The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 2, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1818
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.: : : ., - : - V." ' .rl ," IN ,CH? IV ... - nanr nfa dec retal order of Uiis honor v,u.,r. will he tuld at public auction, at (be . t ... a.,r Hrmaau in the ri(v of New - York. .u.,UrtlM direction of tlte subscriber, as wn of "kUm wawiers of this court, on Friday, the 2itb in - , ttaaL at 12 o'clock at uooo - ali tbose three rer - j taia W of land, situate in tbe tenth ward of the ' city of N. York, and dislinguiihed oo a certain T map of the estate, late of James Delanry, Esq ' wade by Evert Banrker, by lolt No. ix hundred ' an4 fi'(n iii hundred and sixteen, aud ail hun - 'tired aid seveatecn, bounded westerly by Second V street, and containing mciJsmi in nreamn, and one Bundled feet in depth, more or lets, with ' the appurtenance. - Dated tub. r, is it. JAMES A. HAMILTON, . . Master in Ctuncery, , fh A 1aiv?wJtdt t The aale of the above property it poitponed to , the UHhday ofM;ircb neit, at the ame hour and pace 3 fen , iwib. c . . ... JAMES A. HAMILTON, ;' rtbillawtvadU Master in Chancery. v IN CHANCERY. . - ' ; r State of New - York, m. . iltrWrnnce of a decretal order of thii honorable court, will be iold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city oi ew - ior, under the direction of the. mUcriber, ai tbe msitert of this court, on Friday, the 87 ib infant, at I o'clock, noon All thoe four certain - 'lots of land, situate in the ninth ward of the city of New - Tork, being part ofthe estate of John So - ; qnerindyck, late oi the sain ciiy, aeceasea, anu - 0cniiled in a certain map of the laid estate, narie by William Bridges " November, 180U, by lots No. 8 and 9, Hitd letters I and H. Tbe taid lots, taken together, are bounded westerly in fiout by Hudtuu Kiver, and contain twenty a - cresvf ground, ninre or lest, witb the appurte - oaiKes.. Dated Feb 5th, lttl8. ' JAMES A. HAMILTON, : Master in Chancery. Notk. - For particulars, enquire at the Mas ter's Office, No. 3 Law Buildings, where a map ol the premises may ue seea. ' 4 ' fob & licwSw&dtS Thesule m the abore property is postponed to tbe loth day of March next, at the same hour . - . . ... M . O O od place. tvaiea renruary , soio. JAMES A HAMILTON, (eh 27 lawtMh3dts Matter in Chancery ... IN CHANCERY. f Stnte of New - York. ts. Divie Bethune,) IN pursuance of an order of . r. . r l Uiii nouoraoie coun reaoe JGeorj; SrribaYin (his caute the nineteenth day ii i i or January insiuni, win oH ul public aurtinn at the Tontine CoCbe Hnnw is Hie ritv of New - Yoik. under the di Kctiooof lhewbCriln - r $ ont: of tbe matters of thi linnorahle court on Wednetdavthe twenty - iih H it of March next, at eleven o'clock in the lor noon, the mortgaged prcmitet meutionedand vie nht'il in the uaipl'i Dili oi compiami in thitcause, whic h aid premises are descrilied at follow t vii : " Ml that certain tract or parcel of land sitnnte Ivingand leingon the eastwardly aide ofthe Oweg river in the town of Volny in tbe county of Oneida, now tbe county or (Jtwe - go. and Slate of New - York aforetaid, being part of town thip number teventeen in Scriba't atenL and usually known by the name of Fred - kriekilurgh,' a (nK same was surveyed nd laid oet in the year cne trtouoanu seven nunarra ana end ninety - eight, oy uenimtn vvrigni, oeg inning at a stake tiuiding on toe bank of the Oswego river, twenty butt n)rtti of an Iron - wood tree, thence on a course north eighty - seven de - f;rei and thirty minutes, east one hundred and liirty - fli't chaini ami ninety liukt to a 'take ten link west ot a maple tree, thence north two degrees and thirty minutes, wett eighty chains and five links to a Beach tree, th'tice south eighty stven degrees and tiiitv minutes, wct eighty chaintand seventy - five links lo a stake twelve links north of a flcuilotk tree, thence north tweeiy - eigtit degrees and thirty miuutet, wet four chains and t)iiriv - 4hrte links to a Hemlock re, theoce sooth eighty - seven degrees m rl thirty miiiut, west ni(ielv - s - vtn chiint to the hank of the Oiwtn;o river, aai fience soutbeily npthw aid rivir the several cjurcstircof to the place oThrginiiins, cuntainins; one thousand three bun tlrpfl nnil tlnrltf hry irret Of land, be the samel e'lKhl hundred eihleon AARON II. PALMER, ' fe 9 Mlnw6w YaHer in Chancery The value of every scienic mutt rert on its utility Instructive trwciiue.ot of Mineras atone lulling each, or one hundred varieties, arranged and described, Cre pounds ; more extensive collections and specimens more select, including a tuitot precious stonev, from ten to fifty guinea, by Mr.MAWE, No. 144 Mrand, lywdoo, author or travels through the gold and diamond mines, iaSbuth America, Treatise on Diamond, Mine ralogy of Derbyshire, and pew deicriptive Cats lugue of Minerals, with plate and explanation of the new hydraulic blow pipe, lapiduriu's bench and apparatus. Mr. MA vyE, proprietor ofthe Amethystine and Topatine Fluor Mine and Manufactory in Deiby. io reputed for elegant vases and orna - menu, invnes cjeouemen losena any new or unknown production ot their mines to hit deposit eiiner tor saie or exenange. aov 10 1am6t At a Court of Cliancery held for the state of