The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 4, 1939 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 4, 1939
Page 14
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i! SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1939 Hogs Steady on Small Ch MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE TOP OF $8,15 ON SWINE IS PAID 200 Fresh Arrivals Available;' Cattle Prices Steady, Weak CHICAGO, 0P) -- Hogs held steady Saturday on the small supply of 200 fresh arrivals available. The top was 58.15 on good and choice 170 to 210 pound averages. (United States Department of Agriculture)--Hogs, 200; steady trade on small supply; good and choice 170 to 210 pound averages, $7.85 to $8.15; top, S8.15; strictly choice 190 to 210 pounds quotable to $8.25; to 270 pound butchers, $7.70; medium grade 170 to 200 pound averages, $7.30 to $7.85; shippers took 100; holdover, 500. Compared week ago: Good and choice 160 to 350 pound averages, 15 to 25 lower; packing sows, steady. Cattle 100; calves, none; compared with Friday of last week: Medium to good steers with weight 2a cents lower; strictly choice and prime kinds steady, scarce; yearlings steady to weak; fed heifers steady; cows weak to 25 off; bulls 1 to 15 cents up and at new high on crop; vealers 25 to 5 cents lower; stockers and feeders scarce; top weighty steers $13.65; little above $12.25; b e s t light and long yearlings $12.75; best heifers $11.35; few above : $9.75; h e a v y fleshy feeders reached $10.15; meaty yearlings Sheep 3,000; late Friday fat lambs active, 15 to 25 cents and more higher; bulk $E.85-9.15; top $9.15; 100 to 107 Ib. weights $8.759; compared with Friday o£ last week; Fat Iambs and yearlings 10 to 25 cents lower, having advanced early and later recovered fair shade of mid-week decline; week's lamb top $9.50 Monday; closing top $3.15; week's bulk $8.75-9.35; choice natives $8.85; fed lambs closing $8.65-9; medium to good yearlings $7-7.25; clipped lambs $7.75-8; choice 109 Ib. summer shorn offerings $8.40; slaughter ewes $4.50-5; top $5.10. icago good to choice steers $8.50-S9.SOj (e\ calves 59.75; plain to medium steers S6.7 S.25; calves 17o; vealers 50 cents lower good and choice S8.Mam.50. HOGS: 500; steads'; spot 5310 cent:, lower on 250-280 Ibs.; practical top S7.6; on good and choice HO-200 Its ; noct sows all weights $6.75; stags $036.7: compared close Jast \veek: Barrows an,, oills 200 IDS. down, 25 cents lower; 210 ibs. up 5S25 cents Jower; sows 15S21 cents lower. SHEEP: 300; compared Friday last week; fat lambs and ewes steady to 15 cents lower; feeding; lambs 25 cents lower; week's top far lambs $9; fed eu'cs $4.60; [ceding and shearing lambs 58.65; Friday's bulk, good and choice slaughter lambs $S.50«8.75: good a nd choice csves SJK4.50: native and Dakota feeding lambs $77.75. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) SIOUX CITY. Wi--tU. S. department ot agriculture)--CATTLE: Salable receipts 225; calves, none; for the week: Beef steers and yearlines steady lo 2j cents higher; strictly good and choice show gains; fat ccnvs and heifers little changed; stockers and feeders strong to 25 cents higher; car lots medium weight choice beeves S".50'ij]2r car lots lone yearlings to Sll; bulk medium to good S3.!5fi9; numerous sales eood light heifers ?8.5oa9; bulk common to good cows $5.75T»7; choice S7.25S7.50; most cutter grades S4.50S5.50; good 850 Ib feeders S8.40; stricUy choice Quoted around $9.55. HOGS: Salable receipts 150; sood and choice 230-270 Jb. butchers 57.'5®7jO- lighter weights and sows nominal: quotable top S7.B5; small lots 270-300 Ib heavies S77.25; comparable week a«o| slaughter classes, mostly 254t40 cents lower; pigs steady. J SHEEP; None; for (be week: Fat Jamb mostly 25 cents lou-er; slaughter ewe steady; weak; iveek's early fat lamb top 19.15; late sales good and choice ferl wooled S8.35fi8.GO; good fed yearil S7.G5; mixed yearlines and 2 year old. S7.1Q; load lots choice fed western cu-Ci S4.a(ic}4,75; feeding and shearing lamhs 58.2.1^8.60.