The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 4, 1939 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 4, 1939
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE K G L O COLUaiBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM NETWORK 1210 KILOCYCLES i m M rl tj[ I tr V' I I ~f Ci, _£| LC Ss Pf Saturday P. M. 5:00 Press News, CBS 5:05 Leighton Noble's Orchestra, CBS 5:30 Jim Woods' Sports Camera 5:45 Sons of the Pioneers, Poultry Tribune 5:55 News, P. G. and E. 6:00 Santa Anita Handicap, CBS 6:30 Joe E. Brown, Post Toast- ies, CBS 7:00 News, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum, Senator Earl Dean 7:15 Town Crier '7:30 Studio Party 8:00 News 8:15 Music tor Men, U. E. I. 8:30 Concert Hall of the Air 9:00 Your Hit Parade, Lucky Strike Cigarets, CBS 9:45 Capitol Opinions, Representative Hamilton Fish, CBS 10:00 Evening News Roundup 10:15 Tiny Little Orchestra, (Surf) 10:30 Charles Baum's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Dick Stable's Orchestra, CBS King's Holmes' 11:30 Wayne CBS 12:00 Herbie CBS 12:30 George tra, CBS 1:00 Rhythm Club 2:00 Sign Off. Orchestra, Orchestra, Hamilton's Orches- BENCHLEYTO SOCK TRUCKER Decides He's Been Too Shy; On KGLO Sunday Evening Robert Benchley decided he was too shy. Psychiatrists corroborated his belief. Fact is, they found him not only shy but coy. "There's just one method to develop your personality," they agreed. "Go out and sock a couple of brawny truck drivers. When you've done that, sass a few cops. And if you're still in good enough shape to get around, try boxing kangaroos at the zoo." Although Benchley has delayed taking the daily dosage, their recommendations won't go to waste. The advice will be passed on to listeners of "Melody and Madness" over KGLO Sunday' from 9 to 9:30 p. m. After all, he points out, shyness has its advantages too. Artie Shaw and his orchestra present "Non-Stop Plight," original number by the conductor. Helen Forrest sings "I Want My Share of Love." The orchestra concludes with "Jungle Dnirns" and "Rosalie." , LC t NaJ; Ge^ Ph LC « L v Sunday, March 5 7:00 Morning Moods 7:30 Sunday School Lesson Preview 8:00 From the Organ Loft, CBS 8:25 Press News, CBS 8:30 Wings Over Jordan, CBS 9:00 Chapel of the Air, Burroughs A. Waltrip 9:30 Aubadefor Strings, CBS 10:00 Charles Paul at the Organ, CBS 10:30 Major Bowes 1 Capitol Theater Family, CBS 11:30 Salt Lake City Tabernacle Choir and Organ, CBS 12:00 Huck Shaffer's Orchestra 12:30 Salute to New York's Worlds Fair From Yugoslavia, CBS 1:00 Americans All -- Immigrants All, CBS 1:30 Norman Cor win's W o r d s Without Music, CBS 2:00 Philharmonic Symphony, .CBS 4:09 The Rev. Carl A. Sentman, German Baptist Church 4:30 Mail Bag 5:15 The Voice of the North Iowa Press 5:30 Melody Parade, P. G. and E. 6:00 People's Platform, CBS 6:30 Jim AVoods" Sports Camera 6:45 North Iowa Forum, Charlene Horn 6:55 News, United Home Bank 7:00 This Is New York, CBS 8:00 News 8:15 Music for Men, TJ. E. I. 8:30 Bosario Bordon and the Concert Orchestra 9:00 Melody and Madness With Robert Benchley, Old Gold Cigarets, CBS 9:30 Music by Cugat 8:45 Capitol Opinions, CBS 10:00 Evening News Roundup by Pat Patterson 10:15 Gene P i e p e r ' s Orchestra, Surf 10:30 Archie Bleyers' Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Wayne K i n g ' s Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Harry Owen's Orchestra, CBS 12:00 Sign Off Monday, March 6 6:00 T'lie Alarm Clock Hour 6:45 Aiming News Roundup 7:00 Time and Tunes, First National Bank 7:15 Chapel of the Air, Burroughs A. Waltrip 