New - York, at the city of Albany, . on the tenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight uuaureu anu eighteen, The ITonorable Jamci Rent. Finuire. freteDt, Chancellor. William Seger, r. George Choumert, Alexander Glennie, John Capper, William Henlock and John Ritcher ITarpearingto the satisfaction of this couit, by the affidaiit of William N. Dyckman, junior, the solicitor for the complainant, and the affidavit ofthe complainant, that process of sub - Jiojna his been regularly issued, requiring the de - adants Alexander Glennie, John Capper, Wil liam Henlock and John Ritcher, to appear to art answer the amended bill of complaint in thii c iute, and that neither ef the taid defendants Alexander Glennie. John Capper. William Hen' lock and John Kilcber, has appeared, according 10 uie rules oi this court ; and that the taid uc feadaati Alexander Glennie, John Capper. Wil liats Henlock and John Ritcher, reside without this ttate, to wit, iri the city of London, in tie kingdom or Great Britain It it there - lire, on motion of Mr. Munro, of Counsel for the CmapJainnnt, ordeied, that each of the aiid dt feodants, Alexander Glennie, John Cupper, William Henlock and John Ritcher, cause hit appearance to be entered iLid his an er filed te the said amended bill of complaint within nine months from this date, and in default thf reof, that the said amended bill of complaint be taken proccniefto againit irtem to the end that such decree may be thereupon made fi thall be just. And II it further ordered that within twenty dap from this day a copy ol this order be published In a' leatt two of the ftitilic newspaper prinfpd in thii stnte. and be continopil tlirrfin lor the tc rm of ei;M weeks tuccetiively, once in each of ue taia werat. A copy, ISAAC L. KIP, Jan S3 I w8w Astistnnt Rrciater. NOTiCET frt - The tnhscribers inli nd to applv to the legislature of this ttate, at the present sesiont for an act to incorporate thenifclves and their Mn. cihtrt by tbe name of The New - York Be - evnieni oocieiy." New - York, 23th Januirv, 1818. B. Gardwiicr, . I J. W. Patterscn John; V. Forbes, Abraham Stagg James Terk. Sam). B. Romaine. Jii 29 tawSw NO ( ICE. A LL persons iodobtcd to the estate of Rugglot J - - - fujiriwu, esquire, iaie snenn ol the city and county of New - York, at thtnj, are re - qneted to make payment to James L. Bell. esaaire, present sberuTof the city and county of .ew - iorr, on or Derore tbe Erst day of May next or after thxt period the bills remaining uo - wut oe put in rait. . - CATHERINE HUBBARD, reill - .2awtIMay Aininittratrii. cmrtizi W '. At ncoorl of Cbarcery Jli - for ibe Ittte f - N - .VnrU.t IhncitvAf AlbaoT. oo: tbe . T , thittitOi dy ofUecejnbei', in the year of cur Lord one IhouMtu eigty .hundfeU and ' 'seventeen.... . ' i . " PresentThe tIvorable James Kenl tsquire, Chancellor. , .' . ' Mfkn;.i Pnrll(inn. f T anoeannc hr atnda. f 1 vit to the satisfaction Henry C. Hawley ( of this court, tliat process J I, anruaPftrUI answer in the above cause baih beea regularly issued against the above named dtfeodant, Hen - u n.lo hut that the said defendant could not, upon diligent search and enquiry made, in - termeUtate ttie letie ana reiutu . .n. h fonn4 lo be served therewith Ana it further appearing by the said affidavit, that the sxid defendant has absconded from hit residence, and gone into the state of Penntylvania. or ih. stnto. of Ohio, where be was at the tune aurli nauirv was made Oo motion of Na (haniel Fendleton, Kuire, the ccmnlainant in person, it it oidcred tliat the taid defendant, H en - rr C. Han lev. dd cause bis appearauce to be entered, and hit autwer to be filed to the com plaiuuntt hill oi'complaint in this cause, within four months from Uie date of this order, or in de fault thereof, that the complainants hill of complaint be taken pro - confesso againtt him. And it is further ordered that - a, copy of this order be published, within twenty days from the date of this order, in one or more of the public newspapers printed in thii stale, for eight weeks suc cessively, once at least in every week. A Copy ISAAC Li. Kir, Jan 19Iaw8w Aitant Register. IN CHANCEUV. John B. Murray, 1 vv 5uteof New - York, ss James T. Watson. IN porsuanee of a decretal order of this honourable enurt, made in the above cause, will be told at public auetion, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under tbe di rection of the subscriber, at one ef the masters of this court, on 1 uesday the second day ot September next, at twelve o'clock at noon, all that tract of land joining on the town of Lowville, and lying in the eouuty ot lewis, in the slate aiore said, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's purchase, and comprises all the lots known on a certain plan or map made by Dm id Urooson and B. White, in the year I8d, from No. 188 to 342 inclusive, containing together 15,(100 acres of land, with the appurtenances thereto belonging or any wise appertaining. Dated June SO, 1817. (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jy St lawlwrilds .Master in Chancery. The tale ol the above prop it y it pottpitoed to the firtt day of Mav next, at the tame hour and place. Dated Jan 22, 1818. JAKILSA.nA.rililUfl, Jan 24 lawtMyl Master in Chancery. WHEATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. THE long and successful use of this ointment is a luffiuent recomoiendation, as it hat been found to be a plentant. tale anal certain re niedy for that disagreeable disease in all its tta eet. it it lor sale in the city or New - roc. tr J. A. & W. R. Pout, No. 41 William - street I. it T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; U. H. SchicfTilinet Co. No. 193 fearl street : Law rence ti Keete, No. 195 Fearl - street I Hell Bowne. 