The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 28, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1818
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1 rtccT LEAD S3 toHj sheet lead,' 5 sale by TTr i.s 8outh - t . .xj .. finer ttu it'U f 1 To be M, the house and ground fronting 'SwfcbLnne. belonging to the estate ol .' SSsImiH!! Milhgan, aaf at pre.ent ceo - Sd by Mr. David Ely. M'KfV P1?? . rlku a enquire of JOHN M'KEE, . Iqobf.?V?niha Rank ofNew - York. T. l i" - ' 1 . . feb u" . T I.RT. i three ttdrv brick house 1 .1 1 1 HO J - Vjiili , - a,irh - .tiet. next to the corner of H the lower room i communicate by folding door, hwim ; - rv - - .: ,:" - - ; - - , .. j.r for a respec lame private i.iuiuj. omf'j PETER 8CHEUMERHORN & SONS, , ChM lOt ' 243 Water - street to OH. ROY i received and lor tale by - A. T. GOODRICH & CO. K 124 Broadway, corner Oi Cedar - street. feb 88 ' . Slale ofJtew - I V Dunoaoce of an order of tiift honourable " . I - I - U - - L. .; ka ..IJ at public auction, at Hunt's Hotel, io the village . ' , L. 11.. 1 nnt lu.l at twelve o'clock at noon, under the direction fli tbe subscriber: AM that certain tract of land sit - ate, lying and being at Little Britain, in the town of Sew - Windsor, county of Orange, and state of New - York, and is bounded as follows on the east by toe lands of the heirs of John Welling, defeased, on the north by the lands of Robert R. Burnet, on the west by the lands of general Jmes Clinton, and on the south by the lanrfa of the heirs of Samuel J . L. Norton, deceas ed, cnntaiuhig three hundred and ten acres of land, be we same more or kss, wiui u.c Hereditaments and appurtenances to the same belong - ins: or io anywise appertaining. Dated February 17, 18111. THOMAS BOLTON, ieb28 lawtApldts Masterln Chancery. 1'BK Kit LoTTKRV AND THE MEST TO BE DRAW ST MILFORD ti OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY, to coiumence drawing the 6th May, and to be completed in twenty drawings. SCHEME. 1 prire of 70,000 Dollars 1 do 35,000 . 10,0(10 S.O00 ' 1,000 600 do do do 2 2 10 SO do do do do do do do 143 do 100 And an immense number of smaller prizes. Price of Tickets and Shares, Tickets $30 I Quarter $7 50 Halves . 15 I Eighths 3 75 Tickets and Shares in a variety of numbers, for sale by TaSSoTJlff 136 J5roa&iray. Prizes of other Lotteries taken in payment for tickets except those of the 3d class " Grand State Lottery " as it is called, which was a whole year drawing in Philadelphia, and the prizes remain unpaid to this day feb 28 THE NEXT LOTTERY, And flit mat tphndid in Me United Statu.' MILFORD k OJVf.GO ROAD LOTTERY. AUTHORISED by the atate of New - York ami New - Jersey. Positively to commence drawing on the 5th of May nest. 10,000 tickets only; to be drawn in 20 drawing. Price sf tickets SO dallars. - HIGHEST PRIZES, i prize of 70,000 Dollar 1 do. 35,000 Dollar . 3 do. 10,00 ) Dallars ' - 2 do. 5,000 Dollars The first drawn number to be cntilied to $ 5000 The first drawn on the 5th day 5,000 The fu - st drawn on the 7th day 10,000 Tie first drawn on the 1 Ith day 35,000 And the first drawn on the 15th day 70,000 Tickets, Halves, Quarters, Eights and Sixteenth, fur sale at Lottery and Exchange uriice, No. 54 Maiden - lane where the cash may be obtained for all the capital prizes soon as drawn. , Prizes in other Lotteries taken in payment, except those of the 3d class "Grand State Lottery," as it is called, which remain unpaid at this moment, ami which was one whole year in drawing in Philadelphia.' feb283t . DOMESTIC 61 OTHER WAREe. rPHE subscribers keep constantly on hand an JL extensive assortment of the following goods, in i Dutch and Eoelish . Gunny Bags, ' Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy - and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mat Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves - Do Hair do " Whips of every description Seine, tewing, wrap - pinp, b&leing and ball I'wtne - Fish Line Shoe tc Sadler Thread . Dearborn' Ballan - CbS, &c. Brno on Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head, do do do Cjoth ' do do do Weavers do , White Waih do Shoe & Scrubbii do ' ' Paint Brushes and 8ah Tools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row , Fvrnitnre Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clotltcs Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rope . Wrought and Cut Nails and Brad .Which they will sell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. , . . CEBRA k CUMING, fcb6. 76 Pearl - st reef. FLOUR, 10BACCO, fcc - 30U bbls. super - fine flour ... . - , , lafahdsold) . . . . 