrfy, an, they are not di - puUd, the tr ha hoped tliev mht Le iaJule J ia ei . rr:ng the richt of ea. rr.fln Ihiir opinion ; a ,iaog io every eue, i(hout bcin - iadi - "J wuj ol tnereliy coveria, . mere inrty vj mrir proleMonal rhararter: and . SliINU UiiiaM.. : l : u - i . . . mu lory rave rieen fo gMl. an l which ine. "ff ..V. i - 2Ji. - : iy rooMjeratioiif I I I . , ruardiaa, whatever eaoe ioy aaay plore aach a UU of ey tent to wait for other and beturumee. . The reader ne oat aot tofjet that ttia hi addrea - seulo Mr. Bpoooer. . For IktJftwTtikeimifig Pol - , . GOVERNORS bPEECH No. 4. It was the object of my last no. to throw oat . ta rnuar politicians as to the part they mizht take in our state, or national politics io .... r J ..i.I.Iiiu regard 'o tne suujecs m mnuv iMu..nM. , .iw la hint to all those mora immcdiateb .ncerned la their succese, that unreasonable and tmmxUratt demaads wiil certainly defeat their obic t There is another source ol appro heooion to all those who feel interested in the succtss of oar manufactures, which baa no such auolosv as the thort sisbtedness of pecuniary interest I allude to the formation ol aaoltfiau party on the basis of professed friendship to A - mericaa manufactures, u suco a pany wouiu grow up within font years, or indeed aay other time, it is easy to foresee now win meoopouar tome of the finest topics of popular declamation ; and with What triumph luxury ana eirgnnce will be arraigned as cowiuiive proof of disaffection, untd the sources of complaint and the sub jerta of exasperation shall be as multiplied at the diversities of apparel and furniture , to say othiog of the gratifications ol the palate. But the bod v - oolitic is now in so healthful and cool a state that a little timely reflection may uroUct u from intemperance ane taction preventive is always much milder and mure easily takea than a remedy. . To rxtura to the rovemor's speech. Much may be done, eays his excellency, by the state zoveniment. bv liberal accommodatioas, by iu .licfous vxvmptious, and by the whole weight ol its liifleoce and much more may be accomplish ed bv the nuMic roirit of the community. For I am persuaded, that if entry nliscn who adopts tbe fibril s ol other nations, wouiu senoiuiy cm itder that ke it nut anlypying lain for tht nip oort of fartism tottnuntnli, but lhal he parliei pate th tmsfcrmtniiig ens of Ik matn pillar f our, productive tndutlrf, no wouiu imiiaie uie Iwoorable pi cli rente wnicu you nave wis uay orinced in favor of American manufactures. Tbouzh this uassare is certainly very far from justify mg an application to uoi tne remarxs wiutn nave oeen maoe aiove, y ei u , i uuuiuy ihink, not outirely unobjectionable. We all itnow that our community is not destitute of am t.itious persouagee, some of tbem young men, and oma who have arrived at yean ol aiscreuon, who are ever ready to become political preach ers and that they might make a very dangerous t and application of toe aoctrtnes aoove stated, without wandering unusually far from their xt. bioce. however, there it nothin: rood which L not liable to abuse, though tbe occasions of it .ire certainly multiplied by imprudence, let us judge the above paragraph by itietf. tin excellency, aiur admitting mat tne meanr for. ' the most eflitieit enroaragement to our .Manufactures," are exeunrey m the hands o the genera eoverameul, adds; that much may tie done bv liberal accmmoialiont, by tWirteiu exemption, by the whole weight of the vfluence of the state government, and that much mori may be accomplished by me puuue sytru ot tnr community. II by liberal accommodations ne meant loans, I do not be ttate to siy, tnai tney cannot be advisable. If founded on security, 'eal or personal, the money cau be h id from in Uriduali : if without security, the state woul lividuala i if without security, the state would - . . iPrTiaTalsrVito l W?!d.dif eatensive, ine toss wouiu ee cer am iu influence in the rorerntnent. and at Jimnui r i ine people ot tne state. ' II it be intended to lend at less than the mar - et price of money, that would be in tbe naturr l a bounty, but bettowed obviously in the must 'lueusive way possnie. As to wxemftutu.Ireirret that his exrel I' ncy did uol particularite. I know of do ex emption within the power of our