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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1818
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IN K.NATK - rb. Lit ACT concerui.ig ALWuiet, and lor ether ' ' 1. Ls it enacted by the people of the ttate of . ISaw - Tork, represented senate ana assembly, That if tor attorney of aor court of record m thit eUte shall at aoy time after the passing of - the act, purchase or recct ve, by way ol pledge or eecurity, for money lent, any promissory note, bood, obligation or other writing from any per - ' ton w ptrsoas, body politic or corporate, with a ' view to commence a suit thereon, or that be or - any other attorney may be benefitted by a tott to r bo commeaood thereon i r u aoy attoraey tnau , : eitbor directly or indirectly hire or employ any other tienna or naranni to DorcnaM. Drocare ' receive the uini for the purpose tdoresaid, - either directly or thall give any premium on r advance any money, goodt or chattel upon . any note or demand whattover, mat snail oe received or coma to the hands of any aoch attor - Itaa In lha hiimAM Ai nkVMJimLllmm OT CXMIfTVIJ ' J wmv J trwa JTMB w - ww - arery roch attorney ihall be downed guilty oi a xoisderaeanori andtnch purthasiag, receiving . or advancing as aforesaiJ, ihall be deemed a good , i defence against the roeorery on any each aote, - bood or other writ iog. ; . ' "y, : a, i.l k. i r..Lu Anffrl Tfkf llnnn lilt? mnt. h ryinbukm hereafter to be. entered in ' tha innrama rnurt. bv virtue of a warrant of r attorney, and the condition of the obligation, ' with Ue Interest, 00 the sum atuaUy duehail not excaeJ two hundred and fifty dollar, no more corts thall be recorered against the defendant, including tlie cost of both plaintiff an I de - v lendaut't attorney, man . - uouars ; nnu upon : every 'judgment by coofestion hereafter to be entered in any court ( common pleas, by virtue of a. warrant of attorney, and the condition ol . SUV UUilZUUU WIIU lill luwicmwil .iim. Mu tually due, tliall not eiceed fifty dollar, no cost hall be recovered of the defendant ; but when the rum actually due eiceeds fifty dollar, no more coslt wall be recovered agwust the defena ant, including the cost of both plaintiff's and de fecdant't attorney, than dollars. 3. And be it further enacted, That after the mwnv tJ iKia aft ' tha r, - ls in inv anit in anv . court ia this state, which shall nut be defended Opoa lb merits, the amount of which judgment hall not exceed two hundred and Wly dollars, ball not exceed - , dollar, exclusive ui tre rvu jeet ana upon au jouimain 'ir iwu Kunirail ami Cf l,illar which thall Dot be da - . tended upon its menu, the cost snaji not exceed dollar, exclusive of ihsrilTa fee, any thug ia the statute to the contrary nolwiin ttandinr. - ' ..'.. ,' 4. And be it further raacted, That tiie leveoth mU of.iha a. mIiIImI an act concerninr oountelloN, attornietand o!iaton," passea a - 'prill, 1813;' and the tvootialh tection of the " act entitled M am act concerning cost, be and . i i i - .i - ' ' S. And be it farther enacted, That all actions of debt, detmao, covenant, treaoo tnecase, fadnduif tietpase on any lands or other real es tate. wbeHhi the baton, o due. or the damaiCR or thing demsjided, shall not exceed the 'sum of Jlrty dulUrt, and also all penalties boi exc eeu - iag the said ram, imposed by the act, entitled aa act imposing a auly on strong liquors, and f it regulating inn end taverns ;" and all sum or money, aot exceeding ouy aonara, 10 ne iiiea for and recovered in any court of record, by ir - n ni mi iiiini of Uiie state, a well br and in ttvorof execatofs and administrators as others, and a well against attorniee and other officer of any court of justice of this state, (xcpt during lite sittiDg of sucb court) as others, shall be Cognisable before anyjuiucvoi me peace oi any city or county (the ci'y of New - York excepted) ; and every such iuitice is hereby authorised to WaIi rnuf4 riivtfui trittl nf ikll uifh actinn. and to bear, try and determine ine same, according to law and eouif v t and is hereby vested with . all such powers lor the purpose aforesaid, a i nuel in court of record in tlili stat - , and shall sign all process to he usurd by bim : r rnvmeii alwav. That no iutticeol the peace shall have cognixanceofaay action wherein tlie people of triis stale stial no concernea. or wncre ua mw of land shall in any wise come in que tl ion, (ex cepi asaioreiaiu; norm auy ntuun u . , . t i . Mttery or impnsonmeoi, or unuor, or iuni - cious prosecution, nor of matter of account, where the m total ot accounts pf J'tJrr?, ' - - ft1 ikin ui ue miui e, man in the whole amount to two hundred und oriy dol lar, nor or any action to oa Droogbt againat bo executor or adiniairtrator, for any xlelt or de mand due trom tun enare oi any testator or intestate. - 6. And be it farther enacted, That ia every cam where the balance found duo to the ) - fenl - aat, ioany action brouzht by virtue of this act, or the act, entitled M an act tor the recovery of debts ta ue value of twenty - eve dollars," abal' exceed the sum of City dollars, in such 'case the jusliceshalt enter judgment against the plaintilf lor coeis, ana me aeieno ui tiiaiiaui "v precluded from recovering the same account or demand against the plaintiff, in any court of record bar - Uigcognuance oi uw same. 7. Aod be it farther enacted, That no exc tioa of aay iudsnaent riven by virtue of this act, when the same shall exceed the sura of twenty - five dollar,, shall issue in less man six monUis, nravidinz the riartv arainst whom the same shall have been obtained, shall give security that be Will fj uiv wmwrnnm uiv mu . mi. mim m oaths, or lurrenisL'r the body on execution