The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 16, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, December 16, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES VoL XIL Xo. 65. Gettysburg, Pa^ Tuesday, December 16th, 1913- Price Two Cento. C h r i s t i n a s N e c k t i e s ECKERT'S STORE, -On the Square" JOHN F, WALTER BUYS GLOBE INN WAR MONEY FOR INTEREST AGAIN LOCAL CHURCHES IN HENRY CASES Local Theatre and Garden Auditon-.Three Local Churches Included in um Proprietor Takes on Mew Ven-i Appropriation for Use of their tore. Will Call it the Lissoln Way! BuL'dings as Hospitals Following TRAMPS BLAMED FOR BARN FIRE Hotel. the Battle of Gettysburg. Virginia Editor Stirs Indignation Marion Sanders' Barn in Cumberland Poultry, Corn, Apples, ?nd ALL READY FOR POULTRY SHOW of Southerner who Resents his Cut j burst. Before the War Type of! Newspaper Writing Appears. John F. Walter has purchased the \ Three local churches are Included in The agitation over the William Byrd Globe Hotel from Amos J. Collins and j the institutions to benefit from the: Henry stabbing here last July has bee* 1 \irill take oossession on Thursday. He! payment of Civil War claims, if the j renewed. A writer from TazeweU, Township Destroyed In Afternoon j biles Drawing Cards at Bif Evtit Blaze Discovered by School | in Biglerville, Preparations are Teacher. · being Finished. Tramps, who used the place as a shelter, are supposed to have caused a Sre Monday afternoon which resulted i will manage the inn under the name of j bill which passed the House on Mon- j Virginia, the former home of Mr. | in the complete destruction of the barn I . _ I ._ , ·» m* f**i I T T _ _ · » _ _ T*»_ "1 . _1 _ m _ ». * . T"» . 1 « -- · . * · _ t~* . _ 1_ .. 1 ) f c . -- - -- _ l » . I « v WALTER'S THEATRE PATHEPLAY MELIE3 EDISON HOME LIFE IN JAPAN Melies Interesting and intimate scenes in the homes of a fast growing oeoDSe. JAPANESE FUNERAL 3Mk-s Of one of Y3soHsma*.£ richest men. BLAZING A TRAIL I^atheplay T!ie camera foUoars a party of explorers engajr^-i in cutting a new trail through the G'ac:er National Park in ilontana AVatcrfatis, peaks, glaciers and a remarkable ice cave are aaaong th~- scenes discovered, in this nyx. ·'St'O America Firsi"' Series CORyOTALL. THE EXGLIStl RIYiERA Edis-^n Drama THE CO3IEDIAN'3 DOU'XFALL Eiison Come \j He gets into a Suffrvgeues mtetinp while bur'f squiaz a ru'fragc La'er. MUSIC BY COLLEGE ORCHESTRA Show starts 5:30. Admission 5 cents. Co !i5n;i Frday Decensber 19"THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS- PRICES. 35. 50, 7-5. LQO- One -- Might -- Only Stats on Sale at People's Prus Store, Tuesday December 16- THE GARDEN" AUDITORIUM Skating "VVevLaesday and Saturday. Dancin|j. Coliese Orchestra, Everv TLursdav. P H O T O P L A Y SPECIAL TWO REEL YITAGRAPH "THE LDCE-UP" Fo«Jtbailfans and all are interested in c quare sport. This two reel Yita- jrraph deal; with .m exciting game of football. The story told is a quarterback \\ho \ns exposed to severe t«napnat ; on. A member" of the rival team attempts to sully his honor so that he Trill be unable to ulay in a cominir panic again^ the rival co'.Sese. The scheme is defeated through the quick .tctiyn o: a friend, sho-.rtn;: up the conspiracy asainsc tfie player, who ·reins the h«arL of a nobie-.rir; f-.-r whose brothers sake he had exposed himself V critici-~.ii. "The IL : ne Up". as~are!! a= being a splendid football story, carries "srlth it ajmtJy love interest It teaches a fine moral iesson as well as affording enDTtainnifcnc. The third r^l t-j-ui^ht will bi-:- '·THK.\y"ORK a.A.BIT'"..-.-.. .