The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 26, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Thursday, February 26, 1818
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IN CH ANCLlRY. . 1 IN CHaCERY. i State of New - York, m ' IN pursuance of a decretal order oflhis honorable mini, will be old at public, auction, at the Tmiti"e Coffee Hue. in lb city ofN - w - York, and - r the direction olihe iiomber, m one oi th misters of this courvon Friday, the 27ibin - Itant, at It o'clock nfx n All those lour certain . lotsof land.'silnate in tlie ninth ward of tlie city of New - Wk. being part oi (lie estate ( John 80 - metindyck, late 01 the city, deceased, ami designated in a rerlnin map of the t.tid estate. matte by William Bruise - , in November. I8J1I. bvlots No. and 9, aud letter I and li. The (kid lot, tik.n together, are hounded westerly in front by Hudson River, and contain twenty a cm t.f ground, more or le, with the appurte' oancef. Dated Feb 5th IIM't. JAMES A. HAMILTON, .. M.iMeria Clnncery. Notk For naviculars. ,ouire nt the Mat ter' (&, N". 3 Law Buildim;,. where a map of the nr. mit mny te teeo. feb 5 cw2wills l.M CHANCER. , State ol New - York, M. ' IN pursuant of a decretal order of this honorable court, w'll he sold at public auction, at tot Tontine CcCVe House, in the city of New - York, under the direction of the - tutmriber, a. one i the roasters oi this court, on Friday, the 2. tli instant, at 12 o'clock at aoon nli those tain lots of land, situate in the t. Mh ward ol the city of N. York, and distinguiihed on a certain map of Iheettae, lale of James Delancy, Esq " made by Evert Bam ker, by lots No. six hundred and fifteen, six hundred and sixteen, and us hundred and seventeen, bounded westerly by Second treef, and rontairiirg each 25 feet in breadth, and one hundred feet in depth, mue or lett, with the artuortcnance. I ated t en. &. it i JAMES A HAMILTON. Matter in Chancery. frh8 UaSw&dfii MAVOU'is COLKF. William L. Mallitwil John Cornell and Sarah hit wile. partition. ' IN ourfnance of an order of tlie conrt of coin mon pie a.cilled the Mayor' Court, if the city or New - York, made in the above cause, we intend to tell at public vendue, to the higher t bidder or bidders, at the Tontine C'lTee tlnute, in the city of Vew - York, on the Itthday of Mar h oexLat lloMockat noon, all lbt certain dwelling li'iute, tni'ttuttge, tenement and lot of land, situate. Wins and beini in the f orth ward of the ciy of New York, knwn anddntinuithed in a oinp thereof by lot number eighteen ; whit h taid crtmi - etnnd lot of land It bounded as tuliowt : nutiny ny rfanRer - street, eatteny ny uote - velt street, northerly by lot numtier tevrnteen, and westerly in the rear hv hnd belonging to Sa rah Thompton, containing in length on each side fifty feet, and in breadlh in front and rrai fwe'it) five feet each; with all and singular the rights, ways, water r.oure, hereditament! and appurtenances thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining. Uaterl Gtli f en. IHJU. J wiisom r.nx i JOSHUA FF.LL. Jon. J Commisiionert i.'.. JOHN P DiTFKICIl S rrr - The above premises are the corner of Bulbar and R'isrvelt - tlie putseasion of J.ihnH. bbbenr, ; - WM. W. M'CLELAN, Att'y. '' ' feb 7 gnr4nr NEW iVTUSIC. JUST published by WM. DUBOIS, at hit pi.too forte and music store, So. 1 5G Broad - ' WAV. - firahntn's celebrated .Poliicca, arranged nt a ' Rondo, by Steibelt Favorite Venetian Air, arr.mgcd at a rondo, by Latour Paddy O'Carroll, with variationi for the piano forte, by 1'. K. Moran. SONGS. O toftly tlcep my Baby IJoy i The Lait Tok n, or reinember me. Also, all Mr. Philipp' Sonet to be Imd n a - bove ' feb 17 I he kutijci iber wilt leii. - e or sell the lot iand h - iue in which he now lives in Lau ren - ttret II is a pretty comfortable bouse ftr a small moderate family, having a - tone kit' hen and cellar, two rooms on each floor and a bed chamber in the garret. Actwi the rear of thr house there is a pleasant piara, built scarcely three years agoit has a neat little garden about 60 feet deep, in J a una 11 .table, leading to which there, is a gangway from the itreet Apply to A. li. Dull, Ho. 69 Washington - street. Fh2 tf JAME9 TILLARY. rOR SALK, KKAL fRoPFRTT IS TBI CITT OF ff EW - VORK A URN K IIOUKF. and l ot No. II Bowerr STABLE in the rear toirelh er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and 1Z5 teet on tarn side HOUSE anJ LOT No. 37 Vesey - ttrect , and House and LotiNo &J v esey - street. A UO.ND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars. do and do for 750 do do and do for 4M do On valuable The in'erett reyrty in the city of New York a always been punctually paid. - For particulars inquiie at the office of 8 1 ti ll t. ' r. LAMOINE. dec 10 If No. 7 Wall si - .el. eTZt lORfcALKOrt lULt.AsF.. - On accomnioilating terms, a number ul water and bmldiug lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyu. For particulars, en quire of SAMLT.L EVANS, jan 22 If Brooklyn SJXtHK TO t.t'i. The Gre proof store No. 9 Gouverneur's Xrtiie. (near ..ter street) is to let fmm 1st .Muv next, (that four stories, besides a laipe rtllar