5 do new,, fachmond Tobacco 10 casks Flaxseed Laadiug fioiu sundry vesx - l. For sale bf feb 25 No. 02 Coffee - Hojse - tlip. IRON HUI.I.OU Willi.' A "ortmentof the above article consiMing ii if rt' kettIes baSe V griddles, skillets, bason, rjjiders, tea kettles, tic. per ton or piece, for sale by - T - CEBRA & Ctf MING, Jan 30 76 frl... r.OODHUEt CO. No. 44 Soalh - street, offer ofsnie, im bales of Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting of . . Baftas, chowdagaries, couas, emertie Jorrihs, blue gurrahi, entitled to drawback J - ong ClothijuaiDoody. mull mull oasnas, sawos and seersucker jJanriaunoes and lungee audy silk hdkfs . Jchee and madras patttrn hdkfs 10 pipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - Madeira wiue back ,1. a,k TrkT red wine l - ' ooxes sweet oil, 12 bottles each U clel it:lual letter paper J0 bxgs corkv 7 cases for hat 45 ceroous Peruvian bank, 6 casks seana o rates gum tragaKanth . . : " r 'i Turkey tipium C boxes Russia window gW u r JJu,,ia fel'r, 15 do do dows) bolt, Rllisja fluci ,,, ,nd 5(J (.nnMj - Ptgs block tin ; copper bolts assorted .. - ler, gunny bacs lied I to h d, - r,llahty Mujcovado Sugar, enli - n leo H ,a' .b',', H,TM' rcivd - f.r talc D ' - - . . , - - fit 6otb - treet " TjlCHMONTi FLOLTL - 150 IW. landing JL t&MCayiromuie cenr. emerald, furiaic by - . v ROBERT G1UX3PIE, feb 56 V . 112 Front - rtreet - , HARDWARE. . , . TOIIN WHEELEY ha just received from if : Liverpool, per ship Courier, and offers for sum, Hi fine - etreet . . 8 and 10 hok traca chain . Hand and sledge hammer Vices; spades and shovels Frvteg - pans and nails. " . Feb 57 Jw OUGAR U OLASSES. - t7 boxes while Su O gar, and 17 tierces Molasses, laading from brig Agnes, at Fly - Market - Wharf, la Store. 100 bale New - Orleans and Georcia Cotton, all of the new crop aiidr prime quality, .oL U M J. It TilfniV ico scr 04 aouin csoum - street. BLACK India Taffeta and company flag handkerchiefs, of superior quality, for sale by MARCH k LOW, cb!7 ZIO Broadway. N AN K KENS 1200 pieres blue oankeeus, entitled to debenture. For sale by G. G. 8. HOWLAND, feb 47 77 Washington - street GIN 41 bbls. 1st. prool coontrt Gin, in handsome new barrels just received, tor sale by JACKSON ti WOOLLEY. leb 55 75 Wall - street. TTLOUR. 117 barrels Richmond supeifme ti L 1 I 1U n M 1.. L. I from schr Monroe, and for tale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, feb 17 66 South - street. JEINE TWINE, tic 5 bales Seine Twine, J and I bale containing t o Seines, just ree'd Cer ship Washington, from London, and for sale y D. BETHUNE & CO. fub 27 9C. II. Blip.. AD KIR A WINE. 37 pipes of superior .11 quality, for sale atb7 Soutti street, by fb 27 S7. CHOIX RUM k SUGAR. . THE cargo bf the ship Virginia, Jos. Ridg - way, mater, from St. Croix, will corn - m. - nre lunuing to - morrow morning at pier 10. 3, North River, in front of the subscribers' store ; confuting of ' . 213 puncheons St. Croix rum, new crop 71 hhls and a quantity bbls ditto sugar Ditto crime quality For sale, on accommodating terms, by MfcMCK, KOUKR8 HI tU., Feb 23 lw No. 33 Washington - t. I3LUE NANKIN Is 5!i00 pieces Blue Nan - I J kins, oi suiK - rior ooi.lity, entitled to deben ture, forsale by 11URD & SEWALL, . let) Z4 05 outii - street. T.LOUR and TOBACCO. 500 bbls. Rich V ntond suif. Flour 29 hhds old and new Tohticco, ln bira m - ini, faeiu,.! ti . R AT II 1lan1 In Ilia IK For sale at 10t Front - street. feb 13 I ROK.1, DAVIDSON & CO. ZANI E CURRANTS. 1 cask containing 1000 lbs. iust landed and for sale at t7 buuth - street, by UAAIBUbtiU ti f EAKsUIs. feb 11 KENTUCKY TOBACCO. 10 To - riH - fivpH hr tltA hri FiiiAnrier. will hi landed to day. tit Fly - market - wharf, for salt by LIU KUl, BAY AKD 61 UU. leb 14 WOODSTOCK GIAiVLb r M1E subscriber has received and offers to his X customers and others on reasonable terms, a few trunks best drawn and round seam gloves. UtU. M. WIJjSUN, 130 Water - street. Cash will be riven for lieht red or shaved deer skins. feb. 24 POIU tK, CHEESE, BRANDY, 4iC 50 casks Hibbert double Brown Stout : 5 bas kets double Gloucester Cheese, received pr. ship tvasningioo , . - . . - a pipes nneiy navourea in proof eoraeaux Brandy, entitled to debenture 54 cask clean Flaxseed t lOtN) barrel Floor (Baltimore Howard street.) 300 boxes fresh Bloom Raiins. For sale by GEO. M. WILSON, 130 Water - street. feb 24 OLD JAMAICA RUM U puncheons high proof ofd Jamaica Ruin, landing from sloop Knickerbocker, from Bermuda. East side Peck - slip. For sale by 1 UlJlbK t LAU tVlc.?, feb 23 29 South - street. NAVAL STORES, COTTON, fcc - 400 bhls. soft Turpentine, 300 do Tar 50 do Pitch, 5 do Spirit Turpentine 11500 lbs. Argol, 15 basket Tapioca 600 Ox Horns 10 bundles Deer Skin 1 tierce Furs, Otters, Mink, &r.. - 2 bale 1st. qua). Sea Island Cotton 20 do do Upland do 14000 hhd. Staves and Heading 100000 22 in. C. Shingles for sale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT Si CO. feb 26 COFFEE, SEGARS, Aic. - I3 ts. and 33 bag Green Coffee 21,000 Segars, of superior quality, in half and qr. boxes 4 ddis nioscr - yano sugar, just received and lor saip at 77 wasiungton - st. feb 26 G. G. k S. HOWLAND. T riKGl.MA HEMP. 1 5 tons Virginia Hemp, a seieciea 101, ikaains, ana lor saie ny . GOODHUE H C( feh26 44 South - street. O MADURA 7.V, &e. OM ntnM ttilil If) nr rn.lrft f P. 1fti)Aiea win. of superior quality, for tala low, by th single ca;k, to close a consignment. 