7:30 Home Folks Frolic, Iowa Master Breeders' Hstchery 7:45 Musical Clock, Merkel's 8:00 Richard Maxwell, CBS 8:15 Today in Osage, Osage Merchants 8:45 Musical Clock, Nash Coffee Company 9:00 Pretty Kitty Kelly, Wonder Bakers, CBS 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air, Clear Lake Merchants 9:30 Organ Reveries, Innes 9:45 Charles City on the Air 10:00 Melody Time, Mier Wolf and Sons 10:15 Parade of Bands 10:30 Morning C o n c e r t , Vance Music Company 10:45 Church in the Wildwood, Marshall and Swift 11:00 Home Town News, Iowa Shoe Brokerage 11:15 Mystery Melody Game 11:30 Markets 11:45 Mid-Day Review 12:00 Mac's Truckers 12:30 Front Page News With Pat P a 1 1 er s o n, International Harvester Company 12:45 Hank Hook on the Street, Pritchard Motor Company 3:00 Rhythm Rascals, CBS l:la Town Crier 1:30 American School of the Air, CBS 2:00 Book Pilot 2:15 Curtis Institute of Music CBS 3:00 Daily Devotions 3:15 Not So Long Ago, CBS 3:45 Nan Wynn, Songs. CBS 4:00 Music of the Restoration, CBS 4:15 Let's Pretend, CBS 4:45 The Mail Bag 5:15 Singin' Sam, Coco Cola VOICE OF PKESS A digest of editorial thought in North Iowa is presented over KGLO each Sunday from 5:15 to 5:30 p. m. with the "Voice of the North Iowa Press." Views o£ more than 50 editors are represented on each program. SHAFFER'S ORCHESTRA Huck Shaffer entertains listeners in his inimitable style as the the orchestra presents a half hour o£ the favorites of toher years on KGLO Sunday from 12 to 12:30 p. m. Ventura Pupils Invade Junior Music Hall Pictured here are tile "singing" (hird and fourth grade students of the Ventura scliool ivitH their music teacher, Miss Charlotte Skeen (left rear) and their room teacher. Miss Dorothy Wallace (right rear). Twelve original safety songs were presented by the group on Uncle Nick's Junior Music Hall over KGLO Thursday afternoon. Among the,numbers were the theme song, "Safety Patrol March" Automobiles Have Two Big Eyes," "Popguns and R ifles," "Talking to the Driver," "Let the Ball Roll'" Stay Away From Railroad Tracks," and others. Two songs were dedicated to Johnny B. Careful. (Lock photo, Kayenay engraving;) Will Ask About "Blind War Drift" Representative Hamilton Fish, from the district of President Roosevelt's New York state home, will be heard over KGLO Saturday at 9:45 p. m., via the Columbia network, on the subject: "Are We Drifting Blindly Into War?" MAJOR BOWES' FAMILY Major Bowes and His Capitol Theater Family, Sunday morning treat, continue on their usual one- hour spot over KGLO Sunday from 10:30 to 11:30 a. m. Radio Programs . . . tweet as a bird's song . . . after we check and tune-up your set. HERB and GEO. Radio Service 9 SECOND STREET S. W. Morning Ear-Openers IOWA MASTER BREEDERS HATCHERY WILL PRESENT "HOME FOLKS FROLIC" The fast-moving, happy-go-lucky program of the Mountaineers will be heard on KGLO each week day morning from 7:30 to 7:45 o'clock, beginning Monday. Presenting the quarter hour of early morning entertainment will be the Iowa Master Breeders Hatchery, Inc., o| Mason City, which for some time has been a participating sponsor on KGLO's Mystery Melody Game. The program, known as HomeTolks Frolic, will range from hillbilly tunes to Negro spirituals. Betsy "White will do her part on the comedy end of the show, while Arthur Fields and Fred Hall dabble around on their old parlor organ, and the Hilltop Harmonizers join Hank Ranger in the vocal portion of the show. A quarter hour with this happy mountaineer group will help start the day of£ mo re, cheerfully for listeners . . . old and young. NBC