Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 4, 1934 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1934
Page 5
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APRIL 4 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FIVE NUDIST CAMPS FOR 17 STATES Adherents Increase 400 Per Cent; Nebraska Group to Have Camp. NEW YORK, April 4. UP1--With- in a month nudist camps will be flourishing in at least 17 states. Four of the states will be new to nudism--Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Nebraska and Colorado. "We are definitely past the experimental stage," Dr. Ilsley Boone, ex- exutice secretary of the international nudist conference, said today. Dr. Boone estimated the increase of adherents to nudism this year at 400 per cent. The states in which camps will be operated, Sn addition to the four already mentioned, are Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Conecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, California, Maryland, South Carolina and Florida. There are a dozen nudist groups in New York City and at least six of them will operate camps in New York and New Jersey. Virginia will be host to Washington, D. C., nudists, where two groups are organized. One member, according to Dr. Boone, Is a United States senator. A new group in Omaha has leased 250 acres near Hummel Park. "I Want Someone to Talk to," States M. T. Grattan * Sitting in Prison Hospital, Vet Hopes for Pardon by Governor. Evaporation of 295,000 acre-feet of water lowered the level of Utah lake more than four- feet last year. I EAT WHfVT LIKEANDTAKE Approved by the best physiciana-theiwgest Belling digestive tablet in America-Bell-ans is perfectly harmless yet gives prompt relief even in severe cases. Six Bell-ana. Hot-water, Sure Relief. Since 1897. Trial ta proof-25c. FOR INDIGESTION WEEKS DAMAGES FIXED ATS30.000 Judgment Awarded Against Des Moines Youth in Auto Accident. DES MOINES, April 4. OF)--A district court jury here today awarded the estate of Leslie C. Shutes of Madrid judgment of 530,000 against Evert Weeks, 21, son of Carl Weeks, Des Moines cosmetic manufacturer. Mrs. Margaret Shutes. widow and administratrix of the estate, brought the suit for $50,000 damages in connection with the death of her bus- band in an Sept. 3. auto accident here Shutes died of injuries when the car he was driving collided with one driven by young Weeks. Find Council Bluffs Dentist Dead With. Both Wrists Slashed COUNCIL BLUFFS, April 4. -T --Coroner Tom Eelford today was investigating the death of Dr. W. A. Penn, 65, a dentist, who was found by a janitor in his office early today, with arteries of both his wrists slashed. Dr. Paul Reed, first physician called, pronounced his death suicide. No note was found and police were unable to establish a motive immediately. FORT MADISON, April 4--In a chair by a cot in the hospital of the penitentiary sits a little white- haired old man, said a news story in a recent issue of the Fort Madison Democrat. His age is 85, in the Civil War he won the Congressional Medal of Honor, he is scrubbed and spotlessly clean. To every appearance he is some quiet old gentleman, peacefully sitting out the few, declining years in his life. In actuality, he is something else. His name is Marvin T. Grattan, his number 16,148, he is serving a life sentence for murder--and to reach him you must have with you a pass, a guard and go through four locked, grilled doors and a switch cage. Today, Marvin Grattan's one thought for the future is the possibility that April will see him pardoned by the governor and allowed to spend his last years of life in a G. A. R. home. An Old Tinier. "It's all right here," he says slowly, his eyes blinking a little even in the subdued hosnital light. "I don't have any complaints. But you see I'm an old-timer.' 1 He nodded toward the cots where the prison sick lay. "These fellows aren't half my age. I want somebody to talk to." It doesn't seem much for an old man to want--but then Marvin Grattan is no ordinary old man. He is a lifer, convicted of the hot- U. S. SENATOR WEDS Men Serve Dinner. OSAGE--At the regular monthly meeting of Bethany chapter, O. K S., Monday eevnlng the men were hosts and served a dinner. Mrs. R. E. Donnelly affiliated. An invitation was received to a group meeting at Charles City April 16. Were BUSY AlltheTime.' SMALLER profits, faster selling--that's our idea of merchandising. And we look all over the United States for special advantages in buying our interesting stocks. $1 50 GENUINE FRIEZE MOHAIR LIVING ROOM SUITES SEE THIS GREAT VALUE AT OUR STORE REGULAR PRICE $149.50 99 Triple Mirrors Enhance the Beauty of this Splendid Bedroom Suite Surfaced in carefully matched walnut with decorative overlays of other fine cabinet woods, this suite will prove a source of pride in your home for many years to come. Bed, dresser, chest and