The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 27, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1818
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- ar vr lKuWifji, torMie ry Feb 20 it U C. W. DAVENPORT St CO. EK EVEN Qflfl WW ft WHIT LOAD Vvqr casks old Sherry win , S3 casks whits lead, dry. For tale by JAMES G. KING h CO. Jan20 ; - V.. .61Pine - et. ' CHEAP CAili GHOCZRX Ht OKR. 288 Broadway, corner of Reed - street, next door to Washington - Hall. JAMES P. A NDOE respectfully informs his friends and the public in general that be keeps constantly for eale a lance and general assortment of the following articles, which will be all disposed of at a moderate advance. Imperial, ' ' "Hyson 'I Young Hyson sTeat of first quality and latest Hyson Skin St I importation, boechong J n Loaf, Lump, i Havana White Sugars - and Brown J Box and task Raitins Currants, Figs Almonds, Prunes Hickory a nd Madeira Nuts . . ! Nutmegs. Cloves, Cinnamon, Cassia Alspice, Perper. Ginger, London hi ost ara, per pound or bottle Old Cognac Brandy Do. Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirits Madeira, Port, Sherry, i Claret, Fayal, Pure Wines L. P. Tenerifie and other French. American, 1 Martinique, and Pure Cordials Enice J Hibberts sup. L. B. Stout Ballad Oil, Sperm and Tallow Candles Basket Salt Codfish, Burlington Hams SmoakM Beef and Herrings American and Holland Cheese Winter Strained Lamp Oil, be. be. N. B. Constant attendance gtven, and MI favours thankfully received. Orders punctually attpndedto. Feb20 3t jLOUK ti 10BACCO 5U0 bbls superfine Riclunond flour, branded Bent Creek 200 bbls Petersburg flour 50 kegs manufactured tobacco, landing from brig Richmond and schr. Belvidere, and for tale by WALSH GALLAGHER, Feb 1C 66 South - sL rjlOBACCO, FLOUR, c 60 hbdt. old A Richmond Tobacco, principally of prime quality, adapted to the Irish market 40 do new do., part very prime 20 do old Rappahannock do 250 kegi Richmond manufactured do,, sweet scented and common 250 bbls Richmond superfine flour 54 bales prime upland cntton 126 pieces Holland duck 200 kegs Dutch herrings 20 casks allom 50 do dry white lead 2J do claret 40 crates earthenware, assorted 24 casks mustard 3 butts best London porter 5 puncheons rabbit skins , 500 reams medium printing - paper 600 do cap, no. 1 and 2 30 grow press papers, be. tor sale by . WALSH ti GALLAGHER, Feb 6 ' 66 South - street, v A DRAFT on savannah, payable in 20 days, for 1278. - For sale hy JACKSON A: WOOLLET, feh 16 75 Wall - ttreet. lOOn NANKINS. J. 4 - 1 VrV7 Pieces blue nankins, of very supe rior quality, entitled to debenture, for sale at 7 Washington - tt. Feb 1 8 G. G. & S. HO WLAND. I QUERCITRON BARK. M J tons first quality bark, for tale by G. G. b S. HOWLjJND, . Feb 18 77 Washington - it TJOP3. - - H bales of first quality, the JLX growtb of 1817, for sale by ANDERSON b SHEARER, 131 Water - street. feb 18 2w ANTON CRAPES. Freali supply Canton V Crapes for aale by MARCH b LOW, 210 Broadway. feb 11 SHERRY WINE, kc 7 qr. cask very choice Sherry Wine, 14 years old, and 8 tea call, kres very old Muscatel and Paforet Wine, particular calculated for family use, for sale oy u.v.u s. nunnnu, JanZ7 77 wasnington - sueei. G88 FLOUR. bbls tuperf. ) halfbbbdo bbls fine ) 86 Flour, landing this day 22 From schr Adelino from Alexandria, and Mar garet - Ann frem Petersburg. For tale by Feb 7 92 Coffee House tlip. SHEETINGS. lOOn. Russia Sheetings, tup. quality, for sale by HURD b SEWALL, feb 14 65 South - street. 1HINA SILKS 2 cases green sinchews 5 1 Vy. do black camblets 1 do 6 - 4 white shawls ; 1 do black do 1 do damask For tale by MARCH t LOW, Jan 29 . 