The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 15, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1913
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THE GETT VoL XIL 'o. 64. Gettysburg, i'a., Monday, December IZtb, IS13. Price 7«c Cents. Ch N r s t m a s e c k t i e s I a s a s 10BIHAW FATAL IMERCHMIT8 WANT;MBB!T SEA TO COONTIf MAS' WiTEB ¥ FROM COUNTY TOWNS Harry Smith, widely koswa Resident ! Say Present High Tenipsratirss arc- ^ Rabbi? Hunters sat in S-nailsr Hum- ' Playing Fissr at College is Enlarged ; Correspondents sead ia fiSany Items of WenksvHIe, Dies in Harrisfeurg I Keeping away the Christmas Buy- j faers Evary Day. Fanners rind · Hospital Despite Vigorous Efforts j to Save fiis Life. ers and Making it Difficult to Bis- · New Law %'ss an Advastsge to j by Cutting swsy of Morlh Battery; of Interesting Sews from then Circus Seats at the One End. 8et- ·. Respective Towns. Personals pose cf Heavy Goods. them in Protecting their Land. ter Barnes Prornissd. and Many Brief Hems. ECKERT'S STORE, *0^the Square- I After lingering for a week in the j "Wei! take a little i'.se:, some snow I The Ksiail-ei- cf hunters isi t j Harrisburg Hospital suffering-with an ; and slush, falling The cni»:»ei basket bull floor st the : and for rfc!b.\s is srr^e'jfeil GUERNSEY Guernsey--The Waiter Loyal Tern- VEP s e o WALTER'S THEATRE PiTHK SEL.1U BIOGRAPH THE MERRILL MURDER;MYSTERY Drama aged 39 vears, 1 month and 11 ."What may we do fur yc.-u".'" (have been many irr:_ir:e--- n-.uda tors- davs. All the Geitysbn.-jr business men, 'cernlng the date of thy clo-l-.;r sgRs-jn Mr. Smith was helsing to push a [and merchants in the county are com; by persons unfamiliar v,-:th t.e hunt- coal wagon at \Yenksville several vigorously .-\?r the b a t h - j ing: ia\vs of ihis ;.-^ar. Th-ope:-. OEI.-....T weeks ago when his hand got caught' ward season. They c'a-n: such a ^for the kii!sjg of co:r=n:c:= 'suaii, since the- port was introdjx-st! at the A brief business meeting was fol- :oc-i i::ii.Itutio:i. lowed by an interesting and instmct- : The- entire north end of the jruHery ' :ve prosrruni under the general topic "d r -:::»in^ track has Leen rc-:r.o-.c-.I. , -Social Purity", which may be stim- ls.-i.;r.::c:::r.:f z'.ie phiyinir spucj 1/y just, niarizeu Xhus: The work along Social ( that inueh room ar.d giving- ihe fioor . Purity lines \vas started by the W. C. ilv.i ivgulation length. It Is still too ; T. L*. in 1885 with Frances "VYiHard as "srrov,- '-.o comply with requirements . secretary. At that time laws govem- AX UNJC3T SUSPICION h Drama The cast Includes, Kebert Harron,"Alfred PajKt. " THE TOILS OF DECEITIOX Seii- Drama A dissatisfied and ambitious young woman who covets a beautifnl "necklace, finds | S iven 300 000 anlls ol th f seruin - i v herself very much embaressed, baying It on trust and then losing it ^before she ha= 1 - vlr - Smith was a prominent resident c paid for it. Another of Seiigs single reel .Successes. MUSIC BY COLLEGE ORCHESTRA ·days a slignt improvement _ . i out his condition later turned for the \ cress the country this coming week ; were k:"eJ during vlie f;r?r three bench':? v.-j!! be provided for specta- J The aims cf this Federation are eda- i worse. Daring the treatment.he \vas j can be seen at present, said the; weeks. There v.-as not as n-uch trou-.- or ~- . cation in home, church, e'le., legisla- ft'eather Bureau in its weekly fore- | b:s batwe-.