- medium grade Jight weigh feeders S7.5038; bred ewes S4.50S5. Suppl ics Baby/ Beaten and Branded, Dies Local Livestock KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) KANSAS CITY, ir,--U. s. department of agriculture-HOGS, none; market nominally steady for week, weights under 250 Ibs.. 20 to 2a cents lower, heavier weights 35 to 4C cents lower; sows 15 cents off CATTLE 200; calves 75; /or week, beef steers, yearlings and she stock uneven steady to strong instances 15 to 25 cenis higher on strictly good to choice; vealers steady; stocker and feeder classes firm to ' ch . cows 58; vealers Sll; fleshy feeders SIO- choice 1 020-1.278 Ib. steers 511.25; best in -' li: medium and E°°d fed steers iIO.=0: medium to choice stockers and feeders 57.7539.50 SHEEP 1,300; for week, lambs steady J ? «nts lower; sheep steady, week's P - m , bs . to shi PP Ers 53.33; to BackD: closing top S8.50 paid for 105 2051 "'cek's bulk fed lambs 58 25 .- shom Iamljs $ 7 - 75 : 'op ewes S1.30; others S3.75G4.35. 25 cents higher; week's tops strictly oice 717 Ib. yearlinss $11.50; choice ers MASON CITY--For Saturday. UOGS Steady. Good lisht lights 140-150 S6.20-6.30 Good light lights JW-1GO S6.70-6.EO Good light lights 160-170 57 20-7 30 Good light lights 170-130 57.55-765 Good light butchers .. 160-200 57.35-763 Good light butchers -. 200-220 S7.3a-7.63 Good me. wt. butchers 220-250 S7.45/S7.55 Good me. wt. butchers 250-270 S7.30-7.40 Good me. wt. butchers 270-290 S7.15-7.25 Good me. wt. butchers 290-325 S7.00-7 10 Good me. wt. butchers 323-350 S6.83-S95 Good heavy butchers. .. 350-400 S6.70-6.80 Good packing sows ... 275-350 S6.60-4T.70 Good sows 350-425 S6.50-G.60 Good sows 425-500 S6.4fl-ff.50 Good sows 500-550 S6.40-6.50 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for eood and choice hofis.l CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy S10.00-ll.00 Good to choice steers, heavy s s.50- 9 50 Medium to good steers $ 7.50- 8.50 Fair to medium steers Plain to fair steers Choice to prime yearlings ... Good to choice yearlings .. Medium to Rood yearlings .. Good to choice heifers ..... Medium to good heifers .... Fair to medium heifers . . . Plain to fair heifers Good to choice cows, heavy . Medium lo good cows Fair to medium cows ....... s 5.55. 7.50 s 4.00- 6.00 s 9.00- 9,50 s 8.00- 300 s 6.50- 7,50 5 8.00- 900 S 7.00- s'oo s 6.00- 7^00 S4.00-600 s 5.75- 625 s 5.25- 575 s 4.75- 5*25 S 4.00- 475 S 3.00- 4.00 S 5.30- 625 Carmen Good to cnoicc heavy bulls Light bulls ................... s 4.50- ajm Calves, good to choice UO-190 S 7.00- 800 Calves, med. to good 130-130 S 6.50- 7 CO Calves. Infer, to mod. 130-190 S 2.50 d'vn SHEEP Genuine spring lambs, good to choice ............ 7B-90 s 7.50- 8.00 spring lambs, Eaod to choice _ -.- ..................... 70-M s 6.00- 6.50 Spring lambs, medium to good ........... ........... .. 70-M S 5.00- 5.50 spring lambs, common ...... s 4.00- 500 Motive eives. eood lo choice 5 IjO- a'ss Cu'l ' owes .................... SOctoSLOO Old bucks .................... OMAUA LIVESTOCK (Saturday JI»rktt) OMAHA. ft-- IV. s. department oi agriculture)-- CATTLE: 50; no calves- compared with Friday last week: led steers and yearlings steady; heifcro weak; cows strong; bulls strong to 23 cents higher: vealers fully steady: stockers and feeders strong; bulks for the week: Fed steers and yearlings iS3.75f; 10.7a; several loads $11012.50; medium to good fed heifers S7.73«iiO: beef coivs t?'^ 3 ^ 25; ""'" STM 0 ^ $4.5035.75; bulls 56.506.7.1,; practical lop vealers S9.50 lew_ S10; stockcr and feeder steers ?8.2o ,,,.-- -- - '.OW: for,the week: Fat lambs loeia cents lower; other killing ·vvcak; shearing lambs str bulks: Fed wooled lambs LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. l«-- Unofficial estimated livestock receipts for Monday: Hoga 18.000; cattle 12,000: sheep H.OOO; hogs for all next week 74.000. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS midwest markets . 5Ilnn-- Boss steady; 4 Ibs, fS.OoSS.IS; 150 to 160 Ibs. S6 :t i 6 ?='° "° J5!- S5.B5S7.15; 170 t TM ' · . s. . SB.M: 3,iO to 400 Ibs. SS.50S26.80: packing SOU'S 2 . n . . . to 3oO Ibs. S0.401JG.70: 3JO to 425 Ibs. So.30fiG.60; 425 to 5=0 Ibs. 56.20a65fl- 5aO !bs. and up $5.20^650 "··""· ^LBEET LK.4, Alinn-- Hogs steady- HO lo 1=0 Ibs. 56.30StG.45; 150 to 160 Ibs. $6 65 C.80; 160 to 170 Ibs. S7.05iil7-0- 170 to TM 11 ?TM 5 ," 5 ?- 7 3 ": 1M to 22 ° lb °- «.