The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 25, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1944
Page 4
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E D I T O R l A Kick in the Pants Is Suggested Here N ICE PEOPLE don't go around kicking other people in the pants--and especially it -those other people are the female of the species. But we confess to an almost irresistible impulse to do just that thing to one Vivien Kcllems of Westport, Conn., proprietor of an industrial establishment specializing on a wire cable grip for war use. Miss Kcllems in a talk before a civic group in Kansas City, Mo., recently stated with pride that ih'e had not paid her Dec. 15 income tax installment and urged others to follow her example. Her reasoning was that the present tax rates are'unconstitutional and con.- fiscatory. So to meet the situation, Miss KeUems employs a procedure more unconstitutional by far than the present, tax rates-abased on congressional enactment--could possibly be.- She takes the law into her own hands and urges others to {io the same. , Objections raised by Miss Kel- 'lems against the present levy against upper bracket incomes will be accepted as valid by many persons. 'She contends they are so sevjere.that industries will have no reservoir of capital on hand for reconversion to peacetime pro_ duction. ' \ Our own view happens to be that · for the -most part levies on high incomes are about as near the confiscatory level as they could safely, go without damaging repercussions to our economy. A federal sales tax is needed to draw more .heavily on us lower income workers. Here, relatively untapped, ·lies: the great bulk of-the national income; here lies the great inflation threat. But our real argument with Miss Kellems (native of Des ' Moines' and unsuccessful candidate for congressional nomination against Clare Booth Luce) is the wholly un - American technique practiced and preached by her in defying the laws of her country. Without naming her in his criticism, Secretary Morgenthau of the treasury' referred to her ease as "smacking of .disloyalty." On the whole, we think he exercised an admirable restraint. We think it WAS disloyalty.. MORE' "DIVIS(ONS"'HniErrHOPES" TO" WIN WITH! Did You Know? By Frederic J. Hdskin EDITOR'S NOTE-- Jleadcri nvailiiic thtmsclTti *f this icrviee for qutslians ·f fact--got counsel--sbouLd sign their full name and address and In close :i rents for relarn " patife./ Address Globe-Gazelte Information B u r e a u , Frederic J. Hasfcln, Director, Wuhlng- ton. D. C. Look Out Below Did Amelia Earhart receive the Distinguished Fly in* Cross? She is the only woman to have jeen so honored. Bow fast can a sloth travel if he has to? A really swift sloth would be OBSERVING Republicans with eyes open will look' just a bit askance at the Tribune and all others who have accepted hook, line and sinker the C. Nelson Sparks smear of Wendell Willkie. · * * * Least of the arguments for elevating Gen. Marshall to the rank of marshal is that Marshal Marshall doesn't sound good. -* * * ' It's twilight for kings except in those vcountries--like Great Britain--where a king is a symbol rather than a monarch. * * * This war has brought thousands of island natives in contact with our so-called civilization for the first titae. ' ·' # * # , · Childishness and illiteracy are the 2 attributes most commonly exhibited in anonymous letters. l * * * The stiletto for Willkie might conceivably mean hari-kari for the republican party. The Role of Air War ^ ·'. · ·. A N'/INTERESTING -sidelight: on " ''allied air raids, just revealed, is that" the new bomti-sight shared b'y the RAF. and the USAAF is of ,such uncanny'design that visibility makes, no difference. B o t h British and American forces nowadays prefer to bomb when there are olouds over the target--they get results anyhow, and the clouds afford cover from anti-aircraft barrages, and offer some opportunity for hiding when the nazi interceptors come up. Another interesting side-light on the raids is the official soviet announcement, broadcast from Mos' cow, that the" effect of the all-out bombing of nazi Germany is beginning, to be felt at the front Nazi: batteries are being rationed on shells. Nazi rifle and machine gunners are warned to be sparing of ammunition. ^. So we seem to be making progress, just as predicted. The results of bombing raids, with their heavy losses, have seemed to many disheartening--although the airmen themselves were never disheartened. AH that was necessary was to keep plugging away. Gradually enemy reserves built up before the bombing really got down to business have melted away at the front, and supplies