100 boxes bloom raisins ' ' , ' . 20 hhds molasses, will be sold low. by O. Si C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Feb 25 COTTON, DEER SKINS, &C - 3 bales Sea Island Cotton II bundles Deer Skin I tierce and 1 bbl. Fur 14200 Stave and Heading, afloat, and forsale by R. ti G. W. DAV ENPORT & CO. feb 21 OKNTEEL BOARDt.Va. FRANKLIN IIOUE. This new, spacious and splendid Building, situated in Broadway, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of Dev t. will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st oft May next, tor the reception or Boarders. It is fitted, and will be furnished in a manner not surpassed, for convenience and elegance, by any private dwelling in the citv. It occupies the moat eligible 'situation, bring central, in view of the Park and City - Hall t ihe upper apartment overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country for a circumference of 50 miles, including the Hook, the Narrow, and the ! arbour t and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or situation 1 and no expense having been spared by the owner to make it complete fir the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to ladies and gentlemen, ami families visiting the city, the most genteel, plcasxn'. and retired ft - partmenl. The choicest of Wineand Liquor will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be Bpai make the entertainment pleasant, rare and excellent. This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Boarding. - - M Us - . HENDERSON. . Wanted to hire, an English Pison, as head waiter to the above establishment t one who is perfectly qualified in every pect. He must show the moot undoubted evidence of bis a - bility and grxxl character none ' other need apply. Application mar be made at IS Dey - tret, , feb 24 DlCtf ' The chr. ADELINE, captairtTtrp - per. : A freurht to Oporto, Lisbon, or asouuiern port, would be preferred. Apply on boardat Piy - market wharf, or to ' . - , r. gillespie; " feb 27 ' ' 112 Front - tt. " rrr - - For SjtVsiMAU, . Jt Y The ast sailing packet brig AURORA, "W Thompson, mastor, will sail 00 Wednesday next in. the mean time will take what freight may offer ; for which, or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board east side Old - slip, or to , POTT& M'KINKE, Feb 26 66 South - sL Th fine fast sailing packet brig LE - IiiiMm VAKT, D. Wood, mastur, is now load - mg, iiaving half her cargo engaged ; will meet witn immediate dispatch For .freight or passage apply 00 board, west side Burling - slip, or to I H.BARRON, Feb 25 lw 136 Froot - st. For Alexandria, iturgtiown and tVatkmgton tiy. The schooner ADELINE, Edward Rummey, master, now half loaded - will sail on Wednesday, inst. weather permit ting. Those persons who have engaged freight are respectfully requested to send their goods on board. For freight of remainder or pas sage, apply on board east aide Old - slip, or to D1V1B BETHUME 8c CO. teb 23 92 Cofi'ee House - slip. ForSAyAjfAAH, The fast sailing packet brig AURORA, Wm. Thompson, master, will meet with early dispatch For freight or passage, apply on Doaru, easi siae 01 uia - sup, or to POTT k M'KINNE, Feb 24 ' 56 South - st. for WILMIMIXJJX. jV. C. The chr ADELINE, PelcgTupper, 1 master, will be dispatched immediately. For Ireight or passage apply to U. GILLKSI'IK, 112Front - st. Who offer for sale, 180 bbls tar, and a parcel of W. O. bhd ' stares, received by said vessel Also 200 bbls supf. Richmond Hour 55 bhds Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 20 tierces rice; 21 bles upland cotton 55 hhds molasses ; 200 bags coi.'ie , Ked and white port wine, in hhds and qr. Madeira do do casks Claret wine, in boxes of I dozen each 4 small boxes cotton laces Ati invoice of Dutch goods, consisting of soufl boxer, slates, slate pencils, marbles, jewellery, violins, ladies' work boxes, eolrgue water, lie. for LUA KLtyjUA, S C. The new elegant packet schooner TONTINE, S. Hoyt, master, will sail tins week, having half her freight ready to go on board For remainder, or passage, having ex tensive accommodation!, apply on board at pier .No. 20 east tide of Uurling - alip, or to SAUL ALLEY, Feb 23 . , 98 Pine - st. For H.if.l.VA, The brig MA11Y, capt. Brewster, a regular trader, now loading at Pine' Hrrei wharf, and will sail in a few days. For freight