The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 24, 1936 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1936
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 24 1936 NINE DAVENPORT POPULAR CHOICE FOR CROWN By Al Mitchell Out of the Pressbox Soft ball Stuff . . . "IT'S A GREAT sport, but the natter doesn't .have a chance." That's what the czar of baseball, " Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis said about the national games husky youngster, softball . . . but that was several years ago, when pitchers were sailing them in from 35 feet. * * * THI YEAR, the batter is getting some encouragement . . . for, when Mason City's Y. M. C. A. league teams open their season on June 1 at East park's three diamonds, the pitchers will be firing from a 40- foot mark . . . it's he third time that they've been moved back in the last three years . . . once to 37 feet .. . once again to 37 feet, 8\' s inches , . and now back to 40. * * * IT STRUCK me, Monday night . . . when local softball sponsors got together to lay the first plans for their season . . . that there's a lot less room for argument about the rules of the game this season than jn any previous. * * * FOR THE first time . . . since a national mles committee was organized, in January, 1934, .there will be'but one set of official rules. The same book will be published by sporting goods manufacturers, and ·will be used everywhere . . . from local leagues to state and national tournaments. (At the same time, a discrepancy has already been discovered between two rulebooks received here--but it apparently was caused by a proofreader's error.) f * * IT WAS necessary, two seasons ago, to call a North Iowa softball meeting to decide whether teams in this area wanted to play on 60-foot or 45-foot diamonds . . . that's been settled for once and all by the new rules which specify the 60 foot field for all fast pitching games . . . the slow pitching game is something else again . . . it's played with a 14 or 16-inch ball, the pitching distance is 31» feet, and the 45-foot baseline is standard. BUT MOST of Mason City's soft- bail players will be concerned with only the fast pitching game . . . and the standard diamond of 60 feet, as ·well as the 12-inch ball, is the only approved equipment. . . . ^ * * THE CHANGE in pitching distance is not the only one that awaits the hurling experts this season. Windmill and trick deliveries are just about pushed out of the picture under the new rules . . . of course, Mason city's league pitchers haven't been much inclined toward the use of freak deliveries. The new rules will find a target as some of the out of town slab artists appear here. * * * THE FELLOW with the big job this season is the umpire . . . he'll have to call illegal pitching closer than ever before. But in one way, his job is easier . . . in previous seasons, the umpire could not call a delivery illegal unless the batter let it pass without swinging. If he struck at or fouled an illegal pitch there was no choice but to call it a strike. * * * ANY ILLEGAL pitch is to be called this season unless the batter hits the ball in fair territory. An illegal pitch struck at and.missed . . . or fouled .. . and an illegally pitched ball at which the batter does not strike go for a ball under the new rule. , * * * A PITCHER'S windup this season consists of not more than one "up and over" swing . . . or one (Continued on rage 1(1) DEVILS SEEK OUT THIRD TITLE FOR YEARS SINCE '29 Moon Likes Team, But Sees Dangers Ahead in Play at State Tourney. DAVENPORT, (.?)