-n the town gunners and the ; A - f-rtlier change in arraignments : tive and rescue work. A great work cast. Contlnualion of rerrosratures -farmfcrs as v.-ns the I has also been done'cowards abolishing P H O T O PL A I citions were cc'servec. t aisu sin intelligent and progressive 5 i member of the Menallen school board, j As a result ic Is feared tnat BIOGEAPH YITAGRAPS ESSA^AY FOR THE SOX OF THE HOUSE /Biograph..! The girl is discharged from the sweatshops beeaase she will not listen to j the advances of the superintendant. She is taken into the home of s. wealthy woman, where she saves the son from disgracing himself bv stealing the familj jewels. THEIR MUTUAL FRIEND Yitagraoh! ihe L. T. I_ takes an interest in j this work on the ground that eminent Mrs. Smith died in July 1999 and · Christmas business is going to cereekhe new Iav.- F \vhich gives the-n exc^u-- " i "~" schedule as ar.p.our.eed ten days i physicians dechu-e that social evil lies [he leaves two sons, Charles Albert; with z. rush the last fen- cays. Bayers j s:ve right to hunt or. their o-.m kir.o: 'o I-resides for a nurr.ler of good j at the door of the drink habit and I Smith and Robert Miles Smith, aged 9 J will have diSeuity :r. the crowds, get- j by placing trespass notices at con- K2.niss here and. with thes= additional j Jane Addaras. of Hull House, says, lave trade, the human until blR ^ILTLAx. FKlfc-ND v itagraph Kj rs .- Willis, of Aspers:iing enriy shopping bat only a small' of having to go out the £rs: v/eck c f ' They are mutual friends, but tiirouah. the services of d-e yoang man's dog, ! Hai-rev Sm'th '""*·* Eiias Hoffman,! proportion heed tae rcu=:e=t. Jthe season to -beat" the town ^L^* mutaal ^ lrat!0a sociay *at ri ?^ ^« love and ends in j F ' .:. "'. ^ William Smith- of !" The celd wsatfer is '-rs to come, jo.her hunters tc the game, they' they jaammony. -. Essanay His wife is hart by an automobile and another man helps her tc the home, !nt the hn?:-nni arriving home as the other is leaving and not knowing the irirciafs:a=c~ i-ecprue- angry, and a separation, follows, but later when he discoitr- n = iJiLs ake- he -marches for his wife and her back. TO-31Oll.tOiV MGKT. _ "TH '. LIXE UP 1 ' VJTAGRAPH IX T\TO KEELS. Th ·- Ui-st n'-H*-r in a fo"t!al- ^r.meis unjustly f?"3:j*ia!:tied. and the srnme is aim »~S"frte--. But fniud i= :isjcverei in tii:r:- ai-d h2 a^ala p3isin;uihe ^2:11 ',s!ii'I '··.!· LI- ttam io victory. j Franklin Smith and William Smith- of'. ihe cc-Id v,-sa1h-=r is sure to come. So'.-her hunters tc- the "Wertksville; and Eev. Z»Iervin E. Smith. {they argce in selling --inter clothing,' enabled to hunt whenever trey c,;uk' of Bloserville. i £ "« it's best to take your pick when i spare time f roni their work. Funeral on Wednesday ir.orr-ing. 1 the stc;k is large. There are nov,- cnly | meeting at the house at 9:SO. Services jnine shopping days until Christinas j is the Beadersviile Lutheran church. · and this week, vrfth cold wBather or j OT' \*r O i conducted by Eev. Joseph Arnold. In- i wanr.. is expected ^o be a big one for j Sentence Reduced from JTerment: in the Bendersvi'le cemetery, i the merchants- The Displays of novel- j FOOT Years. I Friends are invited to attend with- ' t ties for the holidays have never been j xnirtv to PLAN WORKS WELL i IRON | Iron Springs--ihe third educational Springs Lad Writes Wc.-kh j ~-. e eaag of the teachers of Hamiiton- .etter Telling cf his Progress for G-?oc oan rov.T.ship was held at Weeping .