or pa;sage, apply on board, or to r et Zl IS. k Ii. T ALLOT I . FOR AMSTERDAM, " The staunch brig MARGARET, captain Funk, ha considerable part of tier cti 20 engaged, and will - tie diiputcbed witnout delay. For freight or passage, apply to 11. v us, No. 74 Washington - street, or to - 'J. C. ZIMMERMAN, - feb 19 tf ' No. 72 Wathineton - street. For FREIGHT or VUHRTf.R. The fist sailing schr. SALEM, burthen ifOO bbls. has made buttwovor - aees, and is now in readiness to receive a car go. For term apply on board, at Pine - street wharf or to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, feb 26 77 Washington - street. For Sale, Creig.V or Charier, The fast sailing brig SAILOR. BOY, J. Rodman, master ; will be ready to receive a cargo on Monday pextj 175 tons, and will carry about 1500 bbls. Apply on board, east side Ply Market wharf, or to D. BETHUNE k CO. Feb 21 WC.H. slip. For HALE or CHARTER. The valuable fast sailing brig AG - NESS, captain Harris, at Fly - market wliart, two rear old, burthen 184 tons, will stow upwards of S00 hhds. is in all respects in excellent order, and will be ready to re ceive a cargo in two days. Apply to N. k D. T LCOtT, feb 25 64 South - street CJ PICES. 5 barrel 1st quality nutmeg, KJ 5 bag do. Clove '3 do. do. Mace 1 5 sacks real Ceylon Cinnamon - just rec d and tor sale by feb 26 PETER REMSEN L CO. is L'M. - xQ hhds. 1st. prool new Rum, lor sale JACKSON & WOOLLEY, feb 26 31 75 Wall - street. IRISH LINEN. 5 boxes 4 - 4 Irith Linen, rbr 1 sale by IV. Jt S. CRAIG. feb 13 1 OLD JAMAICA RUM. 1 J puncheons high proof old Jamaica Rum, will be landed this day from sloop Knickerbock er, from Bermuda, east side of Peck - slip, and fortaleby TUCKER K LAURIES, Feb 25 - No. 29 South - ft. RICH HI I 'HONS 1 cases No. 5 & 12 Elegant Garniture Ribbons, of superior pat - ictus, nirsaic vj MARCH & LOW,, feb 26 210 Broadway. .V EH. OR L LA A"S COiVO.V tiBh.AFER. Of k Bale prime N. O. cotton, 4 do beaver, 4bJ vr landing irom brig - Financier, at Fly market wharf For tale by ISAAC F. lOE, Feb 25 lw 98 Mirrrays wharf. ToTm ' NANKINS M mmiJJ Pieces blue nankins, of very superior quality, entitled to debenture, for sal at 77 wasbington - st. Feb 18 O. G. & S. HOWLAND, JO COffLE, SLGAR, Ac. O O bags fine green coffee 30 half and quarter box Spanish segars, superior quality 4 bbls St. J ago sugar 10 hhdi New - Orleans do 200 lbs turtle shell 3 hhib Boston Rum Just received and for sale by G. G. fc S. HOWLAND, feb 27 . . 77 Wastiinx ton - street IRISH LINENS, DIAPERS, SHEETINGS. 'lUiOMAS SUFFERN, No. 6 Depeyster - i. street, ha iust received tier latest arrivals. a further assortment 01" 4 - 4 ana 7 - 11 linens, lorigj lawns, 5 - 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4. to 10 - 4 dowlas, oo. urogncoa linens, wruciiwitn tne following good;, wi'l he sold on reasonable terms, 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, low and fise aasortroeit 7 - 8 d in half piece 7 - 8 do baif bleached strong and ft for a - - row sheetings, to average 13d 7 8 lawns, 5 - 4 sLeebngsto average t3d 3 - 4 coame and fine brows Unco. . .fobttw - - Ar'Avcrto.'' ': ? - AY JOHN HUMES, Taciu'et tau. '. l ON Thnrsdar morning, the 5th Blarcb, at 10 o'clock at No. 66 South Front - street, 90 boxes canton silks, consisting of sattins, floren tines, galloons, sinchews, sarsnets, . sew ing silks, erapes, pungees, silk Utlkfs. different colors and dimensions, c. Also, 50 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of gtsrrahs, ' bafUa, choppa romalls, lungee ro - malls, seersuckers, giiri ah sawns, cossas, tan dah sawns, gurrah saunahs, sooty romals, china cus'tas, bandaunoes, itiadrass plain hdkfs. carridaries, janpour - awiis, checks, jalulpour sawnn, mamoodies, fcc. , AUo, 80 packages British dry goods. Cataloerues will be readv two tlav nrevious to the sate, when the goods may be examined. Philadelphia, ? J. W. LIPPI.M.O I T, ' Feb. 16. J Commission Merchants feb 27 3t AUCTION SALES Bv WIXSLOW SiCUAJtMtfG, BoiHm. ON Wednesday the 4th March, will be sold at No. 35 IuilU wharf, th following good imoortcd by Samuel G. Perkins ii Co. in the ship Pekin from India, (postponed from Friday, 20th iust.) . 1509 bags white Beuares and double boiled - Raduagore sugars . 