Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 24, 1936 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 24 193B HOGS AND CATTLE LOSE PRICE GAINS SWINE MART OFF 10 TO 25 CENTS ;Trade Reflects in Part Slow Movement of Meat in Retail Channels. .. CHICAGO, (IP)--Hogs and cattle -lost all ol Monday's prices gains as the market slid off rather sharply ; Tuesday because of the sluggish demand from killers, reflecting in part the slow movement of meat in retail channels. Hogs were 10 to 25 cents lower, .with light weights leading the decline. A few head were sold early at ' : 510.85, of£ 15 cents from yesterday's .top, but later J10.80 bids were ·withdrawn and the practical top for the market was only ?10.75. The 'fact that receipts were 2,000 head Mow the advance estimate, totaling only 12,000 did not stimulate demand, even this meager run apparently being sufficient to ' cover the day's slaughter requirements. ' Cattle were weak in the face of early bids ranging 25 cents lower on better grades. Common and medium light steers cleared early at fully steady prices for $8.50 down and a few best weighty steers made $11. She stock were mostly steady and ~vealers were 25 cents higher. . The early market for fat lambs .was steady. Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hoc prices at midwest markets Tuesday WATERLOO--Hogs stfe*ay to 10 ccn lower. Good to choice MU-150 Iba., J8.90 t S9.20; 150-160 Ibs,, $9.15 to 59.45; 16U-18 Ibs., S9.65 to 59.95; JSQ-250 Ibg., $9.90 t 510/JO; 200-270 Jbs., $9.70 to $10; 270-29 Ibs.. S9.GO to $9.80; 290-420 Ibs.. $9.35 S9.65; 325-;t5Q ibi).. 59.3J to J9.50: pacKlo HOWS, 275-300 Ibs.. $8.75 to $9.05; 350-42 Ibs.. $8.50 to 58.85; 125-550 Ibs.. $8.40 $8.70. CEDAR RAl'lUft--Good hogs. 150-160 Ibs 5S.25 lo 59.00; 160-170 Ibs.. $9.50 to $9.75 170-180 Ibs., $9.73 to $10; 180-230 Ibs.. Io $30.25; 230-250 Ibs., $9.95 to $10.20; 250 270 Ibs., $9.7fl lo $10; 270-290 Ibs.. $9.55 t J9.SO; 290-323 Ibs., $9.40 to 39.6"'; 33f "" Ibs.. $9.25 lo $9,00; good packers unchanged OTTU.MWA--Hoys unchunged. AUSTIN--Hogs Tic lower; Hood to cholc ISO 10 220 Ibs. $9.90(^10.20; 220 io 250 Ibs $9.DO''./10.20; 250 to 290 tb*. $9.60^9.90; 29 Lo 350 ll.«. S9.30C'9.60; packing sows «oo 275 lu 500 IbK. $8.30'9.05. DES JM01NKS, (.TI---U. S. deparlmcnt o apriciilture-- Combined hoc receipts at 20 concenLratio yards and 9 packing plants located In in lerior Io\va Hnd southern Minnesota for th 2 : l hour jieriod ended at s a. m. Tuesda were 11,100 compared w i t h 13.900 a wee ago and 3.90Q a year SKO. Demand uneven but cwneraliy moderatel active; prices steady to. lOc lower than Mon day's average; loading a little heavier. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 t 160 Ibs. good and choice S9.159.75; liyh weights 160 to 18(1 Ibs. S9.70(y10.25; igo I 200 ibs. SlQGtio.flo; medium weights 200 t 220 Ibs. SlOyiO.JiU; 220 to 230 Ibs. S9.9, r ^ 10.50; heavy wciphls 250 to 290 Ibs. $9.60$ 10.25; 290 to .150 Ibj, S9.305i'9.90; packin sows 27S to 3r»i) ;h«. pond SS,80819-30; 3-" to 425 Ibs. $S.90S 9.10; '125 to 500* Ibs., S8.4 1 Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday HOGS Steady to 10 cents lower. Good Jlght lighis .... 110-360 S 9.00- 9..10 Good lights 1BO-ISO $ 9 . 0 0 - 9 . 9 0 Good light butchers -. 380-200 $ 9.90-10.20 "Good light butchers .. 200-220 $ 9.90-10.20 Good med. wt. butchers 220-250 $ 9.85-10.15 Good med. wt, butchers 250-270 $ 9.60- 9.90 Good med. wt. butchers 270-290 $ 9.-I5- 9.75 Good heavy butchers .. 29y-325 $ 9.30- 9 GO Good heavy butchers .. 325-350 $ 9.20- 9-50 'Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 S 8.95- 9.25 Good packing sows .. 275-350 S S.70- 9.00 Good heavy sows ..... 350-125 S 8.50- 8.SO Good big by. sows ..... 423-550 $ 8-30- 8.60 Good big hy. sows 5ao and up S S.10- S.-IO (The above is a 10:30 tructt hog market for good and choice hogs* The difference io price Is for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLti. Steers, good to choice .* $ 7.. r 0- ?.50 Steers, medium to good ...... $ 6.UO- 7.00 Steers, fair to medium -- S 4.50- 6.0Q Heifers, good to choice S 5.50- S.50 Heifers, medium to good S 4.75- ft.50 Heifers, coromun to medJum .. $ 4.00- 4.75 Cows, fi'JOd to choice ...~. $ 4.25- 5,00 Cows, fair to good .- S 3.75- 4 2 5 Cows, cutters S 3.25- 3.7;'i Cows, canners -- . $ 3-00- 3.25 Bulls, heavy $ 4.50- fi.25 Bulls, light $ 4.00- 4.50 Calves, gd. and choice 130-190 $ 5.50- 6.50 Calve^ med. to good 130-190 5 1.50- 5.50 Calvew infer. Lo com. 130-190 5-1.50 down LAMBS. Lambs, good to choice .. 70-90 5 8.75- «.25 1 ^ambs, medium to Bood ... · $ 6.75- 7.75 JJLmbs, fair to medium 5 5J30- ti.OO Cqmmon to fair $5 00 dtv-n Searlmga. good to cnolce 7U-HO $ 7.00- a.OO JTeartfnes, med. to g«Jd 70-yo S 5.00- 7.00 YearUnss, laJr to medium .... $ 4.00- O.Oo Culls ' $ 4-UU down Mative ewes, good to choice ... 5 2.75- 4.00 Cull ewes 5 1-50- 2.. c .y Eucks 5 1-OU- 2.50 Wethers, 2 years old - $ 6.00- 7.00 Wethars, poor to best 5 1-00- 7-OU Buck iambs $1 lesi. No dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. ilny; no early .