The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 27, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1818
Page 3
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B6U VTwhii.irton.NC. . ,br packet, Jordan, Waehmgtari, N. t. Snath Carolina AU, CUriwton LTl,,.tt: fiillet : .r T Bermuda , "T ' " Merserole & Webster ; " , ' koDiVRD THIS" FORF.NOOJt. ' : i - .uira. Pratt. lOdays from Matanxas, ' .?".i.enand near. to N L&G Gris - SrfaVLrft. Feb 14, thip. Vlnto, Holm. WL r,kion.' Taylor ; brigs Factor, Noyes ;! . iiiuliri! - CWrista.' Blinn A Radius. Granger j James, Driscoll t Eli; Lane i New CuIuniOta, uaruiicr i pji "'l'i'"" " inifton, Kiiapp t Havana, Dunlap i Cleopntria, lUrker i Matilda, Burr j schooners Superior, , gnowUn arid Jane, HilL . . . ' . . Brie Hope, Blinn, IS days from Point Pe - tre, with molasses, to T Lovell, and ) Morgan ijfi. brim Merchant, NewhalL for N London, - jo days" I Connecticut, Blinn, N York, in 16 ' icbw Vigilant, Crimea, Wilmington, " N C. in 10 s Traveller, Avery, Boston on'the 20th. Sailed in co. with brig Joseph, Perkins, of and forCastinej brig Hope, Williams, for Wal. . fcigton, N C ; brig , Greejy, of and for - Portland, tailed 10 days before ; the schr , 1 Gordo), from Portland; just arrived, aFrench - Kb. had been in 2 days from Boston i also, a ich, from Rhode island, name noi recoiiecica i tu - ir Drink water, from Bath, had been id 10 days. Markets dull lumber, $17 mo - . hues 38 cts. lumber payable in molasses at is cts. - Passengers, Lauriat and son. 19th Inst. 1st 31, long 72, spoke tybrig 5 days from Bermuda, bound to Ueorgetown. Rri William. Bradlev. 5 davs from Charles n M?.ih Act and cotton, to Vusduex. Msuroo A Fa Falconer k Stewart. J Bouchard. Mulfold & Leffinewell. Messrs Harrison, of N Haven, VVa nrn for N York was to sail in 2 davs. - 8chr Ana - Maria, Wright, 12 days from St, Bartholomews, with sugar, moasses, lime juice, cocoa nuts, fruit, sc. to beekman. Bray s t,o. Townsend tl Rogers, and J Little. To captaio StowdU, a passenger in the Ann - Maria, we are indebted for the following list of vessels left: Brir Susanna Macy, Clifford, from Bath, sold : bng r raocis, uarenpon, w sail tor umioi, a., i. ' is 20 davs : brie Minerva, Ho whtnd, for St. Mar tins for a cargo, from thence to N. York; brig Adeline, Souther, of George Town, Columbia, to sail in 30 days ; ships Preserve from Bath, k Mathews from Martinique, not sold ) schr. Go vernor, Barker, of Newburyport, to sail in two cays for newburyport ; schr. Josapn, iiopsins, c4 renobscot, rrom uira - cvers, wtm eggs ; scar. Dorcas - Ann, Sutton, to sail in 15 days; schr, Globe, Fafcutt, selling her cargo; sloop Hannah. Todd, of Bath, put in in distress. Admiral . Cochrane'e squadron is expected momently destination for the Main Markets : Floor, 12 to $ IS 1 - 2 ; corn saeal, 38 per puncheon ; pork, 28 to 30 1 beer; 14 to 15 ; N. lumber, ltolB per M t S. do. 28 to 30 per M. Schr Orion, Pendleton, 18 dap from Havana, with molasses, surar and fruit, to J & T Meyer, A C i Otis, and the master. Left a number ot Jmerican vessels, namasjiot recollrcted. Sail 1 in co. with a brir and schr bound to N York. Sch Mary, Minor, 8 days from Plymouth, N C With naval stores, tuxjeed, lumbrr, beeswax, &c. to - Tredwell &. Thorne, Blunt & Jackson, Mr. Smith, and J Harris Sailed in company with schooner . Hubbs, for New - lork Last Saturday, 10 leagues MMi'.h of Cape Hatte - rat, spoke sloop Antelope, Sears, from N. York, bound to Savannah. , - Tbd schrMmroe, reported yesterday to be on shore at Vandyke's Mills, has since got off, and oeuw to town muaiered. BELOW,; 1 acbooner - ARRIVED LAST F.VKStSO - Sch Nancv b Marv. .Vtubb. 5 dsvs from Washington, MC with wheat and naval stores, to Tredwell b Thome. R & C W Davenport ft t:o. A G Phelps, and llcekman, Bray Si Co. Left at Ocracock, sloop Hardware, My rick ; and sloop Susan. Noble, just amved from K York. PHILADELPHIA, Feb 28. Arrivedat Reedy Island, schr Timoleon, Rich, 15 days from Havana. Sailed from Havana, 4th int - with schr Orion, Pendleton, of Stonington, and brig Saunders, oi Tnomastown, both Niorfc, THEATRE. Ob Friday Evening, Feb. 27, 1618, will be pre - sentea, ine 01 DOUGLAS. Oottclas. ' Mr. Woodhnll Gleoalvoo, by the gentleman wbo pltyed Pierre, ms secona appearance oa any atae. To which will be added . , town a or tobolskoi, or the fetal snow storm, Lomina, Mrs. Barnes OnSstordiy, OTHELLO; to which will be added WHAT'S NEXT f ET The co - partnership of the undersigned czpirca on me 3 1 si uecemner lut. SAM. CORP, feb22t . WM. 8. TALLMAOGE. ajr" The Society for the promotion of industry gratefully acknowledge the receipt of $40 from rauemcn oi me r orum. t to Tl 31" nrr Mrs. ANN SPK.Nf ti.. tK. late Cant. AUnsoa Sneacer. wotiM feci heneir jianicuiarry nnngea oy bis creditors, if tney would send their accounts, in the course of the en - suing weeK.tono. 3 White - street. A prompt attention to this request would free her