The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 15, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1913
Page 5
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5.e.iR55ertirZC i ?':«K»Ae2-.»A»:s»:Sj I 9 I g I \ \ 1 PAY SUM FINES FOR GGTTDN MEN \ * i i U. S. MARINES AT MEXICO. Bluejackets Ready to Land From |{ Battleship. ! Holed Oass is Finally Disposed ; of In New York. I ALREADY HAD PAID -a * I i --ON 7 -- an mall merits aunng iusical - H i«-- i i Instru- a ^ M -- ® © P. ' Ati Government Contentions Are Sus- · tained. Making Similar Deals In ths t Future Impossible. j :s"ev.- York, Dec. 15. -- Tiie notorious | ·'cotton corner" of 3S09-1910, which. : was smashed fci its infancy by the gov- , erameat, was Snally disposed of be- 3 . fore Judge Grubb, of Texas, ia tae j j United States district court. » i Cac-h or the five defendants accused I of running the corner entered a. plea · : of aolo centeadre and was fined §4000. · ] This was satisfactory to the govem- iiieat and defendants alike. The ease, which was one of the most celebrated under the Sherman, anti-, trust law, has been in the courts for | three years. The original defendants were James A. Patten, former king;" Robert ii- Thompson, of York; Eugene G. Scales, of Texas; : Frank B. Hayne and "William P.' Brov.-n, of Xew Orleans, and Morris · Rothschild, of V.'ooaville, Mass. j The plea of no contention had beea '. agreed upon between the attorneys of , "the accused and the United States at- , torney. Patten alone pleaded guilty. last February and was fined §4000. | The United States district attor-i t aeys ofnce was represented in court j by Assistant District Attorney Guiler, ' and with him ·was former Assistant; District Attornev Dorr, \vho presecat-! ea the case during the past adminis- ; Viet 1 or aikmg *·-- * anci Records, Viacnmes 5"; A i^iano or Vi ccor i alking Ma- cfilile is'a joy, to any nome. terms © S; We sell them at prices and - -that you Can afford one. Gall- and get prices before purchasing elsewhere © -S g © §- o : -a ssj e © ~--' I I ! i s Gettysburg. Pa. Daily at The Saintary Fisa and Oyster Market. 22 Carlisle Street, near the Square. F. W. Kappes am Co. W. H.TIPTON, Photographer, 20-22 Cbambersburg, Street. FOR CHRISTMAS IF ITS A PHOTOGRAPH you wane, go to - - UPTON'S STUDIO and get something Exclusive and Artistic If you want a familiar Scene for an absent relative or friend, you can find it among our .-STATURE SERIEb of the PICTURES- -QtJE about Gettysburg. It's old Lanes and Pathways, Streams, Bridges and Woods. rTJhese appeal to the cultivated taste. ' % Take into consideration also "Gettysburg: the P ictures and the Story" New edition, over 500 Views, 50c, by. mail 60c. and the new FOLDER of 24 Colored Views, ISc: Fineibie of Water Colors, Engravings etc. Picture Frames made to order. The very latest In Mouldings. W. H.TIPTON, Photographer, WORKMEN UNEARTH SKELETON ; Police Believe Man Was Murdered and Buried In Quarry- HagerstowB, M«L, Bee. 15. -- The finding of a human skeleton by werk- aien employed at use Potomac Valley Lime and Stone company's plaat, at Pinesburg, eight -niles '-Bast -ef Ha- gersiown, threw the employes Into a state of excitement as tlie boue^ tver»» uncovered. . *" i"' One