The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 2, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1818
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u ... THEATRE. This Erenin. March 2, will be pretented (8d This twj t,oroy 0f the .1. nnuifi 111)1 : cjr William Honey wood Mr. Pntrhard ! r. Hony wood, Robertson ' Mi" Ri'hland Mrs. Darley T which will l' added, (for the lit tune in New - 10 w York) tli. Farce of MY LANDLADY'S GOWN. . Written by W. C. Ouiton, Esq. uuthorof The Seep walker," Frightened to death," Ac. And now performing at the Theatres, Loudon, rilh universal appiuute. ..... M, - ,mirur Oenlis, Mr. Parley II. rmntU rilin i uitiiaru Timothy UultoDi Barne On Wednesday, the DEVIL'S BRIGDE. Count Belnio Mr. Pliilippi J jj - 1 HE Annual Meeting of the New - York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, will fesMield in Trinity Church tomo' row, 3d in - .t. 'at 12 o'clock, when the Annual Report of the Board of Managers wilt Ijp read, and an election held for a new Hoard. The members of the Society, and all others friendly to its ob jects, are requested to attend. Bv order. BE.NJ. T O NDERUONK, Sec'ry. ma 2 It trr An extra iueetin2 of the Columbian Pe thjLoian Society w - ll he held at Dr Wit m'fl Lecture Hoora. Columbia t ollge. on Tuesday the 3d iost. a hair past 0 o'clock r. Al By order of the president, J.VO. R. TOWNSEND, Secretary. . 'The honorary 'Diem' en are parti uiarly r quested to attend, as buiuest of imp . rt ince will be laid Viore thf - society, mil l'.H S.iOb. Oh LiVKhPOki I. The well known ship .NESTOR, ,S'erling, master, can accommodate time or Dtore passengers, 1 ly on board at Murray's a harf, or to CHARLES HALL, nh 8 3t No. 1 lieaver - st. tor bale, Freight or Charter, The fa: - t soiling brij !? Mf.Oll VOY. .J. Rodmm, nmtcr; now rtaly to rr reive a caryo ; I7o ton, ana will mry COO cakft flailed. Apply on hoard, east sid Fly Market wharf, or to D BETHl'NF. 4 - CO. mh 8 - 02 C. H. slip. I - or CHARM TX S. C. 1 The elf - rant, new. and fat isilinsr par. ket FrhivHier TONTINE, S. Hoyt, mas ter, wdl mil n:i Wednefilay next, having a lar?e proportion of her freight.' For the residue, ' pawie, havinj very ?urnor arcomoindations, apply on board, at .ierno. 20, east side Burling - slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, mh 8 9R I'ine - st. for 67. CHUX, The regular tradinz connred bri? .WILLIAM - HENRY, to on the 10th inst. For freight or passage, having fine accommodations, apply to READE t DE PEYSTFR, n - hg lw 31 Old lip. WANTED TO CHARTER, For a southern port, a vessel nf t nn .to 1400 barrel burthen : immeHinto H... patch will he given. Apply to LAID LAW, (ilRULT& CO. mh8 3t 87 CoflW Hnue slip. UA. lo iHARIkli, A SHIP of the flwt rlass, burthen filfrom 300 to 400 tons, to proceed imi. diately t a southern ort, aud there to load for a port iu G real - Britain. VOSF. & LOW, mh 8 3t No. 16!) Pearl t. n TOBAC CO, UEEF and luO.V 200 hhds. X prime Kentucky Tobacco " t M bhls. Boiton Beef, Nos. I, 8, and 3 20 tons English Bar Iron. For sale at No. S3 Wall - stre t, i jr .mh8 lw T4LMAN k TORRF.Y. BUOWN SHIRTINGS. 7 packages i.rowu th 8dSic. 14li P. - arl stree. H' i)STON and ClfiCLMSFORL WINDOW - GL ASS. A general assortment juft received from the manufectory, for sale at 67 South yt. by CAMBUELENG fc PEARSO.N. fph8 LiUGAK Ai MOLASaKS. 27 boxes white ?u - O gar, and 17 tierces Molases, landin? from brie Agues, fiom Matanies, for side by 8 ' N. U. TALCO TT, mh 2 4 tjoutli - street. ' HEAT LJ00 bbls southern wheat, adoat, aud for sale oy R. k C. W, DAVENPORT & CO. mh8 illiill skWALL. 65 aoulh - sireet, otfer Ii for sale 4 case - s extra super London Cloths 8 do superfine do 6 do London made Gentlemen's Hati .In His Jaimnned Hats 10 do do plated Men's and Boys' Hats 100 piecs Russia sheeting 100 do heavv Ravens Duck . . S300 do blue Nankms. entitled to debenture 15 bales blue and red Gilla tldkls. do 8 do white Madrass pattern do do 1 do fine Patna Chinti do 80 do Beerbooin Uurruhs do 3 cases Gum Copal, 6 bales Senna leaf 100 tiwi Munlird Seed 4 cues Jeuellerv. lor the trade of the northwest. &c. 18 caks Commodes. Knobs. It. newest patterns 4 do Files, Saddlery and Awl Blades omi keirs Cut Nails. 