mind from considerable share of uncertainty for correct information of the amount of property left by Capt. S. Please to enquire of Mr. HUBBELL, V UK uuiin W 9U1IUC IMDDeil. ' ' fob 27 lw AT AUCTION. BY JOHN IIUMES, "' '' rXCKSOB SALS. ' 5 - x. ON Thursday morning, the 5th March, at 10 m 90 boles canton silks, consisting of sattins, norm tines, galloons, sinchewa, sanneta, sewing silks, ompes, pungees, silk hdkfs. different colors and dimension, tc. ; , ' Also, 60 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of aumuis, Dauas, ennppa romalls, Iungee ro - eersucacrs, gurah sawns, tcossas, tan dab sawns, gurrali sannahs, sooty romals, china eustas, bandannoes, madrais plain hdkil carridaries,janpour sawns, checks, jalalpour sawns, maBreodies, tic. ;! - . Also, 80 packages British dry good. Catalogues - will be ready two days prerions to the sale, when the goods may be examined. Philadelphia, J. fc W. LIPPINCOTT, : Feb. 16. J - Commission Merchants. .feb27'8t : r - r - : - , for Freight or Charter f a O T1" eh'r.'ADEUNE. captain Tup wnt per. A freight to Oporto, Lisbon, or southern port, would be preferred. Applv board, at Fly - market wharf, or to . . R. GILLESPIE, . teh 27 . in FronUL P,LSURT117 barreH Richmond seperflne fooj schr Monroe, and for sale br feb27 M South - street nlrSkil J lT.C0"twg two Seines, just ree'd FJ ,n,P Wasbwtois from London. ad for saU asbtngtow from London, and for sale feb27 V. BETHUR b CO. 92 U U. Slip. MJBH W,E 37 Pip - of seperior pa!it fo, at 7 goitn - street. by fcb t, CAMBRELENGk FEA&s6x, - ring At Kimoeny, U A umzx j.nvcii. t genwr, T G. Revftoldt. The brie Arethusat nl tinv for WilminetotL If C i the bri Mi ti. n TOHJf WHEELEY has just, received from t Liverpool, per ship Curir,aad (uTsra for sale, 85 Pme - street v. . - r t - i , y ; 8 and 10 Cak trace chains ' . , Hand ami sledge hammers X: ' ;U : f. Vices ipades and shovels " .. ; ;' Frying - pans and nails. Feb 27 2w (jLUAR U iOLAS:JilS. 21 boxes white bu - kj gar, and I tierces Molasses, landing from brie Acues.atFlv - Mnrket.Wbarf. - la S(bre.iOO bales NewnOrle&ns and Georgia Cotton, all of the new crop and r prime quality, lorsaieby . , . . is. u. i aLiCUIT, feb27 C4 South South - street Tl LACK India Taffetas and company flag MJ banukercnieni, of superior quality, for sale by MARCH tc LOW, I eh Tl 210 Broadway. TW'ANKKENS 1200 pieces blue nankeens, L 1 enlitied to debeulure. t or sale by G. G. A S. HOWLAND, 77 Wasbingtoo - street feb27 O O bags fine green coffee 30 half and quarter boxes Spanish segars, superior quality 4 bbls St Jago sugar 10 hhds New - Orleans do 200 lbs turtle shell 3 hhds Boston Rum Just received and for tale by . G. G. ft 8. HOWLAND, feb27 77 Washington - street. OKOK SALE, A convenient 2 - story brick front HOUSE and LOT, No. 29 Ann - street. On the premise there is also a comfortable back building, with 3 rooms having fire - places, and 2 other apartments ; and in the rear of the whole, is a carpenter's shop, about 50 feet in length. This lot, which is 28 feet 1 inch in width, and 180 foet in depth, would be very suitable for a manufacturer, a carpenter, a livery - stable keeper, or any business that requires a good deal of room. For terms, apply at No. 17 Burling - slip. Feb 87 tf ROB HOV Complete ROB ROY, a NoreL by the celebrated author of Waverly, Cut Mannering, Tales of my Landlord, and The Antiquary. 2 vols price J51 75, just reed and for sate by feb27 3t . . 92 Broadway. Rob rov. TMIE subscriber respectfully inTorms his cus - X tomers and those ladies and eentlemen who nave particularly enquired lor kod noy, mat 11 is mis day putmsDea ana lorsaie ny E.L.IA9 VALiCil iirsc 104 Broadway. 3d door below Pine - street. Where all the new and interestine works may oenad. ienz7 ROB ROT COMPLETE. C WILEY 4c CO. No. 5 Wall - street have for . sale Rob Roy. a novel in two volumes, by the author of Guy Mannering and Tales of My LiBuaioni, price 10 ooaras, $1 10. , leb Z7 3t lOB ROY, COMPLETE, was published nt K I D Dm. a. WlA, this saornin; wav, by JAMf S EA5TBURN & CO. Fb27 3t I JOB ROY, by the author of Waverly," It " Guy Mannerine," and the Antiauary." 2 Vols, price $1 75 ; just received and for sale by fob 27 No. 230 Pearl street ID OB ROY. by the author of " Waverly," c. just published and for it Guy Mannering, Ac sale by PETER A. METIER, No. 28 Wall - street. led zi JWKMTV DOLLARS UEH AHD. T OST, a red morocco pocket - book, contain - JLJ iur between 60 and 70 dollars in notes of the different banks in this aty, and sundry palters of no use to any person bat the owner. The finder, by leaving it at 165 Front - street shall receive the above reward. Feb 27 3t BOOK AUCTION. A VALUABLE collection of books, at the xii Auction Room, no. 56 Chatham - street, on Saturday evening:, 28th. Commence it half past six, precisely. feb 27 IN CHANCERY. State of Mew - York, ss. I N pursuance of a decretal order of this honora ble court will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, as