of the..'workmen 'found a ies bone protruding froni the ground, a~£3 "Kcavations revealed ks.oto-b$«}cs, wen they were-assembled the s»el ton was foinid to be that of a iaan, sis feet tall- Hi? skull beh*ad the ear was fractured, as I: mad-i by a blunt iastruinent- The police believe the s\ei;*ioa is that of a sia-i who -aa^ i-T' a blow on the head aas thai i. 2 derers baried the corpye. PSoto by American Press Association. PI ul ;OSE OF PEN NOTES mKQ'e UivUi Ol of tors Witt ^"ilkes-Barre, Pa., Dec. 15. -- Miss tra-Jon. Former Senator Spconer, who! Ks.te Da'-'is, of this city, prominent as =d Sca'e= Brown and Hayae,' a social worker and a moving picture censor, has been teld under §1000 bail for her appearance at court as the author of dozens of poison pen letters sen:, through the mails, attacking 3Irs. C. J. Vv'allace, who is the wife of a practically appealed for mercy for the defendants at the hands of the court. His clients, he said, Tvere not the promoters or th« comer. They had b«--ea hunted up bv the sainners oC the s^uth ThA =r^inners knew that there '. leading 'locior, a member 01 tne coun- -ould be a short cotton crop in ISOS-j ty coord of -.-isitatioa, and a prominent 1910 and wanted to save themselves.' social worker.'. ," £ Thev went ;o the men afterward ia-; -Dozens ,ox pals.on^pen lette.s, vrhich ft'iteci and asked them to make the v.-cre sent to nairrprominent women combination so that they: might be · ol tlic \Vyc33inryaHey, are to be usec sole to^buy the material they needed. 1 against Miss Da ,-P Tho Shsman I T'.ie-se letters "I helped to make the Sheman lew," said Senator Spooner, "but there j they caa: have been times within, the past few' 1a " " n " Earls. Trere aad Barged that Mrs. \i~aUace has dorous trail in her'career ears-when I have been sorrv-for iti^Sie leitea made their appearance ai- realise-that.-mistakes were made in i ier -'liss Davis had published a sign.. --. * ·,, · o.i .,--=r-i^ jrr?Hrfn2 ilrs. Wallace. PRES!DEN!_NEARLY WELL But Mr. Wilson ·Will Only Attend to Fisssins Matters at Press-.t. "Washinstoa, Dec. 15. -- Fr.-sii the \Vhite Ifou,:e ccjn° frc-s'! r»p rts cf the presiJesi's isi?ro - . e,5 co : :i ioii. Whea Cr. GraTM-:i -.slie- l look over his paileii* he "r.n i :i'. nearly a veil Jisau. The fc-ver w-««c'I: !:· been a soaio'-vha* i ersL-j^r-nj. cc"«ni: a'.inie:i of the cold r :e · rc-:,:o-t !:cs ·= :^re-j from has Sn^ny ;;Lc.tvd an-1 I i perature AVOS nor~^:'J. Ia viev.- cf li-s r;'c.~" iiI"f=F. dnt VTilson \vilt :ct r-s i^. 1 L ception of Lis ^a-'crs i.r an.' o the barjcar- cl ·."'fit- '·-.·- G't I ianctory u:,::o., c. s'ic". rrc-"i* ters as r.;s/ Ic brou^-'-t :o hi-. tion. FOR - THE - CHILDREN AND TOYS s r Below are a few of tiie~Tnaiiy'gaiiuis ana toys in our l a r g e Christmas stock. Circus 'Cars,' -Fire Engines, Beys* Tool Chests, iJo'Is, Swords, G u n s , Bnnjos, V.'eary }Viilie,M-Jct JefT. Violins, Dogs, C~tr, Wagons, Horses, House*:. Elephants. Animals, Majestic Fisbinsf Pond. TiddSedywjsks/rable Cro-aquet, Foi ar.d Geese» Doul-ev Partv, Round the \Vor!dC Y.'ith * Xe=He Bly, Farmer Jores' Pigs, Aa- Gisisimas Tree Decorations All of rha fr.r,ry fussy lit 1 .!? things go to beau'ufy and decorate the Chrrstmss tree. This stock is complete, and