ai mam ih. m k. f r anil nl n,. the expiration of the said timoi aud lor the want of such security, the execution shall iau Arih - with. - 8. And be it farther enacted, That it shall be lawful for any person in whose favor a judgement may be obtained before any justice of the peace, to demand and receive a copy of said judgement rrora the juitice. provided the same abau eiceed twenty - five dollar, for the purpose f having the same recorded by the clerk ol the county where the judgement shall be rendered. in a book io oe Kepi Dy mm lor mat purpose , and it shall be the duty of the said clerk to re ceive and record the same without delay, for wticn service he siiaJi rectuve twenty - ore cent for each and every judgment so recorded t aod the said judgment, when so recorded, sball be a Jteu upoa real estate to ail tntents aod purpotes, sis if toe same had been recorded in any court oi record within this state. . ' . And he It rurttier snacte i, J hat lu case where a iudment abal) have been recorded as a - foresaid, it shall be the duly of the said justice before whom the said judemcnt shall have ben recovered, to direct the execution to the sheriff of the county, directing the said execution to be returned within sixty days irora trie date ottne same and the said siier.iff i hereby aqthnnxd ad reanired to collect and return the tame, in tlie same manner as by law he is required to collect and return aay other execution out of any court ot commoa pleas ta nis state. 10. And be it further exacted, That if the plaintiff ia any suit which mar be brouzht in a - ay court of record within this state, thall fail to recover a mm exceeding fifty dollar, fa shall not be entitled to recover aoy costs agiuast the defendant provided the action so brought might orougni neiore a justice ol lite peace, by virtue of this act, or the net entitled " an act for the recovery of debt to tlie value of tweoty - fire dollars. . - II. And be it farther enacted. That to much Wttie " act Ibrthe recovery of dthtj t the va - J raoof twenty - five doll r, pu,ti fifth Aofj.l 1C - "r ' " contrary to the provisions ol this act, bead the same i hereby repealed. W A&SEMBLY February 24, 1818. IUpH tf Hit evmmtitet en tht currency af Out ' Halt. The committee appointed on the currency of) J" uu io woom was rtiertxj mat part of : w govenur s speech, resptcUulIy report, in thty Sad IhtmMlvaf comoelled. a wn t r flu K C . L . v : r . 1 they feel of their duliss as standing committee "oo currenry, ta take a general view of the ope - ' I l . - . I - " bi wou to tois suia as as any de - daclions can be drawa from exrjerieacc that ;n throw any dear light on what your commiUee Lwnortanr. Ia IK. MW " 7 . Tie imittea tr fu!!y laifie ', ut I ? '.r t;'jil ;. hmentaaie big!.! V beci'Vial inaroua - .ry like curs, with exti .oive t xternal and m - li rnal nunintm. lv iffjl ainr tuility ill making reaiittances aod in trn?miUicg large sums from one Muttf the country to an other, and in the head market towns in aOoriTiDg temorary loans i nartinUruaanntof the year for the purchase of prodacat aad m sea - port towns what large capitals are vested ia shippmg engagaa m wrsigw commerce, by enabling the proprietors, with temporary loao, to purchat reh cargo, and dmoatcb their vessels. ' S tar (the committee balieva thev are warranted m saying,, that ea - perienca has sbowa that banktbave Una very beneficial to tins slate, ana womu cit m ImmmtttM Dleasura if they could stop here, without Violating, weircnarecier isgiuaion and a r uardiaos 1 the mioiic weuara. dm as tuoh, they must give it as their undivided opm ion. that like medicine, when judiciously admin ittered to the pbyaicaliiody, il remove obstruc tion, increases the circulation ol lis nnuu, ana invigorates tne wnole system, wn wnea aumm ittered by anskilful hand, too profusely, prodn ces morbid anectioos and paralises every nerve. o banking establwhmenti, when increased, as they already have been, to agreat extent ia the interior of our state, counteract entirely all the henoflcial effects expected from them ; . and in stead of facilitating exchange and the transmis sion of money trom one part of the stata to the o - ther, it has rendered it impossible to be done without great lost t " in conseqaenca of local hanks havinr engrossed the whole circulation m their neighborhood, and the depreciation of their notes abroad, to the . very great embarraftment of internal commerce. But tbisis not the extent of the evil, nor in the opinion of the committee, by any means the greatest ; but the effect it pro duce on society, immediately within their via - uity, is still more to be deplored. They cnaM - tho designing, unprincipled spe culator, who in fact has nothing to lose, to impose on the credulity of the honest, industrious, un suspecting I port of the community, by their rpe clous flattery and. murepreteotation, obtaining Irom litem borrowed notes and endorsements, uo til their ruin is consummated, and their farms are sold by the sheriff. Kxamples of this sort are too common and notorious 10 need any illus trations from the committee. - In applying for their charters, they all profess to have the public good solely in view; but iu too many instance their conduct has shown that they so'in become blind to all other interests but their own By adopting a variety of schemes to get. their notes into circulation, such as placing a partial fund In a distant bank, to redeem their paper, aod after the fact becomes generally known that their paper is at par in that quarter, lissuiug an emission of notes signed with ink of a different ihade, at the same time giving secret orders to said bank not to pay the botes thus signed, and subjectuig the owners of