vanity. $79 A Small Down Payment Delivers Any Suite or Item to Your Home Others Save Here--So Can You 10 Months to Pay--No Interest Longer Terms If Desired Tyler-Ryan Furniture Co. 29 Second Street S. E. OUR ANNIVERSARY SALE WILL SOON BE OVER headed murder of And whether or Claude Meade. not Governor Clyde L. Herring sees fit to grant his pardon is something which now hangs in the balance. Marvin Grattan does "ot tall; much about the murder which has made him a lifer. Not that he is ashamed of it. It was done, he feels, under justifiable circumstances-and for that he has no regrets. What he does talk about are the things outside the prison walls. The things out there removed from a world of listless-eyed men and the smell of strong disinfectant and the low-pitched talk that poes for prison conversation. He lilies to talk of the time he worked on a great Chicago newspaper, of the time he owned fine racehorses, of the great years when men fought on the battlefields of the Civil War. 'Once I lost a pocket-book with S200 in it,' 1 he says smiling- gently. "At first I thought some crook had stolen it--" No Criminal. And if he sees the irony of thst remark, he does not show it. In his own eyes, at any rate, he is no criminal. He has a great deal of time on his hands as he sits there with his bluish bathrobe pinned around his neck. His health is not good as result of an old disorder which will not allow an operation. He has time to think--but even about the operation he is not morbid. "They could operate on me--but I'd die." It is an odd matter for concern in a man of 85. "From here un--" he indicates his hips-"I'm all rieht. But from the waist down--" His head shakes a little slowly. It may be that he is thinking of that faithful woman to whom he has been married to for 65 years, and who is still waiting for him. He has two sons and a daughter, also three grandsons and a great grand-daughter. Eventful Life. All of Marvin Grattan's life has been eventful from the day of his birth in Julv 26, 1848. in Janesville. Wisconsin. He was the son of H. G. Grattan, editor of the Janesville Gazette. His mother was a school teacher. Racehorses for years en- eae'ed his attention. He and James Hill, the emnire builder, owned horses from the same sire. Once Marvin Grattan knew what it was to see the field get off and fight it out in a cloud of dust before the winner flashed under the wire. Once Marvin Grattan caught a horse-thief single-handed--and that was a day when horse thieves were men who meant business. Once he stopped a drunk who was armed not only with a knife but a revolver into the bargain. The knife struck Grattfn's suspender button--just over the heart. But fate saved him --for that day when he came to Fort Madison. He has run into counterfeiters, crooked racehorse touts. And to this day his hands are clean. He feels about it that way. Heard Famous Debate. Once he sabwhile two men staged a. political debate that has become American history. The two men's names were Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. Yes, he's seen a Jot of life. But there's one escapade of his life that seems to stick deepest in his memory. "She was a preacher's daughter named Hattie White and without dispute very pretty," he remembers, his faded blue eyes beginning to sparkle. "She rode across country on a handsome black mare and won in show rings without defeat. She could cook as well as her mother, and I wanted her to do so in my own home. But her father a man mighty in intellect, muscle and pietv forbade me to enter the house. "I raced horses, bet on them, belonged to no church. Besides, he said, his daughter was only 16 and too young to wod. Married Her Anyway. "And so I decided to" marry her anyway. The dfuaRhter was on her way to organ practice for church services one dav when I asked her to take a ride. She stepped into th" speed wagon behind my powerful trotter, and we sped away to a minister. We drove to Brownsville on the Mississippi, took a boat to Prairie du Chicn and were married OWA ACCIDENT TOLL 37 LIVES 668 Injured in Iowa During February, Report by Wallace Shows. United States Senator Robert .J. Bullilc.v of Ohio is shown wltli his bride, the former Mrs. Helen Graham Kohhins of Lindsay, Out., after their wedding in New York. (Associated Tress photo.) DES MOINES, April 4. (.T)--Automobile accidents claimed 37 lives in Iowa during February, the monthly report of Supt. Lew Wallace of tlie state motor vehicle department showed today. Persons injured in the accidents, numbered 6GS, Wallace reported to Mrs. Alex Miller, secretary of state. A total of 1.062 vehicles wore i n - j volved in the 722 reported accidents. | The number of fatalities was nine | more than during; the same month I last year when 28 persons were | lulled and 496 injured. | The report for the month showed 22(j of the accidents involved collisions between automobiles. 