consists in part of Tir.sel, S:ras PkVures. Candles. Candle Holders Animals ar.ti Beads. y *»Vv W £» mmers 5 Cor. Baltimore Streets ct. Store Gettysburg, Pa. SB ·*-. J ·*s S/ %-. :«' ^7 Son fhi o i o me iaw. The senator seemed much' ed anicle anacHng Mis. TvaUace. in earaest, but there was" an audible j Tbey are all ^rittenln: the sane hand, smile Wound the lawyers' table. ^ Mrs. Wallace aneges that snewiu Former Assistant District Attorney be aKe to prove that inss Dav.5 wrotc- Dorr toM the coart that he conld not! each and an 01 tnesi. agree -Trttb the learned lawyer that! --^. Wallace refuses to cuscuss tne tae combination of these dealers and,."?"^ pea" letters. Dr. C. J.'Wallace brokers and spinners- was ma3e Ueefered teat "/poispir-pen ssaers tb-o-ish philanthropic motives. He-'kave .seen -est o ^nagj prcnmen. saic! that'the comer was for purely ] pecr'e atiar'-iag Mrs. T\ anace, anti , ·let Lied to prosecute tr-is case far zs tixe-la l =ip r wi}l -permit." "· -. 0090000*0000 XXXKXKX.-WMX. eSt of lire-men ia-the-pool. Mr. Bcrr^ ftff)£S TriO ! HcF/S-JEATH -GUN- sa:-i the imrBcses of tbe government i had beer/acrenplisaec. The pool had! 5_:tt:= Bey, Finding Parent a Suicide, been broKea wp before a^y great dara-j 3 u -:='=s Her by a Trick, age was (tone, and the defendants had j na-risburg, ?a., Dec. 15. ii-» not proS ted so macs, after all. j AT) ram K. Eree'-eamaker, aged f c. ty The main znae. he safd, Tras that j years, w;fe of a sa3d l .er ia this city all contentions of tie govennnest had j coraciKted suicide -y shooting hersei: been sustained bv the supreme court and that a rutwre "corner in cotton, wheac. corn or any necessity or com- j mcdlty would be impossible. After the lines tirere imposed the defendants were paroled in the custody of Senator SDconer until the snoaey was paid. KiSE ir^ SCHOOL CELLAR May Be Used as Demonstration to Teach Students- Sha-noldn. Pa^ Dec. J5---Two veins of rich anthracite- coal were discovered under the site to be occupied by a new ST50.000 high school birilains here- z.;e r^it temple, after a physician rc*l 'fold ser she woala have to cnder- CO an opcrr-tion for internal tronole. V =-cn. four years old, found Iiis mother lyins desd in. "bed. tie took the revol-.^r. v,-h:ci» she stiil held in her Land, ami T;i'! it'in a trask. »hen he v^ant on the street t- ?ia% r.ei=hbors saw his bloc-1- -ts:r-3 han'Is. ati-1 an investigation :«d to the finding of the body. Chicago. a devotee of tie-. II v. oral.ip, dience to 2. "rcrsc"ai the devi]." lalled ; is father \ It : axe in their cottsse at K.-'S? "-V2 ·_ -. X, Sot-th'Chicasc. and !-iid tie y-, '.across the back r'ence. J.ater Swansoti went to the jo"-«, "station in his nightgown to cr-.m^iaiii that the devil oad left hiia -.Ti^K-u; -instructing nitn Iiov.- to dispose cf the body, and he could not sleep. . "I had a visio"," said Swar^-jn SF bte sat garbed only in his bleod-?ralv" Toisht ^go^rn at police heaJ«uart5rs ""The devil came to me and sai.I. "G?'. the axe and Itill ~yoar father.' - So " did. Then the fle^il snid, 'Take !l-boa;." down to the la^e." "I nicked u? father and st~.r'.ed the lake with him, but when i £~ji tr the back fence the devil ran. av-ev a-if left ae,-and I did-not know ~-» it. Ic do. So I laH fatncr across t!:e ."c.i ·- and went back to bed. '"But I wasn't satisfied an?: * orK-tT steep., so 1 caiie~"bver"to teTl"yea;S::"o -1 if.''" The police tound tli» body vr£/: ' .head split open ana uis bl-jf ': -- just as Swanson *iad said. T e.