BLUE NETWORK GOO KILOCYCLES SATURDAT EVENING 5:00 Kaltrrmeycr's Kindergarten 5:45 Religion in the News 6:00 Avalon Time 6:30 News 0:-I5 niis Business Week 7:00 Qual:cr Parly 7:30 Fred Wiring's Orchestra 8:00 Iowa Bam Dance Frolic 10:15 News 10:30 Dance Music SUNDAY. XAKCH 5 8:00 Bible Broadcaster 9:00 Dick Leibert, Organist 9:15 Seventh Day Adventist 9:30 Crescent Hour of Music 10:15 Chimney House 11:00 Seventh Day Advcntists 12:00 Musical Plays 1:00 The Old Dreamer 1:30 Barry McKinlcy 2:00 Sunday Drivers 2:30 Sports Headlines 2:45 Chats About Dogs 3:00 Father Charles Coughlin 3:00 Sunday Afternoon in Hose dale 4:30 Spelling Bcc 5:00 Cosmopolitans 5:15 Vox Pop 5:45 Headlines of the Week 6:00 Jack Benny 6:30 Fitch Bandwagon 7:00 Charlie McCarthy 8:00 Tlierry-Ga-Rourtd 8:30 Album of Familiar Music 9:00 The Circle 10:00 Dance Music 10:13 News 10:30 Dunce Music M T NBC BED NETWORK 1000 KILOCYCLES SATURDAY EVENING 5:00 Opportunities for Men 5:30 Lamp Lighting Time 5:43 \VftttlicT-News 6:00 Santa Anita Handicap 6:30 Prc.sidcnt Roosevelt 7:00 Jazz- Nocturne's Orchestra 7:30 Brent House R:OO National Bam Dane* 9:00 Symphony 10:30 News 10:45 Dick Jurgen's Orchestra 11:00 Glen Gray's Orchestra 11:30 Freddie Martin's Orchestra SUNDAY, MAHCFI 7:00 Family Altar 8:00 Coast to Coast on a Bus 9:00 News 10:00 Helen WestbrooV, Organist 10:30 Southernaires 11:00 Church Program 12:00 George Sir Vcnka's Orchestra 12:45 History Speaks 1:00 Magic Key 2:00 Fred Simon's Band 2:30 Rural Riddles 3:00 Bishop Oxnam 3:30 Lutheran Hour 4:00 Metropolitan Opera Audition* *:30 Chcnaull Speaks S:00 Let's Go Back to the Blblt ' 7:00 Evening News 6:15 Eugene Conley, Tenor 6:30 Sunday NiRht at Scth Parker's 7:CW Cleveland Orchestra 8:00 Hollywood Playhouse 6:30 Waller Wmchclf 8:45 Irene Rich 9:00 Maurice Spftnaly's Orchestra 9:43 News 10:00 Old Fashioned Revival 11:00 Glen Miller's Orchestra IZ:30 Bob Crosbys Orchestra Sunday Forum Guest Miss Cliarleen Horn, secretary of the Hi-Tri club, will appear on the North Iowa Forum over KGLO Sunday from 6:45 to 6:55 p. m., speaking on "The Purposes of Hi-Tri in High School Life." (Lock Photo) Charles City on Air With Daily Shows Beginning Monday--and e a c I week day morning from 9:45 to li o'clock--KGLO will p r e s e t ! "Charles City on the Air." A dozen business firms from th neighboring city- will be repre sented on the quarter hour pro grams which will consist of mer chandising news, musical number and news items about Charle Cityans. Firms p a r t i c i p a t i n g "in th broadcast will be the May dru store, Hess Bootery, Gibbon" Ready-to-Wear, Oliver F a r m Equipment Sales and Service Allen's Cafe, Lanz Grocer}', Gem Theater, Lucian and Horgen Fur ntture company, Commercial Prin shop, the Daylight store, Gildner's and the Gordon cafe. Air Ya H. H. TELLIN' YOU: There was i time (remember?) when radio vas accused of causing a debacle n the musical instrument busi- icss. Now, according to Conductor Mark Warnow of the Hit Parade how, the opposite is ,true. And Fohnny Vance will probably agree. * * » Sales of musical instruments last year exceeded five million dollars, an aft time high. Warnow credits the popularity of radio instrumentalists for this figure. The artistry of Benny Goodman and Artie S.'iaw has boosted the sale of clarinets. * s c Similary, the skill of Tommy Dorsey and Jack Teagarden is greatly responsible for the inn-eased popularity of the trom- )one. .The radio appearance of ouis Armstrong, Bunny Berigan. ouis" Prima, Henry Busse, and others have sold a lot of trumpets. o s a Jimmy Dorsey sells