3d to 20d 1000 boxes Bristol V indow Glass, 6 by 8 to 10 by 14 86 bundles Sw dish Steel ,0 tons Russia O. S. Iron. P S I 5 hhds. Richmond To'.acco, sup quality 6 cases Domestic Goods, stripes, I'laids, and licks. mnz A FRENCH UEN'J LEMA.N. lately arrived in this city, who is well acquaint' d w ith all the languages, modern and ancient, and who at present teaches a select class in U): r reocn, spa nih. Latin and Greek, would wish to take boarders one or two young gentlemen, not under iz years ot age, who would wisn to ne insiruciea in any nf the ub'ive named language. The class which al pres. nt attends him, Iroiu 4 o'clock till i, every evening, he weuld wish lo encrease to the number of 12. For further particulars en quite at .o. m Uourtland - street. mli2eod3t lit LKT torn the first of May next, the three sto ry i rn k house. No. 310 Brondwiy to be put in ci nipicte repair, paiuled, pi(tere(l, SC. liet,i f I2i0 and taxes .withstabies,ciiarh - husr, &C u - u an't the taxes. Apply at I tuition's inten gen. e imi - e. mn z zw - . I A t.UA t - Lt. b i A'lt - A COc.V THY TORE I he uihirriheri nlT. f fur SKle. the Dwelling House, Store House and Lot ol Laud, lorojen OccUDied liv Wm Voorheis. decpad : Situate in Wbippaay, Morns County. fN. J.) cn 111 turnDike ntjH flirvrl frnm ee - Mrl fn Mount Pli aeant, 4 miles trom Mnrristowo and 13 from 'Newark. I he house is built of the best mate rials, near! v new. nnH uihII finishnt The store. housis large, and was occupied by the former owner as a store, in which much business wa The lot contains ah tut one acre, embra q'"S a rood garden, and pasture. I here is ais n 'he premises a new brn.'and a well of W;te asndy at the door The above situation iscn' nueied very eligible for a country mer:l.ftni ntmg in Uie neighbourhood two pape d.i, two grist mills, and one colt'm factoiy, would suit for almost any kind of mechanical bu roess The terms of sale will tie accom tnodalinr. r n.:,..!.. ; w;l. T..I " - ' (aiiii,uiniiH iii,.t.v - ill im ue, near the premises, William Puttie, Newark Bh86t COLLINS ic II ANN AY, XSo. WO Peaxl - streeL .ii of the or the ly ' TO l&T or LBA.5E. From the first of Mav next, the linns and L,anin - belonging to the "estate Carv luiim'w,, iimaieu a( Brooklyn, tvitli in one hundred yards of the steam - boat Ferry. The house is well udjptrd for a Drivate familv ... 4V...I - ....... 1. 1:... - m. vr iur me imiihjc v a puiinc House. J Jie SllUU unn, from its elevated position, commands a ve, ry ueiiuliiulview ot the city, the Fast Kiver an hay of .New - York. The grounds fcontHnintr !... ....... .. A j r : . . . uciwcuii aim a at in; air in a good stale nl ciil (ivatinn ; the house and nut houses in eood re I'air. r or terras, Hppiy m EO. W. MOROX, Atl'y at Law, mhSlw ' Ni. 59 William street fiOOAT KKkPLSG. GENTLEMEN wishing - to acquire a com pleteaitd critical kno .ledire of Hook Keeping by Double Entry, ate respectfully in tormea mat HK!irTTs sixth Prsuc Coras ov Lkctcrm on thst art will commence Mondav eventnp tlie 9th Mar h next. Gentle. men will pleuse to call at the subscriber's resi deuce, 48 Fulton - street, and enter their names Terms of the Public Cours. - of Lectures united wiin uie practice Private instructions $20. BENNETT. Accountant, RESOLUTION'S. At a meeting of the gentlemen who have at icmiea sir james itenneTs lecture on Fook - keepinir in the city of New - York. th follnwinp resolutions were read, considered and adopted Resolved unanimously, that Mr James Ren nett, accountant, has both ably and faithfully acquitted, nimse.t in communicati ip to t ach f us a satisfictorv and complete knowledge oi in e science ot no K - Keeping. Resolved, That fromaduesenseefhiscom municative talents as a lecturer, and from his extensive and cri ical knowledge of accounts connected with the vanus branches of com me'ria! business, we can assure the veniiemei tiiiiscitv, that should they attend his lec tnres, they will for their time and money re eclve ample con pensation. lteolved, Tlu.t the thanks of this meeting ) presented lo Mr Bennett tor the knowledtre I ? . T . . . . ic ii.i mipanea ious,ot ins usetui and impor - Ant art. Resolved, That tke persons composing this iiici iiiij! - , logetner witn uie ciiuirman and se ci etary, subscribe their names to these re - olu. tions, and that the same be pul lished in the newspapers ot tins city. (Here follows the signatures of 101 Gentle men ) ALEXANDER V. HYF.R, Chairman. 8 F. CLARKSON, Secretary. mh 2 lt THE STK IM BOAT U.YK. THE proprietors with view of acci muw di.tiiiu th - public hy extending the line n - jiito Nirwi'h. intend makiiii the expttiuii nt with the Fuli'm, Capt. Law, un.' if found practicable, the route w ill be coiitinued during 'he season. I he line will commence as ion as the wcath r will permit, and contiuue duiiiig the seasnn. s loiiow! : The Connecticut. Cant Bunker, will leave New York, nery Monday, Wednesday and Fti lay, a? n otiocb. a. i. The Fulton, Cant. Law, will leave Norwich at 6 o'clock, on the mornings of the svme d.n . tnu h at New - Lond'in, and depart from then. 