-ictfon; undertone wea fctl lambs helu aryund £10.20; feeders l a t e Monday tombs steady t 0 iuc top S10.35; bulk $9.755tl0.35. SOUTH ST. PAUL (Tuesday Market) ' SOUTH ST. PAUL,. L-T'-- U. S. departmen acricufture -CATTLE 2,200; slaughter stncrs and heir s strong to 2Sc higher; medium to £'Ju c steers 57.25(115-50; some held above $9; me^ ilium to s° heifers S6.25(;t cows .stronR; slock 25c hipher; «ood beef cuws $5,00fy6 fir more; bulk down to S4.75; lov cutters and cutters S3- 75 jM- 50 sparingly bulls stronff; Common and m e d i u m snide; S4.75f('5.50; .stoclicrs «carce. quotable I55i 25c higher fo r I he week; top Monday SS Calves 2,300; 25C'i-50c hifiher; bulk belter vealers $7(?i'S; choice SS.OO. HOGS -1.700; rather slow; steady to lOi lower than Monday's average; weights un der 2."0 Ihs. showing decline; better 1-lfl t 2.10 )bs. .SlO, 10HI 10,-tO; 230 to 230 Ibs. S9.S5 fC10.2ri; 200 to :t25 Ib?. S9MOy,9,90; sow; SSffi'lO; piRS scarce, weak; few lots $9.50?i 10.25; average cost Monday S9.97; weight 234 Ibf. SHKKI' 1.500; run includes four Inads fed lambs, brilance natives; no early actions, undertone steady to ?tronjc on most elapses; sellers asking higher on fat lambs; bulk fat Iambs Monday SlO; few $9.75; common to Rood ewes S-friO. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, i.-ri-- U. S. department of agriculture -HOGS 12,000; including 2,000 direct; slow 10-25c lower than Monday's average; weights below 200 ibs. off most; practical top $10-75; 510,80 b«ds restricted and only few head sold at 510.85; hulk 160 to 250 Ibs. S10.50@ 10.75; HO to 160 Ibs. $10-33^10.60; 250 to 300 Ibs. 510.25^10.50; sows steady i-o 10c - lower S9.40-lt9.75. I CAT'Xl-lC 8,000; calves 2,500; fed steers ( and yearlings slow, bidding 25C lower on bet' tcr grades with supply apparently in excess 1 of trade requirements; largely steer and heif- * ec run; better grades predominating; com~ raon and medium light steers well cleaned up. 5 fully steady at SS.50 down ; best weighty 3 steers ;$ll, few loads S1010.50 but hardly enough done to make a market; all £he plock stead}', light heifers all grades con- 3 tinue active at recent advance ; best ii£ht *"' heifers $9.25: cows steady; bulls strong; veal""* ers 25c higher at ?9 down to £7.50, few -' ,59.50, * f SHEEP S.OOO; fairly active, steady trade ·· on all classes; bulk' choice fed western lambs S10@10.25 to packers ; acveral loads averaging S7 to 90 Jbs. S10.35 and SI0.40 to shippers; "around 105 Ib. weights 59.75; feeding )f and shearing lambs S99.50: fall shorn leadings $8.35; moat fat ewes $4.5Q@5.50. Uj OMAHA WVJESTOCK. =8 (lunsday Market) ir · OMAHA, t.T 1 ) -- U. S. department of agri- ;io culture--!6 HOGS 6,500; including 100 direct; slow; a weights under 300 Ibs. 10-l5c lower than irj Monday's average; heavies and light lights S), .15-25c o f f ; shipping outlet narrow; good to ·h choice 170 to 230 Ib, weights 510.25@10.40; ",7 top to shippers $10.40; better 230 to 270 T Ibs. 510.10^10.35; 270 to 300 Ibs. S9.S50 o 10.20; scatterings 150 to 170 Ibs. S9-90© :il 10-30; good sows $9.30 to mostly S9.35, few bs icavies S9-25; stags $8.505? 9; strong weight ia stock pigs to S9.25; average cost Monday 0! SI0.14, weight 250. - J CATTLE 7,000; calves TiOO; fed steers and iel ,'earlings slow and steady; heifers active, _ec urong to 25c higher; medium to good light in, iinds »p most; cows moderately active, n? -leady i? strong; bulls I0-15c higher; veaicrs .7 trong; stockers and feeders in light supply, "ully steady; bulk fed steers and yearlings 7.2309; load choice weighty steers $10.75; iciftrs mostly 56.50^7.50. load 7-16 IDS. S T.90, few head SS; bulk beef cqwp SI-SOTi gi 50; odd " head S5.75fii6.25; cutter grades 3.20fr4.25 : bulls mostly S555.35: f,\v head t* eef bulls $5.?}Q; stockers and feeders Sfi-50 9. ^S.IO. load 505 ]b. wciphls SS.75. ea *?HEEP S.500; includln K ,90t» through; ^al- m bie supply; i load wethers. 2 loads ewep. ut load fed clipped Iambs, balance wooled '*e- Imbp, moatly killers; lambs slow, weak to te hade ower; ewes weak; feeding and phc . \c larnhs strong; fed wooled lambs S9.755i; I 0.15; best beld above S10.25; bsst led eJ lipped lambs held above SS; no ewes sold SO Ceding lambs up to 59. GO; shearing lambs ;j : P to S9-SO; odd Iot,« native spring lambs rs 11512. KANSAS CITV IJVESTOCK. fTiirsdny Market) KANSAS CITY. i,V. -- U. S. department oC agriculture -HOGS 3.000; i n c l u d i n g ISO direct; Flow, weak to 10c lower than Monday's average; top .$10.55 sparingly; desirable 160 to 260 Ibs. S10.35g?10.50;- few 270 to 300 Ibs. $10, in ft 10.45; better grade 130 to 150 Ibs. 510,10® 10.35; sows $9579.50. CATTLE 4,500; calves 900; fed steers, yearlings and heifers predominating in r u n ; fed steers opening steady to 25c lower; heif- PRICES GAIN IN WHEAT MARKET Late Reports Tell of Wine Damage to Crop in Parts of Kansas. CHICAGO, jp)--Disappointment over indications that drought relief Tor domestic winter crop territory southwest had been insufficient brought about higher prices on wheat Tuesday. Late reports told of wind damage in parts of Kansas. There also were reports of presence of Hessian fly in Sections of Illinois, Missouri and Kansas. Wheat closed firm, 's-% above Monday's finish. May 97',--.;8 July 87'i. Corn oats up, May 58%, advanced, and provisions showing 2 cents to 15 cents gain. CHICAGO CASIr GRAIN. (Tuesday Market) CHH1CAOO. wTj-- Cash wheat. No. 2 bard $1.08; No. 3 hard 51.01 '.V tough. Corn. No. 5 mixed 52(fti53c; No. 4 yellow 54 '/ity-'SS^c; No. 5 yellow 51rii54.'