The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 25, 1944 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1944
Page 7
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PORT ON WAR R ROTARIANS Dfficial Movies of Battle Scenes Shown otarians and their guests ii«ved the movie entitled "War l'.*ai l tment Report" at the regular ·ting of the club Monday noon he Hotel Hanford. he movie showed some of the st combat scenes which have filed by the army and navy era crews, as well as some ured films, which gave an of| il and dramatic report by the eral staff on the military sit- on. cenes of the landing in Sicily ·' Battle of Salerno Beach, the [Juction of Mussolini by the I {.-mans and operations in the Ijomons were shown. 1)1. E. Bruce presided at thi jjating in the absence of Fathei Burnett Whitehead, president o [ club. L. P. Loomis was chair of the program committee. nests attending the meetini I Hotarians Fred Iversen, low; A. H. Runcie, Clear Lake W. Stoner, Hampton, ler guests were Dr. G. J. Sar H. W. Morgan, Russe Inpson, D. Henn, Jerry Polam l-itt Milligan, Herb Ohrt, W |!-Hall, Ray Roricfc, I. W. Hill tn, B. A. Webster, L. A. Mill! I H. H. Halloway, G. A. Aus Ij, H. A. Towner, H. D. DeWol |iell Landries, Dr. Paul Peter P.abbi David Herson, Simo |eorge Barrett, H. J. Reiber, tl A. N. Rogness, Leo Sweene IT. Ciapsaddle, H. A. Steddo VIrs. Susan E. Richey Services Held; Burial at Rockwell Cemetery in H. Wahrer, E. R. Steinberg, . Hansen, Peter Anderson, Dr. J. Roddy, Burton Sprole, R. L. ames, H. Greene, D. V{. Clark, on Gilbert, Bert Baumgardner, avid E. Smith and Robert L. age. Funeral services for Mrs. Suan Elizabeth Richey, G9, who died t the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. Kaiser, Rockwell Saturday, ollowing an illness, were held Monday afternoon at the Congregational church at Rockwell, with he Rev. Mr. Aarasmith of Sibley ifficiating. Mrs. Verle Zeidler, Mrs. Ed Calahan, H. D. Africa and G. J. Pier- ol sang "The Lord Is My Shep- lerd" and "Have Thine Own Way Lord." Mrs. H. D. Africa accompanied. Mrs. Paul Breeding, Mrs. Fred Silers and Mrs. Clyde Sawyer were in charge of flowers. Honorary pallbearers were Kenneth Marsh, John Marsh, Harry Brokan, . Cal. Dfcuglas, Charles Marsh and Dane Marsh. · Active pallbearers were Horold Long, Frank Kelck, Erick Levanhagen, John Nelson, Clyde Sawyer and George Simon. Burial was at the Rockwell cemetery. The Patterson funeral home in charge. EXCEEDS QUOTA CONDEMNATION APPEAL BEGUN Jury Hearing Claim of C. A. Pine for Damages A jury of 9 men and 3'women, most of them from rural homes, had been picked Tuesday noon to hear the evidence in the appeal by Charles A. Pine from damages awarded to him by a sheriff's jury in condemnation proceedings for the Mason City municipal airport. Presentation of evidence began Tuesday afternoon after the jurors had heard Ira W. Jones, attorney for Mr. Pine, and City Solicitor Charles E. Cormvell of Mason City, state their cases. Mr. Fine is asking $4,950 damages. The city condemned a 100 foot wide, 3 acre strip across the exact middle of Mr. Fine's 43 acre farm in order to construct an open drainage ditch, Mr. Jones pointed out. The ditch is in effect a storm sewer for the airport runways, he declared, and is likely to subject part of Mr. Pine's pasture to overflow at the outlet. The duty, of the jury is to determine the value of the farm before the ditcli was constructed and afterward, said Mr. Cornwell, the difference between the 2 figures representing the amount of damages to which Mr. Pine is entitled. He called attention to the fact that the drainage ditch does not ha"e its outlet into Willow creek on the Fined $25 for 300 AT ANNUAL Employment of Minors G. F. Hochwender, manager of the H. H. Bowling alleys, 218 S. Federal, was fined $25 by Police Judge Morris Laird Monday afternoon on a charge of allowing minors under IB years of age to work in the alleys. Hochwender was arrested- by police Monday afternoon. MASONS HOLDING RITUAL SCHOOL Conducted by Grand Lodge Custodian Board A regional school of instruction conducted by todians of the the board of cus- irand lodge of Iowa, A. F. A. M., opened at. the Masonic temple in Tuesday morning. Mason City Fertile--The fourth bond drive was completed in Fertile a few days ago. Under the supervision of C. N. Jorgenson, chairman, and his helpers the