-. - Biograph Com«iyDrama Show starts. G.SO . Admission DC to all. pect class of Trade. The exterior is also to -012. The claims were all tried by the i be changed and impro\ ed. : Court of Claims and referred back to 1 The Lincoln Way route through j Congress for final action. Some of Gettysburg lies by way of Chambers- i them are claims of volunteer officers burg and York streets and Mr. Vt'ai- [ of the Union Army ii the Civil War ter's pre-eairtion of the name for his*and the war with Spain, chUiJies, hostelry is one of his usual progres- {lodges, schools, hospuals and muni- sive ideas- His automobile will be used i cipal corporations damaged during as the 'bus to transport patrons to and!the war and claims of individuals for from trains. He contemplates painting t army stores and supplies, it orange and blue with the name of [ If the bill is finally passed S I am sending you herewith aa article originating in the narrow and the "Lincoln Wav Hotel."' ! day becomes a law. They are St. | Henry, says to the Philadelphia Press. Mr. Walter intends to make exten-' Jaiaes Lutheran church and Trinity sive changes and improvements to the \ Reformed church, of Gettysburg; and place. The first floor will be renovated , St. Mark's Reformed church, three throughout and the second floor will' miles from town on the Littlestown I have every room connected with pri- ! Dike. vate bath. The entire building will be j The bill passed by the House of Re- refurnished, and the new owner ex- | presentatives on Monday covers 115S s to cater to the most desirable ! claims amounting to a iota! of §1,729,- The management of the big apple, corn and automobile show at Biglerville, December 31 to January 3 are busy completing their arrange- on the farm in Cumberland township, i ments for the exhibit which ·wfll be recently sold by Frank Manahan to the finest affair of the kind Marion Sanders, of near Fairfield. No i Adams County has ever had. that I^iL.%^ Vi ±£,£A=«^b£»£^ iil fc.Ai^. Zif^~ A \J *» uIZU _»i*ii *\S.i fcJii4Vi^i-3» ~-r~ tiv^--«. A. M*. *»·%,*·»··· -· J ^i.^i£iiiiZ V^UU.ILsV iiGO C · Ci ISCU- vindictive columns of a Staumon, Va., | one is living on the place at the pre- j The place will resemble a ccnnty paper, and which is being extensively J sent time and there was little in the j fair, for in addition to the regular ex- copied by that class of journals i building. ihibits there will be many booth* throughout the State, and possibly :m ' It has proved a welcome shel'cer for j where business houses will shovr their other States. 1 wanderers during the chilly nights ef . wares, nursery trees, spraying outfit* "I am a Virginian myself, but am | the past few weeks, and it is said that j and numerous other things. many or the knights of the road have ! The coops for the poultry are being made it a rendevous where a little so- j put up now and everything will be proud to say that I do not belong to I that class of Southern's -A ho think the disolaved on,-church will receive $150. The James Court States forces eccuoied church the hotel conspicuously the machine. 3Ir. Walter has not yet decided whether he will conduct the hotel hiin- self but he will have the general j building for hospital: that reasonable management of it under his control, j rental was S150. No allowance is : made for incidental damages, as they Iwere paid through Quartermaster ! General in December, 1SB3." Train Strikes Trestle while He Sees · St. Mark's Reformed church Danger. Badly Bruised and Cat. j recsive §215. The cOicial report says iof this claim: "Sent to court March 2, Littles-S 1907j by s en ~ te resolution. Court Spas claimant lovsl: thai. United hope that you will take occasion comment on it in an early The Press". The press o TO have the idea that i that he | yards away from the school- A short termed 'an aristocratic family' was practically immune from prosecu-1 time afterward she again looked out SGI Uaims renortea on znis as IOHOWS: tion for his part in the Gettysburg af- iand saw smoke coming from the barn. '/'Court 5nds claimant loyal; that Uni- if air. Being thus blinded, it fails to | She sounded an alarm and some neigh' realize that it was only the generous bors gathered at the place but nothing could be done to save the building. None of the other structures about the place caught fire- BRAKEMAN JUMPED Jacob Palmer, of