- ".'". now trying to learn what i ar'i. reHjrious cuit Swa2 c on has ". "e - . lowing and v.hetlter its teachr-^o rtsponsible. 'i.i~ :"· 1 Biglerville Poultry, Apple, | 7 Com and Potato Show I D e c e m b e r 31, 1913; j January 1, 2 and 3, 1914 . .,|^ Get your poultry ready for the l)ig show-v|'~y- -- - ----- . _ : £"--..«: Save"your best ten ears'of corn for the large cash '-||i ? premium. Entry fee ten cents for each exhibit of ten ^ -J=t ears. Save your potatoes too. =. .-;- Automo'biie Show In 'Connection. , : |--^-. - - - - - - - -· 3. J-.-.-8- AH entries ^vl!l positively close, Saturday, Dec- j§" ;; emfcer 20,1913. f j"',' . "1 r."." _' 1 '.Write, to J -- '^.--- J^L. 3n x - *'»^'»s-fa.-''U'a.v-i-a''*lr^ Pa, For catalogue and information. KILLS WIFE BED GUT OF WORK: KILLS WIFE 2ock:=3ps- Sxjjisins ?.1urder by Say- Jr:.- C-pcase Had r Left Him. j -Tcv.- icr-. T)cc- -15.--William Bar The fact that the larger vein mas i = cr. a : -,-/-'--ee=cr. oct of employiaent. dlrectlv tbroagn fee cellar of As pro- ia f,:e vi-rr of h-.nareds of S-jaoaj pesed new building led to the spring- j prc=enr.-Ja. s on «sr,er Madison a»e- tne cellar in a manner to prevent persons from falling into the veia. Expert iniss sen will be asked to timber is iT.-e3t7-o:^bt years olJ. said he .m: his T,i c e separated recently anf. ;-iat te rillea ?isr because she decline" a^ain. the vein and make raii-iature breasrs, to live »-ith headings and gangways to show bow| coal is ta'sen from the earth. j Vxvo Wen Acc;:ssd of Enticing Girl. | Xorr:sto-."n, Ps- Dec. Io.--Charseil The e~feibit would be used as a prac- ] tical (leEionstratioa of miniag dethoas for the students. Girl Takes Poison After Quarrel. Altooua, Pa., Dec. 15.--Following a quarrel with her lover, iliss Mary Isett, twenty-two years old, of Tyrone, went Iionie and tried to end her life bv poison. As soon as ste had swallowed the dreg she repented, but perhaps too iate- She is ia. the Eospitai in a critical .condition. wila csticins a young girl from ho^r.e at Glo-jces.^r C:ty. X. .T., Jarces Far rell and Ic.orsm Aadersoa were ar rested here aad comraitted to the cor.nzy prison t-,« a-=vait requisition pa ners. --VEATHE3 EVESYV/KEHE. Ex-CouRci5raan In Reading Convicted. , Pa_ Dec. 15. -- Former Comraon Conncilman John H. Lewis ]! j At-anus will go to jail, following his conviction j j j Bost of accepting a bribe for his vote and j j T " v ""~' ofScial infiueace in regard to award- i j j ing a contract for a tractor for a fire i " company. IViissing Man's Body Found In Canal. | Hagerstown, ild., Dec. 15.--Missing |j from home for a week, Benjamin Ty- j I ler's body was found ia the ditch o f . the Chesapeake Ohio canal at "VTil-, j liamsport as the water was being 3rawn oil for the winter. ! 1 Observations of United States I ] weather bureaus taken at S p. m. vesterfiay foHow: , S " Tesap. Weather. !? A-banv 4$ Clo«dy. 4S Cloudy. 4X Clea-. S5 Clou-iy. 40 Clear. 02 Rain. 45 - Cloudy. 43 P. Cloudy. 52 Clear. 