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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, March 2, 1818
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I - If 'ii - it I .1 V7 . j f 5 V v; V xtir - iJ. EtsXLsv pn MONDAY, MARCH t. l Military Jine observe meeting of Iborc r who 'have been unjustly, and I doubt not ill e - rallv. fined, by a" court - martial of four years standing, as delinquents, fcc uot ntteodiu pa rade, equally when they had m valid excute t when they bad none, is called in the public pa - ? per this evening at the Bank Coffee Howe, to consult on the best means orweking r cures 5 , aim, , I am well pleased at the circumstance. I hepe ' miomwill be readily contributed for the pur - . ' pose of making common cause In retaining able counsel.' I am led to believe it will be found t that the very orders of the governor were not warranted by law. Let a hold stand against this abominable oppression be made at once. It is reported that the amountof the fines, collect - ed and to be collected, i upward of to hun - V dred thousand dollar., and that this sum, enor - j mou. as it is, will fall hort of pay ing the fees of office! ! - I 2 Couneiltfjlpptinanent Among the remov - ah and appointments of the council, none has cacited o much feeling in this city, as that of i. removing Mr. Burr from the office of harbor - . master. This gentleman's case excites much " eympathy, from bis age, his large family, his - blameless life, uniformly good character, and perfect competency for the duties of the office If the Columbian and Advocate had united to ', ay such conduct as this in the council would injur the republican cause" they would have " found nobody to dissent. It ought, at the same time, to be mentioned, that no one objects tore - " warding the gallant capt. Rsed, appointed in his ' place but must it be at the expence of a man that - never gave offence, and whose condnct has uni - formly met the approbation of every one with ' Whom his office caused him to have intercourse ? . American tnanttfacturet.Yfe received, some days since, communication signed " A friend to American manufactures," which we have not " had an opportunity to notice before. The wri - ter very feelingly sympathises with the difficulties which our infant establishments have to en - . counter, and wishes thxt some abler hand would ' state their case in such manner as to awaken the - attention of congress, and especially to open their eyes toward the fraud to which the foreign competitor resort to undersell them in our own market One instance of these foul practices Is mentioned by our correspondent, which deserves ' to be branded in severe terms. It i said, that ' from ten to fifteen hundred of our mechanic are directly or indirectly engaged in the branch of business which relates to silver plated ware, . saddlery, coach and harness furniture, &c. and that in order to undersell aud ruin this trade, floods of these articles are now introduced into our country fabricated of pot - metal instead of " , wrought iron : a description of goods which our correspondent declares to be unsafe, and un , known in any country, until, from the worst of motives, they have been introduced into this, thawweare infomedhaj rcn "moniii"T'aiTTr"l'li - om i'lo fi'vUcr"uu an rhiladelphia. The Mil introduced into the legislature of this 'stole, by Mr. Edward., from this city, calling a Convention for amending tbe constitution of the stats, wai negatived last Friday 68 to 36. Tht ship Neptune from Jamaica which was ashore at tbe Hook, has been got off, come up, and gone into dock. Ta tht Editor of tht Ectnine Poit. Sir The statement of Praidr.iU Allen, re tpecting the temovul of certain libraries belong' log lo societies attached to Dartmouth College from a building, the pott est ion of which the Pre tident claian, which appeared hi tho Evening Post a few weeks since, is colored and incorrect. 1 say this, however, without deciding upon the uiviitct vr um;sniy oi me reverend aumor. Being a member of the United Fraternity, one oi uie sncie'y reierrej to, at well a a graduate . of Dartmouth College, 1 know that the society was ever Ki far independent of the college, that it had an absolute control over its own library, ana could remove it wheresoever a constitution al majority of iU members might think fit. Now, if this Dartmouth Umrrrtily had not been niuih room'd into cxi'tenc by a fermentation of the vilest of substances if it had not been a crta ture of - the democracy of tftw - llamnthirt. body of men, let it be remembered, so diff. - rent from the republican of the middle and southern (tain, that au individual of tli latter, in travel .bog through New - hagland, asrted, that he Would not, at the price of his reputation, be Classed amount thrm If the legislature of that state, in the pleutitude of iu dominion, had not passed a it di vesting Uie trustee of Dartmouth College of their indisputable, unfurfeitcd rights against their content and without any compeu - 'satioa, and given those rights to others if, overturning existing juaicial establishments, it had not erected a tribunal for the administration of Justice, which it thought would sanction the outrageif, in doe, Dartmouth Uuirersitv had suc ceeded to the authority of Dartmouth College in a dxcent auanner, auJ now imsseseed it to tbe lull, iuIL the acting members of thelUnited Fra ternity might have, jiutilUbly, consulted their own pleasure in selsx ting a place of deposit for uinr own norary. lie lart tn relation to this air are shortly a follow. During the J ut THF r . . .1 Ul . C . ' . . . t, w. . uniurB;ia