210 Broadway, BOTTOM, DEER &KINS, Kc 2 bales Sea W island Cotton 11 bundles Deer Skin I tierce and 1 bbU Furs 14200 Staves and Headine, afloat, and for sale by R. b C. W. DA V EN PORT b CO. feb 21 PHILADELPHIA WiU&KEV. it BUTTER jl 11 tinus. nrtt proof tvnukey SiXiBottcr Now on the dock, for ale by CORNS. DUBOIS, feb 19 6t 36 Front - street OLD MADEIRA V.E. A LARGE stock of fine old Madeira Wine, of the most approved brands, in pipes, hogsheads and quarter casks warranted pure as imported, and well worthy the attention of the trade and of private familiet; wi.l be avid at reasonable prices, aad ia quantitiee to tint purchasers, by TUCKEti K UaUKits, frh17 29 Srtiith - slreet. Lj iLh - .Tu iC. - caaes ponseea, do twilled k, f aarmets 1 do col'd tattina, entitled to debenture ; also a bales coi'd castimer tnawls For sale by CA.MBRELESG tc TEARSOT, Feb 6 67 &utb.;t RON 72 tons English iron, well assorted. M. now landing from brig Thomas, and will be told reasonably from the wharf, by G.G.&S.HOW LAND, Feb 13 77 Washington - st. TIOMBAZETTS & COTTON. - bales J.J BorobatetU 34 bales Sea Island Cotton, ami - IS do. prime Upland do. landing - and for sale by . . .. . . SAUL ALLEY, .. ." 68 Pine - etreet, I Stokx 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as. above. J A Corn - Fan H'anted. ? WANTED immediately, a corn foo t it second hand one will answer. Apply ! ' . TUCKER: LAURlEi', ; Jan 20 ' 29 South - street. '1 iWIAfc. First qeahly LonJon Seine Also, J - Sand 3 tliread ladia Twiue. in Quantities to suit purchasers, for sale by fob 14 - ' - 76 Penrl - strect. RIME UPt,Afita COTTON. - 45 bales priqte Upland Cotton, landing from sliip Prudence and schooner Louisa, from Savannah, for sale by - GRISWOLOS & COATES, febiO ) A 68 South - ttreet. TWO cases chMgeabla &ynchcws, for sale by ' MARCH ti LOW, Jaa SI ' ZIO Broadway. M ADEIRA WISE. A quantity of choice L. r. maacira wine, ror saie ny R. It C. W. WAEVttrOKT fi CO. Jan 19 COTTON. 54 bales prime upland cotton1 for sale b t WALSH & GALLAGHER, 66 Smith - street. feb 18 IRISH MARKET TOBACCO 68 hhds. of 1 fine oualit v, tandine from schooners Hero and Sally Ann, from Richmond, for tale by : ' JJ. BbiHun( es vvr. Jan 16 92 C. H. tlip. 20 MO LA iiH KH. hhdt molasses, goad quality, at Peck' slip, for sale by " Jan 31 K. tc). W. UAVE. - VFOK.TSCO. TV - Tl..W.I)RI..'AH CAi ri'ON U8 . balet prime quality, landing from brig Sailor Doy, ai r iy - muiei wnarr, ior saie ity JAIULS BVU IS, feb 18 lw 66 Waahineton - ttrcet. TOBACCO ti I LOUR. - 60 Ittids. Kentucky Tobacco, Just landed from brig 1 names, 23 hhds prima old Richmond Tobacco 17 do new do do 100 bbls. Fredericksburg Flour, landing from tenrs. uyane ana Lopra, ior saie oy WAtybU V ULiAOtlLK, ' 66 South - street. Who have also in store. 100 hhdt old Richmond Tobacco, principally in enure parcels and 01 sup. quai. 60 hhdt prime new Tobacco 300 kegs manufactured do various brands and qualities 100 bbls. Richmond Flour. ' feb 20 NAVAL STORES. 400 barrels Soft Turpentine 420 do Tar 1 3 do Spirits Turpentine, a - float, and for sale by K. ti C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. feb 20 RICHMOND TOBACCO ti Fl.OUK. 628 Richmond tupf. Flour 37 bhdi prime new crop Richmond, pnnci pally large and leafy, noiv landing from schr Thomas, and in store, or ale by Jano kuukMM K JVlinsiV.v. 741 liERUhNtiS. boxes 1st sort, ) . : i..j. 177 do 2d do 1 " - Bt - ng and for tale by tAneaUiUiu tc 1 laiou.i, Jaa .22 - 67 South - stfceet. SN ABURGri. 9 bale best Streleta Osna - bunra. landing Trom ship Thomas Wil son, from ureenocK, ior aie oy feb 19 U. BSTHUNB C CO. I AVENS DUCK. 10 1 piece heavy Raveus JLwy Duck, for sale by HURD & EEWALL, 65 South - street. feb - 19 - - THKr.AD LACES. A a ekcant assortment of thread laces, all JrL widths, just received and for sale at 150 Broadway, by rniiionwa rbiia9 feht91w OIL b CANDLES. RIPLEY It WELD, 192 Front - street, have constantlr on band, at wholesale and retail, winter and summer strained Spermaceti Oil. Alto, Tallow Mould Candles 01 superior quali ty, from Winthip't Factory, Charleston, Alatt. leo vi JAMAICA RUM b FLOUR. 15 puncheons 4th and 6th proof Jamaica rum, of supe rior quality, and 100 barrels superfine Baltimore (Howard - street; Dour, uniting and ior sale uy Feb 9 ' 90Pine - st. 7"NGLISH WHITE LEAD. 360 keg Eng. Mid lisb White Lead, ground in Oil, landing from ship William, and tor sale by H LiAl'Klr.3, feb 18 29 South street. COTTON 21 bales superior Georgia Cotton landiax from ship Prudence, at fine - street - wharf; for tale by N. tc D. TALCOTT, feb TI o souin - iireei. UPLAND COTTON. 