54 Cloudy. New Orleans XovYcr!: Philadelphia S'_I.ou:5 Tv'ashir.gton The Weather. Fair today and tomorrow; northwest' -winds. Believing Her Untrue Husband CI-o" c' Her to Death With HsP.ckcrnH.ef. Philadelphia. Dec. 15.--Ii£a.-e v.: . 1 jsalo-is suspicions that Iiis wire " n ." been false to hira wh!7c he was r."-s .n' two months ^ia the south Fletci.f" YThite. a necro, living at IO"T X\"«- ster street. slowi\ strangled tno v,-^. wan to death. Then, after shaving hirascir. f'r.-i-z ing and eat:ng his "breakfast at a ne r by restaurant, he walked to ! h^ r-c-^c, station and s^rrendcrcJ bj-riser. The man was promptly p!n r ^l :n f cell, while oHicers were sent to 'i~.-.- tigate the tratn of nis statenierii. Go ing to the house on "Webster sire t where "\Thite and his wife ha-i or"! nied the second floor, they foun t t!' woman IjTng in bed. She was d~a ; , and had a silk handkerchief twists tightly around her throat- \\Tiite, according to tae po:i^, arrived home from the south al-o^t days ago, after an absence of ?".·-- months, and soon iiecaiae saspi'ic'sr of his wife. He brooded ovrr bV wrongs and rose without wakic; t woman sr.d took a s:!k hSTi^Vcr-r" and, sudedaly winding it aro".n ". 3.": throat, choked her siowly to i-ca '·:. Medical Advertising omen oes ilcdical Advertising Sage Tea Turns Girls In a Panic as Dormitojv ~2-rn- Norib! 1 :. Va_ Dec. 15. -- ^-~t/ *,-:· women teachers and girl stude-1 - c the industrial Christian colics \ a DawsoD. X. ,, had thrilling es^ap^ frosi death when the b.:i:a:3? in ^.-h·..!; they were sleeping was destroyed bj nre. Several were bunscJ or !r.j-3re3 by jcmpins from windows or ts'.hn? dov,-n steps. The building wr.s -letrry ed in less than thirty nuautes. Geltvsburg Women Are Finding Relief i at Last. i It does sceni that women have more Jthan a fair share of the aches s.nd pains that afflict humanly; they must "-keen up", must attend to duties ir. 3p-te of "constantly aching backs, or headaches. d:zz- spells, bearingr-dcwn Dains: -nej ir.ust stoop over, when to stooT) "torture. They must wa!' 1 -; and *bend and work with rackuig~pains and many aches from kidney ills. Keeping-'the kidneys well has spared thousands of women much misery- Read of a remedy for kidneys only that is endorsed by neople you know. ?.Irs- FSaharty, 311 Washington Sr_. Gettysburg-, ?a.. says "1 ha\e ased's Kidney Pills during the oast several years snd arn willing to teil of HI--- erperier.ce for the benefit of other kidney sufferers- I had weak kidney 5 ? for a long time and was also subject to headaches and backaches. Dosn's Kidnev Pills have removed all chese troubles. There is r.o better remedy for the kidneys." For sale bv all dealers- Price *Q cents- Foster-Miiburr. Co.. Buffalo. New York, sole agents lor the United Remember the name--Doarfs--and take 1:0 other. ray Hair Dark Dayton Picks City _ Dayton, O., Dec. I 5 ;.-5 H. 7-1- '..aite. city engineer of Cincinnati, was clect- «1 citj manager for Dajtoa bv the five new city commissioners. H.s s"Jarv will be $12,500 a year, and hs v*i:i begin his work Jan. 1, 1914. Wines In U. S. Killed 449 In October, vrashington, Dec. 15. -- Coal mine accidents in Pie United States ia tha month cf October resulted in the deatli i D? 449 men, according to report.