them to loss and uap DoiutmenL comoelliur them either to soli them for wha they would fetch, or to return without accomplishing the bunnes they went on. Tint is done in mora than one instance : thus, in open day, committing a barefaced fraud on the pub lic, Others by a different stratagem, but no less contrary to the intent aod meaning of their char ter, bare issued a species of paper called facility notes, purporting to be payable in ucitarr money, country produce. i.auy thing else that has body or shape, and ther jby rendering their name appropriate only by facilitating the ruia of thre who are so unfortunate as to hold them There are other practices which the committee are informed are very common, and they believe will not be doubted, which no leu vitiate the first principles of their charter. They give large accommodations to Individuals conditionally ; to some, tnat tney win Keep ra circulation a cer tain sum (which notes are designated by a private mark) for a specified tine I but in case they return sooner, he is azain to be charged with the discount on sncb sum for the renlaindor of the time i to avoid which he it compelled to make long journies into distant counties to change (lie notes lor those ol otner banks; tnus squan dorinj his time and his money for their benefit The othM, on conditios that they Will pay their ate wnen duo in wnat it called current money (meaning notes of such of the baoks at are current throughout the state, they not considering theirs entitled to that appellation) which compeU toe borrower, during the time bis note it to run. to lay by him all the current mJoey he can col lect, winch of necessity be mast loose the use of. and for which he it obliged to pay for the sum be may be deficient of t the time draws near a close, a premium of from seven to fourteen, and sometimes, as yourcommittoe have been inform ed, as high as twenty per cent for one day, when his note,! again renewed, and the same operation is commenced anew, To others on condition they exchanra with them, a sum equal to their note offered, of notes of other bank (for which they are compelled to give a premium Uni receive theirown in return To others on condition one half the sum remain ia the bank until the note is due, thereby re ceiviog a uiurion interest. The committee feel themselves compelled to ;o rtiil further toto a detail or the abuses in dieted on the public by a misuse of banking privileges. Of all arrstocraaes, none more completely enslave a people than that of money ; and, in the opinion of your committee, no' system was ever bettor davueu so rieeUy to enslave a community as the prcient mode of conducting banking estauiisnuieuts. Lane Uie Syren in the table, thev iitica to destroy. They hold lheurse strings of society, and by mnnoKlising the whole of the circulating medi um ol the couutry, tney form a precarious stand ard, by which all the property io the country. homes, lands d - ibts and credits, personal aud real estate of alt tieacriplions, are valued, thus rendering tho while cojiui unity dependent on them, aod proscribing every man who dares op pose or expoee their unlawful practices : and if he happens to he out of their reach, so as to re quire nt uvor from them, then bn Inends are made the victimw, to that no one dares complain. ' The merchant, who has remittance to make abroad, it contented to pocket the loss, oocaiiou ed by the depreciation of their money, - rather than brtcard their resentment, by aiking them for specie or current note ; aud here the com mittee beg leave to ttate, as a fret, an instance where the board of directors of a bank passed a resolution, declaring that tie man should noli a seat at that board, or receive any discounts at the Dank, who should traJe at a certain! ;r in the same village, in consequence of the owner having asked for a sum Use than four thousand dollars ia rarrent money to remit to New - York, while at the same lime he kept his account in said brut. The committee, ia taking a general view of or state, and cum paring those ptru where baak have been toraa years established.' with those that have had noo, they are astonished at the alarming disparity. They tee in the one case the desolations they hare made ia societies, that were before iroioorous and haonv i the ru in they have brought on an innumerable number of the mott wealthy farmers, and they aad their laouiies suddenly burled irora wealth and inde pendence into toe abyss of ruia and despair ; and here also the committee beg leae to state a act io illustrate the manner ia which suca rvia - oeseffect are produced. An ased - farmer toa - etsing a farm which rendered bis condition com - ortable and indrpeodeat, wishing to raise the romoooe thoasand dollars, to assist hit chil - was told by a director, he could rot it out wuieoana without any difficulty or bai.rd, and that be would endorse hi note for him, and tint necoull continue it to mit hi. rnnviuny with which the farmer accordingly compiled. At the am renewal, DC was toli u not mint lit was aot io Lis power, the director told him, ifi ..Unr? u lament, tl a her Jdr .t " r "' lUti letidrt th u.tcom.1. A - wd blm the renewal, wbich he did i aad at a uhsequ t renewal, the same opera tm was p rionwd, bot a jud,;o:Bt . wat required also in favor of said diiector, and tbe remit wtw, lis form wat to alter told w hi knowledge by the sheriff, and purchased by taid director for lettthaa fhetadgmcnt. Tbe committee are sensible, that all institution at subnet to abates trom the arituee of tbe powers granted to them bat they humbly con ceive mat wnea tnoae nouns greauy ovs all the benefits, derivtd from them, it Ucomea the duty of a wise aad discreet legislature to cease from granting