15 bale prime Up land Cotton, landing and for tale by SAUL ALLEY, . 98 Pine - street. IN STORE. 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. jan 23 1 LAasW ARE, aic 4 boxes assorted glass, VJf consisting of Large sued Window ulats Decanters, Tumblers, Inkstands Watch Glasses, be. 9 hexet Kowlin Pieces. Justreceived per Winifred, from Amsterdam, osr HARD, A quantity of muskets, entitled to debenture 6 cerooni nrti qualify utuigo, ana t bblt White Lead For tale by ZIMMERMAN, feh 7 1m 72 Washington - street tl TRIPES 20 case superior Wmencaa blue stripes, for sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, Feb 18 DfcC 148 Pearl - st. sYa COTJON. i X bale prim Alabama cotton, landing from schr Nawaa 90 balet New - Orleant cotton I per tng 1 1 - 6 hhds Kentucky tob - veco naacier IN STORE, SO tout clean St Petertbarjrh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15 caret tumblers 30 boxes Castile soap Writing aud wrapping paper 1 cas Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Also, just received, ' lfiOOO lb Havana coffee, in hhds. and A few hhdt of rectified pur spirit, made from molasset rum. For tale by JAMES D'WOLF.Jr. Teh 23 57 Front - et. LIVERrOOL SALT, EARTHENWARE, HARDWARE. ' 300 toot White Salt, ia lots to tut purchasers, 1 14 crates Earthenware 4 casks Hardware. Now landing from the ship Aihson, and for sale by ' P JOHN ABM. WIL1JNK ft CO. febSOlw No. 73 Washiattow - street S" 71 OK bALE. A caae of very superior is - . tola, hair trigger, made by Beckwitn, London. A Riffle Guw with Sword bayonet. - AJso, two . doaen mahogany Chair frames, newL - t London pattern, to be teen at LAW ft CUTLER. ' febU ' - 2T Broadway. ;Vr' v''Mday,' February 27, laic. " :v: NUMBER 4903 " I j WO. 42 PINE - STREET, ; ' W silt A T TItti w ot , TUB SUBSCRIBER, - . f ' A SLOOP, now boildiag of the bet "I I 'tv mxterials, aboot 100 tone; timber of lit V ojA. lofnst awl cedar 5 bottom pl - mk Jiney www oat duui oa purjww ui m Ijtea' or nnp .f en hnt calculated for any trado wher dispatch, burthen, and ensydraftofwateris required. 1 a .,. sf!HnONER. of 40 teas. " lTwiU draw but littla water, with a lee - , V ! bemrd through the centre of her keel, Q pectci! to tail very fart. JTl Alio, SMTP of 360. ton, calculated fTv for a Liverpool or London trader, (that ' V can be nobbed U tui! tlie purchaser. Vp'gptn, timber and plank. . Also, timber ,'nwed to bill for houte building. . ; mora II 1 viiAnu'J uuuniiiiui r - For bait, Frtight or Charter, rff: A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, f y ' &abopt 150 tone burthen, built in the best ' ZJSner, copper - fattened, in complete order to receive a cargo in every reepect a good veieel. AppI on board at Burlingslip, or to PP7 J.L.fcO.GlU8WOLD, t.nia 86 8outh - st. for Hale, Frtight or Ckattr, a .w nilot boat built echooner. 120 itous burthen, built in the best manner, ... 1 . . ofrooJ ;matriaB, copper lasiencu , ; Ailinr vwi el, mod may be lent to tea with imsll rM Apply on board at Burling lip, or to 86Soulh - t. ' 1 u x j 1. If Jtf The new and fast tailing brig FAME, V "built of the best teaaoned timber, and fcSwuUy .pot together. Her rigging and tail are Of excellent quality. Thit vettel w well palcolated lor a aouthern packet, having hand - tome accominoditiont. For terms, and a view of her inveutory, apply to GRISWOLOS k COATE8, jant, t Bouth - it. For Wilmington, Jf. C. S The schr UNION, Ephraim Dennett, rew. ror freight or passage, apply on board, west aide riy - market wharf, or to JONES i MEGRATIf, ' Feb 10 83 South - street. For bau. Freight or Charter, The brir blUWEY. Crispin, 156 ton?, j' iT - staunch good vessel, lately put in good order ior a voyage r or terms apply to Jf MESD'WOLF, junr. Feb 13 . 