The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 15, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1913
Page 4
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CHE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dally Except Sunday Tiroes and Xews Publishing Company V LAVEEEHAFEE, Secretary and Treasurer- PHILIP R- BIKLE. ' President- ABITB PHILIP E- BIKLE, Editor. ADMIRAL FLETCHER. American Lives and Property at Tarrioico Guarded by Warships. 39 VACCINTE Maa WK6 S«p3K ·' Snie»ed 4.u-ust 15. 1904, at Gettysburg. ?a.."as second-class matter, under sr " Congress March 3. 18.9- I :ifiiE OH "imp ftiun IS ~^*, *SZ*~-J^r?f?£$tX*i ' $ J^f^^ ·f* ., ^s^-^~J- ·"*·**'· * ^-^Tj^CF ^T* ft ^ -- : POLICE BELL *EQNE - ' UNITED PHONE OSee in Northwest corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg. Pennsylvania. r.-jex-csn President Says AdKvraJ; Fletcher Snatigu.-ated -intervention: sr:e Washington V.'rrcr'-es For Next? V.. - H .c ?ZfZ3. K£?R£Sl:»T£D FOR ^OR£'f ·ADVERTISING 3Y THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO ANC'-*r:? -^ -* *·- '"""· '""- ' I '· Washington, Dec. 15.--BarLsrlues at-, · Tanipico, crime ami oap:essi-ii at C-i . = cuahua, and the reported earagense-i; J oi Kaeria at the United Stales ever! : or; i2'.t oi" Rear Admiral Fletcher arcj ; Jie elements v.hich lent! gravity to the! ·\;ican situation. With Guards P^n^d 2: L-ocrs, In^ij r»3*it Passengers Are Forced -o Ears Their Arms to P.-.yticisns in P-'-^a. j ti'efphia. ' ; I1BT called her. the Cl'oir Sistar, because she was the sini-ghter of the Choir Mother. Chii- cren have mothers to m e n d *'· their. clothc-s and" ses that theu~ faces and- hands are clean before they march. into church.- The f Choir Mother was tee wife of tte j a n i t o r of ^the church where the * posted at aciii cue ; a'.tatned to a inii choir sang, and so liiad was she that all the boys loved her. It was easy to like the Choir Sister, a;- tco. because she played ball with the those PERSONAL NOTES RIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of Kews Telling cf HIE Ksepesiflgs ia aod about Ta*i» tf --v.. * * People VisHifiJiiiers and Tiist wanted he boys a VTanr ads. One cent per first page positior v cer word. So anvoae can see why ·z "he G*trvshnrg Ti .^ch matters. Anything that -, --tits or national poll---: ~ -- ·- aceru which gives Socialist _ _ GOT advertising columns are opea Tatter's barsh treatment of the Spanish | 7*5 A ;S52£^a3£3SST£S?^^I;£r^^iS^TM---^^^ : B R A N D : N E W r S T O C K : O F § upon : - 22 a humane treatment of all foreign- J e w e l r Awaits your inspection here. No novelties that the dictates of fashion have made obsolete. No- frow fonner years--but the iaies: designs from the thing carried trades best manufacturers. f. -"·- i ers in Chihuahua and the respect ~re i their nersoas and their property. K ' The interest of officials at Washing- O · ton now centers upon Mexico City. 'A \ The dictator g-^* "-"-at to a statement so i on Saturday that by ordering a ces '-~- \ Cation of the bombardment frora botb C= ' sides over parts of Tampico proper; r! · Admiral Fletcher Inaugurated, an act-! V I -al move toward intervention. Huertal^_ ^ 1-- \ contends, it is reported, that Flerefa- {f-gggffS f_ : I er's action hindered the Federals sc j - i -EoVn. as ibis would endanger the lives of son-combatants. t n ai« \ that hty were unable to achieve a ce- ' cisive victory over their attackers. ^ j t If this contention is in reality heMj : bv Hzierta, according to certain offi-j c-ials in '.Yashingten, it may rceau that Iff ers, and the nsjority rebaliyii "^os strcngiy against - being vaccinated. Passengers