««? .CO; 220 to 250 Ibs. 87.3037.15; 250 to 270 Ibs. S7.1i)fi7.30; 270 to 230 Ibs. S6 95a7 10- m I to 325 Ibs. W.8ae 6 .S5: 325 to io Ite $6,6=188.00; 350 to 400 Ibs. S 5. 30 i. 6.65; sows 2/. to 3oO Ibs. SC.50Sfi.5J; 350 to 425 Ibs S6.3,,_sr650; 425 to 500 Ibs. SB.20S6.35; afo 5 ' " 5 ' 0iS5 ' 2fl; 55 ° lbs - Mi UP WHEAT PRICES ABOUT STEADY Market in Extremely Close Trade Despite Liverpool Weakness CHICAGO JP--Wheat prices averaged about steady in a very light trade here Saturday, despite weakness at Liverpool. The market, however, was held within an extremely narrow trading range. B. W. Snow, crop expert, said that the problem of handling the overnment's stock of loan wheat vas being considered in conferences between the government and elevator and merchandising interests in an effort to find a program east likely to disturb the market. The Commodity Credit corpora- ion holds about 70,000,000 bushek against farm loans. Wheat closed % higher to Vt ower, May 68% to 69, July 69 to 39%; corn % lower to % higher May 49% to 49*4, July 50%; oats unchanged to Ve higher, May 29%- oy beans unchanged to % lower May 82%; ry e unchanged to % lower, May 45%; lard 5 to 10 cents higher. The Cos! of Living as Reported by the Department of Labor Source: U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics 75 70 June, 1937. 74.5 1933 1934 H35 I73i 1937 1938 ff CHICAGO CASII GBA1N ( F r i d a y M a r k rt) CHICAGO, «·,-- NO wheat. , n F° rn ~f 1 ' 0 - - ' c ,"°«-- «i No. 3 at*,,. oats, sample grade . . JiTM W , S' W'® 32 *'- Xarlty, malting ·S-KjSO; feed, 30'u.W: soy beans, No a yellow, 84',i; timothy seed, 52.85S] 3.13 ° r er secd ' while. mi.vel. 2ji/ 4 .- Lard tierces 8.97; loose SAO. Bellies 10.00. Stock List JfElV 1'OHK STOCKS (By The Associated Press) Saturday Final Quoliilons Air Reduct J-'.i Lambert Al Ch i Dye 177 Allied Stores 111", Am Can 93i Am For P 3',* Am Loco 26=i Am Bad i st KT« Am Roll Mill 19 Am Sm Ref 45 Am Stl Fdfs 35'i Am Bus Ref 193, Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Saturday No. 3 white oats No. 2 yellow corn New ear corn .. No. 2 soybeans Barley 21V- 34c 30c 67c 25-35c SATURDAY WHEAT-- Iar. .. ;Iay ;cp. ....'". CORN-Mar : lay Sep .'"." OATS-- ·lay uly Sep SOY BEANS-Jay Oct. ..'...".'. RYP-- Hay ; ep LAUD-Har. ·lay ... uly Sep. .. High GRAIN' CLOSE CHICAGO, (av- Low Clc Am Tel T Am Tob B Am Wat Wlss Anaconda Armour III At T s P At! Sefin Auburn A u t o Bait i- Ohio Bamsdall 411 7 17 .63 .65'-, .49 .501 .51'.i . 7.00 7.05 7.20 7.37 7.00 7.15 7.33 .63-i .69 .69 »i .48 -49? 1 -32V. .32=, .45= ; .46 '. 6.92 7.00 7.17 7.35 KANSAS Cirr GKAI.V (Saturday .Market) KANSAS CITY. u^-Wheat: 63 cars. V t a?a S"°^--°-' A " IU -' s --- : No - dark T n n . WATERLOO, r^V-HoES steady. Cattle: Tone steady. Prices tinchangefl COMBINED 1IOG ItECEIPTS BES AIOINES. W}-ir. s. dcnartmonl of = B ric,,lture)_Combined hog ««iBts at 20 concentration yards and 10 pack! ing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour Bc- rioa ended =t 8 a . m . Saturday vvcre 10 1?4 f?TM^ !lre ' ! with S '° m » «e ' and 13,700 B year ar.o Fairly .i f tii-e. mostly steady, «?»' a 0 ^? 4° 0 " sld = rab ^- «»t« than and Eilts ' cood a n d C s. unqnotacl; 160-160 Ibs S7 15 Jfas - S7.45Ti7.80; '220-250 ---, 3 ?-;00 lbs - S - ' S^oW-te: Hack ins sows 3 3 " 0 Jbs - 5«- s » f a«.B5: 350^25 lbs. ,0; 425-550 Miscellaneous C H I C A G O POTATO .Market) s - - of Potatoes 92: on track 309; total U s shipments 841. New stock: Supplies Jib- era]; demand slow Idaho Russets Hull « twsscs S"? «'«kcr tindertone; Colorado Mc- strong; closinf- J:"' r(!s steady; northern stock .11 varie I.35T.B.75: «£ s "' Cal i'. Ife h .°,. Rus I c ' Bnrtonto 0: scattered lots Rood and choice i lbs., $.37.50: compared with Friday last wctk: 25B40 cents lower vreyhU 220 Ibs. up showing most dccline : sows largely 25 cents lower. EAST ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) EAST ST. LOUIS, in.. t«-- m s de partmcnt ot agriculture)--HOGS- Toill receipts 1.000; salable 500; odd lots of good to choice 170-230 lbs. steady at S8« 8.10; sows nuotablc SS.75S7.13; compared ·With %veek sgo mostly Jj cents lower- sows lOfilS cents lower. '»wcr, 10o : A 'cJ:vei : SaY -00 CC ' PtS TM~' Sa ' aWc ·with'close last week; market "gen! ; ^?