pari ot u, uarimouin ntrrtttg, a it n catlap, has had, for officers, a . . - muu., Kmt. Aiienj some two or three pro lueors, anu i ao M. know how many tutor ; and wnwars, not ever, I believe, di - famishing to a mere Soldier 1 ick," has va - ned from three to a .Wu or tdtftt. The old 2r!rK?Kl",,; ";in,t ,'ro'J anJ H stream cT shamelea injuU. r, and compelled to it. president and prefer - the puri,' J motives aad the nshteouew f it, J" kept within its place about au hundred student Three of the acting member of the United Fra Urnitvare atta.Jl t0 the University - nwr, th ia forty to Dartmoiiih Col'.rm. - I h. . nsi wity of these acting members, the society - - ! - wu in msiiiuauons or iu saembers beloogiug to the university and from wis open fx - cenxons ol the olficers of the latter Ult tlieir lilmnr asnl.t k. a r. .. - - . - o "irMru i mm uitm nles remored to a building over which thev ; trauma cjunve control, tk provable mea ........ , M lIU, ,1IlT ivrriiiy T9 suled but they very properly repelled forr. py auxe; and timr succeti in aerunng their wDprc.ny, u is sneet probable, gave rite to the remarks of frttidrnt Allen. . " ' i A .Vne - IVrl Dartmulhnuian. - ced ed tops ren ic tbe I tii jrVom iA Genesee, f A". F.i Tamer, Feh. lt : .:,': - 'J. - i.i. - ti. cji.,mlnr account of lb sacrifice of a Hiwdoo woman, on the funeral mleolherhusbsad, mayberelitdeaasaauen. tic. It an extract of a tetter from iM - T - Newton, a dentin Cakutta, tob fnem this country, one of wbom "'MT - ta b us with a copy lor publication. .. - a naUveof ritufield, (Maw,) where ber panmU now reside. - "."" C4LCUTTA, June 18, 1817. I open my letter, my dearest friends to tell you I hive witnessed on. of the most "traprd. - i jt u;,i m ever performed by hu man beings I namely, the self - immolation of a m.V ZW. r..nral oil of her husband. Th.s ntHiiau w v - . . . dreadful sacrifice has made an impression on my mmd that years will not efface. I thank m? God tliat I was born in a Christian land, and in - in the Christian religion. This event is so recent, I can hardly compose myself sufficiently to relate it. Last night I could not close my eye, nor could 1 drive this martyred woman from my recollection. I am almost sick to - day, and I am sure yon will not wmuler at it. But this ceremonv is so much ce lebrated, and by my countrymen so much doubted, that I was resolved to see if snch ' deeds could be.' I have seen : and the universe would not induce me to be present on a similar ooca I cannot realize what I have wen. It eemt like a horrible dream. Yesterday morn in er. at 7 o'clock, this wo man was brought in a palanquin to the place of sacrifice. It is on the banks ot me ranges, two miles only from Calcutta. Her husband had been previously brought to the river to ex pire. Hit disorder was iiydropnoDia tunna of the agony this must have occasioned him.) He bad now been dead 24 nours, anu no per - suation could prevail on the wife to save herself. She had three children, whom she com mitted to the care of her mother. A woman called to undertaker was preparing the pile - It was composed of bamboo, firewood, oils, rosin, and a kind of flax, altogether very com bustible. It was elevated above the ground, l should say, 20 inches, and supported by strong stakes. The dead body was lying on a rude couch, very near, covered with a white clotii. The oldest child, a boy of seven years, (who was to light the pile.) was standing near the corpse. The woman sat perfectly unmoved, rlnr'incr nil the ion 1 annaremlv atnrav - 1 i i ; ' - 1 i . '..I .' er. and counting a string of beads which she held in her hand. She was just 30 years old , - her husband 27 years older. The government threw every obstacle in the wav of this procedure. Thev are not strong enough to resort to violent measures, to prevent this abominable custom, nothing but our rei. - eion can abolish it, and I do not believe there is a particle of Christianity in the breast of a single native' in all India. These obstacles delayed the ceremony until 5 o'clock, when the permit from one of the chief judges arrived. Police officers were stationed, to prevent any tning lilte compulsion, ana to secure the woman at the last moment, if she should desire it. The corpse was now placed on the ground in an upright posture, aad clean linen crossed round the head and about the waist. Iloly water was thrown over i by the child, and , J W I. .1 atterwarus on oy me oramins. u was men placed upon the pile, upon the left side. The woman now left the palanquin, walked into the river, supported by her brothers, who were agi tated and required support more man nerseii. She was diverted of all her ornaments, her hair hanging dishevelled about her face, which ex pressed perlect resignation, tier rorebead and feet were stained with a deep red. She bathed in the river, and drank a Utile water, which was the ouly nourishment she received after her hus band1 death. A u oath was administered by the attending Uramins, which is done by putting the hand in holy water and repeating from the shat ter a few lines. This oath was given seven times, ( forsot to say the child received an oath be - Jjoreihe corpse was removed. The brothers also wraped around ber form and partly over the head, but not so as to conceal the face. She had in her hand a little box, containing parting; rifts. which she presented to her brothers, and to the Bramins, with the greatest composure. Red strings were then fattened round her wrist her child now put a little rice In her mouth, which was the hit thing the received. She raitedlier eyes to Iloaven several times