/«c: No. 4 white SS'SCc; No. 5 white 52®53-}ic; sample grade 46f^a6U-c- Oats, No. 3 white 23cI25 1 .ic; No, 4 white 23"i t' -l'-:c: sample grade 19 1 / ; .23Vic. Rye. No. 3. iiSUDEc. Soybeans, t r a c k Chicago. No. 2 yellow Sic; No. 3 yellow 77 T /-:e; No. 4 yellow 76!~c; sample yellow ei'.H'. Barley, actual sales 79c: feed 30(pl6c nom- nal. malting 50Ji:S6c nominal. Timothy seed S2.90 cwi. Clover seed S12.50?7.20.75 cwt. Lard tierces 511.10; loose 510.75; bellies 13.10. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday. No. 3 yellow corn .. fo. 4 yellow corn lar corn White oats, No. 3 Feeding barley 2 yellow soybeans 46c 19c 25-35c GOc Stock List NE1V VOKK STOCKS. (Tuesday Mnul Quutullons) Air Reduction 187 ',i Loews Al Chcin Dye 195 '/i Amn can 122 Amn Sm £ Ref 87li Amn Sugar 5:JV 162 Kl'.i 22 V, 35 A T S T Amn Tob B Ann Wat Wks Anaconda Atchison Auburn Aviat Corp c *- N w r. * i: w c: M s P *. P c K i P Chrysler Col G «- B Com Sniv ' Comwlth Sou Con;; Oil Conll can Contl Oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Dccre pfd Du Pont Gen Elec Gen foods Gen Mot Gillcltc loodycar 111 Ccnl Jnt Har Int Nick Can J T i T Johrs Man [vennecott KrcsKc Lib 0 F Maytag McKcss Rob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Morrcll Murray Corp Nash Nail Bis Natl Cash Reg Natl Dairy Natl Dlst Nat Pow Lt N Y Cent "· r i Nor Pac "18% Oliver Farm US 1 .-: J c Penney S l ' i pcnn K R Phillips Pet R C A Ren Steel Scars Shell Union Snc Vac Sn Pac Stan Brands S O Cal S O Ind S 0 N J Slew Warn Web 3. f i-y» Studcbaker 73 Swltt i Co 7*1 Tex Corp Tex Gulc Sul Tim Roll Bear Un Carb Un Pac Unit A i r Unit Corp Unit .Drup U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Steel Warner Pix West El * Mfg Wool^vorth Wrlsle.v 50 Vi 19'A 17'.- H're I t o " 1954 21'.i 14 V» SI 1 / 29 Vj HS'i 38 Ti 35 29% 23 li S6 49'i I f i ' i 113 ·15- 3S fill-'; 20 = IS 12; 23 -17-}« 35 69 SI 135 25", I t - ' 89 CHICAGO STOCKS. (Tuesday Final Juotntl»nO ities service 5'i Northwest Bane 111! Quaker oats 132 Swift Ik Co 23 Swift lull 32 j.; Zenith 18 ieilmann Br Ci atz Drup vell°g£ Switch ^bby McNeil s'atl Standard Produce Tl KSOAV GRAIN ( LOSE. CHICAGO. l.-Vl VHEAT-- Uly epl lORN-- ept ATS-'ay fly YE-ay uly epl ARLEV-- -Grain table Low .9(1 v .58 ii ..'.S=i -SS-!1 MASON CITY--For Tuesday. Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 14c Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16c Under 4 Ib3 13c Cocks 13c merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 15-16c* Eggs, fresh H-loc- Butter, Iowa State Brand 37c Butter, Corn* Country ... Butter, Kenyon's Butter, Very Best i Butter, 'Brookfield Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. ...36c ...36c ...3Tc 37c .11.15 .11.20 .11.15 ers stear/y (o weak; other killing steady to strong; stockers and classes feeders steady; bulk fed steers of medium to good quality eligible to sell from S7.5Q!fr9; several loads held around 59.50^10; choice yearling heifers S8.15; several loads S7.355t7.So; few butcher cows S4.75'-i5.51; better grade veal- ers S7faS; few stockcrs and feeders $6.25$ SHEEP S.OOO: nothing sold early: opening bids on fed lambs mostly downward from SlO: best held above S10.25; choice Texas spring iambs held above S10.75. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, .T J t--Official estimated celpts Wednesday; cattle 9.000; hogs 12,000; sheep S.OOO. Representative Sales ·(Tuesday .Market I CHICAGO, .T--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- Lights-- 3S 164 '8 36(1 320 270 52 ·11 65 Mediums-- 3S 2H 29 231 10.05 10.20 10.40 10.50 61 217 14B5 12SO 1205 USD 1210 9.-.0 S90 1121 63 192 41 198 l.isht Lishts-- 15 115 10 l.YT 12 159 II). 10 1(1.SO 10. K5 10.75 CATTLE. Heifera-- 11.00 20 71 10.25 31 9.S5 JS 8.15 -I IS.Oil 32 POO S21 920 Ifi Cows- 5 2 SKixr. S-I2 SO-1 1210 1304 I t f i l 10S2 914. 10,60 10.U5 10.70 10.75 10.33 10.50 10.60 9.25 9.15 S.50 7.25 7.00 6.50 7.00 6..10 S.25 4.75 3.60 Fed Western Lambs-- Wooled Yearlings-230 21S 95 1(12 110 IO.-10 30 SI 10.35 59 78 10.25 3.-, 7B 10.15 Wooled Native 10.00 9.00 9.75 14 12S 139 162 Ewes-5.50 5.25 4.50 Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke anfl Company, Telephone 1300, Blason City. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK ^"3 (Tuesday Market) SIOUX CITY. LDU. S. department culture -CATTLE 4,000; yearling? and 'icM 0 Jrly active, strong; medium and heavy eight tecves slow; scattered sales about ;J8 :j ;ady; fed heifers firm; cows little changed; -- ockers and feeders strong: choice 1023 lt. ** d yearlings $10.25; car poofl 1COO Ib. beeves ; liberal share around S7S.OO; choice '36 Ib. heifers S9; numerous sales medium 'id Rood kinds S6.50Q [ 7.50; bulk beef cows ; .oOfi-5.50: cutter grades $3.r»OJi4.25; load r,«i choice SlO Ibs. feeders JS.25; car choice · 9 Jh. weights SS.50. ' HOGS 5,000; slow; scattered sales to ship- rs mostly JOc lower; better ISO (o 230 butchers SlO.l.Tfi J0.2f; idO to 170 Ib. 5 -iRhts S9.7510J5; packer? htddinc M0.1,~i *W wn on heavier butchers; sows steady a t - .2Jifi-B.33: feeder pip* i:p I n $10. *,;-00; UM) held "ver irom Mon- i aid and A^nt Tiirsd Cent. St. Kt, 6 pf, ($25 par! Cent. St. Kl. 7 pf. t«5 par) Cent. St. P- A J.. 7 pf ...... Champlin Rcf. la. 7 pf. ... Creamery Package com ...... Hearst Cons. A ............. Georpe A. Horrnel A pf ...... George A, Kormol B rf. . . . George A. Hormel com ..... Interstate Power $ pf. ...... Interstate pwer 7 if.' ....... Jowa Electric Co. fi'.i pf, ,.,.. Iowa Electric Co. 7 pf. ... la. Elec. Lt. ft Power 6 pf. la. Elec. Lt. power fp,.; pf. Ja. Elec. Lt. Power 7 pf. Jfl. Poiver t Light 6 pf Ta, Power Light 7 rf la. Public Scrv. fi pf. 2-t 100 . Ja. Public Scrv. la. Public Serv. 7 pf. . la. South. Util. .6 p f la. South- Util, su pf In. South. Util. 7 " pf, ... Minnesota P. A L. 6 pf. . Minnesota P. L. 7 pf. . Northern St. Power 6 pf Northern St. Power 7 pf. N. \V. Bell Tel. 6V- pf N. W. St. Portland Ceme Raih Packing 6 pf Rath Packing 7 pf " ix City Gas £ El. 7 pf. United Lt. Rys. fi pf, t ? niled U- A Kys. f,,^ pf. UnitPrt Lt. A Jvy$, 7 pf. . \\«lrrn Grw:rr pf. . .. iVcstern Grcccr com. 73 S9'~ 102 . SS . S3 . 93 fi.( fi: 6R R-J 9*' S2 S7 U T 100 R!t 11. (JS 11. IS 11.17 11.10 15.02 15.02 O M A H A GRAIN. (Tuesday Market! OMAHA. i.Vf--Wheat. No. 1 hard 99c: No. '-J hard 97'.^a9Sc; Mo. 3 hard 91$191U C ; No. 4 hard 92'£93£c; No. 5 hard SSc. Corn. No. 1 white 5-lfi05c; No. 3 yellow 57c; No. -I yellow 53(((5oc; No. 5 yellow 47'.f: 'ti'iOc; sample yellow So^-lS'.ic. Oats. No. 3 white 22',;c; No. 4 white 21'i Barley, No. 5, 29V- ft 30',-ic; sample SO'/sS? 30 lie. Rye, No. 1, 19c. CHICAGO (Xuesduy Markel) CHICAGO, (.PI -- Butter--11.-IS3. f i r m ; creamery specials (93 score). 31 ",i to 3i;;; ; extras (92). 30-'.' L : extra firsts (90-fll). 30',1: firsts (SS-S9, 29vi to 30',i; standards (90 centralizefl carlota). 30-".I. Kggs--33.387. f i r m ; extra firsts, local, 19. cars, 39',i; /resh graded (irsis, local, JS'.-i; current receipts, 17"i r storage paclced extras. 20 ] ,.i; storage packed firsts. 20. Poultry--Live, 22 trucks, steady: hens, 5 Ibs. and less, 23; more htan .1 Ib.*., 2 ^ i ; Leghorn hens. 21: springs, 25 1 /a to 26 ] ,= ; fryers, 21 Vj to 26'i; Plymouth and White Rock broilers, 25Vj; colored. 24. Vj; bare- backs, 20 to 22; Leshorns. 22; roosters, 16!i;j: turkeys. IS to 23; VOUQK rtucKs, 22, old, 20, small. IS; geese, 13; capons, 7 IDs. up. 26, less than 7 Ibs., 23. Dressed turkeqs, steady; prices unchanged. KANSAS CITY GKA1X. (Tuesday Marlicl) KANSAS CITY, t.yi--Wheat 6S cars; unchanged to lie higher; No. 2 dark hard nominally 9Sc!!/S1.10i,:.; . .o, 3 nominally 96e® S1-08',L-: No. 2 hard Sl,01!b@1.08',i; No. 3 99J/ l c'fi31.01 3 ,s; No. 2 red nominally 99c S1.02',A; No. 3 nominally 96c??$1.01U. Corn 50 cars; ] ,~c lower to lie biyher; No 2 white nominally ei^i^eTc; No. 3 nominal ly 61 1 ,?!@63'.'.jc: No. 2 yellow nominally 63^1 65c; No. 3, 61c; No. 2 mixed nominally 60VI $-62c; No- 3 nomiually 36 J ,i @59 J ,ic. Oats 3 cars; uDchanged to Uc lower; No. 2 while nominally 26Vi ftfSSlic; No. 3 nominally 2-l',iCi27 1 ^c. MI-VNEAPCI.IS GRAIN (Tuesday Mnrfcnt) MINNEAPOLIS, (.n -- W h e a t -- 3 5 2 cars: r 'l cent lower to 'i cent higher; No. htavy dark northern. 60 Ibs.. Sl.'lG'i ·51.29 Vi: No. 1 dark northern. 59 ibs.. Jl.M',i to S1-2SU ; r.8 Ibs., 51.12i !?1.27'.i:. No. 1 hard Montana. 14 per cent protein. Sl.16'1 to -SUS'/i: to arnve. SJ-15U to 51.17 '4; frrade of No. 1 darJt hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter. Sl.00',1 to 51.06'.!; to arrive. 99Vi J o ^ l - O S f i ; No, 1 hard amber d u r u m , 96-a to $1.11";.; No. 1 red d u r u m , 76*4; I£ay. S1-03U; July, 9S 1 Sept.. 88K. Corn--No. 3 yellow, 5S to 39^. Oats--No. 3 white, 23 J /i to 2.'5"'i. Hides Quotations Furnished by Wo« Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. IIORSEHIDES orsetitdea - 13.00 ·GREEN BEEF BIDES Op to 25 103 -,6%c 25 to 45 Ibs ,,. 5C More than 60 Iba ftc Bull hides 3c ·Cured hides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to whole* sals dealers In wholesale lots.) BOSTON. cult u ve -Damages WOOL MARKET. (Tuesday Jlnrkcll (.I'K-U. S. department of agri- wool mills caused by recent reduced the already greatly decreased call for vool in the Boston market. Some terest. however, u-ss f t i l l apparent, but ·. particular lype? of wool requested were not available in most houses at prices within recently quoted ranees. Holders of the bulk of the remaining limited supply of olrl iol continued to ask ihgher prices than buyers have previously been willing to pay. 1G4 iQ 91 9.S r,6 GOVKBX3JE.NT BOJS'DS. (Tuesday Mnrket) NB1V YORK. t.Vi--U. S. tort(fs cl Treasury i u s 47.52 117.16. Treasury 4s 11-51 112.17. Treasury 3"ss 40-13 J u n e 108.20. Treasury 3?;s 43-i" Treasury 3',;p -16-49 lfl."j,16. Treasury 3s 51-55 lOi.3. 77 78 Curb Market NEW YORK, (jpi--Industrial specialties advanced fractions to around 2 points in the curb market Tuesday, Gainers included American Cyanamid "B." General Tire and Rubber, Chicago Rivet ami Machine. Apex Electrical. Mason- itt, Me Williams -Drcdginp and Newmont Mining. I n spite of the forward drive of these ia- piifi.