-*?.- «OJ» '« week: 1,123 lb. mixed yearlings S9.65; he'ifers 5950? cow- Sa.50; sausage bulls S7; vealers Sll 75- re placement steers 59,50. -»···'. it SHEEP: No receipts; compared Friday last week; market mostly steady: practical top native lambs for week S3°v "IS"!) tOB SS; bU ' k naliv « '£ vcck clipped'lambs S7.50TM!; clipped* y?artm« 5.6,.2o; 2 year olds S6.25; agcS wethers *s: native cwcs S45U.50. wcincrs SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK _ . ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL, «-_rFederat Slate Market Service I-CATTLE- 32o" tcr mP " Cd w . lth . Frid:1 ' iast week: Slaughl cents higher on good llghtwelghtf; buj^ Jtecrsand yearlings S9.50niO.23: medd/m to good fed heifers S7.25S9 mainly; ptain and lower crade cows weak to 25 cents lower; olhcrs steady; p j airl , o ° od beef -r" J^f"* »SOS7; low cuftert S4ft o.l, bulls slronj to 25 cents hlghe? practical top sausage bulls S7: ^tocheri anS lxa m ttlme It Z5 cents hfehc" , umphs K per cent U. s. to medium size few sales Hides , ° i l t h S t r e e t Soothwcst HOHSEniDES Borsehldcs Prom 15 ibx. down';;; Bull aides ........ BOSTO.V 1VOOL (Salorday M a r k e t ) m wools because there crease m the number of b on me- ome in- urgent needs. Combine; "bticht H-rtlMr T,-«-- A . . - . . j . . f t " n k - I H t least of hazardous occupa- is that of living with a person who goes around with his tender feelings sticking out to "athcr nurts.--ccdir Rapids Gazette. rgher; j^ o . 2 white nom., 46lift47*-(- No nom.. 45tt£47',i; No. 2 yeUaw! 47^' i - - - **.*nn-.-. No. 3 nom. 45i.i^i46»4 Oats: 10 cars: unchanged; No ' wh nom 29-4530%: No. 3 tiom.. 25030^ Milo maize, nom., 73£79. Kafir, nom., 72ffi7». Rye. nom.. 4412^4514. Barley, nom.. 34^41* BendLv Aviat ^CTi Beth Steel 745; BoeJng AirpI 30^ Borden 20=4 Borg-^Varner ST^i Brldgpt Br T^ Budd Mfg fir;, Can D G Ale Can Pacific Case Cater Tract Chcs Ohio Chrysler Col Gas E Coml Solv Cmwlth : Sou 1 Con Edison Con Oil Con Can Con Oil Del Com Prod Curtiss-Wr Deere . Co Douglas Air duPont Eastman £[ Pow Lt Fairbanks-Mo Firestone Gen Elect Gen Foods Gen Mills Gen Motors Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Gt JVor Hy pf 28T« Homestake Hudson Hupp Motors III Cent Int Harvest Int Nick Can Int Tel T Johns-Man v Kennecott Krcsfie 4 T i 31 33 3 ,i 83 Ei'.'* 13 26'i 66V. O'i 22-i 10'.:. 1501, 174'i 42= n 41 f'a 75 50 " a 22% 34?; 18 95 Vi 39 23 Lib O F Gl Loews Marsh Field Maytag Midcont Pet Mont Ward Nash-Kelv Katl Bisc Nat Cash Hog 23',i! Nat Dairy Pr IS 3 * Nat DiatiU ^C'i Nat. Lead 2H% Nat Pow Lt 9V B N Y Cent 20^ No Amer Av North Amer Nor Pacific Oliver Farm Otis Elevator Otis Steel Owens III Gl Packard Par Pict Penney Perm Ry Phillips Pet Proct Gam Pullman Pure Oil Radio Rem Rand Repub Steel Rey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pacific Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stew-Warner Studebaker Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Transatn erica Un Carbide Union Paclf Unit Air Lin 13',i Unit Air Corp 39V Unit Corp 3= Unit Drug C: U S Gypsum 10P,: U S Ind Alco U G Rubber U S Steel Walgreen Warner Pict West Un Tel West El S: M Wilson £^ Co Woolworth Yel Tr Sc C 52 S'.i isy, 2G 4 -A 57 35! 30V, 27 49VJ 11V, 8!i 19',, 431!, 30',. 48% «, 85 J031: 22 /4 49-k «V4 18 STOCK MARKET RALLY FALTERS Numerous Issues in , . High Ground Again, Then Pace Slows Down NEW YORK, (ffJ--The stock market rally faltered Saturday after an early upswing in which numerous issues again stepped into high ground for the past year or so. Profit-taking on Friday's bulge, and the desire of some traders to lighten commitments pending the president's speech to congress were believed by brokers to have contributed to the slow-down. Transfers for the two hours were around 600,000 shares. Business news was fairly encouraging, from a market standpoint, and Wall Street took a constructive view of the economy move inaugurated in congress. Observers also thought the European outlook had improved considerably. On the climbing side were U S Rubber Preferred, International Harvester, J. I. Case, Westinghouse, Union Pacific, United Fruit and Eastman Kodak. Backward tendencies were displayed by Douglas Aircraft, Boeing, United Aircraft, Sperry, Glenn Martin, American Can, u' S. Rubber Common, U. S. Steel and Bethlehem. U. S. government and secondary rail bonds continued t ^S^^A^X^^aK?