drive went over the top with $8,050 in sales. The quota was 57,700. Back the Attack Buy War Bonds 'SALADA" Pine farm but about 100 feet south of the line on the Furleigh farm. It was brought out that the condemnation does hot change the title to the 3 acres on which the ditch was constructed but merely gives the city right to construct and maintain the ditch. Mr. Jones insisted the ditch would necessitate air. Pine building a bridge for his cattle to cross to their pasture during high water. Members of the jury are Forrest Lair, Genevieve Oswald, Axel Anderson, J. S. Meehan, and Victor Tiedcman, all living on Mason City rural routes; C. H. Sears and Forrest Bruce, both of Clear Lake; Edith L. Ciner, Plymouth; Flor 7 ence Wenzel and Chris Floy, both of Thornton, and Vern Barlow and H. A. Baldwin, both of Burchinal. The purpose of the school is to give instruction in ritualistic work. The school will continue through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with sessions morning, afternoon and evening. Masons from the surrounding territory will be here for the evening sessions. Giving the instruction are John T. Ames, Traer, secretary of the board of custodians of the grand lodge; H. L. Lockwood, Charles TEA Leaves Suitcase for Wife to Carry; She Refuses; Thief "Aids" Salt Lake City, (tP)--N. P. O'Riley left a suitcase of clothing on the sidewalk for his wife to carry into the house. Mrs. O'Riley decided her husband should do the totin'. She came in empty handed A third person, however, accepted the burden. When the O'Rileys went out later, the suitcase was gone. City, past senior grand warden; the Rev. Sterling Baldwin, West Union, district lecturer; Dr. C. E Wright, Clear Lake, past grand master, and Joe Sumner, Mason City, senior grand deacon. John Dougall Rites ield at Local Chapel; burial at Elmwood Funeral services for John Douall, 75, who died at a local hps- ital Friday following a short ill- ess, were held at the Major Memorial chapel Monday afternoon, vith the Rev. E. Ray Bugger, pas- or of the First Baptist church, of- CEMENT FIRM'S EMPLOYE DINNER 62 Northwestern States Group Now in Armed Services Three hundred attended the annual employes dinner o£ the Northwestern States Portland Cement company at the Hotel Hanford Monday evening. B. A. MacDonald, vice president and assistant general manager, presented greetings from Brig. Gen. Hanford MacNider, president and general manager of the company, who is in service in the southwest Pacific. Sixty-two em- ployes of the company have'now entered the service. Mr. MacDonald . complimented the employes at the plant for doing an excellent job in spite of handicaps. "I want to especially commend' you on the excellent safety record," he said.. "You have just completed 631 days without a lost time accident and considering the conditions prevailing during the period that this record was made, this,is certainly a grand showing and I hope we will achieve another 1,000 days' record. "Our sales department, laboring under wartime conditions, facing governmental restrictions of many kinds, is to be congratulated on the snowing that it has made. In fact, every department has done a swell job and we can well be A LINE O'PIPE Stick to the Pipe--Let the Smoke Blow Where It Will By T. PIPE GAL'S PHQTOS Most pictures taken now of gals, Display a grin so wide, A person gets a quite a view, Of all their mouths inside. We sometimes wonder mildly if, These pictures, large or brief, Were taken of the gals or if, They're photos of their teeth. Simile: As unusual as a picture of a gal without a grin uu her face. --· -At that, anyone's face, or picture of their face, looks much better if equipped with a smile. A smile is so easy to make and so easy to take, it is a wonder there are not more smiles worn on every day faces. Yet they are so scarce on would think they were rationed at 18 points per smile, -- · -The recent mild weather had" us worried considerable. We were afraid the amateur premature robin seeers would burst forth with a robin seeing illusion. But as we heard no reports of such ail occurence perhaps we enjoyed our anxiety to no purpose. postal received and mighty glad to hear from you and that you met up with Chuck. However, you didn't send your address. Which is probably just as well as no doubt I wouldn't have written to you anyway. Everything about the same around the office. Don Adams swiped me a couple of nice calendars and then some one swiped them on me. Any one who would swipe a swiped calendar should be ashamed. Hope all is well with you.