near town, who for a number of years has i impulses of Pennsylvania's citizens and officials, coupled with zealous work on the part of a certain powerf ul secret order, that caused Mr. Henry to be 'acquited of any crime' and to be ANOTHER BARN FIRE comnanv as a! conductor, was been in the employ of the Western Maryland Railway jbrakeman anc seriously inju trestle in Eanover on Monday. The accident occurred while a loaded Fox* Yotir ^Christmas * - ^ r * -/ Clothes .d extra ;iy injured when a car jumped s. i States forces occupied church [ing for hospital; that rental fauiid- value. ordinarv with damages in excess wear and tear, was §215." Trinity Reformed ciiurcn, of Gettys- j burg, will receive §70 if the bill is car for 'die J. S. Young company was , 5riaIIv passe d. The oScial report it being placed on the elevated switch f covering this dailn 5^5- - Senx to alongside their warehouse. The car j .,,,,_ 3, Iarch 2 . i90T.^by~Senate resola- had just struck the trestle when the j _J OEU Court reparEs claimant leva! .and rear truck left the track's and the car i^a- Unired States--troops occupied was hurled to "die ground- Mr. Palmer j^ premises about a month an a a was sitting on the front end of the| quarter fo _ hospitaL purposes , car at the brake wlieel and before the .. ha( . , he ^-ai' TOlne GariT ,g- and tha he leading- tailor, wilT a lord you" the most satisfaction. Our stock of Winter fabrics is exceptionally fine in cheviots and worsteds of most taking patterns and -.veaves. The Quality Shop WILL M. SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor and for \vhici, -no oavment has j car made the plunge he leaped a dis-- 'taiice'-of thirty feet to the ground, j ^ been ^^ ^. S70 ^ Thieh is t wMch saved Mm from being kiUed. - am^nt pronosed to- be- r.ow appro- ~Ee was picked up in an unconscious condition and carried to the Western Maryland freight office, -while the. company's physician, i)r. J. H. Bit- Singer, was summoned, who responded" griated- in 18S4 the church was paid -he sum of §300 znerely to- repair the building, but that covered no item of rent, so that payment is immaterial to the claim save that it pre- promptly and ga^e the injured man dndes ary allTOance now for damages incident to the use and occupation This claim seems to have been overlooked in preparation of prior bills." Lantern Explodes and Fires Barn near Carlisle Springs. ·Kill hailed 'down South' as the hero of the second great battle of Gettysburg."' The writer, who signs himself "A Sou of the South" accomnanied his , ,. . . -, -, ., .;. . ,. A.n exolodmg lantern Monaav morn- communication witn che obiecuonable! ---«'"" ,. . . ,. , irtr ,. ,"-. . . ., i insr caused the destruction of the barn, editorial from the "Valley \ irgiman ,! ., , . .. * f I com cnb. and hog oer. on tne farm of of Waynesboro, Virginia. It said: "It will be observed in another column, that the young Virginian who carved up only eleven Yankees at Gettysburg on the occasion of the recent 'reunion of the Blue and the Gray', has been acquitted of any crime and after the trial was quite the hero of the occasion, "being congratulated by both sides for the verdict. "We consider this distinctly a case of history repeating itself- Eleven to one was about the ratio of the opposing- forces in almost every engagement Curing zhe late misunderstanding in favor of the Yankees. And at the close of ei ery set-to 11 to 1 was generally the result of the casualties, in favor of the s Rebs'. Beside, something must be allowed for heredity in the case of this young man. It t .FILMS K O D A K S C A R D S P A P E R S a j« JAME g STRAUSBAUGH oreliciinary treatment- His irjaries consist of a gash above the left eye, which, required seven stitches to close; a fracture of the left forearm and the [crushing of tne wrist of the right arm, | also internal injuries of the abdomen, ] the extent of which cannot be deter- j mined at this time. Mr. Palmer is · about forty-five years of age and bas! been an employe of the road for a i Mrs. Sarah Jane Strausbaugh, wife number of years- i of James Strausftaugh, died at her late jhome in McSherrystown. Saturday. Sirs. Straasbaugh Died at her McSherrystown. Home in SEVERELY CUT j at 10 p. m-. aged 46 years. 