Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 17, 1937 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1937
Page 4
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FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 17 · 1937 MAIN FLOOR SALE! Two-Way-Stretch GIRDLES [(Very Slightly Irregular) 2 far $1.00 $1.00 Values Absolutely new, fresh- merchandise perfectly made except for slight irregularities. S-M-L Two-Purpose Two-Way Stretch GIRDLES With detachable rubber sanitary Napkin Shield. A* A A $1.50 Value..... ipltUU SANITARY BELTS Regular 49c -- 27c Each "The Handy Package" Containing Sanitary Belt, Sanitary Napkin, 1 AM Box 1UC MODESTY SHIELDS Sanitary Beit with Rubber Shield for Sanitary Napkin. Safe, Comfortable, Secure. 50c Value 27c /Hake, ifuoti/iie£f andScw/ei Sale of FBBiRICS ^ kjjlg* New Spring SILKS SPECIAL FOR DOLLAR DAY ONLY! YDS. Floral Prints usht ana Dark) * Plain Novelty Crepes · Spring Lightweight Sheers Yards and yards of new spring silks specially purchased lor this great Dollar Day event. It will pay you to buy now at this startling price and you will find patterns and colors that wilt be most thrilling to start your new spring wardrobe from.- Be here first lor earliest selection. Latest Spring COTTONS Co-ed Checks Regular 35c yd. Checker Mesh 6 yds. $1.00 Colonial Crash Regular 39c yd. XLinenized Cotton) 5 yds. $1.00 YARD GOODS DEPT.: MAIN FLOOR MAIN FLOOR LINEN DEPT.: MAIN FLOOR 58 in. Cotton Damask (Linenized Finish) 58 in. Cotton Damask (Rosemary Linen Finish) 72 in. Linen Damask 2 yds. $1.00 69c yd. Reg. 9Sc $1.64 (All Pure Linen) Yd.R eg .$2.25 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 17 ·§ 1937 FIVE AGAIN! Another Startling Sale of Fine LINENS Values to $2.95 VANITY SETS BUFFET SETS TOWELS PILLOW CASES CHAIR SETS CRASH LINEN BRIDGE SETS APPLIQUED BRIDGE SETS PUNCH WORK BRIDGE SETS 54 INCH GRASS LINEN SQUARES 6--18-1NCH NAPKINS TO MATCH 72x90 GRASS LINEN CLOTHS, $2.00 72x108 GRASS LINEN CLOTHS, $2,00 LADIES' PURE LINEN HA Regular 25c. Values. Embr. Hankies, White and Q ° Prinr Hankies Colored Sport (tf · f°tf\ OT \ c i/U MAIN- FLOOR ©tlier Linen Specials! Pure Linen LUNCHEON CLOTHS Regularly $1.49 $1.00 Blue, Brown, "Wins, fi.-een Plaid Borders 4 Matching Napkins ?jre Linen LUNCH CLOTHS 42*42--Regularly 69c 2 for $1 52x68 : --Regularly $1.39 TwG-Tone Plaid Designs Du's'jnnet Blue Yeilu.v Pink $1.00 Green Brown Pure Linen Embroidered BRIDGE SETS Cfcl Regular $1.29 Values Pure Linen Tea Towels, 19x30 i Two-Tone Plaid Design--Regularly 35c Pure Limn Toweling Sleached CANNON Bath Towels, 22x44 Pastel Colored Borders, Regularly 39c each DUNDEE Bath Towels, 27x48 Regularly 29c each *f»« .WW 4 for $1 3yds. $1 4 for $1 6 for $1 CANNON Extra Large Size--18x36 Perfect for Glass and China Processed for Greater Absolvency Leaves No Lint Gold Long Wearing Green "Miracle" DISH TOWELS 8 for £·· 00 ·Red Blue WOMEN'S Kid and Capcskirt GLOVES .Values to $2.95 j · BROWN · BLACK · BEIGE