uc-uad for Xew York v^-ere carried past West Philadelphia cti- tioa, vchere raany were lue to mnkc connections, and a large number o! i-e men had left rheir \vives and fa in the rear coaches in order to es s. s Threats oi violence were made waen tlie pln-siclans, armed iviili the ildred, her real have any Christ- there, some only half on- right away what was the matter with the Choir Sister, the Christmas eve service would have to go without their singing. . f So Ricky told how she had corns down, that morning with a funny tired feeling, and sniffling and hot cheeks, and had to stay is. beu, and how she cried when she thought o" the tree she was going to raiss. You can see why that Christmas as it v-'ie" the "Iivsielaas armed viui tne iv ~- " - . -V n oti" '.i^-X~ I'jB-^ta* eve ser-.-ice was not as happy a bearded t£.e car sn response s.o a _ ^--,* r , -·,, rr=~ was lie sent to Dr. Ca-ras, of the bureau c-: health, and guards were placed at the doors. The v. omen whose husbands hau bs terwarfi, when the tree was lighted with the starlike candles and the Sunday school room was filled with boys and girls opening their presents, each ~ was thinkias of the Choir i r * i ric^l m di( -, cared for Ly New York, I.~-15.--Expert opinions | ^.g Travelers' ii:er bccaine nys- tmia shed an-I vrer; tiie women guides o: Ai-d society. Siscer, lying there at hone, wishing she could be with them. oav ^soole in church thought iae boys s; ng the Christmas hymns ity and pat:erns ci a m a z i n g beautv. ! ClSSwaada by command of | Francisco Villa, the rebel commander. | ^_ '- - distance while the sursius -- en with never Jorget. Umbrellas Scarf Pins Bracelets Mesh Bags WATCHES DIAMONDS Table gSilver Lockets : Chains Marncure Sets Istiported Ghime'CIbcks ia Mahogany Cases Maa}' other articles -that Ac eTenin ·rang. The you. May we sao\v them to you.?. - Compare ^p prices with others. J safety o£ their lives. His men are *«- 1 ^ ^^'^ hopeTui tone that after j violent fc rm. | P° rtea r « ha ; e f S^a-Sna'i^^l^ 6 country Is adjusted to tie new j A repcrt was i from residents oi fans a,- - j . 1 . , - s ma v,-ork out - roa from residents of this I to have The ence oi J!J .l.^waich -iL Villa, t rather mmediatelj- wirea toj the jaatitor's - doorbell ;hoir 3Iother opened it,' and in came ths Choir Hester arid a iot of beys with red cheeks ana smiling faces. Back of the others four of the biggest boys dragged the door a small Christmas tree. They set, the tree up in the psrlor. 2veryone wa's still" "for they - didn'i Choir Sister to know- Miss Anna - ;JrfcCaUi has retuweJ froia a visit of'several days at »l home in Littlestown.-, * William Mc3herr;c Esq. Sinday with relatives in LutiesYov.'R. .4 Earl MeCleBan v.*ent to Baltiniere this nsoriiing. He has accepted a position in that city. Jlrs. S. J- Sachs left this morjting for her home in Richmond where she will spend the Chris'emas holidays. Miss Cora Motter has returned to ;er horse in Litdeswvn after a visit of several days with jliss Euth Faber on Chambersburg- street. Misses Helen and Myrna Sheffer have returned to Hanover after visit- for several days at the " home cf 3Iiss Hattie Ziegier. V»". J. Lott, of Junction City, "Kansas. ss spendinsj some time \\ich his sister, ilrs. Ella M. \Valter, of Steinivehr avenue. ; Samuel E. Waltman. of Carlisle srreer, is spending: several ,days with his brother near Hanover. J Miss Frances Fritchey has returned to her home on East !liddle street'af- ter s. visit of several weeks wi'm friends in New York. I j Abner S- Mills went to Philadelphia this morning to be a witness in the ease against H. C. Soner. 