and a very commodious garret. Being lUtached .from other building', tbtre is no risk Irom fire. - Possettion may probably he hvl, if reuuued, be fore the 1st May. App y at 29 South Mrett, to leM I LI Kt - H It l.AL Klr.S TO LET, I From the 1st May next, the three - story brick house No. 18 CourtLnd - street, with or without the stable iu the rear App'yto J. R. RENWICK, F'bt 1!) Court land - st. The fire - proof store, No. 5, in Gouver - neui's - lane, the third from outh - strert. The lot on which it stands is under an advrotagrous lease, 1 1 years of which are unexpired. It is three stories, with fire - placet ; being in front on Gouverneur's lane 40 feet and in depth 25. An iuproved machine for pressing of goods for ex poitatiou hasleen erected on the premises an - i heretofore profitably employed in pressing cotton, furs, skins, nay, tc. From the fitness ol the buildilig, aud the convenient e whii b it afl.rdf for working the machine, and its nearness to the river, il may be au object to purchase them together. aitU The lease (two year of whkh are un - ex, ii (d) of the three tnry bouse No. 9J Front - stre: t, tliird from Gout eieeur't Itue. Ueides a Luge store and cellar iu front, it affords every convenienee tr a large aniily. Viiil The bouse No. 26 Wall Hrtu, opiosic xin '.eernsnls' an I next to the rba iux Vanks It has been ncrutly built of!h best materials. u mr - i! rooms wni'nnaveocca!ion;,li) len occupied at insurance, broker's and attorney's ouVes, affords every accooituodatioa kir s private family. If not disposed ol before the 10: h February, ine aiove will neoc rej lor sale at au - ti.m, of wm. h notice will be given by Bleeckef k. Bibby For particulars apply to R. THL'tlMAV, Jn1 tf No. CS Vall - st. fT frTOR,GL ' ViH Morge may be had on 'he first floor of the rtaw No. 29 Smth - strect, which will save tht xpente of hoisting. dec 26 S For side: tha valuable lot. on fli Borth - w ii i oraerol Hudtonand Laiiht - ttseel, 'ffi by IIM) bet, beiug one ol Die ntott desirable iitua - lions 10 ludson - sircel, iookuik oireciijr w square, and haviug a nulhern exposure - : ALSO, . A FA B.M of 74 wrei on Uie North or Huclton - Riser, ia tli town of Greensborgh, Wertchefr county, about 2i milet .mm thif city, now in the occupations Mr. George Vliller, and r.ear the seat ol Ww. Engar, Ef On the premise are a large dwelling house, containing 1 room, beside tenants' lied moim. large celhrandcellarkiteh en, milk roc m, Kc. an old orctard, and one ol young pie trees of the best gralled Iruit, a huge barn, carriage house, fowl do. imoke do. corn crib, thedt, he. 1 he home con mands one of tle fineit riewt on the river, and in a very .luirabletituatioo. There are two landing at hort di'tanctt. from which boatt ply rcgiilarK to (hit city If not ld by the lit of April, will ther be rented lor the en'uinz year The pri e and tt - rmi for the above property will be Dinde worth the cnniideratioa of those inrlinrd to pur chae Apply to F. lllVINd, feb 18 re&rl - ntreet. t:oUNI KY hKAT rOR SALK. Tl,. Fat m Vnnnm 1... 4 1,. .f - .. tie - Howard Farm, handsomely stunted 1 1 - 2 miles from Princeton, bounded in front bv the main tnrnpike road from Philadelphia to New - York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, it contains 145 acres, 30 acres of ahicli is woodland, SO acres lying 3 miles from the farm, and a beautiful lot of 10 aires within about 3C0 yards of the right wing of the house. Uesitle ornamental trees, it contains a va riety of fruit trvc.4, consix. ing - of grafted pears, of the best quulity, 17 different kinds; cher ries, 10 dillerent kinds, the most of them grafted and an orchard of tlie best apples, besides a young and thriving orchard of crab apples. for making the cider so celebrated, also, one ol sweet apples tor tatting hogs. The house is pleasant nd commodious with an excellent ga. den, the out - houses and fences I. in good condu Ion. The above is a deliirlit ful summer or winter residence. For further particulars enquire at No. 127 Pearl - st, New York, or to the subscriber, on the premises, who will give an indisputable tide for the same. Z. MUKKOKU. jan 5 tawtf V Ai.UAbl.K 1'Kol t.K I V risJi The tubscribcr offer for sals a valuable farm, 73 miles from New - York, lying 7 miles outh of 1'oughkeepsie, on the post - road, within 1 - 4 of a mile ol the nulls on the falls of Wappin gerVCreek, and in the neighborhood of several landings Irom which sloops sail weekly. It con tains 1 10 acres of level, fertile land, with a young it chard of grafted fruit, wood sufficient for fuel, ind all in good fence. The house contains seve ral rooms, has a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Itr situation being on an elevated plain, reuders the place not only healthy, but prercnt from the dwelling a delightful inland prospect. Also, another Jot ol acres, contiguous to the ihore, and bounded southerly by the falls of Wappiuger' - Creek. Tlie land it fertile, in ex - tileut fence, and of easy cultivation. What rcudets this property valuable, it, that it may be made a plate t.f celebrity. There is already e - reeled ou the falls a saw - mill of great capacity, a