146 I'earl - street L. .Murray. 313 1'earl - street t J. M. Hradhurst, 314 fearl - ilreel ; John fenford, ISo. 4 r letther - ttreet t Duryee fi Poe. in Fearl - ttrret : John C. Morriwm, 1811 Greenwich - street ; John Pv Fisher, ICG Broad - war : Waller; Seaman, corner of Chamber - tt. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may bo procurer! at mint of the Drug Storet in this ci'y Also in Philadelphia, of b. Wilberell it Sont ; George I lanell , North & Ro era, and almost a I the druggittt in the principal towns in the United States. LIKEWI3C, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS mav be had at the above placet. j an 22 Cm NEEDLES BY RETAIL. 'pHE tuhtcriher, in addition to hit former ex - l tenive variety, nat juci opc - nea an oasoii m nt of Needles, of a superior duality, which he hat iutt received from an eminent Needle Manu facturer in rigiana, on terms wiucn enaniet inm wt mum in ri i a . i . .1 .ti ri rnniiuinr 1 11 Fuperfme gold eyed needles J pr" trr. . f .. - . Imperial darner and Mackintie's saddler's blunts J No pftim will be spared by the luhtcriber to Keep at an timet at complete an assortment oi me anove article! at any iu the city, and ln cut toinert may he atiured that none "but bett nee. diet will he kept by him. Also, an atiiirtmeiit of rich clasps for ridicules. N SMITH PRENTISS. Succcestor to Mr. N. Smith. At hit wbolecale and reteil perfume manufactory, tign of the Golden Rote, No. 149 Broad way. fchf tf ROB ROY. KIRKScMERCKIN havejuit received and put to prett, ll(.b Roy, a novel, by the author of W'averly, Guy Maunering, Tales of my Landlord, Sic. Ic. feb 9 NEW MUSIC. UST published by WM. DUBOIS, at his J pianoforte andmusic store, No. ISGBroad - ay. . Brnham's celebrated Polacca. arraneed at a Rondo, hy Steibelt Favorite Venetian Air. arranged at a rondo. by Labour Padd O'Carroll, with variation! for the piano lorle, ny 1. K. moran. O softly tleep my Baby Boy The Lait Toktn, orremcmlier me. Also, all Mc. Philipps' Sonet to be had at a hove. feb 17 By authority of the ates of Aiw - Jertty and .Veir - ForJfc. THE Ml I.FORD & OWEGO ROAD LOT TERY, f r lacilitating the intercourse be. tween tbe western parts of the State ol New Tork and the City or rsew - lork, through the outlet oi reonsyitnnia an i new - Jersey. 1 prize of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 35.000 DOLLARS 2 10,000 DOLLARS 2 5,000 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 600 DOLLARS 140 . 100 DOLLARS 3W0 20 DOLLARS 31116 Prizes not two Blanks to a Prize 10,000 Tickets Part ot the Prizes will be determined as follows First 1000 Blanks. Thirtv Dollars each. First drawn No. lit day, wil! be entitled to $5,000 do 2d do 500 I6 3d do 1000 do 4lb do 500 do 5th do 5000 do ' 6th do 500 do "th do UXKX) do 8IU do 5011 do 9th do 1000 do 10th do 500 do lltn do 35000 do lith do 500 do 13th do 1000 do 14th do 500 do 15th do 70000 do 16th do 500 do 17th do 1000 do 1!?th do 500 do 19th' do 1000 do COth ,do 500 Thii l ottery will commence drarring at the and will he completed in twenty drawings. The Priz w 'II be paid at the Union Bank, in the ci - tv "fNew York, siity dayt after the drawing will be finished, subject to a deduction of 15 per ceut. r CH AS. KINSEY, ) D.STUART, Commissioners . , JNO. LIMN. ) Tickets 30 dollar each. Adventurers and Dealer can be supplied on application to ISAAC G.OGDEN, J aa 29 eodtf 43 Wall - street . I ' lfopt,kJiU, Cardtnt kc.lti CreentrieA, , The subscriber will let or lease, for triu of vears. hit bouse at tirceowkh. It ituieit santly situated oo the bankt ofthe Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. Foi terms, apply to DIVIE liKTHUNE, Jan3ti 2 Wall streeL The two hooves, No. 43 and 50 Broadway, to Imi completely finished and delivered on the 1 510 April next. Apply to JOHN SLIDELL & CO. Jan M tf . No. 50 Broadwar. At the T. C. H. on the 1st day of March next, the FARM belonging to the estate of ton late Dr. liaac Ledyard, situated one mile south ofthe village of Newtown, Long Island. The Willianituurgh turnpike runs through the Farm, on one side of which is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length. The farm contains abciit 150 acres, 15 ol hich is a fine Wood Lot. with two apple orchards, cne old, the other just beginning to hear well, and a suitable proimrtion oi good salt meadow. The Mansion House it large and convenient, four roomion each floor, with a gotd kitchen and cellart ; attached is a larce barn, crib, hen house, smoke house, well, and a new cittern, Ac. T'ie court yard and garden contain a variety of fruit trtft and shrubbery, a large asparagus hed, raspberries and ctirnntt AIo A r ARM adjoining the nhoie, containing about tixty acrei ; attached to whk h it an e - qual proportiua,of Salt Meadow, and lot of young .wood, situated