The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 15, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1913
Page 2
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G. W. WEAVER SON The Leaders ~« From Adams County's Dry Goods Depa.tnent Store. Stocked to the Limit With Userul and Ornamental Goods. : or waist a useful in XO DOUHT ABOUT BLACK SILKS BEING WELCOME GIFTS. Prac;ici.ny every women counts a hsr.dscne D._ck si'.k gown neccssiiy. oie wf the most her entire v.^rdiobe. * Prices for black sllri range all the way from a Si a yard messaiine or tifleta up to a S2.0D per yard char- rreusc. A sianibsr cf fashionable weaves _. $1^13 to $1 50 will be boxed for gat giving. J . BLACK BRESS GOODS BOXED FORGIVING. Woolen n:^ter;-ls are serges, other weaves of ·svooU erlsSk! \ypql, ' 50, r 75, · Sl.OO. $1150 ^nd £2.1-0 per" yard, from 4 to 6 yards to u- pauer-v ^, . -COLORED WQOLT * DRES^ GOODS. la L.H:-- Jrs"re..i color. Great choice of we:i\es and qj«.lfties, A cotton zind silk- mised cr an all co- ion or all si'-k Dress Pattern i.i ^^reet or evening colors, from as little as ?1.GO for a pattern to S10.00. Boxed for g-Ivirg. A BOXED WAIST PATTERN OF WASH MATERIAL III Jicr p'a:n or ivo-eii check and s*rspe. sheer "F!a:cop.r --'".its or colored s"-ripe KidraS'' and ~ a: r dbze» "other I*-. £ v.-dLves'-'nexpensive.' vslues as those quoted for ladies. Also Suit Case Umbrellas for men, and ladies. FANCY BEAD BAGS. The kind our grandmothers used to carry, only much prettier, various sizes and colors, S1-5Q, S2.00, $2.50 $3 00, $4.00, £5.00. Fine Gold and Silver Beaded Bags, very handsome, §2.00, §3.00 to $5.00. Gun Metal Steel Bags, for persons in mourning-, ?5.00. ' Leather Bags. A handsome gift in the newest shapes and sizes, Seal, Morocco and other leathers. Black and various colors, leather lined with a coin purse inside. Gilt, Silver or Oxidized mountings. A great assortment « and special values, 50c, $1.00, §r,25, $1.50, $2.00, $3.00, §4.00, ?5.00, $600/ " , FANOYr COMBS. -AH sizes Side-and Back" Combs in amber, shell and grey, lOc, 15er and 25c- Side and Back Comb Sets, new shapes with brilliants, $1.00 per set, single pieces 50c. Ai-'to and Fancy Face Veils, 25c, oOc and S1.UO. LADIES' NECKWEAR Our stock is now complete, selected -ivith gift giving in mind, with full assortment of all the most dasirafaie things- Lace Jabots. Irish Crochet in a^I.. shapes, Ties. Bov.s and Dutch Qol- lais, Plauen-CoHcr and~Cuff ' SeH-Pand manyt others. .Each ^as wi!i-De''Uoxea Car. gsJL , giving-, 2oc, 50Cv c 75cj and. Sl.OO 05 y. i Wome.n's Linen, Swiss and Dimity, with Innisfail embroidery in one corner only, others all around, some are lace trimmed, lOc, 12 l-2e and 25c. Women's Linen and Swiss Embroidered, some in one corner only, others all around. Crochet and TattiKg edge, fully 50 styles or patte:ns at 25c. Arrnema Hand Trimmed and Innisfail Embroidery, Embroidered insets \vith fancy lace or edges and many others atrSOc. ·* Women's Linen* Initial, Hem Sritch- ed, embroidered" with a" neat letter, 15c. or 75e per 1-2 doz. boxed. M _ · tjordered; Lisse, a jnost beautiful fabric. Colc-rs in border ^.bsoluce- ly fast. 2cents:~ j :?,. · "' ; Fine Uexed Li -fen or Swiss Embroidered. G .-Handkerchiefs at $1.50, ?2 50 and $3.09.', Fine Bebe Irish or Duchess edges at $1.00. $2.00, §3.00 a piece. 100 patterns Sw : ss E.nLroidered Handkerchiefs, including in'iLils at ut lOc aid 15c. ChildreK's Fancj- EmbraEQered, 3 in fancy box, 15c. Handkerchiefs at 5c. Over- 200 doz. pi-in and fancy borders. A great as- sc-iTr:ent, some are initialed- Men's Linen Initial Hem Stitched, in 1-4 inch hems, neat embroidered letter. 23c, or $1.50 per 1-2 doz. boxed. Men's Extra Size- Linen Hem Stitch- A Peanut Race. At one end of the room place two bowls of peanuts, and at the opposite end two empty bowls. Two children .are each-provided with, a knife and *t a signal they place as many peanuts as they can on the blade of the knife, and carry it to the empty bowl with one hand. Depositing the peanuts, they return for more. Each child is allowed three minutes. A score is kept and the one who has the larg- eg£*number of peanuts credited to his nolle wins the prize. -' :; =?C ! 