--Paul Moon, the jovial, rotund basketball coach, has come up with another state championship contender at Davenport high school. Moon's 1936 creation, one of his best since starting at Davenport in 1929, will be the popular choice to halt Mason City's rush toward a second straight title at Des Moines this week. The Davenport coach, himself, probably would admit his team has a good chance to win its third championship since 1929. But no one realizes any more than Moon the pitfalls of tournament play. He and his team stumbled into one last year when Mason City defeated the Blue Devils in the semifinals of the state meet This year, Davenport fans will tell you, the team has everything needed to gp through. It won 17 of 19 games during the regular season and smashed through two tough tournaments to gain entrance to the finals meet. Capt. Lenvil Simmons is one of the best forwards developed at Davenport. He scored 224 points in the regular season. He shoots from any position and is a constant menace to an opponent's defense. SEASON RECORD Dnvenpurt 22 Davenport 42 Davenport :12 rmveiiport 4Ii Jlfivrnport r,l Davennnrt 42 JRvennort :U Itnvrtiport :t:i Ilnrrnpiirt 38 Davenport 34 IlilVfmort 4T, Dlivpnport 3ti Davenport ^H nntvnprirt XI Davenport :t~ Davrnport .TI Divvennnrt :I2 Dnvcnnnrt M Clinton 12. Kant MoMnc 20. Jowa City 27. Mollne 32. Crfnnett 24. Mason City 3l. Waterloo 28. Dlilinnile 3!t. Hock Isliinil 21. .Manin City 2!). r.rlnnell .12. Iim-» Cll.v 22. Kail Mnllnp 2C. lt»ek iHlnm) 23. Mnplewood, Mo., 2* Clinton 2». Mnlltif 3(1. Alumni .13. FIVE TEAMS DRILL DE3 MOINES, OP--Five of the 16 teams which will compete here in the state boys high school basketball tournament starting Thursday came to town Tuesday to get the "feel" of the Drake fieldhouse court. Webster City, winner of 18 of '21 games; Van Meter, Class B champion of the fourth district; Ames. Central Iowa conference champion; Logan, the only undefeated team in the meet; and West Waterloo, Class A winner in the second district, were given practice periods. Creston's southwestern Iowa representatives got the jump on the other teams by driving here Monday for a long drill at the field- house. The entire field will be here Wednesday for the final tuneup before the boys start-playing "for keeps" Thursday. The fieldhouse seating capacity has been enlarged to 6.000, and sellout crowds are expected at most sessions. Basketball Fans Can Get Reserved Seats Mason City basketball fans will have their choice of some of the best seats in the house when the high school basketball team Roes to Drake university to compete in the state tournament. A block of 50 reservations iias been sent to James Kae, principal of the local school, and are available at his office. Let Us Tell You and You Won't Have to Tell the Judge E T us accurately test your lights on the new Guide Headlamp Tester. The inspection is FREE and a report card from the machine is given to you. Night driving can be ^pleasure. End the danger and strain of driving with poor lights--drive in today! 25 First Street Southwest Next to Fire Station Phone 494 GAZETTE Stoecker Lone First Team Vet in All-State Poll Original 'No' Man Has His Club for Win Stuart Bell Has Home Town Indians in Top Notch. By EDDIE BKIETZ Associated Press Staff Writer NEW ORLEANS, La.. LTI--Stuart Bell, original "no man" among the Cleveland scribes, picks the Indians to win this year . . . that may be the tipoff . . . in the past, Stuart never gave the tribe better than second place . . . Steve O'Neill is something of a hero here because he spends his morning making baseball talks at various high schools . . . Bruce Campbell, Indian outfielder, has conquered two attacks of spinal meningitis . . . O'Neill knows the Indians from the ground up ... he managed no less than eight of them in the American association and international league. * * * Major league scouts might look over Sammy Baugh, Texas Christian's forward passing quarterback . . . they say he's got the making of a big time pitcher . . . Zeke Bonura, White Sox first sacker, drills daily with the New Orleans Pelicans . . . Zeke isn't a holdout . . . for him. Pasadena is too far away from the good spaghetti his mommcr cooks . . . Jimmy Foxx says Schoolboy Rowe is the longest driver among the baseball golfers. * * * Benny Leonard, w,ho should know, says fighters don't.get punch drunk from socks, but from careless living . . . he points to Kid Chocolate and Battling Nelson as examples . . . Chocolate never was badly beaten up, but lived the free and easy life ar.d wobbles on his feet today . . . Nelson, on the other hand, absorbed as much punishment as