one of the masters of this court on Friday, the 27th in slant, at 12 o'clock, noon AH those four certain lots of land, situate in the ninth ward of the citv of New - Tork, being part of the estate of John So - raerindyck, late of the said city, deceased, and designated in a certain map of the said estate. nauc oy 'Timam onuses, in novemoer, iovo, by lots No. 8 and 9. and letters I and II. The said tots, taken together, are bonndest westerly in front by Hadson River, - and contain twenty a - cres cf ground, more or less, with the appurtenances. Dated Feb. 5th, 1818. . JAMES A. HAMILTON, Master ia Chancery. Notx. For particulars, en cm ire at the Mas ter's Office, No. 3 Law Buildings, whore a nap 01 ine premises may do seen. leo 5 lawzwstdu The sale of the abore pronertr is postponed to the lOthday of March next at the same hour ana place, uated rehrnary n, lBinv - JAMIUSA. HAMIL.IU.V, fob 27 tawtMhSdte Master in Chancery. " IN CHANCERY. State of New - York, ss. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this honor able court will he sold at public auction, at the Toctise Coffue House, in U city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, as one of the master of this court, on Friday, the 27th ia stant at 12 o'clock at noon all those three cer tain lots of land, situate in the tenth ward of the city of N. York, and distinguished oa a certain manor the estate, late 01 James ueiancy, wq. made by Evert Bancker, by lots No. six hundred and fifteen, six hundred and sixteen, and six hundred and seventeen, bounded westerly by Second - l - . ..j . t. me t - . 1 . L. iittji, onu coniaininx; cacii bti in uinuui, and one hundred feet ia depth, more or less, with the appurtenances. Dated Feb. 5, 1818. JsDIU AlAMILilVTIS, Master in Chancery. . feb 6 law2wftdts . The sale of the above property is postponed to the 10th day of March next, at the same hour ana piace. reoxv, isia. JAnLd A. tlAltUUlur, feb 27 tawtM3dta Master in Chancery .EsEalSECT'C Prise list in Medical 'science Lottery, No. 4, 36tn day's drawing. Koe. 5506, S500 j K940 50. f 37 th day's drawing. Nfls'. 14050, J500 ; t3,'$ 100. ' - 38th das drawing. . ' 16442, $50. All sold at Allen's truly lucky office, No. 122 Broadwny." ' - " . Where No. 10324. which drew the capital prise of $30,000, last week, was sold and paid Cash paid tor all prizes sold at Allen's as soon as drawn. feb 27 2t AT. CROIX RUM It SUGAR. THE cargo of the ship Virginia, Jos. Ridg - wav. master, from St Croix, will com - menc landing to - morrow mornisr at pier No. 3, North River, ia front of the subscribers store ; constsuogof 213 puncheons St Crotx rasa, new crop - 71 bhde and a quantity bbls ditto sugar - DU prim Quality For sale, on eccomotodftting terms, by MEUCK, ROGERS & BUS, rb 23 lw No. 33 Washingtoa - et 71 TANNERS A Novel Just pnbUthed and lv I for sale by PETER A. MESIER, I fcb 19 lw . No. 28 Wall - etreet rrfz U 1 . 1 1 nnuuiaO I : MB1RD. Mankstl. will sailou Salarday morning, weather permitting. For freight oa passage apply to . , WALSH b GALLAGHER, , Feb 88 - - 6 Seuth - st - TV. fn 1: i . 1 a irnnn . ' ' "GWib. TtwmirMnn mill., will mail An Wednesday next in the mean time will take what freight may offer ; for which, or passage, baring excellent accommodations, apply on board east side Old - slip, or to POTT&M'KINffE, ' Feb 26 - 68 South - st t er rVatkitiglon, X.C. TL. I t? , r.g w? n I, . 'II : w Wis m y u M4ir uiuiiii) nuiuu ; will lau sSSon Saturday next For freight or pas - san, apply on board, at Perk - si 10. or to K. S. U. W. DAVENPORT Co. ForSAVAAfAH, The fine fast sailing packet brig LEVANT, D. Wood, muster, is now load ing, having half her cargo engaged ; will meet with immediate dispatch For freight or passage apply oa board, west side Burling - slip, or to . Til. BARRON, Feb 25 lw 136 Front - st. For LIVhttPOOt, The well known ship NESTOR, Sterling, master, has two thirds of her freight eoiraged. and hall' of her cabin passen gers - - For the remainder of freight or passage, apply on board, or to IsliAKLiEa HALL, Feb 25 3t No. 1 Beaver - st. For Alexandria, Georgetown and. rV$limgton Ltty. The schooner ADELINE, Edward Ruramey, master, now half loaded - will sail on Wednesday, 25th inst. weather permitting. Those persons who have engaged freight are respectfully requested to send their goods on board For freight of remainder or passage, apply on board east side Old - slip, or to Dl IK ut. l l I U i E & JU. teb 23 ' 92 Coffee House - slip. ForSAYA.YAAii, The fast sailiug packet brig AURORA, Wm. Thompson, master, will meet with early dispatch For freight or passage, apply on Doom, east side or Uld - siip, or to POTT A M'KINNE, Feb 24 . 