'or New - HaTen, at 0 o'clock A. 1 he hn.iu will meet at New Haven, and depart from thrncn every Monday, Wednesday ai.d Frid iv, tuiui k, r. i. i ne onueciicut, lor ,ew York, and the Fulton for New - London aad Nor wirh. mh t LN CHANCERY. N pursuance of a deueUI order of this honorable court, will be old at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - rirK, unaer the direction ol the surscririer, one fthe masters of this court, on Tuesdiev.the t4th day of March inst. at twelve oVIoi k in the fore - noon of that day, all that certain piece or parcel land, situate' at Greenwich, in the 8th ward if said city of New - Yrk ; beginning nn the wert aide of Grcenwich - treet. fortv four feet tn, oortlierlv. from the wi." - - '.! thence westerly oo a right angle with Oreenwi - ii - slreet about eighty live leel, re ne ": lesn, until it strikes a line oi lony - mr, i., . rear f the said ground ; thence northwester until it strikes a coiner arou iweney feet six inches, be the nine more or h ss ; them easterly twenty four feet, thence northwesterly thirty three feet six inches ; thence easterly fiity three feet ; thence again easterly thirty two let nr inches, to Greepwich - slreei ; menc - snum ly, along Greenwich - street, sevemy n e - eei three inches, to the place oi neginning. i .'seiner with all and singular, the edifn e, building. rights, members, hereditaments aim nppunennn res thereunto belonging or appertaining. On 1). - above property are erected two substantial fr m - tiouses,each about twenty fire feet front :nd rear, and thirtv two reel uvep, ana uieu .i ui shop. DaUd New - Yo k, M .rch 8, 1818 H. WKSTERVLLT, Master mCh incery N. B. A nip or sketch "fthe above may be secrt by applying at my ouve, ' ' street. mh 8 law?w.Hw rf GH AC'lE'apritf lift, 38th day : i644 i r,0 39th day : 15440, flowing, 510,000 1570i, 100; 12386. 16443, uai SoldatGRAtlK'. i The Floating apitnl f rue drawn ana soia n KiiKr.K. I w I r Ji'JR. o - Tirtrt No IS440. came ui this day the highest fl lating prize m the Medical science i.o - tery.yix. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. It i i .... . . . wis i' lo ny 136,Broaclivay. To a gentleman, whose name he d ies u - t think hiiA On Tueaditt last the sta I' n - ary prue of3tXH) dollars was drawn and also sod . I .......... a 1 . . I ! .4 . i w by U. V Al I t., Junr. wni nai receimj " prises of one th.iusnndd - liars, and more prises in Ilie prt si ne smiru ocieuec uuimj - "j ither iitncein Br.nrtway '"" IRISH LINENS. I l A PI.RS. SHEE'l I.NG niinMls si I s'FF.RV No. 6 Denevsler I streeL has just received per latest arrivals. InrOivr .irtnent ol 14 and 7 - U linens, lonj. h.u na Z.A .K. e I inv. .1 - 4 .imners. t - 4 to IU 4 dowhis. do. droebeda linens. v,hn h witli me ioi , - - r. - . f - , lowinggoods, wnl he sold on re.isonaoie ernu,, 4 - 4 and l - o unen, low aim une anunmru" ?.U An in hnlf nieces 7 K do half bleached stronz and fit for nar row sheetings, to average 1 3 J 7 8 lawns, S - 4 sheeting to average 53d 3 4 coarse and fine brown linen, feb 24 2w . I I Ol'S. - 2 b.des Hops, iut r. c. iyed l' - r sa 1 by CA.MBREL1NG ti PEARSON, feb 3 67 South - street. l Al.illlll n.l 'I OHAOt t) 500 bbls. Rich' r roond sut. I - lour SHI l.kHa nki mmi new TnhnCCO. 120 kegs manufactured d .6 4 8 hands to the lb For sale at 106 Front - street . leb 13 UOKES. DAVIDSON tV CO. AIF. CI1RRAN IS. I cask contidnm IIUMI II, iuat landed and for sale al O S..uth - ttieet,by . .cov - feb 11 K EN Tl.'KY TOBACCO. 10 hhds Tf h .rrn rw - i iwil hv the bris! rinmcier, Wl ir - landed to day. at Fly - market - wharT. lor sale ay. al r iT - maraei - wnnri, iE IX)Y, BAYARD ti CO. feb 24 IRON HOLLOW WARE. A N assortment of the above article consign V of pots, kettles bake pans grid - lies, ski! Ms, basons, spiders, tea kettles, k.c. per lou or lece, for tale by CEBRA ti C.n'iNO, JM 3tj 76 Pearl - it. ii Ftr CHARLESTON 8. C. - The regular packet schr. SOUTH LCAROUNA. cuDt. Allen., will nosi. tively sail on Sunday. - For passage 6nly, having handsome accoinmo;ations, apply to capt. Allen, on boaid at Muruys wharf, or to " UARKEK& I'OPKIN, fb 28 2t No. 84 ulh - street. Fur bale, ttttgiit or charter, The substantial brig RECOVER, Burnbam, master. 