duriug the river ceremonies, which occupied 10 or 20 minutes. She took no notice of her child ; having taken leave of her female friends and children early in the morning. A little cup of consecrated rice was placed by the child at the head of the corpse. She now walked to the pile and bent with lowly reverence over th feet of her husband : then, unaided, the pasted three times around the pile. She now teemed excited by enthusiasm ; some aid of a religiou nature, other by affection for the dead. I do not pretend to say what motive aciuaieq ner ; nut sne stepped upon the pile, win, Hiiareni uengni, unastuteu by auy one, and threw herself by the tido of the body, clasping his neck with her arm. The corpse was in the most horrid putrid ttate. lie put her face close to his; a cord was slightly passed over oom ; ngnt laggots and straw, with some combustible rosin, were then put on the nile. and a strong bamboo pole confined the whfle : all this was done by her brothers. The child then an. plied the fire to the head of the pile which was to consume both parents. The Whole was instantly on fire. The multitude shouted, but uot a groan wai heard from the pile. I hope and trust this poor victim expired immediately. She undoubtedly did, without one strug - le. Her feet and arms were not confined, and after the straw and figgots were burnt, we saw them in the same position she had placed them. This was a voluntary act. She was rffimit elf collected, aud perfectly herself. Such fbr - uiuue, sticn magnanimity, such resolution, dc - i wf ..I .rT.i!.. i: , . . ' . .viou , i itii. - iuui jertl inu mail ueiuiion. combined, I bad not conceived of, and I hope ne ver 10 wunesj again. Hundreds witnessed this scene. Some admired the heroism of the woman eome were ready to tear the Bramins to me. ces lor myself, I was absolutely stupified with piiy anu norror al tin dreadful immolation. I am gneved to say, this is not an uucommon in siaoce. I believe I have given you all the particular put them in a better form, and tell this almost incredible story to some ot my friends. There were present about 40 Americans, and a fe English. I do not know the number of natives. but may safely say many hundreds Yesterday was also oue of the feasts of J urrer - naut. In ret u ruing home, we pasrd through a street,.; mile in leugth, entirely filled with temple, consecrated to that god, drasrn by worshipping thotuands and myriads, striving for Ih - t ho nor; they were offerioe rold. fruits, aud tbe most beautiful flowers, to the different idols pla wiimn tnese temple. ITie air was perfum with the most precious odours. The bouse were covered with people, dressed in the most exjiensive and faiitasuc manner, and cluld - covered with lewels. Bands of native mu - proced'ed and followed each temple, making most discordant sounds. People who had nothing to give, screamed and prostrated them - selvrs More the innumerable idols that were ianuiOS,0 the streets. The horse were stopped twenty times at Wart by the crowd, gathering to offer sacnacet to tbte images, Guards l,lacei mall directions to keep order. I cau give you no idea of this country I am awe Tuck, but feel no inclination to worship. thank t.od, we are not Hindoos aad for all memos praise bipj. F arewelL once moi i, my dearly beloved friends. Postscript to a lette t gentleman m Baltir .. - more, aaicu . - - St. Mabt's, Ceo. 13th Feb. 1818. OnWedneaday evening last w - re drown ed ten or twelve persons pasting from tr.i town to Fernsndina, in a boat Among them were captains Alcorn and Wright, and a Ueut. M Ginnts. They sailed under the Carthage - nian flag. Some of their families live in Baltimore." Extract of a letter to the editors of the Savan nah Republican, dated ot Mary's, rcoruarj 14,' 1818. , - We understand that a dispatch from Gen. Aurv to Col. Wm. editor of the Aurora, appointing him a General of cavalry, has pas sed through me 1'osi umce oi mis iu.s. From the ffalional Jnttlligenter of Feb. 27. A vote, which ascertains its fate, in the se - K.. at Unpth been taken in that body, on the bill to provide for the surviving patriots of the revolutionary army and navy. It was yes terday ordered to a third reading by a large ma jority. But lew of the various alterations maue by the senate, in tbe details oi tms nui, vary - Mntiallv the features which it carried from the house of representatives. The most important change are that, instead of extending its bene fits to loose survivor wno serveu ai sui iu uie volulionary army and navy, the senate have limited its application to such as served at least nine months before the close of the war : and instead of making the provision retrospective to the 4th of March, 181", the senate have made it commence at the period of the application for relief. From the Norfolk Herald, Feb.ii. Patritlitm afloat. Under our marine head will be found an account of the robbery of the sloop Helen, while on her passage from this port to Havana, by a schooner professing to be in the service of the Spanish patriots." This is one among a hundred instances of the same nature that have lately occurred and noticed in he paper : how many there may have been in which the sufferers, after being robbed, have beert made to walk the pinnk, and the history of their fate been buried with them in the deep, is another question. We blame not the real patriots of South America for these atrocious proceedings. They are justifiable by the law of war, in using every means for the annoyance of their enemy, and they c&uiiot do it more effectually than by commissioning a swarm of privateer to cut up her