2 months ' and 24 days. Taken HI. he Fell into Window, and; She was a daughter of David Fink Badly Injured. - Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer ^ onr enure stock is of tl.e star ciard = E a s t m a n M a k e | Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- | ful attention to the development of films. j| Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. E H T T T3 t? O C r ^ D T T f " 1 Q T O £? 17 i j f o r soms i* 1 " 6 and on Sa'cnrday morn- j ers an( j rnro sisters--John and Joseph U l 5 l l « r V O U J t V V J V J . v 3 i V / r V H , | !; ng .. not feeling well, he went tothe|Tr; n i- J. H. HUBER. VnKEizi. [and wife, late of McSherrrstown. and I was bom in Conewago township. She Albert Myers, a carpenter of Hamp- | ^as nlarr i e d 24 years ago to Mr. ton. was overcome with vertigo while ] Stransbaugh. and since that time has at the depot in Hanover on Saturday { lived ir McSherrystown. She leaves and fell against a window breaking j her husband and the following child- two panes in the sash and severely j ren: Harold, Clarence, Lloyd. Mar- catting his nose, throat and chin. Mr Myers had been working at Hanover guerite. Florence. Robert. Hazel and Geraidine, all at home. Also two broth- iuniiuni »Hntnmni!i!iiminimnn»mHmimnimnniu'Hin»uwn»iB=_ Graceful Lines ' Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. These, the underlying features which radiate visibly through ail onr cloths and characterize them smart-":-... J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. For your Horses, Use Dr, Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. , '3. Joseph Lawrence and Miss | station to take the train over the j Annie Fink, all of McSherrystown. Western Maryland, and return to his j Funeral Tuesday, at 9 a. m. Requiem home. He was seized with vertigo [ Mgh mass j n 5^ Mary's church. Rev. while standing near a window and re- j ^ Aug. Reudter ofnaariiig. Interment mained unconscious for some time af-. j n g^_ Ji a rv*s cemeterv. fter he was picked up. j FRATERNITY DANCE Dance Given Monday Evening in College Fraternity House. 147 QUILTS i Has Quilted that Number of Bed Cov- | ers in Twelve Years. .i The Phi Delta Theta fraternity of Mrs. Susan Stambaugh, residing- j co ] ]egre cnteiUuned the following a . . with Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Witznan, at j ,jance in their lodge on the campus i inomasville, has probably made more | jlonday evening. Miss Zita Ramer, Iqsilts during the last 12 years «iani jliss Lillian Ring. Miss Lillian Kis] any person in_ihaZ neighborhood. In j singer. Miss Janet Robertson, Miss Jthat time,,she-q«ilted 14, bed covers- j Margaret Giililand. Miss Bess Dorser. ' r . James Manning, located at the foo; of the mountains, about a half mile from Carlisle Springs, and the loss of a quantity of machinery, grain and hay. The fire occurred be'rvveen o and 6 o'clock. Mr. Manning had gone to the barn to feed and care for his horses. As it was still'dark, he took a lantern ·Kith him. The lantern was placed on the "bed of a'wagon on the barn floor- while he-went, to the loft to 'throw hay to the^hoTses. "VThether the lantem'ex- ploded or whether - some oil leaked from ic is not?detinitely known. However, when Mr. 3Ianning again returned to Ihe place where he had left the light he found the wagon bed ablaze. The loss will amount to several thousand dollars and is partly covered war is still going on. Such insult as j cSai gathering could be held before re- j ready long before rhe time for the op- this should not go unrebuked by the tiring for the night- 1 ening of the show. Next week the press of the North, and I sincerely! On Monday afternoon 3Iiss Beulah j three buildings will be wired and cortr