68 South - st. For WtLMljGl)J Jf. C. The scbr ADELINE, PelegTupper. master, will be disimtched inuntdialely. I or ireignt or passage apply to R. GILLESPIE, 112 Front - st Who offers for sale, 180 bbls tar, and a parcel of W. O. bhd staves, received by aid vessel AUo 200 bbls supf. Richmond flour 55 hhds Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 20 tierces rice ; 21 bales upland cotton 55 hhds molasses ; 200 bags coffee , Red and white port wine, in hhds and qr. Madeira do do casks Claret wine, in boxes of 1 doteo each 4 small boxes cotton laces An invoice of Dutch goods, consisting of snuff boxes, slates, slate pencUs, marbles, jewellery, violins, ladies' work boxes, cologne water, tic. Feb 24 For CHARLESTON, S. C. The new elegant packet schooner TONTINE, S. Hoy't, master, will sail this week, baring half her freight ready to ro on board For remainder, or passage, having ex tensive accommodations, apply on board at pier No. 20 east side of Burung - slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, ' ' . Feb 23 S8 Pine - tit. For HAVANA, The brig MARY, capt. Brewster, a L.rpnlar tradVr. now loadinr at Pine - Im.i wWmrf .nil will Mil i n a ft, ,liv. C.v .1 - 1. Will U M . U.j.i . W. nreight or passage, apply on board, or to reozi iv. & 11. TAiAAJi iv FOR UALlVstY, The brig 11.4 NNWH, O. Hicks, will sail 00 Thursday next, wind and wea ther permitting. Can accommodate four or five more ,assngers, on very moderate terms. Apply on board, pier no. 13, E - R. or to THOS. DENNISON, Feb 21 40 Potith - rt. FOR AMSTERDAM, The staunch brig MARGARET, captain Funk, has considerable part of her cargo ensaged, and will be dispatched without aeiay. t or freight or passage, appiv 10 H. V09, No. 74 Washington street or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 19 tf No. 72 Washineton - street SPICES. 5 barrels 1st quality nutmegs, 5 bsgs do. Cloves . 3 do. do. Mace 5 sacks real Ceylon Cinnamon - just ree'd and for sale by feb 'JO rbl LK tttMar.N UU. UM. 20 bids. 1st. proof new Rum, for sale bj JACKSON & WOOLLEY, , feb 26 3t 75 Wsll - street. RICHMOND FLOUR. 150 bbls. landing this day from the schr. Emerald, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, feb 26 112 Front - street OUOAK at RUM 6a hhds. 230 barrels, O first quality Sugar, 44 puncheons Rum Received per brir William Henry, from St Croix, now landed on the west side of Old - slip, for sale by READE ft DE PKYSTER, leo X4 lw 31 uid - sup. LINENi. D1APLRS. he. Lit C SUYDAM, have just received per brig . Pocahontas, frnm Dublin, and shin Tho mas Wilson, from Greenock, for sale oy the pacKage 13 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens 2 do 7 - 8 do do - 5 do 3 - 4 brown Linens and La was . 2 do do black do 3 d birds eye Diapers 1 do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings - t do 9 - 8 do stout do t do Loot; Lawns 7 bales Droehedas b Ducks 6 do Liafn Bed ticks. Also, A general assortment nfthe above arti cles, opened for retail sales, at 6 1 Maiden - lane, on very favorable terms. feK 25 tf IRISH LINEN'S, ke. JUST received by tha Pocahontas from Dublin a general assortment' of 4 - 4 linens, S - 4 sueetiogs, 3 - 4 brown linens And broad diaper, ia piecce, assorted, Which are o fie red for sale on reasonable terms, by Feb 23 lw JOl1SSES OR SALE. kUU Hhds molasses, now landing from brig Agnes, from Matanxas. Apply to ISA At rAtKAIVI', Feb 23 35 Front - st. iKIsri UNt - MS, IMAfr.iUi, Sitt.lliOi rpHOMAS SUKFERN, No. 6 Depeyster - 1 afreet, baa rust received net latest arnvala, a further assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens, long lawas, 5 - 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 dowsas, do. drogheda linen, which with the following goods, will be sold on rMooaule tartan, 4 - 4 and l a tocos, low ana psrnssnrww 7 - 8 d" so ball pieces 7 - 8 do half bleached strong and It for row soeetinga, to average 13d 7 8 lawas, 6 - 4 sbeetiagato average fix 3 - 4 coarse aad fine brow Uoesv (eo24 2w aBcton isales 1 . Bit WtXSLOWb CUANNIXQ, Burton.1 OTNi Wednesday the 4th March, will be sold ' at Ne. 35 India wharf, the following good, Imported by Samuel G. Perkhse b Cw. in the ship Pefcin 60m India, (postponed from Friday, 20th Inst) " 1503 bags white Benares 'and double boiled ..;." Radoagore sugars - . - . t 584 bales Bengal cotton, of superior quality 459 bags Paloa and Rungpore gioser ; 60 cases - Bengal indigo, prime quality , 70 bags freth sago 20 bags safflower ; " 18 pieces irory 3200 pieces Madrass blue guineas Bk 9 rail 2400 pieces camboys, long dimensions 80 pieces VeutapoHam handkerchiefs - 840 pieces Madrass handkerchiefs, fine patterns, in trunks of 60 ps. . 