those powers ; and here the committee cannot but notice the manner m wtiu - h hanln hrtfr haie hitherto been obtained But oa this sobject they would speak with, all due deferencejo tbe honorable body to whkb they beloog, as well at to their predecessors But tbe committea cannot refrain from remark ing, that the hitherto liberal and extended eo Murairanionl rinii to bankinar oneratront be yond itt legitimate obiect, bat annually invited to oar capitol, tkiliul und experienced banking tgrnls, protesting general and not local oojecu, aod who appear to have forgotten for the time tbeir public trusts (lor wbicb tome of them are rn - Mvinr a hinh ealarr.) as - well at all lirivate avocations,' for what ikcg may consider of great er conequence to the community ; ana in uie present instance, from seeing notices in the ttate paper of eighteen new applications for bankt, intended to be made at the present session, have no doubt come up with high raised expectations of reaninr a rich harvest, and bv amaleamatior jiaDKing UIIIS WIUI inosr ui uiurv iiapurianue.ouu more sanitary in uievnaiurv, ana uy wi'iniu); ai d canvassing the house wiiti all the conflicting interests of individuals, until all' distinction is lost between the lair and honest petitioner and tlie cunning designing speculator, and thus the man who asktio the simplicity of bit Dealt for what ha honestly conceies his right, it tooo made to understand, that in order toobtain it he matt become the instrument of designing ni;0. and advocate that which bis better judgment tells him it wrong. And your committee are constrained to say, that this practice bat hitherto been earned lo socn an extent, and una met tucn tuccess, a to encourage corporations et wen as individuals,!0 assume banking powers where none were ever granted ; and after having put all law and authority at defiance, and creatine them selves a fund, calculating on the encouragement and skill ol tiw - se agents, nave haa the unexampled temerity to petition the legislature of this state and urge them, through the m dium of tht se agents, to grant them a charter for banking, as a reward for their unwarrantable astnmption of; that right. Tbe committee humbly conceive; that it n high time a fullttop wat put .to this kind ofj procedure ; and they know of no way of effect ing it, but bv every member of thia at well at all future tCL'islaturet col. eel ively and indivi dually reflecting seriously on the subject at to itt consequences to tiirmtelvet and to tlie state, and sutler no abstract considerations to influence their judgments but to decide ev - cry question upon itt' own merits, and frown with indignation on every undue attempt to influence their opinions, and. tit that way res tore to the legislature of this great ttate, what your committee convenes in a great degree (they name it with very great deference) its injured reputation. I lie operation and influence of banks, their utility and effect on soci ety, b ing necessarily of a public nature, thev must be familiar to all - Then, surely, this honorable body does not stand in need of in struction from any illegitimate source. ilie committee will conclude this reneral report on thestute of the currency, by exami ning briefly, the foundation oh which the present circulating medium u bated. The committee believe, the present circulation in the state principally consist of'the notes of those banks whose nominal capitol are small, ' and composed principally of the notes of the individual stockholders, called stock - notes s So that the security of the public consists of the private fortunes of individual stockholders, and those fortunes, in a great measure, consist of the Stock of the bank: And as these bankt make large dividends, many rapid, an i what are considered solid fortunes, are made. Uke a boy mounting a summit at the tun U tettintr. suddenly obscrvintr his si adow on tlie opposite precipice, (rcgardlesi of tbe gulf be tween,) is astonished to tee how tall be has grown i when night ensues, ere he it aware. he is plunged, shadow, substance and all. in the abyss below, covered with darkness and despair. Such the committea extremely apprehend will be the retult of many of the pre sent institutions, which ia their ill win bring min and distress on the country, unless they change tbeir mode of businest. The committee take pleasure it statin,?, on the other hand, that there are a number ol bankt in this ttate with real and solid capitals, but whose circulation is smull ami consequently their dividends ; whose affaire are conducted with prudence and care, and fmm whom Uie public have nothing to apprehend. On the whole, the committee coincide fully in tlie opinion expressed by hit Excellency oil the subject of the bankt, in hit speech, deli, vered at theopeniug of the cession, whera be says : The evils arising from the disordered ttate of our currency, have been aggravated by the banking operj'.ions of individuals, and the un - aulhorised emission of small notes by corporations. They r. quire the immediate arid correcting interposition of the legislature. I also submit it to you serious consideration, whether tbe incorporation of banks in placet where they are not required bv tlie exigenciet of commerce, trade or manufactures, ought to be countenanced. Such institutioni having but few deposits of money, must rely for their profits principally upon the circulation of their note, and they are therefu e tempted to extend it beyond their faculties These biils are diffused either in the shape of loans, or by appointing confidential agents to exchange them fur tho of other esUblislimenta But the former mode being conducive to profit, is at first generally adopted i and in Uie early stages