564 bale Bengal cotton, of superior quality 459 bagi Patua and llungpore ginger 50 catm Bengal indigo prime quality . ' 70 bags fresh sago 20 tags salHower 18 Dieccs ivorv . !, . .: 3200 pieces Madrass blue guineas 8 & 9 rail 2400 pieces camboys, long aimensions 80 pieces Vtsntapollam handkerchiefs 640 pieces Madrats handkerchiefs, fine pat' terns, in trunks of 60 ps. 1 172 cotton shirts 3G00 sheep skins 6l9 tanned skins 30000 Madras goat fkins in the hair For terms and other particulars apply to PETER REMSEN k CO. 20 South - street The goods may be seen on Tuofdar, 3d MarcO. reDZ4 01 - riOBACCO 190 kegs nianulactured Ubac - JL co, lauding Irom the schr. Cyauo, from Richmond viz : 100 kegs branded Jno. Enders, 8s. No. 1 ' 27 do do do 8s. No 2 55 do do D R Rom, s. No. 1 For sale by CORN'S. DUBOIS. IN STORE, 11 hhds rye whiskey, 20 casks whiting 3 bbli roll butter 20 rolls sheet lead, 250 bags juniper berries Feb 26 lw i4a . TEAEUItfE WlJiE. tmi J pipes very uitrior cargo Teneriffo wine, landing from sclir Fayette, from Oratava, at the loot of Depeyster - sti ett, and for sale, on accom - aiodating tcrmp, by A. D. DUFF, Feb 24 Ct G9 Wasbington - st. J AN I ED, a girl to do the upper work of Y Y a small family. Apply at this Oluce. f.b26 FOR SALE, 4 CHARIOT and pairof Horses the chariot IX is fashionable and not much the worso for ware: the nores are Drifrnt nay, young, nauu some and well broke : they will be sold together or separate, and may be seen in stuyresanl street, next dobr to Saint Mark's Church. Feb 25 lw WANTED, A MAN and his WIFE, (who have no children) xl to take charee of a farm, a few miles from the city. .The man must understand the manage ment ot a term ana kilcDen garuen. 1 ne woman to attend a small dairy and do the washing of the lami v. As the nest recommendations will ne reauired. it is requested no application may be made unless such canhe produced. .Apply t feb 26 lot ' No. 243 Water - street. T1R1VATE LODGl.tGS. A single irentle JT. man can be accommodated, with one or two rooms, after the first of May next, with or without board, the room furnished or not, in a genteel and small family, the house is neat and pleasant, and in a healthy part of the city, about ten minutes walk from Wall - street For further information inquire at no. 126 Broadway. feb 23 TO FARMERS. '"jnHE subscriber can furnirh the farmers of JL the adjacent country with ground Plaster of Pans in any quantity, on the shortest notice, 10 barrels or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb 23 tf Foot of Harrison - st. N. R WANTED a situation in a school orpri vate family, a female of resnectabili tv, who has been accustomed to teach writing, arithmetic, geography, tic. Any lady in want of such a persou, will find the advertiser worthy of nonce, having oeen 10 we above - capacity in rngiana, and can produce satisiactory reiertn ces. For further particulars enquire of the prin ter of this paper. feb 21 TIVEXTY DOLLARS RErVARD. T OST, a red morocco pocket - book, contain - JLi ing between 60 and 70 dollar in note of the diUerent bank in this city, and sundry pa pen of no ute to any person bat the owner. The finder, by leaving it at 165 r ront - street, snail receive the above reward. r en 27 31 BOOK AUCTIOX. A VALUABLE collection of books, at the ISL Auction Room, no. 56 Chatham - street, on Saturday evening, 28th. Commence at half past six, precisely. feb 27 FOR SALE. Ur.iS A convenient 2 - story brick front HOUSE aud LOT, No. 29 Ann - street On th premise! there is also a comfortable back building, with 3 room baving fire - places, and 2 other apart' meats ; and io the rear of pis whole, is a car penter's shop, about 50 feet io length. This lot, which is 23 feet 1 inch io width, and 180 feet in depth, would be very suitable for a manufactur er, a carpenter, a livery - stabl keeper, or any business that req aires a good deal of room. for terms, apply at Wo. 17 Burling - slip. Feb 27 tf ROB ROY Compute. T OR ROY, a Nov el, Ay the celebrated au At. thor of Waverly, Guy Mannering, Tales of my Landlord, and The Antiquary. 2ols price J51 75, just ree'd and for sale by W. B G1LLEY,' . feb 27 3t 92 Broadway. ROB ROY. THE fuhsc liber respectfully inform his customers and those ladies and geutleraea who have partindany enquired for Rob Roy, fiat it 1 tins day pudiisned and (or sale ny ELIAs VALENTINE, 104 Broadway.Sd door below Pine - street Where all the new and interesting works may d nan. v itf i ror itnr rminrTP r WILEY k CO. No. 5 Wall - street have for W. sale Kob Koy, a novel in two volumes, by me uin - r 01 uuy mannering and 1 ale 01 my feb 27 3t lOu KOY, COMPLETE, was published Xi this Born ing at the literary Koonss, Broad' way, by JAMES EASTBURN k CO. Feb 27 3t . MOB RUY. by the author of Waveriy," II . If I H - . A fl 2 vols, price SI '5 ; jhivt received and for sale by feb 27 - ' - No. 2J0 Pesri street IL uavaiaaaerH.ff.ftc. lusipaixxneo okh, sale by PETtR A.MEMER, . febr No. 28 Wall - streeL GRAND BALL At tlClty HoteL MR. CHAR1U AUD h the Wor to io - form the Ladie and Gentlemen, that on Thursday evening, 12th ot March next, bis aa Dual Grand Bail, vill take place in - the Assembly Room of th City - Hotel. In the course 01 the eveniue two ballet and several fancy dances win nevmiuuiu;u bihi u vy . - i 1 w . kuu r - veral of hi pop.!. The room will be elegantly illuminated. ' Part 1 A pastoral diverting Ballet . 