anybody but is as rational as anyone his age who made his living at any other occupation. * * * Looks like Lou Gehrig is all set for another of those big years . . . can't see how they're going to stop the Cards with both Deans in the fold . . . Temple University athletes are studying German just so they'll be ready if they get to go to the Olympics. Down here they are all steamed up over the prospect of a New Orleans-owned horse winning next Sunday's Louisiana derby . . . Anthony Pelleteri's Tennob is the local hope . . . a New Orleans horse hasn't won the event since 1923 when E. P. Letellier's Amole beat Calcutta and Setting Sun . . . in- cedentally, Amole was the only Louisiana horse to win the main event of the racing season here . . . Harry Martinez says in the states that Professor Paul is the horse Tennob must lick . . . the professor has been beating all comers . . . if his horse should win next Sunday, Pelleteri will match him against Brevity in the Kentucky derby. Intercity Golden Gloves Is Deadlock in New York Rings NEW YORK, (.T)--International objectives, including the Olympic games, beckoned Tuesday to the winners of golden gloves amateur boxing honors, following the ninth annual inter-city battle between Chicago and New York teams. The tournament ended in a deadlock at an early morning hour, with eight victories for each team, sponsored by the Chicago Tribune and New York Daily News, but the boys are not yet through campaigning for fistic laurels. Geography Keeps Some Teams Out of State Final Meet We're Proud of the fact that we have made loyal patrons of men who are m o s t exacting i n their w o n t s a n d tastes. The services that make our store a favorite with these men will also make it your favorite. IN THE HOTEL H.VXFORD Mason City, Iowa CRAYCHEE PLANS NEW LOCAL CARD Matchmaker to Use N. Iowa Boys Again April 2 in Legion Contests. Beginning work almost as the final gong sounded on his last card, Matchmaker Slim Craychee is busily planning a new American Legion boxing show for Mason City. The bouts will be held April 2. Craychee intends to pattern the coming show after the one held last week, weeding out the weaker boxers and bringing in new talent. The winners of the last show will take the top spots on the new card, but the matchmaker is- looking for performers in all weights, and has invited North Iowa punchers with talent to telephone him at 3229W. AL STOElER IN Ames Squad Called Out to Drill Friday; Snell on Baseball Outfit. AMES, (ff)--George Veenker will start laying the groundwork for his 1936 Iowa State college football team Friday when the Cyclones open their annual spring practice. The head coach expects 10 major and minor lettermen to report for the first drill. Six other letter winners are out for other sports and will not be able to participate in the opening sessions, but may get out later. Veterans who will report Friday are Al Stoecker of Mason City, tackle; Russel Coundiff of Gary, Ind.; Edward Blumenstein of Council Bluffs, and Hugh Roberts of Valley Junction, guards; James Dishinger of Bettendorf and John Anderson of Ankeny, centers; Harold Birney of DeWitt; Robert Thomas of Ce'dar Rapids and Darrel Johnson of Boone, backs; and Rowland Rushmore of Jefferson, end. Elwin Snell of Mason City and Tom Neal of Sioux City, quarterbacks, are out for baseball and golf; Fred Poole of Ames and Al Waite of Gary, Ind., are on the track squad, and Capt. Clarence Gustine, end. is on the baseball team. Eight lettermen on the 1935 squad have finished their football competition. WRESTLING Rubber Boundaries Make Freak Tournament Lists Permanent Lines Are* Cure for Evils of System. By STAFF. WRITER On an Iowa map, reproduced on this page, in connection with this article, is shown the approximate fall of the 1936 district boundaries in the state high school basketball tournament. Mason City high school, defending state champion, won the right to enter the final session of the Iowa title race by beating -East Sioux City, 28 to 26, at Estherville. District numbers and the site of the district tournament in each area are indicated