Exceptional values at this give away price! .MAIN FLOOR Artificial FLOWERS For the Home! V. Hegularly 19c Stem 10 STEMS FOR $1.00 Lovely flowers that add color to every house! GIFTS: DOWNSTAIRS FANCY SOFT PILLOWS (Kapok Filled) · VELVET · SILK · RAYON | Fancy decorative pillows for every home! SECOND FLOOR "Sunny Sue" Cotton Dresses i Made of genuine needlized quadriga! · Many Stylos · Every Color! · 12 to 44 SECOND FLOOR Mattress COVERS |:. Regularly $1.29 DOMESTICS: MAIN FLOOR Regularly $1.29 DOMESTICS: MAIN FLOOR Rayon BEDSPREADS Blue, Rose, Green A Limited Quantity! DOMESTICS: MAIN FLOOR 18 inch or 21 inch Shop Early SPECIALS! New VALUES! Free! First . ! Low ut The Savin g rices S ;/ One II ! FR] red! SI RED [ ; » . ' Big EDUCTJ^S! Firs r,Y.' Money SaversJ '. Specials! New Lc 'rices! NOW! Profit! lYOnly Save Check Price )ualitv SAVE! IOF1TS )uality JALUES! IRICES! Bargains^ Outstandtl Y NO1 rk-Do\ Icrifice! \eniendo] ULUES! [earance! DAY OJ Sale Prii as I ting \ r ne Day BARGAIJN SPECIALS!] VALUES !| ! First Q| Low it They] ivings j-ices SI jew Loiv |!Sale!B REDV bDUCTI .Y! Money Savei Prices!il e NOW! fg Profit* L Y O n l y * IE! Save r ! Check! |te Price 1 Quality i id SAVE* IROFITS Quality! ALUESff SPECIALS! ' ' VALUES I's nv 'hey ngst Slasl New Low i nly! Sale I e! Prices! Bargal |S«ue l\'OW!'Outsta\ ProJ.-- M^OnlWviarli-I ' SavBpacri/tt r t Checf_ !le Prici5\'ALUI Quality JClcai4 IALS! New Low LUES I Free! Saue It Oualit VALUE Sale iSmqsfiJ ne DnJ t Quali] v Cost! hey G o j ngs! Buj S/as/ieJ Low PR\ e! Buyi WCED!\ T/0/V5 iloncy Si Big lie DAY ?REE! OW! C| Sale |£S.' Qul \Wand Jig PRO! Jirst Qul fers! VAIJ |s !;Bargains! S/ f lOutstanding IBUY- NOW.T H\Ia«-Downs F!Sacl/ice.' Or! ! Specials!'New LMv PRICES! BARGAINS! SBBals! scials! Neiv Low PI '. Pr Jy!Cle5?arce. r A' f_E!TODAY Only! i Price! ig RED' ONLY! ;ES.'B^B;AINS! Spe VCIALS! Nc ALUES! Fr| st Q u a l J w Cost! ^hcy Go!l jigs.' Buy 1 Slashed! ·fio PRICKA BiiYNOM ED! Bii ONS! Fi| ncy Savct Is! /Yen) Lai Thursday marks the day of Damon's Greatest February event. The day that we have looked forward to. For months in the past buyers have planned this event .... have bought for this event so that you might find a greater selection of seasonable merchandise than you have ever seen before at prices you will be glad to pay. at DAMON 1 Be here early. This is a sale the whole country 'round attends. This is one sale we feel sure you can't afford to miss, and will not want to miss. This ad covers only a few of the hundreds of Dollar Day bargains throughout the store. Tell your friends. Shop our windows tonight, and be here early tomorrow for your share of these great savings. Panels and Curtains Lace Panels m 'f-.