1. Mnrt h Lodoiska - 2. First entrance of the corp de ballet, by , 12 young lame . 3. Pas Seal Allegretto by a young lady A r.lU. Hnrimine ' h a voiinsr eentlemaii 5. The Gavote de Vestris by Mr. Charruaud and a young lady 6. Pas suel andante by a young lud 7. Pas de trois in tro ' by three youajladie 8. Pa seul andar.tuio ' ry a young lady, 9 Grand pawoul allegro s by Mr. C, 10. Corp de ballat final by 1 2 young indies, Part 2 The ballet cfSabotiers. or the Wood - ra Shoemaker's Cottage. ' 1. Enters a cake seller lst in the forest." 2. Enters Mr. Chairu'aiid acting part of a clown 3. A pas seul by a younf lady. . 4. Enters three Stbotiers and dance with clubs and wooden shoes by 3 young gentlemen. 5. A dance half comic by Mr. C, 6. A piutoral dance by 5 young ladies and & young gentlemen. 8. Grand solo with wooden shoe bv Mr. C. 9. f inal by the whole. Manager of the Ball, Mr. Biart. The Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, and the ballets at 9 precisely. Tickets One Dnllnr, to be had at Mrs. Gaston's 42 Broad st. ttt the bar of the City Hotel, and at the door on that evening. Gentlcmrn are not allowed to dance in boot, feb 24 W r.iLUADLE rUWERlY. Forsale. the Dover Iron Manufacturing Establishment, in the county of Morris, and statu of New - Jersey ; consisting of a rolling and slit - tine Mill, in trood rcpnir. which work two pair of rollers and cutters, shears, klc. all at the tame time ; a valuable forge with two fires and one hummer in pood repair ; a stork of coal and ore on hand, tulhcicnt to make hfly tons of iron ; a gond saw mill ; a cut nail factory in good repair, suflicii - nt to employ thirty men, and may be ex tended to employ one hundred more ; a brad cutting mAchiueand a steel furnace in jrood repair: convenient to the works is a store and a number of houses for the accommodation of families, and excellent, stabling for teams that may be necessary to keep for the ure of the establishment ; al so. orchard, pasture and uerdow lots, imme diately adjoining the works, with timber land in any quantt'y, not excreting two inousana 11 re hundred acres, withiu three miles of said works. The great vein of iron ore, commencing at the noted eiit"!iaiiinny mine, runs more than 2 mile through this tract, and three mines are now open, from which the forge are supplied with ore, aud more may De opened aud ore ruiiea 10 suopiy works to tiny extent t the mines ere within two miles of said w orks. and good roads, so that the ore can be raised and delivered at the forge at two and a hall dollars per ton. Hie above dr scrtnea worus are snunien on Rockawav River, about eight mile from Mor - ristown, twenty five miles from Elisabeth Town, nnd about the same distance from Newnrk, with good turnpike roads leading from said works to each place, in a pleasant healthy situation, mid in a good neighborhood, there being two I'ruhy - terian Churches within four miles, and a friends' meeting house within two miles of said place. This stand for collecting bar iron for the slit ting mill it very commanding, there being nearly one hundred forge fire in the county ; most ol them are on the stream above Dover, and the iron, in going to New - York market, can conveniently pass those works. At Ibis mill frequently four tons of bar iron have been slit and btiuutcd into nail and spike rods in a day. and upwards of one Hundred tons 01 nan nave oeen maue 111 a year. A large amount of good may be sold at this place in exchange for bar iron,procuring sup nlits. sec. ne. 1 nere are vaiuaoie ciie ooiu a bove fet below on this tract,on which more work may be erected. , , , A LEO. That valuable well known farm, lying in Ihe townthii) of Randolph, anouttwo miles from Do - vcr, and fix miles bom MorrMown, and ntthfci one quarter of a mile of the Union turnpike road, near Pleasant valle v. called the Distillt - rr Farm. containing about three hundred acres, about one lourth part ol wnun is excellent meaoow, one fourth part plough and pasture land, and the re mainder timoer. A considerate pan 01 ine 11m bur i of the original growth, and is suitable lor sawing, the other part i thrifty young timber, from fifteen to twenty years growth. There are on said farm upwards of six Tiuqdred apple trees 10 fine order, eight to sixteen years old, the most of them of grafted fruit, and more than half of them Harifon apples, so famous for cider. The meadow are flat and free from itone, through which runt two lively streams of water, and nearly the whole may be watered. One of tuoe streams is sufficient for a grist - mill or other work t there are (aw mills, a grist - mill, a fulling mill and oil mill, on the saute stream. On laid farm are two valuable scites for water - work, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raisw