of their operations, discount are liberally dispensed. This produret an apparant activity of businest, and th, - indications of prosperity But it it all factitious and deceptive, resembling Uie hectic heat of consuming disease, not the genial warmth of substantial health a reaction soon takes place. These bills are in turn collected by rival institutions, or passed to the banks of the great cities, and payment being required, the only resource left is to call in their debts, and exact partial or total retai ns of their loans. The continual ttrugg'.e between conflicting etiablisUmentt to collect each other's note, occasions con ttant apprehension The sphere of their operation is narrowed. Every new bank contract Uie era of their paper circulation i and after tnbjecUng Uie communities within their respective spheres ot operation of Uie pernicious vicissitudes of loans, at one periid profusely granted, and at another parsimoniously with held, Uiey. finally settle down imo a ttate of torpid inaction, and become mere conduits of accommodation to a few individuals. Tbe legislature are then eolicited to apply a remedy by Uie incorporation of other banks, whei eas, every new one of this description, unlets attended by peculiar circumstanc e, paralitet a portion of capital and augments the general dis - .tresa. Tbe banishment of metallic money, the loat of commercial confidence, the exhibition of fictitious cariul( the increase of civil prosecutions, ml'i' iication of crimes, Uie injurious enhancement of prices, and the dangerous ex - ten tion of credit, are among tbe mischiefs which flow from this state of tilings. And it is worthy of serious inquiry, whether a create aujrinen - tation of each institutions may not in course of time produce an cxj hnon that will dtnutlish tht vkoit ttt'an. The alow and periodical re - tjiroa of btubudry .being iacvopetent to the rUUIiw(HMIU - vaia mm v mw T ' thetc proeeedingt. " - . . ' lv - - ss and your commit tee bave ao doubt tliey are, to - eetber with others equally reprehensible and to be dnaited.such at. that their mnueoce qaenUy, aay oOen already begint to attome a specie of dictatioa altogether alarming, and r.iM mme iudir.inu rMui - Hv it DTOvided by le gislative wisdom, we shall toon witness attempts to control all selections to office in oar counties, nay the elections to thit very legislature. tort and members of assembly will be indebted to oankt for their seats in this capitol, and thus the wifeendt of our civil institution will be prostrated in Uie dust hy corporations of (heir own creation. It is therefore evident, the deleterious poison bs already taken deep root and requires immediate legislative interference with their utmost energy. la order, therefore, that this legislature may have more full and substantial information on the subject, than it is possible for your committee to obtain, tney oeg leave 10 oner tne iohowjus i - iutioa : . Resolved, (ir the honorable tbe eenate concur herein) that a joint committee 01 trie senuic tmmblv he anunintml to enauire into the mode and manner ia which the teyeral ocorporated hankt within thit ttate have administered the trust rranted to them, and whether any or either of tne omcert, agents or directors, or otner ier uini. hv llieni Buthrtrueri. have secreilT or ini nliMllv diverted anv nart of the funds thereof to any improper purpose or have made use of an) undue means for the purpose of forcing their mines into circulation, and whether tney nave, (luring the last eighteen months, promi - uy nu willingly complied witn all the oemanns mnue unnn Uiem fnr lha nnvment nf their notes in spe cie and whether any or either of the said officers, axentt or directort have been guilty of any fraudulent or usurious practices,, as such and whether either or.any of them hare Hed, or now do use, any of the funds of Uie taid banks for covinous nr nnnreasivA nurnnsea That the taid committee have power to send for persons and papers, and they report their proceedings herein to thit legislature, with all convenient speed. ' , IsAAU ritllbO.N, jnairmao BBaBBaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaP - aMBiaBaaaBaa jtEir - roRK EVEjfim post. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY M. Bank Report. We give this evening Mr. Pierson's report to 'the legislature of thit state, on the subject of banking. And we are sorry to say, it discloses sucb scenes of oppression and iniquity, on the part of certain banking inititu - J tions, as would disgrace Algiers So dishonora ble is this report to the state of New - York, to seriously does it affect the general character of our baukt, that it is due to truth to go further, and expose tbe particular institutions alluded to by name. . - ,. Cm An act '.' concerning altoraiet and for other purposes," will be' found in our columi this evening, a it passed the senate ; whether it will past tbe boote in itt present shape) is uncer tain. DoubUest the community will derive much benefit from tome tuch restrictions j and we really believe a clause, subjecting tbe plaintiff (0 the payment of his own costs, in all actions 01 assault and ' battery, and actions of slander. in which the damaget recovered are less than dollars, would have a very talutary ef fect. What a world of litigation, to the great annoyance of court and jury, would it put aa end to, in thit city I Look out ! The execrable practice of squirt ing tobacco juice on the coatt of ladies, passing the streets, is still continued, and demands the united vigilance of every citizen to detect and bring the perpetrators tojustice. It it suspected that it is the work of certain squads of boys, a no man could b eiultj of such conduct ; which is mentioned that