within lets than a mile of tlie laim, containing ten acret, with a fatm - house, barn, well, garden, c. Likewise A Lot of Land, lying at SprinGeld, outhofthe villnce of Jamaica, containing be tween four and five acres, on which are about a dozen large chetnut trees, suitable fbrlencing. The above lands wi l be all regularly surveyed, and niani of the same exhibited some time pre - rious to, and at the tile, and dipoted of by the acre, with the buildings thereon, inciutively. rntscttion eiven ouitii firtt c April. For further particulari, apply at 49 Dey - ttreet lan II tun' 'J o LET, Two neat, new, 2 - story brick front build. iu, tituate in Allen - ttrcet, next to tbe ball - al ley. They are finished in handsome style with cuternt in the yards, and every other convent eoce to render them pleaant and desirable tene ments. Adjoining tbe ground on which the buildings stand are several vacant lots which will also be let for a garden to the penou or per sons who shall hire the houses. Apply to JAMES KNOX, at the ball - alley j or at his house, 25 Orchard street. Feb 9 if REAL ESTATE fOH SALE. The elegant and Convenient three - story brick house and lot No. 26 Bowery, together with a coach houie and itaLIc frontiug on Ba arJ - ttreet, and joining the rear of the before mentioned !oL For further particulars euquire at 31 Wall, corner of William - ttrect. Jan 29 . tf 'JO LET, mil ine one tiore f. z iioavernriirs fm . ... . r . Lane, next door to Water - street. It hat four fl'iort, besidi'i a large cellar and trarret. Pnuet ion may (probably) be had previous to the lit May, ii required. Appiv at ?'J south - street. It!) 11 IlLKt.HNLAiniM, S3 .. 'JO LET, serial! A large convenient modern built liouie. coachhouse and improvements, (with or without an extensive aitcht o garden aud hacu lot; ir"m !he first of Mav next ; tilnated on the corner of the frst Avenue and First - street, near the corjer of North and Allen - ttreet", and about one mile from the City Hall. The titimtiou it elevated and healthy, and in every re'ptct suitable for a genteel fnuiily. On the pr miset it a well ol most excellent water. Apply tn CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Feb2tf iNn. Fr n lreet. JA A (.OL'.YIMi ItOUM Tl Lt - T. VjltJ A plentant and convenient Counting Koouiiri ttoie io. 29 ?uith - sfreet, from 1st 'lay next. Apply to TUCKER Si LA CRIES. feb J Vjlll "ouse 13 Reed, next to the corner of Enn street, very commodious fbr a twarrtTtg house or a Urge' family, hnvinp two cellar kitchens, four rooms on the first floor, five on the second, and four on the third, all in good repair For particulars, apply to EZRA LUDLOW, feb 7 tf 144 Beavertreet. FOR S.iLi.. ii The home and lotofgroind No. 18 Rose - ttrei t : Uie lot is 25 feet front and rear, and 100 feet dtep : the home a brick front, tides and rear tilled in with brick, and built in the moU substantial manner. For further particular! enquire of A. STEENBACK. feb 19 3w No. 334 Broadway. tOit SALE AT AUCTION. By C. O. FONTAINE, on Monday, 2d Man h, at XII o'clock, at the T. C. H. f if not previously disposed of at private tale) that modern built tuhttnntial 3 - story brick house, with Dasemeni, rj Leonard - street, it is turnished with several accommodations and "conveniences, so as to he an agreeable dwelling for a genteel fa mily. I here is a pump ol excellent water on the lot. The lot it 25 feet front and rear and 100 feet deep, a fee timplc and free from all incura brancet. Possession will be given some time previous to the lit of Mav. if reauired. And in l few days alter will be told, the furniture in taid home consisting of a complete ct ... I .... 1. : . . . .,' . ui larpTia, giu'K pier laoies, nana tome cut ginst ineirei, tolas, hedt end heddins. mahogany diuing, card and writing tables, chairs iic. and choice collection of bookt. Also, the minim lumnure. ftbSltMi TO LET, The three 'Story brick dwelling. 27 Nor folk - ttreet Enquire of COX Si .VONTAUDEVERT, Feb 13 )fi Wall - sL Or r ICE TO LE I . A pleasantly situated and spacious Office. 3.11 I'earl - street, a few doors above Peck - slip Apply to R. & C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Feb 12 35 Peck - slip. El HE PHuOF yPJUE. To let and possession first of Mav next uieioursiory nre prooi store, no. soulh - st. between Coenties and Old slips. Enquire ofthe suDscriuer, io. i iiurray,or4alTiamrter - streft feh9tf S. D CRAIG. Klin sai r. - jm - vuaa ,, A House with two and a quarter seres ot ground, pleasantly situated on the I (eighths at Kips Bay, formerly the residence of Cornelius Kip. The house is two stories hi - h with an elevated stone basement, was built by Mr. Kip for his own use, is in good repair, and commands a fine view of the sound and surrounding country - - The ground is laid out in a handsome garden spot and two pasture lots. There is a good stable ami cocli - housei and a pump of excellent water near the house An indisputable title will be given, and terms made known on application at No. 45 Wall - st fob 2 J lOt FOR SALE, (Or exchanged for properly in this citvi A nent country Houvein ihe vicinity of Eli - zabclhtown, (N. J.) beaut ifuliy iituated on the fost - rcad , at present in the occupation of uoct. urani. 