242 ton, will carry a i.uge cargo, and is iu readiness for a voyage ; uei i juer uo. iu. Apply to JOsEPH OSr.ORN, Ftb 88 28 South - street for Freight or i.uiiter, 1 he sch'r. ADELINE, cupuin Tup per. A treiglit to Oporto. Lisbon. a southern port, would be preferred. AdoI on Doaru, ai iy - niritet wharf, or to i ... i ... ' R. (iIL!PIE, feb 27 112 Front - at. . ,,. Fur a.t y. - 'n.A II, m Tho fast sailin - p:u ket In is AURORA aiiTias'"1 1'hnmproo, master, will sail oi e'.iucsuay next - in tho mean timo will lak what freight may offer ; for which, or passa; having cxiellent accommodations, apply on board eaai siue uia - iiip, or to POTT& M'KI.VXE, Feb 26 56 :ouih - st. tor HArjt.VjXAlL I he fine fastsailini; packet brig LE VANT, I). Wood, m.tiitcr, is now load outing half her cargo engaged s will nice .vitn mmiediate dispatch For ireislit or passa: apply ou board, west side Burling - slip. or to 111. Ii AKRON, Feb 2.". lw 135 Front - it. tor Aitxaiutrtu, Oeorgctoun and It mu.riglou The schooner ADELINE, Edward aisii Rummey, master, now haif loaded - w ill suil on cdiu sday, 2jth ntst. weather pcrnnt ng I hose persons who have engaged freight aie respecituuy lequested to send their tood: in biu d tor freight of reinaimler or pas ge, apply on bourd east side Old - slip, oi to IK HETliU E 5i CO. teb 23 yaCollee House - slip .. tor Ml S ,1mm I hnmp.'on, master, will meet with oiy Ui - patch 1 or In ight or parage, avplv on . I .... - - r . .i . . V " ' " ' id.uu, eiui siuu ci ejiu - stip, or to PO IT4 M'KINNE, f p" 24 i6 South - t. i or h li.,HLUlJ. A. C. I he schr AD&Ll.N E, l'elcg I upper, master, win ue dispatched luiuiediatcly or H eight or passage apply to R. GILLEsI IE, H2Frout - st. Who offers for sale, 1U0 bids tar, aud a parcel of W. O. hW staves, received I y said e? - el Also 200 Milssupf. Richmond flour 5i hhds Kie hmond and Petnrsburg tobacco 20 tierce rite; 21 b iles uphuul cotton 5 j hhds molasses ; 200 hags coil're Red and white ort wiue, in hhJs ami qr Madura do do I rusks . ., .... i viurcc wine, in Poxes ol 1 dozen eatli 4 snuil boxes cottoa laces An invoice of Dutch goods, comistinj of souC Ooxe?, slates, slate pencils, marbles, jewellery. loiius ladies' work boxes, cologne water, &;c. Feb 21 . , Fur II itA.'t.t, ?ff The brig MARY, capt. Brewster, a ,4' regular trader, now loading at Pine - treet wharf, and will sail in a few days. For eignt or passage, appl on board, or to Feb 21 "N. I). TALCOTT. FOil AMSTLKDAM, The staum h bri2 MARGARET, ran. tt:iin Funk, ha - considerable part of hor ogueiisagfo, nnu win ue uispaicned without ilelay. For l'rfcjgitLftr - tiaM ., - J. C. ZIMMERMAN - , feb 19 tf .No.'?2 Washington slreet. T7V FRh.HiHT or CH - t HTKIi, Sfls The fast sailing schr. SALEM, bur - JJthen 1100 bbls has made but two voyages, and is now in readiness to receive a cargo. For terms apply ou board, ut Pine - street wharf, - or to G. G. & !. Iiuyy i, feb 26 77 Washington - street. For t1hr. or The valuable fast sailing brig A.G - iivlJNr'SS, captuin Harris, U Fly - market ,vi...rr'mn v. ars old. burthen 134 tons, will stow upwards of 300 hhds. is iu all respects in excellent order, ana win ue reauj v ceive a Carge in two days. Apply to a . a u i .uaui i, ,.b 25 64 .Vouth - street, VlilUlNlA FLOLK iU tuns, win oe inu.i ed this elav iroiu schr. Driver, at IJurlii.g - - ... .us . i i lip, for tale by R. GII.LKSl'IK, i 'l 112 Front street. OTPO.N ti IOUACCO - 23 bales prime 8 hhds. Kentucky Tolmcio, just received .id rsaiepy r" ;c..v.. - m lets 38 20 auuiu serees. iOti OOU 4H ions i,ami)earry ingweieKi i Inndinirnt nierNo. 10. trom brig Recover, : . l j md lor sale by fen 28 8 south street. I 1 easel su pel une i.onuuu eiuun 1 ? rauaavlra llo. Just received r Washington, and ior tie oy I1UIVU (V. or i - l.l, Pe(, j8 65 South tt. a r n.oi H. 411 haiTels stinerfine Richmond Flour, ;n he l .mled this .f ern Kin from the scar. Only Daughter, for tale by ..... .... . n . w r. rr L..MUL.Ayvf SiiriAUiui - . 87 Coflle - House slip. IN SIORE 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton 2 do black and assorted uomoazeies 1 case French linen cambrict,snd 1 bale superfine cloth, feb 23 7t ()V SILKS. Zi Cases ijevaueiuo, I i skilled S .rsnets. Satu.s aud Pougees lor S3leat67&'.uth - street,by r feh2H CAM o REI.I.Nls X rt.Hivau.. TltNDY, FLOUR, IL.Asr.r.u a. IB R JNIVs 5 pipes finely flavored Bordeaux iin prwi brandy 54 rasks clean tlaxeed 500 bbls flour, Baltimore Howard - street 200 boxes bloeui raisins - For sale by GEO. M. WILSON, peh as l:J Waler - t, ee i vi HIUMlV. OIL. Ac. AtX)NSTAN T supply m old Cognac Brandy I l,.ll ..,( C.n :ind Jam lira Spirit, A few elemiji hns old lush Whiskey, (warrant ed imported) . Tens. Susar, conee, r pices Genuine Spanish - egars '1 ..11... h.l S rim C.rfllftleS. I Ull'.n nil' . . - . Together with a general ass jrtment ol grace riefor.aWctip.orcas;;Lnyp co Rmiiliiit. corner Reed - street. N. B. Pure Winter Strained Lamp Oil, at one dollar per gallon. Ie' T 11 . ...v pi in' kr. 2H2 boxet tin plate, I i - Lilv. now liindine Irow on board the hip Washington Irom Ldon, and for tale by 51 South - st. ALSO - 1 case containing 29 bottles oil of out megs, inst received and tor taie v.t. FebS8 lw T7 OQ COFFEE, SUGAR, Ic."'