legislature, ex 'eptOhat which should exclude manufactures loc from tho valuation of personal estate. ' his would be so small an encouragement lint I to not know that the manufacturers ever ask I for it. Having looked In rain to any tangible sonrces i imoura - ement irom the slate, for ourmanu - facturea, we are referred to M the st Ao reirhi f w vijiutnee - oi tne state government, and to " the public spirit of the community .' We nave already considered the legitimate or rather it jt , m " no appropriate objects of the influence of the tate government. If any tliioz bevood this b meiit, if an allusion is made to the influence ol the stale government upuo the national councils, it seems p - etty cloar, for reasons stated in m fast number, that that influence, if not inefficient, must ne lujunnus. But iu the last retort we must depend on " the public tpiril of tht community and everv citi. ten wouiu tuuuiie toe nouorabie preference of tne irgisiaiuty lor American mauufaclures, ihc woull but consider that in' " adovltng the f - bi k s" of other nations, he pays " laxe to their gore rnmmt', and participates in undermining on of ine wuun piuan of ourajmrjtic indiulry " Can any thinking man have read this without surpriie, considering that it came oot from Mr. I ompkins, but from Mr. Clinton.' 1 cannot but express my regret for reasons which are stated above, that his excellency should have made to unqualified an appeal to the public ipiril of every citizen, on a poiut about wnicn mere must oe so much difference of o).in too as to the real interests of the state. As to the probability or dctirtablctuu of such a degree of public spirit as would refuse to a - dopt the f.brics ofthe nation altogether, 1 would refer all wbo believe in eilhe, the one or the o - ther, to the coudiliou of the country during our commercial restriction, and during the late war, when the patriotism of the people and the power oi ine government united were to a considerabU extent overcome by the demauds of necessity. But suppose that C,t people could be inspired with all the necessary public spirit, would it be expedient to employ it in such self - chastisement ? I lus I tnull enquire in my next. - R. for tht livening t'otl. It is auspicious that the subject of oltornia cot has at lengih arrerUd the attention of oui lrgv latare. It must be admitted that abuses to ait alarming degree do exist, atid justice iuipera lively drmandj they should be exposed and corrected ; but with all deference to the framers of the law, which has ,ascd the senate, and which was pubUkhed in the Evening rost of Sa turday last, it if suggested that they do Dot cor rectly understand the ua'.ure and source of the evil which they propose to remedy and the mm ner in which it is practised. If they are mistak en io Ibis respect, the law, should it finally pass, must prove in a great degree inemcacious. be abuses complained of are Dot in the txitt - tnr fac, but is the mdnmutrmlion of it. Wbo - i r is tonvenuAl with the subject knov thi to oe me tact. Ro p rsoual alltraous are intended. an l ou excepti can be taken but by those who feel the application. It is a truth, then, which ou?:it to be exposed, that many of the officers to whom the hw has coufiJed th - dut. rlmin. costs, are in she t,ahitual and daily practice of r. . ....s uui liniH)nut rillL Withnnt Tm r.k: " u ' fr." m " ! - adopted, without ' aersriiifr nfftd4 Adtrtpt bc tnterr wbirh ym are so Vigilant ot,drtOOl aaapplyiOgUHt ccnai t.xiog oflictrw - there are omboorable exoep - tjoos? who disrharge theirduty with fidelity, and .. SntKa nUmn BnrtioSI of th oath snV H.r which thev act - but they are for this reason iuteutkmally avoided, jmd tho preference given to thoo who tax upon more liberal principle The uemoralixuig teodewj of sucn a sysiew npoa tbe professional large ss loo ounous u nnnmMiBPv.. (ata sire resurated en ttrwly by law ; aau ine taw naa aiso .i.;. AVn ta whom it bat entrusted the du - - .r. ,i - .;nin an4 fliini? the amount. Too mane nractitioners. tuereiore. nnu no uu...j ramnnlin their consciences to whatever rhrrM these officer wUI allow. They reason un.u rirhi. but morally wroe?. when tney , ' .'