11 contains eight rooms with a piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - Iiouse, mjlk - room, and cellar; there is also, a coach - house, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in giod repair, about an - cre of land, Ui - l out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afford a variety of choice fruit, a - paragus, A:c and a well of ex cellent water, with a good pump. Terms will be made liberal. Apply to JACKbON ii WOOLLEY, feb 23 , 7S Wall - street. . v at TTt.F. PROPERTY. LlJ ' The tebicriberoirers for tale a valuable faunt,:3 mile fn New - York lying7 nulet south of Pooghkecpsiej oo Lie post - road, within - 4 of a mile ol the mills on the falls of Wappin - ger't - Creek, and in the neighborhood of several landings IrofD which sloops sail weekly. It contains 110 acre of level, fertile land, with a young orclurd of grafted fruit, wood sufficient for. fuel, and all in good fence. The house coutaiut several ro&aif, has a good barn, and all in excellent renair. Its situation being on an elevated plain, reuuert the place not only healthy, but presents from the dwelling a delightful iniana prospect. Also, another lot of 40acret.conliguouttothe above, and bounded tautherl by the falls of Wanrius - cr's - Creek. The land is fertile, in e. cellent fence, and of easy cultivation. What renders this property valuable, is, that it may be made a place of celebrity. 1 here is already e - rected on the falls a saw - mill of great capacity, a carding - Diill, which enjoyi the custom of the neighborhood, besides tcveral other scites for factories, uuof copied. The whole force of the rreek can Le diverted with a little expenceto as to drive a range of mills oo a level plot of ground just below the fulls, and accessible by an easy navigation ; where factories of every description, with every facility of power and trausportation can be coustructcd. Also, a Hour - mill, of the first class. The mill - house is large, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated for C, with new machinery for manulacturiiiz wheat, kc. with an eltvator for raising grain from vessels into the upper loft of the mill. Connected with the mill it a large tore houte for ttorinz wheat and flour. With tbe mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent laud, on which is tilualed five dwelling houses, a large barn, hay bouse, carriage house, corn cribs, hovels, 1c. a cooper's shop calculated for 20 bands. Two of the bouses are new and well calculated for genteel families : They command a view of the river, wi'.h a beautiful intervale landscape formed by the meandering ofthe creek immediately in Iront. There are few placet which associate so many accommodating qualifications for Uie merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not told at private sale beforo Tuesday the 21st April, it will on that day be ottered at auc tion. For terms, &c. apply to PETER MESIF.R, yo. 25 Heaver - street. Fob 50 ABRAHAM MESIER. tff - t TO LET or LEAS E, 4 Mi A hack buihhns. No. 20 James - street containing two roomt 50 feet by 20; one it at present occupied by a society," the other at a tt hoolriiom. Possession to be' given 1st of May uexi. inquire feb 19 No. 29 James - street. arx EOH SALE. linss: A house of two stories, with piaxrti in frutit,(in good repair ; containing about thirty four acre, situate on Throes Neck, and near to .1 t J. . I ' . I . I I . . I I I..' ine larm or siunun uiuuuiona me ianu ucms highly improved, and containing a great variety ofthe best cherries, applet, pears and peaches, in great nnundance and in lull oearuie the ad joining water affording ample tuppliet of ftih, then anu scale, wmcn ac a small exprore may be led from a creek to the upland, and detained in a pond lor daily use a mackerel and bass bshery oeim: alto attached thereto, ana wnere at one draught of a tmall seine have been taken mackerel which told the next day for one hun dred ami twenty dollars in point of prospect. health and profit this site is no where exceeried distance irom new - r ork auoin fourteen miles. Also, lour lots of land near th above two ly ing on the bounu. containing lorty live acres, and hounded on two sides with waters laad ot an excellent quality, with an orchard of four hundred apple trees, including the bett tortt fbr ta ble uc ; and lor cyder, the Virginian crab, Eng lish hngloe crab, while ttyre, coccaee, fox whelp ana wiuie sour, who tigniy cnerry irees uie black tartarian recotntneoded by Forty tb being rne. In front of these lots are taken bait, black fish, perch, inullctt, king - full, plaice, solet, mackerel, porgy, pike, smelt, whiting, eelt, and occa sionally slieepshead and shad, with weak - fish and mauhandea in vast abundance; beds of oyster, superior in quality to any marketed in the city, wiii'Sl'ftw: aiijMi'.lhg'PSyTrtiS Vrerie'ASfte wiMrr iriMt. abound in Wark ih - .ks and broad bills, and some timet are seen the canvas back and wild geese the land affording woodcock, quail and snipe. The situation cannot fail to t leate in ever)' respect ; and the land may always oe kept in nign order, ai a trifling expense by sedge and salt meadows attached thereto, and tea weed driven on itt tbores. Alto, two other lots, one containing ten and the other fifteen acret. These lott command an ex tensive view of land and water ; are