1172 cotton shirts ' 3600 sheep skins 6859 tanned skins JO0OO Madrass goat skins in the hair ' For terms and other particulars apply to PETER REMSEN It CO. 26 South - street CTJ The goods may be seen on Tuesday, 3d March. Feb 24 6t r110UACCO 190 kegs manufactured tebac Ja. co, lanuin Richmeud vi?. co, binding from the schr. Cyaue, from 108 kegs branded Jno. Enders, 8s. No. 1 27 do . do do 8s. No 2 55 do do D R Ross, 8s. No. I ' For sale by CORN'S. DUBOIS. IN STORE, 1 1 hhds rye whiskey, 20 casks whiting 3 bbls roll butter 20 mils sheet lead, 250 bags juniper berries Feb 26 lw OfA TENERIFFE WINE. i Vr pipes very snperior carro Teneriffe wine. landing from schr Fayette, from Orators, at the toot of Depeyfter - slreet and for sale, on aocom - tnouaiing lerms, uy n. 11. uui r , Feb 24 6t 69 Washin?on - st . MllVF.V. m TIF. ievr1 um of 700. tSOO. & ti 600. X - - - V 1 W . may be had on bond and mortgage, by ap plying to 4 St. I .1 ut. ui, Feb 21 lw No. 13 William - st, iia OLD JAMAICA HUM. I " puncheons high proof old Jamaica Rum, will be landed this day from sloop Knickerbock er, from Bermuda, east side of Peck - slip, and for f ale by TUCKER b LAUK1KS, Feb 25 No. 29 South - st, MOiNEY. rfflWELVE hundred dollars to loan on good ju lanueu security in inucny. inquire ui JOSEPH D. FAY, Esq. feb 21 lw ' No. 92 Nassau - street. RICH RIBBON'S 4 cases No. 5 & 12 Ele - irant Garniture Ribbons, of superior pat - tenia, torsaie oy . . . AlAKUH K L.UW, feb 26 210 Broadway. JVkH'.UM.kJjJYS COTI ON 6i Bt - itFER Ob Bales prime N. O. cotton, 4 do beaver, Am J landing rrom Dng rmaacier, ai riy market whar For sale by iSAAur uiw Feb 25 lw 98 Murrays wharf. G IN 41 bbls. 1st. prool countrj Gin, in hand some new barrels just received, lor sale JACKSON St vVOOLLr.i. feb 25 75 Wall - street REAL CACHEMIRE SHAWLS. VANDERVOORT k FLAN DIN have just received a solenoid assortment of real Cachemire Shawls, comprising white, scarlet, dove, huh? or rreen. orange, ricnnowerea, nn - ped. and all with large ana emeu paims ano oou - le nordrti. - Also, si case of superfine Leghorn Hats, with extra crowns, i or saie at - febCOtw . No lit Broadway, GRAND BALL At the City Hotel. iiTR. CHARRl'AUD has the honor to in 1VJL form the Ladies and Gentlemen, that on Thursday evening, 12Ui of March next, Ins an nual Grand Ball, will take place in the Aisem' hi v Room of the City - Hotef. In the course of theevening two ballets and several fancy dances will tie exhibited and executed by Mr. C. and se veral of his pupils. The room will be elegantly illuminated. Part 1 A pastoral diverting Ballet I. M.irrh Ixvlniika 2. First entrance of the corp de ballet by 12 young ladies 3. Pas Seul Allegretto by a younc lady 4. CoUece Hornpipe by a young eenueman 5. The Gavote de Vestris by Mr. Charruaud and a young lady. 6. Pas suel andante by a younc lady. 7. Pas de trois in tro try three younj ladies. 8. Pas seul andantino by a young lady. 9 Grand pas seul allegro by Mr. C. 10. Corn de ballat final by 12 voune ladies. Part 2 The ballet of Sabotiers, or the Wood en Shoemaker's Cottar. 1. Enters a cake sellar lost in the forest 2. 3. Enters Mr. Charruaud acting part of a clown A pas seul by a young lady. 4. Enters three Sabotiers and dance with clubs and wooden shoes by 3 young gentlemen 5. A dance half comic by Mr. C 6. A pastoral dance by 5 young ladies aad b young rentiers, n. 8. Grand solo with wooden shoes by Mr. C. O. Pinal bv the whole Manarerof the Ball, Mr. Biart. the Ball to commence at 7 o'clock, and the ballets at 9 pre i - lirlv. ... ' t . r It. II.. L - i 1. 1 m rs I icaeiv Lnmsr, i uv uau i .us. uivu 42 Broad st. at the bar of the City Hotel, and at the door on that evening. Gentlemen are not allowed to dance ia boots feb 14 81 1 'A LEASE, for a term of yean. L .3 The bouse and lot No. 20 Cedar - street, containing six rooms with fire places, besides the kitchen, pantnes, vaults, arc. ana a weu oi gooa water. For sale, the unexoired term, eleven years, of I the lot No. 69 Murray - street, in the occupation of William Patterson, oa lease from the Episco pal Church du St Espnt Inquire of - J. W. 4c w. s. niuijuiv, feb 25 dtf No. 44 Pine - street. f - t TO LET, The followinr Houses, vix: The house No. 95 John - street the bouse No. 97 do The house and store No. 395 Pearl - street Tka sSniaau St sw4 mint, Nn. 191 f:hrrr - ttrtt The house No. 28 Courtland - etreet Apply to fob 21 No. S Bowery, ji TO LA.T. liiUa The store No. 20 Wall - street - Apply at the store. eu ia u ClFrom the first of May next t t dory house, with a garden and stable, situate at the upper end of Broadway, near Jouestreet Apply at Tio. 95 Ubarty - etreet. Feb26 4t WANTED, a girl to do the upper work of Y T a small fkmi'.y. Apply at urn uiuce. frb2S A CHARIOT and pair of Horses the etianol la l..kUsM. arul nnl mnrh Uia STOn SOT - . N. kr.r.. lira hrtMtt kaV. VOUnr. tiand - iwne and wall broke: they will be sold together or separate, atvi may oe aaea ia c - iuj.. ttrert, next door to Eaiat Mark's Church. Feb 25 lw " WANTED, .... A MAN aad his WIFE, (who Save no cmiarr - to take charge ef a faros, a few miles from the city. The snaa must nderstand the manage - i a . s v Tfiai tar trrt n mi oi a mrm boo ancjm - - - - - - (lead a sw.aU d.ury aid id tbe waihin? W the - . - ' ., , - .mifttinna will SM fcb2610t No. 243 WatCT - street VALUABLZ PBOPltm: . For sale. the. Dover Iron Manufacteriag shment in tbrcounty of Morrie, aad state Esittbusba of Hew - versey l consssung w a roiuag aad suiting Mill, so good