.;. O O bags finf green coSce 30 half and quarter boxes SpanUh legirs, superior quality 4 bids St.'Jago sugar 10 hbd New - Orleans d 800 lb? turtle shell 3 hhdi Knstoii Hum ust received aud for sale by G. G. S. HOWLANI), feb2" 77 Wa'hiiiit.iu .trirt. I ,L.'j FLOUR. 1.50 bb s. ljiidiiiff - mis uay iiom tne - ciir f.incrald, tor sale UOBEUr.IH.El'lK. feb ?6 112 Front street. II IKlio Alt i - .. JOHN Wl l.ivcrpoc HEi'.LEY has jutt received from rerpool, per ship Courier, ami offers for sale, Hi I'tne - strect 8 hd 10 link trace chains Hand and sledge hammers Vices ; spades and "hovels Frying - pans aud nails. Feb 27 2w ILOUR. 117 burr. T Flour, branded W. rels Richmond luiieitiue ii. M. Creek. I in.lm. - Iroin schr Monroe, and for sale by WALSH it GALLAGHER, feb 87 . ;(j South street. OEINE 1VVLNK, A:c. - 5 hales Seir.e - I win.:. ' ar.d I bale containing two Seinei, just rte'd per ship Washington, from Lomlun, find fur sale hy D. BETHUNE & CO. l''h 27 92 t H. Slip. UADF.IRA INK. 37 pipes of superior quality, for sale ai 67 Soiiln - ttreet, by CAMBRELKNGii PEARSON, fub 27 ' RUM & SUGAR The cargo of the ship South - Carolina Packet, cant. Cartwriy lit. from St. Croix landing at Peck - slip, for sale ly IiENJ. DE FOREST & CO.. feb 28 3t J 11 LET LEAD - J sale by Feb 28 U3 rohs sheet lend, lor IIURD lc SKWALL, 65 Sonlli - tt. I ICH di MI I OHACCO 7ohhds. ol'choice ii. nichuiond Tohacco for sale by leh 28 WM. Ai SAM. CRAIG. VlOLAasho a tL'tiArt 4u0 hhds, b'J if I. tierces, and 59 bbls first aualitv Matanzas luui.isses, new crop. "3 Phis"'' J Muscovado sugar 53 bags br .w n , 15 hose, while) C,ayed ,u8ar LjihIiiiz (r in shin La - ruira. west side Bur lin, - slip - rr idle by Li. a u. uuisvy tnjj, Feb 58 i:C South d. rl VlhsCCO 190 manufactured te.bac JL co. landing Iiom the ithr. Cyaue, from llicliuioii l - t iz : I0!f kegs branded Ji. Endcrs, f!s. No. 1 27 do do do 8s. No 8 55 do dJ I) K Ros. 8s. No. I For tale hy CORN'S. DUilOIS. IN STORE, 1 1 hhds rye whiskey, 20 casks whiting 3 bhh roll butter ?0 roll sheet lead, 250 bags jujiipcr berries rcn vo iw 20, Tt.'t.HlhFr. It .'.A. pipes very superior cargo I cnei iffe wine. tudiiig from schr Fayette, from Oratava. at the loot of Deucystcr - street, and for sale, on accom uiodating term?, by A. D. DUFF, r ci - 24 6t 69 Washington - st. 1 PI0E.V. 5 bui - reL 1st quality nutmeg's, s 5 bags do Cloves, 3 do. do Muce 5 sacks Ceylon Cinnamon - just ree'd and for sale by teb 26 I'ETER REMSEN & CO. KlsH LINEN. 5 boxes 4 - 4 IriMi Linen, rbr ale by W. k S. CRAIG, feb 13 10 OLD JAMAICA RUM. puncheons hizh proof old J rfiiaica Rum. will be landed this day from sloop KnickerbocU - er. iroa tjrrmii,!. .. ...I. RICH RIBBONS 4 casts .o. 3 6v u r - ic - gant Garniture Ribbons, ofupcrior pat - tei ns, tor sale Dy MARCH & LOW, 210 Broadway. feb 26 jhH - Ont.t.AJti CUTtO.yi a H .1 r.n. k llaln prime N. O. cotton, 4 do tieaver, J landing from brig financier, at Fly - market wharf For sale by ISAAC F Ut., Feb 25 lw 98 Murrays wharf. IOIIIi .NANKING CUU Pieces JJlue nankins, of very supe rior quality, entitled; lo debenture, n,. taie ai 7 W& . - " . O Tj . v,4tirf iVTl Feb 18'ii.i."' LTi. G. & S. H Jjr iucnox. ,foH N HUM BY ES, ON Thursda5 morning, the am marcn, i o'clock at No. 60 South Front slr - et, 90 boxes c ntoit si;ks, consisting of sattins, . ..i a ( 4. A nni;n irallnnni ainchewt. sarsncts, sew - ing silks, c apes, pungees.tiixiiaais.uintrtov colon and dimensions, fcc. . Also. 50 bales Calcutta goods, consisting oi gitrralis, baftas, choppa romans, lungee w malls, teersucKers, gur an sawns, cuw, ,t .i. 4.u.n. crumb sannidis. sooty romals, cln ' o . ' 1 .. U.ltlV r.:. r - . i!.. hundannoes. maurass piam carridaries, tanpour sawnt, eneexs, jaianjour sawus, mamootties, ac. Also. 80 packac es British dry goods. Catalogues wilt be reaelytwo days previous to the sal. - , when tlie goods may ue rxa.ui... Philadelphia, J J. 8t W. LIPPINCO I , Feb. 16. Gomimssion .Mcrcnane.. feb 27 3t ; AUCI tON SALES r iCIVSi OH kCHAMlA'G. Boiton. y - v v iV..lnla the 4th March, will be sold I I at Nn. 35 India wharf, the following goods . ..A h. smnol Ci. Perkins ti Co. in the iiuiwi J , ship Pekin from India, (postponed from Friday .Mlih nd 1 v . ei e. . - i . 