saxophones, whether he knows it or not, and Gene Krupa and Chick Webb are the best salesmen for drums that manufactures could ask for. * · * Eddie Cantor is doing his old vaude routine of four shows a day at the Golden Gate exposition from which point he will "finally" be heard Monday night over KGLO. * * * Lyn Murray's "Mood for Moderns," heard over CBS every Saturday afternoon and relayed to England through BBC, has been praised as one of the finest American musical programs by two British magazines. . . * » * Ben Bernie, currently heard over KGLO on Sundays from the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York has been signed to go to the Hote As tor roof to succeed Rudy Vallee in the near future. * * · Four of Benny Goodman's leading players are stepping out fo organize their own bands . . . each having a gilt-edged contract in hand for spots. Those who have left or are leaving the king of swing are Ted Wilson, pianist; Harry James, cornetist; Jack Teagarden, trombonist; and Toots Mondello, saxophonist. * * * With Milo Knutson of the KGLO commercial, department out o commission most of the week with a case of influenza, ther was a strange hush around the studios. Others who have been victims of the flu bug are John Price and Nick Scheel. f * « It seems as if that Pretty Kitty Kelly serial, heard every day on KGLO at 9 a. m., is becoming more exciting every day. The players on the show do an exceptionally, good job. 87 Per Cent of Farm Families Are Regular Columbia Listeners A Hooper-Holmes poll of 9 typical rural counties in 48 .state shows that 87 per cent of the na tioivs farm families are regula listeners to evening programs o the Columbia Broadcsting system Two counties in each state, se lectcd as typical rural communi ties by the joint committee o radio research, were canvassed b Hooper-Holmes agents who con ducted 10,273 personal interview. The field men had no hint of wh had contracted for their service;, They made no direct or indirec reference to CBS in any «f thei queries. One of the most significant re suits was a wealth of statistic proving farmers and city folk hav the same preferences in enter tainment. Major Bowes, Eddi Cantor and the New York Philhar monic showed no perceptible diJ ferences in popularity amon rural and urban listeners. Another interesting fact dis closed by the report is that th average daily listening t i m among farm folks is four hour and 42 minutes. NAN WYNN SINGS Nan Wynn, CBS songstres features "Could Be," "They Say, "Jeeper Creepers," and "Exact! Like You" over KGLO Monda from 3:45 to 4 p. m. Jugoslavia to Salute ork World Fair Prince Paul, regent o£ Yugo lavia, leads his nation's salut from Belgrade to New Yor Vorld's fair of 1939 over KGLO iunday from 12:30 to 1 p. m. The Belgrade Symphony or -hestra is to be heard on the trans Atlantic greeting, tenth of th nternational messages from, for eign nations. BROWN HUNTS MOVIE GIRL Joe Wants Girl to Play "Innocence" in Sunday Show Joe E. Brown, bombastic bung- er for Bullhammer's ljureau, searches for a girl to play Miss Innocence in a new movie as his program is heard over KGLO Saturday from 6:30 to 7 p. m. Joe goes to the Emporium o£ Srratic Euphonies, dramatic school headed by Gill and Demling. Joe .s forced to hear Egbert Frath- waite, only tenor who sings by remote control from a diving bell. Convinced the man can't keep his head above water, he auditions Flossie Clodpebble whose forte, the mad scene from "Macbeth," sends Joe into, open-moullicd coma. Margaret McCrae sings to music by Harry Sosnik's orchestra. The Week on KGLO