hltogether suitable for tmall rural reUeats ; soil ol the bett quality ; and contain about one hundred and firtv cherry treet, best torts, aud four hundred apple trees, most approved far table and cyder, all in lull uearini; , and to each 01 the lott will be attached five acret of salt meadow if wanted. Also a lot. cntinirs fifty three acret! about eight in wood. This lot it about fourteen milet from the city, and one trout the church of the town of Westchester. If the above property it not disposed of before Wednesday, the Grit of A - pril next, the same on that day will be told at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, at twelve o'clock, 00 accommodating termt, at to payments, in biilh casc. For further informa tion, apply to FREDERICK DE PEYSTER, mo. mo. 24 uroad - stret, or near the premitet, iu mc uiiRcnucr, feb24tApl PHILIP I. LIVINGSTON HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. ViiiJ Two 2 - story brick houses and lots, titua ted Nos. 37 A - 39 Vetey - ttreet. Also, a house and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All on accommodating terms. For particulars ap - piy at tvo. az ureenwicn - tt. jan 15 tl FOR SALE, lor a term of years, a healthy, active and very capable negro wench - will be disposed of cheap, as it it her own de - tire Enquire at No. 23 North Moore - street. Feb 2 tf NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the ettste of Mr. GEORGE CLEMEN, deceased, (late haker.No. 28 White - street) are requeued to make immediate payment ; and those having dc - mandt agaimt laid etfate will please to present tbem.duly authenticated, to Mr. DANIEL ENS - LEY, at hit porter house, 307 Broadway. MARY CLEMEN, Executrix. feb 19 2w BUSBY'S LATEST KAVlCABLB HAFT - BOATS, A1D T FLOATING IIDK - MILl.. HE Navigable Raft - Boat it thaped like tbe common borteboat ; it formed of a eating of squared pine timber, pitched and filled in solid with round logs, unstripped of bark ; the whole fixed together with live - oak pint, andiron tolts at the anglet. It it propelled by a water wheel, with vpmht bucket, operating vithin a putter orrartiray, as in mills. The cost none fourth of that of ordinary horee - boati, including all the machinery. There is a great surface ol deck, which may be covered with frame work, to le - ceite passengert and freight ; and only half tlie number of hornet n ted on board boatt of equal dimensions, are necessary to carry thii rapidly through tlie water. The Navigable Raft - Boat is instantaneously transformed into a powerful! tide - mill, by casting anchor, and aflixing a moveable hopper - mouth or. flare, to exrh end of the raceway, and may oe pron'uniy empwyea 111 mat capacity, whm not in ue as a conveyance. Tertoni d - irou cf adopting thii invention. which ii peculiarly fitted to all the American waters, are invited to view a model, at (lie office of C. A. BUS BY, Architect and Engineer. 2 Law Buildings, Natsau - street, New - York. P. S A Navigable Raft - Boh t my be built complete ia a month, lndu'lmg all the machinery (C3 1 he editor ol to Motion Palladium. Albany Argu, Philadelphia Erermnn't Journal and Democratic Prtts, Baltimore Gazette, Charleston Courier, and Richmond Jjiq - iirt - r, are requested to inert the above twice a wek for one month, and forward their accounts to the sdverti - W - leb 13tf POST COACH LINE to PHILADELPHIA ri, - . bt wAi or rsnw - Bw IWFORTAXT TO PAMKKOIM. No cornection witb Ihe poet chaise hr. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Post Coaches with every convenience for passengers and bagga(jt, " Springs TH R.OUG1I IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from Uie Coach or - fice, old No. I Courtland - ttreet, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at l - 2patt Co'cl k, k rm f Vni uli. - aw - Brunswick. Prince ton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadel phia the same evening. ... The Steam Loot Line INDUSTRY, will tnrt rrnm New.VorU everv morning (Sun day I excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta, from the north side of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine , ... United State Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for pastengtn and baggage, on tpriogi. Thall. S. mailcuach will start imin the coach office.Tild No. 1 Courtlandt - ttreel, ftew York, everv daT at 2 o'clock. P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Oul t itBueiieers admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to TUOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Ccacb, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. I Courtlaodt - stieet, the tecond office from Broadway. New - York : to ISAAC BROWN, No. I Washington - ttreet ; or to A. l.t.OOD RICH & CO. NV 124 Broadway, corner of Ce lnr ilreet. New - York. ftt - AII goodt and baggage at the risk ofthe owner vy.j... a v, - N. B Expresses sent to any psrt of the Con' THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan 22 Hill CHAISE LlNr., FOR PHILADELPHIA. The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Patse ngcrt and their baggage (ihroojrh in one day) will leave the Post Chaite Office, 1 13 Broad way, opponte the City Hotel every day (sua day excepted") at hall past 6 o'clock iu the morn ir.z, by way of Newark, and arrive the same day at Philadelphia. The MAIL PILOT, in opposition to the Mail Coach, with superior accommodations for Passengers and their baggage, will leave Uie same place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past 1 o'ciock r. 11. win proceeu iieiore iiietriaiuaoo not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous Post Offices on the road, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, and arrive some hours beiore the Mail ai iiainuci - chia. Fare ! iallari. (rj - All gooas ana uaggnge ai ujc risque ui - . j s . . . 