repair, which works two pair of rotters and cutters, shears, Ac. alt at the same time t a valuable force with two fires and one hammer in aod repair ; a stock ef coal and ore on hand, sufficient to make fifty tons of iron i a good saw mill ; a cut nail fact ory in good repair, sufficient to employ thirty men, and may be extended to employ one huudrrd more t a brad cut ting machine and a steel furnace in good repair; convenient to the works isa store Bird a number of bouses for the accommodation of lamuies, and excellent stabling for trams that may be necessary to keep for the use of the establishment ; al so, orchards, pasture and meadow lots, immediately ad joining the works; with timber land in any quantity, not exceeding two thousand five hundred acres, within three miles of said works. Toe er - at vein of iron ore. commencing at the noted suckasunny mine, runs more than 2 miles through this tract and three mines are now open. Irom which the forges are supplied with ore, and more may be opened and ore raised to supply works to any extent ; the mines are within two ojiles of said works, and good roads, so that the ore can be raised and delivered at the forge at two aid a half dollars per ton. The above described works are situated on Rockaway Hirer, about eight miles from Mor - ristown, twenty five miles from Elisabeth Town, and about the same distance from Newark, with good turnpike roads leading front said works to each place, in a pleasant healtliv situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being two Presby - terian Churrnea within four milna. aad a fric&iu meeting house within two miles of said place. Tbis stand for collecting bar iron for the slit ting mill is very commanding, there being nearly one hundred forge files in the county ; most of uiem are on ine streams a oove Dover, ana ine iron, to going to New - York market can cunve niently pass those works. At this mill frequently four tons of bar iron have been slit and. bundled into nail and spike rods in a day. and upwards of one Ducared ions oi nans have been made in a year. A large amount of goods may be sold at wis place in exchange lor bar iroo.procuring sup. plies, 4c. lie. There are valuable scites both a - bove (s below on tbis tract,oo which more works may be erected. ALSO. That valuable well known farm. Wins in the townsliii of Randolph, about two miles from Do ver, and six miles irom Mornstown, and within one quarter of a mile of the Union turnpike road, near rieasant valley, called the Uistiiirry r arm, containing about three hundred acres, about one fourth part of which is excellent meadow, one fourth part plough and pasture land, nnd the re mainder timber. A considerable part oi the umber is of the original growth, and is suitable for sawing, the other part is thrifty young timber, from fifteen to twenty yean growth There are on said farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, in tine order, eight to sixteen years old, the most oi them of grafted fruit, and more than half of them Harison apples, so famous for cider. The meadows are fiat and free from stone, through which runs two lively streams of water, and near ly the whole may be watered. One of tliese streams is sufficient for a grist - mill or other works ; there are saw mills, a grist - mill, a fulling mill and oil mill, on the same stream. On said farm are two valuable scites for water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raises considerable pond, with twelve or fifteen feet head. Below this the water can be takeo into a race, and in less than twenty chaios. on good firm ground, is more than twenty leet ran. in this way the water can oe worgc o twice over with the expense of only one dhui. There is on faid - farm an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to bold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the cider works Islhe still - house, so convemeutlv situated that the whole operation is completed without pumping. The water for condensing the spirits is supplied from a never failing spring, within six rods of the still house, and has sufficient bead to i - . - .i : ni. i; . - ..:. r run uuj ur civieru. i ua uuiuiiu&a wu - wi two small frame d wellings, one good frame bam. &4 reet long ny zt feel wide, unoer a part oi which is a good cellar ; there are also nay house, cow sbedv lie - ALSO, 17. 1... 1 - 1. 