57KrooUt. For HAVANA, The brir ABEONA, George Gray, utter, a ttanqch good venel, burthen about 1000 bbls ; to tail on or before the 25th inst For freight or passage, apply to ' JAMES D'WOLF, junr. Feb 13 S7Froot - tt. CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hundred bales coniiating of Baftas, Luckrpore, CoitUbulty, Callipatty andPatka. Coteaht, Chandpore, Combcolly,' Johanna and LiKKipore. v . Saoaaiie Jellalpore and Mow. Cbeckt GiHaht, RomeK c tor tale by CHS. L. OGDJtf wd ABRM OGDEN, jao9' Washinctoo - slreet. t3 Pipes CetU Brandy, entitled to debenture, for tale by - J .. . CH AS. L. OGDEN, and . , .. ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 Washinson - rtreet. IVTlCAKAGbA WOOD H LIGNUM i.1 18 tOM Nicaragua Wood of very good ? juanty 10 do Lasnom vitts For eale by ' , . TUCKER & LAURIE8, Jaa 19 - 29 South - ttreet WHITE LEAD GROUND IN OIL. 400 ket, of 281b.. each, White Lead, crouad in oil, jaet received per ship William, 1 or nub oy TUCKER fc LAURIES, feblO 29 South - stmet. IRON HOLLOW WARE, auorttd via. Pott, Kettles, Griddlea, Bake pane Spades, Skillets, Basins, Fire - doga, tic For tale by the ton or piece. CEBRA& CUMING, Feb 19 76 Pearl - rt. 1J UM. 20 hhd. Molasset Rum, tint proof, Xl lor sale oy JACKSON 1 WOOLLET, ' jan 12 75 Wall - st JVIOL ASSES COFFEE W) uhds. Hava - XVA 11 mo'&nes aew crop 24 hhdi. n nwr . Landing at Old - elip from Brig Caroline, and vAiucs u'nuijf, jr. feb2 57 Fron Mreet. 0E hoodred bhif. Bristol feiiamsti Brown, Witt a general assortment of Paints, dry and tjiwuuu, lur saw uy RIPLEY ti WELD, - . 192 Front and corner of Falton - street Jan 2J ITEMS', LEAD, PAINTS, fee - Ruwia JLX heap, in tots to suit purchasers B0 roll! sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 . . 8 casks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead .50 balet India twine; - English Sail aid teine twine 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks vermiUion , 3 hhdt verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry white and red lead , 20 boxes tin For tale by PETER SCHERMERHORN k SONS. ill Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's nuke, front 40 Cablet and cordage, of all sites, best quality With the usual assortment of ship chandlerr. Feb U tf r . TAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, oilers v wrsaie , 50 tons clean SU Petenburg hemp Russia duck 1 6000 lbs. green coffee in hhds. entitled to drawback Roll brimstone, German steel Writing and wrapping paper 15 cases half - pint tumblers : Castile sopod mould canJlcs ' 1 case Leghorn hats . 2 cases cholets do do do do do do Feb 10 1 case ptatillas . (SN.UURUSt PAPER - 1 bale DU,r. ul 1 do Italian Paper, Cor Osn. aale at feb u crrra t r.r'xiivn f "Ol 'lU'X 1.1 u. i .. land Cotton, from Augusta, for tale. oplct may be seen at 148 Pearl - street, np r ru 1 1 i bales JTemtoh sheetings, for f.v - JAMES C. KIXO & CO. J!16 No. 61 Pmetreet. - ' B.VS.I:J SH1RTINGS - 3 caW Amer - w lite hi ririchf.18hirtinP'jut ved ad - Fhia't'l,tOB),,,icnComroy, 0,t - 148 Pcatl - ttrett. - FOR SALE, the cargo of the ebip C'ririe. cap - tain lluuiphrey. Iroia CalcMlta, and now laDiliiig at the footofLiberty - itreet, coonitingot ' ' tart ledia Sugar . Cotton , Ginger s Block Tin tiom Ehellack " - Gum Copal - , Goat iskiMofa large Ue Seine Twine and Gunny Bgt 1 AJeo for tale, India Mueline of aimoit ever detcription. Alio, a imall (Joantity of R&ttaoi, and . Odor of Koki. For eale by - - inn? KOBEUT LENOX. COTiON Piew uron, prime, uitable lor manafactnring, will be told in pares li to accommodate purchaser. ...... Alto, a few balet of old crop. La qui re 148 Pearl - ttreet, up ttaira. - . jan 8 MOLAbbKS 29 Midi. MoiaiKi,ol'iuperior nwality, lying at Dover - ttreet whart for tale bv . DAVENPORT it CO. Jan 96 STRAITS BRANDY. TWENTY five pipe Cette Brandy, for aale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, and . ABR. OGDEN, Jan 9 Waetiiogtop - etreet. WINE, OIL, PAPER, be. 130 qr. casks and 200 half do dry Afalaga Wine 5 qr casks and 20 half do tweet do very old 158 do Colmenar do 300 half chetU Sweet Oil, 30 betties each 100 boxes do do 12 bottles each 50 balet Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gazette do large size 9 cases Fe..t Hats 15 cases Liquorice Paste 1 box Ostrich Feathers, 1 do Chip Halt 3 do Manna in (lakes