.i.r.uii. l k. nn,t lh.;i - hsvln' jusuiy weir uuu wu i" Suppose, therefore, the legislature past the proposed taw, limiting the amount of costs "to suits which are not defended upon the merits" le . r.noin turn, will it ta any decree meet or re medy tbe evil t Can any man be so stupid as lo believe that a taxing officer, who will not examine a tingle item unless it is specifically objected to by the adverse party, will take the pains to enquire and ascertain whether tbe snit has been defended upon itt merits? For let it be remembered, that in the cases contemplated by this law, tbe defendant usually employs no attorney, nor will he have any actual notice of the time and place of taxation, to mat no may no prowm himself, and object to tbe charge. In those very cases, therefore, more emphatically than io any other, the whole responsibility devolve on the Alitor . v How then are these. abuse to be prevented ? For. I repeat it. they do exist to an alarming de - r. and call loudlv for redress. The answer to my mind is obvious. By the appointment of men lo office, who will correctly discharge men - duty in this respect. There is no hazard in asserting, that if thej3bcil of appointment would fatten the charge ofthis disgraceful delinquency unon some one individual, and remove mm irom office on that precise eround, it would have much more salutary and efficacious influence throughout the state, than any law which can be framed on the subject Self - interest, which, after all, is the main - spring of action, would then insure fidelity in other. . Let the courts aim let their faces affainst such abuses, and make an example ofthe attorney wbo even at - tompts to practice them. In England, whence we have derived all our correct principles of jurisprudence, we find no trace of such law as the one now contemplated, and what is more, we find there no abuse like those which prevail here. There the taxation of courts it subject to a rigid scrutiny, and the the officers and courts of justice are vigilant in detecting and punishing every malpractice in this respect It is contrary to tbe fundamental principle of legislation to enact laws which affect equally the innocent and the guilty, and which necessarily must affect both in order to reach the tatter. JUSTICE. From the National Intelligencer, Ftb X7. American Gu kry of Portrait. Among tbe petitions presented in tbe House of Representatives on Tursdav. was one of Jnsenh Dolaplnine. ol Philadelphia, asking the aid ol Congress to e - nable him to establish in this city a Gallery of Portraits of distinguithi'd Americans. His Gallery, commenced at Philadelphia, already con sists of nearly two hundred portraits and it daily increasing, eucn a collection couia never nave been made, if not now. btcause tome of the per - traits are of those who have already departed from among us, and of others who have already departed from among ot, and of o'hers who are too remote, or too near tbe grave, to tit lor uieir rortraitt again. We consider such a collection an object of national importance, and should be glad to tee it, under the autpuet ol the govern nnt. transplanted to Wasiiingtra, and receiv - tua such patronage s it is in Uie power of Con - ' In htitnw. " tends to cherish the nrincVples ot Trie Revolution, suid of those wbo have, during that period, and since, distinguish' ed th( st rives bv Dre - eminent ahihtv and con duct, ought to be encouraged and supported, at uie aiinieni oi a pure national lee ling, ui (lie Ira pretsion ofthis conviction oh the mind of the Na tional Legislature, we have had a decisive proof hi m aci airecung tne r.xecutive to empl iy fjo - ioccl Trumbull to paint four pictures of ttnkine event ol th Revolution, for the decoration of the Ctpitol. It i probably thi circumstance, tneetber With the recommendation of thnse nnh. nc mru wno uavetetn nis collection, itiat nas in - tiuced Mr. Oelaplaine to make the present an plication to Congress, with sanguine hope of TUI.LCH, Frew the Bridgeport (Con. Courser. Description of Ptpmieau.Kt considerable attention has bten excited to the Pipsistiwa, or wnat is vulgarly caned Winter Ureen, at a remedy for the cancer, I have extracted from Dr. Keen' Cyclopedia, the fbllowintr botanical de scriptioa of the Pyrola Umbellate, or Umbelled vvmter breen. Umbelled sign dies that the flow rt opens broad at the top like an inverted bell. It is a