1 1509 bags white Benarei and uouuie ooueu Radnagore tugart 564 balei Bengal cotton, of superior quality 459 bags Patna and Rungpore ginger 60 caret Bengal indigo, prime quality 70 bags fresh sago 20 bags la (Bower lit niaccs ivorr 3200 pieces Madras blue guineas 8 & 9 rail 8400 pieces cam hoys, long dimension fin nieces VentaDollam handkerchief 640 piece Madras handkerchiefs, fine pat terns, in truuks of 60 pt. 1172 cotton shirts 36"0 sheep skins 6 j9 tanned skins 30000 Madras goat skins in the hair For terms and other particulars apply to PETER REMSEN 4c CO. 86 South - street, rrp The goods may be seen on Tuesday, I J - J. ' r.i,9i 3d Manh FOR SALK. VCll RIOT and pair of Horse the ehanot i, f,hinaable and not much the worse for ihe hnru - sara hri?ht bav. young, nanu .,mr and well broke : they will be m.ld togethe or separate, and may be seen iu Muy vesani street, next door to Saint Mark' ChurcB. Feb 85 lw RKSTQRATR, 4C.EXTF.F.L cofTee room ha been opened at No. 2 Park Fl ce," opootite Me. Iiamc Hall, where coffee, toups. and r. lish. may ne had at all timet, in a comfortable ami ono - f3l 'GRANt) BALL Af the OfTrtni!. MK. CHARUI AL'D bu the honor to ia - Ibrm the Ladies and Gentlemen, that ou Thursday tveninr. 12th oi March next. hi... nusl Grand Ball, will take place in the Assent - hly Room oi the City - Hotel. In the course of uie evening iwo ballets and several lawy dances w ill tie exhibited and executed bv Mr. C. and is ytral of his pupils. The room will tie elegantly iiu.ii.naieu. Part 1 A pastoral diverting Ballet. I. March Lod' iska 8. First eutrnnce of the corpde ballet, by 12 young lames 3. Pas fee ul Allegretto by a young lady 4. College I lorni ipe by a young gentleman 5. The Gavote tie. Vestris by Mr. Cbariuauii and u yi'Uiig hilly 6. i rt si nl andante l,y a young lady. 7. Psde Irois intro by three youn; l.idu i. . ins sein Hmr.intino hy a young lady. 9. Grand pas si id ..llegro by Mr. C. lit. .Coi p dc halliil final ' hv 19 muni? !nrii - s. Part 21 he ballet I Saboliers. or the Wood en Shii n.'iker'a I V.ll i .o 1. 2. E.ilers a i uke sellur lost in (he Ibrett. r.nters Mr Chuiiuaud acting part ofaclown 3 4. 5. 6. " I' " hy a youn. lady. Liners three 8 ihotiers and dunce with clubs and wooden shoes by 3 young gentlemen. A dance hall comic ,y Mr. C. A iatorul dance by 5 young Indies and n a i . , iyui'Sgentltm - n. . iirand solo with wooden shoes hy Mr C. : rinal , by the whole Manag, rof the Hall. Mr. Biart. Th Rnll in rnmmence at 7 o'clock, and the ballets at 9 precisely. ' Tickets One Dollar, to be had al Mrs Gaston's 42 Urond st. a the bar of the City H. - tel, and at the door on tiiat eeuing. vjeuiiemen arc nt ullowed to d ince in boots, tel. .'4 8l Mill . - .f,r. Oi Til LKA&h, Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 W ards ol ik Inch are on regulated and paved streets. No money win nn required uueier ten years, if sold, interest excepted. IIUUSf.3. Several two and thr e story houses, on which a great part i f the money reiiiiiin on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK? An excellmtsliind lor business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly litilated, with a wharf, ttore - honse and barn. COTTON and WOOLF.N .MANUFACTORY. ie' ,f ... ... . ... . . r iiew - iiavun, wnn 4u acres ol land, and a never Lining stream, upon which 20 u.illsiuay be vi..,icu, nini a iiiiiiiiene j wi whut ior CHCn. Apply ut Ao. 2 Greenwii h itreet, jan 13 II Jil I.I .!!., for a term if i,kii$, J he house ami I.. I No. 20 Cedar - street. oulainiiigsix rooms wild fire places, besides the Kitchen, pantiles, vaults. Ac. and a well of good for sale, the unexpired term, eleven years, o the lot No. 69 Munay street, in Uie occupation oi nun, nn Patter m, on lease Iroin the Episcopal Church du St. Esprit. Impure nl' J. W. k W. C. MULLIGAN, fch2., dtf No 44 Pine - street. Tit LKT, The following House, viz: Iheh'iuse No. 95 John - street The house No. 97 do The house and store No. 395 Pearl - street The house and store No I II Cherry - street The house No. 23 Courtland - street. - Applv to JAMES W. SHAW feb 21 No. 5 Bowery. jffjt TO LLP, wnfl From the first of May next, a neat two - ilory house, with a garden and stable, situate at the upper end of Broadway, near Jouce - streel Apply at No. 85 Liberty - street. n o vo 4t TU Lr T, No. 20 Wall - street. Apply feb 19 tl The store at the store. FOR SALE, A convenient 2 - story brick front HOUSE and LOT, No. 29 Ann - street, On the premises there it also - a comfortable back building, with 3 rooms having lire - places, and 2 other apartments; and iu the rear of the whole, is a csr - neoter's shoo, about 50 feet in length .Th l , business that require! a pood ileal ol room. or terms, apply at No. 17 uurjing - sup. Teb 87 tf ' i.!,ll)FJrCE at O It fr. FMH1CH. To be lei, the house and grounds fronting onGTeenwich Lane, belonging to the estate oi the late