3Iiss Annie O'Xeal returned to her home on Carlisle street Saturday evening after a "crip cf several days to Reading- and Philadelphia. Mrs. Hibbs and Miss Edna Hibbs have returned to Xorristown. after a visit of several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. -John M. Elocher. Mrs. Charles Koch has returned to her borne on West Middle street-after spending a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Kuhn, of route .10, Bonneauville. The follov,-ing ivere recent visitors cf Charles A. Topper. Mr.- an3 3£rs. HarVey Harflaub and children", Ethel, Sarah, Ada, Mr." ano---Mrs. Storm and children, ilargusritej Vaila, Treacy. Ealph, Carl, Howard: Mr. and Mrs. Merviri Topper; Mr. and Mrs. Emory Erame and son. Clair: Mr. and Mrs. Luzher Eorh,; George Roth. Etor- sev Eckert. Ih3 doer topeaed and the Cnoli b?., thousssds i. on- j r.tauca. iaborers. ^Gischargec! by the j prisoners I Carranza should he asked to starfru in, cam-ing oetweea and upon ands to be rree3. Several women triea to riass the nt visKor SHEPHERD OF Play from Harold BeD V,-right-s : Eook Coining,to Gettysburg. ibrfcer ;and the Choir 3-Iaster ·oalkea decided that Til'a, by acts toward foreigners, 5 1 tated a serious sitiTaiior.. Rear Admiral Fletcher a e e s h^e s. ,!itie that lay the Choii - Ton should hare seen her face! You could almost see the light of the cas- dles sparkling in it. so happy was The boys held their breath, won cabled thei ^ ; ^ s ' · ocretary J -i- · o;d CHAMBERSBURG ST. ( X KX*0*XH00«XMXX»S00^^ The Best Christmas Usei Federal guaboats now in rive i ^ ? -f Finla". TI American, wounded j · in ankle and ia cl'e hospital, doing i well. Me^vCal oPicers from U. S- S. I Taconia and IT. S. S. CSiester are help' inc in the military hcsr-ital with about ! 205 ^Mexican wc-iindet".." 1 he Hardare Store Boys Wagons Xickel Tea Kettles Nickel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves Gloves for I".!en and Boys Enamel "Ware Knives and. Forks O.;l to sec cs and lOTr.QuulitT the best- Both | | Phones. ** · *}· Driving Lamps Boys Coasters and Skates Food Choppers Enamel Roasters Keen Katter Safty Kazor Carving Sets Remington Rifles Hatchots and Sa"Krs ine our Hnc- Our prices are Falrfield Pa. PANKHURST AGAIN JAILED EATiXG BIG CANL SLIDE G.iannei Cut ·- hrough to Hasten \Vor-: j on Lest Obstruction. { Panama. T'-~c. I-~.--Rap::! headway "-.jis liee:-. ri^-U- r.'-aisst tne Cucarachs slide in tre -: week. The dredges ioacbed oc-v s. -··:·} there is a clear and 20 feet I shards ana Join their hosands. anc j fiering what sne i-ts out that i ihi 3 a-Iderl to tiie escitement- They j would say. Her little chee3 glowed as she sat 119 straight and held her arms out toward the tree. And her eyes spark- .jr,l~ twelve cf the passengers badj led as she cried: cotie aH the vrr.v through from Pitts-j "Oh- m~ Christburgh. The ma't-r'.tr cf t'^e vaccinated i mas tree!"' men had boer:I-- · tbe trr-in at Karris-j Then she hurg and T.£.itrr;er. long after thei to the s--srinox vicrini '.ir.i left the train, an-li said: i-r tiis reason tliev protestea violently against the vaccine preautions. inmea boys, and | Channel. "·' ;' PcHco Cst;h oiuitar-ts Kappir.g V/ftertj ^Q^ thro :ch Leader EstuT.s From Paris. i Three bar-' | i l.c-n-uor,. Tier. 13.--Mrs. Enmeline .---roncli. ar,", i I | Pan'::r.«rst, while retr.rnins from Fa7-is.| Coro ^i ^rj , c- .^ :e J J where si'e went to visit hrrr ca"gi'cr.j r , ie ae _ t fe _Miss Pankhurst. vcas rcar- ,_ o suct * or Tv;;:e sllde. ha". s oeca tc "c;! big la'lder tireilge through. "IVltliic D laccer Oredges, .nd three dipper rcrtc by icoUan.l Yard detectives i ,:re 2 Ces v .