- school. Zalla Currens, teacher, the 12th. The meet- by Charles Frey. the ^resident. Owing to the absence of lara iloore the secretary; J. Harry Shoiv starts 6-30 Admission 5c to all-1 out xurcner notice. !larger ar.d better, the stores are ir.! On rebruary .th. 1S10 Robert jic- stating zhac he was incorrigible and : sent of ref-jgre. Mr. Bentlev took Pecher v . as aT}Doillted secretary pr be- i T - *-i tern. J. EDWARD SCHRIVER Jacob Edv.-a.rd Schriver died at his Christmas attire auC shoori:is is as-ilntire '.vas sentenced bv the Franklin lO " ' Ju -S e -ac!si r une -Jnage_ instenc j ^hg gcr-ool house was. crowded I much of a pleasure as it is'a business- j County coar L to the Extern Peniten- or ses ^ iR S the boy ro Glen MHIs "oi |, - ~ - so T-- ~\T f\~* · . .»-· f\v Y OTSV i TSVT~ I VTS-»^S i» Oi J. OUl ^HI l35.iii S tlary for a term of from 7~: to 30 years. -»IciRtire had been arrested for | a petty offense bu in Court talked too xiuntin ff con._tned-a new plan" : . £fcac a s fiGmb -- _ t?s-Doy a lataeriytelk replete witr , .- tne oc.t advice ac i men sent of I :hs room. and recitations were t.KK L-. | ra!1{ ;ered by the-" papils.- The school ' . * ' .·oom v.-as decorated beautifully. -'How Lf.i. i :o pg,^ a Ca-ighty Boy"'* was'- dis- · " 5 j ?ussed by Wilson Hummelbaugh. and , _. . - . . , i J, Floyd Sla-bausjh, from Butler town- U'^^l 5 ^ 11 "'""^"'"" ,°~ jtysburg: and Miss Edna Schriver. of ] on the Catoctin Furnace property, oneJfenses. This caused the ioi.g- ser.ter.ce ^^ S ^^^ ° £ , "; an , has b :^ \ --hip. Mr. Siayfaaugh gave a very ap- ircpriace address upon the subject. thslead;ng ta,:c-r. wui | ^ as g-hters, Mrs. John i.ckert. of Get-[ ihers is raging in irrederick ccunty.| : he Penitentiary for several otner c-i- nis r.ome stating nowa--er tr.c v.-t_-,.r-ry letter, countersigned by fsther telling of the boy's nrcg should be sent him. stock of Vrinte-r fabrics is exception- j p a!.- nr,2 ir. cheviots and -worsteds of j ~- : one son. Wiliiam Schriv- j o f the larg-ast Sres in the history of | to be inflicted. proved, livery week the leiVer asing- patterns and -.reaves. er. of Chambersburg. He also leaves ! the county- Forest wardens, -with large ! :nce ceen ascertainsa tiat of improvement in the boy v.ho -,-a. WILL M. SEUGMAN Tlie Cash Tailor i one sister, 31rs- Levi Spang^er. of Eig- j forces, fought the flames a!! day Sun-! t ;-.3 chsr-rc-s of rouberv. etc.. -.vere noV P 0 ? " i:i " rs ' i 1 " " oatl but v -""° ' na ^ beer |ien-ii!e- j day. but a high v.-;nd drove Ihe b~zze 'j- t hs biii of indictment, as they -vere """"" | Funeral from ths house Tuesday j ahead and ths belt of lire is probably '-. nL ,t known at the tirus. On this tech! afternoon at 1:30. The inXarmant i I Evergreen cemetery v.-ill be private. iThs former soeaker quite a talk jpon the experiences of a teacher aiong that line of thought. "'How to bv. rmant in "^ree mi!cs in l .. in all from ^vO j nicaiity 31clntire secured a v.-rit CHARLES W. 5HLL£,R C h a l e V V * ! e M ! e r QleG 2t j to SOGjacres of land have been bunied | habeas corpus and vras brought Lack · over. For years there has beer, a large ; t0 Franklin countv or. Fridav nif-:M j fire on the Catoctin Furnace property! bv an officer Z-Ianr I u_i ii. v/^-i ^x tLe Penitentisrv and -"* i annuaiiy. J-iany people contend xhaz j conffned in Franklin County iaii over home in Idaville Sunday morning- at 3 ] the mount a-;r, is sec on fire by huck'.e- | night. On Saturday he was £ the brain! K^^!