Samuel MiHigan, and at present occu pied by Mr. David My. . wvvv For particular! euquire of JOHN, M'KEE, lumber merchant, noi m si. .rioore - ...e.. . , PKINt.l.r., mine nana oiiiew - i"i. fe I) 28 tf ' The handsome three story brick house, sTiift Greenwich - street, next to the corner m Coiirtlandt street, finished in the best manner. . in - .f mnm connnunicale hy l.iloing ami vu i ..... . . dmcefor a reipectable prieata familr Apply to i i eiii it intinn a vcrf uiiTcuirut iv PF TER SLir4H.ilc.i.i'"sis Lih lilt 213 Water - .treeL VtrAN I ED, a girl to do the upper work of T f a small family. Apply at tins unicc. f I) 26 WANTED a muaiion in a stnuui vy il. a female of respectahili ty. who has been accustomed to leach writing, arithmetic, geography, ic. Any ady in want oi such a person, win una me sutouki """': notice, having been in the above caparity in England, and can produce latisf.ctory references? For further particulars enquire ol the p - m - ter wf this paper. H'WI TH VLJS'TI Ui.iLL.lHS ItttVARD, LOS T, a red morocco pncKei - noon, euui..n - ing between 60 and 70 dol Ian in notes of the d.Merent banks iu this city, and sundry pa - tiers of no use to any person Dal me owner. The finder, by leaving it at 1 65 r ront - st . eet, shall receive the above rewaru Feb 27 3t TO KARVIERS. rT II F. subscriber can furnish the farmer of X the adjacent couutry with grounu ria.ier of Paris in any quantity, on the snoriesi nouce, in barrels or otherwise. JlJri .s o s r.iso, Feb 23 tf Foot ef Harrisoo st. '. R - GhXTFU. RoAliIltG r.i,vn im nni' - K. Thi new. paciou V and spltndid Huilding, situated in Broad - wav the great and fashionable street dividing .1. ' . .r..r. i. t the corner of Dev at. iiicrtiii'ci.i .... . , ...:n u 4..l U - the subscriber on the 1st Ot Will DC iiin.. "J , s.i ... r.e the receretion of Boarders It is fitted, and will be furnished in a man ner not surpassed, Tor convenience ..u any p. ivate dwelling m the citv. It occuj esythey most eligible . ttjataHj. bemg 1 . r.l.. l - l' T - Hsiil ; Ul mill ill in View ui in "r'nTtTmake it complete for owner to CU I'T "' - the purpose, in resncct. it will otter to I ircntlemen, and families visiting the .4.n..el. nleas.n and retired a - ladies ami citv. tnemose IU. R.'. - ' ..... .... n.tments. The choicest ot W me ana uquor ' .. L - r...:ul, - t and no trouble or expense w.ii oc i""' , ...;,. ... will be mane eic sn.e.. r - - - Ilnt rare - ml excellent U intended exc.usively for Genteel Boarding, minienu MR - i. HENDERSON. Wanted to hire, an English Pefnvas bead t the above ouewlioi Ci - iiw meulified in evemespect. He must .k..iv lit nut.t undoubted evidence of his a - i.:i:. . - ,1 rrwwt rlnnrtfr none other need pply. Application ntav be made at 15 De) - ItVp - . VV fb24DCtf J . n .7 u i .. 1 strer' . i PUBLIC SALES. P. L. MILLS k CO. Wednesday, 4tb March, Al 18 o'clock on the premise, the Lot and House in Sullivan - street, 3 door southeast of broome - sL the trout of the house is of Lrick, SI , leel wide and 35 deep, the lot is 81 feet front and rear and 70 feet deep - there are 0 rooms with fire - places, aud 3 bed - room , the front rooms are corniced with bard coats, the entry it finished in th. same manner - ! he above house is built of the best materials, and well calculated for a genteel fauiily - 'I he terms wiU be reason, able and made kuojvn on the day of sale. Any pen - ran wi.hiog to purchase at private sale, will1 call at the auction room, or on the premises. - BY J. P. 1JIETF.RICH&CO. AT IRIVATESALE, 5000 acres of land, in Wood Count, rv. i within 10 miles of Marietta, nnd 5 mile. t. .Ci ' Ohio River. 1280 do in the town ..fTi - n.i,., Clinton County, 'ew - York. 400 do in pik. County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent improved farm oi 200 acres, on the Cotherioi. t..r.r..k. road. The two last will be exchanged for property in the city of New York, or lor merchandize. Apply at the auction room. MARIiuk FUR ULILU1SG. kt. TH E proprietors of the southern marble qta ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, they have ou hand, and are receiving, at the KingU IIridge Marble and Linte - tard, tool of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive . stock of marble lor building, of the following descriptions, vii : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Cbimuey - Piecea FlaCiugt Columns . Watertable Steps Platforms Sills, Liulcls Arches Also Lime of the best quality. (TT A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply " EZRA LUDLOW, Feb H t ,r,f y.,,.,1. M tiEi.T Ma SIRE. " (tr The contrae tt which are to he enter - rl ;n. to lor the street manure, will