a considerable pond, with twelve or filteen feet head. Below this the water can be taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on rood firm ground, is more than twentv feet fall. In this way the water can be worked twice over with Die expense of only one dam. There is on said farm an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the rider work i the still - house, so conveniently situated that the whole operation is completed without pumping. The wuter for condensing the spirits is supplied from a never failing spring, within six rods of the still house, and has sufficient .head to ran into the ciflerns. The building comist of two small frame dwellings, one good frame bam, 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, under a part of which i a good cellar ; there are also bay bouse, cow sheds, iic ALSO, Valuable property at Longwood, in the town ship of Jeoerton, six miles from Dover, on the maia branch of Rockaway River, consisting of a very valuable forge, with two Cret and one ham mer ; abundance of water the whole year, a large I pona, ana a very warm suuaiioo, ana ior uiieen year past has made at much iron at any two fires in the couuty. The or i within four mile, and a part of the road turnpiked. The several tracts connected with this establishment amount alto ether to about fourteen hundred acres, the great' er part timber, to make a durable supply of coal for the forge. Immediately adjoining the forge is very valuable plow and meadow land toftVient tor Uiree farms cf one hundred acres eacn. witn houses, orchard and haras, beside several good dwellings for the families that may be employed in working the forge. The whole or any part of tlii very valuahle property will be sold at sncb price and credit a will make it worthy the attention of any person wisning to pufciiaie. ior luruier loiormauon enquire of JACOB LOSEY. ntDover. ISRAEL CANFIELI), al Morrittown. BLACK WELL H M' ARLAN, at N. York feb 26 D&Ctf TO LEASE, form term of veari. The house and lot No. 20 Cedar - street, containing six rooms with fir places, besides the kitclien, pantries, vaults. c. ana a weu 01 avfftftfta - For sale, tlie unexpired term, eleven years, of the lot No. C'J Murray - street, mine ocvupiiu of William Patterson, on lease from th Episcopal Church du St. Esprit logins of , J. W. k W. C. MULLIGAN, - fib 25 dtf No. 44 Pioe - sUeet - jrl TO LET, vl2 Tlie following Houses vix: . ThehMife 5 John - street Tk hoiiaa No. 97 (In TtM bonia and store No, 395 Pearl - stre - t '. Ti house and store No. 131 Cherry - street The house No. 23 Cou. - tland - treet. Apil to feb 1 1 No. & Bowery, TO I.F.T. . - . ,n a From the first of May next, a nent two - story hour, with a garlra and tUhlo. situate at Ute tipper end ot Broadmy, near Jouei - tfreet Apply at Ne. 95 Ltterty - itreet " " Febtt 4t ... PUBLIC SALES P. L. MILLS k CO. . ' Mooday, : ' ' At half oast 9 o'clock. i their BucUon - rtMet. no. 148 I sarl - slrcet, a general assortment of r ioco and fcogush Ufti iiUODa. Wednesday, 4thMardi? . At 12 o'clock on the premise, the Lat and Hons in Sullivan - street, 3 door outhcast of ' Broome - ft. the front of the bouse is of brick, SI , feet wid nod 35 deep the lot it 21 (bet front and rear and 70. feet Uct there are 6 rooms with fire - place; and 3 bed - rocms the front ' rooms are corniced with bard coat, th entiy it fiuishd in lb same manner 1 he &W rmiua is built of the best material, and well calculated for a genteel family Tb term will be reasoa - able and made knows oa the day of sale. Any persons wishinr to purchase at brivala sale, wilt ' call at the auction room, or oa the premise,' .' . BY J. P. DIETERICH&CO. . AT FRI VATE SALE, 5000 acre of land, in Wood County. (Ya.) within 10 mile of Marietta, and 5 miles from the vino juver. izou 00 ui uieumn 01 riaiisDurgn, Clinton County, New - York. 400 do. in Pike County, Pennsylvania, and on excellent impro - ' ved farm oi'siOO acres, on the Coshecton turnpike . road. The two last will be tx hanetd for pro ru.t. rt 1 1 in rit. 1.I N.ur.VifL A. i,T wn n rr Kan. dite. Apply at the auction room. MARBLE FOR BU1LDJAG, kc . r TH E proprietors of th southern marble qna - ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, ' at the . Jung1 ' - Bridge Marble end Ltme - Iara, loot.ol Ueach - slrect, on the Ilu&on river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following d - . scnptions, vu ; Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone ' Chimney - pieces ' ' Facings ' - Columns C Watettabls Step Platform Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the bett quality.' 