native of the woods in the northern parts r t - . . . .... . : ui r.urope, nsia anu America. .wr. rrusblound it frequent in dry woods from Canada to Virei uia. Of the twelve different sorb, Dr. Sims asserts this to be the most beautiful of all the ge uus. The stem it woody, a span hi;h, somewhat branched, angular and toogli. Leaves crowded toge. her into something like wliorls, stalked, narrow oborated, bluutish, strongly serrated ; dark green, and veiny above ; paler beneath, about an inch and a half long. Flower - stalks terminal, solitary, three inches long, reddUh, bearing aooui nve imprriecuy uinoetiate, simple, partial stalks aach an inch loo?, spreading rough with glandular pubescence. Flowers larger than the other kinds, and drooping. Petals orbicular, concave, cream - colored ; crimson at the base. lament short, red, all regularly inflexed. An. tiers short, purple with white tubular pores, di lated and lobed at the orifice. Germen, globose, green. Style thick and very short, but cer - taiuiy present, otigma orbicular, converse, wiui nve siignt notches. I he American speci mens are usuauy less umDeiiat and more race mose than tbe European." This is said to be not only a remedy for the Cancer, but also for the Dropsey, and may be drank as a substitute for Chinese tea, and in this manner it has been used by a physician of very uu suuiuiu; ia uus country. HUMAXITAS, AT a general meet ire of the tuJcnts of the College of P .vsicians and Surgeons in the city of New - York, Feb. 28ih, 1818, Mr. James M Pendleton of New - York in I t chair, it was unanimously resolved. M That a committee be appointed, in behalf of the Students, toptepareand publish an address to the Profcssoi s of the Collere, expressive oi tne prouu ana grateful tense entertained of the ability and assiduity, which have mar. eu tbe cause or Lectures jutt aided.1 VM. PIERSOX. iu - . of New - Jersev. 5ee To D - vid ILnuck, M. I). Prof, of the Theory and P of Physic and of Obstetrics Wright Pott, M. D. Prof, of Anatomy, Phytiu - lo - y ana surgery, Milium Jmet AUcNeven, M. D. Prof.nfCiiemiitry and Materia Medica, aamuci u. m icneti, m. U. frot of Natural Htttory, Willi. m Hammertly, M. D. Prof of the t linical Practice of Medicine. Benumb Ue Witt, M D. Prof, of Natural Philosophy. v aimiine .mo at. u ITOI. ol Uie Principles and Practice of Surgery, and John W P. - ancis, M. D Prof, of the Institute of Medicine and of Forensic Medicine. Gentlemen, The Student of the College of myaiciansand Sunreon. in lln. c ti of New. Yo k, sensible of the importance of Medical Science, and grateful for the numerous ad van - - . i ... i . ... b "it; im c ucrivca irero tueir connection w;tbtbe1aitutktow1.Wiyp Mnff. themselves 61 itoie onponunuy, - ;" - V" - rUegtatel.lKH - .oUieK. - . ara jeriwnr tea, u. - - - r... .Ufae.iVin knowleiisremenu. vsi h i"1 - "' the have witnetsed your riion. to Minute their advancement In Medical Philosophy, and the ability witlt wi.ico at ait umu , - u .litiAfrAtMi i. a nrinciuics. .11 t mnA rnmnrehenaive tVstem n ic ow. "i - - fi of the Theory and Practice of Phyt.c, an.t w Obstetrics which hat been taugnt, mcv ... . rhv - ish the most vivid recollection. Nothing c uld be mort aUhiciory tnao enlightened view wl icb have been anorami akAnaAn lh4a KnlbtfillM of. Medical Science. From the extensive courses of Anatomical and Surgical inuticton which have been itn parted, uiey nave receiveo uic n,Mum liiemistrv has been illustrated in a manner etpecially calculated for medical im - r.n,t anil evnei - iment has never failed to strenirtlien observation. The Principles of Natural Hisiory, have be n uufolded, an. earnestness, commensurate with iu importance ; and itt application to the indigenous products ofthis cxtentive country, could not fail to claim their admii atiun. They have many reasons to be gratified with the course of instruction which they have had, on the institutes of medicine and on forensic medicine ; as also on tbe clinical practice of medicine. On the subject of natural philosophy, tbey have only to regret that the court was not more ample. m . la the New - York Hospital, they have found aa instructive school of practical medicine and surgery. ' The organisation of th College of Physicians and Surgeons ofthe City of New - York, reflects