on the map. Consider Questions. This writer invites you to consider these questions after looking at the chart: Why was Mason City forced to beat a good Sioux City team, preventing its appearance in the final state meet, by the geographic arrangement that compelled the Mohawks to play at Estherville? Why was Ida Grove (located near the intersecting boundaries of districts 5, 7 and 8) forced to drive through Sac City, where a district tournament was located, and continue on its way to Estherville, more than 100 miles distant, to compete? Ida Grove lost to East Sioux y by a single point in the second round. Why Only Two? Why does North Iowa have only two districts across its entire width, while southern Iowa has four? Why, if only two northern districts are to be assigned, docs the boundary of district two split Mitchell, Floyd, Butler and Grundy :ountios clown th.e middle? So that Osage lies in district two and St. Ansgar in district eight, for example--and Floyd is a district two entrant while Rudd competes in district eight? Why, especially in Pocahontas county, where Rolfe and Plover were separated, do teams in Class A go to one district meet, while Class CHICAGO-- panno O'Mnlmnpy, 22fi. Inml. rtrfrafpfj CJUP Srmncnlipre, j I R . Rn our fall. B winners in the same county, are headed toward another? The answer to the questions lies in the fact that district boundaries have not been permanently assigned. The only cure for these ills of high school basketball is the permanent placing of districts, approximately equal in area. Luick of Belmond Gets Pioneer Frosh Numeral GRINNELL, .TV--Wilbur Luick of Belmond was one of 14 Grinncll college freshmen to receive numerals for winter sports, John C. Truesdale. athletic director, announced Tuesday. Luick earned his numerals in basketball. SOFTBALL CLUBS BEADY FOR YEAR June 1 Seas Games Open for Local Teams; Split Card Faces Local Batters. Mason City softball teams will start play in the Y. M. C: A. league at a much later date this season than last year, it was decided Monday night as local sponsors of the game met at the "Y", June 1 will see league games beginning at East park, and two full rounds of play will be scheduled, ending July 21. Another change in local rules will allow each league team to carry 15 players, instead of 13, including playing managers in the total. There will be no round robin playoff and no Little World series played this year, hut the league teams will play a split schedule. A team winning both halves of the schedule will be a champion, but a three game playoff will decide the winner in case diferent teams lead the halves of the race. Lineups for each squad must be turned in by March 15 to Artcmas Brown at the Y. M. C. A., or to Jake Mallo, softball chairman. Early Favorites Advance in Franklin County Cage Contest at Hampton High FRANKUN COTNTY MEET At Hiinijiton, FIRST KOLMJ--GIKLS Alexander 48; I'opcjoy 4, Sheffield 50: Latlmcr 5. novsi Hampton 29; Lntlmcr 14. Alexander 20; Geneva 11. HAMPTON--Three early favorites advanced by good sized margins Mason Cityan Again Leader in loiua Vote Three Others Return for New Bid at Laurels. By GEOKGE MILLS (Iowa Daily Press Bureau) DES MOINES--Four and twenty cagers were accorded all-state honors in 1933 by the Iowa Daily Press association, but only the four are back this year with a chance to repeat, a check of last season's all- Iowa high school basketball honor roll revealed Tuesday. The rest have faded out of sight via the graduation route. Some of them have gone to college where they may next year emerge as soph- nmore cage stars, while- the rest are now jn their freshman year or making a living out in the world. Stoeclter Stands Alone. Howard Stoecker, Mason City's pride since before the days when the Mohawks had become almost traditional state tourney contestants, is the only 1935 all-state first team player in competition this season. Stoecker's brilliant play at center last season was a major factor in Mason City's state tournament victory. He was first team caliber in the eyes of nearly every expert who saw him play. Stoecker's