commerce. It is difficult for them to control the conduct of those privateers, many of whom take advantage of the latitude of their powers and commit with impunity the greatest excesses, and others without waiting to be duly commissioned, dah in among the rest, and under tbe pretext of "aiding the patriots," help themselves 4t the spoils of every nation's cemmcrce. Thus it is, however, that even with those who are most friendly to the cause ol touln American independence, the idea of a patriot privateer has become syuonimous to that of a pirate - Anil yet there are some who censure government for preventing vessels of this description fi'om being fitted out in American ports; vessels whom every one knows the moment they get to sea are amenable to no power, and whose patriotism experience has proved to consist in indiscriminate plunder of the property of every na tion. We lament to find so many ol our own countrymen embarked in this system of sea robbery ; there are ome, we admit, who are actuated by proper motives, and confine themselves to authorised practices, but the greatest number are no better than common free poolers. it was but a few days ago that a gang of desperadoes, headed by an adventurer of notorious memory, secretly embarked, at this port, in a small schoon er, and from circumstauce which have since transpired, there is no doubt of their being bound on a piratical croiie. We have since learnt, however, that the mainmast of a schooner, with Ibe tail attached to it, which wai picked up adrift between Sewell's and Wlloiighhy's onrUay may yet hav to answer for their audacious defiance of the laws. From our own enquiries (sinee writing the a novel assisted by the inlormation of Uie keepe of the Steam Boat Hotel Reading Room, we are enabled to add the following particular respect ing the schooner fitted out in this port for sup posed piratical purposes : It appears that after earn ing away ber mam - mast, the put into M Creek, near Hampton, to repair, when 7 or 8 of her crew deserted her and came over to Nor. folk. On their examination before the mayor, they stated that the sajd schooner mi purchased 'at a sale about three weeks ago, when she was called the ' Margaret of Alexandria," that she was again sold, and her name changed to " Har riet," after which she was tnken charge of by one miirneii, wno wa an otticer in the Homt when the was seized in York River about months afro upon a charsre of piracy. Th Mitchell had been tome time lurkineabout Nor folk, and bad recruited a crew of about 30 men which he embarked en board the Harriet, to cruize in the Chesapeake to intercept a clipper uuui vessel cxpectcu down with specie. They were to take possession of tin's vessel, and after getting to tea in her were to assume the Vene euelian flag, under which (without any commit siou) they premised themselves plenty of money wnicn mcy were determined lo make of all exentt ! I he men who rave this information. state that they abandoned the vessel as soon a they could, afler satiMyin? themselves of her pi ratical character. The collector, with his usual alacrity, took advantage of the first intimation ofj tins intelligence, and immediately dispatched the revenue cutter Jefferson, cant. Ham. in nur - uit of the pirates, and it is probable that the whole gang will be apprchcuded. SAVANNAH. Feb. 17. Burl. A letter from Burke county, to one o'f uie euiiors, mentions, mat two young men, strangers, and believed to be from the northern ... ... .. .... states, had a quarrel at diuner, which Ihey agreed to decide with pistols. After dinner, they went uenmu inr nouse, anu one ol Uiem fell wounded in the siJe at the second fire. His life was des paired of. The other's name is said to be Green A good haul. The Maria - Josepha, which ar - nveu ai oavannan on the liJlb inst. captured by the Buenos Avrean privateer San Martin, had on board at the time of her capture, 350,000 specie dollars, which the San Martin took out of her. The specie, it is said, belonged to the king of caui. PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 28. Mclanrhoty arcidtnta the absence of Mr. John liopkios and hi wife, near the Seven Stars, Delaware county, their son, six yean old, taxing up an old, useless, loaded gun, which had been to the house for tome time, playfully point mg it at bis wster, an interesting girl, thirteen years old, and, pulling the tricker, fired the content into her body. The poor girl instantly expired The catastrophe wa horrible indeed : and, although we leel no disposition to follow in the train of such a melancholy accident with cold and unfeeling admonition to parents, it is painful to remark that several instances of this kind have fallen within our notice since the com. meuemeoi oi our editorial duties a Deriod ol about three month. Fire - arm should and might asily be kept out of Uie reach of children ; and ought never to be bandied carelessly in a house by grown persons, a the best firelock have been liable to unexpected accidents. CHARLESTON, Feb. 20. The Rev. Nathaniel Bowen. I). D. was. on Wednesday last, elected bishop of the diocetf ol South - Carolina. Impvttnt improvement. The superb new on to an steam rke - mill, UUlf wteua by Jowthao La - ca,jun. q. ard embracing many valdable im - - i. hx been nut tntd operation Within afewweekpat and wo understand that one d ly this week, 73 barrels of rice, from the rough, w completely cleaned, barreled aud coopered, in the short space of 52 1 - 2 hours. ' Bostos. Ftb.' 27. d trB. i . ..niPumi A gentleman from Moose lsland states that the Legislature .r xr.n,.llmn,iirlr on nr bbout the 