equal honour on tbe regents ofthe university, by whom it was founded, and on the honorable the legislature of New - York, by whom it has been liberally patronised. In the extensive plan of medical education, which it embraces, and in tht selection of those gentlemen whom tbey have appointed at teachers, they have the surest pledges of stability and greatness. Finally, gentlemen, tbey congratulate themselves in having been the pupils ofthe University of New - York, and fondly hope, that at each successive season, its able teachers may employ their talents, for the benefit of still increasing audiences. In behalf of the Students of the College of Physicians aad Surgeons. John G. Lance, of Sooth - Carolina. Samuel Bass, of Connecticut F. U. Johnston, of N York Jesse Smith, of N. York Thomas Fortier, of Lower - Canada Thomas M. Stuart, of South - Carolina JfetZt The eastern) mail came in this fore. noon about half past 11 o'clock. The southern mail had nut (at 2 o'clock, P. M.)arrived. Bostoh. Feb 98 Gen. William King hat declined the honour of being a candiuate for Lieut. Governor of this state. Ftrt ! Thi morning,' between the hour of 8 and 9 o'clock, ihe Hospital in Charles town, was discovei ed to be on fire, and wt considerably injured before it was extinguish ed. " ne ure at me u. o. marine Hospital, in Charles town, yesterday, happened about 1 - 4 past 8 o'clock, while the patients were at break last tbe first notice of it was from abroad when it broke out ftom the roof It appeared to have been communicated from an unknown defect in the chimney and took fire in the garret. We are happy to state that the patient were removed and comfortably provided for without any acri dent occurring, in a house opposite, by the timely exertions ofthe inhabitant! of Charlestowa and Boston, and the marines and sailors of the navy - ynrd, one wing and part ol tbe centre build lug wu preserved. MARRIED. Last evening, at Newtown, (L. I.) by the Revd. Mr. Weed. Mr. Wdliara Luvster. mer chant, of th! i ritl In Mitm n. p I .k daughter of col. Edward Leversch, ofthe former piace. DIED. At Bloominrdale.on Monday morning. Wil liam Renwick Smedberg, tlie infant child of Charlet G. Hmedherg. KMJflMi POST V IRUfE LIST CLEARED, Ship Courier, Bowoe Liverpool I Wright k Son Solon, Smith Hesperus, Brown Brig Adams, Adams Amethyst, Greig Batavia Hicks, Jenkins & Co. Belfast J It W Sterling & Co. Cork Hicks, Jenkins k Co, Jamaica L & H Cary Richmond, Turner Kichmood Junius Dunston Philadelphia Scbr Hannah & Elisabeth, Hand. Philadelphia Hilan, Hand, Philadelphia Eagle. Blai kman, Philadelphia xsciscy, nooinson, Richmond Adeline, Tupper, W ilmington nopr, vvnglil, - Worfolk fcntei prize, , ewton, Philadelphia oiwij, Bureaus, srocasr, f redt nckiburg ftO ARRIVALS THIS FORENOON. BELOW J brigs and I schooner Among the number of .vessel that (ailed this morning, were the following : Ship Glenthorn, for Greenock ' Brig Lovely Lydia, foi Philadelphia Schr Josephina, for do Brig Mechanic, for the West - Indiet Ship Cotton - Plant, for Savannah, and Schr South - Carolina, for Charleston. Received at the office of the Mercantile Ad - vertNer. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTS. Office of the Advocate, .Vw London, fth. tS. Ar. I eb.iith, bng Halker, from Newport, bound toNework. 26lh, brig Greyhound, Treat, I I days from Turk Maud ; brig Sarah, Lester, 14 davt from Havana. Sailed, sloop Vigilant, Comstock, for Bermuda. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTS. Palladium Ojhtt, RotUn, March Arrived, brigs Vtnus, Ttticross, Havana 21 ds. with molKvses, ut;ar and collee ; Betsey, Clark, inlays from M.iricl. with molasses and cotTee. Brig Teirmachus, Wood, 30 any from Surrinam, with molasses. s.e. In at S.rnn. - , i. Jackson, Davidson, ol lilouceter, wai'tine molas - jnuiia, iioiioes, oo ; John Langrion, Bus - sey, Portsmouth do ; schrs Green, Aotnnv, New - Bedford, do; Ann Maria. kedVr. J bngs New - Orieans, Buggies, Providence, disch. : r ame, Grover, Boston, Oo; brig Thetis, Burbaok, toucqed at Sumnara, Jan SI, Irons Senegal, and wueaior tne island next day. Markets dull Brig btaff - of - Li e, Snow. 35 davs coa, with indigo, sugar, hides, lik - aragua wood ne - i bng Keuown, lUllett, 8 days front Charts Inn. ft,itKn.,..n ..A lit rjm ' . i j . . '"rJw (n ic uoiiars : scbr. Lydia, Lambert, 23 days from Port au Prince, "a sogwooo, looacco and collee. Schr. Aldebsuun. Murrm. Nil... r t. ruto. Lei t. sIood Iriion. Tmi. si ...... . schr. Ehza - tnn, lor Baltimore; William, Tarl - ' Ion, from Portsmouth, rtit Snnk. li. J..i i. ! ..... I 1 .hi. . 