3K 5K 3v-- ! *£ I-.T=- ' Iftretty pictures taken from maga- ziBJes, advertisements and discarded picture books are cut op into several pieces and placed into envelopes- A good idea is to write the same number on the ttck of the envelope and all pieces belonging to one puzzle, so that if a piece gets mixed with the otters it can be readily returned to its own set. Each child is handed a puzzle, and as/roon as lie succeeds In placing the pieces in their proper position he is given credit for it by the score keeper, and receives another puzzle to -work with. The one -who succeeds in patting together the most pictures in a suited time receives a weH- eamed prize. ·'-- Snowballs. " This is an amusing game. Snowballs made of cotton batting and covered with white tissue paper and a - small basket are required. The play- i ers stand about eight feet from the j basket. Th one who tosses the most halls into-'tlie' basketds the prize -winner. Each.' chill" might be given three snowballs to start -with. A Christmas Spider Web. Take as many balls of twine as there are children expected at "the party. To one end of each ball attach ajcard bearing the child's name'and tir the other end an inexpensive gift. Twist the twine around the different objects-an,the room, -Give each^cbild the twine and card bearing his name. At a signal all begin to unwind the entangled web- Great is the fan and loud the exclamations when the ?oung people arrive at the end of their string and find a gift awaiting them. A Pop Corn Party. If you don't micd the "muss," and of course you won't, have a pop com party. Have the children sit in a circle on the floor and provide each with a bowl of popcorn, a needle and i some coarse white thread- Tell them j that the one who strings the longesi I popcorn chain before the time is up : : ii" Christ- store, and we are again fully ~ stocked "with, the newest ' in ?andles, :and"the very best covers. ' '~- · ' '- SPECIAL J '" A |l_06~l?In"e Glo'ria 1 " cover,'"cape edge, witS newest" straight "handle, exceptional value. '"£-*-- - - '?l J -50'Eie'gaEt quality' Gloria.- - with straight nabdies"embellishedr This is $2L50 l SHk t covers of ·a'snperioE.iqiia!- ity/ne-we^lj-^.timEie/1 jhfH^dles- r^ |3.00 7 ' ?iOO to* S5JQO- ^'Finest" Silk Umbrelldsr~ farack-"«.id colors, with Sterling" antf GoH plate embellishment on fine'aiid new^style handles. l "-"· MEN'S UMBRELLAS. Great assortment new handles, Silk and Gloria, Sl.OO, S1.50, §2.00 np. Same I . I -;_Ruiflingsiand Rnchsng-s'by- the~ya=rc[, 23c and 50e yer yard. Neck Kuffs of .Chiffon"- and" Lace Sl.OO, $1.25. $1.50, $2.50. :-"-- HANDKERCHIEFS^ '·_" Months ago we began to make purchases l--f or." Orfs'tmas - 'fening- Our great outlet of- Handkerchief s gives us a purchasing' capacity -the equal of any three^orjfour stores combined. We get first . choice "^from "-some- of --the large import stocks and besc prices. Should you deshre;to_ trs~ej:h6 mSDs-we aail giveL the- making of a', cfeoide^our best cacfc. See -a · partial " .description below.!' -_' ^ r. -i - -i c ;. . -- ·' When, we say linen we mean Pure Linen. Women's Hem Stitched Borders 1-S, 1-4, or 1-2 inch hems 5c, lOc 12 l-2c and 25c. :!,-Mer.'*iHem Stitched Linen. 1-8 and ems^ 25c, ^SSc, ' 40e and -In'-purchasa iof.fthree_/.-if r _ «Men's -Linen Hem _ Stitched, excep- rional valae; l-4,"and'l-S s inch 'hems, lOc aud=a.2 l-2cs. · - *. »' : . -Boy's^size ;Linen Handkerchiefs 2 for 25c« - ·.-·- "-- -I ilen's Fancy JJosdtrcd at 5c. lOc and .,_ ^\}-Ci ~i--?* loc. i Ladies* Silk Hose. Special Talues in Bitck, -Ta;v White, Pjpk, E'lie." Onyx and Niagara brands, 50c. 75c, Sl.OO. SLSOj ThKS1.0O and 51.50 kind wil^be boxecb - f-- · v^:u /- '.--" f -'i-.- · , Lisle Hose^in-Blacki. TaTiiand. White Gaazp--andr}'heavier r weigh'i, -regnlar =«rLadJes' and Childrens' Hose, all sizes, in. great variety, colors' are White and Black, lOc and 15c. Children's "Buster Brown"' "Rib Hose all sizes, never-wear-outs, 25c. '··£ F R U I T G R O W E R S ANNUAL CONVENTION Fruit Growers Hall, Bendersville, December, 17, 18, 19. Lectures and discussions each day on Fruit Growing, Cattle and Hog Raising, Corn Improvement and General Farm Topics. Day Sessions Free, Everyone Welcome. Evening Entertainments i he best so far attempted. Admission 25 c, Reserve J Seats 40c, Season Tickets $ 1 .00 and'tefi teem you are going have aa entertainment, and tha cbild mtst do something to help make it a ^success. The youngsters , "· ' Special Christmas Sale For Early Holiday Shoppers STUDY THIS LIST IN SELECTING YOUjR CHRIStMAS GIFTS Suits For Men. Boys and Children "V^y A _*-._.