-i'i ". c concentrated at short--, a: tor the train l=ft Hover. j r . or tiT e nd. The actioi or the poii^e so rn-j tl:e rr.iKicnis exr«tod iy had made no rre-!?.rar.os«; to sale sniar.I their le-aft j R1ES AND HANGING ny a octac""ment; SAVE FOR CI Pz'-z Fir.3 \Vou!d-3s ?ro"i taeir re^cnl'.y o"aa ; -- ei suirra i Sule'de Sucsc-ied by Beit In Cell. c;et:e army. ! \Vilmington, · -5^ Dec. 15. -- LouLs S: s .e was hurried iiio r n-.r-tor ccr j ^.TJan, ii.irty - ;- ears olc, who recent aa'i i riven t^ t~e Tlollov. a;" ;r.:'.. -..-^erc ! 5-.- triel to e*; " -3 lire by swallowing soon aflcr^aT-; grn-:^s of ^. if. | poison ia C..^" r, Pa, tried to hZJig drove nTM in ta\i;as and stane,', = j .inssesf rrii"-: ~:- belt when placed in concert o;:i?ide. | uie police siai!' . in "vrilmin^tos. - -- - j He -irev.- t e -'.ra^ around bis necfc 5,:ora Pay ~or New York Po2:ccmeri ( ro tightly t^.at -.. on he WES discovered New TcrX. T.-GC. '.5.---*. Ia r= e "'.rn I:.e was imfr-'-ous- Ke will be ue- ber of Xe\." Yorl\ poMccme"' were nir.-Ic j tained uiitil "r:* sanity Is determined happy when t'-.ey Icam^ th-.t Mayo: j by physicians. ' Kline sJscaed the ordnance pa-s^ea j I b- the bo=r^ o: alri-r:r.c-n ir. -ressln:] Ltie saWlea o£ all §ij; aad 5^.J J-o * Ask us to tell you about A t t r a c t i v e S a v i n g s ? I a - n Victim of hijr.tor's Gun Dies. Lewistown, P:_ Dec. 15. -- E. Lee -iiceiaeal^SlOOa a year. Tie raen \riis | A^rand, of L-^lstown, died from ia- - · " - · · - = » - - - - ' ''- datir.? from Oct. I- ing saving easy Tickets L-=aeJ Eacrt Dep^ifitor Without Co-t. A -- iau 'Ifp'-.'-it, weekly and you'U have a nice amount for Christina- Shopping. f=tK^"Yoitng Growers of Crops Dec. 35.--Secretary of Agricnritnre Houston prr.-=cn-.e'l uiplir mas of merit to the eighty-two rrls r whining boys aiin sir!« from all narv' of the United States who ra:pe-1 !;? crops of corn an fl . potatoes and canned the largest quantities of tomatoes. jaries sar'c'-ec --ben be was accidentally ssot by rj-.other hunter. James "The Shepherd of The HUls"v Harold SeTi Wrigh'c's novel, which holds the record for being the largest selling American work of fiction, has 5een njade into s. play by its" author with the assistance of Elsbery "W. Eeynoids- It will be given its first production in this city at "Walters Theatre on Fri- iay evening, December 19. The play is a story of the Ozark mountains and its people are all of that vicinltrr., which promises stage characters out of tha ordinary. The production, which has een made by Messrs. Gaskfll and lacVitty, Is said to be one of extreme eauty. this picturesque moantaisi oar_try lending itself to the best in he scenic artist's art.--advertisemer.t. KILLED 8Y POLICEf/JAN Officer, Harrassed by Gar.c. Shoots One In ths Crowd. Brooklyn, X. "".. Dec. 13.--After a thrilling fight w" a band of rowdies, who beat and s" - · at him. Policeaar. Francis Walsh ^1-- I anri instantly killed -James Stevens, thirty-five years oW. As Stevens fell to the ground life less, his companions fired another vol ley at Policeman V,"-a:sh cna fiea ai: 5ea. She avrose. The singing did not Walsh was on hi? way Soras vr/cr s j O p_ ghe arose and opened the win- he hear-! shots. W; i'a bivesti-atir. ' ~" he was attacked. A :,-'.ow fe'.lefl hi- He strusgled de?pcrs;e7y. arol a?te "Oh! ily Dear §J Choir Brothers!" Then she cried a little, just because she was happy, and some of the hoys sniffied a bit, just because she was crying- Then there was all the jolly fun that goes with a tree. But soon they took her away. She was so tired that she fell asleep right after they put her back in bed. She dreamed that she saw a Sock of sheep with their shepherds on a great plain. Suddenly there was a great light from above and she seemed to hear augels kic'-vina:, punching ?