*. a few other." came under pressure and pave up l tn around 2 points. A l u m i n u m company of A m e r i c a , M n n t e o m r r y \v«rr] "A,"' MirJvMe ami R^yal Typewriter were m this VEVf YORK PRODUCE. tTuesduy Market) NEW YORK. t.Pl--Eggs 14.165, mixed colors, firsts 19Vj @20c; steady; storage packed firsts 20 1 ,iS?20 I /rc; other misea colors unchanged. Butter 15.3-19, firmer; creamery higher than extra aii'KLiSSc: extra (92 score) alvi iS'32c; firsts (90-91 scores) 31^(531 =ic; centralized (90 score) 31 '.ic. Cheese 367,724, firm: price? unchanged. Live poultry easier. By freight: All prices unchanged. (Tuesday Market) C H I C A G O . l.-T'i--Butter futures closed: Storage standards. March 31'ic; November 26 »; c. Kss futures: Refrigerator standards, October 22c. Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET. (Tuesday Murkct) CHICAGO, U'r--U. S. department of agriculture- Potatoes 113; on track 403; tola] U. E. shipments S69; supplies liberal; Colorado McCiures and Western Triumphs firm, demand moderate, other stock weak, demand slow; sacked per cwt.: Idaho Kusset Burbanks U- S, No. 1, $1-"8'A@185; U. S. No. 2. $1.6Grtl.62i£; Bliss Triumphs fair quality 51.45: Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1, $1.20; Bliss Triumphs fair quality 51.20; North Dakota Cobblers U. S. No. 1. 51*30: Early Ohios U. S. No, 1, Sl-40: Triumphs U, S, No. 1, Jl.35; Minnesota Early 'Ohios U. S. No. 1. 51.35; Colorado McCiures U. S. No. 1, 51.S5A2.05: Nebraska and Wyoming Bites Triumphs U. S. No. l and partly graded NKW YORK SI:GAR. (Tuesday M a r k e t ) KW YORK. U'i--Raw siiK-ir unchanged. Futures i to 6 points net higher. Refined unchanged. MINNEAPOLIS FI.OL'R. f Tuesday M n r t j p t ) MINNEAPOLIS. U'l--Flour unchanged: car/oad M? f am fly patent* 55. "0^5.90 a ;rro! in 98 In. cotton ?ack$. Shipments 2.1.963. Pur*? bran siri.25fM5.riO. Standard middlings $lo.2r,f? 15.50. Bond Market NK\V YORK. (.T'--All classes of loans nosed aiicad in heavier turnover In the bond market Tuesday, In sympathy with higher prices fnr car- ·ler shares, the rail loan market stiffened ;omewhat, particularly issues in (he medium anrt low priced brackets. Baltimore ,t Ohio 4',«s, St. Paul 5s, Erie , Nickel Plate 4 1 /»5 and Southern Railway wers among gainer. 1 ; of fractions. The upturn of activity in tne U. S. Cov- crnment sector was somewhat less impressive t h a n that in other divisions of the nariret. Short iy before noon small gains had been scored by the U. E. treasury 3 U s f 1941, and t h e 3'/is of 1946 and 1919. Slightly lower were the 3',is of 1943 and he 2'.is. American Telephone 5s and North American *«? were steady. In the foretfrn division quietness prevailed t« investors he id "f f for a n o t h e r apprni$*l f various complication;; on t h e continent. rprntirm P? a n d R r H i F h - r1 "R were up a r i f l o , B f i l z i i i m 7s ami ,Jf*r*n fi'-s moved a. iltUc lower. j STOCKS REMAIN ON EVEN COURSE Strength Shown in Group o Industrial Specialties and Rails. NEW YORK, (.«--Strength in group of industrial specialties am rails kept the stock market on an even course during late trading Tuesday. Gainers of major fractions to 2 points included American Can, Ai Reduction, J. I. Case, American Bank Note, International Cement Perm Dixie Cement. Fajarcio Sugar Congolctim, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe. Union Pacific, and U. S. Rub' ber. Issues holding within small fractions cither way at the start of the final hour included U. S. Steel Bethlehem. General Motors, Chrysler, American Telephone and Western Union. Clark equipment lost 3 points. The late tone was moderately 'irm. Transfers approximated 1,700.000 shares. Commodities were mixed. Wheal closed i to % of a cent higher corn was i. to "'4 improved anc oats were a shade better. Cotton was unchanged to a hit lower Bonds improved and foreign currencies advanced moderately. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 I)OW JO.NES AVERAGES 'otal Sales 1.530.COO CHICAGO STOCKS Sutler Bro s 9-; Marshall Fields 17'i Conl Corn 7'i Walgreen Co 32!-., -ialamazoo Stov 69'i -VE1V VOKK CI-RB Hud B i\I S : Humble Oil Co Lockheed Niae Hud Pow Is'iles-Bem-Pond · Pennroad Corp S 0 Ky Co : Un Cas Co Un Li fc Pow Co U t i l P U Co Inll Carri Indust Jiayon Kclvinator Co Lambert Co m Gas Klec in Cyanamid B u'7-;-; m Su Pmv Co 2 7 s .rk Natl Gas A 7»i · soc G Kl A l^i an Ind All; Jtl an Marconi l! li 1 Bd Share 23'^ ord AIo ol Can 2J',- ord Mo uf Enj: s-;i NKW VOKK STOCKS laska Juneau 15 Hupp Motors 2'.-. llcgheny 3f; Inll Carriers S'.l m Bank Note rit'-s for Pow S-'-i m Cry Stis Co '22\± m C Fy Co 35'.i Lehlgh Port Ce 21vi m Pow Li 12;t Liquid Curb Cp J9U m Roll's Mills 29 Lorillard 22 J ,2 m Metal Co 31^ Mack Tntck 33"^ m Ra t S Co 23r; Mathlcson Alk 351; mcr Tob Co 92i McK Rob pfd 411-s rmour Co 5vi McLellan Stores 14 U rmour Co pi SO!^ Hex Seab'd Oil C9 M K i T S Mo Pac .'i~.l Motor Products "l : ;i No Amcr Ii7-"s No Amer Avi lOVs Otis steel Co 18% Owen 111 Glass 153 Packard Motor 11';', Park Utah Cop s Dry Goods 1 Ret ei Hemingway aldwin Loco ·ISKS MIS Co cndix udd Mfg Co urr Add 'ers A M Co ,lif Packing: atcrpillar Trac 73 . 