36, losi. , schr. Milo, 5dvs Irom Dominico, for iorth tUrolma. Ship Hebros, from kennelHiok, with tbe loss of oVck load, kc. touched at Porto men, ana sauea ine atn intl Schr. Ehia, Ijice. 30 davs fmm Pnr ... p,. with coffee aud logwood. ' Schr. Ocean. Kent. A davs from U'lin.lo m C. with nintatws. cotton, cordnre. in f ivl..' low, Elwell, II aren ii Baxter, and other. W Scar. BHfT,TatWr, fc1uoradayt, iir,! ISM mwuil i tine 4t Co. "'.'hli.; i ........ The nehr. fcney, 17.7." ' days, with com, to vv ...u - The Sb op tuxpress, - . "a from ithM with Hour, tobacco, to S. Elliot ii Co. John Houston, and other. Ita wV Aurora, Tau - ,, Portiaod, with ( KhclTp.tfrom Batavia, p.dHe Maud oftIje.kW Jarulaud understood po - ntparte was very uuell. . - . Sclioon. Neptune, fm Norfolk, V Mr. An - derson and fauiVlV, has arrived al UominKiue; , Brig Hore, riubtord, 30 days Irom lh port, heTarrived at llavaaa jbrig Arrow, from Charlet - VAi', St.Domingo',39d.y, '"Schooner Hunter, hence, has ar. at Biljwa, via St. Andero put into Ihe Isttrr place witli loss of sails, ncri;, mm h injured in a gale she eu - . - .i ;.. tka R ni Hi - av. WUicin. ... .... , f IK Brig Dee, hence at Baroauoes, wmi v horses. . . . ' . , Ar. tbi day, brig tlisa, Adams, a buji iru. Savannah. . . POKT Or SALKM, - uswew - fer, brig Joseph, capt Perkins, Costtne, Wdajs from Point Petre, Guad. Very sickly at Point Eetre. Capt Perkins lost 3 men wita sever. Srhr llannv Counle. Smith, from Sumatra, via the Nineyard, late capt. Mafscy,dead. Sunday, IX, MSto arnvais. THKATKE r The public i repect;ully informed, that Mr. Phillip t engaged lor a iw nignis, uuu win make hit first appearance oo Wednesday eve nir.g. io the character of Count Bclino, in.tbe Opera of Ihe Devil'l Bridge. Oa Wednesday Evening. March 4, will be pre; .j ... r. fin... ik. DfcVlL'a BRIDGE. Count Beliao Mr. Pliilippt In whit h character he will introduce the celebra ted Battle Bravura, Irm the 0(jr of The Uuknown Guett," coniited expressly lor mm, by M Kelly and the Irish Mel oily of Love's Young Dream. n .. ... ... t ft .1 . - fit. 1 u wtiicn win ne aan a. ine r arce, oi me MIDMGil I HOUR. irr A n.ettine ol Ihe .New Y - .ik Irish Kmi grant Ast Kriation will be held at Harmony Hall. nn tne evening ot i nursoay, uie atn inetani, at i o'clock ' JOHN W. MULLIGAN, Bec'ry. mh 3 3t fjrT" The Association for the relief ofjes pectable aged indigent femalet,n acknowledge with much gratitude the rece ptof 90 14 - 1U0, from the gentlemen of Uie roi urn. By ortler, mh 3 It A. CHURCH, Sec'ry. N011CE. A meeting of the Literary Club, will be eld thia evening, at the City Tavern, at 7 P. M. mh 3 lt MECHANICS BANK. frT The stockholders are hereby notified that an election for thirteen Directors will be held on the first Tuesday in April next, and that the poll will be otiened at th Banking House in Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at 3 o'clock P.M. By order of tbe President and Director, mrh 3 W. FISH, Cash'r . A CARD, tt? Mr. CHARRU AUD respectfullv iuform the ladies and gentlemen, that, as be could not procure mo. - i tans for his grand ball oo 1 hur:v izin uui. ne it obliged to give the bail a oa sooner, which will take place on Wednesday evening next. 1 1th inst. in the Attembh Room of the City Hotel. mh 3 6t MILITIA FIXES For I8U. ' At a numerous mietinir of citi sens, who nave paid, or are now subject to Militia r ines imposed by the court martini of which lenL Suiddiford wat President, and Hujrh Maxwell, esq. Judge Advocate, in the year 1814, Jeld last evening at uie Bans uonee Mouse It was unanimously resolved, that a com mittee be appointed to take proper advice up on the subject, and r port thereon All cnuens wbo teel themselves aggrieved by the imposition of the said tine, are requ - st. ed to atteiid at the Bank Colli e House on Mon. day evening the 9th inst. af7 o'clock, to hear the renort ot the committee. inh 3 bt Xj GKACIK'a pnsi U.t, 40ih day oUU, 6548, 5 l.r.S, $ ICO; 606,600. $50. Spanish dollars wanted as above. ' mh 3 Gtt4.D BALL. MR. WHALE ha the honor of mskir.. known to the Ladies aud Gentlemen, that his annual Grand Ball will take place oa Tus dy evening, the 10th ( March, at the City As semhly Room, City Hotel. In the course of the evening a pastoral ballet will be performed by twenty of Mr. W' pupils, in which will be in Iroduced a variety of elegant fancy dances, as danced in all the fashionable circles of London and Paris. 