attention may be directed ao cordingly. . POMEST IC MANUFACTURES. At a meeting of the "American Society for in enfouragrmetu or vomeuic JnanufactuTuJ' held at Tammany Hall on Wednesday evening, inezotn reoruary, mid, the follow in? - report 1 1 .1 - ..." was mans uj me corrcspoujiog committee. The corresponding committee of tbe "American society for the encouragement of domestic manufactures" respectfully report, That, under a due scute of the importance of their appointment, they .entered en its duties with a sincere desire to promote Uie objects for which this society was associated. That they have long viewed the subject with deep interest, have recoguixed ia domestic manu - fjclurfi an important source of national industry, wincn, wren agriculture ana commerce, constitute that happy combination essential to the con solidation of the prosperity and security of our country, iour committee have consequently experienced peculiar pleasure in being Uie medium of promoting a cause so truly interesting. The attention of your committee was first directed to the existing state of the correspondence that has been maintained by their prede cessors replies were made to all communica tions which were on file, and in tbeir correspondence endeavours have been made to revive those pleasing and gratifying feelings which pervaded the community the past year, but which io a great measure had become dormant and had oearly dwiudled into apathy. Your committee have bad tbe satisfaction by subtemieat communications to find that spirit igain reviving, and under circumstances which induce the belief thet we shall htreaftersee an irgsmntion among the friends to domestic manufactures, which wdl ensure their permanency. This subject merits more attention than has hitherto been bestowed on it, and when enter J on without prejudice, insure to draw forth Uie ul - sat 100 of every patriot heart, and, by iu own intrinsic weight, carry conviction with it. The memorial from this soci. ty, and others irwm various pru oi me union, being before congress, it became essential for the committee a act on the special charge of the society in the election of an agent to represent its interest at Washington. This was accomplished in the choice nf Khabod Prall, Esq. who it now at the teat of government. Kour points are embraced by Uie memorial via: Permanency of Uie present duties. ' A revinn of Uie revenue laws. Adiryof ten perceotoa auction sales, and 1 prohibition of cotton goods from beyond the Cape of O00J Hope. As regards the permanency of Uie present duties this we hope will result in tbeir continuation tor eight years, by which time we shall be more eoabled to develoe their efficacy aod better qualified to point out it defects. The revenue laws will probably be revised, in ;iart, this session, and brought to bear more effectually, and from the substitution of spa iCc for al valorem duties, in every case which will adjiit nl (his change, w thall find a more certain bene - fi' than at first view may appear. Oa this subject your committee have to remark, that thev tr read with pecaliar pleasure Uie report of Uie secretary ol the treasury. But as Uie specific rate of duties it a subject of great interest, requiring more rnform rtioo than can be immediately possessed, aad as correct infor - uMtioa can obly be procured from the various branch's of manufactures and mercantile busi - - list, your comm.ttee bare deemed it advisable to call for ioformtma generally oa tbe abject, by pab ic advertisement, end thev bave advised your agent at Tathiogten, that they would trans it tit tame to Umt & will Wt' tied during the recctt ol congress. - , : ri,. ..tinn niu - 'ttlna will probably revolt to a . kin mnulartured toodt, bat it it ap - ... - r.7 - . - ... nMi ...ii mi 11 ima aaaMun. iui . - ' ' I, ly repealed tba acttayintf internal dalles, it is tboogbt there will be a feluctaar a to the reaort m thit tolilary case so iiameaiaieiy. ' ; not however to produce a relaxation on the part of the society in tbeir exertion, for under the at - pett wbich can bt presented of thit mighty etU, and iu deleterious tffectt on every branct 101 trade it rannot be doubted that con - creat will erant Uiat aid to etKntial to the wel - a . , . . - M,, ,i,AA rarnm. lare 01 the wnoie. nmiTuurv"iu.;. mend that in the event of no relief being ffJed thit tesslon, it be distinctly understood to be the duty of Uie corresponding committee, or tuch special committee at may be empowered for the purpose, toeoieci ano einooui an vu lion on the subject, and report tlie same to this society, to be acted upon previout to the next The prohibition of cotton goodt from beyond lha Curm at Good Hodb win.' in all probability, be refused ; but should the treasury department persevere in directing the collectors of the customs to contiaae the mode of measurement a - dopted, it it believed tbe operation will be near ly equal to our wishes, mis suojeci ougris, hnaavar. tn ha onn of special consideration, and claiming particular attention, especially after the close 01 the presenr session ana curing uie ic The financet of Ihe toctety are - referred to a tub - committee, who have reported a progrest highly gratifying, and by which it evinced tne interest taken in Uie objects of our assoc iation Their duties will continue through the year, and it ia hnnarf will reach that condition which may induce the committee to recciirnend, at some future period. Uie subject of an exAioifwm and distribution cf premium, a which inmost rniintrifs hu hfen found conducive to that emu lation, to requisite to the advancement towards improvement. At the obiectt of thit institution are general - - emoracmg every Description 01 uuoiaiK fucttirrd articles, and