cat ding mill, which enjoys the custom of the neighborhood, betides several other sritrs for factories, uootcupicd. The whole force of the creek can be diverted with a little rxpenre so a to drive a range ol mills on a level plot of ground iut below the fa)!, and accessible by aneavl navigation ; where far lories of every di scription, I with every fai ility of power aud lrau?iortation can be constructed. AIo, a flour - mill, of the first rla?s. The mill - house is large, with 4 run of nurr atones, and calculated for 6, with new machinery fur manufacturing wheat, &c. with an elevator for raising grain from vessels into the upper loft of the null. Connected with the null is a largi store house for Morin wheat and flour. With the mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on whit h is situated five dwelling houses, a large barn, hay house, onrriage houe. com crib', hovels, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated foi 20 hands. Two of (he houses arc new and well calculated for genteel families : They command a view of the river, with a beautiful intervalr landscape formed by the meandering of the creek immediately in Iront. There are few places which associate so many accommodating qualifications for the merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private sale before Tuesday the 21st April, it will on that day be ofle - cd at auc: tion. For terms, &c. apply to PETER MESIER, No. 25 Heaver - street. ' Feb vH) ABRAHAM MF.SIF.R. gS"?i ri) l.h.T or Lt.1 Afe, alnssl A bark building. No. 20 Jainet - ttreet containing twu rooms 50 feet by 20; one it at present occupied by a society, the other as a school room. Possession to be given ht of May urxt. inquire lehlO N.i. 59 Jamrs - slrret run SALE, A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE. The subscriber oCt - rs for sale his house and & tiout X acres ol Land in FluiHiiig on Long Hand, 1 1 miles from Ni w - York. I he houe is large and very convenient for a genteel family and commands an extensive and teau!ifiil prospect. The stable, carriage house, wood house, poultry house, &c. recently I uilt. The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, and lately painted. Tht zaiden it large anil well stocked with a variety ol fruit, and the orchard w ith Hie best kinds of apple pears, Ac. Near the house are two wells ol excellent wati r and a new listern, all w ith good pumps this plac e is very conveniently situated, there being conveyances, by good stage - or packets to und from N w York every day, x ept Sundays. For further particular and tiruoj ol sale apply t JOHN ASIINWALL, Jan 26 1m No 12.1 I'earl street. yat KEL E. - l A I E FOR SU.E. VjE Two 2 - siory brick houses and lots, situated Nos. 37 i - 39 Vesey - ttreet. . Al - o, a houe and lot No. 11 Bowery, nesr Chatham square, 44 fret Ir nt by 125 deep. All on accommodating terms. For partic ulars apply at No. 332 Gcenwich - st. jau 15 tf JO LEI, And immediate iioss. - sion eiven. the house No. 9 i'earl - street, together with the sla hie asidCoarh Hourein the rear on Bridge - st. The premises are in complete repair nnd have every convenience necessary for the accommo datiou of a family. For partir ulnrs apply to ocl VH L. BKA I )?H. ' Lt i SiMtj From the first of .May next, a front count ing room on the second floor, together with the upp r loft. Enquire No. 167 I'ta.l jan - J fL O LEI A I ULVOMlXdl'ALE, . lr.iii) The house and grounds belonging to the ettate ef J tin Miaw, situated en the eighth are - rue. On the premises are an exc tllenr double house, slab!., coach and ice house, with every thing el'i' requisite lor such an establishment. It i presumed any other (1cs iipti(.n is unnecessa ry . ast;n,se inclined to rent w ill new the place. Also, the large file proof tlcre in the rearol h uses 11 and 13 Pea:i - ttrcet ; where fh re it for tale sonu old Madera Wine, by tbe Demijohn. l or further particulars, a ply to ANN K MIAW, J 'n "9 II Pearl - tlreet. TZk , ItMKT. j,pvt' 1 he new brick Sto. e no. 62 Strme - st AI'!'T lo T. &, j. DWORDS. Feb 14 JO LhT, The dwellir.gnnrt ofthe house N'n 1.1 ir trett, until the first .,f Uy. jjiquire of feb 20 lw Ilouie, Slablt, Grdnt he. at Grunuieh, f&tfi ' " 1U LET - , t&ujj - Tba subscriber Will let or lease, for a leriu of years, hs house at Greenwich. Itis pleasantly situated u the banks of the Hudson, and calculated to accooiaicdnst n large family. For terrusapplTto . . D1V1E BKTHUNE, Jan3u 92 Wail street. I betwohoiues, No. 43 audoO Broadway, u ua conipletrly (UiUhcd and delivered on the 1 5th April neat. ' Apply to JOHN sLIDELL k CO. Jaw 90 tf No. 50 Broadway. At the T. C. II. on the 1st dav of March ntai. me r au.yi tieionging to the estate ol (m lute Or. Isaac Ledyard, situuted one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. The VVilliaiusburgh turnpike runs through the Farm, on one side of w hich is a new ex client stone wall, half a mile in tength The farm contains about ISOncres, 15 ol w hich is a fine Wood Lot, with two apple orchards, one old, the other just begin - ii ing to bear well, and a suitable proportion ol good sail meadow. The Mansion House is large and