1. Le entree of the corps de ballet, by 16 young ladies and 4 young gentlemen. t. Le figure corps de ballet 3. Minuet de Devonshire and Gavotte, at compared by Monsieur Vrstris, by Master Whale and a young lady. 4. A pastorale p - it de troit, by 3 young ladiet 5 - A Scottish ballet by 8 voungladie. 6. A cossanue pas de deux by the Master , Whales' 7. Minuet de la coorand gavotte, (as composed and d meed by Monsitur and Madam Garrifl) by 4 young laditl 3. Naval Hornpipe, hy 4 young gentlemen 9. I thawl choice, by 2 young ladle 10 A Scotch hantruse, hy a young lady 1 1 Gavotte de Vest r is, by 4 young ladiet and 4 young gentlemen 11 Princets Charlotte of Walet' Scotch ttrath spe) minuet, by 4 young tadie, 13 Cossaque II .ruiipe hy Master VV. Whale. 14 Madras. iselle Parisot'i favorite hornpipe. bv 3 i - iuns ladies 15 Alleuiaude fruncait, by three young ladle, (a aty le ol d.cncing taught by the most ratine! t professor in l - ondoo and Paris, peculiarly adapted for the grace of arm and elegant carriage. ( 16 A gmnd pas teul, composed by Mr. - W. after the style ol Elder Vestris, by master Whale 17. Finale by the corps de ballet Tickets, one dollar, to he bad at (he bar of the Cily Hotel, Messrs. Dubois, Wilson, & Hetril's music Aires, and at Mr. Whale's miHv tk Vandewater street. marSet rou Livt rhool. Til) - . The W'U k"0WD ,hiP NESI'011 - iiilSterlinr. mastrr. can accomnoilat tlir:e or four mor passengers. A pply ou board at Murray's wharf, or to CHARLES HALL, mh 3 St o. I Bcaver - rt. tor ) I ne brig MARY, Captain Brewster. L regular trailer, and a ill have imme diate u.t; tch. For freight of two or thre. hundred bbls. or passage for three, apply on board, at Pinelrect wharf, or to mh 3 " N. (V D. TALCOTT. For Mobile and Blakelry, Th svrfisutial, fist sailmar packet alscbooner .N ASSAU, capt. Hitt hcock. a regular trader, having two thirds of her cargo ng? 'dl sail oo the 15th inst. For freight or passage, having good accommodation for cabin and steerage passengers, apply to FETERS& Hr.RRlCIC, mb3 29 Co?uties slip. For itmU, Freight w Luarter, A new pilot boat schooner, about 170 tons burthen, built in the bet manner. c pr ustenrd, and ia com pie te order to receive a cargo. Apply to - N. L, I G. GRISWOLD, ob s 8 toith - ttreet. 1 s - rr P0 SaU Frteto cw' f'l 'Tk ship. Milt KOK, 335 tons h .. VXtheo, tyear old, just been hove out ' I first rate ship, and may be sent to sea with smgg expence. Apply on loard, between Kly - Market and Burling - slip, or to .NiLfiU. GRISWOLD, mrh 3 t!8 South - si. for thartaton, 6'. C. Tbe fast tailing packet tchr. M ARl P. Latham, matter, will tail on th. pnl For freight or passage, harinr excMi. accoaimodations, apply on loard. at , whirf or to JONES t MEG RATH. aihS. . . 8S - 'oulh - ttreet tr J sei uanieti jut inland, Skr. 'A irrwul Cat Sftiltn'r WvCL - t .. rH7 . - - ii - . - e " 'i - i. mt Aii - Jlwill cany b to 700 tierces A . seed, and can be immediately di - paUtied, be t .ken tvp for a port ir porn in Ireland. ' ad ply at ' iNo. 4 .Staieti'eet mh 3 3t tor doit, rretght or I. Hurler. A new t ilot boat built schooner. aUi.s 120 tons burtbrp, built iu the beat mi. ntr ol good material;, and copper fastened, a very fast sailing vewel, and may be sent to tea at small i xpense ftiily to N. L. i G. GlUSWoLD, mch3 ' oo South - tt. fpU.MBLKRS. 