8th - pealed the act prohibiting the exportation ot plaster to any ponoi piw - c - . - j an unanimous vote the measure, it was supposed, was adopted in concert with the Legislature of Nova Scotia. LATEST FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN. The schooner Hebe, Baker, arrived at Charleston on the 2lMh of February, in 13 days from bl . Bartholomews, reports, that the brig Mary, , Mainour - , of Baltimore, iromt Leghorn, for Havana, put into St. Bart on the 29th of January, with the Ins of her rudder, , The following is an extract from the alary s Log Book : " Lefl at Leghorn, brig Wilmot, Deve - reaux.of Philadelphia, unc; brig Levant, of do. sailed Z oavs Deiore ine omj, t " F.lira, of "N". York, just ar. ; ship Hamilton, ol foruinouin, i. n. luHiug in uii , rarl, of Salem, had sailed for Sumatra. Majorca bearing N. W distant S leagues, spoke the ship , of and from Salem, for Leghorn. Off Cap - de Gat, was spoke by tbe United States' frigate t'nited States, Capt. Crane, bound to Algiers Bay. p.s. tl. Washinvtnn H. Com. Chauneev, with part of the squadron, bound up. Left at Gibraltar, Dec. 30, die V. S. brig Spark, Capt. Nicholson ; schr. Penguin, Taylor, of N. York, just ar. having ber main mast and boom sprung; schr Thomas, Teonant.of Norfolk, for New - York unc; brig Vilot.ot Philad. do.; barque Tigrcs, of Boston, just arrived from Sinvrna and Leghorn for Canton, lone passage. Two ships belonging lo Boston, one from India bound to Leghorn anchored at Gibraltar aboutthe 'JOth of December, two Portuguese frigates were lying at uiuraiiar n .... ih.wir troinir to cruise for Tunisian Corsairs. Some of the Tunisian and Algerine cruisers were out. CONGRESS, iv sr.iVATF. February 56. M r Ilenrv Johnson, of Louisiana, appointed by the Ugislature of that state to upply the nnnrv nreajsioned in the Senate by the death of W. C. C. Claiborne, appeared, was qualified, and took his scat. . . M. Roberts, from the committee ot claims, made an unfavorable report on the petition of Wm. Hill and others, of New - yorx, wno pray interest on certain debenture. The rejwrt of the committee on naval afuir on the memorial of certain officers of the na - vv and of the marine carps, attached to the Mediterranean squadron, was further postpon ed. on motion of Mr. Barbour, to next Monday week. The Senate resumed the consideration of the bill to provide for the surviving officers and soldier of the revolutionary army. A number of propositions were again suc cessively made to amend the bill in its details, w hich w ere variously disposed of ; after which the bill was at length ordered, to be engrossed and read a third time, by tbe following vote : , YEAS Messrs. Burrill, Crittenden, Daggett, Eppes, Fromentin, Gaillard, Goldsboreugh, Horsey, Hunter, Johnson, King, Leake, M'irrd, Otis, Ruggles, Stokes, Storer, Tait, Talbot, Tichenor, Van Dyke, Williams, of Mass. Williams, of Ten 23. NAYS - Messrs. Barbour, Dicxerson, lacock, Macon, Morrow, Roberts, Smith, Taylor 8. The Senate then adjourned HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. February 25. The followine report was made by Mr. Ro bertson, of Louisiana, from the committee of Public Lands, and was ordered to lie on the tabie : The committee on Public Lands, to whom was referred the petition of the lrih emigrant associations of New - York, Philadelphia, Balti - kffMMtj tMLFiiuiiiivjEiiniBMavirHrjiraiffj ersask that a portioiiot' the public Ii id Tying in the Illinois territory, may be set apart for tlie purpose ot Demg settled by emigrant from Ireland, to whom it is requested the lands may be sold on an extended credit. For the reasons urged in favor of this application, the committee refer the House to the petitions themselves. The committee refer to their reports on se - vend analogous cases, some or which have been sanctioned by the house, and others which still I e on the table, for the reasons that induce them to recommend the following resolution Resolved, That the prayer of the petitioners oiigut not to be granted. Thursday, February 16, 1818 On motion of Mr. Johnson of Virginia, it was Resolved, That the Secretary of the navy be uirecieu io report to mis Mouse the Proceed, ings of the Court Murtial ordered by t.'ommo. dore Isaac Chauncey, at the instance of Mid shipman Marstnn, the trial of John Onle Creighton, and that he be also directed to lay tx - fore this House the Memorial of the Midship, men and other officers in the Mediterranean squadron, forwarded to that Department, and manating from the proceedings of the Court Martial held tor the trial of the said captain John Orde Creighton. It was also orderedthat the Letter from tlie Secretary o the Navy, transmitting copies of me iTocceiiings or the Courts Martial for the trials of captain Perry and captain Heath, be referred to the committee on Naval A flairs. EXPATRIATION. The House then resolved itself into a com mittee of the whole, Mr. Pitkin in the chair. on the bill to provide the manner in which the right of expatriation shall be exercised. Mr. Robertson addressedthe House express ed at length his views of the subject, and the considerations, winch had induced the com mittee to report the bill. Mr. Anderson spoke in opposition to tlie bill, on various grounds, and in reolv to a nart nrai r. .. . - i. . When, on the suggestion of Mr. Cobb, that omer gentlemen wished to deliver their senti ments on the subject, the committee rose, re ported progress, and obtained leave to sit a lin. LEGISLATURE OF NEW YORK. hoi - se or assembly .Feb. 25. The petition of Lemuel HaMinrs aud others. tirayin" an amendment to the