Marble Slabs, veined and statuary, assort' ed tizet, for pier tablet, lie. - A few bozet very superior Anchovies and Olives 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch 10 bbls Furs, consisting of Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skint Gunny Bart, &c For tale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, jan 12 Washington - street. GLASSWARE 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, consisting of Wines and Tumblers, for aale by CHAS. L. OGDEN S ASK. OuDtri, jann vr aimm;ion - ai. IOUR thousand Gunnv ttaes. lor sale bv r .CEURA ic CUMING, Jan 23 76 Pearl - strecL X CUT MILL SAWS, &c. A SMALL invoice of X cat Mill and Tit Saws, IS. U. S. and C. S. for sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Who have in Store, Hand, ripping and dove tml Sawt, brass and iron backs Cast Stel Cbiels and Gouges Mortice Chistets and Drawing Knives Patent Carolina ti Virginia Hoes, No. 1 2 3 4 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, 8l, ICd, 12, & SOd Brass and copper wire, of sH sites Rolled and Sheet Bra, Brass Pant London Pins, Not. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted lb the country trade , ' P. n gravers' Copper, ia plates of all sue. jert 13 " - v - FI.Ailta OK PAtVla. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of il. narit. ta oarreis. eunaitie ior ine aoutnern market Orders left with Walter Nexten, No. 174 Front - street, comer of Burline - slip, will be promptly attended to JOHN BYXRS, 1 001 or iiamaon - txreet, iscrcn - iuver. Jsnl9tf J IJ F1RG l.VIA TOBA CCO ti FLOUR O f ' hhdt old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 60 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For tale bv VASQUEtf, MEURON b CLEEMAN, r eo 7 ti no. It washington - tt. QUICKSILVER. 20,000 lb. Quicksilver for sale by N.L.&G GRI3WOLD, "jan 21 86 South - ttreet.' CA 60 IMtlR F.S, S.1TTIJVETTS AfD v CASSIJfKTTS. A FEW cases blues, blacks and mixtures, of XX various Binds, manufactured lor a southern market, will be sold low for cash or approved papet - Also, at reduced price, several cases of blue. black and mixed broadcloths, among which are some 01 (voicoti't supernnee, ai uie COM. COMPANY'S Ware - House, 148 Pearl - street fob 11 TOBACCO RICE. 100 quintals first qua X hty Spanish Tobacco 44 tierce prime Rice, per schr. South CaroH asufor sale by JONES b MEG RATH, fob 11 83 South - street. Superfine Ameruan GLGUAMS. 8 cases fine ginghams, for sale low by 1 he Commission Companr, Feb 18 D&C 148 Fcarl - st PIANO FORTE FOR SALE. ANEW and fashionable instrument, made by one of the best London manufacturers, and in complete order, will be sold cheap, as the owner wishes to leave the city. Enquire at 32 ieoar - street, corner of Broadway. Jan3i T BROWN, stone aeal engraver and jewel 1.. v 1 aa o l Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, tc. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, cuamt, ana otner jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of arms, mnl tstti atf ftnMi A . 1 mvm'w oum aw. j ucvtwcv Diamontla, unethyiti crjstalp, tc. bought Zs tk. Mu .... . e as iu iuul Ul tUl MJ mil J aHN Ilia Books of beralJrj kept with op wards of 17 LOUR and TOBACCO. 200 bbls. soper - 60 kegt second qualify, manufd Tobacco, Landing from the schr Belvidere, and for sale WALSH & GALLAGHER, feh 18 66 South - st'eet. nEER SKlAb 6 bales first quality trsale t n s n ' r r - Rr ny SAVk A Ulr. I, feh T 98 Piae - street. F LOUR. 100 bbls Richmond (Mayo mills) rlour, in store, tor aale by GRISWOLD3 & C0ATE5, feb 16 86 South - street. 1 A.NOL.E3. 60 boxes eastera suouki candles just received, for sale by feh VI . JOS. OSBORN. 63South - rt nOTI O.M. - - 54 bales Prune L'ptwd, for sak .z mi 00 couui - tireer, ny Jan27 WALSH tc GALLAGHER S HAWKS. 4 truwe coi'd and fringed Cloth Shawls, handsomely assorted, received per nan mana. CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, Jaa 29 ., 67 SouuVatreet. QUERCITRON BARK. T?IFTY hhds. and bote of very tine quality, x - ror saw or - G. G. b 9. II0WLAND, ' Jnat8 Ti Washinctoti - street A ( Bo"M 1 hM 1 CMk ARGOL, about STATIONARY. 