30 small cases halfni JL tumblers, for sale in lots to suit bun kum en, oy f . u. u. k s. hwvj.aaD, w nich 3 77 Wathhnrton.rt. 3.1. PAPER. . lles low priced fool'scap paper, suitable for ugar - bftkers, for sale by G.U. AS. HOWLAND, 77 Washiogtoo - street mh3 (' . IKOiX. I V Ton Sweedee iron b ton Eorlith But iron assorted for sal by G. G. k S. HOWLAND, mch 3 - 77 Washington - st. UMbAZLl ih, assorted colours 1 : do all black - do twilled, assorted colours, lust rt. teived Forsaleby OTIS k SWAN, mch 3 157 Pearl - st UUS), Gl.N, 4.C. SO bhds aud M) bbls. lit prool new mm 40 bblt fJoiintrjr Gia 30 ptpet Gray's Brandy,' for sale hy JACKSON ti WOOLEY, nth 3 75 Wall - street WALSH ii GALLAGHER, bo Aoutb - rt. offer forale 140 hhds prime old Richmond tobacco, pria - cipally of superior quality aud in eutirt parcel 100 hhd new do 40 do prime Kentucky do 300 kep richmood manufactured do, rariou brands and qualities 200 bbls Richmond flour 500 do Petersburg do 126 bolts Holland duck, 85 casks claret 30 crates earthenware, assorted 60 casks English dry white lead 3 butts best London porter . '" ' S4 casks mustard, 5 puncheon har tkiat 500 reams medium printing paper ' 700 do cap No. I 2 30 gross pret papers, &c. mch 3 J& C. MCllOLS, No 1J2 Pearl t. hat jut received 3 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens, assorted 2 do Brown do. 2 do. Canton Crapes 1 do. Black Fringed Handkerchiefs 1 do. Sewing Silks, assorted 2 do. Madapolam Shirting 2 do. Marseilles Quilling, assorted. 2 do Cambric Muslin, assorted 1 do. Striped Jeans 1 bale Rhode t Botnbaxctts 1 1 do. superfine Broad Cloths . All very low charged, which they offer for sale at a small advaitcs. - 1 mh i,.lw OLD JAMAICA HUM. A FEW puncheons choice old Jamaica Runt, for saie by TUCKER ft LAURIES, mh t ' 29 South street. C1ALCUTTA GOODS, ate 150 bales Cal - cutta Goods, rut. tiurrahs, Sannas, Cosiat, Baflas, Bandaunoes, Gilla and Lungee Hdkfs. JU0,ut0 Hi handsome Batavia Coffee 5000 pieces leng yellow Nankeent . ' 50 tons Old Sable Rina Iron 8 bhds Kulucky Tobacco ' SB bales Upland Cotton . 40 tout Campeachy Logwood 12 pipes Sicily Madeira Wine 1 1,000 Madrast aud Calcutta Goat Skin ; 150 boxes Chocolute, Ground Fustic Senna, Gum Copal, Mustard Seed . Assaiostida, Castor Oil, Gum Trajacaotb Sal Amooiac, Ac. F - rtaleby JOSEPH OSBOR.V, tnhS 28 South street. I Glasses, mirrors, TVt FOIL, Arc 3 caset handsomely ornament ed Mirrors 15 to 21 inches lease Gilt Pier Glasses, with black reeded frames, neatly ornamented with carved Tab' lett 3 do Dressing Boxes & Reverse Swing 4 do Silvered Plates in black reeded frame i do untilvered do. . I do rich cut Glass Pant 1 do Tin Foil 1 1 to 31 inches, for tale by PETER REM SEN tW.'i mh 3 26 South - street. I OG W OOL. 4U toot Campeacby Logwood, I i landing at pier Mo. 10, from bng Recover, IV. If, I uiu vin. wwwi JOSEPH OSBORN, and for sale by mh 3 23 South - street. FREall imported Linens, just receiVd and opening, for tale very cheap, by the tingle piece, or package, at 172 Fulton, late Par - iiiou - ttrcet, nearly opposite Church - street mh 3 lw t'JR SALIC. l?OU R lot on Wa! ker ; I on White ; 4 oa Chf r pel, east tide 3 do west ; 1 oo comer Provost and Chappie ; 2 do on Provott ; 2 oo Lpe - card ; 31 on llud'on, between Spring and Hud - ton Square ; 2 on Hudson Square ; 3 on Vetry I 1 on Dcshroses ; 3 on Spring; 1 6 ou Broome, bat tween Varick and Hudson ; 17 on Dominica, between Varick tZ Hudson ; 2 on Greenwich - it r 30 on Laurent; 12 on Wootterj II oa Brooa, between Woosterand Laurens Ion Grand i in a block, bounded by Grand, Broome, Widett and Pitt - streett. . Fortcrmt ofthe above tots, which will beaa - yanlaseout to purchasers, apply at No. 2 Greenwich street, of .? R. MONTGOMERY LIVINGSTON ' f. b 3 3t . From the first of May next, a three lory brick house in Greenwich - street, between Lberty and Courtlandt - streeU. Inquire at 137 Greenwiclt - treet. mn tf FOR SALE, A very profitable FARM, of 1 10 acrel, s . : J i.. ..liw.tirM tKaB mifllM WOOXI I Vf O UUI '11 UUUri Bjiaaviff land, situate the tea thore, a quarter of a nju below the narrow, on the otaien manu a short ride from lb team boat ferry landing - - It gives a very extensive view of th bay . viroMot New - York, within the Narrows, aad ot Sandy Hook and the octan For prwp" ' eouafted by none. The tiUe it unquetUoathle. I'wo thirdt of the purchase money may rrmM secured upon the land. Apply, to A. . D. f oun - W. A. SEEL Y, 143 Green wtch - trret. TO LET, a convenient new 2 ttory bou adjoining the above, wiOj a garden and about aa acre of laod. For le rms apply a above. mh 3 eodtf ' JV BK LET, From the 1st ol MaV next, th B0t o. State - tret Enquire at ine preiu - . iah2lw

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