35 - A owtant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; nod those Jejiroos of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. ( ' r Til f - nr.trftrta vhirl, itr 1 1 ho mrt mrA hi. to ior the street manure, will commence on the 1st cf May next, for 1 or 2 years, to l mentioned io tiie sealed proposal 1 and the streets are to be twent and cleaned, from the 1st ef March to the 1st f January, in every year. Feb 21 NOTICE. ral umignment of all the f slate of John Murray k cons, lor the benent of creditors at esprritcu in the Hstignmcnt, hnve authorised Peter Ludlow to liquidate the unsettled accounts and to, reri ivc put mcnt of all debts due to the said fit m. ' or to Ihe individual partner who will attend to . the saoic at Ins uffice", No. Ill Pearl - street. - WILLIAM BAYARD, feb 24 tf ' II EN Hi BARCLAY ? , . In the Advrrtixcnicnt signed bv me and published in the New - York Gazette of the 7th. 9ih and and .14th f January last. I free lv and cheerfully come forward to saw that I was totally mislead in respect to Mr. Arthur Hirst ; that I am perfectly convinced he had no connexion with Lee, and was uUeriy unae quainted with the transaction between Let and mvself, I do this from a sense of duty to Mr. Hirst's character, which 1 am free to ac knowledge is, from every thing I have beard, and now know of him. . uniniDeachable a tot integrity, honor and honesty and that I verily" believe him not only above committinf , but" above even countenancing in Die least cegree, any dishonest or unworthy action. ! - feb24 1w' ' JOHNCUFFE: TO MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS t 1 MECHANICS. , . 7 ' HJ3 Information i respectfully solicited from all perrons, putsessing information on tbeiubjsct of the late proposed Tariff by the secretary of the treasury, showing the comparative dinersnc between the specific duties a reported, and the adralorem duties, on goods in .their respective branches ; With ruch commsats they may Biinkv proper Io communicate. Communication to be sddrcssed to M. W. Brett, Secretary of th Correiponding Committee of the American Society for the encouragt - meut of Domestic Manufactures. .. - Feb 24 lw TuE FORUM TP Will be opened on Friday evening next; the 27th instant, at th Assembly Room, City Hotel, when th following questipn will be dis cussed : " Ought the minds of women to be cul tivated by the same studies a those of men ?n j Discussion to commence at 7 precisely. - A ticket will admit a lady and gentleman. - Tickets to be had at D. Longworth'i, Park, and at roe door, at 23 cents each. The surplus proceeds of the evening ar appropriated to th Society for the relief ol respectable aged indigent Female. ' . Feb 25 NOTICE. 03r AS we James and Samuel Maeinniss, Blacksmiths, have commenced partnership, at No. 19 Dey - street Thi notice is to caution the public, not to take or receive any Note, Indorsement, Bond, or any other security is the name of aid firm, a their business is to be carried oa , without such assistance without the personal assignment of tlie parties comiiosinc Mid firm., jamu .viAt - iisioa, v . - SAM L MAGINN1SS. V feb 26 1w r - fiT" ADMINISTRATION on the Estate of PhiliD I. Hone, deceased, having been granted to the subscribers All person having demand against said Eitaje are requested to produce . them duly authenticated, to John Anuion, Ed. No. 338 Pearl - street, and all person indebted to the said estate are requested to ssake irnmedi - . ate payment at th same plcw THOMAS 11 AZARD, J4 . tnlin lUTflnv JUUll ,AiS t . . . feh26 lw .. - ..' (r A stated meeting of tlie Trettees ef Columbia College, wilfb held on MonsJay next, the 2d of March, at 10 o'clock, A. M. in Ibeool - leg. CLEMENT U MOORE, Cik. feb28 3t 0r '1'be iatermediate examinaUon ot the Sl.i.rnt. nf Co umbia Crtlcge, wuj cowroeace hvilb that of the senior Class, m Tuesday March. 3J. at 10 o'clock, A. vi. ai ine vo.. . The attendance of the 1 nsstees of to Conege, of the parenU and goardialis of tbe Students, of the Clergy, and of ihe graduate of the College, - is respectfully requested. . - ,,:." - . CoforobiH College, Ftb - Jj, 1313.. - . frh 26 41 - ' - nrT Theco - partnersiiip.uf tlni uikleraigucd expired on the 31t Decemlier last - K - fcb27 2t . WM. 8. TAIXMADGE.'. rralefulhr acknowloV the rtceint of - 10 froat. the gentleosen of Ihe Fornm. Fab 27 - 3l? (LT - Mr. AN rreiiCEK. wntow sue late Capt Alamoo penCer, would feel herself particularly obliged by bi erediiors, if hey woutl send their accounts, in the course of th e sii.g week, to No. 3 White - street. A piompt atteutioa to this rcdjesf would free her ssind fromx a considerable har I uncertainty ior xorncx iq.formation of the amount of property Taft bf Caps. 8. .... .. , s' - . ten 17 irw Tt . 'v to Lkrs ' aLA The stnr No. 20 Wall - street wppry atuie stov'r ...v. - ' , - feo! tf ICE. - 46 aire. pmu H, . ' ' - , . t , .ski ftp 25 - i f ' 44 souia - timtt

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