3 cases English Letter nod Writing Paper, for sale low, by ' . HURL) to SEWALL. . fehll 65 Sooth - stree'. FLAXSEED - 15catks Flaxseed, landing this day from schr. Raneer. Irniu Norfolk, for taleby , . D. BETIIUN K b CO. (b 14 92 Coffee House Slip. : ( G. 4: a HOWL.AAD, NO'77 Wsuhiugtoo 1 .IffwW nfm ..U 1 - . . V U V, . .... Mil. . 30 packages British Drygoodt, consisting of oiue and lancy prints - Baloon and hair cord dimititt Cambric sartnett i ' , White and printed quilting . " Striped, printed and white jeans Damak table cloths. &c. 4 balet German sheeting b thirting lipent 6 balet gurraht and gillat 1200 pieces blue naukeens, entitled to debenture 90 tons English Iron, assorted 16 tons Swedes Iron do 100 square bale prime upland cottoA 23 hhds Boston Rum 200 or. casks Samos wine 30 do superior sherry do 5 do do 14 years old 6 pipes do - 8 tencal. keg muscatel and palforet wines very superior ,v 50 caset half pint tumblert , 100 bblt ground camwood, warranted pure 4(10 demijolms 6000 lbs prime ivory 25 bbls salted seal skin 5 do paste blacking 3 ton lignumviiae 15 tons Quercitron bark tint quality, feb 13 BLUE GOODS, tc 17 balet company blue JVIamoodiet, fine qua). 4 Dales Company blue Baltat, do 17 do India Calicoes, tup. oual and new rat terns, selected particularly lor this market, just reca per snip inaia, ior snie oy P. REMSEN 4: CO, jan 3 26 Sooth - street. IADKH), tiKAiMOi, ate lb cases prune I Bens sai inniso, entuied 10 aeoeniure pii'eiuray'i Brandy . 120 boxes Hill's Boston Chocolate, No. 1 & 2 1.. Ui.ll I..I.L.' - tj L 70 bngsrace Ginger (entitled to debenture) 10 boxes Sugar Candy 300 half and qr. boxes Spanish Scgart, for saie DV JACKSON, feb 7 75 Wall - ttreet, HOPb. S hne Hops, just received by' CAMBREL1NG b PEARS f'.r sale RSON. feb 3 67 South - ttreet 1 ICt.. va wliol uud ail hall tiercet prime Xev nee, landing from schr Retrieve, for tale by . GOODHUE & Co. r eb 18 44 ftutn - treet. ISO TAR ti Ht'J'A t &S. bblt tar and tome staves, landing this day from the schr Adelaide from Wilmington ii tale by KOI! CUT CILI - ESl'IE, Fob 21 112Front - tL WHEAT 4c TAR, 130 bushels N. C. Wheat, in ba - t 60 bbls. Tar, afloat and for tale by R. b C. W. DAVENPORT CO. fab 18 iiAMJAJtjVA HANDKERCHIEFS. slrkA pieces superior company bandker - AUU chlefis, for tale by . ' ' - JOSEPH OSBORM, Feb23 ' 28 fooUVet MUSCOVADO bCGAR. iU bd.Alutco vado Sugar, for sale by ' " : feb 16 G. W. TALBOT, 55 Pine - etreet. IjLUE NANKINS 2500 piece Blue Naa XJ kins, ol superior quit Iky, entitled to debenture, for tale by - HURD b SEWALL, leo 34 goam - ttrcer. ILOUR and TOBACCO. 600 bbls. Ricb. 1 mond supf. Flour 29 hhds old and new Tobacco, 120 kees manufactured d 16 b C hands to the lb. For sale at 106 Front - street. fob 13 TROKES, DAVIDSON b CO. ZANTE CURRANTS. 1 cask containing 1000 lbs. just landed and for sale at 67 South - street, by CAMBRELENG tc PEARSON, feb 11 KENTUCKY TOBACCO. 10 hhils. Tobacco, received by the brig Financier, will be landed today, at Fly - niarUet - whaff, for sale by LE ROY, BAYARD b CO. feo T4 . ' WOODSTOCK GLOVES. THEiubscriber has received and offers to his customers and others on reasonable terms, a few trunks best drawn and round team gloves. GEO. M. WllibON, 130 Water - street Cath will be riven for liebt red or shaved deer skint. feb 24 PORTER, CHr.rnE, BRAMV, &c - 50 casks Hibberts double Brown Stout j 5 bas ket double Gloucester Cheese, received pr. ship Washington. ' i . j.l r t 1 9 Pipes nuciy uavoureu tin pmui suniciui Brandy, eutiiled to debenture 54 casks clean Flaxseed t . 1000 barrels Flour (Baltimore Howard street.) 300 boxes fresh Bloom Raitins. For sale by , GEO. M. WILSON, 130 Water - street. feh 24 UPLAND COTTON. 28 bakt unie Upland Cotton, landing from schr Louisa, and for tale by Joseph osborn, leozi 28 South - street. t TORAGE can be had ia the tire prool store of LJ the tubscribers, corner of Bridge ana v uue - hall - streets. feb 21 ARCH'DGRACIE&SONS. tORN 8,000 butbelt Corn, of excellent L oualitv. deliverable at Tappabannock, V ir gu'ia. For tale on accommodating terms, apply u n. tKumr, feb 23 90 Pine - street I KO.N ami COTTON. 