constitution, ami recommending a convention for that purpose Kelrrredto the committee of the whole udud that Ihe petition ofElisha TiWi; and others, nrsv ine a iihmIiIii anon or repeal of the ttatuii of ihi. state relative to L'surv. Relerred to Messrs, Meits, '......II U...I I... r c , m ' "'6' On motion of Mr. Duer. - ., uaiKirt, i.,. ennui ajiu inonipson Resulted, (if the hon. the senate concur that a omt committee of the benate and Aiu - mhlv h appointea lor the niirpoeol taking into consideration that part of the tneech of lli Rirrllsn. h. Gevernor, which relates to the improvement of the nangniion oi uie million stiver, and in case of tucn concurrence that be a committer on th nirinTii;, house, and that the said committee hx.Ui.i. report by bill or otherwiwe. Ordered, That Messrs. Turner, Strong, Mulliner and JohiKton be the said committee. Un motion of Mr.. IVrson from the mmmln.. me currency oi mil state. Krsolved, That tbe president and r..i,;, nr,i,. Bank of iarara.beand the, are 1 IPrfKtf Wllrna4 make a ruturn to the reei'klature of this state pursuant to the hlteenth section of the act pnt itUH aetto incorporate tbe bank of ;r.r. sd April 17, 1816. ' 1 Mr. Sargent, pnrsoaot to previous notice, brought in a bill entitled au art to lav a tai un banks, " which was read twice and ttrdcred lo be pnuieu A communication wa received from the cfcan. l, ui W ta cellor, in compliance with a late house, cooccriiii.g fee in the coort of bancery, which was read ana roercu u v - . Mr. Doer, from tlie select comum." - f' ubiect of vice and iminoraliiy.ninde report ..Jc - on, and introduced a bill "to - mrfldm act entitled an act for suppressing """'''";"'. for other purpose. Read twice and ordered lo be printed rivloii notice. i.iin. li - av. and broueht iira bilLenUled an Wr. noscomgn, puruii w ' ., " j u . .i. i.e.;.. nf nrocess.. ' which wa twice read and ordered to be printed. m 'i i.... h.....t,t in f.ill entitled " an act 1T1I. 4111 WW mi ... - f to limit the number of judge of the courts ol. common picas, and justices oi me pi"' i ... and to abohoh the Brvi'iaitvuiiiiiB m ""' - f - . , office ofasistant usticc - - Head twice anu orucnir to be printed. , , , Mr. Tlshrffer, In behalf of Mr. Colden, from the committee to whom was referred the petition IV.Miu... Hals. Smiuiel Conner, nna ueorgi - Houston, of the city of Few - York, i rciauve i purifying oils, kc.) reported favorably thereon, and brought in a bill entitled an act to incorpo rate Ihe Liver Oil Company." Head twice aim nmnlittpd. Thc house then resolved itself into a committee of the whole, on the bill recommending a conven - fnr orinir llif rnnctllution. Mr. BOUCk in tlie chair ; and after some time spent thereon, the committee rose, reported progress, and ouiaineo leave to tit again. The remainder of the day was taken up in com mittee of the whole, on the bill for appointing a Pi inter to the State, androrotner porpows, mr. i.rn in th i - l.nir Tlie committee was dischar ged from the further consideration thereof, U the same relerred to Messrs. riacaiey, nmuc ThomDton. On motion of Mr. Pierson from the committee on the currency of this stale. Resolved, That the Comptroller be ana ne is hereby required to report to this house whether the following Banks, via. the Bank of Geneva, the Bank of Auburn, the ol Wasliingron ana Warren, sud Ihe Rank of Plattsblireh, hare made to hiii) their annual report on the 1st day of Janu ary Inst, which by their several acts of mcorpora - are required to : and if so, to report the same to bis Jlouse. Adjoui neo. APPOINTMENTS, By lite honorable the Couruil of Appointment February 25, 1318. Washington Leonard Gibbs, sheriff. Oswego John S. Davit, sheriff. Greene Walton Street and William V. B Heermance, justices of the peace. Steuben Charles II. Veeder, master in chan eery. Montgomery Abraham Sternberg!, com of loans. Westchester Lyman Cook, sheriff. Kings John Skellman, justice of the peace ; William lJonseivea, lun. assistant jusuue wu inslice of the peace. ' Niagara William Hotchkiss, first judge and tuslice. Resignation Joseph uaidweii, as a juiuce oi Uie peace in cchoharie. February 28, 1818. New - York Henry D. Sedgwick, John G Mann. Daniel Lord, iun. public notaries ; Sa muel C. Reed, harbor - master, vice Isaac Burr, iun. appointed port - warden. ... r. " ,r CI u it w:i Aluany ueuianiin v. vsieuin, uuu m. u lard, Atahel Hall, John Cook, John Bryan, Jes se G. Brush and J amesColvin, auctioneers. Westcbesler Rufus P. R. Ray, master in chancery. Herkimer Pelee Brown, justice. Ontario Moses Attwater, judge and justice. By the schr Zephyr, we have received New - Orlean paper to th 8th Feb. Cotton is quot ed, 1st quality, 31 1 - 2 a 33 cents ; 2d quality, 29 a 30. Tobacco, very prime, 8 ; sugar 10 cts. per lb. Ntw - ORLEANS, Feb. 5 From below. Tbe mars is afloat about five miles above Mr. Livingttou't plantation. A brig from Charleston, name unknown, with 34 passengers, is below the turn, supposed to be tiie Thomas, capt. imith. Sloop Coodoma, Foster, from New - Bedford, at the turn. On th 13th ult. uear Abaco, was rmed with pistols and tor enquiring where w were bound, and what our business was there, ordered the hold to be broken open, but thij the mat peremptorily re fused. They then ordered the people to assist them iu breaking it open ; the matter remonstrated aial finally forbade tlie people to assist. Upon this they placed a centinel with a blunderbuss on the quarter deck, and begai breaking open the hatches themelvei; after searching the hold thoroughly they said they would go down into me camn ana search the Yankee trunks. Fortunately we had anticipated them, having luinroi uui vttiuuoiei ; wnen uiy coma not 0 any thine to tuit them in the cabin, thev loirt their boat with cider, cheese, candle and halt, and returned on board their venel. The men mar noarn :a ut appeared lobe fcnir luh. . cant and Spaniard. The French ship La Marie Theresa, Dazac irom isordeaux is below passengers arrived at the Turn f. om her, report that there are IS or vessels in uie river. FROMOVR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Freeman's Journal, Philadeliihia. March 1. 