4'.s Pcnicl: Ford G5'-. Pillstury Flour 27 U erro de Pasco 51'S Plymouth 15 hes i Ohio 57=; Proc Gam -17 aca Cola Co 9 0 ' t om Credit fjO-'is im Solvents mt Motor r of Wheat Pnh Eer ol N J 41',; Pullman 42"i Pure Oil Co 23Ta Purity Bakery !·!··; P. K 0 7-; Hem Rant} 3'-', 3.1% udahy Packius 40 urt-Wn Co A 18% Reo Motors 1st Corp Scag 2B : ;t at Joseph Lea. '"- Airc 70','. -' 162 astm iton Mfg Co lee Auto Ijte -10 Ice Poiv Li 15 rie R R Co 14 re'ne Ti Ru SI irst N.i Stores " oster-WSeelcr H3 ·eeport Tex :!! en Am Trans 56 Mden Co 49 obel 7 old Dust 30 raham Paige ^ t Nor pivi 37 Oi| 11 utlson Motor IS Sirnmoos Co So Calif Edison 26X ^ Spcrrj- Corp 20 T ,s St. G E SU Telautograph S U 'j Tide \Va. Aft OH ].!!s U S Jnd Alch 4 8 ' i : 'a U S Smelter S9 T s Util P Li A 5=1 Vanadhira 27'.; i Union Oil Calif B Un Gas Imp Wart-en Bros ·B Western Myld '3 Western Union Wroth'n Pump Yelloxv Truck 5 Younjis s T 261- Ifi-'i WATERLOO. rUP)-- There are 260 dogs licensed already this year Black Hawk county, and not once oes "Fido" appear in the list. CHAJfi'EK 48. George Pryor was the first to leave Mrs. Steele's in his car, with instructions to return with the doc tor as quickly as possible. Failing in that, he would leave word for the physician to follow as soon as migh be and return at once to the scene of the holdup. The Gordon car rolled away soon after, with Gordon, Senior, at the wheel and Alec Babbas sitting beside him. For reasons of his own Sherman elected to sit alone in the rear seat. When the little party arrived at Fair Acres, Pat Donahue was summoned and told to bring Marsh's car to the front door, p paratory to a run into the city. Babbas retained his air of calm indifference when his two escorts accompanied him to his room and watched him pack his bags. As each was fastened, the mystified Pat carried the piece down and loaded it in the waiting car. Few words were spoken by the ".our men as the packing went on. While Babbas was making a last casual survey of his former quar- :ers, Sherman addressed him blunt- y- "Have you any money?" Alec raised an inquiring eyebrow 'Another neighborhood holdup?" "No. This is a kidnaping, if you care to prefer charges. I was about .0 offer you enough for a night's edging, if you were broke." "Don't be silly. And lei's get on. I find your melodrama a bit bor- ng." He led the way from the room When they reached the car, Gordon gave final instructions to Donahue. "Mr. Babbas will sit with you. 'at. You are to drive him to the city . . . or any other place that uils my father. I'll make it right with Mr. Marsh and see to it that he and the ladies get home. Until you have a chance to talk with Mr. \Iarsh . . . keep your mouth closed about this. Father will tell you what t's all about on your way home." "Okay, Mr. Sherm." As soon as the three were in their laces, Gordon passed the gun through the rear door to his father. "You take this," he suggested ignificantly. "You know how to ·ork it, if you have to. I'm going ack to Mrs. Dorothy's." "All right, son. Hope you find ielwyn getting along." When Sherman completed a quick ash back to Mrs. Steele's, he found hat Doctor Evans had preceded im and had mads a hasty examina- on of his patient. "That was about as narrow es- ape as it could have been, but it n't serious," he assured the fright- ned Wilma. "The bullet plowed un- the scalp and was deflected. h e result is not unlike a serious low on the head. He'll be coming tit of it shortly . . . pulse and res- ration very fair. How did it all appen?" He looked around the lit- e group for an answer. "George aid something about a holdup, but e was too busy driving to give me ny details. Are the rest of you all ght?" "I feel dreadfully weak, doctor," Irs. Steele volunteered from an easy hair, where Miss Pryor was chaf- ig her forehead. "I was so sure hat dear Selwyn had been murder- in cold blood by that dreadful aan! The sight of 'blood nauseates me, too. . . . if: always has . . . " he closed her c-yes with a gusty gh. Evans stepped, to her side and laid is fingers on her wrist. "Nothing's the matter with you lorothy," he decided callously. "Get er some smelling salts. Miss" Pryor. hat's all she needs." "I'll tell you about it. doctor," Sordon intervened. "I wish the rest f you wouM listen, too. Mrs. Stee/e ·as giving s. dinner for Wilma. you ee. We were held up at the table, he man must have scouted around nd figured he could tackle it alone . . he cut the phone wire first. He as after jewelry . . . one piece in articular. It was Miss Dahl wlio pset his plans. She opened a door just behind him and grabbed him . . . pinioned his arms. I went to help her and, during the scuffle, the fellow's gun went off. Selwyn was hit. Oh, yes . . . the man broke away. That's the story for the police when they get here. Is thai understood?" "You've sent for the police?' Evans questioned. "Sure. I called them before I left Fair Acres . . . explained the wires here were cut. They'll be barging in any minute now." "I see." Gordon glanced around the circle and hurried on, in a guarded voice. "All of us are good friends . and we're all friends of Wilma. You heard what that fellow had to say to Babbas. and you know why I did what I did. We can't keep the cops out of this, but we can try to make that story stick . . . if we all of us tell it. Of course, all of you will be questioned." 