--T. P. --· -We have been trying for some time (o persuade the good looking gals at the public, library to have all! the mystery stories put ill one section. Sort of segregated so to speak. But the net results of our endeavors have been nuH and void and exceedingly nil. Which was no more than a fellow might expect, wimmen being what they are. Tuesday, Jan. 25, 1944 7 MASON CITY GLOUE-r.AZETTK [ ERE BACKING YOU UP IN THE iciating. Mrs. Forest Jacobs read 'Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross" and : God Will Take Care of You." Mrs. Roy Servison accompanied at he organ. Mrs. J. C. Robinson and Mrs. August Johnson were in charge oJ lowers. Pallbearers were C. C. Halphide, C. E. Oeschger, George Mather, C. E. Blanchard, K. I Waughtal and H. A. Phillips. Burial was at Elmwood cemetery The Major funeral - home in charge. Mrs. Donald 0. Boyd Gets Divorce, $120 Monthly Allotment Corenne A. Boyd has been granted a divorce in district court here from-Donald O. Boyd, U. S. army, on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Judge T. A. Boardmore who signed the decree approved a stipulation between the two by which the wife is to continue to receive the maximum allotment from the army of $50 monthly for herself and S70 monthly lor 2 children. The couple was married at Decorah July 22, 1938, later divorced and then remarried at Princeton, Mo., Feb. 23, 1943, living together until Jan. 14, .1943, according to the petition. proud of our entire organization." The industry in 1942 shipped a total of 185,000,000 barrels of cement, it was pointed out. While final figures for 1943 are not yet available, it is estimated that the 1943 shipments will be in the neighborhood o£ 120,000,000 bar- els, a decrease of some 35 per ent. Some authorities in the industry think that 1944 shipments viU drop to 75,000,000 barrels. This would mean a decrease of GO per cent from 1942 shipments. 'I do not believe that our shipments will show a like decrease as ve did not participate in any substantial governmental business during 1943, only about 6 per cent of our 1943 shipments going to governmental projects," Mr. MacDonald stated. "We feel that our 1944 shipments should approximately equal our 1943 shipments." Thirty year watches were awarded to Peter Andersen, secretary-treasurer; C. A. Hanson, assistant to the sales manager, and H. M. Johnson, plant employe. Twenty year gold medals went to J. C. Burkhart, R. L. Billings, F. B. Coons, G. H. Bandelet, C. A. Gibbs R. E. Miller, S. G. Murren, R. J. McEwen, J. F. Paine, I. J. Repp, Shelby Ruggles, H. E. Shaffer, George L. Sharp, H. G. Statser, C. F. Stewart and William P. Gump. Two year silver metals were awarded to Robert C. Turk, H. H. Haxton, P. J. Leonard, A. E. Ashley, E. T. Kelly, B. C. Neal, Fred J. Miller, C. N. Austin, L. McElroy and M. O. Kittleson. The program included war pic- lures and an excellent vaudeville show from Des Moines. THE HEIGHT OF SOMETHING OR OTHER. MAKING EVERY E N D E A V O R TO FREEZE WAGES. ASKING LABOR TO INDULGE IN WAR BOND BUYING. A w Not but what labor will indulge in war bond buying to the full extent of its ability. But when all the blood has been squeezed out of a turnip, it is rather an insipid looking object. ^ w It would seem that some of the sreat minds in Washington considered it treason for labor to ask for more wages, but jrood business to hike the cost of the things labor must purchase. It's a great life. --·-- With the present scarcity of automobile traffic jay walking has become a popular pastime. Stop and go signs mean but little to pedestrians and persons flit back and forth across the streets between intersections with never a care or lookout thought. But we did not give up hope of bringing to pass such a boon to readers of mystery detccative story novels. So when we met up with Miss Barretle in the library we put the matter squarely up to her. We explained at some length what a nuisance it was, and how difficult a feat it was, to go in the buck room and dig out one of these books from among thousands of other books. We told her how much the mystery lovers would appreciate being able to stand in the midst of a whole flock of