to S Keckler, teacher at Fairplay school j nected with the cold storage plant sarly issue of j house, chanced to look out of the win- j which will furnish the light during th* f Virginia seem j dow and saw a tramp meandering up j show. because Mr. j the Fairfield road, not far from the 1 Entries for poultry are coming in Henry belongs to what down here is barn which was only a f ew hundred and it is expected to have a much larger display than last year. C. G, Cornman, one of the judges, will be at the show building all week and any person wishing any of their birds scored, to see where they lack the standard requirements, can have it done by arranging with the Secretary any time after the judging is over. Any information regarding the care and preparation of poultry, the judge will be required to g:ve to the best of his ability. F. G. Wiles, of Terford, the other judge, will give a lecture on "Poultry for Profit" Wednesday evening at seven o'clock to which all the public is invited. Entry blanks must be nlled out and sent to the Secretary O. C. Rice, Biglerville, not later than "Saturday, Dec. 20th. F. M. Fagan, of State College, win judge the apples and all entries muait be in fay Dec. 27. There are large cash premiums on apples and many peopl* are expected from other - states- A large display of fruit is desired. Tb« large S30 silver cup will be offered for the best display of apples exhibited on plates. , " ^"--^ ^r W. E. Hanger, from College Park, Md., will,ju|jge' the com- THe^corn [ Trill be exhibited iirjots of ten ears and. an entry fee of ten cents for^ each ten ears will be - charged. Persons^ can make as many entries in each class aa \ they aesire. D- N. Minnick, of Chambersburg, will judge the potatoes. They will be exhibited in half bushel lots and a fee of ten cents for each half bushel wfll be required- The large exhibit of automobiles will be an added atraction. It is expected to have all the different machines that are sold and represented in Adams county on exhibition during the show and parries will be able to see and compare the different makes. ! There will be refreshment stands in~ ing force of antecedents to conclude that when he found himself in the midst of -what appeared to him as opposing forces the old impulses to carve his way ouc. as his daddies did in 61-65 laaped to life in his bosom and he, without unnecessary delay, it seems, or much compunction either proceeded to let blood, and that in no j prurient stream. '"To tell the truth, -.vhen we first! heard of this 'reunion* we expected something of the sort would happen. And we knew beforehand who would , , .. . bv insurance. Several nlows and other is not drawing too much upon the im-1 , , . , * *-, TMnTM«r f« w «- ««»«.«!«*« TM , nr ,- agricultural implements as well as a quantity of grain and hay, the products of the season, were consumed i with the barn. The corn crib was filled j with corn and this also is a total loss. AU the stock with the exception of ore hog vias saved. JOHN A. STEVENS do the carving and vrho furnish the i -Lllt-i- C V* lii U^- J. C^L.L^' OL-U-UUO JLU. Known Resident of Heidlersburg j :he buil dings and every detail will be Died Very Suddenly, j _,, ken ^^ of in pj-o-^ding f o r t - ne comfort of patrons and exhibitors. carcasses. The Philadelphia Press makes no j comment upon the editorial other than j to say that it is ''written in a style ] and spirit very common in Southern papers before the war, but which most of them, to their credit, have since discarded." Before taking the matter too seriously it may be well to consider that i ' n e * the paper of the offenaing, Virginia 1, editor has a circulation of only 825- John A. Stevens died suddenly at his home in Heidlersburg aged 70 years, 3 months and 20 days. He had I been in his usual health tip to the time he was stricken- He leaves his wife and three sons. Thomas Stevens, of Five Poir.ts; Harry Stevens and George Stevens, Heidlersburg; also ten grandchildren ar.d one great grandchild. One sister, Mrs. Samuei Cooley, of Wenks- j Funeral Thursday, meeting at .