as this iact nas mi in - eii promulated ns fully as it ought, your committee have issued a circular requiring information on every article manufactured io our country ; they bave detailed inch as are known, and expressed Owir veauest renerallv. These circulars Uiey tnian tn addra to s - verv socittv and manufuctu - ruiK eitabltihiutnt in each stale, audtiiey natter themselves Uiat before tbe next ses.sioo ol congress they will be enabled to complete a statistic ac count, whirh will exhibit to (he nation the magnitude of the interest at stake, for the protection and promotion 01 wtucn we nave associaten. in order the more i ffeciuully to obtain thit object, the committee beg leave to suggest tbe propriety of appointing a standing committee for the compilation of this information. The selection however of tuch committees should he of persons who are perfectly conversant with the braach of manufacture referred to theit. and a bo miht alto suezeit improvements. In this stage of tlie report, your committee feel it due to the otrjeel lor which this society associated, to call the serious attention of everv mem ber, to Uie importance of aiding by indittdual consumption, this great national cause, it is in vain Uiat we organise societies, if our practice be not iu conformity with our professions, every member look to the amount of his annual consumption and Uiat of his family, and ask him sell trie question, now much is - domestic.' aod he will, the committee apprehend, find that lie hat been aiding the foreign manufactures more than his own countrymtu.. His not simply io Uie consumption hy the members of thit society, but in the influence which is more or lest possessed by every one of us that we are to look for extended natronnre to do wjtlic fabrics. The example of the members of this society will - extend iiteli to others, and thus may become prevalent that national feeling, so es eential to Uie manufacturer aod so honorable to Uie community. The resolution of the legislature of this stale at their lost session speaks volumes. Aad how proud the spectacle, to see the repre sentatives of the people, in legislative council, clad ia the fabrics of Uie nation. The minds once impressed with Uie value and importance of this course, we shall have the gratifying sight of citizen vteing with each other in the personal ana domestic consumption ot the manufactures of our country. ' The committee rniht enlarge on this inexhaustible theme; Uiey might call your attention to the condition of our country, when a state of war existed ; when the army destined to defend our rights, and a second time struggled for our independence, were without clothing, and your government compelled to sanction measures tending to en illicit intercourse with the enemy for us procurement. But Uiey will simply ask your serious attention to Uie pro bable consumption of ten millions of tout, aod if but a third were patriots on this question, we should see Uie prosperity of the nation more secure, and a happier order of things prevail. we might then trvumphanuii point to the grand ionatm of agrieuU are, mnnuocruret and etm - mrrce, and exultingly tay, now our independence is compkle. JOSEPH SMITH, Chairman. M. W. BUTT, Secretary. Whereupon, it was Resetted, That tbe sentiments pnm'ibrsted in Uie report ef toe corresponding c vuittee, respecting the use aud coosumptiou of domestic labrtcs, merit the unqualified approbation of thit society ; that we deem it to be the bounden duty of every citizen to stimulate Uie industry of the nation, and Uiat this cannot be adequately done Without a preference of its manufactures ; that, therefore, it be recommended to the mem bers of this society, to abstain, as far al may be practicable, from the nse of foreign fabrics, and to encourage and promote the manufacturing interest, by personal and domestic consumption ; ano; that the same course of proceeding he earn estly recommended by each member, in the cir - cle of bis friends and amongft hisfellow - ciliiens. rETKIl If. KUIKKCK, D. LYNCH, Junior, Secretariet, From the National Intelligencer, Feb. 28. To the List of Bills debated for teveral daya, and then rejected, in tbe House of Representatives of the United Slates, during Uie present session, may now be added the bill to establish ta Uniforti Svstem of bankruptcy. It wis yesterday indefinitely postponed, by a majority of twelve votes. COGRES3, HOCSt OP RKrREtCSTATIVKI, Wedhesdav, Feb. 25. BANKRUPT BILL. Tlie question being on Mr. Edwards' motion, to discharge the committee of the whole house from the further consideration of the bill and to postpone it indefinitely. Mr. Whitman of Matt, delivered a speech of about an hour in length against the motion, and in favor of the svstem. Mr. Barbour nexi took the floor, in favor of the postponement, and decidedly against Uie bill. Mr. Livermore, Mr Baldwin, and - Mr. Bee - cher then spoke in opposition to the motion to postpone tiie further consideration of the bill. The II mar having refused to agree to amotion fur adjournment. The question on the motion to pottpone the bill indefinitely wat taken by Yeas and Nayt, at follows : YEA - 82 - NAYS 70. So the house determined that the bill be indefinitely postponed, that it, rejected. AikI the house adjou - ned. LltU. Last evening, of consumption, Mr. John C. Thornton, aged 31. Hit friendt and acauaint - ance are retpecttully invited to attend bis Oine - ral, at half putt 4 o'clock, tomoirow aflernooo. at No. 188 Peark - ttreet. k ETIMi f (r MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Ship G lent bora, gtiltman Greenock Hyer, Breauer ft Co. Brig Twa - Bro'hsrs, Whitlock Charleston . Fuhk Crhwea ' s "I . ' Wugtaii,Hc C4, PutACtr Staaimtn - ; Kebecca, Bean, , ' ' - Cfinsylvania, Clark, . ' ' Newbera St Mmh - , - - - .' ;. r - maiibrm V TaoBrothert, Carson, - Philadelnhk NO ARRIVALS THIS FORENOON, leant, Grover, 13 daye from N Or leant. Ltjy $th inat ship Manlma, Tarr.ofN Tork.load. ing for Liverpool Gen Hand, M'Meal, for Lj. verpool Othello, dropt down for Liverpool passed, bound up, brig Actress, of N York t ship Emily, Robinson, of do. 44 days from Havre, . , A ahip below, tuppoted the Eclipse, fro - Havana, foi.N York. - . . . ,v SavaasiaR, Feb 18. Arrived, tloop Beta. Andrewt, N York 10 day 6 , THEATRE. Tbit Evening, Feb. 2U, will be presented th Trngcdyof OTHELLO. Othello, ,. ; Mr. Woodbun lago. ' Hawxhcr.. his 3d appearance on any stage and their last appearances thjt seasop. - To which will be added, the r'arce 0! WHAT'S A EXT i t V, MR. PI1IL1PP3 is entente d for a few nighti, and will shortly make his appearance. PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY. " ffr The election for officer of thi w - ;i. will take place on Tueiday evening. 3d of Mnri, at tbe usual place of meetiug. No. 9 Frankfort - street, when members are requested to be punctual io attendance. - . ' By ordtr of Uie president. ' lVbxlt A. PATTERSON. Sec'rr (ty In'Uie Package Sale of D. OUMHAjkfft CO. are many articks not enumerated in the advertisement, among which arc a variety of goods calculated for exportation and entitled to iltlienture. 1'ersooa wishing to export mav ." 1 ' ' ' rertain by obtaining a catalogue and on enqui - rie at the auction store. . Catalogues will be ready 00 Monday morning, at seven o'clock, and the giiodt may be examine1 till Wednesday roornin, at half past 9 o'clock. u.kuM Ila .Mill Mnn.n.i.A C.i ' " IIT - ,, on, Liflllllicin c, irnijst LOTtLUM tAUTILH. " (T7 Tlie M aiiagrn give notice that the next Cotillion Party will be at tbe City - Hotel, on 1 nursday evening tne 5tn March. feb23 5t HtMURATOH. ACKNTEEL cofiee room has been opened at No. 2 Park Pbce. onnosite alethwii. Hall, where coffee, soups, and rrlUhetmtvbe had at all timet, in a comfortable and economical style, fob 23 St t'orUUHLtHTOJf, a. C. The regular packet tchr. SOUTU CAKOIJNA, capt Allen, will nosi. lively tail on Sunday. For pastage only, ha ving handsome accommodations, apply to capt Allen, on board at Murray wharf, or to UAKK.EU & HOPKINS, ftb 2 2t 'o. 84 South - street. for ST. CROIX, - The regular trading ahip SOUTH - CAROLINA PACKET, captain Cart - wrigbt, will tail by or bef ire the 15th March next. For freight or passage, possessing very extensive accommodations, apply on beard at fecK - siip, or to feb281t B. DEFOREST k CO. for Sate, freight or Charter, The tulwlantial brig RLCOVER,' Buruham, master, S42 tons, wiU carry a large cargo, and is in readiness for a voyage 5 lies at pier no. 10. Apply to JOSEI - H OSBORNV Feb 28 ' gfl 8onth.ttreet. . r HEAT, FLAXbLr:!), fcc. afloat. ' ' V 13j0 bblt. Bonthern Wheat - ' II ratkt Flaxseed, 5d0 Whim Beant 3 hhdt. North Carolina Tobacco 450 bhlt. Soft Turpantiae, for tale bt R.4C.W. DAVEHr - OHT ft to' y febtS . T7"lHiiilA FLOUK. ati bbls. will be land - r ed this day from tchr. Driver. slip, for sale by R. Gll.LF.SfIE, Hi F ront street. 16 d m fOTTON it TOUACCO - iU bale prime KJ Upland Cotton piand Cotton . , . 1 8 (dull. Keutuckv Tobacco, lust received andforsaleby JOSEPH OsBQRN, fob 23 . 2ft South - street. LOG WOOD 40 tons Cameacby Logwood, landing at pier No. 10, Irom brg Recover, and for sale by JOSEPH OSBOKN, i fob 28 28 South - street C1AN IO.M SILKS. il cases LevaatiBct, J twilled SirsneU. Satins and Fooireea far sale at 87 Soulh - streat, by febS8 CAMBRELENG t PEARSON. 246 FLOUR. barrels ttrperfine Richmond Flour, will be landed thit afternoon from the tchr. Only Daughter, for sale by LAIDLAW. GIBAULT k CO t ; 87 Cuffee - llovuejlip. " IN STORE . , 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton 2 do black and assorted bombazetta 1 case French linen cambrics, and " , 1 bale superfine black cloth, feb 28 7t ? CLOTH: 2 cases tupeiflne London cloths, 2 case extra do. t - " . Just received per Washington, and for tale by HURD it SEWALL, - Febtn . 60 Sooth t. T) ICHMOAD TOriACCO ?whtid. ochoica LL Rchmoiid Tobacco for tale by v fob 28 WM. Si SAM. CRAIG. A It I OI - ASriE At bUGAii - - 4UI hlidt, o9 LX tierces, and 29 bblt first quality Mat ansa moiarse, nrw crop. - 39 tierces) M . . 3 bblt S . 53 bagt brown - .j. 15 noxet white V sugar Landins? from ship Laguira, west tide Bar - lia, - slip For tale by , .1. Li. &t U. IlKISWULUi Feb 28 H6 South - . ' VI.K, BUAADY, OIL. ic. - . A CONSTAN T tupnly of old Cognac Brandy, ljL Hollands Gin ana Jamaica Spirit - " A few demiiobntold Irith Whisker, fwarraut - VJ IIIII'UMCUI I ' . j Teas, Suar, Coffee, epicet ' ,: Genoifte Spanish hears . , t( Tallow and Sjicrm Candles, ' " ' Toerther with a general assortment of groce ries, for t&le cheap forcaih, by jajiw r. Auur 288 Broadway, corner Reed - etreet N. B. Ture Winter trained Lamp Oil, at one dollar per gallon. irb 28 xt T RAM)Y, FLOUR, FLAXSEED AMD 5 pipe finely (layered Bordeaux 4th proof brandy , - 54 casks dean flaxseed 500 bbls flour, Baltimore Howsra - ttreet - 200 boxes bloem raisins For sale by ? 11LU. W, ni(.su.i, 1 Feb 28 130 WateMt RUM k SUGAR The eargo of tke tbip Snutharolina Packet. eaDt. Cart Wright, from St Croix landing at Peck - alip, tor aalt by BENJ. DE FOREST Si CO. " feb 29 St ' TIN PLE, xc - 2U2 boxet - uo pie, S 1 I r Ka UnIniT f - nn nn hoardUM . . ship Washington from lndon, and for sale y ROGERS ft POST,; - . - , . . 61 Soetn - M - , AL'50 - 1 case containing 29 bortiee oil of airv megs, jus 1 recejvra ana iot taie at aoovv. Deter, ttdaV Feb 8 "in .. - '

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