convenient, four rooms ou enrh floor, w ill) a go d kitchen and cellars ; atta bed is a la fie barn, crib, hen hou smoke house, well, and a new cistern, 4c. '1 hecoiirt yard and garden contain a variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large aspamgus bed, raspberries and currants Alto A 1 ARM adjoining the above, containing about sixty acres ; attached to which is am - qua! proportion of Salt Meadow, and i lot ol young wood, tiluated within let than a mile of the fatm, containing ten acres, with a faini - houte, barn, well, garden, &c. Likewise A Lot of Land, lying at SprinCeld, south of the village of Jamaica, containing between four and live acres, on which are about a dozen large rhesnut trees, suitable foriencing. The above lands wi I be all regularly surveyed, and maps of the same exhibited some tunc previous to, and at the sate, and disposed of by the acre, with the buiMing thereon, inclusively. Possession given on ilit first O' April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - strct lan II tds J O l.L I, Two neat, new, 2 ttory brick front build ings, situate ia Allen - street, next to the ball - alley. They are fiimhed iu handsome style with citterns iu the yards, and every other conveni ence to rentier (hem pleasant and desirable tenement. Adjoining the ground on which thr buildings stand arc several vacant lots which will also be let for a garden to the person or per sons who shall hire the houses. Apply to JAMES KNOX, at the ball - alley; or at his house, 25 Orchard - street. Feb 9 tf (rJlV HU..HL HyfATH tOH 6 ALE. (iniijThe elegant and convenient three - story brick house and lot No. 26 Bowery, togethei with a coach house and stable fronting on Bay ard - street, and joiuing the rear of the before mentioned lot. For further particulars enquire at 31 Wall, corner of William - street. Jan 29 tf & JO LET, 'ersC The brick store No. 2 Gouverneur' Lane, next door to Water - street. It has four H iors, besides a large cellar and garret. Possession may (probably) he had pnvious to the 1st Iay, li required. Apply at TJ south - street. len f I UtKhKK LAUItir.S, rh . . ' " LET, . .. . t'.iI A large convenient modern built house. coach house and improvements, (with or without an extei sive kitchen garden and back lot) from the first of May next ; situated on the corner ol the I'rst Avenue aud First - lr?et, nrarthecoraer of North and Allen streets, nrd nhout one mile trom tbe ity Hall, i he Situation is elevated and healthy, and in every rispect suitable lor a genteel t On tbe premises is a wellol most excellent water. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Fob2tf V, Jti Front street. A HiUsJIXU HUOM TO LET. A pleasant nnd convenient Counting Ku 'iu in stoie No. 29 ?oiith treet, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER ii LAURlES. feh 3 03X TO LET, titi) Th"ie two new and elegantly finished three ttory houses No. 10 and 12 Broad - street 'I hese houses are built in the modern style and finished in the very best maimer, and Irom the very desirable situation, both as to pleasantness and fur business, it is thought that they aie not equalled, hy any ofiered to be let in this city. The apartments for stores in those buildings ate so constructed as to he entirely distinct from the dwelling apartments, which contains ectm roomt and pantries, kitchen, &c. excluded. Every convenience for families of re S edibility is afforded in them. Persons desirous of men situations are invited to view them at any hour, from? to 5 o'clock, except Sundays. 'The dwelling and stores will be let separate or together. Apply at 55 Broadway, or to CHAS. OAKLEY, 141 Front street. ALSO TO LET, That new two story brick house No. B New - strett, nigh to IV all - street, possession 1st May. Also, house 27 Courtlandt - strett, in good order and lit lor a genteel lamiiv : it being now in pot si ssinn of D. G. Hubbard, Esq Possession 1st May. Also, a good two story vhoute at Greenwich, now in occupancy of Ceo. Lindsay, Esq. Also, house No 6 Cherry - street, suited for a boarding house, and the lower front room lor a store. And House and two acres of ground, near Manhat tanville. having garden, tic. Apply as above. feb 10 tf lit LET, House 18 Reed, next to the corner of Etui ht ntreet, very commodious lor a boarding house or a large family, having two cellar kitchens, four roxims on the first floor, live on the second, and four on the third, all in good repair For particulars, apply to F.ZRv LUDLOW, fib 7 tf 34 Rever tret. JO LET, From the 1st of May next, he lower couuiing room oi .o 54 nouth - street. ALSO, The upper counting roouj, No. 71 South - it. App') to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. leh 13 57 Front - street JO LET, The ttore and celb.r under the main building of tne house No. 23 Pearl - street, aud a three story fire - proof store in the rear, now occupied by the subscriber; jKwstjsionto be giv en on the Ul of May next. Also, his stable ami coach - house, situated on GolJ - ttrert, in the rear of his aforesaid premises, possession of which can be had immediately. Feb 2 tf JOHN I. GLOVER. jJ5t To be Ltt, Lrnttd, or Sold. t!y The spacious story