4 . I I. !,. lM. i muauic iviij a iMignuw. iu Mia vwu - ship of Jeflerson, six miles from Dover, on the inaia nrancn oi nocaaway stiver, conaiaiinc oi a very valuable forge, with two fires and one hammer t abundance of water the whole year, a Inrge pood, and a very warm situation.' and for niiren years past has made as much iron as any two fires in the county, rne ore is within lour mucs, a no a part of the road turnpiked. The several tracts connected with tbis establishment amount altogether to about fourteen hundred acres, the greater part timber, to make adurable supply of coal for the forge. Immediately adjoining Ihr forge is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient fot three farms of one hundred acres each, with houses, orchard and barns, beside several good dwellings for the families that may be employed in worning uie lorgc. The whole or any part of this very valuable property will be iod at such prices and credit as will make it wortbv the attention ol'anv person wishing to pui chase. For further information enquire of JACOB LOSEY. at Dover. ISRAEL CANFIELD, at Morristown. BLACKWELL at M'f ARLAN, at N. York, feb 26 D&Ctf ion OAl.fV A House with two and a quarter acres of ground, pleasantly situated on the Heighths st Kips Bay, formerly tbe residence oi ixrne - lius Kip. The house is two stories lihch with sn elevated stone basement, was built by Mr. Kip for his own use, is in good repair, and commands a fine view of the sound snd sur rounding country. The ground is lau out in a handsome garden spot and two pasture tots. There is a rood stable and coach house, and a pump of excellent water near the house. All inuiuuuji(; uue win given, cn,i made known on application at No. 45 Wall - st feb 2 ? lOt FOR SALE, Tbe house and lot of rro snd No. 18 Rose - street i the lot is 25 feet front and rear, and 100 tee! deep : the house a brick front, sides sad rear tilled in with brick, and built in the most substantial manner. For furtherparticulars enquire of A. BTI.bnDAUa( feb 19 3r No. 334 Broadway. FOR SALE AT AUCTION J By C. G. FONTAINE, on Monday, 2d n,at"XH o'clock, at the T. C. H. (if not previously disposed of at private saiei uiai mo dern built substantial 3 - story brick house, with basement 7V Looard - itreet. it is luraisneo with several accommodation and IconveniencesJ so as to be an agreeable dwelling fOra geuteel family, fbere is a pemp of excellent water out lie lot Tbe lot is 25 feet front and rear and 100 feet deep, a fee simple and free from all encum brances, rossessioa wm oe given some uue previous to the 1st of May, if required. And in a few days after wiU be sold, the furni ture in said bouse - coniuung oi a complete oi carpel, looKing giaiaea, uitrr some cut glass lustres, solas, ueoi " mahogany dining, card snd writing tables, chairs tc. and a choice collection of books. Also, the kitchen furniture. frbtl 1M e. FOR SAL, . (Or exchanged for Property in this city) . M.,ntr Hmuein the vicinitv - . rv Ji beautifully situated on the IMCUIIU - "! . f Pout - road at present in in wwuK.inv. rw.. Grant U contains eigni nwi mui a piasss in troniana ri , - I.... - - .ikeam. and cellar t there is also, a AJimue. stable for two horses, and ether convenient out buildings, all ia good repair, .iwMit an acre of land, laid out in a handsome rarden and orchard, which afford a variety of choice fruit, asparagus, tc, tnd a well of excellent water, with a good pump. Terms wuU be made liberaL Apply to JACKSON fc WOOLLEY, feb 23 PS WalUtrect s1 LA W BUILDINGS. im.2 Tsroomcesisi Law Bmldinrs No. 3, to ber.ated. Apply oothe premices. to J A - ti S. - 3 A. HA "ILL, i u.i. rst, or at xso. e Breaoway febtSdtf - PTOLIC SALES. v. v - ' P. L. MILLS A CO. - ' . ' Wednesday, 4th March, At II o'clock oa the presaiaw, the Lot and House sa euluvea - etraet 8 doers sMtbeast of BroooM - st Um front oi" th hotua ii ot brirk. CI bet wide aad 36 deep r th lot in 21 fort front and rear and 70 feet deep there are 6 room with fire - places, aad 3 bed - room j the frost rooms are corniced with hard coata, tha eater as finished in tha same manner The above bouea is built of the best materials, nod well calculated for a genteel raanily The terms wiH be reason able aad made known on the day of sale. AT persons waiting to purchase at private sale, will call at the auction rosso, or on the premises. BY J. P. DIETERICH k CO. . ' . AT PRIVATE SALE, 5000 acres of land, in Wood Cooatv. fVa A withio 10 miles of Marietta, and 6 mile irom th Ohio River. 1280 do in the town of Flattsbargh. Clinton County, New - York. 400 do. in Pike County, Pennsylvania, and sua excellent impro ved farm of 200 acres, on the Cosbecton tampike road. The two last will be exchanged for pra perty in the city of New - York, or lor meSLbaa dise. Apply at the auction room. ' MARBLE FOR BUILDING, ke. , THE proprietors of the southern marble qua ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on band, and are receiving, at the Atng't - tSntg Marble an Ltmt - 1 arsJ, toot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble for building, of the following de scripuons, vis : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces Facings - Columns - WaterUbl Steps Platforms Sills, Lintstl Arches Also Lima, of the beat quality. E7 A constaut supply ef the above materials may be calculated upon t and those desirous cf purchasing, or making engagements, wiD apply to EZRA LUDLOW, " Feb 11 At the Yard. OTKELT MA LIRE. Qj" The contracts which are to be entered into lor the street manure, will commence on the - 1st of May next, for 1 or 2 years, to be mentioned in the sealed proposals ; and the streets are to he swept and cleaned, from the 1st of March tr the 1st 'if January, in every year. Feb 21 iNOTiCE. 