^ \TM*TM*** with a stove Hd- fhat"o a iL h£lI "M^ff of , bea « D e her. State prtiS ,3* h. 'iS^J^WjTM* 1 ^ *»»lB«riok. ,,,, fl ° ^i, ln t n u (her fathe «-" State Police Corp. murder. The baby was called "Rosebud" »»..*.,*. e baby) "l«*ed like W0uld char * e B » ri * GLOBE.GAZETTE SPORTS SECTION to move higher. Commodities were narrow Fractionally ahead in the curb were American Gas Electric Niagara Hudson Power and Gulf Oil. Electric Bond Share, Lock- and Wright Hargreaves heeci eased. Bond Market NhW YORK. «·)_ Continuance of the current forward swing in the bond market flipped prices upward traclions to over a point as the short session nearcd the close Saturday. Sizable gains again .spotted the U S government list, where inquiry was spurred, according to bond men. by increasing signs that business and the sov- ernmenl might get together and indications economy measues will get full consideration bv congress Rails headed the list as buyers' favorites. Here again, brokers declared, much Of the demand was predicted on hopes of congressional action favorable to the carriers. as well =s better traffic returns. Aside from a gain of about i- point In Brazil 6Ks and a modest Htt for Japan s'.is, foreign dollar cans were neglected. Higher elsewhere were Erie and Jersey 6s. Southern railway 4s. Nickel Plale 4!-s and 5Vis, Baltimore and Ohio convertible 4Vis. St. Paul os. Delaware and Hudson Refunding 4s, and Utilities-Power and Light 5s. Running against the main trend for minor losses were Santa Fc is o£ 'S3 and Bethlehem Steel 3»;s. 491? 19',i Yngst Sh (t T 50V, Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. ^ OMAHA GRAIN ^,,..,.. (Saturday M a r k c l ) OJIAHA, yp,_Wheat, hard. No. 3 c; JJo. 4. 64!67c; No. ixed durum eolic Oats, white. No. 5, 3, 28!ic; 63aWac; seed, No. Barley, mixed. 26c Bye. No. 2, 42c. Corn, none. tions unchanged. Cash: K nonhcm_77'A(l78Vic; dar 1 1. 75','*Q77'.'4C; I^o. 1 dark Close Total BOW JOXES AVERAGES Jnds. Rails X'ttls. ·· H3.M 32.93 2G.03 Sal " :.. 530.000 CHICAGO S T O C K S Butler Bros 8!i Marsh Field U" Cord Corp 3VI Walgreen Co 17' Am G. Am Cyan B Am Su Pow As G El 13-1 El Bd Sh ll'i Ford of Can 22-1 NEW YORK C f c R B 4: El 39'j Ford ot Ene 4(', Niag Hud Po\v !} Pennroad Cp ''i^ Std Oil Ky 13V'. Un Gas Co 2"« Un Li Poxv 2"« 'o. 1 heavy dark northern. No. "lard or No. 1 Lomson Brothers Market Letter CHICAGO--TCh ot T,,U."'"·£ ""j ···" Jcri «' outside buying ot Julj. The department of acricuiiur! s~^?^i-«» the comparable figure last year and re- both the U. S. and Canada, countries reported in- ductions Most European creases Per CL Ottaw. MS Which ran K ed from less than 1 cent to about R per cent. News from »--V nd ?y W CM was that the poiiev NEW YORK STOCKS Am Cry Sug 9!« Am C Fy aoy* Am Pow I, 6!a As Dry Goods S}« Baldwin Loco Ifiifc Briggs Mf Co 27*i Byers A M Co II « Cer dc Pasco 43 = :, Chcs S; Ohio 33'; Com Credit 13 Congoleum 26?i Cont Motor 3 Cudahy Pack l.i Curt-Wr Co A 25'1 rjist Cor Sea 2Hb F,l Auto iLte 34= i Eric R H I~ a Foster-Wheel 26 -rrceport Te.v 23 G«n Am Tr 58!i Glidden Co 22'- Port Ce 2414 Lorillard 23". Mack Truck 28 : i Minn. Mol Im oil Hou Oil rnew) 7=i, Inspiration l-s~i Kroger 24',, Motor Prod Ohio Oil 3' Packard Mot 4' Pub Ser N J 35- Pullman 35' Purity Bake 15 R K a 31 Reo Motors 1= St Jos Lead 3D 1 Simmons Co 30'.. So Cal Edison 27r« Sperry Corp 44: St G i E 3' Tid Wa As O 13'i Vanadium 27Vj Union Oil Cal I9-!i Un Gas S: I 13 Warren Bros 5\'y Worth Pump 20 U. S. GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YORK. (*·-- U. S. government bonds closed Saturday: Treasury- 3»is, 40-13, June. 103.2. Treasury- 3Vns. 46-49. 110.25 Treasury 4 "As. 47-52, 120.?. Treasury 3s. 51-55. 108.24. Federal Farm Mortgage 3s. 42-¥l. 105.25 Federal Farm IMtg. 3',is. 54. 