-T " J aoking severa: zr.ei:. managed to re fr -a ; 'i his feet. Aitsr two biiliets had whlzyed by bis head XVaish fired and Stevens oropped. Jealousy Fats'- to * hree- CMcagro, Dec. 15.--Tjree persons rere killed and one woman fazaliyj dow. There, in the moonlight under her window stood aer Choir Brothers with lighted candles, like the Christmas carol singers of Old England. They were singing this hymn: "Hark! the Herald Angels sing." When the verse was finished the Choir Sister leaned out and called lore shot the sto~e and i. ; i* START NOW EVERYBODY WELCOME Biglerville National Bank Hope to Starve Bandit. "Utah, Dec. 15.--Tne par: B. Smith, uncle oi yonns An rand, shot at a rahbit wH :h Isimpe-i ont of the bushes ten it. : ia front of him, and Aurand. st^r?i"~ rt^tv/oon tl.e bnnny and the ^ir shot in his · ' f-\\ e i'ie. ciiarjre of Six Workmen Bjrned; Three Fatallq. Wheeling. 'V. Va., Dec. 15. -- Six worknsen \verp ' iirnetl, three probably fatally, in an fSo?ion of molten me- o! the Utah-Apex jn'ne in which Kalr-i [ tal at the V\*h - nip: MoH an'l Foundry company's pinm here. The mo^t seriously injured are William Vo?E,en Richard Rid^eh and .T;,aeph Stcntz. Mark of the Bore. A bore is a person who, when you relate one of your experiences, slayer of six men. i-. bon^ve to be in hiilins; bul3\headed off it an effort to starve him. LADIES start home business mak- intr neckwear, ?"2.25 do7en profit. Ex- penenoe unnecessary. .Man dime for says; "That reminds pattern, instructions. Ncecllecraft, 28(50, Altoona, Pa.--advertisement mo of somethhig thnt happened to me."--Philadelphia Record, his own former vS?c^r?5*tteea-®»iSnsit- " ' you j, ave mads more, A Christmas to yon rti! . "And to you!" tney ecuoed. As the Choir Sister crept bae£ to ted suicide." The^dga-f; =are pieman, ?«Ir Harner, the slayer. aiiot Emmanuel , F. - oe d she heard the voices of the boys die away in the distance- Then chiras o? bells somewhere out in the great snow-white world rang out the very hymn the boys had been singing Killed In Fight. Chicago, Dec. 15.-- Michael Lapita.| and the Choir Sister fell asleep. formerly known as one of the "Barons of the Underworld," was Mlied in a fight ia bis home at 2113 South Clark A Christmas Motto. He vione and Frank Chegre, were the only j persons in the house when the door-; bell was runs. friends, Reno S-cha- The mors we know, the better forgive; Whoe'er feels deeply, feels for a live. Ker Good.Wis.hes., , \ woman.vpKS,oner-greeting to . , ,,, English magistrate: "Good luck FOR SALK: family ma re with colt old sporl! M ay you never want by her side. F. M. Bream, Biglerville,' for a shilling or a shirt!" Pa. United phone.--advertisement LOST: red beagle gyp. Reward- J. 4. Lentz. Ice and Storage Co.--adver- isemeni THERE is kept in stock at the t3s.nt of the Gettysburg Light Com- ny the following: sizes of wire Ira-vrr. Tungsten lamps, 25, 40, GO, 100, 150. 250, 400, and 500 Watt all of -diich are sold on the basis of "satisfaction or money refunded"'- These are sold at I:sr prices for small quantities out liberal discounts are given on quantity sales.--advertisement T: EN DAYS CHRISTMAS Only Eight Bays In Which to Buy Christmas Presents. Possible Solution. "Why do you suppose it is," she asked, "that nearly-all the great men of this world have been married? "I suppose," replied the old bachelor, "it's because they had 'to do some- thirg to get their minds off the troubles they bad at home."--Chicago Record-Heraifl.

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