-,- rv?r-- S ers. as a larp-e - . » K O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer = ! } o'clock f roni congestion oi jaged about 5-5 years. j He is ! children: Mrs. oerry j berries always led astray. The last letter \vas rscclv- £ ;" : . F ". day :, V S2id sh -- ?ly ' " Eve --i Teach KislorV was discussed tnirg is a,l ngnt and was signed by j char!es Frsv ' Dotn tne uov ana nis rat-ier. ; - _, ,... . . , t oaugh. " i n : s i ? o n : y o n e o r a number of j The follov .- in ^ tea chers were pre- ccses says tne Carlisle Herald.-.vher - 5snt . Cfaj , rfss Fre , % . Iarry Pee h 8rj -Juacre has succeeded ;n 1 j«. truly ren-.arkab:e reformations i Percv V»"alker. TVilson Humraelbangh crop o: tne; taken into Court and resenteneed to follows the ground ] f ronl three ysz.r~ and eleven months c '"5 b °:-' En 'Jr-rls who have been Zeila Currens. Before h:m on -narole irslcac" j ^^.^.^ *^,^, «.. -.*-,. ^ ^^^_-,. ^, -..v- ;£.- j * i v*ii i-4- ^c; % i^cTMi ;· o-»iu ci«» trii ;i'L«iii.:l5. * o - ^ v JLjiVJur O is survived by his wife and four j burned over. · to four veart. This v.-ili release him on " con - nin S : ' hem ln a reformatory and " * ·en: Guy Miller, of P.utherfcrd; j Sunday a most stubborn mountain ijanaarv 7th rsrct, o-I'-e a'~ed"c-'-?n i- 5S aROthcr :r ^tar.ce of the vnsdorn anC . Ge:tysburg Owners 3Iay Cora Bosweil. of Waynesboro: | gre near " Doufas, in the southern ??-_-! t l:e fonntr ser-tsnce" ' " " ,--'-cc-cs? of the p-an". J ' Tags for 191-1. AUTO LICENSES : now Secure H 1| i-: K g our entire stock is of the stardani E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of films. Mail and Phone Orcers Given Careful Attention. H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E I J. H. IIUBER. Drasgist. = iand Parker and Brom. at home: TO SPREAD PEACE I The tajis for those entitled to aa- ; ;oniobile licenses nex'c year are ail = | Brintcn --filler, of Dubaque, iowa. j b urnef j ar -.(i much young -- ! Firnf»-?-fl1 Tfp^npjiHav Tnorr.inir at: ...^A Funeral Wednesday jnoming at 3 , royd . 9:30 from his late home. Interment at 1 ~ q; j: -rbr-r " SALOGX SCREEN President Wilson's Gettysburg Speech i .-eady for shipment bat delay in is- irr.ns5aied into Spanish. '· suing the license cards has prevented CHRISTMAS SERVICE vVar.ts Unobstructed View of Frcder- crick Saloon Inferiors- DR. GEORGE M. DYESS Eev. Dr. George ivicKaliip Dyess, | professor in the department of history | ^_ | - ·* ^--- - - , --· -^r*.-. . ·« _ _ _ 1.. _ * i College Church Sunday ! its Christmas Exercises. School Held ; DeierrniiMrsg- to ask the I- rederk-k ,1 :. PrcsJceni V.-j;.-on"s i-ourth «f .;-;! .-"^cc'h ar Gettys^urj^ has Leer, trar.s- ;r,t^-; :r~? .Spa.if^h ?y the newly arriv e-J secretary of the Parasruaynn Lerra- ! county ce«erat.:on to nave enacted in- c.-ue:-::s. ?·: s to'av.-a provision proviair.g: for the rueria !rr.rre?.-ed v.*as Mr. Mos iv:;a tr.c- is^ons on the vpiac he College Church Sunday School ic:os:nc of a!! sa.oons in Frederick c:cy of fricn'I.-hip =--,.; pe^co v.-'nich the ad- crc.-'^ co-^tjisneoi that he decided i. 's:l ?o' · ,he sendin-jr. Chief Boyd. in charge of I .he autcir.oblie bureau of the State : IIig:hv.-ay Department, has a large ' ."orce of clerks at \vork getting- out the · "*3.'"fl^ : '** '^·^ o^Tsr' ^r I ^icrs. Lcins: of metal, by parcel post. ! Abo-j; 25,0.00 wiil be sens out; daring- ! .he first f,vo -.reeks. Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. cli ra-'iate visihly tlsroualj all our These, the underlying features -nl cloths and characterize them smart . J. D. LiPPY, Tailor. Sbeen ill since Thanksgiving He ^as a | ^. ^ decoratioRS of ever; . rcen:= : ^ ^.