- from I state nMne inspectors to the I'wUei t States bureau. I PUBLIC SAL E It's Gran-doother's Recipe to Bring Back Color and Lustre to Hair We Should Worry. , Nuf Secf. t complicated. If the country IB being flooded with ! Helter--"What sort Is New ( Many a one g n ^ s that he or. She counterfeit ?SO notes ordinary citi- York?" Skelter--"Judge for yourself. cannot u ve vrith a person after fancy- zena do - not" know it--Philadelphia Two of its burroughs are named aft- ljlg the ~ ccu i a aot ]I TQ without him .Ledger. ^ .,..!.._ " ' er cocktails.'-Judge.^; or - of Personal propertv THURSDAY. DECEMBER 18th. 191S. The undersigned frill sell ac public sa!s at "che residence of ilrs. M. F. Rebert on Carlisle street extended, the following personal property to wit.--Rubber tire tailing top bugcy. 1 set s^-.srle "harness, 2 sets fty r.ets. 1 heavy horse blanket. 2-1 horss culti- ·va'uiig plows. 1 horse spike tooth har- roTv, corn sheiler. PO bushels corn, grind-stone, wheelbarrow, mowing scythe. 2 sets ice tongues, full set of carpenter too!s, full set of cement tools, full sat of butchering tools, 1 conaer and iron kettle, wood saw, combination vice, 1 work bench, washing machine, 2 pair stilliards. couch, tlat top desk. 1 bed and bureau, window awnings, chairs, meat vessel, paper hanging brushes, seam rciicrs, sras iron, lot of carpet, 1 six foot table, extension table, buffet, sink, range and pipe, glass iars and dishes, .and sr.any 1 other'articles too numerous to mention. Sale 'to commence ?.t 1 o'clock when ten-is will be made knmvn' by C. ll. KEBERT, Administrator*TM . j £, ·· . -»- - , t f » * That beautiful, even shade of dark, g-ossy hair can only be_had by brewing a' mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur. Your hair is your charm. It makes or mars the face. When it fades, turns gray, streaked and looks dry, wispy and scraggly. just an application cr two of Sage and Sulphur enhances its aopearance a hundredfold. Don't bother to prepare the tonic; YOU can get from any drug store a 50 cent boztie of ''Wye'th's Sage and Sulphur Kair Remedy,"' ready TO use. This can always be depended upon to briuj: back the natural color, thickness and lustre of your hair ar.d remove dandruff, stop scalp itching and fall'-rg hair- · ^ Everybody uses *'V« yeth's Sage ,cr,d Sulphur because it darkens so nan-rally and evenly thav nobody can tey it has beer applied. You simp'y dar.-pen 3. sponge or soft brush "with it and 5rsw this through ine hair, taking" one ^rnall strand at a time: by morning J-.e gray hair has disappeared, and ifter another application ft bcssaes beautifully dark ar-d appears glossy, iustrcus and abi rsdant. it for nasal and dry catarrh, sneezing, cold in the head, hay fever or anr co---piicatjon resu'-icg from chronic c a t a r r h - Keeps the breathis^ passages cpea. tires EiKrc sosna. restfjil s!c«p aofl Ks-.ari~.£. Sootc-cs acd teals the taSained uierabraaes. Fine Jor nose b.eed. Oe£ Kocdon's. the original a=d ge=nir«e Catarra- al Jelly, ar drngjn^ts or direct, ia sani^ry tubes. 25-cr50c. SatapJefre*. \Vtn« Kondoii iHg. Ox, FOR SALE ·by The People's Drug Store . V " ^^if-«i.-,»v£, -j^A^^'v*' i SPAPFRf SPAPFRf

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