*^ · 50 Inches Wide 9 2'A Yards Long · 4 Floral Patterns 4.00 each Ruffled Curtains Specially Priced at New Curtain Stretchers (Reg. Size) $1.39 PLAIN COLORED CREPE DRESSES, (Regular Values to $2.98) ,.._.,. . PONGEE DRESSING ROBES (Values to $2.95) SECOND FLOOR. $1.00 $1.00 MAIN FLOOR MAIN FLOOR Special Sale of PURSES m / All Genuine Leathers! Scoop for MEN I5T" The Famous E. W. SHIRTS Regularlv Selling^ for $1.95 Special! Dollar Day! oo Dure-ixed Collars! Fancies! Every Size! · SUEDE · ENVELOPES WALRUS GRAIN · HANDBAGS · PIG GRAIN · Z I P P E R TOPS A Dollar Day special. Genuine all leather purses specially priced at just SI.00 /or this great sale event. See the many styles and shapes. You will be sure to find the color and individual style you prefer in one o£ these long wearing durable purses. ll's TIES Regular 59c Values 3 fof $1.00 |vlen's Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, 10 for $1 . ( A l l White, Neatly Hemmed) Un's Large Cotton Handkerchiefs, 10 for $1 (Fancy Colored Borders) MAIN FLOOR SOCKS Secials Rayon and Lisle Regular 29c Values 5 pair $1.00 · Double; Soles · Spliced Heels O Fancy Patterns Genuine ingrain Lisle Regular 35c Values 4 pair $1.00 Fancy Patterns! Long Wearing! SPECIALS THROUGHOUT THE STORE! Cretonne Shoe Bags, Reg. 69c 2 for $1.00 Laundry Bags for Students, each . ; . : 49c Ironing Board Cover and Pad, Reg. 59c. . : . ; ._ : . r ., 39c MAIN FLOOR Special Sale of Children's Frocks v sp$» v-w* ^ ·-·§ REGULAR 79C VALUES 3 T\ .s PRINTS! PLAINS! SIZES 4 TO 14 CHILDREN'S DEPT.: SECOND FLOOR STAMPED PILLOW CASES Ready to Embraid- er, 2 pair DOWNSTAIRS STORE Foundation Garments Values to $3.50 $1.00 Odd Lot Girdles and Corselettes, Special Brassieres, 4 for -, CORSETS: SECOND FLOOR TOILETRY SPECIALS $1.00 Wrisley's Bath Superbe Soap 4 Large Cakes ..,.,.... 1 Pound Cellophane Bag Water Softener FREE! Wrisley's Water A"%a\ Softener, 5-lb. Bag. . . (§£«· Pine, Lavender, Lilac, Gardenia POND'S COLD CREAMS: 83c Siie 2 for $1.00 55c Size, jar. . .,. . ...... 33c CLEANSING TISSUES: Pond't, 250 Sheets, 2 for 25c Pond's, 500 Sheets 21 c Anne Windsor, 500 sheets 23c Anne Windsor, 1,000 Sheets, 41 e Cocoa Castile Soap, 2 for $1 Barbara Gould Cosmetic Kit-Powder and Skin Fresh' £4 ener, $2.00 Value $1 KOTEX, 36 Napkins, 2 for $1 CHILDREN'S ANKLETS Values to 29c Pair. Sizes 6 to 10. Light ifl- and Dark. Pair.... JLUl COSTUME JEWELRY Necklaces *J 4-/\i Clips *· T0r Pins Earrings Novelties *1.00 MAIN FLOOR °SA L Y AR HOSIERY SALE Regular 79c Values . /7Sjpv -,$ 2 **aiv» ?=·---- Ji)«3j)' pair / ·== -) ¥^\ \ "9 t?' ***-*$£ * MM 11 $ 1 i. M ALE Bi.- of SAMSON 3-Thread Chiffon 4-Thread Chiffon Service New sheer hosiery as well as service weight hose . . . The delight oC every feminine heart. Here the latest spring shades are represented. Be sure lo make your selection early while sizes are complete. MAIN FLOOR TABLES I Worth Dollars Atrt GENUINE 'SAMSON TABLES Famous Samson-Hyde Tops Oversized, Fluted Legs Legs Braced Both Ways Protected Edges of Steel Extra Size Tops Strong Trouble Free Table Special Lamp ValuesI Novelty Lamps - "00 An assortment o£ many novelly lamps complete with shades. A Dollar Day Special! Iwo »f IheM bination aih jays end Blast hldars (reguFar .OO value) [eluded wllheur cfiorgc thrs |ecial sore! With Every . Table at £rf $O98 Puilt For Years of Practical Use! Indirect Lighting Lamps Adjustable for Desk or for Wall $« .95 Lamps A GIFT SHOP: DOWNSTAIRS new, attractive rfciium it Rich Spanish Leather groin Sornsonhyde; Modiih Eggshell White; Simulated Walnut Woodorain; Block Samson- *^ycte; Chess and Checker fo^v GIFTS; DOWNSTAIRS STORE Dinnerware Sets pee. Attractive Floral Patterns SET Regular $5.90 Value · Service for 6 · Nicely Shaped « For Gifts 9 For the Homo DOWNSTAIRS STORE SPECIAL! D r . t c DOLLAR DAY Refreshment Servers ONLY! 8 Gla «« W'th Wire Tray Red, Green, Orange and Black ] Decorative Glasses--at only--·· Electric Appliance Specials! Electric Toasters $ "^ Sandwich Grills Streamline Irons Without Cord DOWNSTAIRS STORE Swing Into Spring Wearing A New Spring DRESS FOR ONLY -- $2.99 and .,,. B U Y j An' Extra D R E S S FOR ONLY Fashion strikes up the band in Springtime colors for Spring. Rhythm Red, ' Swing Blue, Romance Purple, Gaiety Rose and Folly Green are irresistibly gay. Charming styles in the new deep toned solid shades and prints. Spring Millinery $ i.oo DOWNSTAIRS STORE Values to $1.49 DOWNSTAIRS SPECIALS IRONING BOARDS Sturdily Constructed! '1.00 Unfinished STEP STOOLS ,· Dollar Day Only! Armstrong's Quaker Rugs- 6x9, Regular $4.49. .,,,. Felt Base Floor Covering- 6 ft. wide, ** |V| 2 sq. yards.;,.. .,,,,, ^Je|jH DOWNSTAIRS STORE MAIN FLOOR "Munsingwear" irregulars f:; 5 *. Regular Values to $1.00 RAYON CHEMISE Sixes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 Bandeaux Topi Fitted Tops Adjustable Strap: 1C you're luxury-loving as well as penny-wise, this cvcnl was marie tn order tor you. We searched nncl found bargains, and bought the. largest assortment o£ really fine Munsingwcar underwear ever offered by this store at n price so low. These garments are the same styles as ordinarily carried in our own stocks, except /or very slight irregularities distinctively marked with black thread on each garment. These irregularities do not h a r m the wearing length ot thn garment--and the prices arc amazing for such slight defects. You must be here at once, while selections and sizes are complete. $1.98 Ladies' "Munsingwear" Rayon Pajamas . . . . . . . $1.65 Ladies' "Munsingwear" Balbriggan Pajamas \ 79c Ladies' "Munsingwear" Panties 3 for $1 .00 Girls" Munsingwear Undies 59c Rayon Suits ,.,.3 for $1.00 39c Rayon Panties . . . ; 4 for $1.00 $1.00 Rayon Pajamas 2 for $1.00 $1.00 Balbriggan Pajamas 2 for $1.00 Sample Lines of Genuine Windsor Wash and Ready Crepe Gowns and Pajamas $1.29 Values . , 84c $1.59 Values, $1.00 Sample lines of lovely quality wash and Heady Krinkle Crepe Kowns and pajamas in tea rose, white and roso. These beautiful garments arr attriu-- lively Inilorrri with fagRnllinR and applicnied trimmings ns well as luxurious lace trimmed styles. All sizes represented. MAIN FLOOR

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