commence on the 1st of May next, lor 1 or 2 years, to be mentioned in the sealed proposa l ; and the itneti are to be swept and cleaned, from tdm lit of March to ihe 1st of January, in every year. Feb 21 iNOIICF. Qfir The ubsr ribers having received a general assignment ol all the estate of John Murray i Sons, lor the benefit of creditors at expressed in the assignment, have authorised Peter Lad low to liquidate ihe uusettled accounts - and to receive pat ment of all debit due to the laid firm, r to ihe imiividu I partners who will attend to the tame at hii office, No. Ill Penrl - ttreet. WILLIAM BAYARD. f.;b24 tf HENRY BARI LAY. In the Advertisements siirned bv ma and published in the New - York Gazette of the rtli, 9th and and 14tli of Jumiaiy last. I free ly and cheerfully come forward to say, that I was totally mislead in respect to Mr. Arthur Must ; that I am perfectly convinced he had no connexion with Lee, and was utter.y unacquainted with the transactions between L.e and myself. I do this from a sense of dutv to Mr. Hirst's character, which I am free to ae. knowledge is, from every thing I have heard and now know of him, unimpeachable, as to integrity, Honor and honesty ; and that I verily believe him not only above comtnittinir, but above even countenancing in the least degree. .. . . .1....... ... . i . ui.i.wi.csv or unwunuy action. feb 24 lw JOHN CUFFE. THK FORUM CP Will be opened on Friday evening next, the 27tli instant, at'the Assembly Room, City Hotel, when the following question will be discussed : Ought the tuiuds of women to be cultivated by the same studiei as those of men rvHS.lonJ0SRM'li - propriated to the Society for the relief ol respect - able aeed iudigent F'eoiales. Feb 25 NO I ICE. AS we James and Samuel Maginnisl. Blacksmiths, have commenced partnership, at No. 19 Dey street 1 his notice is tocnunon iue public, not to take or receive any Note, Indorte - ment, Bond, or any other security in Ihe name ol sard firm, as their buiness is to be carried on without such assistance without the personal assignment of the '"f. SAML. MAGlii'NlSS.' feb 80 lw ; '' Oir ADVll.Nls lllA HON on the Estate of Philip I. Hone, deceased, having been granted to the subscri hers All penoni having demands against said Estate are requested to produce them duly authenticated, to John Anthon, f.sq. No. 3J8 Pearl - street, and all persons indebted to Ihe said estnte are quested to make immediate payment at the tame place. r ANNA HONE, THOMAS HAZARD, jr. JOHN ANTHON. feb 86 lw OCT. I he intermediate examination of the Students of Columbia College, will commence v ith that of Ihe senior Class, on Tuesday March 3d. at 10 o'clock, A.M. at the College. The attendance of the Trustees of the College, of the parents and guardians of the Students, or the Clergy, and of the graduates of the College, respectlullv requested. Columbia College, Feb. 25, 1818. feb 26 4t fx I he society for the prumotioo ol Industry gratefully acknowledge th receipt of $40 from the gentlem - n of 'he Forum Feb 7 3t frt - Mr. ANN SPENCER, widow ol the latVCapt. Alanson Spencer, would feel herself particularly obliged by hit creiliton, would send their accounts, in the course ol the en suing week, to No. 3 White - s reel A PH " . . '.. . U H..t.i rM4. li - r from attention lo inn retpn: - ;; .u...... - . - - - a contiderable share . - f uncertainty for correct iniormation of the amount of property left DJ Capt. 8. feb 87 Is CO. are many artn n .Vr. . - ..f - of ,r, calcuUted lor e,, t .t&!J IVednesday neioav m""'"ss i - - ,. .. w hen I he sale will comma u e fei 28 31 CnTiLl.loX PARIIES rry Tlie Manager give notice that the next Cotilli' n Party, will e at uie y4ivy -, Thin sday evening the 5th March. fcbH8 5t WANTED, 1 MAN and hi WIFE, (whohave bo children) , A. lo take charge of a farm, a few miles iroin th: i - ity, 1 he man must undertiana u.e manB;o - meulol a farm and k - tchen garnen. i ne , to attend a small d .iry and do the nt the family. As the beet m nniB.cndal.ous Hie rtcuin d, it is t quevea ou i'i" - j unless lue h caa le pr - Kl iced. Apply at feb 2ti lOt No. 843 vtr ater - tlreet PK1V TE LODGl G. A mgle gentlat man can be Accommodated, wi h one . - t two rooms, afier the first of M.j next, with or without board, the room Tarnished cr not, ia a genteel and sm4dl family, the Louse 1 ivsat aiid pleasant, ami W a healthy part of the City, about, ten m.nute walk fn.m Wail - ai. eet. : F urtlier infurmauoa m a IrAadway. P '.if III hi i It: " hi. , . i"' If - .' - in n My Ml?: , Vi , st i ; u ' I .1 l J r W ? l ; r 4: , i lev - lb 3 M: i ;1 J i

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