10B.21. Home Owners Loan 2^s, 49, 102,19. Home Owners Loan 3s. 52, 107.29 Natie Mann Winner Over Buddy Knox in Comeback Ring Tilt NEW YORK, VP)--1t Natie Man can land his right a little oftene and more accurately, that come back he's trying may mean some thing. The husky New Haven, Conn belter, who has been trying to re gain the prominence he had befor Joe Louis knocked him out in three rounds about a year ago am Tony Galento did it in two heat a few months later, did a prettj good job against Buddy Knox d Dayton, Ohio, at Madison Square Garden Friday night. Mann's timing was off at time but be finally began to connec with his right and won the las five rounds to earn the decision in a tough 10-round scrap. A couple . the seventh ninth huit Buddy. Mann weighed 191% and Knox a pound less. Produce ..12c ifjc «c lie Be g c " ? c MASON CITY-- For Saturday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts ........ I3c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs Light hens, under 4 Ibs Springs, heavy breeds Spring Leghorns Cocks, heavy Cocks;'' Leghorns .......... Capons ................... 18-24c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less. Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade .......... 12-14c* Eggs, cash ................ 12-14c Butter, Iowa State Brand ____ 31 C Butter, Corn Country Butter, Plymouth Butter, Very Best Butter, Clear Lake Butter, Brookfield 29c 3i c 23c '.' ' 29c 2Dr , ........ 35c Early Ohio Potatoes, peck 32c EDITOR'S NOTEl-These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. Russet Potatoes, peck Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCIIANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City combined with an assurance to cr -5' a minimum acreage retu o the farnt-. minister oi agriculture said that t h e dominion treasury cannot contcm- Plato a continuance oi buying above the . a"i«" n nf S h!."TML n .'- hC CPCn mar lion "doila Place th =' « loss of between 40 and 60 mil- more than for the time being. Corn--Com prices afrain held within a narrow range, commission hoi °M seemJ! o want a little May around the 49Terl iSf^-Ji" "Port business was The CCC announced «econd of March com Ion 94'i million dollar^ on 166,000 oixTb" IL com. through the bushels British have wronged us _\vork changes The again. A reference our classic line. "She done him wrong," and mnkes it read: "She did him wrong."_Dubuiuc Telc- -raph-Hcrald. Bid and asked Saturday: Cent St El 6 pc: pfd ,523 par) Cent St El 7 pet pfd (S25 par! C«r.t st P 1,7 pet eld .... Continental Gas Elcc ptd Creamery Package com ... Hearst Con.s A ............. Geo A Hormel A pfd .'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Gco A Hormcl corn . Interstate Power 6 pet pli'" Interstate Power 7 pet pfd 6 23 30 60 6! 67 102 la Public Sc^icc 6 pct" pfd '.'. "a la public Service 6!i re! pfd S3 la Public Service 7 pct pfd lot la South Util 6 pct pfd '' la South Util 6!TM pct pfd la South Util 7 pct pfd "" Minnesota P fc L 6 pct pfd' Iowa Electric Co 6',i pc: pfd T OV i?, ?!" lric Co 7 pct pfd .. la El LI Power 6 pct pfd la E Lt Power G ' i cct pfd la r.1 Lt S: Pn-.vcr 7 pct pfd la Pou-cr Lipht G pct pfd .. 5E.°.5'.^* Li !! M JPrtP'1 - - 27 28 30 , . Minnesota 1 L 7 pet pfd Northern St Power G pet P fi P f Northern St Power 7 pet pfd £ Vr St Portland Cement com Rath Paekini: 5 pet pfd 0 ," 5 ' G * Erc: 7 " cl * I.t Pov.-er Class A - | ^H^^-'a*"*. Il^n;, o t i ^ . v . u . u,,^ ,,^^, v will meet .Monday from Vienna, Austria. Her husband atkins cafe for a 6:30 came from Vienna five months which the' ago. United Lt Pou-cr Class B United Lt i Po-.vcr pfd Uniled Lt t- Rys c pct wfd Lt A: Rys fi,3g pc [ , Lt Rys 7 pct pfd Western Grocer com .'.'.'.'.'. 101 04 2'a Z'.i 33 iW 83 80 20 *'.; 107 asii C'.i B ,11 32 62 63 69 104 306 101) 101 103 23 ,10 32 82 S3 65 70 25 103 96 CHICAGO PRODUCE (Sztnrday Market) CHICAGO, m--Butter M8.M5; steady- prices unchanged. Eggs. 18,854. steady; fresh graded extra firfis, local, 16^; other prices un- cnangcj. Sam Snead Turns on Heat to Win Playoff ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., (U.B-- The -winning streak of Henrv PicarrJ, Hershey, Pa., pro., \ broken Saturday by 25 holes o Slarnmin' Sammy Snead's bes golf. wSz J? ad 1vhife Sulphur Springs w. v., pro., who led America's money golfers in earnings las year, sank a short putt on the 25th green after Picard had barely - at3(Wo °ter Friday to take *h» c' rS £?" Ze in a P^y-off foi the St. Petersburg open championship. They had finished the prescribed 18-holes deadlocked at 69 --three under par, and the same kmd_ of golf each shot to m the regular 54-hole tie a tour- - nament They halved the nest six holes. Tony Rensa Heads Up White Sox Catchers PASADENA, Cal., (U.P.)