Programs--March 5 to March 11 STANDARD PROGRAMS * * # Every Week Day (Check With SPECIAL PROGRAMS to Complete Daily Schedules) SPECIAL PROGRAMS * * * Day by Day (Check With STANDARD PROGRAMS for Complete Daily Schedules) Mayor LaGuardia on Sunday KGLO Program Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia of New York City is scheduled guest speaker Sunday in "Americans All--Immigrants All" over KGLO, The Italians' contributions to our art and commerce is the theme of the dramatized portion of this regular Sunday feature, heard from 1 to 1:30 p. m. Italians have made many varied contributions to America. , They used shovels or violins with equal ability. The dramatization will explore the part they played in construction o£ roads, skyscrapers, and railroads as well as their cultural contributions. MORNING G:00 Alarm Clock Hour G:45 Morning News Roundup 7:00 Time and Tunes 7:15 Burroughs A. Waltrip 7:30 Home Folks Frolic 7:45 Musical Clock 8:00 (M-W-F) Richard Maxwell, CBS (T) Sunny Melodies, CBS (Tli) Milton Charles Recalls, CBS (Sa) Console Contrasts, CBS 8:15 Today in Osage 8:45 Musical Clock 9:00 (M through F)'Pretty Kitty Kelly (Sa) Pappy Cheshire's Hillbillies, CBS 9:15 Clear Lake on the Air 9:30 Organ Reveries 9:45 Charles City on the Air 10:00 Melody Time 10:15 Parade of Bands 10:30 Morning Concert 10:45 Church in the Wildwood 11:00 Home Town News 11:15 Mystery Melody Game 11:30 Markets 11:45 (M-W-F) Mid-Day Review (T-Th) American F a m i l y Robinson (Sa) Intercollegiate Music Guild, CBS Hear Them Sunday Night AFTERNOON 12:00 (M-W-F) Mac's Royal Entertainers (T-Th) Mid-Day Review '(Sa) All Hands on Deck, CBS 12:30 Front Page News 12:45 Man on the Street 1:00 (See Special Programs) 1:15 (M through F) Town Ci-ier 1:30 (M through F) School of the Air 2:00 (See Special Programs) 3:00 (M through F) Devotions 4:00 (See Special Programs) 4:45 Mail Bag (Saturday at 4:30) 5:15 (M through F) Singin' Sam 5:30 (M-W-F) Lone Ranger (T-Th) Junior Music Hall (Sa) Swing Club, CBS MONDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Rhythm Rascals, CBS 2:00 Book Pilot 2:15 Curtis Institute o£ Music, CBS 3:15 Not So Long Ago, CBS 3:45 Nan Wynn Sings, CBS 4:00 Music of Restoration, CBS 4:15 Let's Pretend (Evening-) 6:30 The Chicagoans, CBS 7:30 Rural Round Table 8:15 Music for Men 8:30 Tropical Moods 9:00 Tempos 9:30 Eddie Cantor, CBS 10:15 Sammy Kaye's Orchestra, CBS 10:30 Herbie Holmes' CBS 11:00 Clyde L u c a s ' CBS 11:30 Henry King's CBS Orchestra, Orchestra, Orchestra, TUESDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Milton Charles Sings, CBS 2:00 A Capella Choir, CBS 2:30 Cincinnati Symphony, CBS 3:15 Children's Concert, CBS 3:30 Highways to Health, CBS 3:45 Princeton Glee Club, CBS 4:00 Current Questions Before the Senate, CBS 4:15 Music for Fun, CBS (Evening) 6:30 Navy News 6:35 Stop and Listen 7:30 Emil and His Commanders 8:15 Music for Men 8:30 Benny Goodman, CBS 9:00 Barn Dance Frolic 10:15 Blue Barren's Orchestra, Surf 10:30 Wayne King's Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Behind the Camera Lines, CBS 11:30 Henry K i n g ' s Orchestra, CBS JOHN BARRYMORE WALTER HUSTON JOHN BARRYMORE AND WALTER HUSTON ON "THIS IS NEW YORK" SHOW SUNDAY John Barrymore is coming back for more. Only this time he won't have the missus, Elaine Barrie, in the cheering section when Archie starts heckling John during his second appearance on This Is New York over Columbia network and KGLO Sunday from 7 to 8 p. m. Barrymore is bringing Walter Huston with him instead. Between them they plan to give Archie as fine a