7t toot tun. iron, 1 assorted sixes, landing from brig Thamet, from New - Orleans. ALSO 100 square bales prime Upland Cot ton binding from schr Union, from Wilmington, lor tale Dy u.u.. tiunMnu, feb II 77 Washington - street. ANNERS, a novel, 2 vols, pries $i, Uut i.JL day published by W. B. GILLEY. 92 Broadway. Alio for sal, a few English copies of the abort interesting novel, 3 volt, pnee f. repiis NF.K.OI.KS BY RETAIL. riHE tubscriber, inadditioo to his former ex - J. - tensive variety, hasjmt openeo " ment of Needles, of a superior quality, which he has just received from an eminent Needle Mann - tVl.,u in Vnsrl mat si SW1 ffsnria which ens We lum lUCIHirjl xu ayiifjiwtsuf vw . j - to warrant tbein to bit customers, consutia ol hupertwe goio even neeaies Impcritl aueens Sharps, Imperial silver eyed betweens . assorted from Impenaf silver eyea oiiuiia Imperial darners and as.,k;..;. uddler't Monti No. 1 to 12. N min, will be tpared by the tubfcriber to keen at all timet aa complete an assortment of the above article as any in the city, and hi eet - tnmers may he atturrd that none but ttest nee - dlet will be kept by him. Alto, as utortment of rich clasps for ridicnie. n. squill i rtL. 1 lac. eucccettor to Mr. N. Smith. At hit wVrietate and retail perfume manufac tory, tig of 0 Golden Rote, No. 149 Bro4 way v feb4tf ROB ROV. TTIRKts MERCCIN bavejett received and IV pat to prett, Hon ttoy, a novel, ny tne author of Waverly. Coy Mannering, Ta'ct of my uanaiorn, ic. ,c. seer notice. v ..;: v - trf The Subscriber, in bcWl as hilatalf anl his associates, gives notice, that an application , will be made to the honorable the legislatufwof f thit slate, at its next session, for an Art to mcor - J porate a Bankmiih a capital stork of Five Hu - ' - dred Thousand Dollars, aud with tear to increase it to One Million i to be located north east of Beekman - itreet, in Uta city of Arw - lfork, trad to be called 1 he Franklin Bank of the city of New - York.' 1 r Dated New - Tork, 16th Dec. ' ,?, : By order of the Associates, .. ' J;, ' dec30tf ' NOAH BROWN.Sec'ry.' ' ' For England, ria Halifax Aora - beetta. ' . fTT Letters for his BritftniiicmftirMvVrarliet; ' Grace (for Falmouth, vis Halifax. Nn'o - ScotiV ill be received at the post oflke till W edoefday alternoon, the 4th oB March. t; v ; , . T. W. MOORE, Agent. ' Feb 16 NOTICE, v , ftr The subscribers harine entered info part - nersi,ip, the STOCK b EXCHANGE Busi ness heretofore conducted by K.4J. .VIM, will be continued under the firm or NEVINa fc TOWNSEND. , j , . - RUSSF.LL If. NF.VINS, - feh 3 EI.IHU T.OWyiSKNII. QO" 1 he attigneea of the estate of Mi s 8td ney Hewitt, (in order to give time for all her creditors to come in and participate in - the) - ' funds provided for them,) do hereby extend the time of rendering their accounts to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, until the 1st of. March ensuing ' ' Ftb 2 lm' UNION UA.NK, nubreliruary, lti8 Q7" 'The stockholders are rquested to attend at the banking houte. No 17 Wall - ttreet, on Thursday, the 12th day of March next, to elect eleven directori lor the ensuing year. The poll will rpeu at ten o'clock and shut at two. " c - ' The transfer books will be shut from Itt until' 13th March. - ' ' By order of the board of directors. ", feb 10 1m JOHN LOW, Cashier. INDUCE. 00 All persons having claima against thees - tte of Capt. William Tavlor, derexsed are df - sired to present tiiem to the suhstribrr for set tiement, and those indebted to said estate are re quested to make payment without delay. JAMES M' BRIDE, feh 12 1m Administrator.' NOTICE. . . , ' fj" The copartoership heretofore t xistinj' be twci the subscribers, iindci the firm ol N. 8. Davie tc Co. istliisdav dLsolvd bj u utual con - " tt - nt. 