brick HOUSE, No 129 Chamber - street, having eery convenience for a large family, and a w II of excellent water in the yard. Its proximity to Me Square lattly optntd, gives av ew of Hudson - street from the rear of the house, and r nders the situation nirv aoil pleasant. For terms apply to JOilN B. MURR Y & SON, feb 6 113 Pearl - street. TO LET, 3 The three story brick dwelling, 27 Nor - fol k - street Eni'ire of COX ityUONTAUDEVERT, Feb 13 6 WalUt. OFHbh TO LEI. A pleasantly situated aud spacious Office, 3ii rearl strcet, a few doors above Peck - tlip Apply to It. k C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Feb 12 35 Peck - slip. fiZi. TOPE LET, ir!i! Two convenient room in the basement oi No 44 Pine - street, suitable for offices or count ing rooms, inquire of 1). s. JONEs, ieb5lf 44 Pine - trect. rnnvTRT for sale l!.'?!jft Wallabo'ut Point. Long - Island, late the rtMdeuce of capt Lambert Schenck, - deceased. On the premises is a large spacious dwelling - hcata arid out - buildings in proportion 24 acres of land in the highest state of cultivation ; (10 or 20 acres of wood - land if required by tbe purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard Blcecker,37 Wall - it. ) Martin Scbenk, jun'r. S New - York 76 South - street, J Martin Scheuk, Wallabout. Jan 27 1m HE1L LSI.iTE 0a SAII IS BROOKLYN. Two 2 storv new frame houses on Brook lyn Heiehts, bavinga view of the city and bay of New - York ; about 10 minulet walk from the tteam boat ferry. 1 he houtet are well hum, having 2 good rooms on each flor with (ire places ; on the lo cr floor is a good kitchen, bedroom and Ditntrv To each of the house are altarhed 3 1 - 2 lots of ground, each containing 25 iret Iront and rear and 100 feet deep, handsomely laid out in gar dens and grass plots, with a variety of shrubbe ry, Iruit trees, c ; the whole enclosed wun a new and substantial fence. iVear the premises is an excellent well ol water. For further particu iers, apply to ANDREW MERCEIN, Corner of Washington and Nassau sheets, feb9tf Brooklm. TO LEW Fmm the first May next, the store no. 79 couth - street. For terms apply to L. LF.FFKUTS, Jun. feb 7 28 William street HUE I'liuOF nT 'Ht:. Tn let ami nnnsession first of Mav nfxt. the lour story fireproof tore, No 34 outh st. l,..f uin f 'wnlip Burt Olil ftlins K.nouire.ol the subscriber, No. 1 Murrayior 45 Chamber street. ten vu. s. oi n iiw. rOH t lH JO LEAtL, t . ' .1 r n a llAll'ha.l..mnnu ol which are on regulated and peved streets. No mml i.uuin a. II. O. HIIU IU fvniiiB. iut.. money will be required under ten years, u soio, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and thri e story houtes, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLF.N MANUFACTORY. Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water lor each. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich ttrei t. jan 1:1 tf 1710K SALE, lor a lemi l, a healthy, active aud very capable negro wruch will be disposed of cheap, as it is her own desireEnquire at No. 23 North Moore - street. Feb 2 If NOTICE. VLL perrons indebted to the ettate of Mr. GEORGE CLEMEN, deceased, (late baker, No. 2U Wlnte - ttreet) are requested to make immediate payment ; bndthote having demands against said e'tate will please to pr.'tent them, duly authenticated, to Mr. DANIEL ENo - LEY, at his porter house, - 107 Broadway. MARY CLEM E.N, Executrix. feb 19 2w BUSBY'S PATENT 5AVICABI.R RAFT BOATS, AND FLOATING IIUKMILL. 'IM1K Navigable Haft - Hotit is shaped like the i i.iBiiiiuil liuinr - mjai , 1. I'Mlll - 'l M U IB.IHq of squared pine tioibcr, pitched aad filled ir. solid with round logs, iin'triped ol burit ; the whole fixed together with live oak pins, andiron l.nlt at the angles It is propelled by a va'er wheel. with ripngif biickrli, operating Hillun a culUr ni rneiwaji, h id mills. The cost is one fourth of (hat oi ordinary horse - boats, including nil tru m il hincry. 'I here is a great surface ol deck, which ra y be covered with fume work, to le - ceive tiastengers and freight ; and only half tin number of horses used on board boats of equal dimensions, are necessary to carry this rapidly through tbe water. The Navigable Raft - Cont it instantaneously transformed into a powcrfull tide mill, by cast ing anchor, and alhxin a moveable honner mouth or flare, to each end of the raceway, and may be profitably employed in that capacity, when not in use as armivetance. Persons desirous of adopting this invention, which is peculiarly fitted to all the American wa ters, are invited ! view a mode", nt the. olm e oi C A. BUs - BY, Architect and Engineer, 2 l - aw Building, .Vinau - strtet, ieu - Yoik. PSA Navigable Raft - Boat ni v be built complete in a mouth, including all the m hinery try I he editor fit th - - boston I all ohum - Ai hany Argus, Philarilphia Freenian't Journal and Democratic Pre is, B dtiinore Gazette, Charles ton courier, and Kichmond r.nquinr, are re quested to insert the aboi e twice a week for on month, knd forward their account! to the adverti ter. feh Utf WHEA ION'S TIC II tl 'i .MEN T. rlH E long and tuccessful use nt this ointment A is a sufficient recommendation, at it has een found to be a pleasant, safe ana certau. if meily for that disagreeable disease in all its sta ges. It is for sale in the city of New - York, by J. A. ii W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. 