* BIRTHDAY PARTY Seventy Three Persons Attend Party for Charles Carey. A very enjoyable birthday party was belt! at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carey in honor of Mr. Carey's birthday. Those present were, 3Ir. ar.d Mrs. Charles Carey, Mr. and Mrs. William Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. Rathe dolph Thoman, Mr. and Mrs. Joira ODD ACCIDENT j house at 9:30. Services and interment j Biesecker, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Carey, iat Heidlersbarg. Rev. E. E. Dietter-j jj r . an( j Ji rs . Samuel Allison, Mr-anfi 1 ich officiating. Relatives and friends ; jf rs . Elbert Harbangh, Mr. and Sirs. ! will consider this as notice of che fu- j Joseoh Yohe, Mr. and Mrs- Calvin Brakcraan Has a Rib Broken in an Unusual Way. i neral. PENSION INCREASE Adam Kratzert, of Littles'town, a the Northern Central Rail- j lable Veteran Gets from Last July. ! Stambaugh^is known u as-an Irish chain' I worked quilt-" She is in her seventy- , j third year and claims she can quilt! * as well ar.d as fast as any person. ! Xudor, Miss Margarel Kendle- GOOD SALE Fresh Daily... CHOCOLATE COATED DATES 20c lb- CREAM PILLED DATES 20c Ib- GE.TTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN CHRISTMAS: we are ready to sup- i p]y your wants with a large stock. I Special low prices on ladies' and miss- · es' coats, and on wool hats and caps, i G. H. Knouse, Biglerville.--advertise- j ment 1 WOOD for sale, sawed short and I FOR SALE: a double heater stove, cord wood. Rhineh'art and Shealer.-- j good as new. Call at No. 303 Balti- advertisement 1 ' rnore street.--advertisement 1 The sale of J. I. Mumper j berland township last amounted to S1814.94. in Cum- Thursday flagman on the Northern Central Rail- ] "" way, was thrown against the knob of ] a cab door one day recently which re-! James vf. Fidier. a private in Com- suited in a fracture of a rib. At first, ?any K Olje Hundred and Eighty- it was bought to be only a severe 5 "-^ regiment , Pennsylvania Votan- g^r, Marjorie Saanrar, EDe* Gmy, : stoffice address'-»r^-^^« r«^^^ v?^**- ^TM-r- \r«xTM : ] Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Berc Carey, Mr. and Mrs. James Hoffman, Mr. E. Hamilton, Mrs. John Allison, Misses Blanche Thomas, Lillie Allison, Beulah Allison, Bessie Yohe, Jennie Hamilton, Marr Conlson, Alverna Jacobs, Gertie Carey, Gertrude Shull, Maud Steincur, Anna Carey, Viola Lentz, Nellie Lents. Mary bruise bnt on an examination the was found to be broken. i teer infantry, whose p o s t o c e a r e s s Martha Coclsou, Violet Carey, Vera :s Table Rock, has been granted a per.- ^ Mlidred Cax ^ ff Oneida Bieseck- COMING EVENTS , sion increase at the rate of §19 per 1 month from July 28, 1913. Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Dec. 19--"The Shepherd of the Hills"'. | Dec. 19--College closes for Cnristmas j CLEARED S150 I Profitable Two Day Event at Local Lutheran Church- recess. i The bazaar held on Friday and Sat- Jan. 8--Basket Ball. Bloomsburg Nor- j ur( j a y by the Young Ladies" Guild of mal. College Gymnasium. ORDER your turkey now for Christmas dinner, alive or dressed. Rice Produce Co. Rebert's old stand.-advertisement 1 St. James Lutheran church netted the organization about $150. er. Catharine Carey, Marie Carey," Viola Allison. Lettia Harbaugb, Carri* JYohe. Messrs. Charles Car«._. Roy Fissel, Dean Carey, Jaraes Heller, Raymond Lentz, Calvin Carey, Jamea Carey, Allen Thoman, Verner Shull, Raymond Orr.donf, Lee Carey, Harold Taylor. Emory Steinour, Joe Yohe, Paul Carey, Clyde Allison, Emory Yohe, Grayson Biesecker, MeMit Yohe, James Carey, and George Yohe. REDUCTION sale: % off trimmed. hats and fancies. Miss Hollebaugh, dak line always fresh. Baltimore street.--advertisement 1 Store.--advertisement KODAKS, films, everything in Ko- H (ber's 1 SPAPFRf

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