'That's good of you Sherm, Wilma said in a flat little voice. "I appreciate what you want to do. But it's no good . . . it's too late now." "It isn't too late," Gordon insisted impatiently, "After all, we haven't anything on Alec but that fellow's word. He's out of the picture now and getting farther every minute. We can expfain it ... as I said." "But w can't." Wilma's voice still was steady, but a spot of color showed in either cheek. "It's all going to come out and it won't make any difference." "Why do you say that?" Gordon came closer. "Do you mean that you know . . . something?" "Yes. There was a wire for dad today. He was dressing, ,?o I receipted for it and didn't tell him about it. That was because I read 't and . . ." "Yes . . . Go on." "I couldn't understand the message exactly, but I oould tell that dad must have been making some inquiries about . . . you know. Well, whoever sent the wire said they had received a cable front England . . . :hat there was reason to think that Alec might be somebody who was wanted there . . . Don't you understand?" "Yes . . ." Gordon admitted hesi- :atingly. "Your father was making some inquiries. Just as a matter of . of course. And you didn't tell lim?" "No. I didn't know what to do. \t first. I was so sure that it all vas a mistake. I thought it would )e more sporting- to ... to tell Alec irst. Give him a break. I was going o as soon as we got home tonight." Gordon gave a low whistle and ooked helplessly at the others "That makes it different," be acknowledged. "Wait a minute," Doctor Evans Jroke in. "Do you mean the holdup nan recognized someone who was lere tonight? An accomplice perhaps?" F "That was it," Wilma told him jravely. "He accused my ... the "nan I was planning to marrv Mr Babbas." "And he's gone, too?" "Gone," Gordon answered shortly (TO BE CONTINUED) LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE LIVESTOCK SALE SALES PAVILION -- HIGHWAYS 18 AND 69 BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 12:00 P. M. GARNER, IOWA Thursday, March 26 2HA ff***^^^ We will have a good offering 3W VS»tlIK~TM"consisting of butcher stock, calves, breeding bulls, stacker and feeder cattle of all ages, breeds and weights. We will have one load of fed steers and heifers. Consisting of feeding pigs and "bred sows. Good bred ewes ond feeding Iambs. We "will offer a few good horses at private sale. We Are Holding a Special Horse Sale TUESDAY, MARCH 31 100 Head of Horses, Mules and Colts This offering will consist of as good stock as you will find in any auction ring this season. Spring is here! There was never a better time to buy your work stock. Will have several sets of new and used harness. WE URGE YOU AS CONSIGNOR OR BUYER TO ATTENDJTHESE SALES. CAFE INCONNECTION WITH SALES PAVILION SALE EVERY THURSDAY BEN REEMSTMA, Auctioneer ED C. BUNTENBACH, Owner Garner, Iowa, Phone 37, or Klemme, Phone 73 TATE OF IOWA, Ccrro Gordo County, ss. 'o Kemluy -I. Glass and to n'hom it may uncurn: You are hereby notified that by virlue t a special execution, to mo directed, and ssued out or the office of the Clerk of he District Court of the State of Iowa vitliin and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a judgment rendered in said Court in ftwor of The Independent Order of Foresters .nd apainst Remley J Glass, for the sum of Ninety-six hundred seventy-eipht and 09100 Dollars, debt, and Fourteen and 25- JOO Dollars, codta, and One hundred thirty- six awl 7R-1UIJ Dollars, attorney's fee. I have It-vied utwn the following described real «st«tc; All (Imt portion of the southeast \\n\r~ Irr of the nuutlicuttt ijuartvr of section ulnt'lif it, tovviinlilii ninety-seven, rnnKe twenty, lying: »mJ weliiR ftoiith ur the hlsh- way- kiHdvii a.i Buaii Number Six across Hiilil forty mid southwest of the right ot WHY or the Chlcucu uiid NortbivMtein Kiillruud; (lie nortluvtmt iunrter of tbe Southwest quarter ol section twvnly. township nlnety-ncvcji, runge twenty nnii till of tht- southwest ijuurtcr of the south- uc»t quarter of section twenty, towunhJp ninety-Seven, rlinge twenty, save and except the rlKht of way of the Chicago and Nortlm-eMern Railroad; and that portion of the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section twenty, township ninety- seven, ranjfc twenty lylns and being east of the eiwt line of the rlRht of way of (he Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, and extending easterly to the low water line uf the southwesterly bank of Lint* Creek, containing about 5'/i acres of land, nil In Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa, and that on the llth day of April, 1936, at 2 o'clock P, M., nt the front door or Uic Court House (n Mason City, Cerro Goj rto County. J 0 \va, I will proceed lo sell the same in satisfaction or said execution, together with all letal costs accruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office in Masnn City. Iowa, this I d t h day ot March. IMG. J. M. ROBERTSON'. S h e r i f f of Cerro (.lordo County. IOWA. Hy--E'sie Ramsev, Dcjiuty Sheriff. R. F. Clou£h t Attorney. NOTICE OF EXPIRATION OF RIGHT Of To The I^aw Land Co.. and Io Whom It Mny Concern: You are nereby notified that on the Sth day or January, X935. at a tax sale publicly held by the County Treasurer of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, as provided by Section 7255 of the Code of 3931, there was soH to the undersigned. John ScnneU, as purchaser. Lots X. 2, 3. 