2 o'clock, t Arrived al Reedy Island, the brie - Commn. dooe retry, btoneman, 10 days from Havana. Bng Savannah Packet, M'Keever. from Lis oon. Bng Rismg San. Gardner, from Port - au fnnce The ship Pennsylvania, Robinson.fromCharles ton, and chr. Nymph, Bingham, from Trinidad, (Cuba) have arrived safe at New Cattle Pier. capt. IS. Ml at Trinidad the 10th Feb. bri? Ra rilla, Morrison, of and for Philadelphia, uncer uuu; iri5 nusseu, oi Newport, do; brig Kemit tance, do. do ; brig Toad - Fish, of Boston, do schr. Sally, of Rochester, do ; brie Orien. ot uiuiui, uif ovae uoinni. The ship Eclipse, Barclay, 19 days from Ha vana, was aground on the Jersey shere opposite Wilmington Creek, with the loss of anchors. Au anchor having been furnished her from the ship Bingham she wa got off and stood up to - ward Chester, much driftins ice above and h. low her. fcUe was assisted by a large crew, sent by the collector of Delaware from Wilmington. The ship Richmond it tafe at New Castle. Th river ts so clear we may expect vessels un in day or two. The schr Happy Couple, Smith, but arrived at Holme' Hole, 126 day from Bats via. Left. imp America, Church, of New - York. Spok Oct. J2, in the Straits of Sunda, thip Horatio, irom ew - tora. IJIKD, suddenly tins mornini. in the 4th v. r "... i :i i - ..... . J uc, .'iiliikci morris. im friends ami ar. quainrance, and those or his family, are res (htiuuiij inriieu io auend Ins funeral to mor row afternoon at 4 o'clock, fmm hi. it dence no. Ill Chapel - st opposite Provost - st. arENiyrt post marine l ist ARRIVED J.4ST EVENI NG. Ech Zephyr. Child. 20 dsvs from V frlaatswa. and 16 from tbe Balize, with si.frar, molasses, tobacco, pork, &c. toCaider, M'Lca k Co II Field, J Bouchard, J Adams and Uie m. ter. Left, ships Bcllona, Koldridge, 18 Uvs ur inrrc , meaner, a clas fnr N Yn.s - sels in tlie river above the English turn, Bri. tish briff Mary & Jane i bet Johnston, pianUtl0Ot br; Fair Kmtf - Orle of Boaton , Warbler, of do , schrs bxC turn, of Haltimnre; Mary k Eli of Boston , bnff Actress, of X Tork : French .hm ai.t. - ' ; ships llaniah & Rehorr. ..r v v i. T the Bli ; schrs Com. Barn - , of PUila - to ed of j delphia ; Volant, of Bangor j a Dutch gaW briga'CejIon, of N Orleans t, of dux. bury t French ship Maria Theresa ; brig Ar. run. of .yaiem sloop Knterprue, ot itocli ester . Condoma, of Columbia sch Ardent, of Mar - blehead; FnglisU auip Attoway j.Uveipooi Packet, of Portsmouth , sen Union, - t.f y mouth i brig Wesseweskeag, of Portsmouth . ships Gold Huntress, of Providence j Emily of W Yorx, 35 days irom uavre ; r rencn brig L . Aimeej between Johnston's plantation and Fort St. Philip, ship Gen Hamilton, of Provi - deuce ; brigs Argo, of Philadelphia j George Washington, of N Orleans ; Packet; of . below the fort, brigs Amazon, of Philadelphia 31 days to the Balixe ; Margaret, of New - Or - leans, at anchor off the block house j ships E. gle, of Baltimore at anchor off the bar ; ship Erin, of Boston, brig Silk - worm, of do.' came - over tlie bar Feb 12, in co - with ships Flora, of I London, lor Liverpool ; uuieiio, oi m York, and a brig supposed to be tlie Defiance of Bo, ton. O.i the 20th, saw the ship Flora, aearly up with Manilla re f. Left at N Orleans, biir Bliss. Bailey, in a tew uays tor Horn. . Pas sengers. Abraham Hawkins, J G Easton, J aj. ams, and 2 in the steerage. LIU "til OUU.M', Brie Hammnnd, Fowler, from St. Croix. ARRIVED SINCE OUR LAST, Rrir Relvidere. Jocclin, 13 day from Han. with molasses, honey, coffee, and fruit, to Strong it Havens, o tiers, and the master. Sailed 1 6tS Feb. Mup Benjamin, iruman, lor Baltimore sailed day before. Left brigs Robert, Pope iew York, in 5 day ; Mechanic, Small.for port. land, loading ; Camel, Pcrcival, for Boston in 8; Clvtus, Allen, waitingfreight ; Juno, Talbot, juu ar.' in davs from Providence ; schr. Archer. Butler, for New - York in 6; relu, bage, Hart - lord, waiting cargo ; brig Cashier, aud Elisa - Ann, both loading for Biiilol, R I. Molassesll bills ; Coffee 18 to 19 cents. Brig Planter, Hurd,9days from Matanras, with and molasses., to N. L. h G. Griswold. Off Cape Florida, spoke ship Othello, 6 days from N. Orleans tor Liverpool. Schooner Venus, Vallow, 11 days from St. Picrres, Martinique, with molasses and coffee, to Th. Barron, F. Randolph, W. Stone, J.B.Duraiid, and J. Burn. Paisc - neer, Mr. I . Koberts. Left, Feb. 14, schr. Murs, Trior, ol INewport, from N. York; brig James, Pitkin, Hartford, waiting for molasses ; schr. Coucord, Holmes, Duxbury ; brigs Mechanic, (iolden, N. York, for St. Dominge, ii 8 days; Richmond, Jones, Philadclplria ; burque Hanuuh, Bartlctt, Plymouth, Mass. ; schr. Bee, Wise, for Boston, in to ; brig Mary, I'pham, fot I'hilad. in 15 ; sch. Ann it Mary, for Gloucester, schr. Antelope, of Savannah : ship Pre - niimn, Thomas, Bonton ; schr. I'olly ti Sophia, l oalo, lor Charleston,! 