136 collisions of an automobile with a pedestrian, 135 collisions between automobiles and trucks and 01 collisions between automobiles and streetcars. Other types of collisions included ^ 3G with fixed objects and 22 with ' railroad trains. j Driving off the roadway was! given as the major cause of accidents, 92 being so attributed, seventy-six of the accidents were caused by skidding and 54 by drivers being un the wrong" side of the road. Daughter Is Born. SWALEDALE--Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Westcndorf are parents of a girl baby weighing: 10 Vi pounds. This is their second child. i Halligan, Former j Editor, Publisher j at Davenport, Dies 1 DAVENPORT, April l. i.Ti--· Joseph E. Halligan. former newspaper publisher and editor, died latu yesterday after a week's illness. He was in his seventy-second year. Mr. Halligan founded the Davenport Daily Leader in ISM and con- ! ducted it u n t i l March. 1901, when it · was consolidated with the Duven- port Democrat, in September, 1904, I he became editor of the Catholic Messenger, serving in that capacity until 1911. From' 191J to 3U22 he was cashier and auditor of the Halligan offee company, and aince then had been retired from business. Recent storms in British Guiana caused heavy losses in agriculture, livestock, property and roads. Krturn to St. I'aul. KIIKDEIUCKSBURU - Mr. and Mrs. George JBarr returned to their home in SI. Paul Monday evening- sifter a visit, here nt the home oC Mrs. Barr's parents, Mr. and Mrs., Howard Rausch. Works at Spring Valley. GRAFTON--Miss Dcna CotU schalk has gone to Spring Valley, Minn., where she is tp be employed.. YES ''NOTICED. START SMOKING CAMELS. YOU'LL PREFER THEM FOR FLAVOR-AND THEY DON'T JANGLE NERVES. at the Dousman house by Major Viele." That was Ii5 years ago--and Hattie White still waits in a house in Decorah, Iowa. She may be rewarded. She may wait forever. Who knows ? In the meantime. Marvin Grattan is there in the prison house-a little, white-haired old man, spotlessly clean--watching for April. "It's all right here.'' he repeats slow!}'. "But I want somebody to to." Interest in spiritualism is reviving. That's quite natural, as the ghost is walking more regularly.-St. Louis I'ost-Dispalch. Moline Woman Reveals New Angle in Shooting at Davenport. DAVENPORT, April 4. t.T 1 )--Mrs. O. L. Ross, 42, of Moline, 111., today was formally charged with the murder of Roy Francy, 35, who died last night of bullet wounds which he told police had been inflicted by Mrs. Ross during a quarrel Monday night, after he had refused to leave his wife and three children for her. Mrs. Ross, who has repeatedly refused to discuss the shooting, was arraigned in police court this morning. A continuance was granted until tomorrow. A new angle on the shooting was revealed to police today when Mrs, Ross, questioned by officers just before her appearance in police court, claimed that Franey had asked her several times to join him in a suicide pact or agreement, the only means of settling their difficulties. Mrs. Ross refused to say anything about the gun she is alleged to have taken to Franey's home in her purse. Likewise she would not admit shooting him. Visits In Cedar Rapids. KENSETT--August Krumm. Sr., is visiting relatives and friends at Cedar Rapids and Atkins. He saw his brother, Martin Krumm, who has not been well of late. Get at the real cause. That's what thousands of stomach sufferers are doing now. Instead of taking tonics, or trying to patch up a poor digestion, they are attacking the real cause of the ailment--clogged liver and disordered bowels. 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EVERY PAIR REDUCED FOR THESE 3 DOLLAR DAYS Here you can make thirty cents look like $1.00 Hundreds of Pairs Dozens of Styles We've grouped a great portion of this entire, stock at this lov r price. Come Early There will be a mad rush for these fine shoes at this low price. In addition to the hundreds of pairs of women's shoes at this price, we are placing all house slippers, rubber boots and dozens of other items on this $1.00 bargain rack. Women's Dress Hundreds of our better grade women's shoes are in this group. Ladies, here's your chance. WE MUST CLEAR THESE SHELVES AT ONCE FLORSHEIMS WALKOVERS HUMANICS AND OTHER FINE BRANDS There are oxfords and hi-shoes in this group. Your opportunity to save! Here is quality footwear at a ridiculous price. Outfit y o u r- selves and family for m o n t h s t o come. Bring your friends. They, too, can save! Men's Women's I'KU I'.MK Fashion I'lutc FurbuHh Wiilkovcrs and other f i n o Brands: MEN AND WOMEN CAN SHAKE IN THIS BUY We've grouped h u n - dreds of fine shoes for this event. Your size is here. SHOES, HOUSE SLIPPERS, TENNIS SHOES, RUBBER ft $f FOOTWEAR M Pairs JL POLISHES Several hundred bottles, each

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