5, 6. 9, 1U, 12, 13, in Block 2. and Lots 1, 2. 3, 4, 9, 12, 13. n, IS. in Block 2, Law's Addition to Mason City, loiva. individual certificates of safe being issued therefor. That there was also sold at said time to the undersigned, John Senneff. ss purchaser, Lots 3, 1, 5. 6. in Block 3, in Law's Addition to Mason City, Iowa, also described as in Law's Replat of Blocks 3 and -1. in Law'.i Addition lo Mason City, Iowa, individual certificates of sale bein£ issued therefor. That at said sale there was also sold lo the undersigned, John S c n n e f f , Sr.. as purchaser. Lots 7, S. 9. 10. 11. 12. 17. IS, in Block 3. and Lots 1. 3. 4. 5, fi. 7, 5, 9. 10. 11, in Block 4. all in Law's Addition to Mason City, Iowa, also described as in Law's Repiat of Blocks 3 and 4, in Law's Addition to Mason City, lpwa. individual certificates o[ sale being Issued therefor. That at said sale there was nlso 50|d to the undersigned, John Senncff, Sr.. as purchaser. Lots S. 12. 13, 14, n: Block 5, a n d Lots 3, 4. 5. 7. 9, 10, 11, in Block 6. :md Lots 3, -I. in Block T, in Law's Addition to Mason City, Iowa, individual certificates of sale bcinc issued therefor. That ai] of said Lots were laxcd In I h e -,vme of Law Land Co. That the purchaser. John Senneff and John Scnncff, Sr.. is one and the same person. That ihe right of redemption wll] expire and a deed for the above described lots be made unless redemption is made within ninety days from the completed service of his. notice. Dated this 9th day of March, A. D. 1936. JOHN SENNEFF JOHN SEN T NKPF, SR. Owner and Holder of Certificates. NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT In and for Cerro Gordo Omnfy. i the Matter of the Assignment for t h e Benefit of Creditors of Allied Dealers Company. Inc. · TO: ThR Creditors ot the above named Assignor. You are hereby notified that on the Sth ay of March. 1936. under the provisions or Title XXXIII. Chapter 550 of the 1935 Code f Iowa, and acts amendatory thereto. Allied Dealers company. Inc.. a corporation doinc msines3 and having Its main office at 24 Second Street, s. B., Mason City. .Ccrro Gordo county, Iowa, executed to the under- igned Assignee, a general assignment of nil f its property not exempt from execution, or the b e n e f i t ' o f all of Its creditors for the urpose of liquidating the assets and apply. ig the proceeds therefrom on the payment f all valid claims, under the orders of the District Court aforesaid and in the manner irovided by law. You are further notified to file with the Clerk of the above entitled Court at his 'ffice in Mason City. Cerro Gordo County. owa. M'Uhin three months from the dafe icrcQf, any claim that you may have against be said Assignor, clearly and distinctly slat- el, itemized and sworn to by claimant or iy someone acquainted with the facts and ;nless such claims are so filed in the time ,nd manner herein specified, they will bn larred from participation in any dividends eceived from said assets. Dated this 9th day of March. 1936. D. G. SWALE, Assignee. Leave lor Observance. GREENE--Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Bruce left Sunday for Prairie City where they will attend a celebra- ion of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mrs. Bruce's sister and lusband. They will visit a short irae at Newton enroute. AUCTION SALE! Thursday, March 26, at 11:00 A. M. Sharp Lund Sales Stables ON NO. 18--EAST SIDE of MASON CITY GOOD HEATED JPAVHJON 90 ~ HEAD OF HORSES -- 90 Consisting of good work horses and farm mares. Grays, bays and roans for some good 2 and 3 year old colls. One black Percheon stallion, thorobred, broke to harness, weight 1900. Nice spotted stallion, 5 years old, \vt. 1800. broke to harness. There will be a. buyer here [or killer horses Thursday. \Vill have buyers this week from Wisconsin and the east. We can sell any kind ot a horse you bring in. Don't be afraid to bring your aged horses as we have buyers here for all classes of horses. 125 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 125 Consisting of STOCKEUS, STEERS, HEIFKKS, SPRINGER AND SOiME BREEDING BULLS 5 0 -- H E A D OF SHEEP -- 5 0 So Head of young Breeding Ewes to lamb in April 75 -- F E E D I N G PiGS -- 7 5 ~ Good consignment of Farm Machinery: l 20-whee] John Deere Disc: 1 939 John Deere Corn Planter, 120 rods of wire; 1 John Deere Kndgate Seeder; 1 4 Section John Deere Drag. One nearly neiv Monarch Elecfric Range; some furniture. Lunch on the grounds. These sales will be held every Thursday. Bring anything you have to sell. Get Your Horses in Early--Sale Will Start at 11:00 Sharp We Invife You to Attend -- Terms, Cosh STABLE 37.58 -- PHONES -- RESIDENCE 383B Ora Baylcss. -1127 -- AUCTIONEERS -- -lack Dorsey, Plymouth «3 W

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