hauling over the verbal coals as that upstart has had since the series started. Huston, who is cast as Peter Stuyvesant in the current musical comedy hit, "Knickerbocker Holiday," gives some of the speeches he makes as New Amsterdam's governor. He is also heard in several of the popular numbers he sings in the stage show. Music for the program is furnished by Leith Stevens' 35 piece orchestra and the JLyn Murray chorus. Talks "Legislation" Senafor Earl Dean of Mason City will address the North Iowa Forum audience over KGLO Saturday from 7:05 (o 7:15 p. m. on the subject: "A Look At Some of tlie Bills Before the Present Iowa Legislature.'' Union Memorial Pastor on KGLO The Rev. G. I\ r . .Toner, pastor of the Union Memorial church in Mason City, will discuss the topic on the Lesson Preview h o u r on KGLO Sunday from 7:30 to 7:45 a. m. The lesson is " F a i t h That Breaks D o w n R a c i a l Barriers." Music on the program w i l l be vocal numbers by Mrs. Conrad Frede r i ckson, accompanied by Mrs. W. A. Carter, both of the First Baptist church. This program is presented every Sunday morning under auspices o£ the Council of Christian Education. One Man's Equipment on Hit Parade Troupe Worth Above $3,000 There may be larger bands on the air, but Mark Warnow's 52 piece Hit Parade orchestra heard over KGLO Saturday at 9 p. m. continues to be the largest dance band on the air, concentrating on toe-tickling rhythm. Though there are 52 men in the band and they play a total of 108 instruments, the busiest musician is the fellow who is in charge of 11 instruments--the xylophone, chimes, vibraphone, bells, celeste, temple blocks, typmani, cymbals, triangle, castanets and tambourine. In some numbers, he has practically nphtnig to do. In others, he is as busy as the proverbial one armed paper hanger. His equipment is worth $3,000. EVENING 6:00 News 6:05 Sons of the Pioneers 6:15 Sports Camera 7:00 News 7:05 North Iowa Forum 7:15 Town Crier 8:00 News 9:00 (See Special Programs) 10:00 News 10:15 Surf and CBS Dance Orchestras (See Special Programs) Neutrality Is Subject for Discussion Sunday Two legislators and two average citizens discuss the question, "Should America's Neutrality ,Law Be Amended?" when they meet on Lyman Bryson's People's Platform over KGLO on Sunday from 6 to 6:30 p. m. Special emphasis is to be placed on discussion of the bill recently introduced by Senator Thomas of Utah which would have the government name the aggressor nation in any international conflict and then throw this country's support to the aggressor's victim. WORDS WITHOUT MUSIC Walt Whitman's "Leaves o£ Grass" is the subject of Norman Convin's vitalized poem program, "Words Without Music," over KGLO Sunday from 1:30 to 2 p. m. MERGING STREAMS How the United States of today was constructed of a baffling conglomeration of creeds, customs and traditions is the theme of the American School of the Air program for Monday from 1:30 to 2 p. m. ._I_ Blue Barron Tops Week's Surf casts Blue Barren's orchestra, one of the nation's favorites which has been featured on the natworks and at the leading dance resorts of the nation, will be heard over KGLO Tuesday night from the Surf Ballroom at Clear Lake where the "name" band has been booked for the one evening. The maestro, known for "The Music of Yesterday and Today- Styled the Blue Barron W a y , " comes to North I o w a directly from a trium- p h a n t nine m o n t h s e n - gagement in t h e G r e e n Room of the H o t e l ' E d i s o n , New York City. BLUE BARRON Possibly t h C most unique member of the band is Ronnie