4: T Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; H. 11 SchieflV lin k Co. No. 193 Tearl - street ; Law - rence & Keese, No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hail tc Bowne, 146 Pearl street ; R. tl L. Murray, 3IJ Peail - street ; J M. Bradhurst. 314 Pearl - street ; John Penford, No 4 Fbt her - street ; Duryee ' Poe, in Pearl - street; J - hn C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich 'Street; John P. Fisher, 11)6 Broad way ; Walter il Seaman, corner of Chamler - st. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at most of ihe Drug Stores in this city Also in Philadelphia, of S Withered It Sons ; George Hariell , North k Ro gers, and almost a I (he ilrug;ii(s in the principal town in the United Slate. I.IKF.W1SE, l WH EATON"'? JAUNDICE BITTER" may he had at the above places. jan22fiiu Transportation to Pittsburgh, through the stair nf AVic - 1 ork. THE subscriber, who In been engaged f r several years in forwarclin,: merchandize to uiflerent part or the United States, oners, his services to the merchants and traders of the western states and territories, as agent to transport property of every decription from the ci y of New - York to Pittsburgh, in the sta' e of Pennsylvania Goods shipped at New - Yor'n, onboard ' Tne wtsTKn n tmi"if sloops for Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in as short a time, as by any other route yet discovered ; the price of transporta - tioo for the whole distance never exceeding six dollars per wt Proper care has been taken to select gentlemen of respectability as agents on the several routes com muni, ating with the Allegany river; and where extraordinary exertions are required, a confidential person thnioiiglily acquainted with the country, will accompany the goods. All communications on this subject, post paid, will recipe the earliest attention of the subscriber, who for approved security will give a credit of iik months on a large proportion of Uie account. CHIU.E5 SMYTH. Albany, state of New - York, 2d Feoruary, IS 18. Keference to Messrs Satteiecs& Co. and Messrs. I. Hycr,and II Itankin, New - Yoi k. feh 7 2aw NEW BOOKS RECENTLY punished and for sale by KIBK A: MEIU EIN, i2 Wall - street, a narrative ol the President's Tour, made during Ihe sun.iiier ol l:.J7, tl rough the n rth - eattuiii and southwestern departments ol theunhn, &:c 4c. ; Lord Amherst's Embassy to Cbiua , tlie Memoirs ot Claudius Buchanan; Mandeiillc, a novel, by Wm. Godwin ; letters from the Cape of Goexi Hoje, being a reply to Dr. Wardens letter; Knight of St John, hy Miss Porter : Binglry's U'elul Knowledge ; Colt on Fruit Trees, wilt 21)0 engruvingt ; Purity of Heart, or woman a - she should be, a novel, by an old wife of twenty jear. fcrj 6 POST Cp.VCIl LINE Foa riULAUEJ.PHIA BY WAY Of roWLKS HUOK . ! ' lit, mrORTART TO P AS8JCH6 KRS. No cornection w ith tbe post chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Post Coach wilt) every convenience lor passengers and baggage, on Springs - THROUGH IN ONE DaY. Tbe Post Coach will tart from the Coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - street, N. York, every morning, Miiidays excepted, at 1 - 2 past Oo'clock, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the sau:e evening. The Steam bpat Line INDUSTRY, will start Irom New - York every morning (Sundays exce.pted) at 10 oVIot k, in the btearu Boat Atalanta, from the north tide of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia ni - xtday to dine United State Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for patsfngtr and bnggage, on spring. The V. S. mail coac!i will start Irom the coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - ttreet, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock Only 6 passengers admitted. For teattintht above named Line, apply to THOS. WHI TFIELD, at the old ettai.lithrd Ccach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - ttiret, the lecoud office from Broadway, New - York; to ISAAC BROWN, No. I W nsbington - ttre. t;orto A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner ol Cedar ttreet, New - York. fJ - AII goods and baggage at the risk of Ihe owner JOSKfH LYON, fcU.NS K N. B Lxproeset tent to any part ol the Con tinent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. .Ian 22 . - '! CHAISE LINK FOR P tl i i. A D E L P 11 I A . The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Passengers aud their baggage (through in one day) will leave tne Post haite Olhre, 1 1 8 Broad way, opposite the City Hotel every cay (Sun day excepted) at half past 6 o'clock in the morn ing, by way oi iewattt, and arrive me same day at Philadelphia. The MAIL PILOT, in opposition to the Mail Coach, with superior ncommodations for Pas st - ngcrs and tin ir baggage, will leave the same place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I o'clock P. M. will proceed before tbeMail,and not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous Post OhVet on the road, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. ire 7 dollar. Q3 All goods and baggage at tlie risque of the owner. JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK k SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON H. HOW ELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. ErprriHt irnl lo any part of the I 'fitted Sur. bu I.. BAKER 4 CO Feb 24 U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. (Cr The public are assured that this line i. equal tn any in the U . S. for tbe convenience and romfnrt oi the traveller. With the addition ol the guard, the passenger may rest Secure as to his baggage and person..! talety the coac h never bting I. ft whilst changing at the post cilices, without a person on the box. The way n.ail Is put in st purate bag and changed in the Euro pean style The U S.' Mail Coaeh will ttart from the coach efilee, old No. 1 Coiirtlund - st.eet, New - York every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning nt 6 o'clock; only 0 pussengi rs aduiitti d in this coach. For seats .tpplytn THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old Com h and Stage Ollice, old No I, second t - fliie from Broadway in Courtbndt - ttreet, or to A. T. GOODRICH k Co. No. 121 Broadway, corner ol Cedar - street, New - York. N. B. All goods and b.igage at the risk of theoe.neis. J. LYON & SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GULIC K A; CO. Kingston. CHES'I ER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expresses tent tu any part ol the Continent by jan 20 THOS. WHITFIELD. W AN TED. A white girl about 16 years of age, to attend on a lady and" one child. One who can bring recommendation satisfactory as to lier disposition, neatm ss, &: . may hear of a good and permanent p. are. by applying immediately at No. 64 Greenwich - st. jan 2d ALPINE SOAP. (fT I he subscribers oftVr the g ntlrmen oi this city their Alpine Soap, which only needs a trial to prove its excellent qualities, in rendering ihe cperation of striving easy , it is posseted wild many good and useful qualities ; it softens the bVard, prevents chopping, and gives that coni - i"o aim iica?ing Ful lull) tion in shaving as not to fail to recommend il to general use and to merit the approbation of a seuerous public. The suhscrihi rs do not wish to liter into a long rirtail of Ibis valuable soap, but th'y it to judges of genuine soaps. Just received, an aortmnt of Ihe celebrated attnt Penetrating Hair Biushts, lanry articles, Vc. N. SMITH DAVIFS A CO. 13 Broadway, nearly opposite City Hotel. Who always kep as general und as good an assortment ol articlt iu their line at any store in this city. N II Please to observe that all the articles made by N. Smith Davie i Co. will have their i.ame on in cop) f ri.lati or type. iV - b 7 It. I. I'M ' K,.l, .... .Oi f T enruer of Fultou - r'reet, New - Yoi k, hav - ing rereivrd a large supply of the real J A PAN BLACKING, of Day Martin, 97 High Hol - born, Indon, offV - rs the same, in wholesale or rtail. dr esrtation, or home consumption, on terms the most and advantageous to purchasers. Thiinptinv,Me composition, with half the u - jual la' - or. produce a most bri'liantjrt bNrk, fullv equil to the highrjl japan vareish; a!?brd - peruliar nourishimut to the IeV.h r; it will not - oil the. Cnet linen; i? uerfertly free from anr unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtues in any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this Mac kin;, it has stood the test and commanded the mot Ktrmive rale iu all quarters of the globe, forupwxriicf half a century. Feb 16 A sliictit:. t pablit kactv how tr disrin'.i,. u .! tween things UiatdiCer. DOCTOR IIORNE, ..,1, oftl,ecily of London, arj member of tlie facully of pl y,;, nod tureerv there. (Wi.,. ,i .': ty to repeat ome onse'vsiioni . the abuse of MERCURY a rasn, inuucnminate, and uoouab f d usi; thrrrof, Ins beeo producl five of ufmit .rJ.. .i.r five of infinite iiir sands erne. are annually mercurialized out of exiif The dise ase we have in view owe it, r, ultt c iiiefly to thit tource. What a niti lul riaiillt that a yoiins the hone r,f K;. P"?i the darling ol bis parents, should he witcheift way iron, a'l the prosfct and enfyni. - n(,r ijV : y Ihecoiisi quemetofone ungaAr.led morxeni and by disease not in it own nature fatal j whir h only proves to from neglect or imnrnrli treatment." A gentlemar, (late DrTOS' tient) now perfectly hearty aud well, nad he ' under physicians of i,neidl practice, six ve and repeatedly salivaUd; when rerymmeiiffii'' Dr. H.fbv a Eentleman of Ih - Ti td l were carious, rml his flesh dr ping frm ti.." his friends declared he could not pottiMy turT . ' t wo months longer. Thousands tXriintnVii know wilh what ease Hnd iveiu )i. n 7 cates the severest enses. and confirm llie'cor" tution. The lioctcr' plan - (advertising) i. cessary to guard Uie public against the abusn"!" mercury, aud other fatal delusion, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted a ,P vate disorder, or uspectirig latent poiton nil admonished not to tamper with tlieir conttii tion, or conceal the disorder, till