^ ren:OVCi - f ^ |graduateot Gettysburg College ^^ polns£ttias . The entertain =nt Uhat a, unobstructed vie^ I """ " | consisted of exeressss by the i-ccr.".- , t cr:or ui" saloon? may be '. ! ners" and primary departr.ic-r.t?. ad-itJ.ncs. trc- Frederick C-j j dresses by z-.vo members of the Bry.- ] Saic-'-n Leag je. at it^ ann 1 orhood and the usual Chtisuna? 53ng=; ;d.: plenty to arouse ihe 1 ren -«i!l be given in the Sunday Sch-^^I c-st?- room on the afternoon foafore Ch r i.-t- ' Cum-1 mas vchen a potion of Sunday evvn-: 3IEETING SALE REPORT tror.t ^5 the in; at an msenn^r ?'· -cad \--hat the President of the Unl ?-.s",e? ;i".u or. t.:-j .-u ;.;·_?:.. BLIGHT REPORT Cattle Sold well at Maaipcr Sale Last j nursdav. UXCLAI3IED LETTERS :! Awa!!:nj Cai! ai the Geftysb: Pest OSce. . Vt'iil Deplore Lack of Fnnds for Farth- : er Work. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. | The sale of -J. I. Mumper in Toe-land toivnship on Thursday: ing's e:-:crcises will be repeat e'i. | amounted lo SS14.94. Trte best cow j i broug-ht SS7.50 and eight head of horn-: T^ J^U'Qg HOGS ! ed cattle sold for a total of S553. The ' jbest horse brought S149 and a j 7 i Two of Gettysbarg-'s Largest j months' old mule sold for 8131. J. M. j Kil'.ed Last Week. | Caldvceil tvas the auctioneer and P. A. ! Tuiller the clerk. . Ecc:c. Very J'ev. Chapp-1 Mr. X. - ' The f:r.2l report cf the Chestnut Dnjrht Commission, v.-h.ich xvas legis- ""ted out cf existence because it re- ^sived no appropriation from the state to continue ivS work, is no-w be~.-~ "ropare-i by Oliver Schock. one of hs ^eretaries. It -wisl deal -with the ·' vork of tr.2 Commission, and deplore ! ;r.e fa^t that it tvas no't: continued in ' .he service cf tho state. f Fresh Daily- To these interested in the nevr^ | : large hog? "slaughtered it--vill l3 nf , con'.e. j THE Willing Workers of St. Paul's j to know tba'c on Friday! |Lutheran church, Biglerviile, will fur-|j o ^ n Murray, of S22 North Stratton j 310 vedi:ct:ons in a :i".e line of L-i- I r.ish supper and refreshments in the i street, killed one -,vp;ghing 468 pounds j j^g' 2R( j sr r i s - coats. 50ct. alusr.inum 'basement of the church on Friday and | a n c j another weighing 472 pounds. jyauce pans SO c:s. Thomas Brothers, -- j Birri t . rv ii! e .__ a( jv3rt;anK-nt 1 CHOCOLATE COATED DATES 20c lb. CREAM FILLED DATES ." 20c lb- G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N Saturday evenings. December 19 and 20. Everybody invited.--advertisement 1 C03IING EVENTS every \V. : ' ' ' " ' ' at '": '. l^t: C. IT Son. M. E. Kiou^'e. E. C. Lower, i t: . Thi»' Brothers. -T. H. Seasely. S. G. ir.or.t 1 i'lXG to the new female employ. -.ic-r.t lav.-, v.-e ask our customers please , :o shop a; early in the evening as pos- · and Son.--advertisement 1 FOR SALE: a double heater stove, good as new. Call at No. "OH Baltimore street.--advertisement I Dec. 19--"The Shepherd of the Hills". Walter's Theatre. Dec. 19--College closes for Christmas recess. ORDER your turkey nov,' for Christmas dinner, alive or drt-ssed. I ALL !«iiliner\ r at half price. M-s. D Rice Produce Co. Robert's old stand.- advetiisement 1 'J. Rie!e, Basement First 1 Dank.---nd' ertiseincnt National CHRISTMAS: we are ready to supply your wapVs with a large stock. Special low prices on ladies' and misses' coats, ar.d on wool hats and caps. G. H. Knouse, Biglerviile.--advertise- ·, ir.ont MEWSPAPKJRl

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