8 ; brig Charlotte Lawrence, Armistead, for St. Thomas, in 4 ; schr. Eli ra, Durrell, for Portsmouth, in 15 ; sloop Haurd, Starbuck, for Charleston - , brig Oclaviiu, Chan ler, for Baltimore, uncertain ; schr. Mermaid, of Boston, just arrived, to sad next dav for Gauds - loupe ; brig Eagle of Baltimore, nut began to discharge ; brig Diamond, of Middletown, vot began to discharge, having lost tlie master, supercar,o, and 4 men soon alter arriving. Schr William, Culverson, U days from VViImiiif ion, N. C. with cotton, rice end naval stores, ti tV. II. Imlav, P. E. Scienctte, Byrnes, "Trimble Co. W. Wilson, M. L. M. Peixotto, and Jl. Rfr ii Son. Left al the Fort, brig William, Houina bound to Hull. Sloop Shepherdess, from Tiewport. Sloop Ploughbov, Welkins, in 7 day from Fredericksburg, with wheat and flour, lo ovraet, Trimble &. Co. Sailed in co. with sloop Wind - ham, Wood, for New - London. . , PORT OF NORFOLK, Feb M. - Armed, Br schr. Hueh M'Kav, Thomas, Barbades, via St. Thomas, '20 davs from the latter, in bHllast Sloop Helen,' Budd, Havana, 15 days, with sa - rar aud cofl'ee. Spoke 10 league L. of Cap Henry, chr. Quaker, hence. - On bercHitward pas. i. .1.:. rt nirih Hole in the Wall. Jaa. l!lth, at 9 o'clock, A. M. the Helen was brought I by a yellow sided schr. of about 100 tons burtbea, shewing no colours an officer and 3 men cameo board, armed with a blunderbuss, pislols and aajt - fers, w ho professed to be in the service of un atriots, hailing from Galveston. After eiaaur ins tlie H i papers, they commenced pluiidermt rausacRiug ine cauin in cTcrr minii i trunks, chesU, kc. Thev took from Caps - buj bis watch, about gM in silver, and some wejjpiif .... .i,. Snnm - arm. nearly . u I cloathing, and from the vessel, 3 balfbe lot bread, a keg of lard, all their candlea, mate, iif ."fA't jU1 hTtfAlltfllo"Al'B ' name of the schr. or that other commander. 'Ik boarders were a savage looking set. On the Ut len's arrival at the Havana, Uie Governor was formed of Uie above circumstances, and in 24 boon a vessel was dispatched for the purpose of csprur ing the pirate She returned soon after, wiu i formation that the schr. had been lost on tk Kevs, near Uie Berry Islands. Schr. Monroe, liortou, Richmond, A days - bound to New York. Cleared, schr. Sector, Kerr, Trinidad ; Mue roe, 1 1 or ton, New York. Feb. 24 Arrived, British ship Esher, Sasal. Lisbon, 90 days, in ballast. Jan. 31, lat. 30,41, Ion. 3t, .TO, spoke, brig Juliana, from Lisbon, ftt Elisabeth City, N. C. out 9 davs. Feb. 6, lat. 51, Ion. k), !, spoke, brig Fanny, from Liverpool, N. S. bound lo Demrrara. out 13 days. Left sev eral vessels at Liation, names unknown. British shin Higson, Morchead, from Barbadoet, via Turks' Island, 15 davs from the latter, ilk alt - Spoke, IVb. 14, sell. Eliia. of Bangor, fro Port au Prince, bound to Boston, out 12 days, al well. Schr. Franklin. Hussev. Nantucket. 10 dari from Holmes' Hole for Baltimore. Schr. Maruart - t. Pitt. Petcrsburr.3 days nouns to New - York. ' Schr. Marv - Ann, Rhodes, Port au Prince. Is days, w ith cofi're and logwood. Feb. 8, spok the Crooked Island Passage, brig Maryland, frM auz caves, tiound tn Baltimore out t davs. Schr.' Nonsuch, H nil, Turks' Island a 16 4" with salt. The N. was bound to Edrnlon, N.C but put into this port in distress. The sch. Harmony. Luce, from Boston, bound Richmond, went ashore on Cape Henry, on Friday last thecareo all saved. PORT OF CH ARLESTON, Feb. 19 Arrived, Dutch bri - Three Brothers, Stints, Ostend, 3 days, coal and oil. On Sunday, in lat. 32, 26,fot. 79,49, saw a brig under jury masts, standiagft the southward and eastward. , . Feb. il. Arrived, Swedish brig Fredew, uni son, Gottenburg, 63 days, iron. The F. was n ginallv bound lo Savannah, but on tbe 11th nut. at night, having pot ashore in a gale near Seem Edisto, and loosing her mainmast ndnjaip - ni'' ging, bowsprit, rudder, tails, ix. and being letsji Capt. O. proceeded to thit port to obtain si ance. H i Pl.nn, Sam. R,lnn Ia il.H. ! I'lOSt ing Uie Bar, Uie P. (truck and knocked on nernj' der. Schr. Hebe, Baker. St. Bartholomew 13 6P iirar Mrt.l fr..:, t ul . l.AM atifflMa. il"' land of New - York, to sail on the 18th inst. fos Martins, and from tence to New - lor , ""i Francis. Hiiirprinort. fur Rrislnl. R I. inCOdsVii bii; John k Adeline, Folger, for St. Maruw; and several other vesM - fs, names not rolk - cled. On Ihe 2d inst. the sloop llannaD, Bath, James Todd, master, which was blowa the coast in a gale, bound lo N. V. laden W'"1" ami i iHSM - iirrs, pui HUH Ol. , inst. she fell in with a ship bouud to Chariest ia J inks Island, and put on board p - ud ohtaineil suDnlies from her. havine but J g1 Ions i.f water left. On the 3d. put in, a scboo"" from Philadelphia, bound to New - York, " with flour ; had been blown off in the same P" The brig Fortiiua, Reed, hi schr. Hannah, tinF ton, from Philadelphia, laden with flour, n tiniched there, and sailed agaiu in quest ol "! ket. Sailed in ro. with the schr. Vesta, of 'f ericksburg, Va. for Teneriffe. Capl. JV, lie lleor, sKkc on Ihe 17tts in. in it. .', bug Caroline Augusta, Vt ens, innn l. i r - :i i. s ' - ..,uM - llcut SWT sailed from St. Bans for thU port, 9 or lOday v ore Ihe Hebe. " ' - OCT All those gentlemen who have been to" V the Lniled bUtes Court Martial, Ml :l.f.. . I lield in the year of 1814, of whkhGeo. wai Dissident and llurh Maxwell, tq - ina liugn aiaawcn, . k requested to meet at the Ban IHlS EVENING, Id of Man Advocate, are i Coffte House, T dtflberate on proper meaa "P"? i.. r ,i.. i;. i.irh have been coiiki and are yet collecting by the P,T,. shall, Mr. David B - sard, In the city ,e?2 New - York. Punctual attendance at o'clock the ereoing, ii reqeested. Bih It

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