1 . . r the owner. JOHN N.CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK hi SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON & HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. Erpresttt trnt to aniiyart of thf L'nittd Sloifs. bw L. RAKER A CO. Feb 24 . S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. ft7" The public are assured tha thit line it equal to any in the U. S. for the convenience and comfort ofthe traveller. With the addition ol the guard, tbe passenger may rest secure at to EH I'nsrwse nod personal sairij in coacn ne r Msrt,wifc 1 ti - - 1 - without a pertrn on the box. J he wav mail Is put in separate bags and changed in the Euro pean style. The U S. Mail Coach wil tfart from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - tt.eet. New York every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia nest morning at 6 o'clock ; only 6 passengert admitted in tint coach. For seatt apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old Coach and Stage Office, old No 1, tecond office from Broadway in Courtlandt - ttrcet, or to A. T. GOODRICH & Co. No. 121 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. N. B. All goodt and baggage at the risk of ine owners. J. LYON & SONS, Powlet Hook. WILLIAM GULICK U CO. Kingtton. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expresses seut to any part ofthe Continent by jan 20 THOS. WHITFIELD. WANTED. A white girl about 16 years of age, to attend on a lady and one child. One who can bring recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatness, &c. may hear of a good and permanent place, bv applying immediately at No. 64 Greenwich - sl jan 2d ALPINE SOAP. KT" The subscribers offer the grntlenieo of tint city their Alpine Soap, which only needs a trial to prove its excellent qualities, in rendering the operation of shaving easy , it it possessed with many good and useful qualities ( it softens tlie beard, prevents chopping, and gives that comfort and pleasing satis faction in shaving as not to fail to recommend it to general use and to merit the approbation of a generous public. The tabsenhert do not wish to cuter into a long oeiau 01 uu tmumue soap, oui they tubmit it to judget of geuuine toapt. Just received, an assortment ofthe celebrated patent Penetrating Hair Brusliet, fancy articles, Kc. N. I 11 1MVIEP A CO. 138 Broadway, nearly opposite City Hotel. . Who always keep at general and at good an assortment of articles in their line as any ttoreiu thit city. N B. Pleate to observe that all the articles made by N. Smith Davics Co. will have their name on in copperplate or type. fib 7 WILLIAM IKKJKtK, No. sftl .ater - t. corner of rulton - ttrret. New - York, having received a large supplv of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day & Martin, 97 High Hol - boru, London, offers the same, in whole - ale or retail, for exportation, or home consumpticn, en terms the most liberal am! advantageous to purchasers. This inestimable composition, with half the n - eual labor, produce a most brilliaut jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varuifh ; afford peculiar nourishment to the leather; it will not soil the finett linen ; it perfectly free from any Bnplensant smell; aod will retain ill virtues iu any climate. Ai an iurontroTrrtible proof of tlie superior excellence of thit Mackicg, it has stoo - 1 the tt - l aod commanded the most exun - ive sole in all quarters eftht globe, for wr wardr f bilf a century. FM$. rmrYrtrtfii term IWifftr tug J! A 4itujtiA5pahc koowlhem to fiiiija,!,. ... ; hven thirigi that differ. - " DOCTOR. IIORNETfrm(r!, ftlie city Of London, fct2 uiv - inberof the faculty of phys't and surgery there, deems it hit di - ty to repeat soniesontervtitoiu the abuse of MERCURY. rash, indiscriminate, and annua!.. Bed use thereof, bat been prodoo live of infinite mischief, tanis aie anDuulIj mercurialized out of exisfl cuue. 1 uc uurorc wt noc ui view owes itt fatal result chiefly to this tource. " What a pity that a young man, the hopes of his country, J;S the darling ol his parents, should be tnitcherf way froni ail the prospects and enjoyment of till by the consequences of one unguarded monjenL and by a disease not in itt own nature fatal, which only proves so from neglect or impronei treatment." A gentleman, (late I)r. Hi p. tient) now perfec tly hearty and well, had bee umicr physicians of generj practice, six year, and riVeutedlytalivabd; when recommended te Dr. If. (by a gentleman of this city) hi were carious, and hi tilth dropping from Inem hit friendt declared he could not poutibly suriT two month longe. Thoutands experiiuentall know with what eute and tort'ety Dr. 11. traji. cutes the severest cases, and confirm the