past recoi ry ; otherhavhig the remains of au old ea or oilier impuritiet of the blood, at well as rtk er complaints of a delicate nature, j0 " sex. should remember posterity, and do msT to their consciences, by making appiicafl to Dr. II. at his old and resrlrtalfe lishment No. 64 Water - street, fourboote w t of Oid - slip, to obtain that prompt atsijtanee lone cab ulatcd lo prevent ditclosure. And he let me claim your seriou attention Rememb a superficial t ure it no cure at all ; unlei the hi sinessis radically done, you will certainly bawl the disorder break out again with redoubled m. hgnity. at some future period ; perhant then win he loo lute lor remedy. iJon't vou often : ' the ttreett initerable, mutilated beinei wiu'J.? - ven a bit of nose on 1 tlieir face ? Tab - " . . ffirj inv. I ae wamiiigf I beseech you. Dr. H's. character for skill unA ti k - . - - v.uwiHjni mis grry being universally known in this city. sinr. IU04, guarantee to patient that delicacy and s cre - y hitherto unknown, ami having confined hit practice for years past, exclusively to tlie cure of diseases of Ihe blood syttem, they may safely c. dilate on the 'most decided advantages incoa" sullirg Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in tw or three weeki Strictures removed withou nougiet or any other instrument ; and all dtbililitt: likewise ait old ulcerations, litiula't & . A plurality of otic are prorided, and to tit, ited that patients are not exposed toeach other' observation. Open till half patt 9 in the eveoine All persons concerned are invited to he frea i ailing, and shaking witli Dr. H. whidi is ire ol cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid rha sxpression o. gratitude for innumerable recommendations, and for the decided preference (it it presumed with just caute) long given him by ludicious public. ' N. B. All letters must be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 U XEUUEH (iL TIO.Y. DR. EVANS' superior method nfrnrii! .. r . . ,,,s . tain Disease, is now universally arknowledged in tin city ; his mode ol treatment is periectiy mild, sale, e - leditioui, and hit charge 'reasonable. In every in - )) fistance he warrants a core, .faiiu will return the pay if l,t noes noi perform agreeable to contract. i ue iuiiioi aiwayt observed. There are many pertons in this i.ity and its vicinity, laboring under variou chronic di ewa, such as cancer, old inveterate ulcers, tcro ula or kingt evil, fistulas, diseases of the arethra, bladder and kidnies, old complicated complaint of a certain nature, bilious nd other obstructions, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider incurable, they can certainly be cured (ia general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store. No. 9, feck - slip, having practised in exteltiva hotpitals in Europe 12 years, under ome of the first Singeon and Phytician in the world, ant) made those obstinate aiseasi t bis constant study for 30 vert. Oct It ,.(r WH EATON i DA - v IS, Fancy Chair Manufacturer!, No. 153 Fulton - tlrett, oppotite St. Paul Church. Oder for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant at - ortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold &fJroDie, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs, Sofat, Settees, Louiigee, A.usic Stools, i:c. Orders from any part of the continent executed with neatne.s und dittiatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented. oct 13 (L The tub - criber havin; recently returned from England with an important improvement on. the artificial spring LEG,' "he takes this' method of informing his friends and the public, that all those who are to unfortunate as to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. LEE'S nVU OLVTMEXT, VTTARRANTED an infallible remedy atoae T T application, may be used with perfect safety on intuits a week old, not containing a particle ol mercury,or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with that offeo - ive smell which attends Uie application of other remedies. The above medicines are prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, and sold by S. CARLE, cornel of Fultoa and Water - streets. Druggists and country store - keepers tuppted on liberal terms. Jan 29 A COUNTING ROOM TO LET. V PLEASANT Counting Room on the lower floor of the store No 29 South - street. Apply at No. 29 South - street. feb 14 H LOOM t'l EJ.U k EJtAZEtVS F.1 TEXT. TBI HE public arc invited to rail at No. 38 A Maiden - Tine, and examine an open stoa just constructed by the tubscribers, after a model imported from Amsterdam, with improveoieu' of their own, aud now for the first time made in the United State. This patent combinei all the conveniences and comforts of an open fir place, with all the advantages of a close stove ; alluding the cheap heat of the latter and at the sam lime the handsome and pleasant appearance o he fm mer. For bed chambers they are unpa - ndlclled by any invention yet teen in thit couu - trv. BLOOM FIELD k FRAZE. Feb 12 tf NEW - YORK: PRLVTED . A7 PUBLISHED MICH. 1 EL BUiUfllAMk CO. No. 43 Pllf B - fTKKST. sS

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