£ *" ' ** ·""" ·*£* ""·--"-"···«WCB^ Hats -c Caps. Overcoats Rubbers - JRaEaeoats Shi rts , Shoes j[for everybody) - Neckwear (in fancy boxes) Suspen3ers" ' " * ~ "" I - Fency Vests Sweaters Gloves · Felts Boots Gum Boots Arctics · Handkerchiefs Umbrellas Underwear Do your shopping early and get the best selection O.H. LESTZ, Corner Square Carlisle St, Gettysburg, Pa. We give "S H" Green Trading Stamps Now is the time to fill your books and get youself a gift !S*;t^?«K*X»K»5?^«£^»X»S«XKeKe?2eZ»X«S«3:«e»X»3e»X«K«K« I A R A 7 A A R 1 I s A B A Z A A R Social Rooms of St. James Church, Friday night, all day Saturday, and Saturday night DECEMBER 12 and 13 Dressed Do!l= from 30 t-:s. up. All kinds of FANCY ARTICLES suitable for Xaas Presents at Low Prices. I I -ALK I I Groceries, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Books, Etc. Ice Cream, Cake, Sandwiches and Coffee will be i - C* x · - ;Se r ved_^ ^ .^.v- - " '""*"" " ?!il:-"?S^^s^S r S^5^ : ^i^' Ji- your Impromptu program, from nurs _ery rhymes to fancy_aanciBg. Bilious? ___ Ask your grocer For Sale House and Lot i\ Orrtanna. Apply C. Hamilton Buford avenue, Gettysburg 1 Sugar-coated. All vegetable- I fi;r - ;: SoIIjfo Ask'your Doctor- theTBes HOLIDAY G I F T S NOW BEING SHOWN «WW^r-B STORE BOOK THE ristmas Suggestions f w fohn 1 fe. i ^ s Evening 17th, The Famous Lyric Quarted u.,y Evening 15th. The Zvlorphets, Magicians and Entertainers Friday Tv.ening 190), Illustrated lecture, Mexico, Beautifully Colored' Slides --no Motion Pictures. Mr. Henry Osltander, Noted Traveler and Do not miss one of these evenings. ' Effective November 1G, 1313. m TOTES* lAEILHBBAlLf AY|| 8:56 A. M. Daily Except Sunday foi j Baltimore, Hanover, York and | Intermediate Points. ' 10.28 A. iL Daily for Hagerstown, i Waynesboro, Chambersbnrg, j i Hancock, Cumberland, Pitts- \ burgh and Chicago also EDdns, j , | W.Va j ' | l'J:25 P. JL for Highfield and roterme- »W i diate stations. I IP I 2:. r ,3 P. M. for York, Baltimore and j Q I Intermeciate Points. ! | r,.~r. i* M. Daily except Sunday for i A ! ,, _ B. and H-^^Division Points to · *C r FrifjhfieTd,"" 'also Hagerstown, j TM ! \\ ayr.esboro, Chambersburg and j 9 | Shippensburg. j fli | :13 New Oxford, Hanover, York, and intermediate stations- BOOKS BOOKS Classic Gift Books, recent fiction, popular copyright. Toy Books, Harrison Fisher's Drawings- In fact everything in books- WRITING PAPER -Whitings" gift papers in attractive boxes. Cor. re ^pmdence cards in Initial, Cold, Silver and plain styles. Papers of al£thc best and nevrest styles on the market. 8 8 2 8 A Z A A R January 10th to 17th To be held by the Arendtsville Band, Refreshments of every kind will be served. , Music by visiting bands each night. Sale Two Story well built bricfc house, Seven rooms with bath and good furnace, Good stable, Lot 75 feet front. t. Bream 114 E. Middle St. Gettysburg Pa-, WANTED: experienced s'ceiiograph- \ . Give experience and wages expect- -, ed. Board .$20 per month. P. O. Box j 27, HighfieW. Md.--advertisement I MAGAZINES S» v nd ii: your subscription orders for your magazines at once, that you may havc them for Christmas. Pioinpt service - i s o u r Motto/" . . Character Told by th* Chin. ! The shape of the chin is of consid-. erable Importance In reading charac-, ter. A chla smooth and round de-j notes a childlike disposition and a! yielding will. The oval chin Is an Indication of an artlstia Eensltive nature, with some talent along those lines, while the angular chin denotes j the scientific, practical nature. The] protruding chla always means combativeness, determination and power.] and the receding chin denotes the 1 weak will, and, the., straight chin also denotes weakness. 8 8 THE Give Us A Call BOOK STORE Opposite Court House Chas. E. Swisher. Prop'r. SPAPFRf

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