coniti - tution. The Doctor's Plan (advertising) ij atl crscary to guard the paulio against the abuse el mercury, and other fatal ddlusioos, held forth. - . Pertirt, therefore, having contracted a pr? vale disorder, or sutpectiog latent poiton, are admonished not to tamper with their coastals - tion, or conceal the disorder, till past recovt ry ; ethers having the remains of an old ci! or other impurities ofthe blood, aawellatoth er ccmplaintt of a delicate nature, in either tex. should remember potterity, and do justice : 1 "h" . k;."7i " Tuc'oa lishment, No. 64 Water - ttreet, four hcutet w..s WAS,. II. " vtu au.x ICTUCVlaOU ,n ' estab ui viu - sijr, v. U.MUJU uia. LJiuutjn astisince a - lone calf ulakd ta prevent disclosure. A'kI here let me claim your set iout attention Reineaiber a tupenJcial rum is no care at all ; unlet Uie bo - tioett it radiraily done, yoi will certainly have the duorder break Out again with redoubled ma lignity. at ton.e future period ; perhapt tlien will be too lure for remedy. - Dou't rou often meet ia the streets miserable, niufilnteil beings, without eve n a hit of nose on tlieir face f Take waminc I beseech you. .. Dr. H's. character for skill aod stubborn inte - grily beinp univ. rsatly known in this city, tiuci lHM,gutantee to patient that delicacy andtt. ciecy hitherto unknown, and having confined bit practice for years past, exclusively to tlie cureof . diseases of the bloml system, they mnytalely csl - cnlide on the most decided advantage! in coa - suiting Dr. II. Gleets eradicated in twe or three vreekr. Plricturet removed without tioitgiet or any otter instrument ; nod all ilcbilifici 1 Jikewue aU old ulcerations fitulj'l Lr. A plurality of often are provided, aod to iitt ated thaf paiients are not exposed toeach other's observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. All peisont concerned are invited to f rTii tailing, and ttieakinc with Ir. (. which is trea 01 cost. Aitanere ine rocior cannot nyoirl the esnirtsion of cratitilde for innummhU meniiafloni, tat) for trie decided preference (it is presumed with mst cause lonir riven him b judicious pnhHc ' ' N. B. A II letters must be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 It XL! Ill Eli (tUAlhEUk A'VJi J.MtUbl. DR. EVANS' superior method of curing a cer - tairr Disease, itnowuniver. sally acknowledged in tins city ; his mode of trentnieiil it t)f rtW - tlv milH. a - ifo mm - ipcditioa. and his chargt reasonanie. in every instance he warrants a cure. i.Ij tfand will rrtnrn ha , ,ri. ldoM no Perform agreeable ki n1 rx iCW.yC: " . vto contract. m,in.iwwici viwayi omervea. There ere many pertont in thit city aod its vicinity, laboring under various chronic lii'eat?, turh as canrers. old inveterate ulcers, tcrolula or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the aretlirtv bladder and kidnie, old cotuphcated complaints of a certain nature, bilious and other olxtruo tiay rheumatism, w which they consider iocs - ...'V, ... ..nitttl. 1 HrC Aiirfraint nnA Pl.vairiftna in Ik. I m Mir, n - . - J ua ,tiv nuriu, antl made those obstinate diseases Jus constant study fo 30 reat. Oct 12 tTr WHEATON Ic DA - ViSj Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 153 Fulton - itnct, opposite St. Pauls Church, oner for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold k hronse, Bamboo, ' Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Converts - , tion fhnira Rnfaa K 1 1 a ' Loungeet, Music Stools, kc. Orders from any part of the continent executed with neatness aod dispatch. Uid Chain repaired, painted and ornamented, oct 13 rr? The tubtcriber haviog recently returned from England with an iniportaut improvement on the artificial spring LEG, he takei thit method of informing his friends and the public, that all mote woo are so umoriunate as to be in want uf a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. . Jan 2 WM. PURVIS.' LM?S ITCH OIJYTMEJrr, ". WARRANTED an infaUible remedy at one application, may be used with perfect safety on infants a week old, not containing m particle ol mercury,or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with that offensive smell which attends the application of other remedies. The above medicines are prepared anil told ai LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, and told by S. CARLE, corner of Fulton and Water - streett. Druggists and country store - keeper ropalisfl on liberal terms. Jan 29 A COUNTING ROOM TO LET. A PLEASANT Counting Room on tbe lower t. floor of the t tore No. 29 South - street. Apply at No. SO Soutb - ttreeL feb 14 TO MERCHANTS. MANUFACTURERS & MECHANICS. 27 Information is respectfully solicited from all neraona. nac,itia. information eta the subject of the Inte proposed Tariff by the secretary ef the treasury, showing the comparative difference between the specific duties as reported, anu u a J valor em duties, ou goodt in their respective branches; with such comments as they may think proper to communicate. Communications to be sdJressed toM. W. Brett, Secretary of the Corresponding Committee of the American Society for the encouragement of Domestic Manufactures. Feb 4 lw NEW - YORK : PRIXTED AXD PUBLISHED MICn A EL BUUfHAJtlt CO. No. 42 PiwB - rrRtrr.

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