now come slowly, insufficiently or not at all. , From now on'progress of deterioration' in nazi defenses should accelerate. Fewer planes will be .made, fewer munitions of all kinds ' will be turned out and shipped. And the decline will increase in speed as our raids are stepped up. We may able to knock cur.enemy completely out of the war from the air. But it's clear we can do--and .are doing--a swell job of laying the foundations for invasion..ty sea and land. Your Health By Logan Gendering, M. D. WHOOPING COUGH T HE season for whooping cough is at hand. It begins in the northern states in January and February. In the southern states the peak of incidence is in May. And the season for this disease lasts a long time, running into the summer - months. Indeed in epidemics many new cases occur in the early summer months. Inexperienced parents are likely to regard it as a mild childhood disease. But it is far from that. The little patients may become very sick. Complications, such as pneumonia, make it vety danger-' ous. So precautions and proper treatment are always in order. The prevention of whooping cough by the use of pertussis vaccine is ifairly, although not universally, successful. The vaccine should be given between the ages of 6 and 12 months. A vaccine and an antigen are also used in the treatment, but not with any great measure of success. A new treatment which will be somewhat surprising to most doctors is the use of adrenal cortex. At least it is surprising to me, and I don't see how anyone thought of it. But it has a good theoretical basis I admit now that it has been explained to me. Not the least dangerous of the symptoms of whooping cough is the vomiting. This comes at the end of prolonged fits and is simply a reflex due to gagging. It is very depleting and especially because it causes a great loss of chlorides from the body. This may be the cause of the slow development of immunity in the disease, for notoriously it is of long duration, and may last several months. The adrenal cortex helps to fix chloride in the body. That is the theoretical basis for its use, and, as I say, it seems to me sound. At least it works in practice. Studying over 300 cases of whooping cough, Dr. Lewis Jacobs gave Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges One County's Crime Record Burlington Hawk-Eye Gazette: For the first time in a long period the current grand jury will have no criminal cases to consider, indicating that indictable crime in the county has taken a vacation since Ihe lasl term o£ court. We consider this a rather good record for a county the size of Des Moines, whose population is larger now lhan at any time in its history. The War Isn't-Over Algona Advance: Desperate men take unheard of chances and occasionally break a . ring of encirclement. The nazis are despicable men. They are becoming'des- perate. Chances will be taken. Don't count the war, won till the Germans arid the Japs lay down their arms with a pistol or gun pointing right at their heads. Warning to Nazis Mankato Free Press: The gospel of St. Luke, speaking of , divine achievements, has ominous words for the nazis. "He hath scattered the proud in .the imagination of their hearth. He hath put down the mighty from their seats and hath exalted them. o£ low degree." able, with luck, to travel about one-half mile in 24 hours if not side-tracked. Is Barnaby in the comic strip' based upon a real child? Crockett Johnson, the creator, has no children of his own to use as a model. . ^ How can the jet propulsion plane be distinguished from other airplanes? The plane has no propeller. What will become of the docs now serving in the war when they are no loneer needed? They,will be restored to their owners upon request. How many senators' terms expire in 1915? ' 32. .\ ' ^ Please list some of the types of literature that are found in the Bible. . The short story, biography,'love lyrics, epigram, elegy, letters. What is the usual life of building stone? From 5 to 15 years for coarse brownstone and 50 to 200 years for granite. Why was the Statue of Liberty presented to the United States by France? To commemorate the 100th anniversary of American independence. What is the principle of electric weldine? i Metals are joined by placing pieces in contact and passing through the contact a current of electricity sufficient to fuse and unite the pieces. Where can instruction be obtained in running a post exchange? ' New York university in cooperation with the Army 'Exchange Service has a 4-week extension course to train civilians. " Were Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin greatly revered at the end of their lives? Both great-leaders were permitted to die unhonored and grea't obscurity. Our Hemp Program ^ can't stir up much . sym* pathy lor those who are trying to draw some political advantage from the ' federal government's abandonment of a part of the mid-western hemp plants. 