de- tccative stories well knowing that wherever they looked or what ever they choose, it would be a book after their own hearts. LIST SITES OF 32 SECTIONALS Mason City Not Among North Iowa Points Des Moines, M 3 )--Sites for 32 of the 64 sectional boys' basketball tournaments w e r e announced Tuesday by the Iowa High School Athletic association. Sites for the other 32 sectional meets will be announced later. The tournaments get under way March 1. Those announced Tuesday.: Altoim. Albia, Atlantic, Bel- inond, Bloomfield, Boone, Brooklyn, Cedar Rapids (McKinley), Chariton, Cherokee, Clinton, Creston, Des Moines (Dowling), Elkader, Estherville, Forest City, Fort Madison, Glenwood, Grundy Center, Hampton, Harcourt, Harlan Humeston, Ida Grove, Iowa City, Jewell, Laurens, Livermore, Lost Nation, Maplelon, Manning and Marble Rock. " Principal James Rae indicated that Mason City is not among the sites being considered for the remaining 32 tournaments at the sectional level. However, unce more our efforts were n and v and exceedingly n. For though we pleaded until great briny tears rolled from our manly cheeks and fell with a dull sickening thud on the welt polished floor, the librarian refused to become impressed. She said that finding a mystery book should be no mystery to those who solved, or tried to solve, mysteries. And rather insinuated that if we were so darn dumb we were unable to find a mystery book, we could so inform one of the gals or her personally and a whole armful of them would be provided on short notice. Well, anyway, we tried. TAKES NAVY POSITION Bancroft--Miss Maureen Quinn, daughter oE Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Quinn, left for Iowa City where she will spend 2 weeks indoctrination at the administration building at the naval air base before leaving for Washington, D. C. Maureen has accepted a position in the navy department. Child's Colds Relieve Misery -Rub on Time-Tested V/APORUB Help meet your company quota F. 0. Lyman Services Held at Local Chapel Funeral services for F. O. Lyman. retired carpenter of 119 2 i t h S. \V., who died at a local hospital Tuesday following a lingering illness, were held at the Mnjor Memorial chapel Monday afternoon, with the Rev. A. N. Rogness, pastor of Trinity Lutheran church, officiating. Mrs. Glen Wallace sang "Rock of Ages" and "Jesus Lover of My Soul." Mrs. Roy Servison accompanied. Pallbearers were Harry Rob- erls, Leon Woodward, R. P. Hanson and R! R. Nesje. Burial was. it Memorial · Park cemetery. The Major funeral home in charge. Nursery for Preschool Age Children Planned by Mrs. K. Willhour Mrs. Katrina Willhour, 18 Is Adams S. W., plans to open a day nursery for preschool age children and expects to serve a noon meal so that the school will remain open from 7 a. m. to 5 p. m. Mrs. Willhour has had 19 years experience in practical nursing at Hampton before coming to Mason Cjty. She plans to open the nursery to be of service to working mothers particularly. Which a lot of persons are going to be disagreeably surprised if they do not change their ways, come normal auto traffic once again. --· -NOW THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS PERMITTING RAZORS AND RAZOR BLADES TO BE PRODUCED ONCE MORE, WONDER IF IT WOULDN'T LIKE TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE PIPE SMOKERS OF AMERICA AND PERMIT THE MANUFACTURE OF PIPE CLEANERS ONCE MORE. Which what with election coming up, it might be well for the administration to give this proposition considerable thought. There are several million pipe smokers in the U. S. A. and every time their bigger and better !i's catch them snitching a few straws from the family broom and chase them out of the kitchen, the said straw snitchers gets a mad on at the democrats. On the other hand, did the government release, or permit the making of, a few million cleaners, the administration would no doubt receive the unanimous support of all pipe loving smokers come next election day. ·es-« ved ired Y ES.SOLDlER.we'rebackingyou to the limit!" Can you face the linen who are fighting, and ready Ito die Jor you : ; : and truthfully [tiythis? Not unless you are putting I every last dollar you can spare I into the 4th War Loan. Not until I you've bought at least one extra 1 hundred dollar Bond . : : and as j many more u you possibly can I ... over and above your regular War Bond