--Mana- ger Jimmy Dykes passed a critical c-ye Saturday over the work of Tony Rensa, outstanding candidate to succeed Luke Sewell as urst string catcher for his Chicago White Sox. Sewell, = released has joined the Brooklyn board oi strategy. Other candidates for the catching job in spring training are Mike Tresh, recalled from Buffalo, and Ken Silvestri, purchased from St. Paul. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Saturday -Market) _KEW YORK, _M,_Eggs. 22.263. steady. B.utcr: 666.262. wc.ifc. Creamers-: Higher than extra. 2S',J827U: extra ID- score). 26f26?i; firsts '88-91) 24'4ft'6~ seconds (84-87). 23*.$fflzl. Cheese, 287.333; steady; prices unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES (Saturday Marktl) l/P; ~ Bullcr f u'«rcs storage Rookie Catches Eye of Cleveland Boss NEW ORLEANS, (U.R_ Manager Oscar Vitt of the Cleveland Indians had this to say Saturday | of Ray Mack, rookie infielder: '·That boy covers more ground than the San Francisco fair/' Word came from Holdout Lyn Lary at Biloxi, Miss., but no statement regarding his contract demands. Bob Feller hasn't touched a baseball yet. He runs in the outfield nnd does setting up exercises. Infielder Frank Scalzi literally had his legs run into the ground when Vitt tried for 10 minutes to hit a ball past him. Close Xov. 22?ic, J-fK fulures. rctrigcratoi standards: Oct. 19!,i,c. Storage packed firsts: March 17'/,c; April 17»ic. INVESTMENT TRUSTS ny The Associated Press) Bid and Asked Saturday Corporate Trusts Sh Corp Tr Sh AA Mod .!..'" Corp Tr Sh Ace Ecr Corp Tr Sh Ace Mod · Dividend Shares . . Maryland Fund Mass Invest Tr Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec voting . New England Fund .'..."" Nor Am Tr Shares 1353 .... Nor Am Tr Shares 1955 Quarterly Income Shares Selected Am Sh Inc ... . Super ot Am Tr A . .. Trustee Std Oil Shares A ... Trustee Std Oil Shares B U S E!ec Lt Pow A U. S. Elec I.t Pow B . U S F.lcc LI Jt Pow vtc 2.40 2.SS 2.33 2. S3 5.85 21.97 3.33 1.3S 13.54 2.35 2.91 11.37 9.62 a'.~2 S.3G 16.7.. 2.3D 1.05 1.45 6.50 23.62 14.59 FIGHT KESULTS PHILADELPHIA-Jimmy TyBh 136 Dcnvcr'tW?' culpointcd a ' CD "onio, 136.' Five Holdouts Left to Plague Mackmen LAKE CHARLES, La., UJS-- President-Manager Connie Mack has announced receipt of a telegram from Stan Sperry saying that the Athletics' infielder would report for spring practice as soon as possible. This reduced the number of A's holdouts to five, Outfielder Dee Miles, Catcher Frank Hayes, Pitcher LeRoy Parmelee and Infielders WiUiam Nagel and Bill Werber. The Philadelphia American league team held morning and afternoon workouts. dinner after IX TOP MATCH MIAMI, Fla., U.R--Arnold Minkley of Chicago and Bill Holt of Syracuse, N. Y., met in a 36-hole finals match for the Dixie ama- :eur golf title. the birthday anniversary but was postponed because of the slonn I h a t r t s v . . 1 regular meeting and refreshments j explored' area. Brazil "awnE" iW were served by Mrs. J. T. Charles- example, would like ti Drake Wins, Walts Outcome of Other Conference Tussles DBS MOINES, ff--Drake's Bulldogs, having finished their own season with a 64 to 32 victory over Grinnell, awaited developments in the Oklahoma A«- 2' es ' contests with Creighton and Washburn. Drake would win the Missouri Valley championship with 11 victories and three defeats if the Aggies drop bcth games. A tie would result if the southern team wins only one contest. Two Ag- NOT TOLD OF BABY'S DEATH Man Charged With' Beating and Branding Miriam Wolf, 2 MIFFLINTOWN, Pa. ({P)-22 year old former brickyard worker, held under police guard was kept uninformed Saturday ot ° t w o year old w i am Wolf, the "Rosebud Baby" he is charged with beating and branding. District Attorney Joseph Niemond said he might tell the prisoner, Paul W. Barricfc, later in the " this he is gie victories, howeve: r, would leave Drake in second place Grinnell made its final basketball appearance in the valley with Friday night's game. The Pioneers will be in the midwest circuit next year. Oregon Star Bids for Indoor Crown NEW YORK, (U.P.)