1 There was graye need for rope in the conduct of the war. Our sources of supply for this material so vital to our'navy had been cut off or greatly reduced. With our national life in peril, we weren't counting pennies. That's been the policy in the conduct of this war/ We've put winning the war above all else, and rightly so. Last year's production of hemp was] enormous. Added to this is the fact that the submarine war has been pretty much won, thus opening up Latin American rope materials. A critical problem has been me1 and solved. It wasn't cheap, but il was effective. That's the all-important fact with respect to our hemp program. Political griping is not in order _. y Information, Please! 1. Of the 4 animals named below, the one -said' to be the mos intelligent is the cow, sheep, horse reindeer. , ,* . · 2. The man who wrote "Tale b Two Cities" was Sir Walter Scott Alexander Dumas, Charles Dick- ns, George Eliot. 3. The astrological sign for the majority of people born in July s Gemim,jVirgp, Leo, Cancer. ANSWERS-- 1. Horse. 2. Charles Dickens. 3. Cancer. America's "7th Column" am sur^you will appreciate ther appropriateness of the term "seventh column" or carelessness ' when I remind rou that, according to the Na- ional Safety council, a total of 480,000,000 man days were lost to production in the United States n a single year because of accidents. This lost time would have produced the materials of war to supply 200,000 soldiers -- which is approximately the size of the task force which struck Sicily with such telling effect. ..^ V Another interpretation: Enough time was lost to accidents to produce '38 battleships, 250 destroyers,. 90,000 fighting planes or 125,000 light tanks. Can' you imagine a greater aid to Hitler and Hirohito? · · -V -T V A ^Postal Ruling " ve it from Postmaster A ; M. Schanke that greeting cards addressed to army personnel overseas must~be sealed and' postage paid thereon at the first class letter rate. "There is no provision," says Mr. Schanke, "for sending such cards unsealed at l'/4 cents postage." · ' ' . · Overseas destinations, are defined as including all army j)ost- offices (A. P. O.'s) in care of the jostmaster at the following places: York, Seattle, San Francisco, iliami, New Orleans, Minneapo- ,is, 'and Presque Isle, Maine. ·. This rule will be helpful to liose planning to send Valentine greetings lo fighting men over- leas. --V-Off For Berlin; ^dipped into the Britl News- £ Tribune for this verse by Mattie Bailey Heacox ap- propos of the current war bond campaign: The allies are off for Berlin, Now wn*t are we xoiitf: ts do; There are rivers, and mountains, and oceans lo cross. · . And we've ffot to help them ret Inroucb. We can't let them wade through mud. And wallow through swamps, and through ponds; They must have a road, yes, a hard surfaced road, And we've rot to pave it with BONDS. And we've bridge every gap. As they push ahead, mile after mile; We can do it--oh yes, we can do il- .ynu bet, . v And come throurh the ordeal with smile. So haul out }our sheckles. my friends, Ca throurh pockets of trousers an shirts,- ' And spend c a BOND Go out and spend, '1111 it hurts. . * Spend, but keep wearing, your smile. And shout to your kith and your kin. "Come on with your BUNDS, and: help pave the road, For the allies are off for Berlin.- The Day's Bouquet To E. C. SHUPE OF CLARIOJi AND M: C. LAWSON OF SON CITY--for being honored bji he Boy Scout organization with, he Silver Beaver award. This"i« :he highest recognition that had by adult workers in th« Scout program. Both have giyeril generously and well of their time! and effort and will grace the dis-J languished group t h e y hay joined. very dime for. a STAMP or Mason .City Globe-Gazett« An A. W. LEE NEWSPAPEB Issue Every Week Day by" the Mason Cily Globe-G alette C'ompaQ 121-1I3 East Stale Street Telephone 3 Tuesday January 25, 1914. J.EE P. LOOMIS . . . . Publisher j W. EAEL HALL - Manacinr Editor J KNOCH A. NOREM - - City Editor 5 LLOYD JL. GEEK - AdTertiiinc Mrr.j Entered as second.class ' matter Ap 17. 1930,-at the postofiice at Mason Cit; Iowa, under the act of March 3, 1879. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS-- Th«j Associated Press is exclusively entitled, to the use for republication of all new* dispatches'credited to it or not otherwise^ credited In this paper and also the I news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Mason City and Clear Lake by year, : Uason City and Clear Lake by week, : Outside JOO Mile Zone--Per. year. S B months £5.50; 3 months S3; 1 month Sfl Outside Mis on City and Clear Like anil Within 100 Miles of Mason City and Outside cf the Carrier District! Mason CHy and Clear Lake: Per year by carrier $10.01 Per week by carrier $ -.21 Per year by mail $ 7.01 By mail 6 months ......$.3.73 By mail 3 months ....'.,...,.......$ 2.W By mail J month $ .71 National Service Suggested Ottumwa Courier: We are all prone to let everything run along "as usual." That cannot be in time of war 1 --especially o f ; this one's immensity arid seriousness. We've got to get in deeper. The national service legislation shows strong indications of being the method. The Public Believes Marshall Wausau, Wis., Record-IJerald: If Marshall said that the strikes here were a source of aid to Hitler and would cost cruelly in dead American soldiers, it is true. And what's more, the public believes Marshall, in whom they have the greatest confidence and faith. All RoosevelLs Good Fighters Webster City Freeman-Journal: Every one of the Roosevelt boys have made good in the army. We never heard of a.~Roosevelt who didn't, including Theodore and his 4 sons,"one of his sons being killed in action in France, where his remains are buried. If You'll Read Your History Boone News-Republican: Those who doubt that Russia, will join in the war against Japan should read their histories. Japan once defeated Russia and we doubt if the Russians have "ever got over the sting of that loss. · REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO J. E. : Lepper, who has been reading car.barn tales since the famous gang of desperadoes worked their nefarious arts in Illinois, has now possessed himself with an exact mate to the revolver which did such execution at that time. He expects to join Col. Glanville'and Col. Mickey in quest of cottontails. THIRTY YEARS AGO , With the ice on Clear Lake again about 12 inches thick, ice cutting is once more under way, and yesterday 27 cars were taken from the water and shipped. Mrs. Matt Barren on South Jackson avenue was hostess to the Mother's Union yesterday afternoon. Mesdames Boomhower, Taylor and Schneider and Miss Allison of Hampton were the "guests of the club. j ' TWENTY YEARS AGO Miss Agnes Hclbig, secretary of the Home Service section of American Bed Cross, has received an appeal- from M. E. Head, district manager of the TJ. S. veterans' bureau at St. Louis, urging all Our Moil Bag THE PERFECT MAN M 1 Common Sense Course JOWA legislators, called into special session for the purpose of making it possible for the state's fighting men to vole, will have .wisdom and common sense on their side it they decide against tampering with the state income 1 tax, now reduced to half of its original rate. In the period of demobilization, Iowa will have need for a sizable reservoir of funds with which to put through an important pro- .gram of public . works. These improvements ·will he needed in themselves and the program will be helpful in effecting a smooth transition from wartime to peacetime economy. It is much easier to build up these reserves now, out of an adequacy of ready cash, than it will be then when income quite likely will be appreciably reduced. That strikes us as 'being the common sense. ot the situation. -,' over 100 of them no specific treatment at all. These were the controls. In these the coughing lasted for 10 weeks, the whooping for 5 weeks and the vomiting 3% weeks. Other groups were given antigen and other pertussis vaccine with hardly any improvement in the duration o[ these symptoms over the controls. The group to whom adrenal cortex was given showed that coughing lasted at most 4',i weeks {as contrasted with 10 weeks for the controls), the whooping last 2 to 3 weeks (controls 5 weeks), and the vomiting 1 to weeks). 2 weeks (controls Old fashioned treatments should not be abandoned while giving this new remedy: The standby is a snug abdominal binder to give the whooper something lo cough againsl. Fresh air and small feedings rather than large are also helpful. Questions and Answers L. M. K.: A friend of mine who has a cancer is going lo a doctor who gives her treatment, but he does not believe in X-rays. She is spending a lot of money, although the family is not well off. Answer: Cancer is treated only by surgery, X-ray or radium. A doctor who docs not use 1 or 2 of those is a fake, ··', ASON ' CITY--W o n d e r i£ I should put an ad in the-paper, "Wanted: A man to work for me. Must have no'bad habits," would I have any trouble linding such a man? In these days with so many places and so much going on to lure boys