07 The subscribers having received a general nsiigonjent of alt (he estate of John Murray k bone, for the benefit of creditors as expressed in the assignment, have authorised Peter Lad - low to liquidate the unsettled accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the said firm r to the individunl partner who will attend to the same at his office, No. Ill Pearl - street WILLIAM BAYARDT ; feb 24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. ' In tbe Advertisements signed bwysne and published in the Ncw - Yurk Ciaaelte of the 7th, 9th and and 11th of January last, I freely and cheerfully come forward to - say, that t was totally mislead in respect to Mr. Arthur Hirst i that I am perfectly convinced he had. no connexion with Lee, and was utterly unacquainted with the transactions between Leo and myself. I do tbis from a sense of duty U Mr. Hirst's character, which I am Tree to ac knowledge is, from every thing I have heard and now know of him, unimpeachable as to integrity, honor and honesty i and that I verily believe him not only above committing, but above even countenancing; in the least cegrcf , any dishonest or unworthy action. . .. tens aw juuts uutrc. TO MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS at MECHANICS. : i (fj Informatioa is respectfully solicited from all persons, p assess Lug information oa the subject of the lata proposed Tariff by the secretary of the treasury, showing the comparative difiarenc between tbe specific duties as reported, and the ad valorem duties, on goods in their respectivo branches; with such comments as they may think; proper to communicate. ', - Communications to be addressed to M. WV Bratt, Secretary of the Corresponding Commit - ' tee of the A merles n tiocsety for uV wutui. tnent of Domestic Manufactures. Feb 24 lw THE r OKU. w rrT3 Will be opened oa Friday evening next, the 27th instant, at th Assembly Room, City - Hotel, when the followinr question will be dis - J cussed : " Ought the minds of woman to be cul tivated by tbe same t uaies as inose or men Discussion to commence at 7 precisely. A ticket will admit a lady aad gentlemen. ' Tickets to be had at D. Longworth's, Park, - and at the door, at 25 cents each. The surplus proceeds ot the evening are appropriated to the Society for the relief of respectable aged indigent Females. Feb 25 NOTICE. Or AS we James and Samuel Marinniss, Blackumiths, hare commenced partnership, at No. 19 Dey - street This notice is to caution the public, not to take or receive any Note, Indorsement, Boud, or any other security in the name of . snidOrm, as their business is to be carried en without such assistance without the personal assignment of the parties composing said firm. JAMES MAGINNI38, 8AML. MAGINN1SS. , fob 26 lw (Vr ADMINIoTRA'I ION on the Estate of PbiNp I. Hone, deceased, having been granted to the subscribers All persons having demands against said Estate are requested to produce them duly authenticated, to John Anthon, Esq.' No. 338 Pearl - street, and all persons indebted to the said estate am requested to make immediate payment at tbe same place. ANNA HONE, THOMAS HAZARD, jr. JOHN ANTHON. feb $5 lw , ftr A stated meeting of tbe Trustees of Columbia College, will be held on Monday text, the 2d of March, at 10 o'clock, A.M. is thecol - lege. CLEMENT C. MOORE, Clk. , foh6 3t , (tfr. Tbe intermediate examination of the. Students of Columbia College, " with that of tbe senior Class, oaT - esdsy March , (ttertatiiwlgardiotot the Students, oT tbfcuSZ ?aodo7tbs gradaates of the CoUeg., U respectfully requested. Columbia College, Feb. to, 1818, ' . feb 26 t , BOA KD. Wanted tor a genUeman and Iur wife, in a private family. Address L I at this office. KOgl iv . llltlVATKlJOlMIAUa single gentle - ' I mah can be accommodated, with one two rooms, after the dm or May next, wiinor without board, the room furnished cr not, in a gented and small family, tbe house is neat and pleasant, and in a healthy part of tlie;city, about ten minutes walk from Wall - street Por further information inquire at no. 120 Broadway. febr 23 " lt FARMERS. . . THE subscriber cam furnih the farners ct the adiacent country with ground Plaster of Paris re any quaatity, est tha shortest notice, ; ba barrels or otherwieo. - . ... - JOtliS Bltivc, Feb23 tf . root of Harrisow - st. N R. WA I EJJ - a sitwatioa w a school or nrt - a,e fa - Uy, itMmT ty, who has been accoedto gel wthmetfcraphy, tLyt $ such a person, wilf find 'LDS 4a notice. Vaving been the a(capaci yjmiJA. aad can produce sabslacvxy reieissa - For Nrtber pWalars eoqalr. t tprj. Ur of this paper. aw MP - ; t . I - : f i ' i : - ; t ': i . V ? IVY 7, 1 !A' 'I ' a P. if . 1 0 - r 4f 1

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