--Wayne Sann of Portland, Ore., shot for his sixth straight tennis title of the KV^T sT f aso ? Saturday in meeting Frank Bowden of New York in the final of the national indoor singles championship. The women's title will he decided when Pauline Betz, 19 year olci sensation of the tournament from Los Angeles, meets Helen Bernhard of New York, national girJs' champion. Sabin and Johnny Shostrom of Full Tiger Lineup Ready by Tuesday LAKELAND,'Pla., CU.R)_ Manager Tj e i Baker , ooked fonvard to having his full Detroit Tiger squad m camp by Tuesday as he drills" field!n S and batting Boots Poffenberger, who had -- .,^,. liv , in »· iiiiuuibporc ivicl He , s expected soon to join other -tigers, including Pinky Higgins .nird basemaii obtained from Boston, who had his first workout. Phil Sockers BeF 7 irst of Homeruns NEW BRAUNFELS, Tex (U R)_ Chuck Klein and Pinky Whitney belted out the first homers of the reason for the Philadelphia Phil- J. E S during the first batting and :ielding practice. Klein, apparent- y angry at something, dropped one in the Comal river. Following the batting practice Coach Hans Lobert gave an in- ield composed of Bill Atwood at Urst, Klein at second, Morrie Ar- novicn at short and Whitney at third a brief drill that did not show sensational fielding. Fan Claims Foul, Judge Raps Hopes BALTIMORE, (/P) _ Simon Margot, baseball fan, appeared in police court to answer charges he beat Mrs. Mar»ot "I didn't kick her, I }u s t slapped her with my foot," he ''Well, isn't that a kick?" asked Magistrate Elmer H. «. " N £; Its iust Iike a baseball-the difference between a strike and a foul," explained Mar»ot This was a foul. I guess I just bunted her." , "f,' m about to make a base hit said Magistrate Miller, and held Margot in $100 bail. hicago Cubs Ready or Tougher Drills AVALON. Cal., CU.R)_The ar- ral s of infieMers and outfielders rought the Chicago Cubs' spring raining camp to full strength aturday. New arrivals get their first orkout Sunday with pitchers and atchers who have been on hand or a week. in the jail in tle mountain town where awaiting a hearing next Tuesday. . Th * baby died in a Sunbury hospital, 50 miles away, after lyine unconscious several days Corporal Richard Gray of the slate police said Barrick was a jealous suitor of the child's mother. The corporal quoted Barrick as saying he beat Mai-Jam "at least 50 times' and branded her with ' ' The baby-- called "Rosebud" be?? u ! e J^e was so tiny at birth- died Friday. She had been unconscious five days !f ns .J eported an autopsy death resulted from "an POSTOFFIGE HAD FEBRUARY GAIN Report Shows Trend Toward Record Year in Postal Receipts A strong indication that the Mason City postoffice is heading toward a record year was shown haturday m a gain of ?7D0.32 in February postal receipts over the corresponding 1B38 month The record possibility was shown further in the fact that local postal receipts during Janu-?^ nd F ^rua 0 - increased Si- over the corresponding months of a year ago ^i,^} SCal ^ ye eludes the ir receipts which in- period from July to also showed a gain oi v,'"..oj this year over the preceding fiscal year. John E. Sheehy Rites Held at Holy Family Catholic Church Here Solemn requiem high mass was sung at the Holy Family Catholic church Saturday morning at the funeral services of John E Sheehy 46, Mason City Ughtning rod sa esman who was killed "n ?" a "*° accident near Osceola, M %: Wednesday night The celebrant was F a t h e r p'a a Z l ^ tShefehy ' ? e * A of «« Department of religion, Catholic ^ruversity o£ America,' Washing- e eac °n was the Rev «cv. P p. the church CathoUc Ushers at the church were Stan ey Comfort and Carl Snyder bl Philly Scribe Has Newest of Attire PHILADELPHIA, f^P) _ A. newspaper reporter introduced a new wnnkle in sports writers' attire at a wrestling match Friday night. He showed up in the Fellow workers, o r n oranges and eggs, assured him: Youv-e got something there." WRESTLING RESULTS .._,,, , B 5" United Press fivt points for each correct answer^ for rcriiiar' lirijf-..'2 1 ?J^.'Wpllenl^an ItirnrWI.stirtJTft U roirTv_^r

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