from the right path I fear it would be hard to find one, but if boys would try hard enough it could be done. v I knew a boy years ago who came through with flying colors. He grew to manhood in our part of the country, was married ar.d got work in a hardware and learned the business. When a hardware advertised for a clerk with no bad habits he got the job. If a man has no bad habits he should make a good dependable man at any kind of labor he finds to do but if he has bad habits he is not good anywhere. If he drinks at all he is not as organizations interested in the welfare of veterans of the World war to see that they file immediately any claims they may have against the veterans' bureau for medical care or compensation. . TEN YEARS AGO Calcutla--Nila Cram Cook, Ihe Mahalma 'Gandhi's backsliding "Blue Serpent Goddess," probably will be repatriated to the United States the first week in February, authorities said today. The women of the C. W. S. sewing room entertained at a 12 o'clock luncheon Tuesday in the administration building complimenting A. M. Schanke on his birthday. The luncheon was followed by a program of toasts and an informal time. Mrs. Blaise, Mrs. H. C/Friesner and Miss Virginia 'Schanke were gucsls. Clover Couplets ' By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center THE HIRED GIRL We had a bired (irl in the lonr azo days Who might ha-ve been backward ia some of her way* Bot say, she was fine t« both brolhcr and roe \Vhen he was bat seven and I only three. My rather and mother. I'm sorry to sa'y. Ofttimes rather doubted if she earned her pay. " But no matter how many her doties might be She always foand time for some romp- ings wUh me. efficient as he would be it h*; left it entirely alone. · If he smokes he is a constant menace to his employer's property. If he spends half of Iht night carousing around at poolhalis, card gamtis, dances, shows or gambling he is not the kind of a man an employer wants. In government work I \vould not think they would want drinkers, or even smokers. It is too dangerous. Some do not want them on farms. - - W. H. LAW 101 22-nd-St. S.'fe. 5he may hare had failings I then. a rain, But I've not forgotten how coald' be To a wee little sharer just barely past three. , Though mnlher mirht rail at ihe eoi panr she kept. For dishes half-washed or ror poorly swept. , She ntvcr had reason tn doubt the drrree Or love she so lavished on brother and me. There may have been cookies (or the Aid Bat always we sinners could trust that the maid Wonld see there were ivveral (or brother and me When he was but seven and I only three. 'Tii years~since she left us, I really know If she Is stilt liTlni~l karily think so Tet I'll never fvra-et her wherever she be. She was alwmya *· K»*4 t* IrcUler aad BM. TWO HOUESAVW. INTOWNM... WELL, SKIP.,.WITH SPED WE'RE DOM I FIGURE. ABOUT TWO HOURS. TWO ' HOURS;.. mro HOUKtf YOJEATT£MTION.n.EA5E."TO££MEA\Y 15 ATTACKING- IN FORCE TEN A11LSS NORTH OF TAKE IT EASY, Kl 0.' HEY, HANK HOW MUCH LOMSEKTOO'UK DESTINATION? YOU'RE FKBABUf RIGHT, HEEE...THERE S NO IMMEDIATE DANSEU...BUT THERE MAY BE A BREAKTHKQUSH/RXYOUSl OWM SAFETY WEA2E SENDtNSYOU BYAIE. TRWKFORT TO A SAFE SECTOR/THERE ISUO CAUSE ran ALAKM , BUT YOU WILL PLEASE BUT...BUT...R!ANKLY GiJVS, I'M WORRIED STIFF; PROCEED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLETO YOU2 WHICH IS WAITING STlUU COLD, EH, SKHE.TER.? SEEMS \MEU-, IT SHOULD. COUGH SOUNDS L.OT BETTER. 1" OKME.OH.MY/ woWs A PERSON GONG TO YEP. JUST THW. Tt* GREW SASPiM SOONIES DONT TEU. ME . ALL THE PAPER SWS. 1 ·* BUT ITS JUST UKE AU.TWE BEST OP THE STONES; KNCMI HOW TO DO READER WILL KNOW HCW TO PROCEED THOlJGHT XE MIGHT TO TELL US ANYTHING, WHEN HE.FlMDStE TEEtn'H STONE.T-s PKX UPA CLUE_WHEN MAYBE WE BCTTER GET Slf? OAkY'S) PERMISSION '~ LCT LAW GLAD TO SEE YOU, NELLIE/ BUT--BUT WHERE'S OAKY/* WHAT WE GOTTA DO IS FIWD SIR OAKY AMD BORROW NELLIE -LOOK.' « THERES A WHITE i THEN CODIVA RtDCA DCNrMINDHM* THATSCNUf AM ACT HE PUTS CM5 WHATDOViOU MBAN, AC AN? DO'foU MEAN I'VE GOTTA SIT AND WATCH AU.7HN- A3AIN NOU MEAM I'VE GOTTA 6UY TICKETS TO THAT PLAY? WILL8ETWOTWENTY HEART.' DONT EU_MErVE GOTTA FAY CfvftRIED HIS ENEMY TO , TO THE WONDER OF WJL HIS MEM-' " " BREKK ROSE UNHARMED PROA WHERE HE HM FALLEN BUT KHUFU WAS FELLED BY A TENT POLE AND LAY SENSE LESS AMID THE FIERY RUIN BREKK QUICKLY PULLED KHUFU FREE OF THE BURNING CANOPY- fffj HIS ABSCKP7KW, DICKIE HASnr fffffCHEO HIS ST££RmG, H/S BOAT IS HEADED THE KIV£f?! OUNHQ QUITE'. HE GOT MING; BULLET . /,V7D HIS HA/O- - HE IS 8ff£ATri/fJ'! BUT O' COUffSE, AFTEfi LOSIH' AU. TUET BLOOD GRAB THIS TiLiE/?- never rnesstd

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