chances of repeating this year loom large as first ballots in tlie 1936 poll of the Iowa Daily Press association, of which the Globe-Gazette, is a member, begin to roll in. The association through its 30 member pa;»;rs again is polling the famed "Jury of 1,000" in arriving at the 1936 all-state basketball honor selections. The "Jury ot 1,000" is composed of all the high school coaches and officials in the state. Bonebrake Returns. Corwin Bonebrake .Diagonal's brilliant dribbler, was a second team forward last year. Diagonal has hac a fine'record again this season, anc those who have seen him play say Bonebrake is the same old whirlwind he was last year when he stood the Cedar Falls tournament crowd on its ears with his dribbling. Eastern Iowa comes into court with solid backing for Louis Strassburger, Davenport mainstay, to repeat and improve his third team guard rating in 193u's honor selections. Strassburger's supporters group him with his teammate Simmons in explaining why Davenport is favored to win the state tournament here in Des Moines this weekend. Simpson Ta Back. Truman Simpson. Orinnell's deadeye shot, made third team at forward in 1935. He is the fourth and last boy who has a chance to make it two in a row for all-state honors. Players chosen for places on the IDPA's 1936 all-state will receive certificates setting forth the honor they have won. Three forwards, two centers and three guards will be named on each of the three teams. Watch the Globe-Gazette for all-state basketball news. here Monday in the first round of the Franklin county basketball tournament. Alexander high school scored a double victory as both its boys and girls won their first ames. The Sheffield girls and Hampton boys also advanced. The first round will be completed as Chapin meets Hansel] in the i boys' meet, while Popejoy plays ' Sheffield. Hampton's girls will oppose Hansell in the first round, while Chapin meets Geneva. Says Bill Terry: PENSACOLA, Fla.--"After last season, I am ready to agree with baseball's long accepted truth that no club can win a pennant without a smooth working combination around second base. I feel that we now have that much needed asset in the acquisition of Burgess Whitehead from the Cardinals. "We were handicapped at second last year and incidentally suffered at shortstop because Dick Bartell was never properly paired up with a regular partner, which tended to make his play erratic. Whitehead, I am sure, is going to remedy the flaw in our inner defense. It is going to be tougher to get runs against the Giants this summer, which should materially help our pitching staff. You can't get a good man without giving up something in return. Naturally, we hated to lose Roy parmelee, but we felt that a really good infielder was more essential. "We felt we could sacrifice some pitching, since Castleman should be a 20-game winner this year, while additional help should come from Harry Gumbert, obtained from Baltimore, and Fred Fitzsimmons. who won only four games last year, being out most of the season because of injuries." RESULTS (By The As«nri;i)ei! 'cu- York ( A ) ft: Newark ( H , 2. Rnmklyn ('] ft: Rnchr-strr ( I I , t 3. Notion A r,; rhU:t«Ir!thiii (At 3. nnsliin (M 3: St. I,tu!* (M (!, Mnffalo ill.) 14: II«nf«*r of Iliuul 2, \Yiishinctoii ( A ) I I : Montreal (II.l .1. rhil.luVluliln x S: Milwaukee ( A A ) 1. Rultiniorc ( I L 5: Albany (Il. 4. rhiraKO ( N ) 8: New York ( X i 4. ("hicaso ( A ) 24: Yumn. 2. Many who s u f f e r from rectal t ro uhles w o u l d quickly seek relief if they but knew or were familiar with modern rectal office methods. Modern rectal office practice cuts the cost, does not cause confinement, Is painless, efficient and satisfactory. Dr. R. W. Shultz, D. 0. 218-219-220 First National Bank Building: NO AMERICAN TO HANDLE BAUSCH'S OLYMPIC EVENTS (ansas Decathlon Expert Won Hands Down in 1932 With Record Total. ( N O T E : This 15 Hie c i K h l h or a series of stori"s on Anioht'nn Olympics I r n c k an1 f i e l d iiroRiM-i-ls. u-riucn by ,\p;«ci;ilMl Press .innrls e r l l l n r in collnhrtrntkm w i t h this country's foremost riaches.) NEW YORK, (.