Snyder, steelguitarist, who amazes listeners with his unusual throat whistling. Ronnie whistles from his throat with his lips motionless. The Blue Barron dance treat will be aired at the usual Surf- cast time, 10:15 to 10:30 p. m. Tiny Little and his popular troupe invade tile Clear Lake spot Saturday night and will broadcast on the regular 15-minute spot. Sunday night the microphones will pick up the Gene Pieper orchestra from the dancery. Other musical organizations to be heard on KGLO from the Sur£ are: Friday---Don Roth's orchestra Sat., March 11--The High Hatters. Sun.. March 12--Bennett-Grcten orchestra. / WEDNESDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Sweet Alice, CBS 2:00 Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, CBS 3:15 The Zany Famils', CBS 3:45 U. S. Navy Band, CBS 4:15 So You Want to Be, CBS 4:30 March of Games, CBS (Evening) 6:30 Federal Symphony of New York 6:45 Aloha Land 7:30 Music for Men 7:45 News 8:00 Texaco Star Theater, CBS 9:00 Tempos 9:30 Melodeer's Quartet 8:45 Old Refrains 10:15 Charles Baum's Orchestra CBS 10:30 Wayne K i n g ' s Orchestra CBS 10:45 Herbie Holmes' CBS Orchestra, 11:00 Glen Gray's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Henry K i n g ' s Orchestra, CBS NAME SUNDAY PROGRAM A program of music divided between present and preceding centuries, featuring Joseph Knitzer as violin soloist in two French works, is arranged by John Barbirolli, conductor of New York Philharmonic Symphony orchestra for the regular Sunday broadcast concert on KGLO between 2 and 4 p. m. ON DEVOTIONS The Rev. Clarence Haaland, of Minneapolis, evangelist at the Trinity and Calvary churches, will be the devotional speaker over KGLO next week, heard Monday through Friday from 3 to 3:15 p m. THURSDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Melody Weavers, CBS 2:00 U. S. Army Band, CBS 2:30 Sonata Recitals, CBS 3:15 Ray Block's Varieties, CBS 3:45 Four Clubmen, CBS 4:00 Current Questions Before the House, CBS 4:15 Let's Pretend, CBS (Evening) S:30 Stop and Listen 7:30 American Legion Hour 8:lo Music for Men 8:30 Music by Cugat 2:00 Concert Orchestra 9:30 George Hall's Dance Hall 0:45 American Viewpoints 10:15 Jimmy Dorsey's Orchestra CBS 10:30 Herbie CBS 11:00 Sammy Kaye's CBS 11:30 Wayne K i n g CBS Holmes' Orchestra, Orchestra, s Orchestra, FRIDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Stanley Hickman Serenades, CBS 2:00 U. S. Marine Band, CBS 2:30 Keyboard Concert, CBS 3:15 Matinee Promenade, CBS 3:45 Al Bernard's Merry Minstrels, CBS 4:00 Ruth Carhart, Songs, CBS 4:15 Men Behind the Stars, CBS 4:30 Christian Science Program (Evening) 6:30 Wonder Show With Jack Haley. CBS 7:30 Master Singers 7:45 George Hall's Dance Hall 8:15 Music for Men 8:30 Tropical Moods 8:45 Old Refrains 9:00 Nine O'clock Moods 9:30 Columbia Concert Orchestra, CBS 10:15 Don Roth's Orchestra, Surf 30:30 Wayne K i n g ' CBS 10:45 Herbie Holmes' CBS Orchestra, Orchestra, 11:00 Ben Bernic's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Little Jakie Heller's Orchestra, CBS LEADING ORCHESTRAS Wayne Kings sweet music airs over the Mason City station Sunday at 11 p. m., followed by a half I hour of the leading Hawaiian rmi- I sic on the air--that of Harry Owens and his orchestra. SATURDAY (Afternoon) 1:00 Men Against Death, CBS 1:45 Fran Hincs Sings, CBS 2:00 Westminster Choir CBS 2:30 Texas Rangers, CBS 3:00 Charles Paul at the Organ, 3:30 DancepMor.«, CBS ·5:00 What Price America (Evening) (Sec Schedule at left of Page) "age of holy Hindu

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