'The debts due and cloims ngaintt said firm will be settled by N. S. Da its. n. ti. ija 11 - v, A. W. TBAPPAN, ., The business will in future be conducted by . N. Smith Daviet, under the firm of N. hitiith Da . ies at Co. . . leb 14 'STREET MANUHL. - ftr Sealed DrOiMals will be rrt rived at the Comptroller's Oflke, City Hall, till Vonrioy, 24 Marcn next, at x o'riorx, ior me street mat nre, . tn conformity with th Law of the coroiration - dividing the city into two dtstrictt. The propo sals will mention escn district separately, eiuer ior one year, or two years iron uie it ot oian,n to the 1st of January. . ' ,,, - Alsa. sealed proposals will be rereived as a - bove mentioned, for the a.aoure of the city. The ttreet tobetHerttandcleaited hy thecootiactnn; luacnaitinci 10 ne divided into tnree divisions, to be twept and the dirt removed one day in ere ry week, from the lit of March to the 1st of J ana - ary. Particular information nay be had at the Comptroller's Office. fel19tM2 DOCKS k SLIP ; . .. Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller' Office'. City HaiL till Monday the 9ih of March, at 2 o'clock, for renting the public Docks and Slip for one year from the 1st May next, agreeably te the new wliarfaee established bv the Common Council on the 16th int. the particulura of which may be seen at the Comptroller's Office. . , feb 19 ,. r - ...... ..'j A I.L t.OHASY t O i I. tOMtA Y. ' rn - The Stockholders of the Alleghany Coal Company, are requested to attend 00 Monday, the second day ot Marcn next, ami City Tavern, 7 o'clock P. M. to elect Officer and Director for the ensuing year. 1 ' By order orthe Board,' . feb 20 tMch2d J. G. B0GERT. '. I RlbU LINEN. 6 boxes 4 - 4 IrishLinen, M 1 sale by ... W. S.CRAIG. ' feb 13 " ' M U S I C ALL the Songs, Duetts, as sung by Mr. 1'lite lippt at the New - York Theatre, for tale at Wm. DUBOIS' Piano Forte, and Music Store, No. 126 Bsoadway. - . - .. - ,.( Behold id bit toll exprestive fact Tho' love it warm awhile . 1 . Tit but fancy't tketch . It there heart that never loy'd In vain mav that bosom lost quite deplore My early day what joys waa thine u l.ove's young dream r . . This blooming rose at early dawn Robin Adair Beautiful Maid lt mm sound the trumpet ' 'r Had I ahart Evtleen's Bower ' ' ' , Dear mnid I love thee Ah sure pain was never seen 1 , Said a smile to a tear ' ' ' Sigh not for love My heart with love is beating The celebrated serenade of LiJIa come oowk Bird Duett , to me" flora's wreath. With a large assortment of new music dec 24 A PAH I MEM a SVAVifcD. . ' A SINGLE gentleman wnbet to rent, in or . neat BroiTlway, any where betweea , Cham. her - t and the a rf,.'nf,i''lt ly, a Bed Room and Parlour, without board; furnished roomt would I preferred. The qomt ; and neatiiet of O.e house, a well at th retpece lability of the occupants. Mf parttcularly required. A Kne directed to J. C. "left at this office, mentioning terms and situation, will be iduly attended to. Jn28 1ro '' the (,'iiisMit jVtsc - 1 art. f7ERAH ilAWLEY Phvtician and Dentist, J would inform the inhabitant of New - York, that he has taken n oflke at No. 321 Pearl treet. where he win extract, clem, file, JU and let Te'th in the most approved manner. He wid alto prevent any irregularity of the secondary teeth, if application it made to him in eason. He flatter himself, from the experience be has bad in hit profession, that he thaU be able to give . feneral tatitiaction. ' . . . 1 . F J . - ... rorcnaractcr ir.epuonc ore reierreo wmr. Geo. P. fhipmon, merchant, N. 63 South - street, and Doctor A. Ives No. 232 Pearl - ttreet Whom U may eoncrrn. ftfj - Thil certifies, thai Dr. Zrrab Hawley U a regular breil physician, and in good ttandinc with bit brethren in thit place ; that be fiat paid particular attention, to the art of Dmtitlry, be ttudicd the best European workt on Hie and bat given very gooaiauiiariioo 10 mi".'"" - to hit curtomert, wlio ar persons or the Drst r specUbility in thit city. We therefore, a ilh entire confidence, rvcommeod Dr. Haulty to U citixeosof New - Yori:, atadenlut , . .iiet rtuatoa I v ; ' - NathanSnuib, I Jonathan Knignr. - t PrrTof IbeMedici New - Haven, Jan 22, 1S . - . ' J ; ! t . V ') v' WW t I Ml i k ' ' T f, i;i ; !! r' ' r i r i

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