-Vi--Passing the laton quickly as hey near the end of their aid to the writer in "doping" he Olympics, America's leading :rack coaches foresee continued supremacy fnr our foot-racers in the 100 and 1,600 meters relays but find no prospect among Uncle Sam's all- iround athletes to pick up the decathlon pace where "Jarring Jim" Bausch left off in 1932. Bausch crowned America's track and field triumphs at Los Angelea with a mervclously v-ersatile per- 'orrnance. The well-built, goodna- ttired Kansans developed all-around, ability with surprising rapidity and reached his peak in the Olympics. On the final day of the two day decathlon competition, "Jarring Tim" thrilled onlookers by beating :is foremost Finnish rival, Akilles Tarvinen, at javelin throwing, then Dole vaulting over 13 feet and post- ng the world record-breaking total of 8,462.23 points. Bausch turned crooner and retired rom athletics and soon afterward lis record has been displaced by the all-around performances of a German, Hans Sievert, who was fifth :n the 1932 Olympics but two years later achieved the new high of 8,790,45 points. Although overshadowed by Bausch's feats four yeara ago. Germans and Finns captured four of the first six places. They expect to have the battle mostly to themselves in the decathlon this iiimmcr. The leading three American prospects appear to be Robert Clark of the Olympic club, San Francisco, national champion for the past two years; Clyde of Kansas City, seventh in the 1932 Olympic decathlon and present National pentathlon titleholder; and John Jacob (Jay) Berwangeri Chicago's ''flying Dutchman" and all-American halfback. T8DDHRD GETS T1EE-WAYWIN League Leaders Fall in Trio as Other Outfits Win in Pairs of Contests. CITl' LEAGUE Alloys -2--Inlrrnntiouiil Trilrk.i vs. Oicn rnln. -1--NorttiivrKlorn Cement vs. GallUKhcr'a I'cmtUirs. 5-fl--Tj-li'i-Rynn Furniture vs. Hucli Davey anil Sim. Stoddard's defeated the league- leading Kozy Korner bowling team in three straight games Monday night as City league keglers rolled their first contests of the week, while the Old Timers, Decker's Plant and Decker's Office each won a pair. Bliimer's Golden Glow, The Crane Company and Standard Oil were the losing outfits. The Stoddard 1.020 and 2.908 total were high team marks, while Earle Sheka's 232 and 639 were the best individual scores. THE RING Palo Alto County Tourney Sees Mallard Favored Six EMMETSBURG -- After many postponements, the PPalo Alto county girls' cage tournament will open here with four games scheduled in the first round. The Mallard team, favorites to win the tourney after its excellent showing at the state meet in DCS Moines last week-end, will face Curlew. Ruthven will play Cylinder in the first game. West Bend, strong j contenders for county honors, will i meet Rodman and Ayrshire will ! tangle with Graettinger. j Wednesday night, two games will be played and the finals will be staged Thursday night, following the consolation game. (Ky The Assor.latpi! Press) RAT.TMIOKE--Rvil /Jtimmn, 378, Ilalf!- mi.n. outpnlnted Billy Kctchell, ITS, Philadelphia, ( 1 0 ) . MASON CITY ARMORY Thursday, March 26 3 Big Matches This Coupon and 25c Admits You. Now he spins out swell cigarettes in jig time! HAS FUN AT WORK. Here's Walter Carr takingl2scconds out to roll a "rnakin's" cigarette with Prince Albert. "P.A. makes for easier rolling, "he says, "doesn't blow away. It has R rich fragrance and taste." The Prince Albert process produces the most delightful and wholesome tobacco for cigarette and pipe smokers. \Ve say: "You Must Be Pleased." *· t / Roll yourself 30 swell ciKarettes from Prince Albert. If you don't find them the finest, tastiest roll-your-own cigarettes you ever smoked, return the packet tin with the rest of the tobacco in it to us nt uny time within (v month from this djitc. .nd we will refund full purchase price, plus DosKice. (Sinned! R. J. Reynold» TobccoCompftny. Winston'S«lem,N,C. C 1?3*. K. J. KrrDCIdi T»!. C«. THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE

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