purchases! Help your company meet its quota In this 4th War Loan! Display the red, white and blue emblem at home. It means that you are backing up the 4th War Loan · by buying extra. Bonds now. Remember, a $100 Bond costs only $75. You get back $4.00 for every $3.00 you lend. So back up your fighters--help your country--assure your own financial security for the future. Buy Bonds-buy now--buy mare! The time has come, the walrus said, In fact the lime is ripe. When he who smokes a pipe should have, Some cleaners for his pipe. Note to Hay Van Note, with the Scabees at Camp Perry, Va. Your GtuneA, · When you are not feeling well, and are tempted to buy some highly advertised remedy for which great claims are made, ask yourself a few simple questions. What is the background of the manufacturer of the remedy? Has he been educated in medicine, pharmacy, or chemistry? Are the claims made for his remedy based on scientific fact? Is it not possible that you have been influenced by exaggerated statements? Don't risk your health by experimenting with medicines of unknown value. Consult your physician. He alone is qualiSed to advise you in matters pertaining to health. If he prescribes, bring his prescription to us. It will be filled exactly as ordered. 103 NORTH FEDERAL PLANT AT CENTERVILLE Minneapolis. (U.P.) The Pillsbury Flour Mills company, in a ive toward further diversifica- t i o n , announced Tuesday the creation of a new soy bean division to be located at Centerville, Iowa, where the company purchased the plant of the Standard Soy Bean Mills last October. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. One-Act Play Given on Wesley Methodist Family Night Program An one-act\comedy, "The Burglar," directed by Mrs. H. M. Shipman, was a feature of the regular monthly family nighl program at Wesley Methodist church Monday night. Taking part were Clarice Bowers. Beverly and and Mary Louise Welsh. Lois Everisl and Betty Michael. A motion picture, "The Sinking of the Hornet," was shown by Bob Grupp. A game designed for Wesley members was played progressively at 20 tables. Refreshments were served by a representative from each circle under the* direction of Mrs. Ernest Olson. A devotional period was conducted by the minister. OPA ALLOWS SALE OF FINE SHOES WITHOUT STAMP BACK THE ATTACK! H U G H E S 3 South Federal BUY WAR BONDS FIRST! Quintuplets Use Musterole For Chest Colds! To Promptly Relieve Coughing and Make Breathing Easier Whenever the Dionne Qui ntu plets catch col d--their cheats, throats and backs ar» immediately rubbed with Mustcrole-- « product mado especially to promptly relieve coughing, sore throat and tight, aching chest muscles due to colds. Musterole actually helps break up local congestion in the upper bronchial tract, Qoso and throat. Musterolegivcssuch wonderful results because it's what so many Doctors and Nurses call' a modern cannier irrtianl. Since it's used on the famous "Quints" -- you can be sure it's just about tt» BEST cold-relief vou can buyl IN 3 STRENGTHS: Children's Mild Musterole for children »nd people with t«nder skin; Regular for ordinary cases and Extra Stronj for stubborn Has Unplanned Time on Hands Because of Plane Trouble; Gets Married Carlinville. 111.. W)--W h e n Army Pilot Lt. Donald L. Hulchor arrived at Scott field engine trouble prevented his immediate return to New Mexico, gave him unplanned time on his hands. So he came here to--visit his fiancee. Miss Mary Elizabeth Young, and they were married forthwith. Lieutenant Hulchor then left in another plane. 13TH .1UUOR NAMED DCS Moincs. (ii't--A 13th juror was selected in Polk county district court Monday for the first time in history. The new rules of civil procedure provide that a reserve juror may be drawn if the attorneys wish. Mrs. Earl C. Towner, DCS Moines, became "number 13'' in a damage case in Judge Loy Ladd's court. Lots of fine shoes that have been reduced to $2.95 and others selling at $2 and $2.95, now to be sold RATION FREE! These ore all high grade shoes that- previously took a ration stomp--every pair all leather soles, etc. Now from Jan. 17th to Jan. 29th you can get them RATION FREE. Take advantage of this offer now as we are restricted to the sale of 15% of our inventory. IOWA SHOE BROKERAGE Where You Save to 50% 202 S. FEDERAL IMASON CITY

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